The curious case of Carson Palmer

Posted by Darren Urban on March 25, 2013 – 2:19 pm

As the draft approaches and people speculate on (or fret about) what the Cardinals will do at quarterback, one of the storylines that could play out is the availability of Carson Palmer. Palmer is currently with the Raiders, due $13 million for 2013 which — like the situation with Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals — he probably was never going to see. If he were cut, it makes a lot of sense that the Cardinals would consider him, and the Adam Schefter report now is that is “unlikely” Palmer is willing to take a cut.

Yes, Bruce Arians says he is “comfortable” with Drew Stanton. Yes, he could start. But here was the key phrase last week when Arians was asked directly if he was going to name Stanton his starter.

“Once we get the roster set, if that (QB meeting) room hasn’t changed, he’s our starter,” Arians said.

That is one heck of a lot of wiggle room.

It brings us back to Palmer. Palmer isn’t in his salad days anymore, not the quarterback who was starring for the Bengals once upon a time. But he still did throw for 4,018 yards with 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions last season for the Raiders, pretty decent numbers for a team that wasn’t very good. Depending on the cost, he might make a lot of sense to at least compete with Stanton, or maybe even just slide in ahead of him. Would he be a long-term solution? No. But the long-term solution might not be there this year. There has been a ton of talk about the Cardinals and a draft pick, and as has been stated — and after Arians talked about not forcing a QB pick high — a quarterback might not be the No. 1 pick.

The best part for the Cardinals is that they have a ton of flexibility at the position right now. Stanton is going to be here. He’s the one lock, but if he ended up as the backup, I think Arians would be happy with that (I’m not sure Stanton would be thrilled, but that’s a different blog post.) Brian Hoyer is under a $2M deal but he could be traded or cut with no salary cap implications — tough for Hoyer, but flexible for the team. Plus there is the probable draft pick somewhere and John Skelton and Ryan Lindley to plug in the equation if needed.

Palmer needs to be careful, of course. I have no idea what kind of restructure/pay cut the Raiders would be offering, but the market is thin. Kolb I think was hoping to have popped up somewhere already but that hasn’t happened. Then again, Palmer may figure — and he could be right — that hitting the market when the Cards, Bills, Jaguars, Browns or even the Jets could still be considering a different QB could make him in demand. (UPDATE: Palmer doesn’t have any bonuses due soon and the Raiders are under the cap, so this could very well go up until the draft so the Raiders can see if/when they draft a QB. This might hinge on that.)

We’ll see how the Palmer situation plays out in Oakland first and then go from there. We’ll see if the Cardinals’ “room” has a chance to change.


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49 Responses to “The curious case of Carson Palmer”

  1. By D on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I think it will happen Darren, Cards have kept some $ under the cap for him…so you know what time it is….

    My Carson Palmer Draft: (Stanton and Hoyer as backups)

    1– D. Jordan OLB/ Jarvis Jones OLB/E. Ansah DE/OLB
    2—T. Fredrick C/G
    3—S. Williams SS
    4—M. Gillislee RB
    5—W. Gholston DE
    6—M. Williams TE
    6—S. Commings CB

  2. By Ben on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    All for this if he is set free. MAKE IT HAPPEN KEIM!!!

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Way back many moons ago, this is the guy I thought the cards should go after. I really started to believe he would not be released and wasn’t sure what Arians plans were. I thought he would use Stanton and draft a guy. Maybe he will.

    But this is the play. If Palmer comes available, he needs to be a card.

    I even would change my mind and say the first round pick is an Olineman and so is the second rounder. Palmer needs a clean pocket and he can pick you apart. Get pressure on him and he might struggle.

    Release Hoyer, Skelton and Lindley. Draft Landry Jones later in the draft and ride Palmer for the next 3 years.

    OK, I can get behind this one.

  4. By djjackson81 on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I say if Palmer gets released then kick the tires Arizona why not. 4 thousand yrs mor TD to INt’s looks like a better solution then the question marks of Stanton and the rest of the current roster. I say blow it up Cardinals. Free Stanton free Lindley why not Palmer Stanton and Hoyer in that order.

  5. By andystandsup on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    2 seasons ago,when the Cards had interest, or was it just me (?) I would have said yes, but clearly Palmer is on the downside of career.
    Unless, he was willing take under-market value (and why would he?) don’t see the team making a play for him. (Plus, more cap cutting would be necessary.)

  6. By Darren Urban on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    AndyStands —

    RE: Cap space

    Depending on the Rucker deal, the Cards still have at least $11M of cap space right now. They could easily make something work.

  7. By JAKE on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Darren. Is there a set date they have to pay Palmer a bonus like Kolb had?

  8. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Remember folks, Larry’s cap hits 18 million and 21 million in ’14 and ’15.

    Would a Carson Palmer getting him the ball and allowing the cards to compete get him to redo a contract next year and stay?

    OK, I’m not saying he is going and neither is he. But for goodness sake, he is only human. I cant see him going through another year like last year and then saying, sure, I’ll redo my contract.

    Landing Palmer gives Larry a legit QB. With a good draft to protect Palmer, we could contend for a wild card, which is out of the question right now.

    With Palmer, the draft takes a different shape also. Protecting him becomes the number one priority.

    1st – , Warmack or Cooper makes sense now since Palmer has issues with pressure inside. I would never take a guard this high but if Palmer can step up in the pocket then it is a smart move. Fisher or Johnson also makes sense.
    2nd- Justin Pugh – a guard/tackle I really like.
    3rd- Landry Jones -. Palmer’s clone to learn under him.

  9. By tbru on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, think the Cards can put something together for Donovan McNabb? Sorry had to toss that in for old times sake. Why do teams include these ridiculousness roster bonuses if they never intend to pay them? Why would a player sign the deal that has a clause that could cause him to be unemployed ie Kolb? Do agents get there commissions from the original deal signed, including roster bonuses or based on what was actually paid out?

  10. By Darren Urban on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    tbru —

    RE: Roster bonuses

    It’s all part of the contract negotiations, in part to force one side or the other — or both — to make an early decision on whether to cut/take a cut or not.

    Agents make what is paid out. Not on what could have been paid out. Ultimately, agents like it because they can boast, as in Kevin’s case, “Hey, I got him a $63M deal!” Even though it wasn’t. Then again, had Kolb played really well, the Cards wouldn’t have had a problem paying the bonus and the salary. When he didn’t play well, it made sure Kolb got to the market. In Palmer’s case, for instance, he is stuck unless he takes a cut, but if the Raiders want, they can just hang on to him as long as they want and cut him anytime.

  11. By ored on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    nice list,i would add star l. to the 1st,barrett jones,k.long,or armstead to the 2nd,and while i really like gillislee,not sure we draft a rb,and if so probably a bigger one,l.bell the mich.state kid or even m.ball,but i think if anything,we use our fullback more so we should be ok barring injury,lots of rb’s,maybe pick up one undrafted to practice sq.maybe chase thomas of stanford or c.lemoneir somewhere in the mix somewhere.

    once you start picking alternates it’s easy to see why this is a solid draft class,so many quality choices,hope we do well.

    i also like the thought of palmer,4K yrds.with oakland last season is nothing to sneeze at,how much more with fitz,floyd duo.also been reading that bucky brooks thinks glennon has franchise ability,all the traits that ba likes and a n.c.state product,keims’ old school,not #7,but in the mix later if he’s still there.interesting off season…thank you mike bidwill for the excitement,i think you did it right this time.

  12. By sarah on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I like the notion of bringing Palmer in but not for what it would cost, especially in guaranteed money. At least he has a serious track record in the league. I also do not get what the big deal is with Hoyer, he has really not done much of anything in the NFL and completed one meaningless TD. Sad that Skelton who in 2011 saved the season fan wise is lumped in with Lindley now. If Manning had come to the Cards in 12 and played well then Skelton would still have buzz behind him much like Stanton (probably more actually). These guys are pretty much untested and if they had the line issues in early 12 season would probably be gone. Hoyer showed capable vs say Lindley who showed chaos and big rookie mistakes (NY was a disaster).

    I think Skelton has to prove he is an NFL QB after a very promising 2011 and Green Bay game in 2012, he has to be consistent. I think if he had remained in the Atlanta game and the Jets game things would have been very different. Handing him the Seattle home game after being sidelined and humiliated the previous two games was Whiz simply being a jerk ( he threw the season in Atlanta). Maybe the new regime will benefit him behind Stanton or Palmer, he seriously was not helped with line an blocking issues earlier.

  13. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer’s in a a whole other class from anything we’ve got now. Obviously not the long-term answer, but would bring respectability back to our offense.

  14. By ored on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    j.the d.g….i could easily get behind that and i think lots of fans could also,we are so qb starved.if we keep missing there,we waste our biggest assetts,the recievers.instead of adding to and building up,we’re grinding down;the defense also,too many plays on the field that should’nt be,once they get the stop,we need to score and let them catch their breath.

  15. By mark on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I am all for the Cardinals getting Palmer if they can. I do think we should not give him a KOLB contract, but something minimal would be super effective for our organization. If we manage to get Carson I still like the idea of taking the best player available at 7 in the draft. I never have been a fan of drafting lineman in the top 10…remember when we passed on adrian peterson.

  16. By T. Stone on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Off topic, Fans can vote on for replay of a classic game this week on the NFL Network. Cards/Packers NFC Wild card game was winning last I checked. You can vote at Lets vote so we can relive our glory days.

    On Topic, Palmer doesn’t want to take a cut? He will take a cut in pay after he is cut. Break off Skelton and Lindley and Bring him in for a year just like all the other FA Cards have signed, ride em till the wheels fall off and cut them once Cards secure the First overall pick next year.

  17. By Dean Kennedy on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t want to see Skelton in a Cardinals uniform again. Well, except as fourth string or lower training camp chum. It’s over.

  18. By joe holst on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    go get him, he is very accurate.. please ….

  19. By Andy Kw on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    If the Arizona Cardinals have interest in QB Carson Palmer, I say we go for him. I would love to see him in competition with QB Drew Stanton for the starting spot. Whoever loses will be the backup Quarterback of this team. I am shocked about that 2nd round tender on QB Brian Hoyer but I would love to see Hoyer duke it out with QBs John Skelton and Ryan Lindley for the 3rd backup role. Our QB tandem would probably be one of the best in years for this Cardinals organization. If Arians can work out the accuracy of Skelton, I believe Skelton would win the 3rd backup spot, if not Hoyer will be the winner. I think Ryan Lindley has not shot but we may never know as this offseason may do him some good.

  20. By canadian redbird on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Geno Smith:

    If Geno Smith is still available at #7 , the stage is set to trade the pick to the Jets for additional picks prior to Buffalo’s pick. Whats your take on that senario playing itself out?

  21. By Darren Urban on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Canadian —

    RE: Geno Smith

    At this point, my bet is that Smith is off the board before 7.

  22. By Steve on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Excellent post Darren, Kurt Warner was about the same age when he became available and I’m wondering if Palmer at age 33 still has some magic left as well. Talent wise Darren, do you feel Palmer matches up well with Warner when Kurt first came to AZ?

  23. By Darren Urban on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Warner/Palmer

    Apples and oranges, I believe, starting with their backstories. I don’t know if Palmer has the same accuracy and pre-snap knowhow like Kurt. But IMO, I do believe Palmer would be a better short-term answer than what the Cards currently have. But that’s my opinion. I don’t know exactly what the Cards are thinking (nor am I 100 percent sure the Raiders cut him; He is a 9M cap hit if released.)

  24. By johnnybluenose on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    at this stage in his career I think palmer wants to go some place where he can both play and WIN. that’s why I think he wanted out of cincy so badly. so, what are his choices? few and none. the good teams already have their quarterbacks. he might think he could have success here. at least there is a good group of receivers and a new coach with a decent record/reputation for offensive football. but can we win? not in our division. I think we should pursue palmer, within reason. I think he is an upgrade on what we have now and he could give us two or three good years, especially if our o-line is improved. we could get palmer by default, a bit like kurt all those years ago when the giants released him and there were not many places for him to go. if we do sign palmer then our quarterback situation is very crowded and two of them get released right away and I don’t see us wasting a draft pick on a quarterback this year. better to address our other needs and look at a quarterback in next year’s draft. at least, that’s my opinion today.

  25. By AzDesertRat1953 on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Hey, who knows, could be the starter, if the Raiders let him go and if we offer what he wants. Heck who knows, maybe he wants to see the East coast area again.

    Any way it goes I hope it goes the Cards way. Be nice to get a QB that we all know how he plays.
    We have had good QB’s before, but they never had coaches the likes of BA and Tom Moore, makes ya wonder, does it not?

    GO CARDS!!!

  26. By Leeskicitizen on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I believe that BA hands the keys to the Cardinal’s offense to the quarterback that has the capacity to handle the upgrades that are being formed on the drawing board by the coaching staff right now. The offense needs to gel this season. The team is clearly looking towards the future for the right quarterback, but this year’s quarterback will need to have the capacity to start forming the chemistry necessary for a high tempo, quick strike offense.

    I was impressed with Hoyer for the short time he handled the reigns. He seemed to be a quick study and showed some good decision making while working with players he had only know for a few weeks, unlike the other quarterbacks who had been with the team for the whole season. I sensed that he was inspiring greater energy and involvement from his team mates when he was on the field. Who knows what can happen if he gets a full preseason.

    I’ve read that Carson Palmer is aloof in the locker room and doesn’t seem to be willing to help his fellow quarterbacks. However, if he can be signed for $5 million and be placed in a preseason mix with Stanton and Hoyer (cut Lindley and Skelton), I’m sure this current coaching staff would know what they are looking at within the first month. In my opinion, the best thing Palmer has going for him is that he’s a known quantity, but I’m mostly impressed with what I’ve seen with Hoyer.

  27. By Chuck 1 on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    I would like to have Palmer on the Cards roster.
    HOWEVER, if “it is unlikely that he is willing to take a cut”, why in the world would Keim sign him (for $13 million)?
    Maybe if Palmer were willing to sign a one year contract for $4 million, a deal could be made as a stop-gap measure.

  28. By Darren Urban on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Chuck 1 —

    RE: Palmer

    Palmer isn’t going to make $13M anywhere. But like Kolb, he may feel that, ‘Hey, if I am going to play for $4M or $5M, I want to pick where” and not just stay in Oakland. The Cards wouldn’t break the bank for him.

  29. By Chuck 1 on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    Add: Palmer
    Also, if I were Palmer, I would have to have a nearly iron-clad commitment that the Cards would have to shore up the OL with high draft choices of a Lt and G.

  30. By clssylssy on Mar 25, 2013 | Reply

    These days it’s hard to know what is on the up and up and what is a smoke screen. Just this afternoon I read that the Cards were working out QB Mike Glennon after hearing BA’s being quoted as saying there weren’t any QB hopefuls in this years class with enough of a “wow” factor to deserve consideration and he was feeling like Drew Stanton could be named the Cards starter before camp…lol! The continuing soap opera known …”like Sand through an hour glass”,,, so are the Days with the Arizona Cardinals!
    I do not think that taking a QB from the draft just to be giving the “appearance” this is a changed organization would be the smart thing to do when the real focus should be on building our 0-line, adding a pass rusher and fortifying our depth chart with quality players. If there are no QBs worth a pick and Carson Palmer is available without selling our souls in a Kolb-like deal, I’m all for taking an established vet. I would have liked to have had Ryan Fitzpatrick but Carson Palmer would work too. I have a feeling that our existing QBs have their strengths that might be tapped into and worth retooling as good backups…or be traded or sent to the practice squad for continued work in reserve. I DO find it rather curious and a little sad that the Cards signed Hoyer only after the Steelers began to show interest in having him back up Big Ben; if the Cards were thinking about Carson Palmer why sign Hoyer or was it on impulse? In all fairness to him, it would be better for his career to be Ben’s backup (he’s beginning to resemble a rusty tricycle) with the Steelers, rather than be #3 behind Stanton and Palmer with the Cards. Seems like a lot of drama, too many sound bites, with no sense that there is anything resembling a real plan. Hope for Fitz’s sake this mess somehow shakes out into something more than a Chinese fire drill! According to,(“Winner and losers in the FA-NFC West) the Cards received a “passing” grade in Free Agency because they set the bar so low!

  31. By Darren Urban on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Wow factor/workouts

    There are smokescreens yes, but reading your comments you go overboard in many of your interpretations.

    When Arians says there are no QBs with “Wow” factor, I can see that meaning 7 overall. But I have all along believed a QB with the second-round pick is very possible, which is where Glennon will likely fall. I guarantee you the Cardinals are paying close attention to all of the top QBs in this class. Whether they pick one or not we will see, but they will do their due diligence.

  32. By chad on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    I think we should still bring Kolb back now that he has tested the market if he is there after the draft if Palmer is not there. Give him a 5 mil 2 year deal. Cut skelton and Lindly. Leaving Hoyer, Stanton and Kolb in an open competition going into camp.

    I would just like to say good job to Kiem this off season. We were over the cap by 3 mil going into this off season. Now we are 11 mil under the cap and in my normative stance we have a better team.

  33. By joe 67 on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    I still think Skelton has potential. If these coaches would work with him and at least give him a fair shot, you just might be surprised. Face it, he was better when he got to the cards than after the last couple qb coaches worked with him and obviously messed him up.
    I was hoping the cards would have gotten Palmer when he was allowed to “come out of retirement. Still like him.
    What qb wouldn’t want to play here. Dome guaranteed 9 games (1 in Stl) and Nat grass guaranteed 8 games, and best rec in football to throw to. All we need to do is improve OL.

  34. By SFM on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    that whatever BA decides to do he will figure out how to get the ball to Fitz. It was a crime the last 2 years the 3 and outs this team had. The QB debacle made the games hard to watch. I realise it will take a while to compete in the NFL West but if the team plays quality FB and shows promise I think we are in for a good season.

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Darren or anyone else;

    Kevin Kolb;

    I have heard nothing about him going to any team. There were Jet rumors but reports are the Jets are going to pass.

    Since the Raiders run a west coast offense now, could he go to the raiders when Palmer is released?

    Just curious if anyone has heard anything about this guy. Fitzpatrick took a back up job in Tenn. But I am not even hearing rumors about him being a backup.

    Cleveland would make the most sense but I have heard no interest from cleveland.

  36. By D on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Okay, I went ahead and amended my C. Palmer Draft draft. People need to understand AZ most likely will not be able to draft Jockel and Fisher. And that means the 3rd best tackle in L. Johnson (who really only has played left tackle one year) vs Warmack and Cooper at G. D. Jordan and E Ansah both could be gone before 7 to Detroit and the Browns. Unless Fisher falls to AZ, I see them not taking a tackle in round 1 but would take Warmack to play RG and have Synder and Potter as the backups, both can play numerous spots on the line. Potter could get some time at LG to replace Colledge after this upcoming year. Colledge is not going any where in 2013.

    If they sign Palmer if/when released, I don’t see them taking a QB in the draft unless some team gives them a second round draft pick for Hoyer. If they can’t sign Palmer, then they could take a QB in rounds 3-4 range.

    (if Palmer is signed)

    1—C. Warmack G
    2—A. Okafor DE
    3—S. Williams SS
    4—M. Gillislee RB
    5—W. Gholston DE
    6—M. Williams TE
    6—S. Commings CB

  37. By JosEPh on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    I’m not against a decent 1 (maybe a 2 year deal) for C Palmer, But…I would Not hand him the starting job. He would have to fight for it along with Stanton, Hoyer, and/or Rookie QB. He just might not thrive in BA’s offence where maybe Stanton would blossom into The good QB BA believes he can be. Hoyer has upside too.

    Our #1 pick can only be a QB IF all 3 OTs (Joekel, Fischer, and Johnson) are gone and it would have to be Smith. (But I seriously doubt he will be there at #7 and NO no trade ups!) Otherwise Pass Rusher/Safety with highest rating available. 2nd rd then for either Terron Armstead , Barrett Jones, or Best OL available. That’s how I would like to see it go. After that BPA for the rest of the draft.

  38. By Eazy E on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Do we here how pathetic our organization and some of you sound? Carson only had solid numbers because Oakland was getting their butts whooped every Sunday, so they we’re down a ton and he accumulated all of those yards in 28-0 and 35-7 blowouts. He’s better than Stanton so we should sign him, NO! We need to sign and/or draft a good QB, not a washed up one and I know that is harsh but he is. I like what he did in Cincy and standing true to his principles, but he ain’t nowhere near how good he used to be. Sure, I would want him over Stanton, but that’s Stanton. Any competent NFL QB or a nice rookie, Hell No!!

  39. By clssylssy on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Darren…It so happens that I agree with BA with regard to the “Wow” factor. Last years QB class was not a “regular” QB class and really was a QB class that was all about WOW! As I said before, I would prefer going with an established QB who could get the ball to Larry without interceptions and remain on his feet until such time when a genuine talent becomes available that we can get for a franchise QB. I feel that everytime a “new regime” is ushered in we lose ground because of the need to dump everything including all the positives and start over from scratch going overboard to make a statement rather than having a strategic, well thought out plan with goals, measureable objectives and time frames and then sticking to it. It reminds me of government and politics, which it is really–sports politics. There are some really solid teams in the NFL that get by with a solid “serviceable” QB if they have the necessary supporting cast of players around them which I get the impression is what BA is aiming to accomplish this year–forget the “Wow”, just get something that works. Excuse me for being the antagonist but, I find that offering a different point of view makes for more of a stimulating discussion.

  40. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    @Eazy E,

    “We need to sign and/or draft a good QB, not a washed up one and I know that is harsh but he is”

    We’re all for that, if not Palmer who do you have in mind? Personally, I think Geno has the highest upside of anyone (with the realistic possibility of being available), but if Arians doesn’t see him that way there’s no point in hoping for him to fall to #38. The other draft possibilities have way too many holes in their game, or don’t project well enough in Arians’ offense to start right away, and the FA market is basically empty.

    If all that leaves us with is the outside chance of getting Palmer, or going with Stanton, then we’re in full agreement – Palmer it is.

  41. By Kevin S on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    I’m supportive of going after Palmer. If he’s “washed up” in the eyes of some, well, I’ll take washed up if it means completing 60%+ of passes (we haven’t seen that in a while) and 4000 yards.

    How likely is it that the 2013 Cardinals start the season with not a single QB from 2012 on the team, whether that’s because we have Palmer, Stanton and Hoyer, or Palmer, Stanton and a draft pick after releasing Hoyer (would we pay him $2M to be third string?), or Stanton, Hoyer and a draft pick?

  42. By Azcardsguy123 on Mar 26, 2013 | Reply

    Also remember that Palmer was going into a team lacking talent where in Arizona you are looking at a team that could make a run for the playoffs with a good QB there is talent on both sides of the ball. Also something I noticed is the similarities within Floyd and Fitzgerald both 6’3″ 220 lbs ish so you practically have the same reciever obviously Fitzgerald is more experienced as we all know, but a QB could get used to throwing to one and be affective throwing to either of them.

  43. By Eazy E on Mar 27, 2013 | Reply

    @Mike Ellingboe

    I would definitely draft Geno at 7 or even move up. Other than that, we are limited on QB options but I’m still going to say this also; Tebow would be another option. He has actually won a playoff game more recently than a number of QBs in the league and definitely Carson and definitely Stanton(they have none). Both ain’t did much in the NFL but Palmer has did much more than Stanton. Geno or Tebow would be my choices, not Stanton or Palmer!

  44. By Mike Ellingboe on Mar 27, 2013 | Reply

    @Eazy E,

    Agree with you about Geno and Stanton. Completely disagree about Tebow, another third-string QB won’t help us. I can’t begin to picture him running a vertical offense. Yes, he won a playoff game but I can’t see that as anything other than right day/right time, and so far there hasn’t been anybody in the league who has stepped up to offer a different opinion on it. You can’t compare him favorably to Palmer, and what he’s done throughout his career, based on that. Kind of like saying we should look for the next Dilfer.

    But we do agree on Geno, I just don’t think we’re going to go the direction, unfortunately, and to me that leaves Palmer as by far and away our best option, if it becomes available (big if at this point). Appreciate your reply.

  45. By Scott H on Mar 27, 2013 | Reply

    No, thanks. I see Palmer as a guy who would be an ideal back-up for a very good team, like the Patriots, for example. If Brady went down, Palmer could keep THAT team on the winning side of the ledger. But Palmer is NOT a QB that a young and re-building team should try to roll with. Our division is filled with young, dynamic QB’s and if we have ANY hope of being remotely competetive going forward, we have to get on board that same train.

    Palmer is not going to help this team win now and he is DEFINITELY not anyone’s future because of his age. So what’s the point? Start growing NOW with a young QB and give us a future. There is no future with Palmer. He is a road to nowhere.

  46. By In Arians We Trust on Mar 27, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Re: Palmer’s age

    Peyton Manning (whom I think you’ve posted the Cards should’ve gone after last year) was drafted 5 years before Palmer. Eli was drafted one year after Palmer. Tom Brady was drafted three years before, Drew Brees two years before, Ben R. the year after. Tony Romo was undrafted but is only 5 months younger than Palmer. None of these guys is considered washed up. Not saying Palmer is as good as Peyton or most of these other guys I’ve listed, but he’s a former #1 OA pick and he’s not really showing signs of declining (he’s been pretty consistently mid-80’s QB rating in for 6 years, cutting him a little slack for last year when he joined Oak late (and threw 6 INT’s in the first 2 games which brought his overall rating down to just above 80, and 2008 when he only played 4 games).

    We were 5-11 last year, not 2-14, and there is no question that with even halfway decent QB’ing we would have won at least 2 more games (the Atl game where our offense did nothing despite our intercepting Ryan a zillion times, and the Jets game — I didn’t think it was possible in today’s NFL to hold a team to 7 points and still lose unless there was a blizzard or something). I’m not saying Palmer makes us instant SB contenders but I can see him being a part of a winning team in AZ.

  47. By Scott H on Mar 28, 2013 | Reply

    In Arians we Trust –

    All fair points from a logical standpoint, but it does not sell me on Palmer as the right QB for this team. While Palmer and Peyton Manning may be somewhat comparable in age, they are comparable NOWHERE else. They really don’t even belong in the same sentence.

    Again, with the rest of the teams in the division already light years ahead of us with young, dynamic QB’s, I just don’t see Carson Palmer as the direction we should be going in. His being a former #1 OA pick means nothing at this point. he hasn’t lived up to that draft position and at this point, it doesn’t seem likely that he will.

    Also, what is Palmer going to cost and do we really want to pay that price for what can only be viewed as a stop-gap QB and probably nothing more? I mean, look at what the Raiders paid for this guy! They are going to be paying the bills for Carson palmer for a long time and they SURE didn’t get anywhere near what they paid.

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