An afternoon move by Ryan Williams

Posted by Darren Urban on July 27, 2013 – 7:23 pm

It was a play that doesn’t technically mean anything, especially on a day when pads weren’t on and players aren’t hitting much anyway. But running back Ryan Williams

provided the highlight of the second practice of camp (sorry, we didn’t catch it on video I stand corrected — the play is the final one on the highlight video to the right). He ran left on a play, was hemmed in and made an incredible on-a-dime cutback that staggered a couple of defenders as he moved back right. It was the kind of play that reminds everyone while Williams has potential and why this team drafted him in the second round in the first place.

I’ve been asked a couple of times and, no, I don’t think Williams will be able to unseat Rashard Mendenhall as the starter. But I do think Williams has a chance to get playing time. Carson Palmer praised Williams’ blocking, which is a big deal in Bruce Arians’ offense. One play early in camp doesn’t sew anything up, but it does set a tone. We’ll see where Williams takes it.

— Wide receiver Tyler Shaw and tight end Alex Gottlieb were sitting out practice with undisclosed issues, while wide receiver Robert Gill left the field in the middle of practice with a trainer.

— The Cardinals signed undrafted rookie receiver Nick Edwards (Eastern Washington) and now have two open roster spots left (not including the one technically open while Jonathan Cooper remains unsigned.) Some have asked why the Cards aren’t looking for a vet with Ryan Swope now gone. Simple. They have plenty of capital — money and otherwise — invested in their top three receivers. Plus, they like some of the young receivers — Gill, Jaron Brown and Robert Hawkins in particular — a lot.

— QB coach Freddie Kitchens talked about coming back to work after his near-fatal issue with his aorta in early June. I’ll have much, much more in a story I am working on, but Kitchens said other than getting fatigued at the end of the day, he is doing well. “The worst thing that could have happened to me missed its opportunity,” Kitchens said.

— The first padded practice comes Sunday. I’m hearing there could be many of them, many more than what we saw under Ken Whisenhunt. The BA era will be fun to watch unfold.

— Finally, after I saw the Colts’ Reggie Wayne arrived at training camp in a helicopter, I had to needle Fitz a little bit on Twitter. As usual, he played it perfectly:

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7 Responses to “An afternoon move by Ryan Williams”

  1. By carlo milano on Jul 27, 2013 | Reply

    Great man,the world need more persons like fitzgerald

  2. By AzDesertRat1953 on Jul 27, 2013 | Reply

    That was a very interesting play with 91 shoving his man into Ryans way and that made Ryan do a 360 and go up through the middle. I was watching the D on that play, and they almost completely disrupted that play if it was not for Ryans 360.

    Way to go Fitz, nice.

    GO CARDS!!!

  3. By sbrown on Jul 27, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, I was at the afternoon practice today, yes Williams move ( what we call an ankle breaker ) looked good. But I would say that in the 11 on 11 drills, that the Defense won the day today.
    I did like the first team O-Line of Brown – Rachal – Sendlein – Colledge – Massie , they looked like they worked good as a unit.
    On the Defensive side, when the had Campbell and Docket on the inside with Abraham and Acho as “stand up” d-ends, man that look good !!
    All in all I was impressed with camp at UoP, good crowd, plenty of parking, seats, concessions all made it a good day to watch some Cardinal Football !

  4. By Eazy E on Jul 28, 2013 | Reply

    Real Talk, but we know who the true culprits for your season we’re. #Ain’t nobody that dumb

  5. By dieselbomb on Jul 28, 2013 | Reply

    I always thought the Cardinals had pretty good talent on the team, and that they only needed to be goosed into true playing shape. Now, hearing that coach Whiz did noticeably less than I thought ( I never thought he was doing much ), it riles me up that the team very likely could’ve been better than 8-8 and 5-11.

    Hat’s off to BA for bringing in what looks like the necessary discipline to keep the team making forward progress.

    … And this year a real QB who knows already he’s the guy puts the team streets ahead.

    I feel for Kolb and Skelton for having to deal with Whiz. I’m thinking they would’ve been better off with someone like BA moving things along the right path where QB is concerned.

  6. By whythecardinals on Jul 28, 2013 | Reply

    It appears that someone did capture the video of the Williams’ move… see the 1:50 mark…

  7. By sbrown on Jul 28, 2013 | Reply

    @EasyE, are you commenting to my post or to AzDesert Rat ? either way , just what were you trying to say …
    ” but we know who the true culprits for your season we’re”
    what does that mean ??

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