Washington to start, and other Arians notes

Posted by Darren Urban on September 30, 2013 – 12:48 pm

Bruce Arians just held his day-after presser. Some of the highlights:

— Linebacker Daryl Washington, returning to the roster this week after his four-game suspension, will go right into the starting lineup. “That one’s easy,” Arians said. Karlos Dansby will likely be the other inside linebacker starter.

— Special teams was excellent. The defense was excellent. The offense, Arians said, “was putrid.” Asked if this offense usually takes this amount of time, Arians shook his head. “I haven’t seen it take this long ever.”

— Arians said the injuries suffered Sunday (Dockett, Colledge, Brinkley, So’oto) wouldn’t be updated until Wednesday but he called them “minor.” That doesn’t mean they won’t miss practice time. After last week’s rash of season-enders, the Cards will take it. Linebacker Kevin Minter (hamstring) should return this week.

— Nose tackle Dan Williams is due to return to Arizona Tuesday night after missing the past week or so because of his father’s death.

— The pass protection was better, Arians said, but not good enough. He said QB Carson Palmer would have had to make some “superhuman throws” because of some of the pressure.

— Asked his thoughts on Dashon Goldson’s hit on Jaron Brown, Arians said it was “totally illegal, just like he always does.”

— Arians said outside linebacker John Abraham played his best game and looked particularly good against the run. That would be a great development for the Cardinals if Abraham can keep it up.

— Arians clearly wasn’t thrilled with the Buccaneers crashing hard on the Cards during their final kneeldown at the end of Sunday’s game. Tampa and coach Greg Schiano have raised eyebrows before with the tactic. “That’s their style,” Arians said. “I’ve got no comment on it.”

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59 Responses to “Washington to start, and other Arians notes”

  1. By gbrim on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    BA needs to tailor his offensive game plan to the talent limitations of his players–specifically Palmer and the O Line. May not be what he wants, but they can’t execute what he wants. Palmer kneeling to set up the last field goal was the first sign that maybe BA sees the need to adjust.

  2. By LG on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    The OLINE was good to me. and that was our DEF best tackling game so far. on carson 2 int’s the block was good he thru it right to the bucks both times. when he throws them kind of int’s it scares me.but a win is a win can’t really ask for much more.

  3. By carlo milano on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Who is the player that will be cut to free up the spot for daryl.
    I saw d4mens yesterday,look solid and better then brinkley

  4. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Carlo —

    RE: Washington cut

    Not sure yet. Move probably Tuesday.

  5. By Will on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I believe that the “style’ of the Bucs’ Schiano that BA was referring to is called “Petulant Child Lashing Out”. When it comes to the victory formation, just accept the loss like a man, show some class, and learn from your mistakes. Heaven knows the Cards have had to do that a few times.

  6. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    The O wasn’t good, but it wasn’t THAT bad. They did nothing the first half, but they were moving the ball OK the second half — Palmer just threw two drive-klling INT’s. We outgained TB yardage-wise despite running 17 fewer plays, averaging 5 yards per play (and that was without any 80-yard pass play or 60-yard run distorting things)… I can find several teams that did worse on O just looking at a few box scores. Biggest problem is when we’d be moving along and then we’d do something dumb (like our opening drive of the 2nd half where we were crisply moving the ball down the field and we get to the 11 and put ourselves in a hole with a false start… without that penatly, Palmer probably never tries to force the pass two plays later that got intercepted).

  7. By LG on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    We got 5 tough games coming in five straight weeks we got to get right and keep it right right now welcome back Washington. let’s go BIRDGANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. By azdesertrat1953 on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    The offense, Arians said, “was putrid.”

    Now someone tell me when we have had an honest answer like this one from a Cardinals HC, because I do not remember.

    GO CARDS!!!

  9. By DINO on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    It’s on now My Red Feathered Siblings!! D-WASH IS BACK!! Thats gonna help awhole lot! I think everybody for the most part will be healthy & ready to smash on them Carolina Kitties! GO CARDINALS!!

  10. By rojobird on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer for heavens sakes take care of the ball , we have a decent defense that can get us the ball back there is no reason for you to throw those wild balls straight to the others teams hands. Manage the game, use your RBs to make the yards manageable and let it fly when possible. Please we are counting on you to take us to the promise land. GO LUCK CARDINALS!!!!

  11. By Mike G on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is well! Nice win for the Big Red yesterday! It was not pretty
    but road wins rarely are. Thought the D and special teams did well. I thought Matt Shaughnessy had a solid game and the tackling was much better. Peterson was solid in coverage as well. I thought the team stuck together and scratched out the win. There has to be some concern on the offensive side of the ball. I thought the O-line was fine yesterday yet the offense still struggled. At times the offense seems lifeless and has no fluency. Really baffled by their production or lack of on 3rd down. Palmer has to play better and cannot have these turnovers. Darren–Do you think Palmer’s struggles on 3rd down are in part that he has not established or has total trust(chemistry) among his receivers?????

  12. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Third downs

    I do not know. I wouldn’t think it’s that.

  13. By shane on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Do you know why the cardinals have been wearing their home jerseys on away games? Is it because of the opposing teams uniforms?

  14. By Darren Urban on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Shane —

    RE: Jerseys

    Home teams pick. Visitors play off of that.

  15. By Dre on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Game ball goes to BA.

    I would have benched Palmer after the second INT in the third quarter.As a matter of fact, as I was couch coaching in the first half, I gave Palmer two series in the second to put some points on the board or sit the PINE. Not only did he not put points up he throws two INTs. I was screaming for Drew Stanton…I was ready to start a “QB Controversy.”

    I see why BA was “coach of the year” now, It took guts to stay with Palmer after that second interception. I glad I’m just a couch coach…

    I still think Ryan Williams needs to be in the game instead of Alfonso, though….

  16. By ored on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    also good that we’ve had 2 locals step up,remember that draft day,there are a few good player in state,would be nice to get someone with the qualities of suggs.

    hard not to notice the cfb qb play saturday,looks to be a good year for signal callers and maybe take a look at the wisconson rb,he had a decent day even with the buckeyes keying on him,i know it’s too early to be thinking draft,but with keims mindset it’s hard not to get excited,,once our o-line is set we can go for the homerun and a few chunk plays also.

  17. By Big Ken on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Dashon Goldson takes all of those cheap illegal shots because he’s just not a very good player. That’s all he’s got to his game. The same was said about Terrance Newman when he play for the Cowboys and he was doing all of those horse collar tackles.

  18. By stfuirsay on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    ” Asked if this offense usually takes this amount of time, Arians shook his head. “I haven’t seen it take this long ever.”

    I couldn’t help but smirk at this and think to myself: “Welcome to the Cardinals Bruce Arians.”

  19. By Rich on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Man-o-man, this town is tough on a team that wins a game. Reminds me of when I lived in Philly.

  20. By drummer-1 on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I notice Mike G always start his comment with a ‘ Hello Darren… Hope all is well.. That’s very polite and respectful.. Thumbs up….

  21. By Scott H on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Anyone feeling like they just can’t help noticing what Bobby Hoyer is doing in Cleveland as a starting QB the last few weeks? And is anyone feeling like this is yet another QB position blunder by the Cardinals??? Sigh….ya know, this organization obviously saw SOMETHING it liked in Hoyer because they went out and made a trade to bring him here. And maybe the organization actually knew what it was doing in doing so. Trouble is, they let him go again before Hoyer ever had a chance to show them anything because they believed that a nearly-over-the-hill Carson Palmer was a better option. Yeah. And how is THAT working out right now?

    Palmer has done very little to make this team any better and why / how that is gonna change going forward, I have no idea. He is not a winning QB anymore. Not on ths team, he’s not. His numbers are average at best. And average at the QB position doesn’t get you anywhere. If we look “better,” then I submit that it’s only because we have last year as a frame of reference. Last year, the Cardinals were historically bad at QB. So, if they are somewhat better than that, then….yippee. But they are still nowhere on the NFL landscape.

    While SOOO many teams have found their QB’s recently ( Dolphins, Bengals, Seahawks, 49ers and maybe even the Jets, Bills, AND THE FRIGGIN BROWNS as of this year ) the Cardinals sit dead in the water with another re-tread.

    We could have had Alex Smith. All he’s done is help the Chiefs get to 4-0.

    We could have KEPT Bobby Hoyer, who was right under our damn noses. All he’s done is taken what looked like the most inept offense in the NFL and turned them into a completely different team. Started 2 games, won them both.

    Could’ve drafted a QB and maybe actually found one.

    No. We went with Carson Palmer and we ended up with the same QB that hasn’t had a winning season since….anyone? Anyone?

    And the 13-10 win over the Buccs yesterday, that we had to count on poor play calling and a rookie QB for? Please. The Cardials could have / should have won that game by double digits. Hard to imagine feeling less satisfied after a win.

  22. By Who? on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Isn’t his name Brian Hoyer?

  23. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I also want to welcome back D-Wash. Man am I ever looking forward to the defense expanding the playbook and being ever more aggressive. I like the fact that the defense is taking pride in stopping the run and making teams one dimensional. Our special teams are one of the best in the league. Now that BA has lit a fire under Palmer and Mendenhall’s butt, I expect them to play better this week. I too would like to see Ryan Williams but if Mendenhall continues on this path, we won’t have to wait long. Hopefully everyone has a good week of practice and we can stick it too Carolina come Sunday.

  24. By Andy Kw on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Change in Linebackers might be better for this team this year:
    -We need OLB John Abraham to start because he is big at 6’4” and has provided a lot of pressure to opposing QBs which is important in causing turnovers.
    -OLB Matt Shaughnessy should start because he can tackle, was decent against the run against the Buccaneers and is a veteran that has done a nice job on a limited role.
    -With LB Daryl Washington back, he will provide more pressure to opposing offenses and has been pretty good in years past in causing turnovers.
    -LB Karlos Dansby is a nice linebacker that needs to work on his hands. He has dropped an interceptions and we really need those plays.
    -Dontay Moch might have a limited role but is providing a lot of pressure. I expect him to compete for a starting job on this team next year.

  25. By ES on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I definitely feel Coach Arians needs to modify his offensive game plan/strategy. What worked in Indy may not work well here with these players. He’s just gonna have to accept that. Quick dropbacks, quick throws, lead blockers for Mendenhall.

  26. By Martin Z on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Carson Palmer really has me worried. I have given the guy a pass until now as he just kept using the “new offense new scheme, takes time to sync. excuse”. Enough with that nonsense. His accuracy is HORRIBLE.

    I saw a show on NFL network during the preseason and the guys were bashing Palmer saying his accuracy has been terrible and maybe if he could get the ball “somewhere in the vicinity of the receivers the Cards had good enough WR’s it might help”. I had never seen anyone on the Cards talking about that so I was like what in hell are they talking about. Well as it turns out..

  27. By Will on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Scott H – his name is BRIAN Hoyer. While he did have some upside (obviously), when a new GM and Coach come in, it’s not at all surprising that they are hesitant to keep holdover players unless they’re particularly impressive. Yes, Hoyer has looked great through two games, but bitching about it won’t bring him back. Let’s get behind the guys we have, fix our holes, and do all we can to win some games. In other words, look forward, not back. Personally, I look forward to and O-line without Levi next year. In fact, I think the last 75 we had that didn’t disgrace the jersey was Lomas Brown. Perhaps we should ban the number? 🙂

  28. By Peter in Canada on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    @Scott H You really should lighten up. The season is early and we are 2-2. Let’s wait and see for at least a few games before we start getting all depressed. As for Palmer and his record, he has not played for a decent team in a number of years, so he can hardly be blamed for his record of the last several seasons. If you want to talk about real QB blunders see DA and KK.

  29. By CreditCard on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    The play calling probably is the first thing that needs to be changed for the offensive unit. I get the impression, that they very well might be trying to out-think themselves or out-coach the opposing defense coordinator. The result is a hap-hazard confusing mess. Goodwin an/or Ariens need to stop being cute, or try to out smart the other team. I think the Card’s talent on the offense side of the ball will carry itself without being cute and clever.

  30. By Scharf on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    RE: Scott H

    Okay, so apparently you have a crystal ball somewhere and saw that Hoyer had potential? Nobody in the world knows which QB is going to be the one, you can try over and over again and still not have results. We can go back to could have and should have and would have etc. etc. etc. but in the end result we have no idea how these players will actually perform. I would take Palmer over Hoyer any day of the week, why? Because Palmer actually has a resume where Hoyer has what? 3 career starts now?

    Also – I would like to ask you how in the world are we going to try and get Alex Smith from the 49ers? Why on Earth would a division rival trade their ex-starting QB and possible make it 2 games harder a year for them to win? The only time that happens is when the player in question turns into a Free Agent. Smith still had 1 year left on his deal.

  31. By mike weber on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    thank you Patrick Peterson I just bought a cardinal hat to celebrate the win and cleaned off your framed jersey! next weeks win is a sure thing especially since Washington will be playing: go Cardinals

  32. By georgiebird on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Cards seem to be playing hard for BA. Thru 1992, the Cards played in the toughest division in the NFL, the NFL East. Then moving to the NFC West, there was a 20 year period thru 2011 when the West was mostly a laughing stock.
    Now the Cards are back in a very tough division. Marginal improvement will not be reflective in the record.
    I hope BA can figure out a way to get a franchise QB in here.

  33. By Coach K on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    I agree we could have kept Hoyer. His decision making is excellent. At times he looks like Drew Brees. I have no idea why we cut Hoyer.

  34. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H —

    First, it’s Brian Hoyer (not Bobby).

    Second, you are just looking at the results of a couple games and getting all carried away. The guy was undrafted and spent 2009-2012 as a backup or third string QB. Belichick let him go because he thought Mallett was better.

    People have been harping for three years about our needing a legit QB. We go out and get a guy who’s been starting for nearly a decade, who just put up over 4000 yards with a 61% completion percentage on a bad team, and you’re mad because through 4 games he’s had a couple not-so-great ones? And you think we should’ve kept a lifetime journeyman instead to be our starer (a guy who still wouldn’t be playing if not for an injury to Weeden).

    The backup QB is always popular. He comes in and if you win, he’s a hero. If not, no one expected anything. His first game he put up 321 yards, but they threw 54 passes (completing 30 — not a great % — while getting intercepted 3 times). I feel pretty confident that if Palmer ever throws 54 times he’ll do as well as Hoyer did in that game.

    Hoyer may turn out OK and if so, good for him — seems like a nice guy. But given the chance to get an established starter like Palmer or roll the dice on another career backup after suffering through DA, Kolb, Skelton, etc., do you really think Hoyer should’ve been our guy?

  35. By Kevin S on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    It’s like all the people who act like the Cards are idiots for passing on, say, Russell Wilson for 2 rounds. Well, so did 32 other NFL teams (some for 3 rounds, and some with a similarly dire need for a QB). It’s not like there were a bunch of folks out there thinking Brian Hoyer was the next Tom Brady and the Cards had a big blind spot… he wasn’t in great demand. Have a little faith in the talent evaluation process.

  36. By Lifetime Fan on Sep 30, 2013 | Reply

    Scott, man…there is a very very very slight chance that Hoyer is the browns QB of the future. Two good games and you want to anoint the guy ; two bad games for Palmer and you sound like you want to bench him. One of which we WON, the other one was on the road in NO was a “L” written in pencil before we got there, not to mention the ridiculous pressure Palmer had to deal with.

    Seperately, I think A. Smith has been one of the most consistent offensive players, I want to see him in there more especially after a three fumble performance by Mendenhall…or maybe give RW a chance to carry the load. What think you?

  37. By Marcelof on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Dude, do you watch the same games I do?
    Unless you’ve got a Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers on your team behind this porous oline, you can never blame the QB – I know he had a nice protection past Sunday, but can he trust them all the time? he’s gotta carry not to lose the ball on a hit and look for the best receiver all at once.
    Of course he isn’t the answer so far, but neither is the line. I may be wrong but unless a good QB goes downs to the second round next April, Cards shall draft the best left tackle on the board by their turn and Carson may be around for a couple of seasons.

  38. By Corgon on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    It looks like LOS going towards to another monster season. Can’t dislike him. One of my favourite Card. I was so happy when he came back. I know it’s a long shot, with DWash and Minter, but I hope he’ll be around the next years. He want to be on the ring of honour, so give him the chance please. Natural leader, core guy and his presence in the middle could be terrifying for the opponents.


    do you know something about the BRRage plans? Will LOS appear any time in this year? Thanks.

  39. By Darren Urban on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Corgon —

    RE: BRR

    I do not have insight into guest plans. Often it depends on whether a guy can show up.

  40. By Miamiredbird on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Darren….When will I get to see/hear some G. Trujillo on this website ???????

  41. By Cardinal's Chick on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    @azdesertrat1953 What difference does it make? Arian’s offense isn’t vastly improved over Whisenhunt’s. Beanie was a bust and it looks like Mendenhall will be as well. Palmer isn’t performing much better than Kolb. A sorry @$$ O-Line ensures that. A QB can’t do his job when he is running for his life most of the time. Although, I think Palmer is more durable than Kolb. I’m a 100% Cardinal’s girl through and through, but I’m still waiting to be impressed by all of the changes that have been made. I get what rebuilding does to a team and for a team. I just don’t get why some of the talent we had was either cut, or let go during FA (Adrian Wilson and Stephens-Howling).

  42. By DINO on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    As far as the jersey thing,like I been saying.I really think it’s a tactic of sorts to add to exhausting their opponent with having them wear a darker color! Just saying. GO CARDINALS!!

  43. By Rick on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Dont run D Wash way baby woooooo what a big lift for our defense. Lets get them kittys.

  44. By wnycardfan on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with BA, offense putrid. I’m glad for the honesty real glad. Makes you feel like there is some leadership and some resolve to solve (vs last few years). Concerning to hear him say he’s never had a team take this long to gel. I don’t think his scheme is all that complicated etiher. So what’s that say about quality of our guys? Kinda reminds me of last few years, same kind of issues. Guys have got to get a clue on this. BIGGEST issue is O-line. They’ve got to do something to get that unit prepared and working.
    DEF is going to be good. Glad to see DWASH back. BUT, they can’t do everything. Offense has got to get it together. HOpefully BA takes out the trash and keeps the real hard workers in there. TIme for a RB change I think.

  45. By oliveer. wagner on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    what about josh freeman, do we have the courage to hire a frnchise q. back now. ?”

  46. By Kevin S on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Cardinal’s Chick —

    Like everyone, I was sorry to see A-Dub go, but for how long have we said he isn’t good in pass coverage. He’s playing for peanuts in NE — was he going to play for that salary here? LSH — really? A fan favorite but not a feature back… if this team couldn’t survive without LSH then we have major problems. From what I’ve seen Andre Ellington can run the kind of routes LSH occasionally ran out of the backfield, just as successfully. (He also hadn’t done anything as a KO returner in a long while — partly that’s due to a lot less returns since they moved up the spot to the 35, but even taking that into account, LSH had done very little in the return department lately.)

    It seems some fans demand improvement but then any time a player is let go that they like, they are upset. You can’t keep everyone.

  47. By Kevin S on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    I agree that Palmer’s had a couple of rocky games, but he was also Pro Football Focus’ top QB in week 1. I don’t think he’s Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers but he’s not Kolb or Skelton either.

  48. By georgiebird on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    @ Scott H.
    Re: QBs
    Your post on QBs is very provocative but I agree with you. The only thing is that you have to let this play out a little longer before your conclusions on individual QBs can be validated.
    BA was hired in large part because he is a QB guru. His moves so far going with Palmer, Stanton and Lindley and getting rid of Skelton, KK and Hoyer is inconclusive. But with the guy of BA’s reputation , one would have expected these QB moves to have benefited the Cards big time.
    BA will not be a success based on marginal improvement from year to year. BA needs to bring in a franchise QB and if that means trading Larry and DD- then so be it.

  49. By Scott H on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    Ok, my bad on getting the name wrong, I quickly realized that he is BRIAN Hoyer, not Bobby. With that out of the way…

    No, I have no crystal ball telling me what kind of QB Hoyer is or will be. You’re missing the point. The Cardinals organization obviously thought something of his potential since they went out and made a trade to get him here. Anyone disagree with that? And what did we actually find out about the kid before we let him go again. Next to nothing.

    I love how people make excuses for Palmer, saying he hasn’t played on a decent team in years. What kind of pathetic arguement is THAT??? Gee…do any of you think that Palmer was a part of the reason why these teams that HE played QB for weren’t very good? I agree that QB’s don’t transform a bad team to a good one all by themselves. But the QB absolutely has to be a key component to this process.

    AND I love how people point to Palmer’s stats from last year. OK. Great. I hope he helped your fantasy teams. Because he sure didn’t help his REAL team, which was 4-12. Throw stats at me all day. Knock yourself out. Hate to tell ya, but WINS and LOSSES are always the bottom line. So, if you’re so into the numbers, why don’t you look up Palmer’s win-loss record over the last several years of his career? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

    To whoever asked if I’m watching the same games you are, the answer is yes.

    Who’s to say that Hoyer has only a slight chance to be a good QB for the Browns? No one can say that any more than I can say that he’ll be a good one. Did anyone KNOW for sure how good Russell Wilson was gonna be?

    And what does it matter how much Hoyer was or was not in demand? If we were wrong about Hoyer, are we supposed to feel better knowing that just about everyone else was, too? If the kid can play, it don’t matter how in demand he was.

    And to whoever the genius was that referred to Hoyer as a life-time journeyman ( after 4 years in the league? ), well…what do you think Carson Palmer is at this point? Guess what, pal? He’s a journeyman, too. Enjoy.

  50. By scott023 on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    When I hear BA say our offense was putried. I can not agree more. However, he is the head coach here. The play calling is the worst, people say that it is BA calling the plays. I don’t believe that for one minute, that would make him a very large part of the problem. He takes no blame, none. It is everyone else that is at fault. If you have a lineman not blocking you remove him now. If you have a line and nobody is blocking you coach them up as you said you would. You say you did and nobody is getting it……..????? Go figure. We are a very talented team. This is scary bad. Because we have great receivers, and when our qb is on he also is not bad. However, one td and two int’s not good. Third and two and we throw a long pass. That has no chance. Who does that ?? Not a pro coach. Play action to a short fast pass, ok. . I was proud that on first down we opened with a nine yard pass, almost always a run. I really want to trust BA, he makes it hard doing this kind of thing. Well, I am a cards fan to the bone. I just know we have the talent and it hurts.

  51. By ored on Oct 1, 2013 | Reply

    i liked the hoyer pickup last year,and knowing he learned behind brady did’nt hurt,he did prove he could throw a nice long ball so i was a little surprised we did’nt keep him,but in the end stanton looked good and hoyers price for a 3rd qb was too high,he also has excellent blind side protection in cleveland,the browns reminded me somewhat of the 9ers before they clicked,they have some good pieces and a stout defense.enjoy watching him and wish him success.

    for those who have’nt,you should be watching some college ball on saturdays,next draft may be the one to get our future qb,lot of talented arms out there,and some looking pretty close to pro ready.

    i think we’re getting closer all the time to a pass rush,maybe late season we blossom and next year we’re solid,pick up another in the draft to incubate.

    seeing as how the high draft LTs have been having their problems adjusting,maybe we just splurge a little in a quality vet if available next year,with coop coming back and the guard position looking good,maybe some depth at center,and the o-line could be a strength.

    someone across from 21 and some safety depth,topped off with some surprise and we should be good to go.

  52. By clssylssy on Oct 2, 2013 | Reply

    As I recall, the promise by BA & Co. was to focus on the 0-line, QB, and offensive issues and to get this team to the playoffs THIS YEAR. So far, we are 2-2 when we were 4-0 at the same time last year and we’ve lost more players to serious injury which makes me question Keim’s ability to assess a players durability and his judgement. Signing players who already have been dumped by other teams because of their previous injuries + age just doesn’t seem too wise. It’s the “Bic lighter” mentality where you buy one cheap that is disposable because it is cheaper only, you need to be able to replace the unit and every time you do you are losing time with developing consistency because of the disruption. I agree that Carson Palmer, at this point, is a more durable choice than Kevin Kolb, however Kolb, Skelton, and Hoyer had their moments…who knows what they would have done behind a “QB Whisperer”. There are times when Palmer looks just like Kolb; when he gets tired or pressured he starts throwing interceptions, and this time he can’t blame his receivers! Perhaps BA needs to spend more time developing his QBs than promoting Patrick Peterson, who doesn’t really need the help. I also have to wonder about the coaches putting Rashard Johnson back into the game after suffering a traumatic amputation…now it appears the infection they thought might happen is a reality…why wouldn’t they send him to the hospital where it could be cared for appropriately? I imagine the insurance carrier will be asking this question too, just hope the infection can now be contained and stopped. At any rate, we need to learn from our past mistakes (something the Cards have been incapable of doing in the twenty years I’ve been a fan) and move forward. There is a lot to like about Coach Arians however, I don’t think he is the the “miracle” fix this organization needed. Looking around Coach Whiz is doing great with a new franchise ans the Chargers are better than they’ve been in years. Likewise Coach Horton and Brian Hoyer have lifted the Browns to a new height, being #1 in a historically tough division. Our former players do well when they go to a different franchise…makes ya wonder if the problem in Arizona isn’t a little higher up the food chain and perhaps it’s time to bring in consultants to get this
    train on track. We have a wealth of talent but just don’t seem to know how to utilize it optimally!

  53. By Kevin S on Oct 2, 2013 | Reply

    For crying out loud Clssylssy, how many times are you going to bring up that we were 4-0 at this time last year as if it means anything about this year? It didn’t do us a lot of good, did it? Did you expect this year’s team to be 4-0 after 4 games? If we win next week, are you still going to be bringing up that we were 4-1 after 5 games last year and this team is only 3-2, so we must not be as good?

    Scott H —

    Brian Hoyer had a good game last week. That’s it. In his first game, he threw 54 passes… completing 55% of them, with 3 INT’s. Basically, a game comparable to Palmer the last couple of games. They eked out a win against a D letting up over 30 points per game. In any case, the only reason we went out and got him last year was that we had tried 3 (3!) other QB’s to no avail. It wasn’t like we went out and got him to be our next franchise QB. Once again, you’re just looking at a small sample size and making all sorts of assumptions about what the Cards should or shouldn’t have done. Your line about wins being all that matters is telling… this is exactly the kind of thinking that had so many fans thinking John Skelton was a legit QB for the Cardinals, because he took a team that was 1-6 and we ended up 8-8, ignoring all the external factors (luck, easier schedule at that point in the year, and most importantly, the D showing up big time in the second half). Uaing that logic you should be begging for the team to go get Tim Tebow.

    If you don’t want people pointing to Palmer’s stats, performance, etc. from previous years, then it’s kinda hard to have much of an argument with you. No doubt the offense hasn’t done much the last 2 games, but in the first two games they were a lot better than anything we’ve seen lately. You may have noticed Palmer seeming frustrated a few times on the sidelines, so there might be something going on in terms of communication with his receivers. Not trying to make excuses — there have been throws he clearly should’ve made that are behind the receiver or too low — but it’s been 4 games, buddy. Eli Manning and Joe Flacco look bad too; I don’t think their fans are suggesting they’d rather have Brian Hoyer.

  54. By Elmer on Oct 2, 2013 | Reply

    Can you imagine how much more a defensive improvement would be if we could get a linebacker to cover a TE?
    I am hoping DWASH can do the job, what a much better defense this would be. Go DWash, Go Defense, Go Cardinals.

  55. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2013 | Reply

    Kevin S –

    As always, I appreciate your views. Perhaps I am looking at a small sample of Brian Hoyer so far. First, that’s all that is available. But consider this – what were you seeing from the Browns offense during their first 2 games with another QB on the field? They were pathetic. And what have yoiu seen from the Browns offense during the last 2 weeks, with Hoyer on the field? They have been a TOTALLY different team, with an offense that suddenly looks viable and has won both games. Well, you tell me, what changed during that time? Simple – the QB. It sure hasn’t been the running game, has it? No. That offense – with the same personnel – suddenly came alive and that doesn’t happen unless there is a definite confidence amomg the players on that team that their QB could lead them and get it done. Whether you think that’s valid or not, THAT’S what I’m looking at. Russell Wilson is not a huge stat guy BUT he sure finds a way to win games, doesn’t he?

    And spare me the point about Tim Tebow. Not that I expect you to remember all of my posts, but I have said plenty about what a LOUSY QB I think he is. Did they win games with him? Yes, they did. But did your eyes EVER tell you he was a good QB? Regardless, apparently the Broncos saw things the same way I did because they got him out of town as fast as they could.

    Getting back you your point about sample sizes…for what it’s worth, Palmer has a much bigger sample to look at, yes? Well, I’ve looked at it. And I see a QB who isn’t good enough to make this team better TO THE EXTENT THAT THEY NEED TO BE BETTER. Frankly, i would rather have found out about Hoyer than got what seemed inevitable from Palmer. What was it going to cost? Seems to me, we were gonna be looking for our future QB in next year’s draft, anyway. Unless, or course, Hoyer turned out to be a good QB.

    Not much point in debating any further, although I do enjoy our back-and-forth. Palmer is here, Hoyer is not. And neither is the QB we need to become competetive again. As many have said, all we can do is let it play out. But…geez, isn’t that where we are EVERY DAMN YEAR??? Gets tiring after awhile.

  56. By Big Ken on Oct 3, 2013 | Reply

    Glad to see Dan Williams coming back. He’s due for another ‘Pick 6’.

  57. By Kevin S on Oct 3, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Thanks. I think Palmer is an average NFL QB at this point. He’s certainly above “replacement level” (meaning, he’s better than the worst starter on any team — which is probably Gabbert right now). That’s way better than what we had last year. Is it “good enough”? I get what you’re saying about him not making the team better “enough,” but this is similar to the conversation from 2 years ago when we went out and got Kolb… most people thought he was the best, or one of the best, available QB’s. Can you fault the team for going out and doing that? Would you rather we have gotten Matt Flynn, or not bothered with Palmer and just gone with Stanton, or gone a similar route? All of those guys are as unproven as Kolb was, and as Hoyer was, so it would be just taking another stab at trying to solve the QB problem with someone else’s backup. How often does that result in a franchise QB?

    And this year’s draft was QB-thin, according to the nearly universal agreement of all the pundits. Manuel wasn’t supposed to start but Kolb got hurt… he actually looked good in the first 2 games and now has had 2 straight weeks of 45% completions. Geno Smith has had good moments but also has thrown 8 INT’s in 4 games. It remains to be seen whether either of those guys (or anyone else in this year’s class, like Glennon now getting his shot with TB) becomes a mainstay QB. I haven’t heard too many people saying we should’ve picked a QB over O-line though. I know John the Draft Guy has said we should’ve considered moving up to get Tannehill in 2012 (and now in retrospect, it sucks to think we could’ve had Russell Wilson who looks like an absolute 3rd round steal), but you can’t blame the current regime for that. They are only on the hook for 2013 on, and given this year’s draft class and the need to improve the O-line first, the draft wasn’t much of an option as far as fixing the QB problem.

    Last year it was obvious that QB was a huge problem. With even mediocre QB’ing would have almost certainly won at least 2 more games last year (the ATL game where we had 5 INT’s and still lost because the offense couldn’t capitalize, and the NYJ game where the D held the opponent to 7 points and we could only manage 6). Maybe more. So I can understand the feeling that with a better QB and a few other tweaks, we weren’t too far away… and as a fan, I was excited to see us at least go after a legit QB in Palmer. I’m not throwing in the towel after 4 games. Do I think we should still draft a QB if a good one is available in the next year or two? Yes. And I obviously think Palmer is better than you do. But even if I turn out to be wrong about the latter, I appreciate that the team tried to fix the problem.

  58. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2013 | Reply

    I hear you and all of your points are certainly valid. But to answer your question as to what I wanted them to do last year? As I said many times at the time, I wanted them to trade for Alex Smith. HE was the best QB option available at the time. Stat wise, he’s not taking the world by storm in KC, but he IS part of the reason they are 4-0. I think time could STILL prove that the 49ers may have made a mistake choosing Keapernick over him.

    As I’ve also said, I believe they DID do the right thing by trading for Kolb a few seasons back. because I believe HE was the best oprion available at that time. Looking back….man, I wish Seattle had won the Kevin Kolb derby so WE could have found Russell Wilson in the draft! How sweet would THAT have been???

    As for Geno Smith…who knows? I think the play-calling has NOT helped him so far and there is not a team in the league right now with less talent at the WR / TE positions than the Jets. So, how can you really tell what he might be?

    And Manuel was definitely going to play at some point because – as we all know – Kolb can’t make it more that 5-6 games without getting hurt.

  59. By Kevin S on Oct 4, 2013 | Reply

    Amazing that after all this talk about Hoyer, he is now done for the year. That’s too bad for him. We may never know now if he really could have been a legit starter.

    I don’t think the 49ers would have traded Smith within the division unless we gave up way more than we could afford. You’re just not going to trade a QB who just had a year where he completed over 70% of his passes, with a rating over 100 (and over 90 the previous year), 30 TD’s to 10 INT’s the past two years, to a team that is desperate for a QB and that you have to play twice a year. They weren’t going to make it that easy for us to solve our problem. I do agree with you that over time they may regret the move to Kaepernick… personally, I don’t know how you bench a QB that had done what Smith had done over the previous season and a half. Unfortunately for us, all we can be is jealous… their QB cup runneth over last year while we suffered through Kolb, Skelton, Lindley and Hoyer.

    I’m not saying I’m surprised Smith and Manuel are playing, just that we don’t know enough about either yet to know whether they will be good QB’s. You have your guys who haven’t done much despite being even higher picks in the draft (Ponder, Gabbert) and your guys who’ve done better even though they’ve been picked later (Wilson). So who knows where they’ll be in a couple years… the point is, we would’ve been reaching if we tried to solve our QB problem in the draft this year.

    I’ve seen some of your posts previously where you’ve lamented the fact that we’re never bad enough to get the can’t-miss QB’s. Indy has Peyton for forever, has one year where he’s out and they go 2-14, and then they get Luck. Yeah, I’d probably take one 2-14 season if it meant those two guys for 20+ years.

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