Arians the day after

Posted by Darren Urban on September 9, 2013 – 11:29 am

Bruce Arians just met with the media, and the locker room will be open in about 10 minutes. So, before then, some quick notes:

— Left tackle Levi Brown had some technique problems and needs to play better. But Arians said he didn’t think the offensive line play was “the end of the world.” He also said on two of the sacks Brown gave up a running back should have helped with a chip and went out into the pass pattern too early. Clearly, a change is not coming. But Arians is aware of it. “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the most negative thing was the pressure on the quarterback and the sacks and the turnovers,” Arians said.

— The Cardinals got out the game “clean,” Arians said, although he said tight end Rob Housler (ankle) would probably miss another game.

— He thought the defense did well in a couple of key stands, especially after turnovers. Obviously the pass rush was a problem. He said he liked the push provided up front by Dan Williams and Calais Campbell. It was hard not to notice he did not mention Darnell Dockett, who did not seem to show up much Sunday. Pass-rush-wise, Arians said too many players forgot about the proper technique like going with power moves instead of speed they might not have had. “Don’t all of a sudden go rogue” and forget your strengths, Arians said.

— Clearly Arians wasn’t thrilled with kicker Jay Feely, who not only missed the 50-yard field goal but “was poor on kickoffs.” The early squib kickoffs of Feely were not planned, Arians said. But Arians also said the Cardinals were not planning on looking at any other kickers right now. “We looked at the best kicker” available, Arians said in a reference to Dan Carpenter. It’s also notable that Feely, as a vested veteran, is guaranteed his $1.5 million salary now that he was on the roster the first week.

— Arians said the Feely miss, and the other red-zone visit that resulted in a Feely field goal instead of a touchdown, ultimately were scoring opportunities that cost the Cards the game.

— Arians talked about how the Cards had correctable problems for the most part. After the loss, he said he was “disappointed? Yes. Discouraged? Not at all.”

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  1. By truths4all on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    I respectfully disagree with BA.

    This is what cost the Cards this game: “No, I’m not concerned about our offensive line. They are our guys.” Later when asked if he would consider replacing Brown, Arians answered, “To who?”

    BA, how about Eric Winston or Massie at left tackle?

    A few weeks ago, BA conceded that Brown would get beat time and again and that it was expected. Yet BA did not make sure Brown got the help he desperately needs on every passing down to protect Palmer. This mindset is going to directly lead to Palmer getting injured and just about guarantee a losing season.

    It seems that no NFL head coach should accept such poor play from his starting left tackle, much less any other starter.

    It also goes back to where is the innovation to even checking out how Eric Winston might do at left tackle or even Massie who has better feet than Brown.

    Can anyone imagine the ownership and media accepting such a concession and acceptance of poor play by a substandard left tackle being forced to start and thus handicap their team? Imagine if this was part of the circus with the Jets or the Cowboys? Yet this is going on under Keim’s nose with nothing being done except to let the season play out while proving once and for all Brown is not BA’s Elite Left Tackle.

    BTW, IMHO, if there was decent protection for Palmer, the Cards would have won easily from the point they had an eleven point lead.

  2. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    ” It was hard not to notice he did not mention Darnell Dockett, who did not seem to show up much Sunday.”

    Who isn’t surprised? It has been as clear as day. Somehow, fans thought a magic switch would turn on and he would start doing things he did 4-5 years ago.

    Approaching 33 and a 6-7 million dollar cap hit, it was as glaring a need as Levi Brown to me.

    “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the most negative thing was the pressure on the quarterback and the sacks and the turnovers,” Arians said.

    It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice the lack of pressure and sacks we produced on defense. We need to get much better at that.

  3. By Andy Kw on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    I can’t wait for LB Daryl Washington to return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is going to make a huge difference to the defense

  4. By kauaicardsfan on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Aloha Darren,
    I guess as fans we forget the money side, so if they would cut Feely for another kicker that would throw away 1.5 mil this season? What kind of $$$ would they lose with cut Levi in Guaranteed money? Were are we at on the Cap?

    All I can say is these big money players better start earning their pay, a lot of hungry players waiting for their shot !

  5. By D on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Being that L. Brown and D. Dockett are in the top 5 of highest paid players on the team, I would say it’s safe to assume along with Feely, it will be their last year here in the Desert. Dockett has the ability to bounce back, but he also has made alot of $ the last few years. This game is about youth and hunger, can’t go through the motions…

  6. By SteveG on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Clearly an upgrade from last year despite the same result.

    “Larry and the Jets” were HUGE all day long.

    Losing Cooper REALLY hurts and Levi? (Oh Levi)….

    Gonna be a much better season to be a fan and we are going to surprise some teams in our division.

  7. By ored on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    new everything almost ie:scheme,players,coaches,loss of coop,washington,not to mention 1st game,and a road game at that,to a team that beat everyone in our division and kicked our butt last year and has a very good pass rush-we still had this game,much to be excited about.loved the big plays,now just need to clean up a few things,game film should help there.

    good to see larry making td’s look easy,floyd starting to walk the walk,andre looking like a stud,tyrann proving to be the real deal,palmer is major improvement,now a little more threat in the running game and a TE to step his play up and the 3rd down consistency will be there along with BA hammering home the importance of chip blocking,we’re just scratching the surface,so much to look forward to,and we did’nt even have a sack,those will come and abraham will be a factor,lsu connection starting to assert themselves,just waiting for the thumper to close down the run,maybe by then washington is back,with him and abraham the sacks should start coming.

    housler needs to be real this year or we should be looking at the draft,seems like everytime you turn around a TE is killing it,housler has been expectant for years now,it’s time dude to pop and break out before you turn grey while we still wait for you to catch up.feely,you did’nt do yourself any favors,we still need a back to break off some big chunks to get the proper respect for the running game,sounds like maybe time to give williams his chance.DD we know you can,you just need to do it

    why could’nt boldin have signed with buffalo or new england,anybody but 49r’s.hey mike wallace,news flash dude,your team won,not good enough for you?selfish self centered players should be dealt to loser teams.yes i’m ready for some football,can you tell?

  8. By shane on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    the cardinals are 8th in total offence right now so that’s a positive but the defense deeds to step up and get more pressure & do a much better job of stopping the tight ends.. something they did very well last year. That’s were i think cutting Kerry was a mistake. But overall good performance and hopefully we can get a win next week in the home opener, i cant see us going 0-2 with how talented this team is. GO Cardinals!

  9. By UK cards fan on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    If I recall correctly, Bobbie Massie’s second half last year was well above average. Either he completely dropped off physically and mentally, or the new coaching staff is inept at talent evaluation.

    If the cardinals are going to protect against the Lions’ D-line, we’ll have to do it with multiple tight-end packages.

  10. By Scott H on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Small detail here but as I’ve said previously, I think Feely’s days here are numbered. He’s barely average at this point with FG’s and if he cannot do better on kick-offs…then what’s the point? Kickers ain’t that hard to find.

    Hey, coach….just because we don’t use our TE’s, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to defend against the ones that play for the other teams. gee, do ya think Jared Cook can’t wait to play this team again??? Someday – MAYBE – this team will realize that the TE position can be used as a weapon. It sure was a weapon AGAINST us yesterday.

    Certainly can’t complain about how Carson Palmer played. He got the ball to the WR’s, moved the offense, put points on the board. And we still couldn’t beat the Rams. That is disappointing.

    Where’s the pass rush??? Sam Bradford isn’t even in the top half of QB’s in this league. But he’s good enough to play good enough to beat you when he isn’t pressured. So…what should we expect when we play Drew Brees and Colin Kaepernick? Ugly, you say? Ha. Brother, ugly ain’t even gonna be the word for it…

  11. By Scott H on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    SteveG –

    Um…we just played one of the teams in our division. I don’t know if we “surprised” anyone but we still lost the game. If we were gonna “surprise” the other teams in the division, yesterday would have been a good time to start.

  12. By LG on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Dam i’m hurt because we lost but i feel real bad for BA i wanted him to win his first game with us.

  13. By Richard S. on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Thoughts on the day: Don’t run the ball out of the endzone when you take it 7 yards deep. Please and if Arenas does, please don’t cough it up. Boldin’s impressive 49er debut broke Jerry Rice’s opening day record for receiving yards by 40 yards. 168 to 208. What a receiver. I wish we hadn’t let him go. Great hands, averaged about 15 yards a catch and he cost the Niner’s a 6th round draft pick. Wonder whose team he’ll represent in the HOF.

  14. By Darren Urban on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Richard S —

    RE: Boldin

    If he makes the Hall, and with all due respect to Q, I’m not sure he’s a HoF guy, it doesn’t matter which team. Only in baseball do you go in “on a team.” You don’t in football.

  15. By georgiebird on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    There are two ways to look at the first game:
    1) A simplistic but positive approach that says ‘if Feely makes his FG and we don’t give up the two point conversion, we win the game’.

    2) a more realistic but negative approach that says ‘no matter what kind of a lead we had, the Rams were going to dominate our porous defense in the 4th quarter scoring whatever was needed to win’.

    Take your pick.

  16. By georgiebird on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    With all due respects, “IF Boldin makes the HOF” Boldin and Larry are in a flat tie for all-time yardage. Boldin is 3 years older but playing w/ SF should pad his stats. Two solid years in SF should put Boldin in the top 15 in yardage. And probably another SB where he has been great.
    I’d worry more about Larry getting in (although he should)

  17. By Daniel on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Hey only 3 sacks I think we did good compared to last year didn’t they sack kolb and co like 9 times the rams thought they were going to feast on palmer the oline look ed ok now the D was what worrys me

  18. By tbru on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    BA sees these guys daily in practice, had very careful observations in camp If he don’t think anyone can replace Levi, I trust his judgement more than than the Monday morning coaches demanding immediate change. The coaches can work on improvements, but really it will have to be a priority in the offseason. The free agent list at this point is not loaded with John Hannah’s or Anthony Munoz’s

  19. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    It’s only 1 game. We have 15 more to go. You get positives and negatives out of every game. We are all arm chair coaches. Everyone has an opinion, but none of us are in the actual hot seat. That honor is reserved for the players and coaches. I have my fair share of negative and positive opinions as well so I am no different. But its only one game and our team represented well. We didn’t get blown off the field like Jacksonville. We played inside our division on the road against a team that won more NFC West Games than any team in the division last year. Told you guys before, watch out for the Rams. Don’t take anything from them, they won. Both teams played well. Detroit at home this week. I like our chances. We are just as good as the lions if not better. It won’t be easy but its the NFL and no week in the NFL is easy. Make the adjustments, strap em up and let’s get it. Go Cards !!!!!!

  20. By LadyBird04 on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Re: Feeley – what the Heck was going on the first two kick offs….the 50 yard miss is ALMOST understandable. I think there is some kind of passive agressive feud between Feeley and Arians (Heard on KTAR and read on ESPN that Feeley beat out Arians son for a NFL job years ago). Both of you, GET OVER IT! Feekey, just kick the ball, Arians – let him kick the ball like he has done for us for a couple of years.

    Levi, is Levi. As long as he is on the team, we have to accept our qb’s getting squashed. Either cut him; replace him or just give up. Arenas made far dumber moves in the end zone. DUMB, DUMB, period.

    Pass rush was ineffectual. Tackling was ineffectual. Forget about our Safeties.

    Come on guys….you wanted a qb – you’ve got one. Get it together. Wake up and appreciate it.

    I didn’t ever believe we could be a playoff contender, but we have to get out of the habit of shooting ourselves in the foot.

  21. By LadyBird04 on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    RE: Arenas
    He really made some horrible decisions.

    Anyone remember when we had #12 – Andre Roberts was probably worse. If I remember corrrectly, he lost the ball a couple of times and the other team scored on their own kickoff. Other times he just dropped it. Glad he isn’t doing any returns any more. Wait, maybe he was doing punt returns? Either way, he has become a prfitable reciever, hoepfully Arenas can redeem himself going forward.

  22. By Sean on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    For all the Dockett fans out there who keep calling him a beast. Then got all offended when I was shocked he was a captain & told me I didn’t understand the scheme he played in etc. etc. Here you go from the experts: Pro Football Focus rated Darnell Dockett the league’s worst 3-4 defensive end in Week 1 after he was credited with a single tackle…. It looks like the new scheme isn’t working for him either. Unfortunately the only thing on Dockett that’s a beast is his mouth & that’s why he should never have been named a captain. Naming Dockett a captain is just as bad as naming Levi Brown a captain…It just makes no sense. John the draft guy has had it right from the start.

  23. By Kevin S on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Georgiebird —

    I’ve always thought looking at the final score and then saying, “So we’d have been tied if Feely had made that FG at the end of the first half”-type of thinking is silly. The game would’ve played out differently.

    You could also look at this game and say that if the Cards hadn’t gotten a couple very big breaks (you can’t expect Mathieu to pop that ball out and even if he does, it was only 50/50 for the Cards to recover it… nor can you expect a batted pass to go straight up and land in Dan Williams’ hands), we’d have been blown out. But that would be wrong too, because without those two TD’s, we wouldn’t have gotten an 11-point lead and then maybe our offense would’ve kept throwing the ball downfield instead of getting complacent which is what it looked like to me.

  24. By johnnybluenose on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    Darren. Why are you so quick to doubt Boldin’s HOF qualifications? To me, he compares favourably to Art Monk who is in the Hall. If Boldin can stay healthy and play through the 2015 season he should equal Monk’s stats. In 224 games Monk had 940 receptions for 12721 yards and 68 tds. Boldin is at 141 games with 785 receptions for 10,373 yards and 59 tds. Surely he can average 60 receptions and 800 yards per year over the next three years, especially with Kaepernick. And while on topic, who did we draft with the third and fourth draft picks we got from Baltimore when Q was traded away?

  25. By Darren Urban on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    johnnybluenose —

    RE: Boldin

    In this age of passing, his stats are going to dwarf some HoFers, but that’s because of how the game has changed. I didn’t say he wouldn’t get in. I said it’s debatable, and it is. He had a magnificent game Sunday. We’ll see if it keeps up that way. I like Q, and I think he’s a great player. I just don’t think he’s a no-brainer Hall of Fame pick, and for some reason, many fans do.

    As for the trade, the Cards were wheeler-dealers that year, but ultimately, the trade fetched Andre Roberts, O’Brien Schofield and CB Jorrick Calvin (the Cards traded down in the fourth to get an extra pick). It also allowed them to include their own third- and fourth-round picks in a trade for Kerry Rhodes.

  26. By ored on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    i think it was more of a game to learn from,some things were unexpected and did’nt turn out like we hoped,but there were also some bright spots,last year we were riding high first 4 games but fell off a cliff,this year is starting out tough but there is improvement and the offense is contributing,only one game,give them some time.

  27. By BluePitt on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    “I’m not sure he’s a HoF guy” But Fitz is right? hahahaha Joke of the day!!!!

  28. By mark on Sep 9, 2013 | Reply

    I still feel like if the Cards had Washington in the game, Cook would have been shut down. I don’t buy the Rams being better than Birdgang, and losing the game like we did can be a good thing. If they can fix protection issues, and Levi can actually improve, we will win ALOT. But we need some Defense to come through. Last year if we scored 24pts in all our games we would have nearly won them all! To me it was almost a reverse role.

  29. By NYCardinals on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    I have typed and re-typed this again and again. It always comes out as an emotional rant, so I’ll just say this —

    To those for whom the sky is falling, please go back and watch the first 5 games of 2012, when we were supposedly a “good” team”. Then watch the 1st game of this season.

    I promise, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

  30. By NYCardinals on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    . . . and to get a better perspective on how the defense played on Sunday, go back and watch the first half of the 2011 season. Ray Horton’s defense wasn’t very good.

    Of course everyone wants the team to be good NOW, but it helps to re-watch these particular games (don’t trust your memory). You’ll see a 2011 defense that started very slowly, but they obviously got much better. To the contrary, you’ll see an encouraging 2012 offense on the surface, but things went downhill rather quickly.

    This coaching staff considers themselves “teachers”, first and foremost. Let’s see what they can do.

  31. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    Well, we’re all pissed at the loss. But only because we know we are much better than last year, and much better than we closed the game. Cup half full.

    If we choke this week, it will be even harder to get over… will expect a dominating defense… or call for Bowles head on a stick on the Great Lawn…and Arians better get Levi help this time, a “chip” block doesn’t cut it.. as we learned the hard way Sunday, again (deja vu to Whiz’ stubbornness).

    Go Cards.

  32. By NYCardinals on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    I really enjoyed the pairing of you and Ron Wolfley on the last Cards Underground podcast. Having just the two of you seems to be the right balance, in my opinion. Though it was shorter than in the past and had two less voices giving perspective, I thought you and Wolfley packed in much more direct information and analysis, in comparison.

    Will this format continue in the future?

  33. By Darren Urban on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    NYCardinals —

    RE: Podcast

    That is the plan.

  34. By clssylssy on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    With week 1 behind us, we are now looking forward to home field advantage…will that be enough against Matthew Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson, David Akers and company? Hmmm…Las Vegas has this game even at this point but I wonder if our offense will be that much improved against a team that blew Adrian Peterson and the Vikings out of the water last week; can we stop Reggie Bush?
    This is not the same Lions team that we beat last year and even with our upgrades, I hope we are prepared and don’t go into this game over confident. Losing on the road in a close game against a division rival was painful but losing at home a second week will suck big time as we need to be confident going into the Dome against the Saints where we last saw Kurt Warner’s career come to an end. I believe we have a team loaded with talent but it doesn’t seem we are as yet running like a fine tuned clock. It seemed as if Palmer really lost his focus and accuracy in the second half against the Rams and so I’m hoping Rob Housler is healthy and in good form and our TEs can help out this week…it’s gonna be a grinder and no slam dunk!
    Regarding Boldin, I’m surprised at you Darren, although this organization has never been able to admit their mistakes…the rest of the sports world thinks Q is about the hottest thing going and Ravens fans are NOT happy with the trade that threw their team under the bus either. Bird teams loss has proven to be 9er gold. Reminder that Fitz and Q were one of the top WR tandems in NFL history, both cut from a special cloth you don’t see much anymore…both future HOFers! It’s a new week, GO CARDS!

  35. By Darren Urban on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Boldin

    “The rest of the sports world thinks Q is about the hottest thing going.”

    He was great Sunday. It will be a great trade for the 49ers.

    But is he a lock for the Hall of Fame? No. Could he get in? Let’s see how the rest of his career plays out. But I know a few HoF voters. I’m pretty sure I’m right on this one. It’s not a knock on Q. But look at his stats. He hasn’t had a 1,000-yard season since he left Az. Maybe that changes this year. But in this era of video game stats, not sure that gets it done — no matter how popular a player he might be for this fan base.

  36. By hmboldin on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    The problem at left tackle is not going to be fixed by simply getting Levi Brown to miraculously get better footwork. A replacement was needed at the left tackle position like weeks ago.

  37. By clssylssy on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    I see wherein lies the rub…yards vs. TDs and records? Has nothing to do with popularity but quality of play and contributions to the game. I have a feeling with a QB like Kaep and already starting the season with over 200 yrds in his first game (breaking yet another record) Boldin will have NO problem making 1000 this season. For some players, it sucks to be dependent on another player or system to get the accolades well deserved (as in Fitz’s case). I have faith in the NFL and both Fitz and Q have the respect from the league to get into “the Club”. Q has one ring already, may get yet another before he hangs up the cleats which helps tip the scales. On this we can agree to disagree; it always makes me proud to see former Cards have success–makes me feel like they had good teachers! 🙂

  38. By Scott H on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    NYCardinals –

    Dude, I really don’t get your point. I did what you said. Didn’t work. Didn’t work because after 5 games last year, we were 4-1 and we REALLY DID look like a good team. Kolb was playing well and our D was among the best in the league. So…I’m suppposed to look at one game so far in 2013 – which we lost – and feel BETTER? Well, I don’t.

    Nor do I think the sky is falling. I just don’t think the Cardinals are a competetive team in the NFC this year, period. Sorry, but I don’t. They are definitely not likely to compete in their division. Since I believe that, the sky is not fallling because they lost to the Rams. They lost to the Rams because the Rams are a better team. I know many don’t want to believe that. OK. And I could be wrong. But I think my view is realistic and I’m not afraid to be realistic.

    I believe this IS a re-building year for this team. And it’s not gonna be the only one they will need. All these guys who were signed to one year deals??? Please. Sorry, but Super Bowl teams are not built that way.

    This team is re-building, whether the coach thinks so or not. AND I’m OK with that. I mean, it’s not REALLY OK, but…what else am I gonna do? Bang my head against the wall and throw tantrums all year because they’re not better than they are? No, thanks. This organization spent 3 seasons digging itself into a crater after Kurt Warner – and a lot of other very talented players – left. With the 2 best teams in the NFC sitting right in our own division – teams we are NOWHERE near ready to compete with – it’s not gonna turn around immediately

  39. By ored on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    all things considered,i would still have kept boldin,but there is a pattern,we traded him,ravens traded him,but moss also was’nt kept around on some teams very long either,maybe some things behind the scene we’re not privy to,but still andre is’nt chopped liver as compensation.also the fact fitz was willing to adjust his contract to keep boldin says something.

    NYcards,totally with you there,this team is major upgrade from last year and we’re still working with gowing pains,so sad that coop got injured and washington is out,but we’ll still be much better at game #16 than last year.still early on this ride.

  40. By BluePitt on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t know about lock for the HOF.. but I do know if he isn’t a lock or voted in then Fitz is not even close to getting in, as they are almost stat for stat in the same amount of games played and Q has played in 2 SB’s and got his team to one and all but won it for them him self! He has the ring! And is probably going to get another this year (hate to say it) but they looked just like they needed to look!
    Put it this way, now that Fitz is going over the middle more we will se if he stays healthy like they knock Q for, lets see if he is as sure handed as Q is over the middle. We will see!

  41. By Paul Liccardi on Sep 11, 2013 | Reply

    what has not been mentioned by bruce arians is why he made the descion to throw a home run ball on third and two late in the game instead of getting the first down which would have at the very least came the ball out of the rams hands, there is a time to throw a deep ball and it surely isn’t on third and two with the game on the line. but he is a fairly new head coach so he will make mistakes which is being human just please bruce learn from them. and also why do you blitz when you needed a stop to prevent the rams from a chance at winning the game when for the most parts the pass rush wasn’t very good all day.

  42. By Darren Urban on Sep 11, 2013 | Reply

    Paul —

    RE: Final throw

    It was a good play call. Watch the play again. Two defenders jumped up to cover Michael Floyd, and Ellington had gotten past the linebacker. They hook up on that throw, it’s probably a touchdown.

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