Potter’s weighty issue

Posted by Darren Urban on August 15, 2013 – 10:19 am

Bruce Arians continues to say the Cardinals are having close battles on the offensive line for starting jobs, including left tackle. Levi Brown played well in the opener but Arians did say he wants to see more consistency out of Brown in practice. Meanwhile, Nate Potter remains behind Brown on the depth chart, trying to see if he can find a way into the starting lineup — where he was down the stretch last season when Brown was hurt.

One of the issues with Potter has always been his weight and strength. Since the day he showed up as a seventh-round draft pick the Cardinals that’s been the goal. He’s put on 10 or 15 pounds since he got to the NFL — his target is to play around 315 — even though it’s not always easy.

“I’m one of those guys who has to keep eating to keep the weight on, because it’s easy for me to lose it,” he said.

That’s certainly something many wish were a problem for them, and Potter smiled at the notion. “Everybody is jealous when I tell them that,” Potter said. “I tell them, ‘You do it for 10 years, it’s not that great.”

At one point this offseason, there was talk of trying Potter at guard as well and expand his versatility, That didn’t materialize, and when camp started Arians made it clear he wanted Potter-Brown and Eric Winston-Bobby Massie at right tackle to stay put and battle for jobs.

Right now, Potter, 6-foot-6, said he’s around 300 pounds. Brown, for comparison, is 6-6 and 324.


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7 Responses to “Potter’s weighty issue”

  1. By SteveG on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    One of the few upside of last year’s bloodbath on the O line is that both Potter and Massie have so much more experience in “live fire” than they would have had as rooks…

    At first glance it looks like the line may turn onto a strength of the team vs. a historical nightmare as it was in the middle of last year. (I am an eternal optimist until the first mental error then I, like so many, want “the other guy” who is “clearly better” to be playing and yes, I do blame the coach who clearly has naked pictures of someone in power as the reason he has a job).

    I LOVE this game!

  2. By JosEPh on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    Potter doesn’t need to weigh as much as Brown to be effective. Quickness is just, if not more important, as being above 300lb for a LT. A jelly roll belly doesn’t make a line man either, stamina, strength, and agility do. Potter has the agility and is continuing to develop the other 2. Impo, Potter is one of those “diamond in the rough” players that Coach Arians likes to mine, even though he did not draft Potter.

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    I now officially hate Potter.

    “Oh I have to eat and eat or I lose weight. I cant keep it on.”

    Meanwhile I have to live at subway or salads at lunch. AHHGG

  4. By truths4all on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    Just as you can see when tracking Winston, Massie, and Cooper, Potter also has feet that keep moving which keeps his block on and with the defensive rusher. When you track Brown’s play, on the other hand (or feet), you see he stops moving his feet and plants them after the two to three count which allows his man to keep moving to circle in on the QB. A QB with a quick read and quick release saves Brown, but when the defense disrupts the routes and gives a slightly different look to make the QB hesitate, then Brown’s man has time to circle in to get to the QB. Look for this to confront the Cards when their opponents’ defenses bring out their bags of tricks in the regular season.

  5. By Mike Hadzinski C.M. PUNK on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply


    just seen on they had the cards 1979 jersey as a top greatest throwback of All time.Since the rams are changing back to there yellow you think we can bust out with throwbacks for a game damn..i need to see those beautiful jerseys on gameday against the old school rams hell ya

  6. By Eazy E on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    He needs to be big enough but people’s bodies are different.

  7. By cardsalltheway on Aug 15, 2013 | Reply

    You give up a sack you come out of the game, that’s how Potter/Levi/Massie/Winston should be used until it’s clear who is better. Unless one is much better than the other can’t they be rotated in and out somehow? You can’t keep Potter and Massie out this entire season if Levi and Winston stay healthy. How many sacks per game, after game, will be allowed for one OT to give up? If the bigger and slower footed Levi gives up 2 sacks in one half(first game of season vs. Rams), I say C. Palmer just might be calling for someone(Potter) to help him if he’s able to get up.

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