No QB decision, Housler down and Beanie’s fumble

Posted by Darren Urban on December 24, 2012 – 11:38 am

Coach Ken Whisenhunt usually isn’t real forthcoming with injuries on Monday mornings, but he did say today that the shoulder injury suffered by tight end Rob Housler Sunday against the Bears is serious enough that Housler won’t be playing against the 49ers this week in the finale. On that topic, Whiz sounded pretty sure of himself. On the quarterback topic, his decision on whom to start not as much.

Whisenhunt praised Brian Hoyer’s play, given the circumstances. Hoyer remains a logical guess to be starter against the 49ers.

“We haven’t even watched the tape with the team yet,” Whisenhunt said. “I’m hesitant until we go through some of those things. There are always situations that come up where you want to find out what was going through the player’s mind, what they were thinking, that all goes into the decision part of it.”

Whiz acknowledged it is “unfortunate” the Cards are again unsure of who to play. “At that position, you have to have stability, you have to have consistency of play, and we haven’t had that,” Whisenhunt said.

— Finally, running back Beanie Wells lost playing time because of his fumble. That, Whisenhunt said, was a simple cause and effect.

“If you have the ball, that’s your responsibility,” Whisenhunt said. “You can’t turn it over. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what position you play. In the NFL, if you turn the ball over, you’re not going to play. That’s the way it goes. And that’s through history. There are guys who are good players who can’t hold on to the football. Turnovers are something you can’t overcome.”

It didn’t help that the fumble came without Wells being hit, just him dropping the ball. But Whisenhunt was asked if he still has confidence in Beanie. “Sure,” he said. I still expect Beanie to have a role this week in San Francisco. UPDATE: Beanie just said in the locker room that he thinks it is “inevitable” that his days are numbered in Arizona and right now he is on an audition for 31 other teams. He admitted he hasn’t had conversations with anyone with the team saying that for sure, but he knows it is a production-based business and he hasn’t produced enough. Here’s the full story.


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38 Responses to “No QB decision, Housler down and Beanie’s fumble”

  1. By brad oneill on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    That Beanie fumble was pretty much the weirdest fumble i have ever seen. It looked to me at the time like he blew out a hamstring. he wasnt even hit he just went down and dropped the ball. if there was ever a question about beanies toughness it was answered on that play. he is done in az. along with whiz.

  2. By Cert 33 on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Might as well give Hoyer all the reps this week. 49’ers will be going all out against us so we might as well see what he’s got. I hope the new coach will bring Housler back next season. I think he’s got potential. Chris Wells is strictly a decent back-up RB. We definitely need a new starting RB. Stepfan Taylor?

  3. By D on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie thinks he auditioning for what…arena teams? Cards only hope is that the teams in OH who remember his OSU days think he is still an option to rotate him in….

  4. By Patrick on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Whisenhunt says you have to have consistency of play at the quarterback position. I would argue our quarterbacks have all played consistent…. Just consistently awful. Rumors starting to swirl about Todd Haley being the next cardinals coach. Should find out pretty quick since steelers did not make playoffs.

  5. By Peter in Canada on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    A Merry Christmas to Darren, Josh and all the posters. This draft and free agent season is paramount. We are fourth in the division strictly because of our offence. Last year’s pick of Floyd was a disaster, because this season proved that WR’s are superfluous without a QB or O-line. We gambled on the O-line and lost when the 2 tackles went down. We gambled again on the oft-injured Kolb and lost. We gambled that Skelton would play the first 3 quarters like the fourth and lost. We must be absolutely sure about those positions next year or we will finish last again.In all other areas we are more than competitive.

  6. By Credit Card on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    It is hard to imagine that a professional team can lose confidence, but the Cards have certainly lost it. Coaches have also lost their ability to motivate. Ownership will be changing the GM position, who will then bring in a new head coach. the head coach will bring in “his guys” as assistant coaches. The assistant coaches will want “their type of players”.

    Multiple layers of changes will start occuring next Monday. The players, coaches, and management know it.

    The frustarting thing about this season, is that the Cards actually have the talent to compete and potentially be a play-off bound team. The Cards, Eagles, and Jets must be the lrgest disapointments in the league.

    I do feel sorry for the assistant coaches — they are not paid big bucks, and will beon the chopping block for Graves and Co’s mistakes.

  7. By David W on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    I certainly do not think that Wisenhunt is to blame for the offensive failures. Lets be realistic, you can teach players schemes, and concepts but ultimately how motivated they are is up to them. Sure many of us do not agree with how the offense is ran or even some of the personnel decisions, but Ken is one of the good coaches in the NFL who simply hasnt found “his guy” at qb. He inhereted Matt, took a chance with John, believed in Kevin(Injury bug got him), and is stuck with a rookie project. Is it really wisenhunts fault that Kevin got hurt and john isnt getting the job done? You work with what you got, and i would certainly like to see ken have a chance to get “his guy” and have time with him before making a coaching decision. In my opinion the quality of coaches willing to take a job (Aside from Andy Reid) would not make the team any better. So i think we all should forget Haley, Gruden, and Cowher and focus on finding prospects that could help improve the QB situation.

  8. By jocards on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    This team’s offense is just an absolute mess and it all begins with the QB position. Kolb showed enough to indicate that he is a capable enough NFL QB when healthy but he again proved to be unable to stay on the field. You show me a team that gets mostly bad QB play and I’ll show you a coach on the hot seat. Nothing new here. This team is bad and it is mostly due to subpar play at the most important position on the field. Whether it’s Whsienhunt next season or somebody else that position has to be addressed. A team simply can’t win getting dismal play from their QB. If Kolb’s deal can be restructured I think we should bring him back but it simply can’t end there. This team needs to make certain that there are other viable options on the roster. Skelton, Lindley and Hoyer certainly do not appear to be viable options. Draft, trade or free agency… of those avenues must be exploited.

  9. By New season ticket holder on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Bye, Bustie Wells! 👋

  10. By pp21 on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    hey Darren, do you think there’s any chance of the cards getting michael vick after the season and do you think ken Whisenhunt will be back next season?

  11. By Darren Urban on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Pp21 —

    RE: Vick/Whiz

    I would think all QB options need to be considered. As for Whiz, I don’t know what will happen.

  12. By donttakelosses on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    2nd toughest schedule in 2012? Yep the Cards, fwiw

  13. By tyman on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Sounds like wells wants out.
    Give the ball to LaRod then. The other backs looked good when Bennie was out. We need a QB not an Over rated high priced fumbling machine at running back. We got rid of Tim for fumbles, and what really makes Bennie a better back than Tim Hightower was? Hes big that’s about it. You cant feed him the ball because he gets injured. If we can get anything a second or third I’d jump all over it.

  14. By georgiebird on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    The fact that Brian Hoyer (with two weeks of practice) can be better than John Skelton is the biggest indictment of Whiz’ total failure with the QB position.. Brian Hoyer has been a nothing during his career and is more than two years older than Skelton but he can walk in here and replace someone who has been here three years and won his share of games.
    Given the location of the games, the bulk of Skelton’s playing time this year has been during the four toughest games on our schedule and in each game he played from behind as the defense gave up big points early.
    It will be many years before the Cardinals’ get back into the hunt in the NFC West.

  15. By georgiebird on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    @Peter In Canada
    I was with your post until the last sentence-“In all other areas we are more than competitive”. Yes, that may be true of the special teams-Zas and Feeley.
    But the defense is no better than average. Opponents haven’t had to attack our defense since our offense is so bad. For the most part opponents coast against the Cards- they get a lead and sit on it (except for Seattle). But there are critical times during the games when we can’t stop the run or the pass. If our offense was more successful, our defense would get tested a lot more.
    Now don’t get me wrong, our defense is one of the better Cardinals’ defenses of the past half century but it is by no means a championship defense.

  16. By Mark on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Sad, but I think it’s time to move on and find another running back. Can’t believe this team’s piss-poor luck drafting running backs. Good luck, Beanie. Hopefully you don’t end up wherever Whiz lands.

  17. By louie on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    for the regulars on here, everyone knows i have been a whiz supporter, but now i think i was blinded by the super bowl run. He has to go, he has treated veteran cards like trash and has proven he doesnt know how to find a qb. I think hes been trying to find a tom brady with his pick options and should have been looking for a top 15 qb. Even a top 25 would have been better, lindley has got to be the worst qb since david carr, he cant throw over 10 yards accurate, the only time he hit a player in the numbers was tillman, hes a bear. Also Peter Floyd is not a bad pick if they had a qb, most teams have 1 solid and 1 decent backup, we have used 9 of the worst qbs ever over the last 3 years. Most are out of the league D.A. is a third string in Carolina. Cards should call Dennis Green to draft, he did a much better job at seeing talent.For

  18. By Rio on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    You coaches, you were who i thought you were.

    Good Bye to all of you

  19. By Chuck 1 on Dec 24, 2012 | Reply

    Wells is just another example of other poor draft choices by Graves, Keim and Whiz.

  20. By Pathetic on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Please tell me Kolb hasn’t been getting paychecks while sitting on the sidelines milking injuries this year like he did last year. I pray Kolb, Skelton, and Lindley are the first ones fired even before Whiz

  21. By Andy Kw on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie Wells, please stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m still a fan of you no matter the Organizations struggles. It is because of our QB issues that you have been producing so little. But returning from injuries and scoring 5TDs is pretty darn good. You are the running back for the long term, don’t go man. Our O’Line issues is also a factor as well. I’m am begging you, please don’t lose faith and stay.

  22. By Rugbymuffin on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Merry Christmas Darren Urban.

    You deserve well wishes and absolute love from the Cardinal fan base. Hard times being a writer for a team that is going through what the Cardinals are. I think this year was, by far, your best year writing for the Cardinals

    You were more open, honest, opinionated, etc., etc. It was awesome. And though I may have not agreed, or was angered, or was too happy, too sad, etc., etc. It was the fact you were as “real” as you can be this year that stimulated those emotions.

    Yet, I digress….. good job, and good work. I hope Christmas is good for you and yours.

    Oh, and after 5 years, and annoying you to no end about it….finally got it. This is the only jersey I will ever buy that has another man’s name on it.

  23. By frustrated on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Merry Christmas to everyone and hope all goes well for you.

  24. By Scott H on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Up-dated X-MAS list…

    1) Norv Turner as OC
    2) Mike Zimmer as HC
    3) Juan Castillo as OL coach
    4) Alex Smith or Michael Vick as QB
    5) Get at least one top notch O-lineman via FA and at least one more in the draft

    I really don’t know that Smith or Vick is really THE answer. But since there does not appear to be a QB savior in this year’s draft, we might as well just get better there ( and, really, how hard is THAT gonna be??? ) and get some real talent into this O-line.

    And note to cardinals organization – in order to actually GET some of the top players during FA, you have to actually GET INVOLVED during FA. Like, right off the bat. Not 2-3 weeks in after the top tier guys are long gone.

    Look up the word AGGRESSIVE in the dictionary and then try to actually do something that resembles that definition.

    Have a plan, then get moving. In other words, Do this off-season in a VERY different manner than how you’ve handled the past 3.

  25. By georgiebird on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie Wells will become a productive back in the NFL. He needs some more coaching but more than anything he needs a change of uniform.
    Beanie has trouble running with precision- his cutting abilities are not good. But when Beanie ends up with a team like Green Bay, Giants or Patriots, he will become a very productive straight ahead back with room to run.
    As I have said many times, the all-time dog, OJ Anderson was washed up with the Cardinals many years ago- falling down at times without getting hit. OJ went on to the Giants with running room galore and resurrected his career and became a SB MVP.

  26. By scott023 on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    WOW !!! David W. you don’t feel Ken is to blame? Please I could go through every year and it is alway someone elses fault, never the head coach (KEN). It is mostly his fault. The worst came when he made Miller the o.c. he knew he had little experence and said he would help him. Do we not deserve an experenced o.c. to help us win. When we did win we had Haley. When KEN took over we were the laughing stock of the nfl. I heard over and over on espn and fox that we had the worst play calling in the nfl.They are right,if whiz stays we are domed. We need fresh blood at all levels of management. It is mr. Bidwell’s job to do just that if he wants to save this franchise. This is a no brainer, Whiz must go. The team has lost what it takes to respect the coach and it is completely understandable. It was not just this year it has been this way as he (KEN) has always blamed someone else,period.

  27. By Scott H on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    One wonders if Beanie Wells will go on to be another Garrison Hearst or Thomas Jones – another RB that was SUPPOSED to be good for the Cardinals, was NOT good for the Cardinals ( for whatever reason ), then went on to have a very productive NFL career AFTER leaving the Cardinals.

  28. By scott023 on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    Again, the Dockett/whiz thing, to tell your player to let them score so we could get the ball back? SEE….look at are offense,it is lead by (KEN) we have no chance to score and everyone knows it. All we have is defenseand he wants the defense to lay down and let the jets score. The mindset of a defensive player is to never lay down for anyone, never, no matter what.Take that away and you done.If (KEN) would stop and roll his head around and hear that marble in his head. He just Told his team to lay down. Because if he is that blind not to see our offense has zero chane. When you take that self respect away from your defense. That tells it all. If you loose you loose with respect. Then after that it went 58-0, go figure.

  29. By Cody Zarr on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply


    I love Feely, but has the front office seen this video? I know its possible he had digital assistance but I’m pretty skeptical of such things and it looks mostly legitimate. This man has a mastery of the hand egg that is pretty rare.

  30. By cardsalltheway on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    This is the last time I’m going to comment until Ken W. is fired/gone/hasta la vista(perhaps a Barnum and Bailey Circus new hire?).

    This is my form of protest, I’ve noticed since we have no chance of doing anything in 2012 the number of comments have decreased and without me, there will be even less. I’m sorry to all the fans who live in reality and enjoy my comments but hopefully the Bidwill’s will do the right thing because until they do there ain’t no hope for the Cardinals Org. And since there ain’t no hope and the Bidwill’s let Ken W. waste all the fans/players time, I’m outta here until they get off their duff.

    “In that topic(Housler injury), Whiz sounded pretty sure of himself.”

    What else is he going to talk about? He’s avoiding the real problems and wasting time. Ken W. can’t be sure of himself very often! A fluffy Monday presser – subliminal message = things aren’t that bad ~ “I’ll be here next year.”

    “…where you want to find out what was going through the player’s mind, what they were thinking…,”

    What’s going through Ken W.’s mind? Obviously even he often doesn’t know when it comes to the draft etc…but when it comes to calling plays ~ other teams know well, run/pass ratio.

    Ken W. is sooooo inconsistent when it comes to handling the team(not counting play calling), it’s been like that since he said M. Leinart is “Our Guy” one minute; the next minute Leinart got cut, it’s been downhill ever since. I’m sick and tired of it, it’s “mentally draining” not only for Kerry Rhodes but for fans too. Keep on “draining” the minds of Cardinals fans and players Mr. Bidwill. I predict Ken W. will be the coach in 2013, do better than 5-11 and get another contract extension. So, it’ll probably be a loooong time until you hear from me again.

  31. By scott023 on Dec 25, 2012 | Reply

    I will also not comment until he is gone. I also got so mad that I could not spell simple words . For that I am sorry to other fans. I feel sorry that we have great talent in many positions and little to no talent in others. I feel sorry that dockett got ripped off for not giving in to failure.

  32. By martin on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    i hope we pick up MICHEAL VICK! ! its a better option and steel DRC bk

    1ST pick LB Manti te’o. Lenon is getting older we are gunna need a LB anyways in the next year or two. and why not take a very good-one coming out in years.. this will be alsome, but probably not happenin!!we will take the top best player like always. we didnt need a WR in M,Floyd ,soo why not MANTI TE’O!!

    2rd pick OL or Qb: OL dallas thomas tennesse,, only if we pickup a QB from another team.. like Vick. if not MATT BARKLY at this one or another Qb if barkly is gone.

    3rd pick RB mike gillislee florida or other ..B,Wells is gone
    4th OLB or DE or QB and pick enother OLB free-agent
    5th QB Or TE only if matt scott is still in the 5th or better option to get rid of skelton.
    6th OL Center.
    7th Safty OR DE OR TE

    WR1 larry,floyd
    RT Massi,brown,bridges
    G Snyder, colledge
    C sendlein, 2013 Draft/free agent
    G kelemete ,colledge,thomas
    LT Potter. dallas Thomas, J,bridges,or other in draft
    TE housler,King, 5th round Draft
    WR2 roberts,bryd
    WR3 Slot roberts and bryd at WR2 hes better then M,floyd
    RB R,Williams,mike gillislee,howling or other in draft.
    FB sherman
    QB could be any of these Vick,Kolb,hoyer,barkly,,Draft,lindly,mcnabb hah!!PLEASE BRING IN RYAN MALLETT PATRIOTS HE IS UNDERCOVER Y DOSE NO-ONE ELSE SEE THIS!!

  33. By martin on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    please tell the scouts to look at QB ryan mallett from patriots!!!!and hes also behind brady !! oh and he also beat out brian hoyer thats why he is still thier. i said the same thing about. bret favre and aaron rodgers!! im just saying you dont have to listen derran haha! I just think he gunna be one of those QB’s!

  34. By VictorLimaKilo on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    Beanie… Beanie… Beanie… I have never liked and disliked a player so much. Lack of consistency. Moments of fireworks, then… crash and burn. IMHO, Cardinals should use him for whatever trade value he has. That last fumble was an absolute joke. He’s playing a game alright, but certainly not b his best football. Embarrassing.

  35. By Buck on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    cardsalltheway – You flatter yourself if you think ANY fans will be sorry to see you go. Good bye at last.

  36. By David Magee on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply

    This team needs a leader at Quarterback so bad it is pitiful. I can’t remember a team in history lacking so bad at that position. The defensive effort is being wasted because the Cardinals can’t move the ball down the field. Kolb is a backup at best and the rest are no more than practice players. The GM needs to be fired and maybe the coach to. A first year fan can see there isn’t a quality quarterback. What Arizona gave up for Kolb is a crime and someone should be punished for that move. Arizona has to get a quarterback that can lead by example. Find the best quarterback coming in the draft and go get him without giving up anybody who is doing their job and putting forth the effort needed to win. Maybe the Cardinals need a Jeff Fisher to get things turned around and back in the playoffs but they need something BAD !

  37. By cobra on Dec 26, 2012 | Reply


    Re: Cardsalltheway,

    I agree. I’m almost to the point to say, keep Whiz for that reason alone. Anyone else who wants to protest by not commenting on the blog are more than welcome too. I won’t have to read your BS. Our Writers do not have a damn thing to do with decisions made by Management. They inform us of all situations regarding the team. What could you possibly gain by boycotting a blog.

  38. By Scott H on Dec 27, 2012 | Reply

    David Magee –

    Very well said. Agreed.

    2012 saw the 49ers solidify themselves as an NFC powerhouse, the Seahawks establish themselves as an NFC powerhouse, and the Rams improve measurably under Jeff Fisher. The Cardinals? After a fraudulent 4-0 start, they solidified their status as a perennial doormat once again. SOOOOO sick of the cycle of losing…of never having a REAL QB…of always having a lousy O-line…having a lousy running game…etc, etc, etc.

    As much as I am on board with the firing of Whisenhunt, this is hardly all his fault. This is a continued and on-going failure of the front office to recognize that their philosophies are, to say the least, flawed. Yet, they continue to subscribe to the same philosophies. You would think that the track record of sustained failure over a period of SEVERAL decades would somehow prompt a movement to do things differently. But…it has not. And, for that reason, it is going to be hard for any coach that would be willing to come here to truly turn things around. IMHO, it is doubtful that a Bill Cowher or a John Gruden would come HERE when there would always be several other more attractive jobs available to them. So? What are you left with? The crap-shoot of lesser-caliber veteran HC re-treads, up and coming coordinators, or college coaches who may / may not make it in the NFL. Some teams get it right along the way. Others – Cardinals, Raiders, Jaguars, Chiefs, Browns – just never do.

    And don’t even bother suggesting that the Cardinals got it right with Whisenhunt. Because we ALLLLLLL know now that Kurt Warner is the guy who REALLY made it happen. Whisenhunt just happened to be fortunate enough to be here with Warner – AND Todd Haley AND an all-world WR – at just the right time. And 2 of those 3 guys were already before Whiz was.

    Looks like we’re back at the drawing board. Again.

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