Panthers aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 6, 2013 – 7:17 pm

Larry Fitzgerald was asked what he could say about the defense.

“You can’t say enough about the defense,” the Pro Bowl wide receiver said.

It was an impressive showing Sunday. It’s one thing to beat up a rookie QB like Mike Glennon. But Cam Newton had been playing pretty well, and while the Panthers got a few

yards, they didn’t get points, and the big plays were everywhere. If this team gets inside linebacker play from Daryl Washington and Karlos Dansby like that, it won’t need nearly as much from its outside linebackers. Calais Campbell was a beast too. (And I really, really like what I have seen from new nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu. Dan Williams played well too. Nice to have some strength at the point of attack.)

We’ll get back to the defense in a moment, though.

It was hard not to notice Fitzgerald and the way he took on his press conference, clearly tussling with the mixed emotions of a victory yet knowing a) the offense didn’t play very well again and b) he was going to have to answer questions about it. Again.

He said the win helped “keeps you sane a little bit.” Then Fitz chuckled that knowing chuckle – did he learn that from Anquan once upon a time – when you can’t really say what you want to say. “We’ve got to get better.”

Then he was asked if he was surprised points are so hard to come by. “How surprised am I? Um. I don’t want to answer that. Uh.” And then another smiling chuckle. “I’m, I’m, um. We’ve got to do better.”

The Cardinals are 3-2 and the fact Bruce Arians went to the run a bit more Sunday is a good sign, because the passing game is having more ups and downs than they want. Can it get fixed? More importantly, will it be effective enough for the San Francisco-Seattle five-day twosome the Cards have next week? They better hope so.

— I’ll say this: If the Cards can perform this way defensively, they should at least be in games. Washington’s return was impressive, but the fact Dansby was everywhere was too. Dansby is a smart football player. He might not always have the speed anymore to get to where he wants to be, but he knows where he should be. That duo played the whole game at inside linebacker. Yes, Jasper Brinkley was hurt, but I think we know what direction the Cards are going there. Kevin Minter, barring injury, is going to be waiting a while before he gets to play defense.

Washington did miss four weeks, right?

— That’s two straight outstanding games for Patrick Peterson, I thought, and he almost broke that interception return.

— The pressure was intense often on Carson Palmer. It was mostly on the interior Arians said, and I tend to agree. Bradley Sowell was fine at left tackle, but we all knew the next two games were going to be a stiffer test.

— I think it probably went through the coaches’ minds to use Drew Stanton Sunday. I didn’t think they would both because Palmer tends to rally – and he did, for a second straight week, throw a late TD pass – and because that’s an open can of worms that changes a season regardless of what happens. But it’s not like they have a rookie behind Palmer. And we all know the trust Arians has in Stanton. Something to watch if Palmer continues to struggle.

— The Cardinals hadn’t had seven sacks in a game since they had eight against Dallas Sept. 13, 1987. For those scoring at home, that’s the last season in St. Louis for the franchise.

— Calais Campbell’s sack for a safety was the Cards’ first regular-season safety since 2004. Yes, they had one more recently – the infamous Steelers hold in the end zone giving the Cards two (important) points in Super Bowl XLIII.

— If there was a way to wed a punter and gunner together in a Pro Bowl category, there would be votes for Dave Zastudil and Justin Bethel. By the way, a 48.3 net average for Zastudil Sunday with two of four inside the 20.

— The game might have been different if the Panthers didn’t have four drops, including one sure TD by Steve Smith on the first drive of the game. Three instead of seven. The Cards will take it.

— Arians said it was Michael Floyd’s fault on the first interception, the reasoning being if the Cards are going to call for a jump ball, the receiver has to at least knock it down. Sounds fair.

— Antoine Cason sighting: The veteran cornerback has not played defense much at all, but he was in the right place when Campbell had his second sack, and Cason grabbed the ball in the air and returned it inside the Carolina 10.

“I haven’t played a lot,” Cason said. “But whenever they call me to play, that’s what I come to do. Don’t complain. Just go to work.”

— I could go forever but there will be more tomorrow. San Francisco week beckons.

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55 Responses to “Panthers aftermath”

  1. By Chris B on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    That was a true struggle for Fitz to not answer that question. He had to stop himself 3 times before he gave the cliche. I’ve never seen that from him before.

    Carson can’t play that way. However, I stand by what I have been saying; give it a couple more games. Not making excuses, just saying to give it a few more games, probably after the bye week (only because the bye is dead center of the schedule). I we can hit the bye at 4-4, personally, I think that is a win for us. If we steal one from SF, Sea, or Atl, that is huge. After the bye we have the struggling Texans at home, at the inept Jags, then Colts here vs Arians old team, then at the Eagles, Rams here, and at Ten. I can see us taking 5 of those teams to come out at 9-5 going into the last 2 weeks vs Sea and SF. It won’t be easy, but it’s more than I thought at the beginning of the year.

  2. By Dre on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Talk about a great d came after it today. I don’t know what’s going on on the the other side of the ball but it has to get better. I’m with you on that one Darren what do you do about Carson he playing like Skelton. Great win d played there but off 58 and 56 great combo lets sign dansby for next year I like it. Go cards

  3. By Peter in Canada on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    A win is better than a loss but if we want to play with the big boys we have to get better fast. The offence has to play 60 minutes not 30 like today or 15 like last week. We also have to cut down the interceptions. But I’m an optimist and I think we can gain that consistency.

  4. By hummer53 on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Zastudil is MVP so far. Is there a A. Roberts sighting? Teams don’t respect the run game so may need more shotgun plays to give Palmer time.

  5. By Chris B on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Also- one benefit to Cason grabbing the ball while it was in the air- no chance for a call back. It it was a forward pass- interception. If it was a fumble- recovered before it hit the ground. No chance for the refs to call it back (a la Dansby grab in the GB game in 09).

  6. By Big Ken on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Come on fans! Kudos to Todd Bowles. Lets give it up for the man.

  7. By Rich on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Beginning to lose patience with Housler. His “potential” is questionable. He short-armed one today……..Ricky Waters style. Maybe Dray and Sperry should be 1 and 2 at TE.

  8. By Kaleb on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Rich —

    Couldn’t agree more

  9. By Rich on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    One more observation – Palmer needs to find Floyd a bit more, especially in the red zone. The kid can flatout play.

  10. By wayne on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    A very good win today, a great effort by the defense and what a difference D Washington makes for this team but is it time for some offensive changes ? Stanton in for Palmer ? Mendenhall hits the hole way to slow and maybe should be backup to Ellington ? Also fantastic job by Sowell, I know it’s early but Cardinals are a wildcard right now.

  11. By Spotter on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Awesome win tonight. Cardinals please get Tim Teebow! My mom’s a 23-year season ticket holder (82 yrs and still walks into every game believing) and we feel this year it will be the superbowl–but they need Teebow to get there. You need more than just physical ability to get there, you need motivation. Tim Teebow has the fire in him to help drive the team get there.

  12. By ryan dobson on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Oh Jesus, please dont sign Tim Tebow!!!!!!!! that would be the worst!!!

  13. By Rob on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Spotter, that is maybe the worst comment I have read on a Cardinals blog in a long time. Tim Tebow? Are you kidding me?

  14. By Coach K on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Spotter, Tebow is not an NFL QB. Stop this nonsense please. As for Palmer, one more game like this and it’s time or Drew Stanton. Also, Rob Housler needs to be benched. He is simply soft and not a good football player. Not looking back for the ball is simply inexcusable. He’s more afraid of getting hit and twice did not even look back. I’ve had enough of Rob Housler. Give him a dress and send him on his way. Can’t take it anymore. wussy.

  15. By Cautiously Optimistic on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Great game defensively today. I’ve been critical of Todd Bowles’ defense up until this point, and I’m willing to concede that perhaps Washington was the missing link. I really liked the implementation of delayed blitzes and some more zones/qb spy in the middle by the LB corps. Both obviously paid off with INT and Sacks that came from Dansby and D Wash today. All credit to the players and the playcalling, but with that being said, it’s not like Carolina has a receiving corps on the level of some of the teams we’re likely to face if we want to have playoff hopes.

    Offensively, however…cautiously optimistic is not the word. Funny because going into the season I felt that way in regards to the offense, not the defense. Palmer- what the heck? As a MM QB sitting on the couch I can’t help but notice that there seems to be a lack of good pre-snap reads and early releases to checkdown receivers from Palmer to beat the blitz. I wish I had the ability to review tapes from different camera angles like the coaches do (And I’m sure they’re doing it with due diligence) because it seems to me this is the biggest issue with Carson Palmer and this offense. I don’t know if he doesn’t have good outlet receiver or checkdown play design, or if he’s not hitting his hot routes (if they’re even there) on some of these blitzes, but he’s not taking care of his man. No matter how many moves and acquisitions are made on our O Line if the QB isn’t picking up his man on blitz then any all-pro combo of linemen isn’t going to help. I’ve seen multiple times throughout the season now where Palmer seems to fail in this arena. Again, I can’t see all the camera angles and I don’t have access to the playbook, but to me this is something that just jumps out again and again.

    I started with it several weeks ago, and I will continue with calling out Housler. Put up or shut up. He’s blown it on nearly every opportunity he’s been given this year. Glad to see some of the other comments calling him out, too. Dray seems to be solid at TE, but I don’t think he has the kind of receiver talent we’re going to need in this new era of the NFL. Should be interesting to see what the Cards do in the future to address this hole as once again it was a huge day in the NFL for receiving TE’s.

    Overall? I’m kind of ecstatic about being 3-2. Granted, 2 of those 3 wins come against a team that is (1-4) and another that is (0-4), but I’ll take it. We’re hitting the meat of a tough schedule here in the next few weeks so we’ll see how that plays out. Defensively I hope the Cardinals can keep it up, and offensively I hope this team performs like they should be capable of doing. There have been flashes of brilliance on the offense, but they just can’t get it put together. I’m hoping Fitz’s obvious emotional struggle in this video speaks to the team considering his leadership status. I know Arians won’t accept anything less, and we could really use an offensive surge in the next few weeks.

  16. By Canadian Redbird on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Great job today with Feely coming through with that clutch 50 yd field goal to make it a 2 score game. Palmer gives us 4 times the chance to win in comparison to what we had last year; I get that 3 interceptions is not acceptable however it appears that he’s not happy with his performance despite the winning record and seems genuine about improving his play and lessening the mistakes.

    It was great to have D WAsh back. I would have liked more snaps for Moch; he could be a difference maker given the chance.

    Darren, what is happening with Ryan Williams; I can’t see him being any less effective than Mendenhall.

    San Francisco will be a great measuring stick as to where we are with this teassssssssssssm. I’m optimistic that we can remain competitive with the best teams in the league.

  17. By Rick on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer expects a lot from his receivers and hasn’t been getting results. He throws his neck out there for his receivers the least they could do is look when he throws the ball in their direction. Rob Housler for example wasn’t looking when the ball was thrown to him and even hit him on his hand if he would have just been looking it would have been a catch an huge gain. A win is a win I’ll take it too now let’s go get those whiners next week I can’t stand kaepernick. He’s gonna get his dose of d wash and dansby next week I can’t wait. Go cards!!!

  18. By T. Stone on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    I think its obvious that spotter IS Tim Tebow. Go to Canada already Tebow.

  19. By georgiebird on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Nice victory for the Cards. Good to beat teams like Tampa and Carolina that we’re supposed to beat. Looking forward to the next two division games. Very curious to see if we have closed the gap between ourselves and the two elite division teams.
    The defense has many play makers but the offense has only one- Ellington.

  20. By Darren Urban on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Playmakers

    Are any of those defensive playmakers by chance … linebackers?

    (I kid. I kid.)

  21. By Spotter on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Cards, please think outside of the box….grab Tebow for the superbowl this year!!!!!

  22. By Markus on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    Why not Tebow? Frankly it wouldn’t hurt to have a little help from above.

  23. By Shane on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply


    You have probably answered this question before but is it just me or do you also think that Rob Housler and Carson Palmer are never on the same page except for maybe a couple of throws. I always see Housler turning his head to look for the ball and then look caught off guard when it goes past him.

  24. By Darren Urban on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Shane —

    RE: Palmer/Housler

    There is no question there is a disconnect there. Housler needs to pick up his game though.

  25. By ored on Oct 6, 2013 | Reply

    little by little,but still a huge gap between D and O,sometimes the offense looks really good and moves downfield easily,scores efficiently,and then one bad play after another,does’nt help with dropped balls,etc.just seems we are so close and the defense gives us every chance in the world,but i’m sure they’ll get ironed out,we’ve come a long ways with all the new pieces and we still have’nt seen it all yet,still lots of players waiting for their chance.

  26. By Kaleb on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    I am going to be patient with Carson because I can see the potential he has when he has ample protection. Hopefully our O-line builds better chemistry and starts to seal the pocket better similar to the way they did last year. If they can do that I feel like Carson has all the ability in the world to excel with the talent around him. With that being said one thing that I absolutely loathe is the fact that Carson does not seem to play with any emotion on the field… Sometimes that’s good, but as the leader of the team you have to get fired up when it comes down to the wire and I felt as if I was more fired up from my living room couch than he was…

  27. By johnnybluenose on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    @ Coach K and @ Rich. I too am wondering why so many people seem to think Housler is a good football player. I have been waiting for three years for him to show me something. Still waiting. Without question, it was great to get that win yesterday. The defense played very well but let us not forget that we were fortunate that the Panthers had some key and unexcusable drops early. I thought Ellington played very well and should be our starting running back. Michael Floyd played well. The o-line was okay against a good Panthers. Andre Roberts and Fitz were non-factors. I too thought we might see Stanton and probably would have if our defense had not kept the score close. Our special teams were outstanding. We have some tough games coming up. If our offense can get better we have a chance to win them. Keep going.

  28. By CORMAC on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Can we bench Housler already? HOLY CRAP, every game he drops GOOD passes. Isnt that supposed to be his strength? DRAY is catching WAY better. I haven’t seen DRAY drop a pass yet. HOUSLER drops more passes than he catches it seems? I say put the BIG tightends in. They are more reliable pass catchers and they will help with the run game. HOUSLER cant block either!!! What good is speed if you cannot catch, cannot run routes, and cant even keep your eye on the ball. Its like Housler is daydreaming out there. BENCH him, perhaps it will wake him up. Maybe he can play good in practice, but when the lights come on his mind wanders.

    AS for Palmer, ya I thought about Stanton as well for a minute… BUT when you look at the interceptions, it was a calculated risk and he lost. He knew exactly what he was doing. PALMER is a gunslinger like ol Bret Farve. He needs to manage the game better and play field position. If its not there, its not there. You don’t need to be a hero. That being said, I think we need to keep Palmer at the position. He has a burning desire to win.

  29. By Kevin S on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    D made some big plays when it mattered… but let’s not forget we let up over 400 yards, and were the beneficiaries of one TD drop (Smith) and one drop in the red zone on a 4th and 1 that would’ve kept a drive going.

    Loved the INT’s by PP and D Wash though… Washington’s was one of those where 90% of the time, the guy bats it down and then is standing there holding his head wishing he had the INT — but he actually did it. PP, it was not so much the INT as the return where he showed what he can really do.

    If you told me we’d win a game by 16 with 3 INT’s by Palmer I would’ve never believed it. I guess this falls in the somewhat ugly win category. And we were very much in danger until that 50-yard FG by Feely.

    As someone else said above, SF will provide a test. And then Seattle just 4 days later… here we go.

  30. By Hammy on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Great Defensive win today. Offense laid ANOTHER egg! We stink on the big O. From what I have been watching all season, it is not much so the O Line, it is the reads that Palmer is making. I seriously think we should look at Stanton in the next couple of weeks, if Palmer continues to struggle. Not placing all the blame on him so now lets look at A.Roberts….Where the hell is he? There might need to be a change from him as well. I think Brown or Taylor would be a more productive option in the slot right now. WE NEED MORE ANDRE ELLINGTON! It is time for him to start because every time the ball is in his hands, we have that potential for a home run each and every time. A win is a win, Sorry Fitz but one day we will provide you with the type of quarterback you need to continue your hall of fame career here in the dessert! Oh yea one more thing, we need to draft the best available tight end in next years draft because Housler is NOT the answer! Go Cardinals!

  31. By clssylssy on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    What a surpriseingly amazing DEFENSIVE WIN…GREAT JOB DEFENSE! Wow, D Washington seems to have been the X-factor that made the entire defense competitive; seemed like they were all trying to outplay each other only not in a way that was disruptive and fragmented the defense, but only made it better…AWESOME! This Panthers team is tough and young and I was afraid that we would come away from this with more injuries and little else. The Pregame show on Fox had felt the Panthers would be a wild card team and at half they didn’t have much confidence in the Cards…and especially the offense or Carson Palmer. For the first time, the post game show was questioning Arians ability as a playcaller and HC, and could have been because of the Palmer’s performance or the fact that the offense kept turning it over and couldn’t sustain a drive. Going into SF and Seattle, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Drew Stanton under center…perfect time to see what he can do since nobody expects the Cards to win those games anyway and he couldn’t do much worse than Palmer. I don’t understand why Arians is using Larry in the slot and putting Floyd in a position where Fitz would have more success…it would seem according to the Fox cartoon that the Cards are throwing Fitz under the bus and while he is always the perfect gentleman and professional, he doesn’t look happy. That first catch by Floyd could have been a first down if he had extended his hand, which Fitz would have known to do (and could have done, hanging on to the ball) but Floyd lacks the real game time experience of thinking quick in those situations that only comes with experience.Over one-fourth of the season is over and we cannot afford to wait for the bye to fix the offense. I like Carson Palmer but don’t think he is “the guy”, and I TOTALLY hate that the receivers get the blame when he has a reputations for throwing interceptions, he couldn’t have better receivers so accept the blame like a man. And, GREAT JOB BIRDGANG! You brought the noise that helped the defense and threw the Panthers offense off their game (dropped balls …YES!) Jimmy Johnson said a very profound thing in the pregame show, ” It’s not who makes the best plays but who makes the fewer mistakes” who wins the game…the Bridgame created the distraction to cause the Panthers to make mistakes but our defense created enough plays to make up for the “putrid” Cardinal offense to live to play another day!

  32. By Eric G on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Happy for the win, excited for how the defense played, but still question why we just flat out abandon the run game so quickly. 6 runs in the first half, we get nothing, 5 runs on the opening drive of the second half and we get 41 yards and a TD. I hate to question play calling, especially after a win, but I’d like to see more out of this offense. There is too much talent there to see it struggle this way.

  33. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Sowell can play, moves feet really well and is mean. Palmer will get better, Housler can only get better. Cup half full view is when the O catches up to the D, we can be very good.

    And SF and SEA don’t worry me.. familiarity breeds contempt. We hate them so much, our D line so much more physical than in past and with DWash back… it will be smashmouth football, Joe Bugel style. Bring ’em on. Carson can’t be worse, maybe he turns corner this week.

  34. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    PS: Are the Cardinals becoming a second half team?

    We’ll know in a fortnight. The whole season’s course may be determined. If we get half loaf next 2 weeks, we can still be a second half … of season … team with Arians’ resolve…

  35. By just on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer is fine, not all his fault. Like BA says only 8 are on the same page at any given down, need all 11 on key. Im not worried at all cause I see big things happening to the offense later into the season and next year of course. Offense still finding themselves, only 5 games as this group and cards have a winning record, once it clicks and with top 3 defense, cards will take the west and the NFC, maybe not this year but in the next 2 I see a Super Bowl run. GO Cards!!!!

  36. By red bird of death! on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Housler ……more like Dropler,…..ok Darren , I have missed last two games here in south east Asia and would love vid of the honey badger sack or the dwash, thanks man , great job as usual.

  37. By Darren Urban on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Red Bird —

    RE: Highlights

  38. By Mike G on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Great win for the Big Red yesterday. The defense was the story of the game. Washington had a great first game back and his play seemed to rub off on the other players. Have to give Bowles credit for a good aggressive game plan.
    Anytime you get 4 turnovers that has to be a good day for the D. Thought special teams were solid again. The offense continues to struggle. Thought Ellington and Mendenhall played well. The passing game is still out of sync. Palmer cant throw those picks especially when in the Red zone or approaching it. He is a veteran and cannot force the ball to the receivers in certain situations. Offensive line seemed Ok but the passing game still could not get going. I hope the offense can improve quickly because the Card’s are approaching the meat of their schedule. Palmer just has to eliminate these turnovers— sometimes a sack or a dump down can be a good play. Watching him prior with the Bengals and Raiders he always was high with interceptions. I just hope he can improve–3RD Downs were still poor 4-13!
    Darren–Do you think Palmer is just locking on his 1st read and not scanning the field for the open receivers??????

  39. By Darren Urban on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Palmer

    I’m not sure what the issue is.

  40. By wnycardfan on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    DEF rules. Awesome job If they keep playing like that, they are in the top of the league and keeping us in the games. OFF, what the heck? 5 games and we are still playing like preseason????? I can’t believe its all Palmer, but he’s not looking good at all. I think Ellington needs to be 1st string. Palmer, I”m beginning to doubt. Would’nt bench him yet. But he should have a short leash.

  41. By Dynosoar on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    T. Stone,

    what have you got against Canada?

  42. By CAW on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    First, I’d like to say WOW! we have a fabulous defense and those guys deserve all the respect that can be showered on them. Todd Bowles, you keep doing whatever you are doing to help our defense continue with their success! Second, I’d like to say that I, too, am so frustrated with the offense that I can barely sit while watching the game. We have so many weapons, I guess I want to ask this: At what point does the coach have to take some of the responsibility? It is easy to say they are “putrid”, but as a, no THE, coach, is it not time to work with what you have and play to the strengths and not so much the “pre-conceived plan”? If the offense is too complex, simplify it. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled with the coaching changes, but where does the buck really stop?

  43. By Coach K on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Mendenhall and Ellington is a great change of pace. I like how the Cardinals are using both backs. Housler needs to be traded or cut. Period. End of discussion.

  44. By SteveG on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    OMG THAT was horrible by the O…(Props the D and Todd Bowles…Has filled in for the very popular Horton with barely a splash..THAT is remarkable)

    Carson is …er…disappointing?..thus far but then he throws a beautiful ball and we see the potential…(I guess that is why they pay coaches more than fans, decision to be made)..

    STOP making it look so easy Dwash…Football is a hard game and you are NOT following the script. (Seriously, how good was he this week?) (Oh, and pick up of the off season? Dansby..seriously good the pair)

    D can play with anyone IF they are not on the field for 40 minutes…Hard to see a close game unless the O starts to click against SF tho..They are too consistent to be denied long term.

    Mr Housler..When the QB hits your hand by accident and U STILL have yet to turn your head? NFL = Not For Long unless you get your poop in a group kid!


  45. By cardfan50 on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    If Carson hadn’t of shown the emotion he was showing on the sideline like he was on sunday I would say bench him. You can tell he really wants to win. just needs the Oline to do its job. the poor guy had under 2.7 seconds to decide where he was throwing the past few weeks.

  46. By georgiebird on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    re: play maker linebackers
    Some how I knew that question would come up even in jest. But play makers are guys capable of making big plays not necessarily great players. AW(even in his later years), DRC and Antrel were all play makers but not great players.
    What I said about DWash is that he’s a good player but his inability to be a big game run stuffer is a negative in his game. Keep an eye on DWash in the SF & Sea games. Hope I’m proven wrong.

  47. By georgiebird on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    I do feel DWash is a play maker.

  48. By clssylssy on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    I realize that at times I sound critical,(I have high standards) but I am excited to have a run game for the first time in years and like that BA is using multiple backs and not just giving one guy all the carries. Mendenhall and Ellington are different kind of backs and using a rotational system provides for giving us “fresh legs” as well as keeping the opposition looking around and not anticipating our play. Mendenhall is a bull rusher and Ellington has that slippery and evasive quality that allows him to get out before hitting the excellerator. Carson is better suited to our run game which also eats of time on the clock. Seattle is beatable on the road, as we have seen, and with our killer defense, special teams and run game, we could knock a serious hole in the Seahag ego when they come here in two weeks. As long as our offense doesn’t shoot us in the foot, I think that game is winnable especially with an assist from the Birdgang. This one is in the books, on to beating the Seahawks in our house. Perhaps we might even get a little positive recognition from the “experts” who don’t even acknowledge our existence when we do win! WAY TO BRING THE NOISE BIRDGANG, AND LOVE THE WAVE!

  49. By Eric G on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    Matt Flynn was released by the Raiders. I remember half the fans saying get Flynn, the other half saying get Kolb. Shows what the hell we know.

  50. By Dynosoar on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply


    you may sound critical at times, but I’ve never doubted you devotion to the team. I agree, Seattle is beatable and I’d say for both games, not just on the road.

    I also believe San Francisco is a winnable game. They do not look as dominant as the last two years.

    I love what Alex Smith and Andy Reid are doing in KC. It would be pretty cool to play them and beat them in this seasons SB.

  51. By tyman on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    I wonder if Dansby was upset they dropped his madden rating.
    Like for real hes been of the best players on D for us.
    Dansby should be a 90 at MLB

  52. By ored on Oct 7, 2013 | Reply

    fast losing confidence in housler,been around long enough to play better that that.
    interesting next couple of weeks.

  53. By Jim McFetridge on Oct 8, 2013 | Reply

    Darren- It is sad that with Rob Housler’s speed,size, & power that he has not been able to hold on to the ball. What can we expect from Housler in the 49er game? Is Housler running out of opportunities? When will Jeff King be healthy enough to play? How would you compare Jeff King to Rob Housler as a productive, dependable tight end? I assume that Jeff King has better hands & blocks better but lack’s Housler’s break away speed.

  54. By Darren Urban on Oct 8, 2013 | Reply

    Jim —

    RE: King

    King is on IR and out for the season.

  55. By Eazy E on Oct 11, 2013 | Reply

    Our defense deserves a lot of credit for basically carrying our team not only through this game but the last couple years. Carson is proving me right by the week, 19-28, 175 yards, 1 late meaningless raider type TD, and 3 INTs. Running game got going with Ellington with 7 carries for 52 yards but Rashard had another bad game with 17 carries for 43 yards but did have a TD run 1 yard out. Our WRs can’t get going because of Carson’s ineptness. Floyd had 5 catches for 61 yards, Fitz only had 3 catches for 43 yards, Ellington had 4 catches for 31 yards, Alfonso had 3 catches for 20 yards, Dray had 2 catches for 13 yards and his only TD, and Mendenhall with 2 catches for 7 yards. O-Line didn’t look as bad but still can improve a lot. Defense was absolutely relentless with 7 sacks(Calais(2),Daryl(2),Dansby(2), and Mathieu(1). Calais also had a safety with the 1st of those sacks and a FF with the 2nd that Cason picked up and scampered 43 yards with. Dansby and Daryl had 8 and 9 tackles respectively and a pick. Defense really stopped the run well against a great running team 3rd in the league coming in only allowing 95 yards rushing. We gave Cam problems with 3 INTs, he entered the game playing very well and efficiently. Patrick grabbed the other pick with a underthrown ball from Cam. I appreciate the win from a better than their record of 1-3 team, but the offense stinks man and its because of Carson mainly and the O-Line. #Get Better

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