Cardinals beating Cardinals

Posted by Darren Urban on August 19, 2013 – 8:11 pm

Daryl Washington said it’s just called “The List” — a term Bruce Arians gives his tally sheet of mental errors and mistakes the players make every practice and game. The point is simple: Shame the guys into making sure they never get there.

“It’s Cardinals beating Cardinals,” Arians said.

Arians had it in place last season with the Indianapolis Colts. Veteran receiver Reggie Wayne was in situation similar to Larry Fitzgerald, learning a host of new positions. Wayne had a bad day at practice, Arians said, and “he was up on there, like, seven times.”

“He came into my office livid,” Arians said. “I was, ‘Hey dude, you’ll get off of it.’ He said, ‘I’ll never be on it again’ and I don’t think he was. It’s a pride factor.”Washington said there are still going to be times mistakes are made, even now, especially with a new coaching staff and schemes, but “you don’t ever want to be on The List.”

Arians doesn’t want them there either. “Once we get down to a 53-man roster, that thing better be real short,” Arians said. “If it is a young guy, guys in the room better make sure he’s doing what he should be doing because it’s all about accountability for the ballgame.”

— A host of Cardinals returned to practice Monday. So many, in fact, it’s a shorter list to say who didn’t practice: TE Jeff King (knee), WR Jarrett Dillard (concussion), DE Frostee Rucker (toe), T Joe Caprioglio (foot), WR Andre Roberts (undisclosed), LB Reggie Walker (undisclosed) while LB Dan Giordano (toe) remains on the PUP list.

— RB Ryan Williams didn’t practice either. All the details on that are right here.

— Patrick Peterson dunking after catching a touchdown pass? Patrick Peterson dunking after catching a touchdown pass (Check it below):

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8 Responses to “Cardinals beating Cardinals”

  1. By Eazy E on Aug 19, 2013 | Reply

    Patrick James or Bryant!! #Lol

  2. By Mr Robles on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren with Washington being suspended does he still occupy one of those 53 spots or until after he comes back?

  3. By Darren Urban on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    Mr Robles —

    RE: Washington

    While he is suspended he does not take up a roster spot.

  4. By Dynosoar on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    Interesting that I’ve always been of the opinion that pre-season doesn’t matter. It is after all just 4 scrimmage games. Our old coach said the same and his new team is coming here at 0-2. Our new coach said we go out to win every game and we’re at 2-0.

    I still see these as scrimmage games, but I’m certainly enjoying putting up more points than our opponents.

    Been a Cardinals fan since ’77 and I’ve never been more optimistic about my team as I am now. (Be aware, this is coming from the same guy that predicted 13-3 after our 4-0 start last season.) Perhaps I’m not optimistic. I’m resilient.

    If our team can be resilient, then they’ll come back stronger after each close win or loss. Remember Kurt Warner throwing several interceptions in one game to come back and throw an almost perfect game the following week. Resilient. If our teams resilient we’ll win many more than we lose.

    If the “LIst” encourages our team to be resilient then it’ll be most useful.

  5. By Dynosoar on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    One of the best receivers in Cardinals history was/is Roy Green. He began as a defensive back and converted to wide receiver. Could this be the future of Patrick Peterson?

    Or will he do what we all did as kids playing backyard football with only 5 or 6 guys, we played every down on both sides of the ball because that was our only option. He looks like he’s having as much fun as we did as kids.

  6. By joe67 on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Dyno,
    I agree with about all you say, but would sure like to loose one of these next two games. I remember not long ago going into St. Louis with a four game win streak, and that didn’t turn out so well. Need a loss for a little reality check so no one starts reading too many headlines.
    I am optimistic like you are, hell we have to be with about 80 years with the cards between the two of us, but I am also a worrier (realist)
    Go Cards!

  7. By ored on Aug 20, 2013 | Reply

    not sure we need to lose one with this staff,i’m thinking they push the right buttons,and once we’re down to the real team,they should have come far enough to know we can’t allow a let down.

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