Arians’ cancer fight years in making

Posted by Darren Urban on June 25, 2013 – 11:27 am

As offseason work came to a close, coach Bruce Arians mentioned his charity golf tournament coming up in Georgia, where he owns a home. Arians is an avid golfer, and with his newly formed Arians Family Foundation, he’d have a linchpin event to raise money. The tourney, which is scheduled to have Patrick Peterson and Karlos Dansby (along with Ben Roethlisberger, Reggie Wayne and Jerome Bettis) is underway.

The Arians Family Foundation raises money both for programs to battle cancer as well as programs to help and prevent neglected children.

The cancer aspect hits Arians close, and not just because he was sporting the thick layer of zinc oxide on his nose during minicamp after having some cancerous cells scraped off. Unfortunately, Arians and the disease already had a history.

Back in 2007, Arians – as the Steelers wide receivers coach – was a serious candidate to follow Ken Whisenhunt to the Cardinals and be part of his staff. Instead, new coach Mike Tomlin promoted Arians to offensive coordinator.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Arians told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in 2009. “Had I gone to Arizona with Kenny, I probably wouldn’t have gotten a physical that year. But I stayed and that week, I got my physical.”

Arians was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had it treated. Now he is raising money to make sure others catch such things in time.

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  1. By aaron on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply


  2. By johnnybluenose on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    darren. just wondering who mike tomlinson and jerome betis are?

  3. By Whey on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    Im confused when does training camp start. Tried Googling it and searching this site.

  4. By Darren Urban on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    Whey –

    RE: Training camp

    Dates have not yet been announced.

  5. By Annette Richters on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    Coach Arians and Keim are being completely disrespected by some of the writers. It is making me a little angry, but this article is making me completely mad and ready take this writer I am about to paste here out behind the shed. This is really something. You guys see what you think. Here it is.
    While the AFC North and NFC South have a pair of title contenders in each and the possibility of four playoff teams in each, the NFC West has three legitimate championship-caliber teams. And one who will compete for the top-10 pick again.

    But that’s neither here nor there.

    In a division led by one of the best young quarterback groupings in the NFL, it’s the team with the oldest quarterback—Arizona and Carson Palmer—that looks like it will be leading the Teddy Bridgewater/Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes this year pending a complete turnaround. HEY JERK, WE WILL BEAT THE SOCKS OFF YOUR FAVS NOW. THANKS SCOTTY, YOU JUST SEALED THE DIVISION CHANMPIONSHIP FOR THE CARDS BY BEING REALLY SARCASTIC.

    The St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks could all three contend for the Super Bowl in 2013. They all have formidable defenses, and they all have talented quarterbacks who can make any throw and have elusive qualities.(Carson Palmer can’t make all the throws????? He did last year and will this year!!!)

    They all have talented receiving corps who can make plays and running games who can burn yards. And most of all, they all have coaches who understand what it takes to win and the talent to do it with. (REALLY, WHO WAS COACH OF THE YEAR??? HAVE THIS GUY NEVER HEARD ABOUT A WR NAMED LARRY FITZGERALD. HE SURE HASN’T HEARD OF A RB IN THE DIVISION THAT HAS HIS OWN SUPER BOWL RING…YEH, RASHARD MENDENHALL. WOW. PUNCH TIME

    All stats used are either from Pro Football Focus’s Premium Stats, ESPN, CFBStats or the NFL. All contract information is courtesy Spotrac and Rotoworld. All recruiting rankings come from

    Scott Carasik is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He covers the Atlanta Falcons, NFL and NFL Draft. He also runs

  6. By Annette Richters on Jun 25, 2013 | Reply

    The article I posted from Scott just had to come out at the same time of this one on BA beating cancer. I hope someone kicks Scotts butt. I would if he would meet me. Wonder how smart mouthed he would feel then, after a tiny little old lady of 70 stomped his fanny. Matter of fact, I hope he reads this and gives me the chance. 🙂 It may be better though, when BA takes the Cards to the playoffs. I think I’ll keep this article of Scotty’s and make him eat it after the Cards win the NFC West. 🙂

  7. By John The Draft Guy on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    Annette Richters,

    No one on this board or anywhere else for that matter is more optimistic than you. Your passion for the team is obvious. You have posted your anger a few times towards writers and thought I would put in my two cents.

    What you have to realize is the writers are on the outside looking in. From the outside, you see two powerhouse teams in our division. Hate them or not, they took their time drafting well and now are superbowl contenders. The Rams have had two solid drafts and are on the upswing. Jeff Fisher is a quality coach and has the rams believing. Take emotion out and the Cards are a distant 4th.

    If you expect anyone outside this organization to pick the cards, you are sadly mistaken. But fortunately, we still get to play the games and the fate of this team is up to the players and coaches in the locker room.

    Is our defense going to be top 10? Don’t know with Bowles. The change of a 3-4 with tackles shooting 1 gap has me concerned. Our safeties are question marks as are our OLBs.

    Is the oline better? There has been no contact, so hard to tell. We assume colledge can switch sides. We assume Cooper is ready. We assume our LT, after not playing football since 2011 can protect the blindside. We assume Massie will play like the second half vs the first half. But lets face it, none of that is proven.

    I have less of a question about Palmer. I know he will make a few bad throws that will get picked, but overall, 4,500 yards and 27 tds is very realistic. I feel good about our skill players on offense. But, lets be real, from the outside, our offense has a back who hasn’t done much for two years, Floyd is unproven as is Housler.

    A writer from the east coast will look and say this team has a washed up QB and Fitz is their only weapon with a bad oline. With an D-cord who failed in philly, the defense will take a step back and this team will have 3-5 wins.

    Just remember this, we were seconds from winning the super bowl, after people said we were the worst team in the history of playoffs. In 1998, no one gave us a chance to go to Dallas and beat Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin. But we did.
    Truth be told, it is up to the players and how hard they work, trust each other and believe in their coach. No writers (no offense Darren) can be sure this team is good and this team is bad. Each year is different.

    So, to me it makes sense for writers to write that and I’ll be in the stands rooting for this team, hoping the writers eat their words.

    Of course, if we are wrong, Teddy Bridgewater is not a bad option either.

  8. By John The Draft Guy on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply


    One more thing,

    In a division led by one of the best young quarterback groupings in the NFL, it’s the team with the oldest quarterback—Arizona and Carson Palmer—that looks like it will be leading the Teddy Bridgewater/Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes this year pending a complete turnaround

    Look at the statement. Do you see how he is right either way? “Pending a complete turnaround” Well yes, in order to go to the playoffs, a turnaround is required.

    Thats like saying, Brady has lost Hernandez and Welker and Gronk is injured. Therefore Brady will have a bad year pending someone else stepping up.

  9. By Cards4lifeBig93 on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    Mike is the current head coach of the Steelers and Jerome Betis is retired steelers running back, dude was a beast proble the hardest runnin/hitting RB to every play the game youtube his highlights very fun to watch!

  10. By DontTakeLosses on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    Bravo Bruce:

    Every man eventually gets prostate cancer if he lives long enough (my 77 yo bro is urologist, prostate his favorite organ;)… every male reader >40 here needs to yearly blood test including PSA.

    “In American men, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer (after skin cancer) and the risk increases with age. Many men with prostate cancer are more likely to die with prostate cancer than to die of it. However, it remains the second leading cause of cancer death for men.”

  11. By Dynosoar on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    Annette Richters,

    As someone last year posted, “If we were the only team in the NFL, some writers would say we were the worst Championship team ever.”

    Here’s my shot at mimicing an NFL writer next February…

    “Cards Win! New York couldn’t have wished for a better Super Bowl than the one we just watched. Wow, those Cardinals certainly proved everyone wrong and it looks like everyone outside of Cardinals fandom, yes indeed the world, has been shocked today.

    The Cardinals have their first Super Bowl Ring and their first championship since they were the Chicago Cardinals and beat the Eagles 28-21 in 1947. It’s been a long time comming, but this team doesn’t look like it’s going to look back. They just may have home field advantage in next year’s Super Bowl. The world has been shocked and let me say it again, because I never thought I would. The Cardinals Win!”

    Ouch! Well I just pinched myself and apparently I’m not dreaming (unless this is the dream where the pinch feels real, oh no.)

    Enoy the day my friends and Darren, thanks for the article on Coach Arians. Warner had Whizenhunt and Whizenhunt had Warner and Bruce had a necessary physical. So things are quite good.

  12. By Annette Richters on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks guys, and John, yes I get angry when the diss my team. That’s because I have been a Cardinals fan since they moved to Missouri and I was just starting high school. I hadn’t even watched football till the Cards moved to Missouri. (our little country schools didn’t have enough students to make a football team, heck, we barely put a baseball team on the field. Our high school class had 45 in it and that was a consolidated school district.

    I enjoy the columns and most writers, but this guy did go over the top and I just had to spout off again. GO CARDS. I also maintain that Dynosoar should cut and paste that announcer statement so he can brag and say I told you so.

    The year we made it to the Super Bowl I had actually picked the two teams during preseason. Made a couple of bucks cause I couldn’t afford to be that much. Yes, we did win that game. The coaches who were in the review booth were very prejudiced against us.

    Anyway guys, thanks for the comeback and let’s keep it up. Darren needs to know he is read all summer long if he will just keep writing. Somers needs to keep some rhetoric going too don’t you think?

    All the best John & Dynosoar


  13. By Cody Zarr on Jun 26, 2013 | Reply


    I’ve found that 90% of what comes from Bleacher Report is complete and utter garbage, and not just about the Cardinals. I wouldn’t let him rile you too much.

  14. By Dynosoar on Jun 27, 2013 | Reply


    entire thread relating to your comments copied/pasted. I can follow instructions. I was probably the only kid in a class of 2000 that liked the Cardinals, I was surrounded by Cowboy fans, ughhh! I like your story as to why you became a Cardinals fan. Thanks.

  15. By William Barry on Jun 27, 2013 | Reply

    I read on the internet, that Neil Lomax’s son, is a QB for Oregon or Oregon State. I think it said he was a senior…..two or three years out, would the Cards be interested in this great talent????

  16. By John The Draft Guy on Jun 28, 2013 | Reply

    William Barry,

    Yeah the 49ers have Joe Montana’s son trying out, why not look to Lomax’s son?
    Here is the bio; He is at Oregon State. All HS stats.

    Jack is the son of former Portland State and NFL standout quarterback Neil Lomax … passed for 3,738 yards, completing 236 of 342 attempts with 46 touchdowns and seven interceptions as a senior … 5,285 yards and 63 touchdowns with nine interceptions in his career … scheduled to play in the Les Schwab All-Star game this June … played for Lake Oswego and OSU Sports Hall of Fame member Steve Coury … 2008 Oregon Gatorade Player of the Year … first team all-state … helped Lake Oswego to the state title game … involved in numerous community service activities … Coury on Jack — “He’s got the God-given talent, and now it’s a matter of how much he wants to put into it. I’m excited about the years ahead, being able to watch him” … Jack is a candidate for the Oregon Sports Awards’ Johnny Carpenter Prep Athlete of the Year honor … Nick Lomax, his brother, played at Boise State … from SuperPrep — “Jack is accurate, shows good feet and nice mechanics.”

  17. By Annette Richters on Jul 1, 2013 | Reply

    It would be great if we could get Jack to come to the Cards, but we will have to be his favorite team as I don’t think we are going to be picking very high next year after we win our division, NFC Championship, and the Super Bowl, what do you think??? 🙂

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