A visit, a signing and some money

Posted by Darren Urban on May 14, 2013 – 9:25 am

Some things to consider on Tuesday, as the Cardinals are set to unveil their complete team in on-field work for the first time as organized team activities begin later this morning:

— The one-year contract of Karlos Dansby calls for a salary of $1.25 million this season, according to the NFLPA. Kent Somers reports Dansby also got a $1 million signing bonus. That’s $2.25M (yes, I am sharp at math), which is obviously well below the $6M-plus Dansby had been originally scheduled to receive from the Dolphins before he was released. The Cardinals had approximately $8.5 $10.5 (forgot about the money cleared in the Hoyer release) million in cap space before Dansby (A $2.25M cap hit, obviously) and second-round pick Kevin Minter (who should count about $800,000 against the cap, and I’d figure he’ll slide into the top 51).

— One roster move already this morning. The Cardinals decided to sign tryout tight end Kyle Auffray out of New Hampshire, releasing undrafted rookie cornerback Prentiss Waggner. Again, with 90 on the roster (because all the unsigned draftees figure to sign sooner rather than later) the Cards will continue to cut for every player they sign.

— Could there be another potential veteran signee? Josina Anderson is reporting that tackle Max Starks is visiting the Cardinals today, including a physical. Don’t read too much into that — any vet is going to need a physical first, especially at the point in the career Starks is at. Starks has been available for a while and in the past, there was always a question of whether Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm would bring him in after working with him in Pittsburgh. Obviously, Bruce Arians also has worked with him given Arians’ Steelers ties and offensive coordinator (and offensive line coach) Harold Goodwin also worked with Starks in Pittsburgh. We’ll see if that develops. Starks has also talked to the O-line-needy Chargers.

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13 Responses to “A visit, a signing and some money”

  1. By desertspin on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    Max Starks is better than anything we got at LT. I hope we sign him – maybe he can teach Levi how to be one. Better than that, Potter will learn from him & develop into the starting position. Bringing Max here can only be good for the Cardinals.

  2. By Jason on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t think he’d sign here. It seems like there are other teams where he’d get starter money (Chargers) to be the day 1 starter (Chargers). I’m not saying he couldn’t win the starting job here…I’m just saying that you’d assume with Arians comments that the LT is Levi’s to lose.

  3. By philly cards on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    If we cut a veteran lineman its gonna cost us some cap so he better be good. Frankly I’d sleep better with woodson at ss with 3 or 4million of that cap money.

  4. By sbrown on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    Auffray started at Miss State as a QB, played there for two years, then transfered to New Hampshire, moved to TE and also punted.

  5. By 2liberal on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    *groan* another ex-steeler. I hope not much $$$ and that he works out better than all the others.

  6. By truths4all on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    I agree that Max Starks is far better than any tackle currently on the Cards roster. However, let’s focus on the track record Levi Brown has laid down out on the playing field. First, Brown has never been cited for a lack of effort. Second, Brown has never been lax about trying to do better. Third, Brown does have some issue on techniques and positioning. and Fourth, Brown’s problems stem from his lack of quickness and his slow feet.

    Regarding the first three areas, Brown certainly can learn to play better from Max Starks. However, unless you begin to abuse steroids to obtain strength to give your faster reaction times and quicker feet, there normally is nothing that can give you quicker reaction times and quicker feet unless you lose a lot of weight and significantly increase your strength while maintaining flexibility to increase your speed in your movement. Even now, before any possible signing of Starks and after the draft, BA no longer states that Brwon is the best lineman or tackle on the roster. At least not with a straight face.

  7. By Travis on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    Lest we forget that Levi was brought in AFTER Leinart. This guy can play both sides of the line. He played front side for Matt, why can’t he play front side for Carson? I think that anything that we can do to bring forth some veteran leadership would be a positive move. BA/Keim are obviously into giving these one year contracts that make a guy really get out there and play for his future. I say throw him in the mix! #redbirdfever!

  8. By johnnybluenose on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    Re Washington’s comments… crap. Trade him to the jets or the raiders for draft picks. What’s his value? a 2nd and a 4th? Keim should be actively shopping Washington IMO.

  9. By Debeezy on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    @johnnybluenose wow, guy has some offfield issues (none he’s actually been found guilty of) and you want to trade the guy? Dude is a pro bowler. Wow. Just wow. Can’t believe anyone would say that hahaha

  10. By fortun8s on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    The only question, Washington has, is HOW MUCH. I am fairly sure, this abuse issue will go away with the proper dollars. Therefore if “Washington keeps his nose clean, further loss of playing time should not be an issue. BUT will he stay clean? Whats his current value ? Keim should find out

  11. By shannon robinson on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    The Cards will only keep eight offensive linemen – maybe nine at the most.Guards: Cooper, Watford, Colledge, Rachal, and Kelemete fight for three, maybe four spots. Sendlein and Wedige fight for one. Levi Brown, Massie, Potter, and now Max Starks? are going to compete for three jobs. I don’t think Starks is as good as Massie and Brown and I’d rather keep Potter. This ain’t fantasy football. It’ll cost 2 million to sign him, I don’t know unless we think Levi is having a slow rehab. Darren, thanks for the pick of Carson throwing to Fitz before he breaks – haven’t seen that for awhile.

  12. By Bay Area Bad Boy on May 14, 2013 | Reply

    Please let him go to San Diego. We don’t need anymore Pittsburgh players.

  13. By sbrown on May 15, 2013 | Reply

    Starks, is 31 years old, with 10 seasons in the NFL. that looks like a lot of miles on those legs. Cards have room under the salary cap, but how much would it take ? Look they only gave a one year deal for Dansby, and I think his position was much more of a need to fill. Right now, he might be better than what is on the Cardinals, but IMO, I think the new coaching staff would like to work and coach up the younger players on the roster.

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