Peterson hits 60 offensive plays; Williams returns

Posted by Darren Urban on August 22, 2013 – 12:04 pm

Patrick Peterson has talked about playing offense before. At this point, it’s no secret. But the Pro Bowl cornerback revealed Thursday the number of plays in the Peterson offensive playbook has grown to 60.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this many,” Peterson said with a smile. “I am definitely getting my workload.”

But Peterson said he was on board with all the offensive work and relishes the chance. “The thing that intrigues me about the plays I am in there, I don’t go in just to get the ball. I can be in there as a decoy,” Peterson said. “I can be there to open up the field for other guys, to take the top off the coverage. That’s what I love about it most.”

Peterson knows the first concern would be that extra offense would take away from his defensive play. He insisted — multiple times — that wouldn’t be the case. “I’m positive,” he said. He referenced playing against St. Louis as a rookie, when the Rams ran a receiver on a go route three straight plays on him. On the fourth play, Peterson took back his famous 99-yard punt return.

Offensively, Peterson is “getting very comfortable. There are definitely things I can still learn. Playing offense on this level is very difficult from college and high school. There is a lot more terminology, a lot more reading, a lot more alignments, especially in this offense.”

— Coach Bruce Arians said RB Ryan Williams (knee) and TE Jeff King (knee) will both practice today. Obviously, it’s big news for Williams, who has been out since coming off the field with a sore knee July 28, the first Sunday of camp. Arians said both Williams and King could play against the Chargers Saturday depending on their practice, but it both cases it would seem like a long shot.

Williams is running out of time to show he deserves to be on the roster, which he has spoken about before (he was not available this morning.) Today would seem to be a big deal. King is in the same boat. King said the hardest part for him has been sitting out practice and watching his teammates because he misses the game. But he added he understands the livelihood component too.

“Anytime you miss time or a play … when I was a rookie (in Carolina) I had (offensive coordinator) Dan Henning, and he was cut from the same mold as Bill Parcells,” King said. “If you missed any time, you knew about it. Bruce has been great, but believe me, I know time is ticking.”

— The only other main injured guy right now is DE Frostee Rucker (toe).

— Arians said the kicking plan for the game is to have Dan Carpenter kick the first half and Jay Feely the second, “depending on the opportunities.” The kicking competition will go through the end of the preseason, Arians added.

— The game Saturday is officially a sellout. It will be broadcast live on ABC-15 locally.

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21 Responses to “Peterson hits 60 offensive plays; Williams returns”

  1. By SteveG on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    I was slightly disappointed several years ago when Von Miller was drafted ahead of us and we “settled” for Patrick Peterson…(Tho I believe PP was the pick we were going with anyway back then?)

    Now clearly two players of extraordinary gifts and we have in no way been short changed by PP, but the “Need” as I saw it in my infinite wisdom, leaned toward Miller..

    I was WRONG.

    Seeing the troubling arc of Miller’s off field issues vs. the complete and utter professionalism routinely displayed by PP both on and off the field??? (And the Tyrann bonus now?)

    Makes me want to pour bleach in my ears for having such “bad thoughts”…(I am fairly sure it would not work, anyone have any experience in this matter?)..

    We have some truly “good guys” on this team, makes being a fan a pleasure (Tho a winning season would be nice too)

  2. By Dynosoar on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Williams and King, welcome back.

    Patrick Peterson could be the next Roy Green, CB turned WR. Who wouldn’t have loved to see Green and Fitzgerald lining up opposite each other? Well, we’re going to see something very similar.

    I love our Cardinals!

  3. By Chris B on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Reading this, it reminded me of Andre Roberts in his first year. Though the circumstances are very different, Roberts was always thought to be on the bubble.
    I’m hoping that the out come is similar too; Williams finally showing what he can bring to this team. I’m optimistic.

  4. By Mike on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Great news Darren,

    I love to hear RW returning to practice. I think he adds a threat that no other back does on this roster. I really hope he makes the final roster. Interesting how BA talked about how skill means everything. I think that’s a good thing for RW if he can produce. Do you think he still has a good shot at “winning” the #2 job? Or did one of the rookies step up and take that spot? Thanks again!

  5. By Mark on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    I’ve said this before and I’ll keep on saying it. I’m not suggesting Williams is laying out but his only concern should be his health. Getting cut is not a deterrent, provided he believes he can get healthy enough to pass a physical so he can sign with another team should be his only concern.

    I’m sure he’d like to reward Keim and anyone who has believed in him the past few years but you got to look at the cold hard facts.

    His contract is actually a detriment. He’s paid near the league minimum this year and just over $1million next year. Financially he’d be better off on a one year deal that would enable him to hit FA in 2014. Again, provided he can be healthy because if he can’t pass a physical obviously a contract near the league minimum is a lot better than no contract.

    He could likely benefit a great deal from a change of scenery. In Arizona he’s got a head coach who says good things about him at times but has also publicly questioned his toughness while never uttering a word when Mendenhall misses time. A coach who anointed Mendenhall the starter before camp ever began, it was never a competition.

    A change in scenery gives Williams the chance to actually run behind a decent OL. By my count 1-2 teams have worse OL’s than Arizona, SD and Oakland so chances are he could do better. Maybe a lot better.

    Lastly Williams has been quoted multiple times as saying his talent will speak for itself. He’s right. He does not need to break off a bunch of long runs or even play this week to secure his roster spot. I know it was only a few days of practice he participated in but you were there Darren and I’m willing to bet the most impressive RB in your eyes was Ryan Williams.

    He knows he’s talented and quite frankly should be upset with Arians calling him out. Read up on his injury. It states it’s extremely painful and only non-surgical remedy is a few weeks of rest and it’s suggest that one way to speed up the healing process it to increase the blood flow in the area. This is exactly what Williams did with the platelet therapy. He’s doing exactly what he should be doing to get himself ready to play and all he’s had to do is hear Arian’s go on an on about how it’s all mental and his job is at stake.

    Williams understands the only thing that matters is getting his knee right. As he’s often said the rest will take care of itself.

    If the Cardinals cut him because they think he’ll never be healthy that is understandable. And quite frankly with the way Arians has been carrying on about his job security he almost loses credibility if Williams does not play or do much in the preseason and still keeps his job. But if the Cardinals cut him because he’s not 100% because he’s dealing with an injury that takes a few weeks to heal they are making a giant mistake. If he’s not the most talented RB on the roster at a minimum him and Mendenhall are head and shoulders above the rest of that mediocre group. They’ve got him locked up for two years and cheaply.

    And Cardinals fans. Quit believing the hype about Smith, Taylor and Ellington. You know Smith, you know what he is. You won’t find a single starting RB in the NFL with across the board measurables as Stepfan, it’s a lot more than a slow 40 time. Ellington I’ll admit is more of an unknown to me but he does not project as an every down back.

  6. By ored on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    mendellhall is a known product that BA has seen up close and personal,while i root for williams also,he has proven nothing so far and has been given a long leash.while ellington has’nt the ceiling of ryan,he has similar traits i think could work very well alongside mendellhall although the ideal situation would be to have both ryan and ellington for diversity and depth,that would bring or rb situation closer to our recieving corps as far as diversity and depth,still rooting for ryan.

  7. By robmilne1 on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Do you think Mathieu could ever see any snaps on offense? That type of athletic ability can’t go unnoticed!

  8. By Safety Guy on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply


    I wish you could define “a few weeks”. Seems to me he has Had his share of a few weeks. Now its time to get back to work.

  9. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Cant see Williams surviving the cuts, I think we may see the same at TE on Jeff King.

    I love PP and he is talented. But I pushed for Von Miller too and if we ran the draft again and I had my choice, id go with miller. I think, as the cards have found out year after year, that a passrusher is so hard to find. I think both players are special. I just value a OLB who can get 15+ sacks a year a little higher.

    Sorry folks;
    off topic and the wrong team, but I am watching a replay of steelers and skins.
    Landry Jones is tearing it up. 4 for 6 , 70 yards and a TD so far. A second drive was stopped by a penalty. After Jones got a first down called back.

    Now I like our QBs, but I think this guy will be a good player in 3-4 years.

  10. By Ben on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    D Urb,

    Please let us know what your thoughts are on his first practice back. I will be refreshing the page constantly.

  11. By Darren Urban on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Ben —

    RE: Williams

    I will have a blog post later. Probably after Big Red Rage (on which I will be appearing.)

  12. By Mark on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Safety Guy, you asked me to define a few weeks.

    Williams last practiced on July28th. He is now returning on August 22nd. Let’s call that 3.5 weeks. I’m no doctor but I read a few articles on his fatty pad injury and a few sites referenced rest as the best course and one mentioned a time frame of about 3 weeks. Everything I read suggested it was an extremely painful injury and that surgery is usually not required. It just takes time.

    Ored,regarding Mendenhall being a known prospect. He did give Arians some good years,ran well behind a poor OL and they won a SB together so to a degree I get your point. But Mendenhall was equally as bad as Williams was last year and with a bad but better OL, in fact they both had one good game against the same team. I know ACL injuries are not what they once were but Arian’s time with Mendy was pre-ACL. I’ve only seen Mendy in the pre-season game against Dallas so not much of a sample and based on last year that was not the same RB from before his ACL. That was a RB the Steelers no longer wanted, who could was in a RBBC with the likes of Redman and Dwyer. He’s a RB who only got $500K guaranteed when he reached the open market this year. So yes he has a past positive history with Arians and I get why he trusts him just not sure he’s the same back.

  13. By Safety Guy on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for the edit darren

  14. By Corgon on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    I still don’t like it. Ok there are some nice plays, that’s fun……on the beach. PP21 s a CB. And stone me, but he isn’t the best. He needs a lots of work to be the best CB….and after, but just after he has the rights to be an all around weapon. He made several mistakes last year. Huge mistakes.
    Prove me you’re no. 1 at CB position and after that you can look after other challanges.

  15. By jasonc on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    Arians said something to the effect that they’re not going to cut good players. It makes me think that Ryan Williams will not only survive the first cuts, but he has to either get re-injured or play horrible not to survive final cuts. I like Alphonso Smith but do you really feel he is more talented than Williams? Whiz liked to keep guys with moxie…but in this league you win with talent, just my opinion.

  16. By brian on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    this game will on nfl network too right? will ron wolfley and dave pasch be commentating again? i hope so…

  17. By andrew ortega on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    petterson hitting fitz!!!!! kick return, pick 4 six, and all to the house.

    I never get enough of these cardz videos!!!

  18. By georgiebird on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    If PP becomes a WR, he will NOT be like Roy Green. If PP becomes the BEST WR in football, then he will become like Roy Green.

  19. By Eazy E on Aug 22, 2013 | Reply

    That is some bs that Jay has to ”compete” with Carpenter as good as he’s been. But, I have every intention on Carpenter getting his ass kicked(no pun intended).

  20. By dylan on Aug 23, 2013 | Reply

    truthfully i really dont like seeing peterson play offense this much, he is still a young cb who still needs time to perfect the cb position

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