Pressure and feeling pressure

Posted by Darren Urban on September 24, 2013 – 9:15 am

Pressure their quarterback, protect your quarterback from pressure. In a lot of ways, that’s what today’s NFL turns on each game.

The numbers from the Saints game were encouraging and discouraging at the same time in those areas. analyzed the game and noted that Carson Palmer was pressured on 13 of 39 dropbacks. You want it to be better, but in retrospect, it seemed like Palmer was pressured more than that (and it underscores some of the issues Palmer had himself throwing the ball.) On those 13 drops, Palmer was just 1-for-9 and was sacked four times. And all four sacks came without blitzing, on a four-man rush. (And as a side note, Palmer did not complete any of the four passes thrown more than 20 yards downfield.)

Arians said the offensive line will “just continue to work.”

“Crowd noise affects those guys and it couldn’t have been any louder,” Arians added. “They just have to continue to work on it. It will be a challenge (this week.)

On the other side of the ball, PFF noted the four sacks and charted three hits on Drew Brees and 16 hurries — all good numbers. Arians’ problem? It should have been better.

“Biggest thing defensively, we missed some wide-open sacks,” Arians said. “We had just running free that were unblocked. Didn’t get the sack. Drew got away, got the ball out. His yards rushing was huge. It’s hard to come up with blitzes where guys from free but we did it about four times in the game and got no sacks.”

Making more problems for the defense was missed tackles. PFF counted 14 missed tackles, the Cards’ worst total the year. That definitely has to change, quickly. The Cards got a little sloppy against the Rams and adjusted for the Lions’ win. Time to adjust again.



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7 Responses to “Pressure and feeling pressure”

  1. By LG on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    BA is right we got 4 sacks on them but it could have been nine no lie. but i have been saying since week one we got to tackle better. i watch ever game and we are not tackling good.

  2. By LG on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    I just hope Carson wants to come back next season. the pressure is getting to him. when he starts every game he’s great but after that blindside start letting him get hit its over. but you cant blame him the line got to give him and the WR’s time to run the rout.

  3. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    I think if we can get a win in Tampa and finish out the first quarter of the season 2-2, we are good. If you think about it, 3 of the first 4 games are road games. So 2-2 would be great. We won the only home game we had so all we need to do is maintain home field and go 4-4 on the road if not better. That’s not too hard to do if you break it the season down by quarters. As for Carson Palmer. He is better than any of the QB’s we have had recently, but if th O-line can not support him, we are toast. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a Carson Palmer fan. I think he is a loser. He throws into double coverage and misses reads all the time. But he can make all the throws and when he is on, he is as good as any of the better QB’s in the league. Our defense has to tighten up. We are giving up way too many points. I didn’t get to see the game because they weren’t showing it here in the Bay Area, but I know we cannot win if Palmer is throwing interceptions every game and getting sacked so much. Just my two cents. I think we will beat Tampa and come back home 2-2. If that happens, I think we are in good position at the end of the 1st quarter of the season. Let’s Go Cards.

  4. By clssylssy on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    Paul Calivisi predicts this to be another ugly week for the Cards because, among other things, they stayed in Florida all week rather than returning to the comforts of home and a familiar place to practice in. While I think we would have been better served to go to NO on Friday and at least have one practice there, Calivisi could be right in his belief that football players are creatures of habit. It’s really early in the season but so much has shifted already because of some serious injuries and other unforseen set backs. Our run game is our main strength right now with help from Special Teams and I really hope BA isn’t stubborn enough to continue pushing our aerial game when our meat and potatoes is the ground game which also saves Palmer from being beat to death. We need to just focus on moving the ball, avoiding penalties, and playing good ole ground and pound football. GOOD LUCK CARDS!

  5. By Scott H on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    Keep in mind that Brees is a hard guy to sack often because he is so established in their system, he is a very smart QB, and he tends to get the ball out quickly.

    I have little to say about this game because, frankly, this game was a loss from the day the schedule came out. The fact that the Saints won and won big could not possibly be a surprise to anyone who was being realistic. The outcome was pretty reflective of where these teams stand in relation to each other. The Saints are much-improved on defense, they remain among the best in the NFL on offense, and they appear to be among the elite in the NFC this year. The Cardinals are what they are, probably no better than 6-10 / 7-9, and still a long way from being competetive in the NFC.

    The next two are completely winnable. After that…most of the next several are probably going in the loss column.

  6. By ored on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    but our sacks meant little when brees would turn right around and throw for a 1st down,he was way too comfortable and in control,he just made excellent use of his recievers.

    we have two excellent jump ball/possession recievers in larry and floyd,a TE with the speed of a wide out,ellington and williams with sproles type potential,and andre who is proving to be smart and can hold onto the ball when hit,an effective running game with good depth…so what’s up with only 7 points and puny yardage also,i don’t see many offenses with our skill type players,but we keep underachieving,larry and floyd can come down with the ball if it’s in their range,run it til they stack the line,then spread it out and just throw it,just give them the chance to make a play,rinse and repeat,all we have to do is execute,does’nt matter if they know what we’re gonna do if our guys are better and play to their potential,we just keep doing what works,larry knows consinstincy,he’s been there before,floyd’s ready to break out,housler needs to step up,i guess what i’m trying to say is at least go down swinging,take chances on jump balls,play to our strengths,would rather see an incompletion or interception happen with one of our guys in the mix trying to catch it,don’t need to have picture perfect passes,just get it close to their wheelhouse.if we turn it over then it’s the defenses turn,we were all about turnovers at one point,well do it,with 21,HB,and special teams,we need them to turn it over,maybe keep 21 on defense only so he can concentrate on shutting down his side of the field.when we are’nt playing well,then it’s time to do the things we do best.

    somebody pointed this out already,brees and co.were almost beat the week before by the bucs,does’nt make this game sound any easier considering how easily brees dispatched us.

  7. By LG on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply

    If anybody think we cant beat a good team then they are not real fans the cardinals beat their selfs alot. last year i bet you was saying new england was going beat us guess what you was wrong we won in new england if you dont have faith in the birdgang get off the page. i thank they can win every week thats why we go for them. thats why we buy the tickets to see them BIRDGANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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