Rhodes: Dockett did not spit

Posted by Darren Urban on December 3, 2012 – 5:15 pm

In regard to the incident between Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes chronicled below, Rhodes Tuesday morning wanted to clarify some of the details floating around.

“Just to clear up what happened between Darnell and me at the end of the game Sunday and some of the reports that are out there,” Rhodes said. “Yes, we had a disagreement on the field but, no he did NOT spit in my face. Absolutely did not.  I’m not going to get into all the details because I think those are things you keep within the team. But Darnell and I talked after the game, we’re both moving on and I’ll leave it at that.”


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about some sort of incident between Darnell Dockett and Kerry Rhodes at the end of Sunday’s game. I didn’t see anything nor hear anything until a couple of people asked me about it on Twitter. Today, Arizona Sports said Dockett could be disciplined but gave zero details to what the altercation was about besides it being an “on-field incident.” XTRA’s Mike Jurecki, after talking with Dockett, said only that Dockett acknowledged something had happened but didn’t want to get into details. Both Dockett and Rhodes seemed normal in the post-game locker room last night and I was on the field at the end of the game on the sideline and didn’t notice anything.

“We generally prefer to keep internal matters like that within the team and not discuss them publicly,” said coach Ken Whisenhunt during his weekly radio show Monday afternoon on Arizona Sports 620. “We will continue to do that going forward.”

UPDATE: is reporting on the details of the incident. Apparently it started with an argument about whether the Cards should let the Jets score at the end of the game to give the Cards a final chance to score.

A quick clarification by the way, since the commenters at PFT don’t seem to get it. Given the Cards lack of timeouts and the clock late in the game, the only chance the Cards were going to have to get the ball back was to let the Jets score. In fact, the Cards did try to let them score on the final running play of the Jets, but running back Shonn Greene smartly dropped at the 1-yard line. It allowed the Jets to kneel a couple times and run out the clock.

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  1. By Cardinal on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    K got mad at Dockett cuz ,Big D wanted Rhodes to play QB.. but Kerry said he was already doing ENOUGH out there !!!no big deal

  2. By AndyStandsUp on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    “We generally prefer to keep internal matters like that within the team and not discuss them publicly,”
    “Unless it involves players I don’t approve of, like that lazy TE and idiot QB.”

  3. By Uk Card on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    MR BIDWELL Please do NOT set us back another 3yrs, by firing coach Whiz!

    Our best bet going forward is staying consistent, give Whiz & Kolb 1 more season!

    I know many will disagree, but there is NO QUICK FIX solution! I still believe GO CARDS!!!!

  4. By Rugbymuffin on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    That stinks.

    This is a tight team, you can tell. But, frustration gets the better of anyone when you are in situations that are unacceptable.

    Hope the two can make amends and work it out.

    Gotta be hard to play hard, when your coach is just giving away football games.

  5. By jocards on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Is this the first sign of a fractured locker room? Probably not, likely “incidents” occur all the time and we are mostly unaware of them…..Not sure what exactly took place and I didn’t see anything from my living room. Regardless this team is ill and I fear it is terminal.

  6. By scubasteve12 on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Can you tell us anything about this?

  7. By Darren Urban on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Scuba, Jim —

    RE: leaps

    A couple of giant leaps.

    As I have said, I don’t expect an in-season change.

  8. By kauaicardsfan on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Here’s an interesting scenario.
    Whiz gets fired after the season is over, Andy reid is fired from Philly.
    We pick up Andy Reid as head coach and keep Ray Horton as DC.
    The offensive will be revamped by reuniting Kolb and Reid. Kolb will be more successful because he would be used to that offensive system.
    Also in this scenario, Reid grabs Mcnabb as a back up, like Charlie Batch is for the Steelers,
    Both QB’s would work well in the system right away.
    The Defense is awesome so no need to make any changes there.

    Far fetched? Maybe not?

  9. By MIKE HADZINSKI C.M. PUNK on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    now i know the stuff blacksock told me about 9-0 when we played madden was true…….

  10. By Robert Bond on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Well maybe they were arguing over who should replace Lindley. Rhodes, or Dockett? I wonder if Lindley is even the 3rd best QB on the team. This is more embarrassing then some of the worst teams in Cardinals history. There have been plenty of bad ones. Defense has been great. If not they would probably lose by 40 every game. I have come to the conclusion Whiz wants to be fired, or knows he is coming back. Not sure who in the draft is worth tanking the season though. Right now I do not think I will be renewing season tickets and I have been there since Sun Devil stadium.

  11. By lg on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    what was he mad cause rhodes had a great game. matter of fact what has dockett done this year besides talk junk but anyway. the def is very good this year thats the only thing good on this team this year. i bet yall want to see john skelton now cause to me skelton is the key.

  12. By Steve on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Darren: The Bidwills generally dont change head coaches that still have a year or years left on their contracts.Other than Buddy Ryan can you think of another Cards head coach who was terminated in the last 20 years that still had a year or two left on their deal? I hope Whisenhunt is given a chance to coach next season but I’m probably in the minority regarding that wish.

  13. By Cody Zarr on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply


    Well my friend, I can’t imagine your job is easy during a season like this. I’ve been hanging around and reading people piss and moan. Obviously, they all have something to be upset about, but a lot of them are, in my opinion, inaccurately placing blame on Mr. Bidwell.

    He’s held up his end of the bargain. We were 4 mill under cap last I checked, and that’s not a lot, especially for this franchise. I believe he has been failed by his staff. He’s not a self proclaimed football guru (read Jerry Jones and Al Davis) and is at the mercy of his GM and HC.

    At a certain point, even the most rational mind will start to question those that are supposedly “more qualified” than he/she to operate in a given field. When those people start to operate on feeling and intuition, those operations had better damn well yield results. Unfortunately this was not the case for the recent game. I’m not sure how Mr. Wiz saw Lindley as our best option to win unless Mr. Skelton had re-injured his ankle and then inadvertently ingested psylocybin during pre-game warm ups.

    Long post short, even with injuries, our offensive line was going to suck. The last 3-4 years with quarterbacks has been a joke. Leinart was going to start over Warner, then Leinart isn’t even good enough to keep the job from Derek Anderson’s inconsistent arm. THEN lets shore a notoriously inconsistent QB up with 2 rookies, one undrafted… Wait, lets fix this by spending Aaron Rogers money on an unproven QB who turns out to be just as inconsistent.. Then start the guy that wins us games but pull him when he misses deep targets for someone that couldn’t hit a barnhouse deep.

    I realize that was pretty scatterbrained, but the point is we need staff that can actually evaluate and recognize value at the quarterback position. Not to mention the line.

  14. By Fan4Life on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    So Dockett spit in Rhodes face, the coaches side with him by NOT letting the JETS score and reward him for his bad behavior? And they wonder why we are in the position that we are right now? It’s bad decision making like this that will keep putting the CARDINALS in the spotlight and make us look bad and the overall bad choices for the team in general that are hurting the team as a whole. This is just wrong on so many levels.

  15. By Matt on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Sad that nobody is commenting because I don’t think anyone cares.

    This has been a very difficult year to continue to be a Cards fan.

  16. By Credit Card on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    I’m sure Whiz-&-punt will have an inspiring canned comment about Docket and Rhodes alteration — if he even knows about it.

    As for the blog universe out there — Whiz-&-punt is exactly what the Cards did in NY last Sunday.

    Again, lets all buy Whiz-&-punt a yellow sweater with a black squiggley line around the belly section for the head coach. If you act like Charlie Brown, may as well look like him.

  17. By Patrick Eagan on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    @Uk Card- I actually agree with you. The problem is lack of talent. and a lack of qb play. We had decent qb play when Kolb was playing. PROOF IS FIRST 4 GAMES WHEN THE OFFENSIVE LINE WAS BAD. Ken Whisenhunt is the greatest coach in cardinals history. They should def let Whisenhunt play the last year of his contract next year. I believe in Ken Whisenhunt. He can turn this around.

  18. By BIG RED on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    The only thing Coach Whiz did this year was turn the fans against each other by playing his stupid little game with the QB’s. We never had this, not even when we were playing at ASU.

  19. By BIG RED on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    @kauaicardsfan, No! please no more kolb! Don’t start with that enough is enough.

  20. By cardsalltheway on Dec 3, 2012 | Reply

    Uk Card,
    “Please do NOT set us back another 3yrs, by firing coach Whiz!
    Our best bet going forward is staying consistent, give Whiz & Kolb 1 more season!”

    Ha ha ha!!! Some people just don’t get it. Do you want to consistently LOSE?

    Ken W. has put this team on the wrong track ever since the M. Leinart fiasco. It’s been about 3 years in the making, Astalavista Ken W.

  21. By inthecards87 on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Ray Horton needs to be promoted to Head Coach otherwise he as well as some of the defensive players will be (only rightly) leaving after this season because Horton will be getting offers. I am sure if the Cardinals job was on the table he’d take that though…and honestly who can we afford to lose? One of if not the best defensive minds in the NFL who has one of the toughest group of players behind him or an ineffective Head Coach (and offensive coaching staff) that hid behind a hall of fame QB that really led the team to greatness? Kurt Warner for QB coach, Horton for Head Coach, current DB or LB coach to defensive coordinator, Offensive coordinator = anyone (Dirk Koetter maybe?)

    Leaving Lindley in showed me that Whiz doesn’t even know what he is doing anymore. A half effective QB could have one that game and Skelton should have got a shot down the stretch to win it. I understand not ruining a rookie’s confidence by benching him late in a game but Lindley looked lost out there and then started taking hits and being embarrassed like that doesn’t help confidence either. Worst football game I have ever seen last Sunday. Again props to the defense as always for staying classy and keeping hope alive and surprisingly the cards are still not officially out of the running for the last Wild Card spot….need a lot of help and must win out but hope springs eternal. Let Horton lead them there or at least to a strong finish to start next year. Or stick with Whizenhunt and lose out but then go for a big name in the draft and fire Whiz and all his people. QB = only one stays on board and that has to be Kolb. Maybe Skelton as a 3rd Stringer. Unless you sign Flacco then trade Kolb (maybe with a draft pick to move up) and draft a young QB in the second/third round to develop behind Flacco. And I will gladly to the GM job for free if the Bidwell’s offer it to me!

    Keep praying AZ fans…stranger things have happened. Go Cards!

  22. By clssylssy on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    OMG!! As if things weren’t bad enough! Haven’t you people learned that if you don’t report on an “incident” first, but, instead,try to cover up things that happen, some other “source with knowledge of the situation” will run to a major media and give their version for fodder in the sports tabloids. If this had been reported by Greg Rosenthal on or in the Bleacher Reports, probably nobody would have given it a read but Mike Florio is considered a little more reputable, so, seeing stories end up on PFT is painful, especially when I just read on this site a question
    from a fan asking about this incident to which you replied, you had no knowledge about anything happening on the field and you were there! I BELIEVE YOU Darren, and,I believe the Cards would LOVE to keep this sort of incident “in house” . yOU got hung out to dry on this one by the organization so should understand how Skelton, Lindley and A-dub are feeling. Now Dockett will be disciplined but a lot of people are going to feel that he was just emotional and didn’t want to “go along with the plan” to tank the game intentionally (which is the way it is being reported by outsider media) Now, in addition to our losing games our integrity is being called into question even further.
    And, Andy Reid as Coach instead of Whisenhunt so we can build around Kevin Kolb???…Of all the insanely “out there” proposed “fixes”, that has to take the cake! Kolb can’t stay healthy long enough to even play a season ANYWHERE…bringing Andy Reid here is not going to fix that, let the man retire, he’s had a bad and difficult year personally and I’m sure will welcome being aware from the human meat grinder called the NFL!
    Ii understand that the two DBs from Seattle that were found to be using performance enhancing drugs are going to be allowed to play against Arizona! Now, THAT IS something that the Cards should oppose and complain about. Coach Whiz had been very good at challenges and that is one that begs for a challenge! Of course, it would appear that Seattle are the NFL darlings, can do no wrong, and the fix has been in every since that first game with the Packers…
    Now instead of just losing games our integrity is in the toilet as well and Fitz has stopped defending the Cards…he just is silent. Sure hope he can cet out of this mess without getting his reputation burned as well!
    Its like they always tell you as a kid…”honesty is the best policy”!

  23. By lg on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    if a man spit in my face we coud not be on the some team no more

  24. By clssylssy on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @Patrick Eagan…I think you and I are the only ones on this blog who still think Coach Whisenhunt is a good coach; I happen to believe that he is NOT calling the shots, and can only do so much with the resources at hand. The Bidwells have been tight with money forever and over spending on Kevin Kolb, just further convinced me that Michael Bidwell knows NOTHING about the business and takes his cues from Graves. Haley was an OC committed to the win and not concerned with politics so is now reviving the Steelers into getting wins with a bunch of seniors who are broken and battle worn..that was our biggest mistake…letting him slip away by not being competitive with the checkbook.
    As for the Dockett/Rhodes “incident” something tells me that the media blew that up to get reads and while I do believe Dockett was emotional about the suggestion of tanking a game, also understand that talking with a mouthpiece is difficult and I can see where it could cause one to “spit” when up close and in-the-face of another shouting…I give my players more credit and I don’t see Dockett doing that intentionally to a fellow player and then have everything OK later in the locer room as you said. More fiction from “sportswriters” who are really tabloid journalist!

  25. By Chuck 1 on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply


    Who is the wide receiver coach?

    In your previous blog, Whiz, in an attempt to absolve Lindley of any blame for his awful performance against the Jets, blamed the WRs for some mistakes that caused Lindley’s 10/31 record.

  26. By Darren Urban on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Chuck 1 —

    RE: WR coach

    Frank Reich.

  27. By Red cards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    docket should have spit in whizzy face

  28. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    If indeed Dockett spat in Rhodes face as it is being reported then he is nothing but a low class thug in a football uniform. Teammates are not supposed to behave that way and this sickens me. More to the point this is the NFL, the league supposedly occupied by professionals. This guy is supposed to be one of our leaders?!? This team is broken beyond repair if this is the kind of character the team is rewarding (with a large contract), promoting and holding up as a leader. The Cardinals are really a depressing team to follow.

  29. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ Cody Zarr –

    I’m not attacking you or your post….my only suggestion is that you look up the history of this organization and take in all the futility that spans back into the 1930’s and has continued with very little respite through today…all under the ownership of the Bidwill family. We are talking about futility on a staggering scale here. It isn’t at all surprising that people tend to point the finger of blame at “Mr. Bidwill” because all of this unprecedented failure on the field has occurred through three different cities, over countless decades and it continues to this day under the guidance and ownership of one family.

  30. By D on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Two reasons why Horton maybe considered as the next HC.
    1–he is a hot cooridinator who came in 2nd last year to getting the Rams job. His defense is in the top 10 of the league.
    2–Removing Whiz, Grimm and Miller will cost Mr. B at least 6-7 mil next year, so it’s very doubtful Mr. B will want to spend another 10-12 mil on top of the old regime to bring in a new big name coach and staff.

  31. By Rugbymuffin on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I for one would not let a team score on my team regardless if it is the right move.

    And I am not saying I am right about that either. I would have asked to come out of the game, cause that is something I just don’t do, even if it is part of my million dollar job.

    Good for the two players talking it out, and Rhodes clearing things up.

    This defense so special.

    The waste of a defense of this caliber and Larry Fitzgerald is just so frustrating.

    When is Horton becoming our coach ? 🙂

  32. By Campbells on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    If the rumor is true, that Dockett and Rhodes got into it because the “Plan” was to let NY score, so we could get the ball back with a chance to force overtime, then I’m convinced our coaches are completely out of touch with reality!!! In order to tie, we would have to score a touchdown, along with a 2-point conversion. We were incapable of scoring a TD all day. What was going to change at the end of the game? Our defense worked so hard, and almost successfully shutout NY, only to be asked to let them score uncontested. I can see how Dockett would have issue with that. More players should have seen it his way. If we wanted to win so bad, why was Lindley allowed to flounder all day??? He’s an ineffective rookie. Sanchez is a veteran, and he wasn’t allowed to be completely ineffective all day long. Can’t wait to get this coaching disaster behind us.

  33. By Darren Urban on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Campbells —

    RE: Plan

    Apparently, you prefer to give up the chance to win then, because letting them score at that point was the only feasible way to have it possible. That seems odd to me.

  34. By aaron on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Absolutely. The defense played their ass off all game long. I’d rather them lose and the defense keep their pride than allow an easy score so Lindley could turn the ball over on downs 20 seconds later. The offense didn’t earn a chance to go win that game in that situation. They already had plenty of chances with the 4 takeaways and two missed field goals that set them up for scoring chances previously

  35. By Buck on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    It is amazing how people can take a very small, or even nonexistent, issue and whip it up in their own mind until it becomes a hugh, earth ending crisis than only they have the expertese to solve. Read some of these posts. They are weird.

  36. By georgiebird on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Kerry Rhodes is a punk. He was run out of New York and was the most disliked player on the team.
    Dockett, on the other hand, is a big time football player who is playing out of position in Horton’s soft 3-4 defense. The Jets’ are about the worst running team in football and the Jets gained 177 yards against our 3-4 soft defense -or close to 5 yards a carry by their top two backs. Dan Williams may be playing better but his 10 tackles were not big time plays if a lousy team gains 177 yards rushing. And never judge a NT unless the opposition has to double team him-in DW’s case-NO.
    If Dockett was playing in a 4-3, he’s still about the best football player on this team along with Larry.
    From afar- I’m taking Dockett’s side in the Super Spitter Bowl.

  37. By bluepitt on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t get it? I do understand Kolb’s first year he was hurt most of the time and in my opinion showed that he needed to grow up a little. But this year he showed some moxy! He was on the ground every play!!!! I remember when Warner was booed off the field his last season playing in Tempe, he was on the ground or hit every play! (Darren please chime in if you remember this) now that Kolb has an even worse line than warner had, he shows guts courage and most of all the want to play even when he is getting wacked EVERY PLAY!!!!! ( he took us to a 4-0 record)
    I remember the same people calling out Warner for not holding on to the ball, (“cut him”, “He’s washed up”) funny how the line got better and we went to the big game! You can say Kolb has proven nothing, but just like I sat and argued with the people in the stands in 2006 that Warner would take us to the playoffs over Ol Matty if given the chance! They laughed me out of the building!!!!! Then came 2008 I WIN!!!!! Kolb’s play over those 4 games was no fluke! you can mention the last couple he lost but the line got way worse. can you say the last 3-4 games that with the better line protection we have seen that Kolb wouldn’t have won 2-3 of them? we were in all of them till the end! I give kolb the GB, ATL, STL & Jets game as wins! That would put us at a minimum of 8-4 record droping GB to7-5 puting us 3rd in the NFC!!!!!!!

  38. By wnycardfan on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Anywhere else, I really believe, the coach and his staff would be gone, with exception on DEF.
    But, in AZ, and with the history (that’s all we have to go on) of Bidwills, I don’t think that is going to happen. My guess is they keep Whiz, and let go a few of the others. My hope is its all the OFF guys (miller, grimm, etc). Then lets hope they go after high talent, not “gee I think/hope he’ll be good” bring someone in with OFF experience, proven track record.
    I really can’t say if I believe BidWills are not trying to change, I HOPE they are. They’ll need to keep putting their money where their mouth is to prove it to me.
    The thing that worries me the most…………the historical recent past with this staff shows a rather poor judge of ability on OFF side. DEF they’ve been doing pretty well, but OFF they stink at judgement. Both with drafting/FA and playing the right guy. I don’t beleive any of the QB’s are a starter and you can’t play hurt either. None the less, some of it for the last 3 years is just stubborn or idiociy on the coach’s part which he should be held accountable for and talked to. I mean the sad part is, noted in the blog here, is that AZ NEVER gets noticed. EVEN when we were 4-0 we got the “also ran” comments. Today Mike and Mike, bring up AZ as the WORSE performance they’ve EVER seen and how its just a horrible mess. So, along with the Dennis Green, Derrick Anderson, and now Docket incident, the only other real press/mention we get is “they are a laughing stock mess”. Awesome.

  39. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ Campbells –

    Re: Plan

    Taking issue with the plan is one thing…..being as it was the only chance remaining that the team had to win the game I don’t see how anybody would take issue but I digress…..Spitting in the face of anybody is never okay and when it is done by a professional and is directed at this “professional’s” own teammate it becomes even more incomprehensible. Providing this story is accurate I am unable to grasp how anybody could defend Dockett in this instance in any way, shape or form.

  40. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ clssylssy –

    You may or may not be right about the media blowing this incident out of proportion but I will point out that normally one removes ones mouthpiece when speaking in a huddle…..I don’t know what exactly happened but it would be difficult to imagine that Dockett was trying to articulate a point with his mouthpiece in…..

  41. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ georgiebird –

    I just want to be clear on this….You are saying that it is okay if Dockett spits in a teammate’s face? If you are saying that I have to disagree completely. In fact I can’t imagine any context in which that sort of behavior would be okay.

  42. By Uk Card on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ Patrick & clssylssy Thanks for U’re post’s So releaved am NOT ALONG!!

    @ cardsalltheway Hey man, I know U speak for the masses and that’s fine! But 3yrs ago Matty boy really? He wasn’t the answer! and neither was Anderson or any one else since! But who has been available? We went after Kolb AND OVER paid! Cause he was the HOT F.A that everyone wanted! Everyone is forgetting that!!! Also Same off season WE had the largest F.A camp in modern history Heap, King, Holliday, Marshall & more!!! The front office will still be paying for those contracts! That can’t be the norm!!

    So Heap has been a huge bust, am sad to say! Kolb wasn’t the plug in Q.B, everyone hoped for! The front office doesn’t have the gift of hindsight!! They have to work with what they have!!

    If they bring in a new Coach, new scheme, new Q.B!! Unless they catch lighting in a bottle, there’s going to be grown pains! That will be a heart breaker!!!!!

    Call me all you want! IDK AM A DIE HARD CARD! Who should be working instead of checking blogs, and defending my team!

    And DON’T GET ME STARTED ON YOU LOT CALLING TO TRADE FITZ!!! Are you mental! He’s a true pro, and is the envoy for this team! And if we can just start using his coverage, to our advantage the offensive on a whole will improve!

    Nough said, am not going to counter any arguments so save it! 🙂

  43. By Uk Card on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Ooops ALONE not *Along my bad!!!!

  44. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ Everybody and particularly to clssylssy–

    It now appears that Dockett did not spit in Rhodes face so obviously that changes everything. Clssylssy, it appears that you were indeed correct about the incident being blown out of proportion….my apologies.

  45. By phillycards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Kolb based on his treatment shouldn’t return. His stats look great at this point. Why ruin his own progress

    And those who think firing whiz puts us three yrs back need to ask what’s been going on for the previous 3 yrs.

    Tobin was the previous most successfull coach he went 1 round less than whiz. We beat dallas in dallas. He had 1 bad season and then was fired after a 2-5 start mean while whiz got 3 more years. I see a double standard and its based on ticket sales. Stop going people!!

  46. By Uk Card on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @bluepitt well said, fellow fan!! I feel like am losing my mind, defending against these idiotic posts!!!

  47. By jocards on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ georgiebird –

    If on the other hand you were taking Dockett’s side because you didn’t believe he actually did spit in Rhodes face then it appears you were correct and in that case I retract my question to you. I’m glad to hear that the incident was apparently not first reported accurately.

  48. By kevin on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I would keep coach Whiz very good coach get rid of Grimm need to revamp our offensive line big time keep Colledge and Sendlen but for the rest lose them keep the rookie Porter he will be good once he learns. Hope we can snag Alex Smith if available and keep Kolb as a back up.But to get rid of Whiz we would be taking a huge step backwards he is a solid coach. Saying get rid of Whiz is like saying Skelton should be in playing OB.

  49. By Soares20 on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I for one want wiz to stay he as started to build something great here and I know everyone can see it. He just needs to wake up and either get a QB or fire the Offensive coordinator before he puts his own job in jeopardy. Firing wiz will do nothing but have us start from square one again with a whole new management with all new philosophies. new coaching will be a process of getting rid of players that don’t fit their style that will dismantle the team that wiz has built over the years one by one. Give him till the end of his contract and then we should be talking about his job

  50. By againstthe grain on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    as for as whiz goes well i hope he goes far… away. failure starts at the top and breeds in discontempt. all of whizs’ press conferences are an exhibit in redundancy, the same tired excuses, the same tired results, whiz is doing an excellent job of being a politician but he’s supposed to be a coach. it appears that he is losing the players, he’s thrown massie to the wolves, now he’s thrown lindlay to the wolves and for what? a 4-8 record. you could pay me 5.7 million to deliver the same dismal results. what do card fans have to look forward too? lindlay? 4-12? really? well, theres always next year, right?.

  51. By Cardfan on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    look people, this is a big boy league with big boy players. To have some notion that these players are going to always behave as ambassadors of class is naive. Who cares, it was between them, two players who are doing their job while watching an offense not do theirs. There are far more concerning things about this team this season.
    The only fiasco about Leinart was drafting him, which was not whiz. Leinart has continued to be nonexistant everywhere else he has gone. So stop counting that against whiz.
    Kolb is good, but can’t stay healthy, it’s time to look for a replacement… perhaps a scorned Alex Smith?
    Trade Fitz? Are out of you mind(fill in expletive where appropriate)!!
    The changes that need to be made are simple, a new GM, a new OC, a new OL coach, qb, OT(preferably one that can play both sides). Get rid of Doucet and promote Byrd.
    I would pay close attention to Horton’s offensive strategies before you run Whiz out and stick him in.

  52. By barry on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    any truth to t. heap getting released today by the cards? I saw it on

    honestly the uy hasn’t done anything for weeks..I understand injured ankle…but for 12weeks?

    hmmm somthings up!


  53. By mal on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with UK Card and Bluepit and other voices of reason: you take this same exact Cards team and plug in an average quality QB (Kolb if he was healthy), and we are easily in contention for a playoff spot.

    This team and coaching staff are not the disasters some hysterical fans are portraying. We’re starting to see the development of a young, re-vamped OL that we’ve been lacking. We are so very close to being a really good team.

  54. By MM on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @bluepitt.You give Kolb the GB, ATL, STL & Jets game as wins. That’s fair, but why did he not play the games? Oh yeah, injury prone dating back to PHI. Can not be a successful quarterback with his history.

  55. By georgiebird on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Russ Grimm is the best coach on this team. Grimm coaches the players that the Wizzard of AZ and Graves acquire. Name all the OLs who did not perform for Grimm and went elsewhere to become better players?
    Grimm has done a great job with the players he has coached. OL is no more of a problem than any unit on this team including the defense.
    The job Russ Grimm has done with Robert Massie alone is enough to get Grimm an OL job anywhere in the league.

  56. By clssylssy on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    SOME OF YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO READ!!! Kerry Rhodes said Dockett did not spit in his face…that they had a disagreement and worked it out. That’s good enough for me. Some “fans” are never happy unless there is some sort of drama that they can blow up and disrespect our players and coaches over. I’m betting that none of our resident “experts” have ever coached, played, or come close to being in the NFL so are really clueless. Darren was there and didn’t see any evidence of the alleged “spitting” incident. Kerry Rhodes has been a tremendous addition to the Cards defense and has pulled off some pretty amazing stops. “The Plan” as being reported is laughable when Lindley and the offense had about as much chance of scoring yet another touchdown and safety as have the “Never Say Never moment… lol, well I guess anything is possible! A lot of the rumors could be alleviated if the organization would just be straight with the fans instead of making statements like…”we prefer to handle internal issues within the team” inferring that there are problems. This has been a disastrous year that began with the referee mess and has continued. Last year it was the lockout and I am beginning to wonder if fans will ever see a return to the good ole days of football without all the Hollywood intrigue!

  57. By brad oneill on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    at least Rhodes and Dockett are both showing up too work every sunday. Dockett has been forced to swallow not getting the glory anymore but anyone that can’t see just how much he is helping this team isnt paying attention. And Rhodes has been impressive as well this year. I love watching both these guys play and I think when you are at the level they are stuff can get real. Its all good they will be just fine.

  58. By bluepitt on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    @ MM,
    You are calling out the wrong dude! I was the first to say Kolb was injury prone last year! And every one jumped on me for it! But This year I watched him get pounded!!!!! and he kept getting up!!!!! Then a total of 700lbs plus velocity witch roughly = over 1,400lbs landed on his ribs causing a “REAL INJURY!!” just ask Big BEN!!!! he has the same thing but to a lesser degree!!!! If Kolb was concussion prone he would have gotten one this year having the most sacks given up by a O-Line in NFL history!
    Those are the FACTS!!!! You can ask any of the posters in here I wanted KOLB’S head on a stick last year!!!! I was the FIRST to say he was injury prone!!!!! Like I said, you Sir are telling the wrong DUDE! SKELTON took 4 weeks to heal from a “LOW Sprain” ( the quickest to heal from, Big Ben played with a high sprain) why didn’t I see you calling out Skelton???? I would be the first in line to kick Kolb out if I didn’t see him all bloody and spitting the blood out all angry ready to play!
    I think he did learn his lesson with all the call outs last year!

  59. By Campbells on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I watched the game. I either attend or watch all the games. In case you weren’t aware, we didn’t convert a single third down all day. We never did anything to try to win the game. Skelton may as well have stayed home, because the entire universe (including yourself) knows Whiz won’t play him unless every player capable of taking a snap is injured. From here on out “Winning” comes secondary to saving jobs, and pointing fingers. Those of us that really know the game (and don’t need you to spoon feed it to us via your articles), know how difficult scoring 8-points (at any point in a game) is. Perfect execution is imperative. The only thing we executed last Sunday was an opportunity to win a very winnable game. Letting them score so we could give the illusion of wanting to win may fool some, but even the most hardcore fans are wising-up to Whiz’s elaborate smokescreens.
    One of 3-things is correct: You don’t know the game, which explains why you aren’t fed-up with the team’s perpetual lack of success. You’re an eternal optimist. Your ties to this organization prevent you from speaking your mind (unfiltered, from the gut, raw feelings).

  60. By Darren Urban on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Campbells —

    RE: End of game/my feelings

    Yes, giving up is the best thing. You say “winning” is secondary, yet, in those circumstances, it was impossible to win unless the Jets score. I’m not saying it was probable or that the Cards would have more than a .001 percent chance, but if you don’t do it — again, in those circumstances — the percent is zero. That’s fact, that’s all I was pointing out and it has nothing to do with anything else going on in the game.

    As for me, maybe I just don’t get over the top emotional about the sitution. Having read your rants since you have been posting, I’m guessing you cannot say the same.

  61. By Jesus on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    the plan was to let them score so we could have a chance to score and tie the game.

    i know it happens and it works, in the past i have from the couch called for that.

    but really, what did the offense do to think that somehow a drive could be put together to tie the game. eight game they have done nothing. this was the worst showing on offense and we are going to ask the defense to not play either.

    Wow, at that point forget the win: Whiz did anyway!

    let the defense continue to shine.

    oh, and Damm that Dockett is that good!
    1st game againts rams without Dockett defense let up.

    but if he was the only one trying to stop the Jets from scoring, and they didn’t get in.

    i think the initail report might be a little off, he can’t stop a whole team alone.

    way to stand up for Dockett, Rhodes. this defense is still great to watch.

  62. By ndpenner on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I like Horton, but if a scenario came about where he ended up as our head coach, I’m worried we might get a Romeo Crennel/Rex Ryan situation. Good DC’s that get made into HC’s and then suck. I’d hate for that to happen to Horton. On the flip side of that, if it did happen, I guess we really wouldn’t be losing much… I hope we keep Horton at the end of this season and I think if Kolb had an O-line around him that kept him upright we’d be all right next year. With our D, Larry, and some luck on Offense, I think we can at least be competitive next season.

  63. By MM on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Don’t think Skelton took that long to heal. I think Whisenhunt prolonged his return by a little more than was stated to see if Kevin’s hot hand was a fluke. I too had a problem with Kolb, but he did earn my respect earlier in the year with his decent play, not great, but decent, but more for his ability to stay on the field for a while. Just don’t think he is the answer at QB. He has a mediocre record at best and his injury report, no matter if it is a concussion or something else, just can’t be ignored, imo.

  64. By Cardsfan75 on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Re: the end of the Jets game. It was far more likley that the defense might score on a turnover, than it was for Lindley to drive the field and score a tochdown f/b a 2 point conversion.

  65. By Cert 33 on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    This is not a bad team. The offense is not just bad, they are really, really bad. Most NFL pundits consider our offensive line to be the absolute worst in the NFL. The numbers bear that out. It now appears that John Skelton and Ryan Lindley would both have difficulty making an Arena League team. They are both really bad. Everyone connected with coaching the various offensive positions, including Ken Whisenhunt, need to go. The good news is that everything, coaches and players, on the defensive side of the ball, have performed quite well this season despite being left on the field very excessively by the “three & out” crew and coaches on offense. At least the defense and defensive coaching staff give us a solid foundation to build upon.

  66. By Campbells on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply


    I have every right to be upset. I spend $$$ thousands annually for season tickets. My guess is you attend the games for free. Why don’t you slap a few grand down on a team you expect to perform, and we’ll see if your tune changes. I’m not the only person feeling cheated and deceived. Defend Whiz all you want. I know the state of the game is healthier and more competitive than ever. There are coaches all over the country that can put winning product on the field.

  67. By Darren Urban on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Campbells —

    RE: upset

    I never said you didn’t have a right to be upset. And in the original case you have decided to complain about it has nothing to do with defending Whisenhunt. My point was a straight football point that would apply to any team.

  68. By Credit Card on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    Lienart, Hall, Anderson, Bartel, Skelton, Kolb, Lindley,and more. All of these players were scouted by the Cards’ organization and maybe just maybe the Cards need to start re-thinking on how they evaluate quarterbacks.

  69. By Campbells on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply


    You must’ve been on the debate team. I’m guilty of “Venting” not complaining.
    As far as football points go, just because a team chooses to try to accomplish what successful teams achieve, doesn’t mean that the objective is likely. Anyone familiar with a team that’s spiraling out of control, doesn’t have to be a believer. Had the offensive production not deteriorated to the point that it has, Dockett and the rest of the world would’ve been much more likely to buy into the strategy of giving up a score in order to play for a tie.
    At the end of the day we can’t beat a team that gives us 6-turnovers, or a team that gives us 3-turnovers, before bringing in their 3rd string QB.
    Getting 1-more chance to embarrass ourselves, doesn’t necessarily make good football sense.

  70. By louie on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I agree the QB picking has been horrible and it started with Derrik Anderson. Kolb is glass and has to go, he will never be a starter in this league when he leaves the cards, probably 3rd string at best. Hopefully Alex Smith or anyone would be better then our 3. Lindley is horrible he looks like a worse version of David Carr. I had high hopes after beating the Patriots this Year. I hope Whiz doesnt get fired, but whoever is calling the plays has to go, they are way to predictable. 6 points cmon.

  71. By bluepitt on Dec 4, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t know if he is the answer or not, but he still is ranked 13 over all QB’s and has missed the last 5 or so weeks. Those are not pedestrian numbers, if you look over his injury record sure it is not great. But can you say that he may have grown up and understands that he is a NFL player, and has to play trough the pain if it is not life altering or no more damage can happen if he plays? I truly feel this is what happened to him (trust me I’m no forgive and forget type) if he has convinced me that is saying a thing or two.
    We need to restructure his deal and see what happens, we still go for a fresh QB, I don’t think skelton was healthy, I just don’t see him sitting and fibbing to people about it. IDK..

  72. By fortybarrelbull on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Things have unraveled. Kolb is our last best hope. Get back in there and see what you can do before the lynch-mob burns it all down.

  73. By bluepitt on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Funny… is the deal, if Kolb doesn’t go down we are sitting at least 8-4 and in the hunt. (I never thought id say that about Kolb) No we wouldn’t be in the hunt with Skelton that is a FACT, so now that we are out of the hunt Whiz is playing Lindley to see what he can do, till kolb gets back so he can see if Kolb’s a fluke, if so, back to the drawing board if not, rebuild some sort of line for him next year and be a play off contender.
    If we are sitting at 8-4 right now do all the haters come out? My guess is a big fat NO!!!!
    I wanted Whiz gone 2 years ago (as soon as the Matt vs Anderson crap went down), but all of you bashed me to the point that I don’t care who is the HC!

  74. By MM on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    Yes, I do agree that Kolb has grown up and understands that he is a NFL player, and has to play trough the pain if it is not life altering or no more damage can happen if he plays. I do give him that.

  75. By erik on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    You people that still thing Kolb is the answer… You are CRACKING me up over here!
    Please share some of what you are smoking!

  76. By Kevin S on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t understand how there could be any question that letting the opponent score here is the right thing to do, assuming you are trying to win the game. Yeah, defenses don’t like to let up points, but come on, no one’s going to hold it against the defense if you let up a TD in that situation.

    Is it likely given our offensive woes that we would have been able to score a TD and 2 pt conversion? Of course not. But you have to try.

  77. By bluepitt on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    @erik, right now Kolb is the only answer on our roster Im smoking 4-1 thats kolbs record this year!!!!!!!!!!hahahaha want some?

  78. By cobra on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply


    re; you people still think Kolb is the answer:

    Usually, most don’t comment on smoking crack, and then, ask them to share?

    Either way, Skelton will never, ever be the answer. Lindley had been given a chance, which I also asked for. So much for that. Kolb really is the only QB who can give the Cards a chance to win another game. It would have been nice if the OL gave him the protection we are getting now. Maybe not much better, yet adequate. He would still need armor plating to deal with the onslaught of the opposing defense.

    Haven’t really seen any franchise QBs in College this year. I hope we stabilize the OL and get Kolb to restructure his contract.

  79. By Eazy E on Dec 5, 2012 | Reply

    I believe Kerry because if Dockett did that, If I’m Kerry, I’m doing my best to knock Big Dockett out straight up. I love both players, but ain’t nobody spitting in my face and ain’t nothing happen to them. I believe it didn’t happen though, you know how NY is sometimes and the gossipy people are.

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