Stretched or not, offseason program is over

Posted by Darren Urban on June 13, 2013 – 11:35 am

It had been noticeable, after six years of watching John Lott gather the players at the outset of every practice and listen to him bellow instructions for a stretch, that the Cardinals weren’t stretching before their workouts since Bruce Arians arrived. The reason was simple. Arians wants his guys stretching on their own and being ready to practice when practice starts.

“I know this,” Arians deadpanned. “If a guy starts chasing you with a gun, you’re not going to stretch.”

Point taken. Obviously, players need to get loose (not that it can be that hard in 105 degrees right now) but Arians’ major point is that they should be professional enough to do it on their own. In the meantime, the Cardinals ended their minicamp today after a brief walkthrough. They were out there for about 30 minutes doing light work before backup kicker Will Batson was given the chance to boot a 48-yard field goal. Good, and the veterans saw the end of their offseason work. Miss, and practice would go on. Batson hit it, to the celebration of all (although I am really curious to know if it would have continued with a miss. We’ll never know.)

So here are some notes, thoughts and observations after an offseason of work:

— The Cardinals are pretty healthy, to which Arians was happy. “You cross your fingers every day,” he said, but rehabbing guys like Levi Brown and O’Brien Schofield had immersed themselves back into all the work by the time it was over. There were some dings but nothing that should be an issue by the time camp starts. That doesn’t include, right now, the very much unknown situation of rookie wide receiver Ryan Swope. Arians already said he was hopeful Swope would be ready for camp. I don’t know if anyone can know for sure right now.

— Arians said his guys have to be in better shape. He emphasized that should come if the players keep working. Carson Palmer already said that should be happening, and Larry Fitzgerald made it sound like he is expecting more Cardinals than ever before to show up at his Minnesota workouts (and also some in San Diego, where Palmer lives.)

— While I will take my pre-vacation guesstimates at lineups next week like I usually do, Arians clearly hasn’t set much in stone. That’s because football “is a noise-level game,” he said, and the noise level doesn’t exist in the offseason in shorts. Some things are guarantees as you would think, Palmer and Fitz and Peterson and Campbell and Dockett among them. But there is wiggle room for training camp upsets.

— We are far from setting a roster too. But some of the undrafted guys who made positive impressions include receivers Jaron Brown, Charles Hawkins and Robert Gill, nose tackle Padric Scott and tackle Jamaal Johnson-Webb. We’ll have to see if that can carry through training camp.

— Arians is going to spend a few weeks at his lake home in Georgia during his vacation, which for the coaches starts now as well. Arians will also be hosting his first charity golf tournament June 24-25 in Georgia. He made sure to invite anyone from Arizona who wants to come, so, if you are looking for something to do

— Rookies will stay one more week with Lott. The veterans are out.

— Arians said recuperating quarterbacks coach Freddie Kitchens stopped by the facility. Arians isn’t sure that was the best thing given Kitchens’ health but “he wanted to see his quarterbacks.”

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6 Responses to “Stretched or not, offseason program is over”

  1. By wonderingwhy on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    Hope all is well Mr Kitchens. 🙂

  2. By D on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t know why people are curious about the 4th WR on this team. Like BA said, he only had one last year in Indy.

    I would be more worried about finding a consistent pass rush from a LB and the health of L. Brown. Do the Cards have a backup option at Left Tackle on the roster if Levi can’t make it back at a good level.

  3. By NYCardinals212 on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply


    I would think Potter is the guy at LT. From Darren’s updates, Massie is also practicing LT, and just a few inches up the page, it says that tackle Jamaal Johnson-Webb is showing well.

  4. By ored on Jun 13, 2013 | Reply

    so what happened to the guard from wa.,i liked his poise when he caught and ran last year,guess that does’nt make him good for the o line though,but i was hoping we would see some progress from him.but i agree that staying healthy is a big concern,does’nt matter much how well you know your spot or how good you are if you’re injured.

    from the sounds of it our defense will be rolling this year…awesome,now if the offense clicks,running game starting to sound off,fitz lighting it up from all over the field and making it easier for the rest of air red,we very well could be looking at a playoff spot,jonesing for that for sure.

    i think it’s such a good feeling to know that coach will let the young guys get a taste of it,not just be thrown in when a player goes down,gotta help their confidence.

    love that guys are buying in,just seems like a determined group that also wants to have fun along the way,what better way than improving and winning,and it will be even more special considering our division,peeps are saying we’ll be better but still be last,only one way to change that…go red!

  5. By cardinal diver on Jun 15, 2013 | Reply

    I’m assuming BA is wondering about Swope because BA LOVES to toss it down field. He’s not a fullback guy which is why the trade with Kansas city happened in a blur. He wants tight ends and receivers who can catch and block. (What a concept huh?) BA probably would have 15 receivers if he could. Anyone wondering, go back and look at the passing yards Andrew Luck dialed up in his first season. That alone tells you. Plus when he was with Pittsburgh, and arguably the fastest receiver (Wallace), he used that weapon ALLOT. Always always taking shots down field. He prefers yards in chunks. Why face a third and long every damned time??? Which “we” all knew was coming every series the cards hit the field offensively. My favorite is running the hyphen straight up the middle even though he had no physique of a running back besides speed.dont get me wrong, I’ve always liked LaRod and hated to see him go this year, but i gotta blame the coaching staff last year for allot of players not playing to their full potential (dockett stephens-howling for example) they were just put into a spot that didn’t make sense.i can go on forever here rambling about my opinions, and i got off of the topic. Anyway, I see allot of changes, but they seem to be positive more than negative.

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