Miles: “I’d bet on” Mathieu

Posted by Darren Urban on April 30, 2013 – 8:27 pm

The Cardinals have a couple of players now that know very well who Tyrann Mathieu is — former and new teammates Patrick Peterson and Kevin Minter. But another man who knows Mathieu pretty well talked Tuesday about how much he believes in the kid: LSU coach Les Miles.

During an interview with Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 620, Miles was plain in his Honey Badger backing: “He’s a guy who is really meant to play football,” Miles said, adding, “the key is to make sure he keeps his focus on the things important to him. As long as he doesn’t allow a social life to draw him into things, he’ll be a tremendous player for Arizona for years.”

Miles said that Mathieu actually was very good following team rules and coaching direction. His issues, the coach said, came off the field and away from the team. Miles called Mathieu a “pleaser,” which gets him into trouble when he can’t say no to the wrong people. Now he’s got Peterson and Minter to help him along.

“I think he’ll fall right into those two guys and the opportunity to make great decisions can be made routinely there,” Miles said. “Now it’s time for him to realize his dream.”

Miles also said Peterson wouldn’t have wanted to bring Mathieu in if he was a bad teammate. This much is true, the Cardinals got intel from Peterson while vetting Mathieu and there would have been plenty of chances for Peterson to steer the team away from such a possibility. Miles isn’t naive, of course. “You need to surround him with the right structure and the right style of guys, but like I said, I’d bet on him.”

“They got a guy who sees himself as the biggest, baddest dude on the field,” Miles said. “He anticipates big plays. He’s a team guy. He’ll accept the coaches culture and fit in. He will be a tremendous contributor.”

Now, would I expect Miles to say differently? Perhaps not, although we are talking about a coach who had to be disappointed Mathieu got himself into the bad position and was forced to kick the guy off his team. But he could’ve declined the interview in the first place. He’s clearly a believer. The Cardinals clearly are too.

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32 Responses to “Miles: “I’d bet on” Mathieu”

  1. By Kyle on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    I think he is in the perfect situation to be steered in the right direction. He can contribute on defense,special teams and is an underrated kick and punt returner. The guy just knows how to come up with plays that change games. Big time steal that will play a lot as a rookie.

  2. By georgiebird on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Just saw where another LSU player got into trouble. Miles is talking like a parent who will always say “not my kid” whenever there is a problem.
    Mathieu will have to learn to fill his day with football activity not idle time.
    Like any other Cardinal fan, I’m hoping that Tyrann becomes a star, The chances of that happening are probably 50/50 and the testimony from Miles doesn’t change that one iota-it all depends on Tyrann.

  3. By BIG RED on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Hope the guy is for real. Make us all believers, Mathieu.

  4. By Andy Kw on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Just guarantee $2 million. Not too much yet not too little. Tyrann Mathieu will probably be an amazing special teams captain in the future. For right now, Pro Bowl LB Lorenzo Alexander (replace Sherman as ST captain) and LB Reggie Walker will anchor the Cardinal’s Special Teams unit.

    -We drafted an amazing college player. We need to utilize his skills to the best of this organization’s capabilities and we need to trust in him. If we can’t develop trust then this organization and Mathieu will never work. Patrick Peterson and Kevin Minter and basically the entire Cardinal’s organization will provide support for him so that he is walking in the right direction. He is a talented star and will one day be a future pro bowler. If this LSU defensive back is 100% committed, then drugs and personal issues will not come into his NFL career. If he does end up going in that direction again, then this inability to guarantee him money will and should be done. But in his first year, we have to provide this guy with support. I hope this Cardinal’s organization knows that by not providing any guaranteed money that it depresses his thoughts and ability to play on the team; as a result, this organization is technically encouraging him to go back his old ways.

    -Just guarantee him some money please. We drafted him in the 3rd Round and us fans are not going to hear that you drafted him for no reason. Trust him and his job will be soaring. I wanted QB Mike Glennon but if we are going to do anything right now, we have to trust in Tyrann and make things work.

  5. By ringlaterra on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply


    Off topic question: With the pick up of two guards that are valued for their athleticism and size is it safe to read into this that we will be implementing a zone blocking scheme? I know little about this and just wondered if you had some intel on this. Thanks.

  6. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    ringlaterra —

    RE: Zone blocking

    I do not know that off the top of my head. What did the Colts employ last year?

  7. By andystandsup on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Am I the only one that didn’t see Les Mile’s endorsement as ringing?
    A lot of “if’s” and “buts” in my understanding.
    And the “bet” wasn’t qualified.
    Mathieu fan, will be a Cortland Finnegan clone.

  8. By Eazy E on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Coach Miles is one of the coolest coaches in the world. Not only is he a great coach but he does care for his players and the Honey Badger just kept on smoking so he almost had no choice but knowing him he was supportive of him going to class and improving at his craft and all. He wouldn’t vouch for him if he didn’t believe in him because he’s gone now so he could diss him like some coaches have done there players in the past which is wrong. Besides, the guy before the national championship game 2 years ago was asked what music he was listening to before the game some jazz or blues coach? Naw, we’ll probably listen to some Lil’ Wayne…#Too Cool

  9. By SteveG on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    I for one have been the recipient of one or two “second chances” in my life…It worked out well as I took full advantage…

    Tyrann has it all in his own hands….I wish him well…

  10. By Rico Suave on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply


  11. By David on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Thank you AZ FO for taking a risk-reward chance.
    Even if its a bust.

  12. By Brad Garday on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    This is the exact reason why Christians fellowship with other Christians!

  13. By cardsalltheway on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    “Tyrann has it all in his own hands”

    I think Honey Badger still has a safety net(he has people willing to bet on and babysit him), unlike Mr. Justin Blackmon.
    “Blackmon already received $700,000 this season for being on the roster on the fifth day of the league year. He’s due another $1 million in camp, a payment the Jaguars could avoid if they’re so inclined.”

    “As things stand, Blackmon still can earn the entirety of the four-year, $18.5 million contract he signed last summer. The difference is that he now operates without a safety net.
    As one source told Rapoport: “It’s all on him now.”

  14. By T. Stone on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    I was really suprised at this pickup of Mathieu. Ever since 1997 when Rae Carruth worried some teams, then subsequently scared the
    crap out of most others; the Cardinals have stayed away from such players with issues and it has served the team well.
    Now we are back in the business of taking chances? With D Washington on the same side of the ball as Mathaeu, this could go
    downhill fast and we could end up like the Lions. This should be the last time this team decides it can be Mommy and Daddy
    to players and hope that positive people like Peterson and Fitz can keep them on the straight and narrow. Peterson and
    Fitz have their own job to do and its not being a big brother babysitting a grown man. I hope it works out. Go Cards

  15. By ringlaterra on May 1, 2013 | Reply


    RE: Zone Blocking

    I don’t know much about this topic, but the wiki on zone blocking mentions the Colts as a team (along with Redskins, Seahawks and a few others) that utilize the scheme. That is likely our answer to the 2013 Cardinals, but if you find any additional info about this would you mind passing it along? Thanks again.

  16. By Matt on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    I would also give him like $2 million garanted. I think it would really motivate him to do well and work extra hard knowing that THE BIG PAY DAY will be right around the corner. Why did the Cardinals draft him if they dont want to pay him? Dont “F” this up Bidwill , pay the man something fair and if he “F’s” up then start to deduct from his paycheck every time he does.

  17. By truths4all on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Hopefully, along with guidance and fellowship from Peterson and Minter, the Cards will treat the new RED Badger with the tough love and demanded discipline along with no guarantees that Marvin Lewis placed on Tontaze Burfict. Lewis developed Burfict into the best rookie linebacker in the NFL last season where Burfict finished as one of the NFL’s top ten performing linebackers.

    Taking a chance of this type could really pay big returns for the Cards as long as they keep demanding excellence from the kid.

  18. By Christopher on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren what do you think on the Honey Badger Possibly being the Best Value Draft Pick we’ve ever made?? A-Dub in the 3rd round at 64, Q in the second round at 54, Docket in the 3rd at 64, and C Campbell with a 2nd 50th overall. Round out my top 5. Don’t get me wrong those 4 will be hard to pass but right now I have the Honey Badger at 5 not sure if he’ll ever pass A-dub or Q but I can see him passing the other 2 in my book no problem. Of course Campbell still has alot left to write!

  19. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Christopher —

    RE: Mathieu

    I think we need to wait until he actually has a practice before we start wondering if he is the best anything for this franchise.

  20. By D on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Is it safe to assume Darren that Mr. Colledge can play on the right side? With his salary don’t see him being cut or being a backup.


  21. By Darren Urban on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    D —

    RE: Colledge on right

    I think any guard can swap if needed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Colledge stay left and have Cooper go to right.

  22. By Bill L on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Yeah, Minter and PP will take care of Mathieu……….but…….just but……..what if it goes the other way……….very risky, for what? A Nickel……a wrong sized saftey. If it hits, it’s another guy………if it blows-up, it could get ugly.

  23. By Safety Guy on May 1, 2013 | Reply


    Any idea what the Cards got for the Shermanator?

  24. By djjackson81 on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    I believe it would be an easier transition for Colledge to slide to the left he is the vet knows the job. I like Cooper in his natural Lg spot to put him in he best position to succeed as a rookie.

  25. By Mike Ellingboe on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    @Bill L,

    It is risky, but don’t forget this is the same guy who was a Heisman Trophy finalist, along side RGIII, Luck, Richardson and Ball, in his sophomore year as a CB. If it hits, it could give us a second shutdown corner and a dangerous returner. Start him out slow, let him learn from PP (like he did at LSU) and in a year, who knows?

  26. By D on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Nice trade AZ. Now, if AZ picks up a certain UFA DT, I wonder if they first should call SD to try and trade D. Carter maybe for L. Green TE. The more TE’s the better.

  27. By Christopher on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    10-4! Good Point, I’m just really excited about his Potential! Let’s just hope those first three letters don’t ruin it!

  28. By erik on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    More and more these days, teams are running out of multiple receiver sets. So having three or four corners is really not a waste. The nickel corner is a “starter” most of the time. So to say a third round pick is wasted on a nickel corner is simply not true.

  29. By Credit Card on May 1, 2013 | Reply

    Here’s the plan: Sign Tebow as our third string QB to do an occasional read-option. Plus, train Tebow as an extra TE. Can never have enough TEs.

    Force Tyrann Mathieu to be Tebow’s roommate. Place hidden cameras in the Tebow / Mathieu apartment. Sell the rights to the Fox network. Collect royalties for the biggest sit-com in TV history. Odd-couple II

  30. By cert33 on May 3, 2013 | Reply

    The big “bargain” of this draft is not Mathieu but Stepfan Taylor. Although Mathieu could very well end up being a great pick, I think Taylor is capable of being the next Marcus Allen. This was a very good draft by the Keim/Arians team.

  31. By Mike Ellingboe on May 3, 2013 | Reply


    I thought Taylor was a steal in round 5 as well.

    For that matter, I couldn’t find much fault in any of the middle round picks.

  32. By William Barry on May 5, 2013 | Reply

    Taylor is a great player, along with the other runningback we got.

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