Buccaneers aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on September 29, 2013 – 6:33 pm

Bruce Arians used the hot read on his first postgame comment Sunday.

“I wouldn’t have any other ending at Raymond James Stadium,” he said. “I’m kind of used to that.”

Of course, Arians was referencing both Sunday’s 13-10 come-from-behind win for the Cards over the Bucs and the Super Bowl he won with the Steelers back in early 2009, and yes, that picked at the scab of the Cards’ fans that remembered that painful ending all too well. Then again, it was nice for the Cards to avoid another painful trip to Tampa Bay. And goodness knows it certainly looked like it was going to be just that.

For a while it echoed the Cards’ last regular-season trip here, a seven-point loss in which the offense could do nothing. The Cards saw exactly what they expected this time out of rookie Mike Glennon. He completed some passes on them but for the most part, the Bucs’ offense did little. Not that they needed to.

But finally, the offense came around. Sure, Patrick Peterson had to play the set-up man – what in the world were the Bucs thinking letting a struggling rookie throw that deep in his own territory when the Cards had been doing next to nothing offensively? – and it’s always nice when your stars shine. Peterson two picks? Check. Fitz clutch TD? Check.

There will be frustration and concern, all rightfully so. Yet there is a world of difference between 1-3 and 2-2, and the Cards made sure they didn’t mess it up. Most, if presented with the possibility of 2-2 after four games – three being on the road – would take it. The Cards will.

— Peterson said the game changed as field position began to change in the second half. The offense didn’t score but at least it was getting yards. Meanwhile, the Bucs stopped moving as the Cards honed in on rookie QB Mike Glennon.

“(Being a rookie) definitely played into the thought process,” defensive end Calais Campbell said. “They threw a little more early than I thought they would. He is a young quarterback and he made some young mistakes.”

— That included that game-turning pass thrown to Peterson. Glennon said he made the right read but just a bad throw. Peterson said he knew exactly what the route was and jumped the pass. Regardless, it changed the game.

— And yes, Peterson admitted that as a rookie, or even last year, he probably would have tried for a longer return on his final pick. But he got down because he just wanted to end the thing and get the Cards on their flight back to Arizona. A wise man.

— It was good to see Fitz get involved. Cause/effect? Sure seemed that way.

— The Cardinals will officially get Daryl Washington back. I’m pretty sure it’s as early as tomorrow. Peterson talked about how much more aggressive the Cardinals will be able to get with him in the lineup. I really think he will have a huge impact on the defense.

— The last time the Cards came back to win a road game where they trailed by at least 10 points in the fourth quarter? It was in Philadelphia, Sept. 12, 1999. The Cards were down 12 before coming back to win, 25-24. That’s the year before I started covering the team. The last time they won in regulation down at least 10 in the fourth quarter? That was 2003, with the infamous McCown-to-Poole Hail Mary pass to beat the Vikings, 18-17. That was 17-6 in the fourth.

— Rookie wideout Jaron Brown hadn’t looked sharp in his few chances this season, but he showed a lot by making that 19-yard sideline catch while being blasted by Bucs safety Dashon Goldson. Goldson was flagged (and could be suspended) and the Cards got the easy field goal attempt.

— Tyrann Mathieu got a couple of punt return attempts, but the Bucs kicked it away from him like they did Peterson. The first Mathieu return came after Peterson’s right arm went numb briefly, and he didn’t want to take a chance at fumbling a punt out there.

— The defensive linemen were huddled around after the game wanting to know how many yards the Bucs rushed for, and were disappointed when they heard 80 (on 31 carries). Of course, that was skewed by Goldson’s 22-yard fake punt. Doug Martin gained just 45 yards on 27 carries – 1.7 yards a tote – and that’s a good day’s work for the D.

— By the way, confirmed by Elias, there has only been eight times when a player had 25 or more carries and gained 45 or less yards since 1935. Only the second time it’s happened in a team’s loss. So again, a good day’s work for the D. Martin was a key Sunday.

— Arians wasn’t sounding overly concerned about Carson Palmer’s play. He did say he thought getting sacked on the first play didn’t help Palmer’s confidence. But “it’s not just him,” Arians said. “It’s 11 guys on offense. We have about eight of them playing in the first quarter the last two games.”

— I did think the pass protection was generally better in the game after a rough start. Palmer was sacked on that first play and then wasn’t sacked again.

— In their two wins, the Cards are a combined 2-for-21 on third-down conversions. Mind-boggling.

That’s enough from 35,000 feet. It’s been a long week.

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49 Responses to “Buccaneers aftermath”

  1. By Chris B on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    In the games they stat slow but finish they are 2-0. In games they start fast and can’t close, they are 0-2.

    By game 6 or 7, they’ll hit their stride.

  2. By infitzwetrust on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    That route Fitz ran for his TD was pure beauty. Especially doing that to Revis.

    2-2, tied for second in the division.

    Although we still need to work on a lot of things, were in a great place.

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Before anyone starts complaining, A win is a win. To go across the country and win isn’t easy and we found a way. 2-2. Now we get a tough Carolina team at home. Lets go get Cam.

    The Dline of Shannessey, Dockett (at times Talley), Campbell and Rucker came up huge against the run. We had to blitz with these four playing because they struggled to get pressure, but wow did they come up huge against Doug Martin. (remember the 2nd leading rusher and 1450 yrds last year)

    I didn’t see Moch in much, but when he came in, he got a sack and a hit causing an incomplete , along with two tackles. I am thinking we could have that edge rusher we have been looking for.

    The first half, were we scared of Revis? Not one pass to Fitz. The second half, the two battled. Since Fitz caught the tying TD, I’ll declare him the winner in the battle even though Revis got a pick.

    PP came up huge in the 4th quarter. Its good to see prime time players make the plays when we need them.

    Palmer was fine. Tampa’s defense is good. They had great coverage and shut our run down. The offense did what they needed to do to win.

    I’m not sure why Arians went so conservative after the int. He just ran and set up for a FG. Faith in the defense? Lack of faith in the offense? Just wanted to make sure he got points?

    Good win Cards.

  4. By Safety Guy on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Nice to come away with a win….but Ofense was not good at all. They should have for all practical purpose lost this game.

  5. By Card4Life on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Wow we barely beat the worst team in the league and are 2-2 almost 1-3 . Palmer is not a big upgrade to Skelton and he has better protection. Home game next against mediocre Carolina then a similar stretch of killer games like last year, SF, Seattle and Atlanta !

  6. By John smith on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Ugly win, poor performance, did they prepare or is it just the same old Cardinals?

  7. By rufus on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Is there going to be a change at RB? Maybe more touches for Ellington, activating Ryan Williams or getting S. Taylor involved? We are not going to win many games without a running game.

  8. By bobstroup on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply


  9. By Andy Kw on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    The O-Line did fine, it is just that none of them can really make holes for the running back to run through.
    Our defensive backs finally played well. Patrick Peterson was all over the place and grabbed 2 interceptions. Jerraud Powers made some key tackles and Yeremiah Bell had 1 sack and provided nice coverage. Tyrann Mathieu was okay.
    Our wide receivers played decently. Michael Floyd had an amazing game and Larry Fitzgerald, as always, finds some way to impress. Andre Roberts had only one grab but we know what he is capable of.
    Our linebackers seemed to play a lot better than the past 3 games. Better tackling and nice run stopping game. Dontay Moch and Matt Shaugnessy impressed. Daryl Washington returns and will provide that explosiveness this team needs. With his pressure, I expect Peterson and the defense to have more interceptions. Karlos Dansby could have had 2 interceptions on the season but he missed both opportunities. He has done a nice job so far.
    Our Quarterback needs to play better. Carson Palmer was not accurate and needs to capitalize on plays that are in scoring range. 2 interceptions in our opponents side of the field is unacceptable. I expect him to rebound when he plays against the Carolina Panthers.

  10. By NJAzCardsFan on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    The Cards offense is a slow motion train wreck….. Some of it, is the OL, some the QB play and some of it the play calling. Why did the Cards wait until the 2nd half to use Fitz. The middle of the field seemed open all day….

    Carson Palmer seems to be morphing into Derek Anderson ver 2.0…..

    It is going to be a long season for Cards fans……

  11. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Is it just me and my dislike for Palmer/Mendenhall or what. We are lucky to be 2-2 and I will take it considering we’ve been on the road 3 out of the 4 weeks. The team gets a passing grade for the first quarter of the season, but this next quarter will be tougher. Carolina at home, the Niners in SF, Seattle at home on a short week, and then Atlanta. That’s huge. Like me or not, Palmer throws way too many interceptions for us to beat the next four teams. He will need to improve or he should be replaced. Mendenhall. tell me he does not look 2 steps too slow. He can’t get outside and he doesn’t have any moves to get away from tacklers. Ellington is a nice change of pace but once again, he is a rookie. Outside of my complaints, we still won and it’s great. Winning ugly is still a win and it builds chemistry. Now all we need to do is clean up the interceptions and run the ball a little better and we will be fine. I’m excited for the Carolina game. Can’t wait to defend home turf. Go Cards. !!!!!

  12. By JR on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    It was ugly for three quarters, but we won and we’re 2-2. That’s not bad, considering all the Cards have been through in the last ten days: lost three starters for the year, another starter because of the severe finger injury and then the terrible tragedy with the Dan Williams family. As a fan I feel very bad about what’s happened to the Williams family and the team. I can’t imagine going through it all emotionally as a team member. So, well done Cards. Maybe we can now move forward, one game at a time.

  13. By BirdsSTC on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Very proud of the D line for stuffing the muscle hamster like that. Carson looked very uncomfortable most of the time, but way to hang in there and get us that td old man. Extremely optimistic about the D once D Wash is back in there, and cautiously optimistic that the O will get their poo together and start scoring some points.

  14. By Kevin S on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Card4Life —

    If you’re going to harp on how we’re almost 1-3 you should also say we’re almost 3-1, in which case most fans would be ecstatic. Yes, it wasn’t a great game for the offense, but the Bucs are not the worst team in the league (Jacksonville is), or even in the conference (based on play so far, NYG is). They would have been 2-1 going into this game but for a dead-ball penalty that gave away the game in the final seconds vs. the Jets and a missed FG with a minute to go that allowed the Saints to drive for their own game-winning FG as time expired. If they had been 2-1 this would be viewed as a quality road win, so there’s no reason not to view it as such just because the Bucs gave away two games that should’ve been wins.

  15. By AzDesertRat1953 on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Ugly, yes but it is a win.

    Would like to see Carson get more than 1-3 seconds in the pocket though, things would change if he could get a little more time.

    The Defense did good, only 10 points allowed.

    Then there’s 11 + 21 that = 32 and the three of them did good too.
    Ya I know corny, but Cards Win!

    GO CARDS!!!

  16. By Jsoully on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    What’s the seriousness of Daryn Colledge?

  17. By Darren Urban on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Jsoully —

    RE: Colledge

    There were no updates on the injuries.

  18. By georgiebird on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    a classic case of the ‘End Justifies the Means’.

  19. By BluePitt on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Where is the aftermath? who’s hurt who’s not?

  20. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    BluePitt —

    RE: Injuries

  21. By Steve on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    Darren: It is annoying that Schiano stills employs an aggressive defense when the game is about over and a team just simply tries to kneel down and run out the clock which he did to the Cards today. Did BA mention that at all in his post game comments? I noticed after the game his greeting with Schiano at midfield seemed cold and quick.

  22. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Kneel defense

    It did not come up with Arians. If teams don’t know Schiano’s guys might do that now, that’s on them.

  23. By Coach K on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    I loved the attention to detail on offense. Give me a break

  24. By Dynosoar on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply


    the Buccaneers lost to the Jets and the Saints by less than a field goal and the Saints kicked our can. I’d say Pittsburgh is the worst in the league, they got drummed by the Vikings today.

    How much do pirates pay for piercings? A buck an ear.

    Good teams win pretty, great teams simply win. They win good, bad and ugly. I’ve been watching our division foes and the 49ers are not playing dominant like last year. Seattle was crushed today. The Rams stomped us, but then what happened.

    We’re only four games in, but I feel the field is wide open for us to win the Division. Can we? I’m looking forward to finding out.

    (No need for thumbs on this one, since I covered three separate areas.
    1. Pittsburgh being 0-4 for the first time in history, OK an exaggeration I know.
    2. The pirate joke.
    3. Our place in the Division.

    What did the pirate say when his peg leg got stuck in the snow? Shiver me timbers. (Sorry ye scurvy landlubbers. Me be havin more o’ these grand fun pirate jokes. But ye not be hearin them today.)

    Did you notice the last parenthesis became a pirate smiley? With an eye patch. Oh man I just should go to bed. But wait, there’s more. Pirates have a hard time with the alphabet because they can spend years at C.

  25. By ored on Sep 29, 2013 | Reply

    the revis interception seemed just out of larrys reach,but the td to larry was perfect,we need more connections like that.players taking turns stepping up,but once they all do it,then it should be awesome.meantime it was a good win and the team should feel good about themselves.

  26. By LadyBird04 on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    First half play calling not so good, Mendenhall one droped pass, two official fumbles and one other he got away with – just terrible, can he put sticky tape on his gloves? What where they thinking not throwing the ball to Fitz the first half? We are paying him for a full game right(sarcasm)? Our D rocked – was concerned with all their injuries – hope College didn’t re-fracture his leg. Dockett and groin injury – not good for us. Boy will it be good to see Washington back out there. Too bad he can’t play safety and replace Bell.

  27. By Nick Pepe on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Bell had a very good game IMO. Ok, so I couldn’t help to go back and read all replies……

    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member
    2-2 doesn’t suck

  28. By johnnybluenose on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    We’re 2-2 and now the season really starts. Our defense played well despite the injuries and the new additions there have contributed. Nice job. I hope Dockett is only nicked, not broken. And, yes, getting Washington back will help. But we need a running game and I don’t know if the fault lies more with the o-line or our running backs. Mendenhall had 12 carries for 21 yards and if I’m not mistaken he put the ball on the ground twice and also fumbled the ball out of bounds late in the game when all he was expected to do was stay in bounds and take some time off the clock. I know he has a resume’ as BA likes to say and I know he wants to do better but I think Ryan Williams deserves an opportunity now.

  29. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    W. All that matters. Next up.

  30. By wnycardfan on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    a wins’ a win, i was surprised, but at least we won. Not happy with the way offense has been (3d down’s %?? run game? etc) we need some kind of energy/push on offense. DEF is pretty good, even though at times it seems not. PP is great, LB’s did a good job considering all the injuries. Hopefully these new ones are minor. I’d just really like to see some REAL offense, just to make me feel good. Its been bad for like 3 years now. Come on BA, make get these guys going like the colts

  31. By Victor Lima Kilo on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I almost turned off the tv during the first quarter out of frustration and thinking we were about to be blown-up. But stuck with it. And then… during the second half, especially during the 4th quarter, I was on my feet with a new surge of hope and excitement! I swear my heart can’t take this roller coaster ride! Glad we won and hope we will improve where needed. Go Cards!

  32. By clssylssy on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    It’s a good thing we will be playing at home next week. You can tell how good a team is by how they do on the road, as the bulltetproof Seahawks have shown time-after-time (they should have lost that game to the Texans and are beatable outside their nest!). We played an excellent defensive team who should have won and probably would have under Freeman but, not going to look a gifthorse in the mouth. The defense was better but the offense is awful! Had the defense played like they did in NO we would have been done after the first half. So, improvements there. One of the announcers stated that when you have a playmaker like Fitzgerald, you have to get him the ball (my thoughts exactly) and then Palmer threw him the ball? This new offense hasn’t used Larry’s strengths optimally and despite the criticism of Mendenhall, he has given some good yardage and put us down the field. All things considered with the pounding the Bucs were dishing and the humidity, etc. he performed adequately and better than some other on the offense. We can’t continue to expect Peterson to save our bacon and have to become more balanced and consistent. Our secondary and special teams are good. We are giving too much up in penalties, two “unsportsmanlike conduct” on Dockett…REALLY? The horsecollar he got called for really didn’t look like that as much as a high tackle that could have been considered good back in the day. I sympathize with these defensive players who have been forced to unlearn everything they were taught for years, and are expected to master these changes with no contact in practice only to have the refs and the league be so wishey washey. Mike Florio commented about the helmet hit on Winston by Suh in the Lions game and the fact that suspending him would have given the Bears and “unfair advantage”! Why isn’t Coach BA supporting his player in this kind of travesty and addressing this? With the loss of four more players, I can’t imagine how the Cards expect to gain any consistency…looking a lot like last year on the injury front only at least we got off to a 4-0 start! REST & RECOVER…the Panthers are another team where appearances are deceiving and their record doesn’t tell an accurate story!

  33. By Cautiously Optimistic on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Run defense: Good, and optimistic, but let’s also be realistic. We were stacking the box all day long and playing man outside. Again. I don’t want to hear anything about stellar D until we put the whole thing together. The scheme was slightly improved from last week against the Saints, but it was still a little too predictable for my taste. If not for PP and his 2 INT at the end of the game (great job, PP) we still gave up way too many yards to a rookie QB in his first start. Powers and Bell aren’t exactly world beaters when it comes to stopping the pass, I’ll say that much.

    I thought Shaughnassey (sp?) looked great all things considered. He had several disruptive plays and even tossed the muscle hamster on his butt WWE style when he tried to chip. (I was happy to see that pic made the website) Dare I say he might be a form of an answer for us if he continues to play at that level. Dockett infused some passion into the game at one point, too. Overall I’m just happy to see some physical D line play even if it hasn’t exactly translated to the stat sheet sack-wise yet. Campbell has been quiet, but I don’t expect that will last since teams are focusing in on him a bit more right now.

    The defensive dynamic is going to change significantly when D Wash returns. He provides speed to cover the edge, pass rushing ability, and coverage. He frees up Dansby and Bell to play into their role a bit more. He also takes some attention off the defensive ends and allows the Honey Badger to ball hawk instead of going 1 on 1 vs. 6’6″ TE. Going to be a much needed addition to our defense. Maybe Bowles’ man outside will actually work with a person like D Wash in there. We’ll see when we play Vernon Davis and the 49’ers.

    Offense? Not going to waste my time commenting. Each game we see Carson’s confidence more and more diminished. I can’t blame the guy. The O line isn’t getting any better. What are you going to do about it BA? Better improve our scheme and play calling or it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

    Glad to be 2-2, but can’t help but notice these deficiencies. Especially after watching Denver dominate and Seattle notch another W

  34. By cardsalltheway on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    What we have here fans is the give me/free pass card which too many players have received in the past.
    Will this be the last? Unfortunately not, and it makes me sick.

  35. By clssylssy on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS FITZ for your #80 TD…despite not ever being targeted in the first half!

  36. By cardsalltheway on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Kudos for playing 1/4 of a quarter of 4 total quarters! Go team go! We almost had a rookie QB AND Brian Hoyer outshine Carson Palmer. Regardless Brian Hoyer’s win looked better than Carson Palmers.

    Passing: B. Hoyer (CLE) – 25/38 – 269 YDS, 2 TD’s

    Who is the better team? Tampa Bay Bucs or the Bengals?

    Palmer completed 21 of 38 passes for 248 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

    We had Hoyer but we thought cutting him was the wise thing to do.

    I love how we know how to evaluate talent, don’t you?

  37. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I agree that Mendenhall should be on a short leash. Ellington has 68 yards on 11 rushes. Mendenhall’s had the ball 52 times and has a long of 11 yards. Even if our O-line isn’t that good (and they’re supposed to be better than the run than the pass), giving a guy the ball 52 times and never having him break one is not good. It hasn’t been horrible either, but 3.4 per carry ain’t going to cut it, especially when he fumbled 3 times (if you count the one that was not officially a fumble but should’ve been).

    The comparisons to DA, Skelton, etc. are silly. Palmer is off a little, but he’s not routinely throwing over guy’s heads by 6 feet. There are definitely some short throws that he needs to be more precise on; he’s behind the receiver or a tad too low on a few too many of those. Then on some plays he seems to be throwing to a spot and then the guy is running a different route… so let’s get in sync.

    D came up huge stopping Martin which is exactly what we needed to do, although I agree with Glennon in his first start we had an advantage there. Disappointing to see them let Glennon convert some 3rd and longs… seems like an Achilles’ heel of the Cardinals forever… make a couple good plays, opponent is 3rd and 8 or 3rd and 12, and then a guy is wide open over the middle for a first down. But when the opponent only scores 10 you can never complain.

  38. By Dave Chaney on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Let’s take all the ugly wins we can get. How many of you diehards have checked out the Cards schedule for the next 6 weeks? With the exception of next week’s Carolina game and the bye week, we are in for some tough sledding. To be perfectly frank, if we win one game (the Carolina game) we will be doing well. What a killer schedule.

  39. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Cardsalltheway —

    I agree he should be on a short leash (see my previous comment), but you’re constantly harping for changes based on a guy having one bad game. Prior to Sunday, Mendhenhall had 40 rushes for 155 yards (3.9 avg) and no fumbles… decent enough considering our complete inability to run the ball last year. Arians is not Whiz, and William Powell is no longer on the team so you can quit worrying about him not getting his chance behind Beanie and RW. Yes, Arians should not be afraid to make a change at RB if the circumstances warrant, but you don’t throw out decisions made after months of training camp and preseason and several weeks of the regular season just because of a bad game.

  40. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Darren —

    I think this game had two questionable penalties on hits on a receiver — one when we were defending (can’t remember who made the hit) and one on the pass Brown caught in the 4th. Was there any discussion among the players or staff about those calls? Neither seemed to involve leading with the helmet… I know there is the “defenseless receiver” concept, but how do you break up a pass without hitting the guy?

  41. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Kevin S —

    RE: Hits

    The first hit was by Cards S Yeremiah Bell. And welcome to NFL 2013. It’s very, very difficult and a fine line to walk.

  42. By John A. on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Darren,How much of impact do you think that D-Wash will have coming off his suspension?

  43. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    John A —

    RE: Washington

    I think he could make a big impact. I just wonder how rusty he will be.

  44. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    This only backs up what I was saying about Mendenhall. Even the coach noticed.

  45. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Bay Area and everyone —

    RE: Mendenhall

    Yeah, everyone can stop linking to stories. I have the exact same thing on the site.

  46. By Nick Pepe on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Let me start by saying I am not and will not look at any of the previous replies to this “aftermath blog”. I know what I am going to see. How bad the play calling was, Carson threw picks; why did we get rid of Hoyer (I’m sure someone went there); a rookie QB threw a TD pass, and yet another injury or two.
    We can’t convert 3rd downs.
    We gave up on the run game.
    It was an UGLY win.

    Let me tell you what I saw.
    I saw a defense playing without (up to) 4 starters stuff a running game like a spoiled kids Christmas stocking.

    I saw guys u never heard of (can you hear me # 66) making plays all over the field.

    I saw a defense not get frustrated, point fingers at or quit because the offense was stagnant.
    I saw a veteran play with a rookies motor, way to go 9-0.

    I saw Yeremiah Bell make me not miss Adrian Wilson.

    I saw Patrick Peterson remind us he may very well be the best in the business.

    I saw vets step up and make plays in the second half. 11, 3.

    I saw a team that, through 4 weeks (3 on the road) against teams or in games that can by no means be labeled as “easy” or guaranteed wins come out 2-2.

    I saw a team that fought through
    losing 3 LB’s, spending two weeks on the road, and having to help, pray an grieve for a teammate come out on top in a game where things didn’t always go our way.

    There is no doubt the D brought a little something extra for big DW.

    I saw team with true leadership and grit. I’m proud of them. I think it was one of the “prettiest” wins in franchise history.

    I can’t wait for number Fifty-Eight.

    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member
    Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face !

  47. By KevinS on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Skelton just signed with SF, how ironic is that !! Actually i think Harbaugh will coach him up. He liked what he saw in Dec 11 I guess, best of luck to John.

  48. By Godfery on Oct 2, 2013 | Reply

    No Johnson is a blow ,but I think Arizona Cardinals is good team and it can overcome the difficulties。

  49. By Eazy E on Oct 11, 2013 | Reply

    Boy Carson and the offense are struggling mightily…

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