A time for money moves

Posted by Darren Urban on March 1, 2013 – 11:44 am

The moves today to release cornerback William Gay and linebacker Stewart Bradley aren’t really shocking. This is what happens when salary exceeds production, as general manager Steve Keim was talking about just a couple of weeks ago. Bradley’s story is well known, and after he didn’t do much last season and with his salary back to $5 million, his future was all but written. Gay’s 2012 playing time escalated his salary from $1.475 million to $3.225 million, and that too probably cost Gay any chance of returning. With around $7 million of cap savings, the Cards are under the cap now.

There is still work to do, of course, the most glaring the contract of quarterback Kevin Kolb. There has been no word yet of any talks or movement in that area. The Cards have fit his giant $13.5M cap number in for now, but nothing has changed from the fact something has to happen. Kolb is due a $2M roster bonus soon (do not know the date, but anticipate it being the start of the league year on March 12 or right around there) and I can’t see it being paid unless a new deal is in place.

The Cards were about $1.2M over the cap prior to the cuts today according to Adam Schefter, so the savings should put them a little more than $5M under — decent breathing room in the short term, although a tender offer to QB Brian Hoyer would eat up some of that space if one were made. Are further moves, aside from Kolb, coming in the form of a cut or a restructure? Perhaps. Don’t forget, a restructure basically means giving the player more money now for the privilege of pushing cap space on to a future year’s cap. Eventually, it has to be paid. And if there is anything we have learned about the new collective bargaining agreement and the salary cap is that it was set up to no longer have giant spikes from year to year — making cap management for every team a little more challenging year-to-year. Bradley and Gay were not the only NFL veterans cut today, that’s for sure.

It also underscores another NFL reality — for all the gnashing of teeth that goes on when free agency starts about why the Cards (or any team) didn’t sign this guy or that guy — that the draft is the way to build a roster. Ultimately, teams don’t let players get away that they think they can’t afford to lose.


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  1. By Ricardo C. on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    It’s a good start but kolb is the important one I don’t dislike kolb as quarterback I just don’t think he deserves that type of money..use the gay money to resign Johnson and toler and find your self a serviceable inside linebacker thru free agency…but it’s a good start.

  2. By Andy Kw on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    I liked the way William Gay played, he does have a lot of talent. But he did have a lot of struggles so there is no doubt about that. Best of luck to him and I hope he is reunited with Ray Horton. Thanks for being a wonderful Cardinal although you were on the team for only 1 season. Stewart Bradley, I hope you get reunited with Horton as well because you could be a key piece to the struggling Cleveland Brown’s defense. These 2 could bring the Browns to the top.

  3. By aaron on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Horton’s scheme killed Bradley’s career. Why would either want to work with each other again?

  4. By lg on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    william gay i’m sorry but we got to make cap room i was just talking about that yesterday.

  5. By Dynosoar on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    How does a 90man roster durring the pre-season work with cap space? I know it has to, I just can’t find anything anywhere (googling wrong key words I guess).

  6. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Dyno —

    RE: Cap

    In the offseason/preseason, only the top 51 cap figures on a roster count on the cap. When the regular season starts, every player on the roster/IR is counted.

  7. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    I sorta think we couldn’t afford to loose Anquan Boldin, but that’s just my personal opinion. Maybe that’s one key personnel loss that contributed to Graves loosing his job. I’d sure like to think it was.

  8. By joe holst on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for handing off the team in a horrible cap situation mr.graves with all your worthless free agents acquisitions, poor trades and overpaying for bad talent. his year is a wash. I hope they draft 2 quartbacks in the first 3 rounds.. QB is the one position that can actually appreciate ift hey get the right ones.. Kirk cousins was drafted in 4th last year by Wash, now they could get a 2nd for him. same with nick foles, ryan mallet.. heck take 3 qb’s ..

  9. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Yes Darren, The draft is the way to build a team.

    Something I talked about a lot during the season, is drafting first round QBs.

    There are 32 teams. 24 of the teams are starting a first round pick. Four of the eight who are not, have a QB picked in the first 4 spots of the second round (Brees, Kaepernick, Dalton, Kolb). So, 28 of the 32 QBs have been picked in the first 36 picks.

    The 4 who weren’t are Brady, Romo, Shaub and Wilson. All four, when given the opportunity, played so well, they stayed the starter.

    What does that mean? The likelihood of finding a starting QB after our first round pick is very unlikely. After the 38th pick, even less likely. The likelihood of Skelton or Lindley now rebounding are bad odds also.

    Some feel Kolb is the guy. Afterall, he is the best on the roster right now. I will not argue that. But his 8-11 record over 3 years, playing in only 22 of his possible 48 games due to injury and being ranked in the bottom quarter of QBs in the league, I feel we can do better.

    Therefore, I am flip flopping and going to move from the second round QB back to a first rounder and start banging the drum for Geno Smith. Athletic kid with a big arm can really become a franchise guy under Moore and Arians.

    Geno is ranked either 7th or 8th on most draft boards and most respected analysis. He is not a reach, fills our biggest need and gives us something we haven’t had in a long while, a young franchise QB.

  10. By vibramnation on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Now lets take a look back at all the QB’s drafted in the top 36 in the past 10 years and see how many are either not starting or are out of the league. Drafting a QB in the first round just for the sake of your argument is pretty absurd.

  11. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    My second version of the top 10 draft;

    1) KC – Luke Joeckel. Now Alex Smith is there, they grab the Aggie

    2) Jax – Eric Fisher. They need lots of help but I’m going to think protecting Gabbert should be up there.

    3) Raiders – Sharrif Floyd, The raiders could surprise with Geno but need help with interior D Line.

    4) Eagles- Dion Jordon, With Chip Kelly and Oregons D line coach in Philly, it makes sense to grab a dynamic pass rusher you know.

    5) Detroit – Bjoern Werner, DE is their greatest need and this guy is good.

    6) Browns – Jarvis Jones, Ray Horton could use a dynamic OLB. But this is the spot I see someone trading up to. This is the spot to watch.

    7) Cards – Geno Smith, Nothing is more important than QB. Although I like Tyler Wilson and Landry Jones, Lets just get the best QB in the draft.

    8) Buffalo – Matt Barkley, Fitzpatrick turns over the ball too much. With a good D and running game, Barkley is a perfect fit.

    9) Jets – Barkavious Mingo – Ryan needs an upgrade at QB, but he is a defensive guy and he needs pressure off the edge. Mingo can turn a corner.

    10) Titans – Chance Warmack, Time to get CJ2K going again.

  12. By tyman on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Gay got beat way too much last year and Bradly is a big guy but hes no stud.
    Good moves.
    It would be nice to see Greg Toler get resigned, or an other shut down corner signed this off-season. Bring back DRC!!!

  13. By vegas4u2012. on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Ok…Now need to keep Toler/Flemming.Watched every game last year.I believe Lennon has one more good year left.Draft a Middle Linebacker.Maybe 3rd/4th.Paris would be a great guy to help show him the ropes.Also keep R.Johnson.Cards cannot continue to lose D-backs..They took a hit when they lost Marshall last year.Kolb will rework his contract.I believe they keep Hoyer,and hopefully they can get a steal(like the seahawks did last year w/Wilson)in the QB…GO BIG RED!!

  14. By erik on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Gay has got to be the WoRST CB in the NFL. I’m so glad this move was made. Give his money to Toler. Seriously though he probably accounted for at least half the passing yards against us last year. I’m relieved I don’t have to watch other teams constantly pick on him anymore. There is not a single player on our roster I feel more strongly about. Glad he’s gone. Good luck to him as a human being and all that, but…

  15. By donttakelosses on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren: Was Bradley a mistake? Was he given a fair shot (he looked pretty good the little we saw)? Was he disliked, bad work ethic, slow minded? Curious on why a guy they said coming in was really smart and highly athletic washed out without a real shot on the field? DTL

  16. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    dontake —

    RE: Bradley/Acho

    Bradley has to be considered a mistake. He’s been cut, right? I don’t know exactly what it was, but it did seem like they kept him around to see if he would pan out.

    As for Acho, I’ll never say never. This roster is going to get an overhaul. Hard to know exactly what/where everyone will be.

  17. By donttakelosses on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren: Rumor Acho will move to Will Linebacker?Any intel? DTL

  18. By Andy Kw on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    I want Geno Smith, I want Geno Smith, I want Geno Smith, I want Geno Smith. No more USC QBs, don’t get Matt Barkley, don’t get Matt Barkley, don’t get Matt Barkley, don’t get Matt Barkley.

  19. By Andy Kw on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    If the Cardinals want to start a new era and want to start off fresh, isn’t it best to draft the best Quarterback in the draft Geno Smith? If he is available, can’t this organization draft him and keep Kevin Kolb as a mentor to Smith? What if he is still available in the 2nd round, will we draft him?

    Geno Smith is fast, strong, and smart. His fundamentals are elements that no Cardinal Quarterback within this decade had before. Not even Kurt Warner had the good agility. Doesn’t Geno Smith’s 4000+ passing yards with 42TD and 6INT intrigue this team?

  20. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Andy Kw —

    RE: Geno Smith

    Are you asking if they will vet and consider him? Of course. Will they pick him? No idea. Don’t think they know yet.

  21. By Cardinals future owner 17 PHX on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, do you think Todd bowles willl try and bring drc back

  22. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    17 Phx —

    RE: DRC

    I don’t expect DRC back, no.

  23. By luke on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Honestly William Gay was not amazing or bad in my opinion. He just played on a top 3 pass blocking defence. But out of all the CBs I think I can remember the most blown plays from Gay.

    Bradley I liked I think he just got beat out by Lennons leadership. I wish him the best. Hopefully we will draft a Lb to help d wash in the 2nd or 3rd round. A superior tackle and pass rusher would be nice. And grab a D line man from free agency, that has one specialty “RUSHING”.

    11 more days..Can’t wait!

  24. By Geno Smith on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Ok guys hear me out. If the Oakland Raiders do not take Geno smith with their third round pick. I would love to see the Cardinals Draft Smith.Why?

    1. The guy ran a 4.59 40 Yard Dash! Think about it. With Fitz and break out Floyd, what will the defence do? I mean if you put extra defence on those two Geno can just run the ball. With that speed faster then even most Wide outs!

    2. The coaches- Who else could you ask for, we have two of the best Qb coaches currently in the NFL,if not the best! Smith could go from an average passer to a top 10nwith these two coaching him up.

    3. The cost- Smith will be way cheaper than Kolbs 13.2 million due.

    4. The future- No more of this QB musical chair shifting. We will finally invest into a young QB that will bring one thing to peoples minds when they see him. ” Az Cardinals”. We will finally have our own guy to watch grow up into an elite player.

    5. He’s proven he can be coached- Look at how much he improved from post college to combine with just a few weeks of Combine coaching! Imagine months with Arians and Tom moore.

    I would love to see Kevin Kolb stay as a back up. And this whole thing will only happen, if the Raiders pass him up. We can still use our 2nd round pick on the best O line man,or even trade up if it’s necessary.

  25. By azfaninwa on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    It breaks my heart to say this but I think its true… If productions must match pay then Larry is overpaid. He’s worth every penny for what he means to the franchise but in terms of last years production vs pay… Also Daryn Colledge is overpaid.

  26. By Brandon on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Now that William gay has been cut, why don’t we give tyrann mathieu a chance, I was reading an article and it said that Patrick Peterson would like to play with him again. I hope we draft a QB in the first round. I like Geno Smith, but until the pros days I don’t know which QB to draft. ( Matt or Geno )

  27. By andystandsup on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, you can save the headline for when “money” Micheal Adams signs with another team.

  28. By adamant on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, Atlanta released Michael Turner. any interest from the Cards since Beanie and Ryan Williams cant stay healthy for a full season. OR are the Turner the Burner days long since over?

  29. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Adamant —

    RE: Turner

    You don’t get an aging RB cut because he’s not productive enough. Not a good idea.

  30. By Patrick on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    As far as Bradley, I always think of Darren’s story explaining the differences between a 4-3 and 3-4 for a middle linebacker. Expensive lesson for cardinals to learn. Hope link works.

  31. By Patrick on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Sorry this is link

  32. By Brandon on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, I believe the Atlanta Falcons just released Michael Turner to make space for younger future players.

    Do you think the Cards would sign Turner to try and get a decent rushing attack, then draft a future quarterback possibly in Geno Smith?

  33. By Campbells on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    We could keep everyone, if we followed the Cowboys lead. According to NFL.COM, Dallas converted player’s salaries (approx $20 million) to signing bonuses, which magically put them under the salary cap. To me, this looks like a clever way to get around the salary cap. Leave it to Jerry Jones to master this trick.
    If push comes to shove, we should apply this trick, so we don’t have to cut players.

  34. By Darren Urban on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    Campbells —

    RE: cap

    The Cards could restructure deals like that — but eventually the piper will have to be paid.

  35. By Rio on Mar 1, 2013 | Reply

    You guys that are sorry William Gay is gone , i feel sorry for you. You could not know anything about football. He was the worst , he could not or would not tackle. His past defense was just terrible, he play too far off the receivers and the other teams had a field day with him.

    If you don’t think i am right, just think for a second , why did they cut him he was not making big money. The new coach could see what a failure he was, and i think he was the worst player on the field we had last year.

    Please learn something about football before you post comments, people should be made to use their real names when they post. I posted all of last year what a bum he was.

  36. By D.Robles on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply


    Any validity on the Tim Tebow trade to Arizona rumors?

  37. By D.Robles on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Tebow is Tough & a Winner, & we need both.

  38. By Brett n Co. on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    I think I just threw up little!

  39. By Rio on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Every one is Asking Darren if Kevin Kolb is coming back, if you really want to know just fine out if BA has called him. I told think he has, if so he won’t be back don’t you think if we had a Joe Montana at QB Bruce would have call him and had lunch with him.

    Kolb is out.

  40. By clssylssy on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Well it’s crunch time and now we see who the real GM Super Stars are. Cutting Bradley and Gay is not really a drop in the bucket and it seems like the goal is to make the necessary cuts to keep Kolb at the expense of acquiring a couple quality FAs. While I understand that new coach BA likes to pass downfield, he’s going to need to beef up our running game if we keep Kolb and so should be looking at getting good RBs like Chris Ivory or Steve Smith as well as a few more TEs. If the Cards had anything in the way of a running game and had a QB who could get the ball to Fitz we might have a chance at battling our way out of last place. I think all Cards fans would have their faith renewed if we could see some of the top FAs and rookies signed by the Cards; THAT would be “change” and would be a welcome start. The teams who repeatedly make the playoffs have GMs who have figured out the Cap obstacle that every team is up against and succeed anyway. I’m waiting for the “new regime” to rock my world by becoming creative.

  41. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    If the cards fall in love with Geno, and I mean if…

    Dont be surprised to see them trade up with the raiders. Both the raiders and Browns could move spots if someone (Jets, Bills, ect) want to get Geno.

    Just a thought.

  42. By Bill L on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    WORST O-Line in the L………WORST QBR in the L…..I can understand people wanting to do ANYTHING to change. What I can’t understand is the desperation.

    IF Jaxsonville won’t take Geno Smith………IF OAK won’t take Geno Smith……If BUFF won’t move UP for Geno Smith……..IF NYJ won’t move UP for Geno Smith……..Those Facts Have to tell you something. Taking Smith at 7, when NO ONE will beat the table for him as a future Pro-Bowler, just causes more problems. We could end up, at QB, like the Vikes or Titans or worse, Jacksonville for the next several years.

    I won’t beat the table for Kolb, Smith or Barkley………so IMO we are stuck for THIS year…….heck, we’ve lived thru DA starting and Skelton starting…….and, survived. I think somebody needs to be looking hard at Tape of Johnny Football……Tape of Teddy Bridgewater……..Tape of David Fales….etc…Does 2014 look like a quality year…….do any of these guys look like better prospects. Taking Smith this year means 2 things……..1. NO Franchise LT this year…….2. NO taking of a better(?) QB NEXT Year.

    It will be very telling about the motivation and desperation of the Cards FO, if Smith is there at 7. If the TAPE agrees, I say wait one more year and GO GET the QB in 2014…….and Put an O-Line in place THIS Year for him to play behind.

  43. By C on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren, with your extensive time spent with BA and the FO at the combine, did you get a feel for the priority for a RB? I imagine you could say QB/OL would be interchangeable for the top two spots depending on Fisher “falling”, or Geno Smith being available.. but outside of those two spots did you get any ideas on how this team feels about the RB situation weighted against the pass rush? I think there are some interesting RBs slotted for the middle rounds, along with some edge rush guys that are intriguing.

  44. By Darren Urban on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    C —

    RE: Running back

    I plan to have a running backs story up in the next couple of weeks.

  45. By Andrew on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    17 Phx! Are you kidding me? DRC gave up more plays than William Gay by A LOT!

  46. By Andy Kw on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    Is it possible to bring Paris Lenon back as a backup for just a 1yr contract? If we do bring back Rashad Johnson (which I hope we will), is it possible for him to be the future replacement for Adrian Wilson? And is it possible for this team to bring back Nick Eason and Groves?

  47. By Darren Urban on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Andy Kw —

    RE: FAs

    Possible, yes, possible but I doubt it.

  48. By el on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Let go of Kolb if he takes up a backup role thats to much money pay a non starter. Get rid of him hes always hurt.. a waste of money for sure. its a new beginning for the Cards so let’s get this ship righted and back on track there is talent on this team lets make it work. Go Cards

  49. By Cards4ever on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Very Inspiring, el.

  50. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Bill L.

    I don’t think we want to pick our QB according to Buffalo, Jax, Jets, or Raiders…………… They have been as bad as us regarding QB decisions……………………………………………What if Teddy Bridgewater, who will be a junior, stays in school…….. Or plays so well, he is the #1 overall pick…………….Do we wait another year for Johnny Football?……………….There is a real danger to hoping for next year and giving up on this year………………….Also, how do we know if Arians loves Geno or not? …………………………..He isn’t going to tell us…………….Maybe everyone is banging the table for him and we don’t know it.

    Geno Smith is a strong armed athletic QB, who was very productive in college. He is an impact player. He obviously made good decisions with throwing only 6 ints. He had 3 tough games, and plays is a spread offense. So the offense would have to adjust to his strengths. Isn’t that what Moore and Arians said they would do?

  51. By eric on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Hope they can land a f/a OL like Phil Loadholt or Jake Long…and a DE/LB like Anthony Spencer. has a story about Matt Cassell landing here.Should be fun to watch what happens.I have no reason to think BA won’t make solid decisions.

  52. By sarah on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Can;t believe Terry Metcalf did not get more votes, he was the best STL Card ever ! Like the thumbs up or down thing Darren. Also i have to say that the more I see and hear of Arians the more I like the guy.

    Re. Kolb, I will give you a similar or better QB for a song, Travis Lulay who is on contract right now with the BC Lions. He is very mobile, good arm and extremely accurate, set lots of college records. I just do not see the justification re. Kolbs contract for that amount of money, he is injury prone and we have not seen a season out of him. How he would have fared against SF, GB, Minn etc is anybody’s guess. Teams adjust to scramblers so who knows, 2011 was a bust. Time will tell.

  53. By vibramnation on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Sarah –

    Says the person who pegged John Skelton as “strong armed” and “accurate”.

  54. By Craig on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Has anyone heard what Arians says about the way he coaches? Hear alot of fans saying that Kolb stinks, Skelton stinks, Lindley stinks. Anyone think that is because Whisenhunt’s system sucked. Wiz’s offensive was probable the hardest to learn. It had more adjustments, if defense lines up this way then the receivers run this route. If they blitz then different routes again. QB’s had 3, 5, 7 step drops and way to many on the fly reads the quarterbacks had to make. Not once ever thought that Wiz shaped the offensive to his players. Instead insisted his players adjust to HIS system. Bruce Arians will adjust his system to the players. BIG difference.

  55. By carlo milan italy on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    u guess this and bradley cut was made cause a sign is imminent..i hope is toler…anyway they need to do mpore,,restructure and more cuts..they need to free uo from something like 24 milion for free agency and draft

  56. By Credit Card on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Lets face it, the Eagles were smarter than us.

  57. By Scott H on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    D Robles –

    RE: Tebow is tough and a winner

    Funny…the Jets didn’t seem to think so. And they had NO ONE else at QB. Tebow won as many games last year as I did. Spare me. Please.

    Dude, I gotta tell ya…that may be THE most ridiculous comment I’ve ever seen appear on this blog site. We can only be grateful you are not involved in making personnel decisions for the Arizona Cardinals. Now, if we could just get you into such a capacity with the 49ers or Seahawks…THAT might truly help our cause.

  58. By Cardinals future owner 17 PHX on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    i love how everyone bashes rodgers-cromartie now that he is gone, yet when he was still here all the fans loved him because they saw the plays he made. He went to a joke of a defense in philly, yet still played better then any of the defenders there, but because the eagles sucked everybody says he sucks. Since he left, us fans have seen 2 plays total that DRC made many of. I bet every fan would say they would rather have Cromartie back then to still have Kolb. You guys are fake cardinal fans

  59. By Cardinals future owner 17 PHX on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    Lets not forget the team went to the Superbowl, and then to the divisional round playoffs the first 2 seasons Cromartie was here. Defense lost Antonio Smith, Berry, and Antrel Rolle and added bryant mc”fadded” and our defense sucked along with the whole team. Cromartie gets traded and everyone talks about his shortcomings in 2010 yet everybody that season blew. He still made more defense plays then anybody that game, sealing the game winning pick 6 vs New Orleans, and the pick 6 vs dallas

  60. By ored on Mar 2, 2013 | Reply

    if kolb restructures or is released then we have room for the buffalo guard,no need to draft chance,we still have our #7 pick for either a pass rusher or qb.choice would probably be geno or matt if both available,if barkley shows up for his pro day and answers his critism then he is probably more pro ready.also like the thought of ivory for rb still all revolves around qb play though,if that works out,we could be right in the thick of would be nice to reach the point where we have quality depth at each position and no drop off in performance when next man up is called upon.

    interesting note,we hear all sorts of desriptions on all the qbs.,from cannon for an arm,or elusive,fast,speedy,accurate,but i only read once where somebody said they had the “it” factor,and that was barkley.maybe the “it” thing you have to see in person,i don’t know,but usually when it is associated with somebody it’s a good personal choices are the tennessee or oklahoma qbs,but i just get to see them on tv and see their stats,so probably not a good way to grade and choose one,that’s where the scouts,coaches,and managers shine,hopefully.if it clicks,then they can rub their hands together saying “love it when a plan comes together”.

  61. By NYCardinals212 on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply


    I must “not know anything about football” because I disagree that William Gay was the worst player we had on the field last year. I am not sad to see him go, but you don’t have to exaggerate to make your point. I am quite certain that 1 sack, 2 interceptions, 6 passes defended, 3 forced fumbles (with one recovered), 45 tackles, and 12 assists could not be the worst performance by a Cardinal last year. Having the 6th most tackles on the team could not be the accomplishment of a player that “could not or would not tackle”.

    Maybe you should take your own advice, and “please learn something about football before you post comments”. At the very least, spend more time reading “Gay had been scheduled to make $3.2M after a playing time escalator bumped his salary well over the original $1.475M.”

  62. By Campbells on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    Back to the Dallas thing (restructuring contracts, to avoid cutting key players); we don’t need to follow suit in order to avoid losing anyone, but maybe we should apply the same tactics in free agency. Let’s pick-up some key players in free agency, and structure their contracts, so the majority of their money is a bonus.
    We have too many voids to fill in a single draft.

  63. By cobra on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    I’m glad Gay is gone, not sure about Bradley. I think he was in Hortons doghouse, like alot of players on offense and defense with both HC and DC. Wrong players in the wrong systems do not make them a bust. We need the cap money but damn, Bradley didn’t get the contract because he was a bad player. He looked good in preseason, then disappeard? Makes you wonder why? I wasn’t sure if firing Whiz was the right move, yet it turns out maybe Whiz, Horton and Graves together were a recipe for disaster. I still believe the core of players are here. I hope the new regime can adjust. It’s bad right now, but only 2 good drafts away and too much FA.

  64. By ored on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    i don’t see us having too many voids to fill,unless you’re talking all pro at every position,that’s just not gonna happen any time soon,every team strives for that.we just need to pickup a stud guard,probably best in free agency and see what’s available at inside lb,the rest are too expensive or we already are good enough for the time being.

    then we build thru the draft,good scouting,patience,and management decisions=improved team,that way we’re not constantly in cap hell and we have young players getting better.

    i have long been of the opinion that free agency works best on your own players and a minimum of addittions from elsewhere,if they are priced too high for their own teams,then probably so for us also,does’nt mean this way every time,there is always an exception or two,but just not sustainable to build every year from free serves it’s purpose of being a stop gap fix until your ship(read that qb)comes in,besides the draft process is so much more exciting than free agency,young players,new blood,the next best thing since sliced bread,etc.

  65. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    What do the cards need and what does this draft offer?


    QB – There is no greater need for any team than QB. When you dont have one, you cant win. This draft offers some good QBs who have question marks. You have guys like Barkley, whose arm is a question, Landry Jones has a huge arm, but leadership is questioned, Tyler Wilson, who has great leadership and toughness, but his production dropped dramatically from 11-12, Geno is physically gifted but faded in big games.

    Oline- This is a very deep draft for the OLine. There will be starting tackles going in the 3rd and starting guards in the 5th. The cards have 3 tackles and the two guards they have, have contracts that make it impossible to cut. So FA is out of the question. I disagree with those who are for a first round olineman, but offensive line should be addressed in this draft.

    TE – There are 3 pretty good TEs in this draft. Now I really like Housler. and King is a good blocker and can catch the ball. But if Tyler Eifert is around at 38, he could be a very good friend to a rookie QB.

    WR- We are set. There is no needs this year.

    RB – Interesting that Arians liked to throw the ball too much in Pitt and was criticized for not running the ball enough. With Andrew Luck, he continued to throw the ball all over the field. The colts ran the ball only 34% of the time. RB is not a big priority. I could see a vet who can pass block to be brought in along with a late round pick.

    Ultimately, you look at someones past to judge the future. Arians likes a QB who can push the ball down the field. We the colts drafted Luck, the next two picks went to TEs. Pitt and Colts both had weak OLines and ran the ball at 35% rate.
    Knowing this, My first 3 picks are;

    #7 – Geno Smith QB – West Virginia
    #38 – Tyler Eifert TE – Notre Dame / or OLB Jamie Collins Southern Miss
    3rd – Menelik Watson, Larry Warford, Kyle Long or Terron Armstead

  66. By ored on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    another big plus for the draft is that most of us have an allegiance to a(our) state and school,so quite natural to follow local bred players to see how they do,i would think also a good reason to draft local when the value is there(can you say suggs),good for the local fanbase.keep good relations with local colleges and get the rundown on who’s who and who’s not.

  67. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    On Defense;

    DE/NT – I think this group is OK. I would look to move Dockett and Bring in a guy Bigger that can play 2 gaps and keep lineman off the LBs. ButWe may need to wait another year.Williams and Campbell are very good.

    OLBs – We don’t have a guy that can win one on ones and get to the QB on regular basis. Acho, Schofield, and Groves do a nice job, but if we can add another guy, that would be great. A guy that I new nothing about and blew up the combine an also has Mike Mayock banging the table for is Jamie Collins at #38.

    ILBs – Washington is among the best. But Lenon is old and wont be back. An ILB is a big need but will it be addressed in FA or draft? It will be interesting if Manti Teo drops to #38 after catfishing, bad game against Alabama and poor combine.

    CB – The CBs in this draft are deep. I think it all come down to Jamel Fleming. If he is the guy, a late CB could be in order. If he is not, a second on Poyer or Trufant may be the ticket.

    Safety- No doubt we need one. But if Johnson resigns, we dont need to draft one early even if Wilson parts ways.

    As I said before
    1- Geno Smith
    2 – Tyler Eifert / Jamie Collins / Manti Teo
    3.- Menelik Watson, Larry Warford, Kyle Long or Terron Armstead

  68. By Terry E on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    I’m not a big fan of Gay but I think calling him the worst player on the field is unfair and inaccurate. I think he made his fair share of plays and was a pretty tough guy. Regardless of why he is gone and I just hope we get Toler back or find a CB somewhere because we are now thin at the position.

  69. By Louisville Card on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    @bill L and draft guy

    Bridgewater isn’t coming out for two more years. UofL won’t be able to win the national title next year with the schedule they have. So Teddy will wait to play in the ACC in 2014 before he goes pro, to give him the opportunity to win a national title and most likely be the #1 pick.

    That leaves the cards needing to draft Geno this year unless they want to be in the same boat they’ve been in for the past three season’s. Looking for a qb when there aren’t any good option’s. I would prefer them to shore up the line with their first pick, but this could be the only chance they have to get a decent qb for the foreseeable future. You can win with a mediocre tackle, but good luck winning with a mediocre qb.

  70. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    Louisville Card

    That is exactly my point.

  71. By William Barry on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    I read an article in Sports Illustrated about TE Tyler Eifert, from Notre Dame.. He would be a great addition to Housler and King. This will be a tough choice to keep Kolb, but I have EVERY CONFIDENCE IN OUR NEW FO, AND BA, to make the right choice to adapt and adjust.

  72. By Josh on Mar 3, 2013 | Reply

    An interesting point I am hearing from the Head Coach is that he thinks this OLine has a lot of talent. So why then did they play so bad last year? He answers by saying primarily injury was the cause (obviously he not going to call his new players terrible)t. To me, the HC is really trying saying, it was probably due to neglect and above all bad coaching. he just does not want to say it publicly.
    Because of this notion, I doubt that they will go OL in the first or second rounds of the draft.
    So the number 1 question should be, does drafting one of these QBs make me better then before. To answer this question from mine limited prospective is very difficult what do you guys think?

  73. By Red bird of death! on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Geno Smith…….please

  74. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply


    Obviously, I think Yes. No position is more important than QB. Going with a rookie usually means a step back, but with this team, they cant go back from what the QBs did last year.

    As I have said many times, this draft is deep in Offensive Line. You can find guys who are starters in rounds 3-5. The cards need impact players early. QB, TE, ILB, OLB, CB

  75. By Marcelof on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    @John the draf guy

    you’ve raised a intriguing question which I’ve been wondering ever since. Will Cards trade up in order to get Smith? if so, how much will it cost??
    Next year’s first round pick plus a player maybe.

    I want to see Cards bringing in a QB, Geno specifically. He’s athletic enough to run Cards offense under Arians’ scheme. imo By 2015 we will have a team competitive enough to be playing the SB at home.

    the question will remain for about two months: will Cards trade up?

  76. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply


    You can’t make a statement like that and not look at the facts.

    Fact 1 – 88% of the starters went in the first 36 picks.

    Fact 2 – After the 36th pick since 2008 (5 drafts) there have been 44 QBs taken. Only 1 (Russell Wilson) is the named starter. That is .023 %.
    (there are a couple of battles, but I would say Kolb is the starter right now and Gabbert is the starter, Sanchez is already named the starter)

    Fact 3 – 18 Qbs have been chosen in the first round since 2008 , and 17 are starting. Tim Tebow is the only exception. You could argue Blaine Gabbert, but I believe he will start over 2nd rounder Chad Henne.
    Lets see, thats 94%.

    Pure logic tells me that if I want a starting QB, I must look into the first 36 picks. Are there exceptions? Sure. But I like my odds at 94% over .023 %.

    Some are arrogant enough to think they will find the next Russell Wilson. Truth be told, that is a 1 in 44 shot. Yes, football defies science and math at times. But these numbers are pretty compelling.

  77. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply


    Obvious fans don’t want to lose draft picks. I’m sure when the skins trade three #1s and a #2 to the rams for RG3, they thought that was too much for a last place team to give up. The skins were down and needed all those picks.

    But we saw what the infusion of a QB can do. It turned a coach on the brink of being fired back into a winner. It turned a city eager for a playoff team into fans with hope. It changed the team into believing they can win.

    If you believe the guy on the board is a franchise guy, whether it be Geno Smith or someone else, you have to get him. Andrew Luck turned a 2 win team into a playoff team, Russel Wilson made the Seahawks one of the favorites for the superbowl. Dalton turned around a franchise where their other QB gave up hope, Kaepernick had his team in the superbowl, Cam Newton and Ryan Tannehill have their cities buzzing with believe even when the rest of the team is bad.

    My believe in today’s NFL is you must do whatever is needed to land a franchise QB. If losing a pick is necessary, so be it.

  78. By john makarchuk on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Does anyone know the cap hit of cutting Docket?

  79. By Darren Urban on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    John —

    RE: Dockett

    I don’t see it happening, but cutting Dockett would actually make his dead money higher than his 2013 cap hit by about $1.5M, if my math is right.

  80. By donttakelosses on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Darren: Keep thinking about Atlanta in past pounding the ball with Michael Turner and wishing Cards had guy like dat. Thoughts re him as FA? DTL

  81. By Darren Urban on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    Don’t Take —

    RE: Turner thoughts

    Old. A ton of carries in his background. I’d go younger.

  82. By Dynosoar on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply

    john the draft guy,

    A month or two ago, you answered my questions about Tyle Wilson and convinced me his poor production last season was not him, rather the loss of his WR’s to the NFL and some coaching “issues” (to put it mildly).

    Now you apear to be puching Geno Smith.

    I confess, I don’t follow any college football or players outside of my Volunteers (which means I do, by default, follow SEC teams so I know my teams opponents, so I do no about Chance and Lacey.)

    So my question now, with the Combine and all, how would you rate these QB’s and what would be your reasoning. Thanks my friend for giving me valuable insights I just don’t have (remember, I saw us beating an AFC team in the Super Bowl, and we wouldn’t have needed anyone turning off the lights.)

    1. Tyler Bray
    2. Landry Jones
    3. Geno Smith
    4. Tyler Wilson


  83. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 4, 2013 | Reply


    A month ago I did not think we could get Geno (going #1 to the Chiefs) . Because of that, I moved on to the next best QBs.

    I also questioned Geno’s games against K State and Oklahoma St. That was a concern.

    But after thinking about what he brings to the table 42 tds/ 6 ints, his athleticism, strong arm and the fact the chiefs traded for Alex Smith, Geno has become a real possibility.

    I like Tyler Wilson as a leader, his toughness, his competitive attitude and overall game. I like Landry Jones as a classic pocket passer who can make all the throws and I wish Tyler Bray stayed in school and matured. His talent is there but be afraid of an immature QB with a pocket of money. He just could get the Ryan Leif/Jamarcus Russell disease.

    Ranking them;
    Geno Smith
    Tyler Wilson
    Landry Jones
    a few other guys
    Then Tyler Bray.

    But most of all, the real fact that statistics don’t lie. As I said before, only 1 QB in 44 since 2008 has become a true starter after the 36th pick. (Russell Wilson) Others have got starts or flashed but never became the guy. 88% of the QBs went in those 36 first picks. Because of that, I had to think who is a legit first round QB? Only one name is on all the scouts and experts lips. Geno Smith. Therefore, logic would say he should be the guy we go after.

    So, that is how I arrived at the conclusion of Geno Smith with the 7th pick.

  84. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 5, 2013 | Reply


    With all due respect, it took you that long to arrive at a QB because it’s like throwing darts at a board. Every 5-10 years a true, can’t miss franchise QB comes out (usually when the Colts are picking #1), but otherwise the ones who make it had the good fortune of ending up in the right organization. Kaepernick has been great in S.F., but look at his situation. Three of the top OL’s in the league, and a coach who installed a variation of his college offense. Think he could duplicate that success here, in an offense that didn’t fit with a bunch of unproven rookies and veteran castoffs protecting him? Roethlisberger goes to a team with a great defense and run game, that carries him through his rookie season. Part of the reason so many starters were early round picks has to do with just that, their draft position. Think Gabbert still gets a shot at starting if he wasn’t a first rounder? Any other way Alex Smith holds on to his job during the Singletary years? A coach looking at Matt Leinart and seeing him as superior to Warner (Green) or worthy of being his competition for an entire preseason (Whisenhunt)? Does Eli make it through his first few years in N.Y.?

    Bottom line, only a select few QB’s can make something out of nothing and upon further review I don’t see one in this draft capable of taking over this offense, as is, and doing much more with it than the status quo. SF, to my chagrin, got it right. They knew their OL needed upgrading, and used the #11 & 17 picks in 2010 to address it. They didn’t package them to move up to get an average/above average QB, didn’t do anything stupid like burn a first rounder on Tebow, or fall into the trap of thinking that an early round QB could magically fill in the holes. Just went back to basics and controlled the line of scrimmage. We have a draft filled with OL talent, and one very short on QB’s, which ties right in to reaching for a need, should we go that route. I will agree that if we must reach, that Geno would be the guy to do it for, but tell me it won’t be like hearing fingernails across a chalk board if the announcement starts out, “with the 7th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals select, QB from North Carolina State…” And then getting to watch as guys like Joeckel, Fisher and Warmack become perennial Pro Bowlers while we stay on our QB merry-go-round, unable to figure out our QB “curse.”

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