Draft picks over a Frostee

Posted by Darren Urban on March 21, 2013 – 2:08 pm

In a moment, a couple of words about the Cardinals’ new Frostee, the defensive end that agreed to terms Thursday. First, though, the NFL officially released the order for April’s draft. The Cards, as we have said a few times, have seven picks: None in the seventh round, dealt away in the A.J. Jefferson trade, and two in the sixth round, received in the A.J. Jefferson trade. The lowdown:

— Round 1 – pick 7 overall

— Round 2 – pick 38 overall

— Round 3 – pick 69 overall

— Round 4 – pick 103 overall

— Round 5 – pick 140 overall

— Round 6 – pick 174 overall

— Round 6 – pick 176 overall (from the Titans through Minnesota).

I guess I could try and analyze those, but the picks are what they are, and all I can think of is the chance to get out of there somewhat early Saturday since (barring a trade, God, don’t let there be a trade) the Cards’ last choice is 176 and the draft runs 254 picks. No seventh rounder.

As for the Frostee Rucker signing, he brings a great name to the roster (it is indeed his given name) and some depth. It’s no coincidence that Rucker and Matt Shaughnessy, the two free agent defensive linemen signed, have been assigned uniform numbers 98 and 91, respectively, since they were worn by the men they are replacing, Nick Eason and Vonnie Holliday. They will rotate with Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett, and the Cards have Dan Williams and David Carter in the middle. Rucker can also play some tackle (a la Eason) and Shaughnessy can play some standup off the edge. The draft could also hold something as well. Many have asked if this means something for Dockett, but I believe Dockett is here to stay in 2013. They think he can be a difference-maker, and obviously Campbell has grown into that role.


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  1. By 2liberal on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    You will have to stay until Late Saturday, because there MIGHT be a trade until the last pick has been made.

  2. By joe holst on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    He can be a bit of a problem perodically, several run in’s with the law I believe, Darren can you confirm that?

  3. By Darren Urban on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    Joe Holst —

    RE: Rucker

    He definitely had some issues in college and early in his career. Not sure if there has been anything recently.

  4. By johnnybluenose on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    darren, i didn’t realize that the new additions had already been assigned numbers. why is that necessary? and, much was made about ryan williams wearing #34 (same as walter payton). mendenhall has also worn #34. so, what number has he been given? do you expect #24 to be held back for a couple of years or not? read an article today that suggested hoyer will be our game one starter. can’t see it but you could argue that he has had as much or more experience than stanton so i guess we can expect almost anything. almost. do you have any more number assignments that you want to share? you know, in case it’s a slow week and you are hard pressed to find anything really noteworthy to tell us.

  5. By Darren Urban on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    johnnybluenose —

    RE: Uniform numbers

    It’s all right here.

  6. By Luke on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    Lots of great 3rd round LBS this year. And a couple 2nd rounders. Look for the Cardz to maybe grab one.

  7. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply


    OK, What do you forsee happening if the cards draft BPA, and Star Lutolelei, a guy who will be a great DE in a 3-4 is sitting at 7 and is the BPA.

    Do you think BA sticks with his board or do you think that is the end of Dockett?

  8. By Darren Urban on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    John the draft guy —

    RE: Star

    No idea, to be honest.

  9. By Jerrytown on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    I think Dock’s problems were with the previous regime…I would imagine BA would want to see how he plays in Bowles’s scheme before he shows him the door. He was definitely not the same 9-0 under Horton, I think he is more effective in a 4-3. But Bowles did say he was going to mix in some 4-3 packages this season so maybe Dock has a resurgence of sorts in 2013…I am intrigued by Star though for sure.

  10. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply


    That situation is why I question if anyone can really do BPA. I believe the Cards are going to try and stay true to the board, but it will be interesting if a situation like that arises.

    With 6 D lineman deep, can you pick a Dlineman if he is the BPA?

    Milliner is another situation where the cards have signed two CBs, and if Milliner was drafted, someone is on the bench or only in on dime situations.

    It would be interesting if Geno, Joeckel, Fisher, Warmack, Ensah, and Jordon go off the board leaving Star, Floyd, Milliner left.

    Maybe we trade down?

  11. By Darren Urban on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    John the draft guy —

    RE: BPA

    Here’s the thing about BPA. The grades are often really really close. When you add in the fact need is always factored into the grade to a certain extent, it tends to make things work. Let me ask this: The two guys they’ve signed on the DL are on one-year deals. You don’t pass up a difference maker because of that.

  12. By andystandsup on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, are you going to do a mock like the day before the draft, as usual? (And you may want to state your near-perfect record. It’s your favorite thing to do, other than dispelling McNabb rumors.)
    BTW, hearing Vince Young to Cards, any opinion?
    @John, I thought Lotulelei was more a 4-3 NT as opposed to a 3-4 end? He is a big kid.

  13. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply


    Unless there’s been something reported otherwise, your curiosity about Lotulelei may be for naught if he’s been determined as a medical red flag. Even if the combine was a false alarm, wiith the amount of DL’s we’ve signed recently, none of it adds up to him being our pick.

  14. By djjackson81 on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t think Docket is going anywhere even if they added Star. Rotate those two guys in defense and give different looks to,opposing offenses

  15. By Eric G on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    Still not happy that we haven’t signed one single offensive lineman, despite having the worst line in history last year. Defense can’t win every game. We’ve signed two offensive players, a backup QB and an oft injured RB.

  16. By Credit Card on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    I think there very well be a reason why the other 30-teams are not building their organizaion around Cleveland Brown backups.

  17. By Patrick on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    Why is Michael Adams and the hyphen still on the roster that you linked to in the post above?

  18. By Darren Urban on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Patrick —

    RE: Roster

    Until the official roster takes them off, I don’t. And right now they are still on it.

  19. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply


    Agreed. I don’t want to pass on a difference maker. I believe Star Lutolelei is just that, a difference maker.

    Players like Star demand double teams allowing guys like DWash to make plays. With Campbell’s dominance and Williams holding down the middle, the addition of Star would allow DWash to dominate the way Ray Lewis did.

    some people view him as a nose simply because of his size. But he has been compared to Ngata who plays DE. Mayock has him rated his top 3-4 DE also.

    I know there are medical concerns and each team will look at his medical and make a decision. I don’t have those records, so I have to go off what I heard, that he is OK.

    With that being said, I believe there are a several difference makers in this draft.

  20. By ored on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    my thoughts exactly,it’s not everyday the opportunity comes along for a legit top 5 talent,gotta grab that and at least play the position situationally to figure out the strengths and weaknesses,then make plans for the next season.

    if any of those three fell to us,would be criminal to pass,may not have the impact of the qb position,but if the talent is’nt there,don’t reach,just keep building elsewhere until that player shows up.

    took baltimore forever to find their qb,now they’re struggling to keep the rest of the team together.if we build the rest of the team then maybe the next”manning” chooses to wear red,or better yet BA comes through and we get our own home grown champion qb.KW was great at the time,but he really came a few years early…wish we had him now.anyway my thoughts on the qb situation is take a shot late on a high ceiling type guy,one that does’nt necessarily show all the traits yet and grow him like the patriots do theirs.

  21. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    My thoughts on the draft;

    I love the thought of Star taking over at DE
    I think a LT for the next 10-12 years would be nice to have like Joeckel or Fisher, but if there not available, is Johnson a reach? can Brown/Potter hold it down and look at guys like Lewen and Mathews (who may be better than Fisher) next year?

    Guards are rarely difference makers.That is why you dont see them in the top 10 usually.

    Geno Smith- if you love him, how can you pass on him. If you are not sure, then move on.

    Is Milliner that much better than Rhodes or Trufant? Especially since he is the #2 CB for us.

    I really love the thought of two TEs with Fitz and Floyd outside. I love the idea of Eifert and Housler being our version of Hernandez and Gronk.

    Last year, Seattle surprised everyone with the pick of Bruce Irvin at #15. Is Jamie Collins the best OLB in this draft? Is he this years Bruce Irvin? I think he might be.

    A draft of Star Lotulelei (DE) at 7 and Jamie Collins (OLB) at 38 and Phillip Thomas (FS) would surprise everyone but would really add three more dominating pieces to a defense with PP, DWash, Campbell, and Acho.

    OLineman outside of the first round who will be good players;
    Justin Pugh, Kyle Long, Terron Armstead, David Quessenberry, and Alvin Bailey (who already knows the blocking schemes Arians will run)
    You dont need maulers who play in a phone booth in this scheme. You need lineman who can move and get to the second level. That is why I have guys like this vs Larry Warford, who is a dynamic guard for a power team.

    Lots of options.
    But the biggest question; How good can Stanton be? Now that is the million dollar question.

  22. By djjackson81 on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    I agree to some degree the big board is made with need factored in making there boards. I am sure Keim wouldn’t pass on a guy that was graded that highly and was BPA at the time of there pick. It would be foolish for AZ to pass on Floyd or Star because Rucker and Shaughnessy . I doubt that Warmack and Cooper are gone by 7 anyways. If AZ is scoring Floyd and Star higher then Warmack and Cooper or even Lane Johnson. I’m sure AZ will have an offense big board and defensive big board. aZ is looks like is gonna be doing some heavy drafting on the offense side of the ball. I don’t see them spending more of there picks on defense when defense was the stronger side of the ball for one. They made some minor additions to an already good defense. The offense was where the need is. The only real solid thing we got going on is our WR’s and TE. Offensive line another TE maybe another fresh legend RB the only real defensive position I can see AZ adding in the draft are OLB and Safety the rest offensive players.

  23. By Coach Kevin on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    This is how I see the draft for the Cards now that free agency is winding down. (Assuming one of the elite tackles is off the board, this is what I think will happen in the draft).

    1. Ziggy AnSah – Too much raw talent to pass up.
    2. Larry Warford – Road grader with power
    3. Tyler Bray- Could have the best live arm in this class. Huge upside
    4. Josh Evans- Aggressive free safety with size, speed and very long arms.
    5. Ryan Otten – Big, tall tight end who shocked scouts in his pro day running an impressive 4.63, 40 yard dash.
    6. Reid Fragel- My sleeper offensive tackle at 6’8″. former Tight end who is extremely athletic. Could develop into a solid left tackle.
    6b- Vince Williams – I love nasty and tough inside backers and Vince will take your head off given a chance. Love his aggression.

  24. By Dynosoar on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply


    Are you serious. Is it really possible we could get McNabb as our QB? Darren, is this true?

    He has huge upside. He’s a proven stater and he could get that ring he never got in Philly. He’s been breaking down the plays of avery team for NFL network for an entire season so could be that much more affective on the field. And, not sure if anyone knows this, but he has a house in Phoenix.

    andystandsup, I really hope your not just starting a rumor, because getting McNabb Would Be AWESOME!

    Darren? Darren?

  25. By Dynosoar on Mar 21, 2013 | Reply

    andystandsup, Darren and everyone,

    half of me is sorry for the my last post and the other half is laughing, the occasion to write a McNabb post has finally arrived, after two years. And if you’re wondering, he really does have a house in Pheonix.

    I watched Alex Smith pull off a 70% completion before he got injured and his replacement did about the same. They did not become that kind of QB over one offseason.

    With the right supporting cast, San Francisco has demonstrated that any QB in the NFL can be hugely succesful. Just need the right players and the right coaches and the right playcalling and execution. Given seven seconds of pass protection, all NFL QBs could probably be just as succesful.

    Our QBs will do quite well this year, barring a huge amount of O-Line injuries, again.

    I like what I see with this new coaching staff.

    Next February, we’ll be playing in NY.

  26. By joeschmo21 on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    why do the cardinals always sign no name players? I mean come one, theres still Freeney, Abraham, theres some good looking o-linemen too, but what do the cardinals do? SIGN NOBODIES.

  27. By D on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    If the Cards don’t get their Olineman in the first round that they want and take a pass rusher, Mr. Schofield should be worried….

  28. By Christo on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply


    Veteran contracts aren’t guaranteed until Week 1. So we can / could cut any DE or CB and pursue BPA without any real problem in relation to our FA additions at this point.

  29. By D on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Would Card fans be happy with the following starting Oline for this year:

    LT L. Johnson
    LG D. Colledge
    C L. Sendlein
    RG R. Massie
    RT. L. Brown

    Reserves: Potter and Synder

    I am not 100% convince AZ may not bring in a FA player who can play C.
    BA likes his Olineman able to play more than one spot.

  30. By drummer-1 on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    @ Joeschmo21

    Should the Cardinals go after them because of thier name or thier play on the field..

  31. By wonderingwhy on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Something fishy is going on. There is absolutely no reason we are only bringing in defence right now. Ariens has to know something or have a plan that us arm chair coaches dont know about. I believe that he is a smart guy and either his plan works or we suck again just like the other years then call it rebuilding. Maybe we can talk warner into coming back? HAHA

  32. By joeschmo21 on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply


    players have their big names FOR their play on the field. i just dont get why when i see’s top free agents, the cardinals are linked to none of them. i know the NFL is also a business and it takes a lot of money to get these “big name players” but if you want to stop being a joke in the NFL and being only known as “below average” or “mediocre” and get back to winning wouldnt you think you need to get some players that have already proven themselves and still prove themselves every season? people didnt like my last comment, but its true, the cardinals sign no bodies, or players they THINK have potential, but end up never living up the potential. also, lastly, whenever i ACTUALLY see that a superstar player like manning last year or any other big player that youve seen on espn, nfl or whatever other source you look at saying the cardinals are interested in them, THEY NEVER COME THROUGH, its like they tease you making it look like theyre gonna spend some money for once, but time and time again the bidwells NEVER DO. (except for kolb, which obviously didnt work out because again, 1, he wasnt a proven starter, and 2 the cardinals THOUGHT he had potential, but didnt live up to it.)

    so, press that thumbs down button again on me!

  33. By Eric G on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply


    I have to ask, is Smith not even an option at #7?

    I keep looking at the stats of Stanton and there is not one single thing positive about him. He hasn’t played since 2010, he has 5 TDs compared to 9 Int’s, 55% completion record, and a QB rating of 63.1. I just refuse to believe that Stanton is the answer. I can’t believe that any Cards fan thinks that he is, let alone the coach. He just can’t be. As much as I don’t want Barkley, even he has an upside over Stanton.

    The season looks dismal already. If the Cards start Stanton and don’t sign a single offensive lineman this offseason, next season is guaranteed to suck.

  34. By Darren Urban on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Eric G —

    RE: Smith

    Not an option at all? I wouldn’t say that.

    But if you study a guy and project him to be, for example, a Ryan Fitzpatrick-type, why would you spend the 7th pick on him, even if that is an upgrade over Stanton, when you think you can get, say, a Fisher who you think has Pro Bowl potential?

  35. By Eric G on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks Darren. I know Fisher, Lockiel etc. will be a solid pick at #7, I just don’t know if I can watch another year of miserable QB play.

  36. By drummer-1 on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    Actually i didn’t give you a tumbs up or down but i will now…..

    Just ask Philly, Washington, and Dallas about all those big name signings.. Didn’t help tem much..

  37. By ored on Mar 22, 2013 | Reply

    bidwill wanted ba for a reason,he has offense knowledge and now head coach experience.he worked with hall of fame to be qb’s,so i’m pretty sure he’s gonna be on top of the qb situation,and he has excellent offensive coaches to help with analysis.still does’nt guarantee anything but sure puts the odds in our favor.

    we don’t need an all out rebuild.we replaced some vets with youth,give them their shot to grow,toed the line on the cap even though it was painful at times,put some “patches ” in for the short term,next step is the draft,again we’re counting on coaches and keim to get impact players,i like the way we’re headed.if ba thinks stanton is better than anyone available this year,then we look ahead to next year for more qb help,everything i been reading is next year is much better for qb’s thing for sure,if it has been coaching misteps last couple of years,then we should know in short order if we corrected that.keim and coaches are responsible for putting nfl talent on the field,coaching them up,then the players need to respond,it’s not like anybody wants to go out and lose,these are all competive people,i believe the same as they do every sunday.

    i think the most refreshing thing will be how the rookies are used,if coach thinks they can contribute,he’ll play them,not the old song and dance of sitting on the bench for who knows how long.get out there and compete.

  38. By birdnerd58 on Mar 23, 2013 | Reply

    I live up near provo, and watch 90% of the byu games, and caught the hype of Ziggy Ansah (I missed the first two games due to being out of town on business) so I watched closely the rest of the year, and honestly, I just didn’t see it. I was expecting him to dominate game after game, and it just was not there…and I am a byu fan. The player in my opinion that truly dominated for BYU this year was Kyle Van Noy…not Ziggy. Don’t get me wrong, with his size and speed, I believe he could end up being a very good player down the road, but if I was putting my money on a player that could provide an impact early on defense, I would put my money on Lotulelei or even Jordan With that being said, I would go with the LT option, as long as the BPA #’s are close at #7. I really like the idea of a duel threat TE to team with Housler in rounds 2 thru 4…Ertz, Kelce, (drawing a blank on the San Diego State kid), or some other TE that grades out high by the scouts. We need play makers and some big reliable targets on offense. Oh and throw in a running back in round 4 – 5…please…thanks your humble (cardinal fan) servant.

  39. By RobM on Mar 24, 2013 | Reply

    Still think we will take a QB in 2nd round. One of these five definitely. Hopefullly not Barkley.

  40. By Azcardsguy123 on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Look everyone on this page is talking about arizona taking a D-lineman what about other needs on the offensive side of the ball OT,OG,TE,QB they need a safety and a MLB but i dont see them taking a D-lineman in the first round its really not that realistic

    Darren what are your thoughts ?

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