Campbell back for meetings and Palmer’s place

Posted by Darren Urban on October 14, 2013 – 8:24 am

First, and most importantly, defensive end Calais Campbell was released from Stanford hospital last night about 11 p.m. on the plane of Michael Bidwill, accompanied by Campbell’s sister Keyonne, who had attended the game, and Cardinals athletic trainer Chad Cook. They got back to Arizona about 1 a.m. and Campbell took part in team meetings at 8 a.m.

Campbell had a CT scan and MRI yesterday and thus far, has checked out OK but the Cardinals will continue to evaluate him. A lot of people have asked for Campbell’s exact injury. Basically, Campbell was feeling numbness and tingling in his extremities and the Cards decided to be very careful. Campbell was moving after the play. A lot of this was precautionary. But it’s great news.

General Manager Steve Keim, on his weekly “Doug and Wolf” appearance on Arizona Sports 620, said it was too early to know if Campbell might have a chance to play against the Seahawks Thursday. Obviously the Cards could use him, but the fact — after that scary scene on the Candlestick turf Sunday afternoon — Campbell is doing better is the best news of all.

UPDATE: Campbell said Monday he was hopeful he would be cleared to play Thursday.

On a totally different topic, Keim was asked about quarterback Carson Palmer and whether what Palmer gives the Cards outweigh the negatives — like interceptions.

“Well, number one, (Carson) is certainly our best option right now,” Keim said. “Number two, the thing I like about him is the way he has handled adversity. The other games he struggled, to me they were more middle-to-late third-quarter issues. This game started rough early. The way he handled adversity and the way he came back and made nice throws and put us in a position to have at least a chance of winning I think was exciting to me. Again, each week we talk about whose fault and I really don’t want to get into finger-pointing, but there is a throw he tries to make to Larry (Fitzgerald) down the seam which he forces. That is obviously a bad throw and a mistake. On the other intercetpion, JIm Dray was supposed to hook that route and insted he drifted. Carson put the ball in the spot where Jim was supposed to be. Again, that one is on the receiving tight end.

“(Carson) has to play more consistent. He knows it. When you make cirtical mistakes at certain points in the game, it deflates you. That’s no different than our Pro Bowl star receiver, has a 75-yard touchdown, fights through an injury and plays for us which we were happy with, and then on the 24-yard line going in to take the lead, we have a critical fumble. I think that is something you can play about every position. But when you are the quarterback, the bulls-eye is certainly on your chest.”

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  1. By SteveG on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    So glad to hear that a great deal of what we saw when Calais was taken from the field was precautionary..(Totally appropriate) rather than for no movement etc…One could see the distress from all players and it’s good to hear that he is doing better than it looked. Swift recovery Big Guy!!

    Kudos to 49er Mgt. and players for chastising the “wave fans” and I am glad the network chose to ignore that foolish behavior.

    Much improvement in so many areas tho obviously turnovers remain a BIG problem.

    Some really good stuff and some horror shows..

    O-line? running game?..PROPS!!

    Defense?..OMG how good were you? (What was possession time? I felt the fatigue was a factor for the D when the (hard to say but…) incredibly impressive drive was forced down our throat?)

    Not too sure of the name of the young man that has taken Levi’s place cos’ his name is never mentioned (ALWAYS a good thing for an O lineman) but damn fine job so far…Has made a positive difference.

    Ellington is/was amazing and the improvement in overall talent across the entire team is impressive (Thank you Mr. Keim)

    Last year that start was a blowout..this year it was a nasty kick in the nads but not a killshot..Congrats to the entire team. for manning up and giving the 49ers ALL they could handle..


    This team can play with the BIG BOYS it seems…

    GO CARDS!!

  2. By Roland on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Thank goodness Calais is ok. Now for the bad news Palmer had time to throw the ball and was off to many times. It is time to try Stanton .

  3. By Mike G on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is good!– First off glad Campbell is doing well– definitely a scary moment in the game. As for the contest–Thought the Card’s played tough throughout but again turnovers decided the outcome. Making those high risk plays against the 49ers can be a tough thing and losing 2 fumbles just changes momentum. The 18 play drive sealed the game for the Niners. Thought Fitz’s fumble was the turning point in the game– I don’t like it when you see receivers reaching and extending their arm for an extra yard when they being tackled. You see a lot of this with many receivers in the NFL today. Always a chance that ball can come out. If the Card’s can split these two games this week it would be a good thing. The team needs to come out hard on Thursday and let it all hang out. I like what I see from an effort standpoint from the team–but somehow these turnovers have to lesson. That to me is the biggest issue with the team. Hey Darren–Do you think the Card’s can use that 58-0 game from last year as a little extra motivation when facing the Seahawks this Thursday??????

  4. By Darren Urban on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: 58-0

    I’m sure they will think about it.

  5. By PotAsh on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    That’s fantastic news about Campbell. Hope there is really nothing to “recover” from – as in I hope he didn’t really hurt anything.

    We had SF on the ropes, and we tripped over our own shoelaces, fell flat on our faces and knocked ourselves out.

    Let’s get better and let’s beat the ‘Hawks!

  6. By jasonc on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Let me start this by saying that I have been deployed so the only game I was able to watch was the opening day game @ St Louis. With that being said I’d like to comment to the fans who think that we should bench Carson because of his early season struggles. The past three seasons we have seen the QB carousel and it’s ineffectiveness, but it was warranted because the QB’s on our roster were either career back up’s, one season wonders, young or had the infamous “potential” tag. Derrick Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton, Richard Bartel, Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer. Now we have a definite pecking order…Carson is our starter because he is the most experienced and talented QB on our roster, if Stanton was better he would’ve won the job. Do you think that the Giants are going to bench Eli Manning because of his poor start? Obviously, Carson doesn’t have the resume of Eli, nor am I saying he is as talented as Eli, but he is our starter because he gives us the best chance to win. We are 3-3 with all three loses happening on the road against quality teams (I still believe we should’ve won against St Louis), San Fran and New Orleans have a combined 9-3 record and Super Bowl ready rosters. I understand the frustration, I know that Carson needs to play better/more consistent football for us to win games, but it’s WAY too early to do the chicken little “the sky is falling” routine.

  7. By azgrays on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, I think your tweet from yesterday puts things with Carson Palmer into an important perspective:

    “Today, Carson Palmer started 2-for-6 for five yards and two INTs. After, Palmer was 23-for-35 for 293 yards, two TDs and no INTs.”

    It’s easy to want to toss Palmer to the bench when things get bad, but we have to be careful to avoid a knee-jerk reaction to a guy who bounces back like he can. Palmer definitely squandered a couple of opportunities to get ahead early, but we lost the game because of other turnovers that didn’t involve Palmer.

    Still, the Red Sea wants wins, and with Palmer at the helm, he’s going to be the target for a lot of fans.

    Now on to the Seattle game. We need that one bad.

  8. By SKODLY on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Glad Mr.Campbell is doing well,we must have him on Thursday.Is there improvement?Yes there is ,but same old stuff keeps happening,interceptions,fumbles,at critical times.Will this ever change?This was a game we could have won but once again we shoot ourselves in the foot.And what’s up with this third down stuff? Can’t we do a better job of converting?How about better play calling or something..Well below the league average.And will we ever figure out how to cover a tight end,are you kidding me,look at those numbers,let’s make some adjustments for pete’s sake.We have a great D,but over 100 on the ground to Gore again,and a huge drive for them to put the game away.This game was a huge dissapointment,I’m just tired of the excuses Thursday now becomes a must win if we have any hope of a shot at the playoffs.

  9. By Rich on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    O-line looked pretty good

  10. By georgiebird on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Good news on Calais. Ellington is our best offensive player including Larry.

  11. By georgiebird on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Here we go again. We have a gambling defense. It looks great most of the time but is susceptible to big plays. For a tight end to get 8-180 is a disgrace.
    Just like last year: stop the run but not the pass- next game stop the pass and not the run.
    Blitzing will only get us so far. Back in 1970, I watched the blitzing Cardinals beat the SB bound Cowboys 38-0 in the 3rd Monday night football game. This was probably the most amazing game in Cardinals’ history but shows that you don’t build a defense by blitzing- it’s too hit or miss.
    On a positive note, I believe this is the best Cardinals defense (especially athletically) in 53 years but it’s really not saying much because our defense has been so bad. .

  12. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Great job all the way around I thought. As everyone knows I’m not a Palmer fan, but he did hang in there and bounced back. We absolutely had this game !!! No moral victory for me. But great job. Calais, take your time coming back. You have to take care of your first. The team will always be here for you. I am very proud of the effort given by the entire team, a huge difference compared to last year. BA has my attention now. He made some very nice game time adjustments and had the Niner Nation worried. Fitz, you gotta hold on to that ball. Huge Huge momentum swing. But the defense has to hold no matter what in those situations. They did well in the first half, but we needed it just as much in the second half. I like our chances on Thursday Night. Seattle is a good team, but they are not San Francisco. I think we will be able to contain Marshawn Lynch better than any other team in the league. National TV, hope we look our best.

  13. By wampag on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    I hate, HATE losing to sf. HATE it…and to have Fitzy our warrior the one guy who never ever let’s you down, who you feel for the most when the QB’s just aren’t were they should be and you hear the ticking clock, to have one of those fumbles….it’s like he has done so much I cannot even get angry with him. In fact, knowing Fitzy had the ball when the turnover occured I honestly didn’t worry I figured it was a mistake and it would get overturned… Arians comments and right now I am doing everything I can to book a plane ticket for Dec. 29th to raise my voice when they come to our turf, Look I’m from Philadelphia and I cannot believe any fans can be worse than eagles fans but that was disgraceful at least the owner admitted it that was class. I just feel like that game was stolen from us, like we should have won it, it was ours and the only hope I have is it will motivate us for Thursday and into the rest of the year. I mean D you ever see anything like it? 2 interceptions two amazing stands by the D, then a safety C’mon Palmer you have played too long in this game to allow that especially after the int from the D who had been so stout, then we catch up and the D allows the longest drive in their history and Fitzy of all people’s almost as if it was meant to be, maybe that will make me feel better, Thursday cannot get here soon enough I feel ripped off and not by the players by the very G_D’s of football..have you ever seen a team fight so hard get the breaks they do and lose the way we did…it’s uncanny and I have the worst taste in my mouth, GO CARDS

  14. By shane on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    People saying we need to try Stanton need to get real. Haven’t you seen what the texans are going through? yeah the difference between this team and theirs is well carson fist isn’t letting ints get 2 his head like matt schaub is and that carson comes back and throws tds and puts us in positions to win the game like yesterday. I rather have a 11 year veteran Qb thats played in and won play off games & been to pro bowls over a back up qb with 4 or 5 starts under his belt. Remember every one wants the back up Qb until he goes out and plays worse on gameday…. any ways go cards! and were in a good place at 3-3 in the nfc west hope to get a win Thursday.

  15. By Roland on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    I hope all of you are right with Palmer , but how long do you wait for a slump to end and of course Palmer is a target he has not played well for six games in a row.If our defense was not as good as it is we could be 0-6.

  16. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Two points:

    1. Godspeed to Calais’ recovery;
    2. Godspeed to Carson finding the clean lane down the seam!

    Go Cards Thursday Night!

  17. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    jasonc: Safe passage on your deployment.

  18. By Dave Chaney on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    First of all, it’s wonderful to hear Calais Campbell is doing better and hopefully all the attention he received was precautionary. Hurry back Calais, the team needs your skills and attitude. Secondly, I am sticking with my 8-8 prediction for the season. Our “D” is still going to be how we get to 8-8. Unless our offense has turned the corner as I have heard mentioned, it will not win many ball games for us. Yes, I agree that Carson Palmer is much better than what we have seen the past several years, but he is not a QB who will take us to the SB. Besides, he is a temporary fix considering his age. The big question is how will we get a young QB of the future if we finish 8-8? Certainly not in the draft. That means we have to seriously pursue the QB of the future through free agency and so far we have fired blanks in trying to do that (Peyton Manning and Alex Smith). Good luck on Thursday, we will need every bit we can get against a very tough Seahawk team. The only good thing is we are playing them at home.

  19. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    If Campbell got to bed at 2am and made an 8am meeting… he’s playing Thursday! What a stud, Calais!!

    Darren, any idea if players read yer blog?

  20. By Darren Urban on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    DTL —

    RE: Players

    No one has told me, but a couple of times I am pretty sure someone has.

  21. By PotAsh on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Darren –

    Would you happen to know if the Seahawks game will be broadcast on any of the local channels? Does it depend on a sellout crowd or is there no chance of it happening?

    I remember last year’s TNF game was on a local channel (can’t remember which one) but it was also an away game for the Cards.


  22. By Darren Urban on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    PotAsh —

    RE: TNF

    Usually, if it isn’t blacked out, an over-the-air station picks it up locally. No announcement yet.

  23. By clssylssy on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    So relieved that Calais is home and doing better. I said from the beginning that to get out of this injury free would be a win and I believe we played as a team better than we have all season. Our wins have been completely at the hands of our defense and special teams but today the Cards played a more balanced game and we actually put some TDs up! We managed to stay up with one of the toughest teams in the NFL and hold them from putting up big numbers. We could have easily been out of the game in the first quarter. We continue to be the victim of our own self-destruction through errors and penalties whether they are thrown interceptions, failing to convert on 3rd downs, personal fouls, TDs negated because of penalties, burned time outs & missed opportunities for FGs, blown trick plays (bad play calling), fumbles etc. I hear a lot of blame falling on Fitz but I was disappointed in the fumble by Patrick P on the return…really was expecting to see him get enough yards on the play to put us back in the game, was surprised he threw it to Fitz late on the two point conversion attempt instead of just running it back…however, that was bad play calling. Also was a little surprised not to see Justin Bethel not trying to stop some of those scores by their kicker. Going in, Frank Gore should have been a concern rather than Anquan Boldin and anybody to were convinced that the 9ers weren’t playing well haven’t been paying attention to their last few games. Numbers on a page aren’t as meaningful as watching the play unless you are looking at the number of points put up, in which case the Rams are not to be taken lightly. This one is over, and we will play them again in our house. If we play like we did in SF, minus the errors and penalties we can beat not only Seattle this Thursday, but also the 9ers and the Rams when we get them in our house. This is a tough division but we played well enough to rattle the 9ers and show them they should be worried about the next time.Time to move on and BEAT SEATTLE INTO THE DIRT ON THURSDAY. We can be a smashmouth, ground and pound team and play with the big boys…GO CARDS!

  24. By shane on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    O yea forgot one thing im not gunna complain but tod bowls needs to under stand putting 34 year old bell one on one on the fastest player on the 49ers in well a miss match. lol we cant let Tight end continue to single handley beet us this is the second game this year that this has happened need to get it fixed..

  25. By shane on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    beat not beet lol

  26. By erik on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    As far as TEs, you obviously don’t want anyone to be that dominant. But this new breed of TEs out there, they are embarrassing everyone. Jimmy Graham is leading the league in yards, not a WR. It’s tough to cover a giant with WR speed.

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Thats good about Campbell.

    This game was won and lost on the fumble by Fitz and the lack of defense following the fumble.

    By that point in the game, I had forgot about the picks and saw a Palmer in control driving us to one TD and about to take the lead. But with a 22-20 lead, the niners popped the ball lose from Larry and then sealed the deal with a drive of their own.

    To blame Palmer or Sowell (who gave up two sacks) is not accurate. When we needed both guys, they came through. Unfortunately, Fitz fumbled and the defense lost their intensity and couldnt get SF offense off the field.

    That is what great defenses do. I would say we looked like a great defense for a while but at the end of the game, we gave up 32 points and 180 yds to a TE.

    Which, BTW, how does Bowles have answers for most offenses except TEs? He refused to bracket Graham and allowed Davis to run wild. With PP on Boldin, how do you not bracket Davis? Bowles is winning me over. I think he has some nice schemes. Just cant understand that one issue.

  28. By CreditCard on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    I agree with georgiebird about the gambling defense. The linebackers are playing close to the line of scrimmage and any 10-15 seem route by a tight end is literally left unguarded In passing situations might try Bethel as a 5th DB and put Bethel on a tight- end. Bethel is one of our stronger and more athletic (not so much fast) DB’s. He might be an answer to the TE issue. ,

  29. By oj on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Glad Campbell is ok..
    BayAreBadBoy.. Seattle is no SF??
    You’re right. 42-13 & 29-3. You may be onto something.
    Furthermore, How will 58-0 inspire the Cards?

  30. By wnycardfan on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Like I said in another post, LOVE Coach A’s feedback. He’s dead on and right, hope the guys are listening. IF we stop screwing ourselves, we’ll be able to take a few wins down the road.
    Carson has to play better. “Im not in favor of benching him, but he needs to get his head on straight and stop turning the ball over

  31. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply


    Yes, be safe out there on your deployment

    It is amazing you dont watch most of the games. You seemed to know more than the fans who do watch.

  32. By ored on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    3 losses.rams we should have won,9ers could have won,saints destroyed us,but each loss was huge impact of their TE,tells me 2 things,we need to defend the TE better,and we need a stud TE ourselves.housler,been around too long and has produced too little,does’nt catch the ball well,runs poor routes and has poor awareness,he’s big and fast…that’s it,we need a playmaker at the position,we have blockers,now we need someone who can make clutch plays.

    the big run it down our throats drive was demoralizing,but if we went any harder to stop the run they would have killed us with the pass,we just needed a big turnover right then,also need to remember they have the best o-line and one of the best rbs in the nfl.

    bottom line is we’re just a little in between offensively,good on the ground but not dominant,good thru the air but also not dominant,still need that burner that is also a playmaker and makes catches consistently,a stud TE probably more than anything,then we need our o-line back healthy with a years seasoning,i think if palmer has those,we go deep in the playoffs.

    we played closer to our potential this time and considering all the changes and a schedule from hell,i’m feeling pretty positive now that campbell is ok.with keims’ 3 year plan it’s gonna get exciting.

    young Qb for the future,stud TE(lebron),pass rushing fool @ olb,speed at reciever to open things up…that would be my wish list next draft.

  33. By jasonc on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Patrick Hoog-

    I’m back now buddy, but thank you for the sentiment!

  34. By georgiebird on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Loved BA’s post game remarks about “playing close games”. Lawrence Taylor sprung the same sentiments to his Giants’ teammates about 35 years ago after a close loss to the SB Steelers- It went something like “I didn’t come here to lose”.

  35. By clssylssy on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    The value of good TEs is nothing new. Tony Gonzalez is kinda the standard by which TEs have been measured and while we see such players as Jimmy Graham being used more like a receiver, Gonzalez has always played that way which has made him so successful and valued. It’s interesting how many of these TEs are former basketball players which, I guess accounts in part for their abilities to go up for the ball. Vernon Davis, Antonio Gates, Gonzalez are not a new concept. I read an interesting article recently about Graham entering into contract negotiations with the Saints and wanting to be paid like a top receiver which is apparently where the rub lies…$$$,surprise? While this is a business and there is the reality of having to work within a Cap framework, it might be more productive for teams to pay on the basis of merit rather than job titles. We have all seen how versatile Patrick Peterson is and his dabbling in playing offense this season. Perhaps, it would be worth a try at having him play TE, like Graham, Gonzalez, Gates, etc. He doesn’t have the weight but he has the evasiveness and speed that might make him more of an asset to the offense than having him play everything else. Plus, he has experience playing QB in high school and is knowledgeable and learns fast. I don’t think we have to continue to get “beat up by TEs”, just maybe adjust our thinking a little outside of the box? This team has a wealth of talent that is being underutilized.
    Let’s focus on learning from the mistakes we made in SF, clean up our execution and continue using our run game that has been our best offensive weapon. This week THE RED SEA WILL RISE UP and pound the Seahawks!

  36. By jasonc on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply


    I appreciate the sentiment, I’m back now and I am ready to watch all of the games I missed on NFL Rewind. I think I’m still fresh because I didn’t have to watch the games live, but fans should realize that we are off to a decent start. We’ve won the games we needed to win (including an early east coast game which is usually our kryptonite), we’ve protected our home field and we’ve done all of this with our offense playing inconsistently and turning over the ball at an unacceptable rate. Obviously we need to play better and that is why fans are frustrated, but as far as our record is concerned we aren’t in a bad spot. I personally still believe that our offense has the ability to play much better football and our defense is just a few scheme wrinkles away from being great (which you already covered). I’m not going to be braggadocios and say we can win the division or make the playoffs….but, I’m not going to put it out of the realm of possibility.

  37. By Richard S. on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    When Fitz is on the field, Palmer thinks he needs to throw to him like the interception the last game with Fitz surrounded by 3 defenders while another Cardinal receiver was trailing Fitz, the same distance downfield, not covered and Palmer forces the ball into Fitz, a few days after he says he shoudn’t do that, he does it. Maybe sit Fitz out against Seattle and let him rest his hamstring and Palmer can learn to throw to the other guys instead of being dependent on a receiver thrown with 6 catches and 2 picks. Get Roberts in the mix. He’s a good receiver. Housler every year is going to have breakout year and never does.

  38. By Wildcard on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply


  39. By Eric Y on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Michael Bidwill is a class act. He’s a very likable owner.

  40. By cardsalltheway on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Well, we had our chance this season and I actually thought we were going to beat San Fran.(predicted wrong before Sunday’s game) but Thursday night against the Seahawks all hopes for the season will be lost.

    “Well, number one, (Carson) is certainly our best option right now,” Keim said.

    Certainly nobody should ever doubt thaaaaat, hahahahaha!!!!!

    Drew Stanton should be getting at least 50% of the time with the 1st team in practice because it’s just a matter of time. Carson Palmer hasn’t won any Super Bowls like Eli Manning.

  41. By ored on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    larry is in on too many TDs to take him out or ignore him,we go entire quarters with no td and no throws to larry,then we get him involved and score.he’s the only sure thing if the ball is catchable,no drops and very few fumbles

    if we are taking the stance of no moral victories,then we need to also go full steam with the most productive,less housler,more short dray plays,more ellington,more deception with patrick or let him take the easy play if they don’t bite,lets see what williams has got,everybody else gets a chance,he does’nt because he does’nt play special teams?sounds like the doghouse to me.let it go,if he can help,play him.

  42. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Part of Palmer’s problem is the poor play calling….

    The Car5ds also had some stupid penaltues in that game that cost them dearly…..

  43. By Randall on Oct 14, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer has something that was inconsistent last year, the OL is much better and we have a running game. That said he is not really a substantial upgrade to Kolb or Skelton (forget Lindley). Palmer has more tools and is playing ok at times, other times inconsistent. I say if we lose to Seattle then Stanton get a shot. We have three wins and four losses, 3-5 will be tough to catch SF or Seattle. Kolb went 4-0 to start in 2012 and Skelton went 6-1 in 2011. Stanton has yet to prove anything, if Palmer remains the same let’s see if Stanton meets the hype.

  44. By George on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    Mike Bidwill has class. Going to SFO to check on and pick up Calais is beyond the usual owner’s usual action in such cases. I hope it was noted by the team with
    due appreciation, because his action went way beyond” business as usual”.

    Have my fingers crossed for Calais’ early return, but if delayed out of caution that’s OK too. Long term thinking pays.

  45. By monzz on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    lets face it six games played,
    Palmer still sucks and HC BA still calls stupid plays, this team except for defense is garbage. Get rid of Menenhal (steelers trash), Housler (worthless) and no more offensive genius what a bunch of bs

  46. By Grant on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    For those of us that do not get the NFL network will there be a local channel that the game will be on Thursday night?

  47. By Darren Urban on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    Grant —

    RE: TV

    I have not heard anything official. I’ve had fans saying it will be on KUTP but again, I have not heard.

  48. By Big Ken on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    lmao Levi Brown!!! Will we at least get a 7th rounder?

  49. By red bird of death! on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    We still have issues , please beat the seachickens!!!!!!

  50. By axaellugo on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    love watching the defense!! Great Job GUYS amazing so far! we needs these divional games won tho! hard to see the lose too. but i have faith CARSON will get better!

  51. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    Randall —

    Re: Stanton, yours is the second post I’ve seen talking about whether Stanton meets the “hype.” What hype? You’re talking about a guy who was drafted in 2007 and has thrown about as many total NFL passes as Ryan Lindley, and not a single regular-season pass since 2010. I haven’t heard any hype about him. Yes, I know that when we signed him, Arians said things along the lines of being comfortable with Stanton as our QB — because at that point he had no choice (he can’t exactly say, “Yeah we’ve got Stanton but I know we need a better QB,” because he’d look like an idiot putting Stanton out there if we weren’t able to get anyone better.) But were Cardinals fans really looking forward to another season of trotting out someone else’s backup as our starting QB? I didn’t see people posting here how great it was that we had signed Stanton and how they were looking forward to him taking over… contrast that to Palmer; I saw a lot of people glad when we signed him (although admittedly he also had some detractors).

    Yes, Palmer has not been as good as we expected so far. The INT to Fitz looked like it was forced. The other one certainly looked on TV like Palmer didn’t know what he was doing — looked like he threw it right to the opponent — but Arians blamed that one on Dray for not running the right route. I think that is the case with a few other INT’s. Those are really the killer at this point; Palmer is admittedly not doing great, but is middle of the pack in other areas (completion %, yards per game, etc.) while everyone — not just him, but all the receivers as well — is adjusting to Arians’ offense. It’s the 11 INT’s that everyone is upset about, but if a few of those are on the receivers then suddenly his performance is a lot more middle-of-the-pack than way below average. Now, I understand that there are some fans who think Palmer isn’t capable of leading this team to the Super Bowl, and maybe they’re right. But do those fans think Stanton is a Super Bowl QB? If so, I don’t think he’d be on his fourth team (including about a week with the Jets), or that he’d be getting traded along with a 7th round pick for a 6th rounder.

  52. By ored on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply


    good points,i also believe palmer needs more time and there are plenty of places to spread the blame,poor route running or awareness can make the qb look incompetent,poor blocking up front cuts into his decision making process.also think that when the defense is getting pressure we need more screens,draws,play action short plays,after all larrys td was mostly yac,set up a game plan for quick plays,then change over to long passes,back and forth,mix it up until palmer has more time.saints do a very good job,but also have a very good TE.

    as much emphasis as BA puts on TE play,to the point of trading a good fullback,i was surprised we did’nt go after a top TE in free agency or at least seriously consider the big ND TE in last years draft.and also have more of a game plan to defend the TE,they are seriously costing us games,every one of our losses have come at the hands of big TE numbers,if the other team has an above average TE,we give up huge plays and tds.i know he and keim had a whole team to think about and could’nt have everything they wanted,so this off season i think we’re more aggressive at that spot,both offensively and on defense.

  53. By Scott H on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    jasonc –

    A couple of things…first, I ask, respectfully, how do you or does anyone know for sure that Drew Stanton might not be a better QB than Palmer at this point? Palmer has a history, he has a pedigree, he has a name, etc. OK. So does Michael Vick out here in Philly. He won the job over Nick Foles in camp over the summer but I’ll tell ya something – Foles just got a chance to play, he looked great, and so did the offense. And Eagle fans are hoping he will keep playing whether Vick is healthy or not. Are they wrong? Maybe they’re not. Sometimes, the other guy REALLY is the better QB and what he needs is a chance to play so he can prove it. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, and the great Tom Brady are all prodcuts of that scenario.

    Your saying that if Stanton were better, he would have won the job is an opinion – NOT a certainty. The Patriots obviously believed that Drew Bledsoe was their best QB at one point, better than Tom Brady. Well, by your logic, I guess Brady wasn’t the better QB because he didn’t win the job in training camp. Right? No. History says you’re wrong. WAAAAY wrong!

    The fact that Palmer is the most experienced QB on the roster right now means NOTHING except he was born several years before their other QB’s and started his NFL career before they did. That is ALL it means. It doesn’t make him the better QB because…well, just because.

    Is he the most talented QB on the roster right now? Maybe. Maybe not. Even if he is, you tell me – is he good enough? If not, then what does it matter?

    regardless, he’s not your future. So, why not take a look at a guy who MIGHT offer something for the future? The Browns sure believe they found their future in Brian Hoyer. Well, we might have found the same if we had ever given him a chance to play.

  54. By jasonc on Oct 15, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H-

    I respect your opinion, but please allow me to rebut.

    Let me start by saying that Drew Stanton isn’t an unknown commodity. He has been in this league since 2007 and couldn’t beat out prolific QB’s such as Dan Orlovsky, Dante Culpepper and Shaun Hill in Detroit…as a matter of fact from 2007-2011 he wasn’t even the back up QB, he was a third string QB. Last year he was signed by the Jets to back up Mark Sanchez and after they signed Tim Tebow he asked to be traded. He ended up in Indianapolis where he backed up Andrew Luck and took zero snaps on the year. His career completion percentage is 55.6% with a 5-9 TD-INT ratio and he hasn’t thrown an NFL pass in two seasons. What about this screams to you that he is better than Carson Palmer?

    As far as Colin Kaepernik, Nick Foles and Tom Brady (I didn’t include Russell Wilson because he won the Seattle job and was the day 1 starter…so I don’t know why you included him?) were/are all young QB’s who were able to perform when the incumbent QB went down with an injury. Tom Brady was a sixth round, second year QB…nobody knew he was going to have ice in his veins and be one of the greatest QB’s in history. Nick Foles has had a few good games…you know another Philly QB who subbed in for an injured QB and played well? Kevin Kolb, think about that one before you say Foles is better than Vick. But back to your point: COULD Stanton be that one in a million guy who hasn’t had his chance to shine after 6 years? Ok, I’ll give you that. I don’t know 100% that Drew Stanton can’t come in and be better than Carson Palmer. But my point stays the same, Drew isn’t a young QB that we’re grooming to be our future starter like the other players you’ve suggested here. Carson is healthy and he has been named the starter by our coach meaning: the guy whose job is on the line decided that Carson is his best opportunity to keep his job. We are 3-3 with all of our losses coming on the road and two against teams that will probably be competing for the Super Bowl this year…why should we panic? I’ve watched the games and Carson isn’t the end all, be all of blame. There have been dropped passes, missed routes, poor blocking, seemingly bad play calling and of course some terrible decision throwing the ball by Carson…but, did you really think we were going to win those games? Listen, I understand the frustration, I do, but Carson is going to be the starter and there is a great deal of video evidence to support that we are going to get better on offense (and if we don’t you’ll get your wish…but be careful what you wish for), we still have 6 home games, as well as road games in Jacksonville (which I’ll be at) and Philly. It just seems to me that people forget how historically awful we were on offense last year and now we have a new coach, new OC, new QB, new running back and 3 new starters on the offensive line and we want to yank Carson after 6 weeks? When he is 3-3. Just seems like a knee jerk reaction.

    If by game 8 we are 3-5 and Carson and the offense haven’t made any improvement then this be a conversation to start to have but right now it just sounds reactionary.

  55. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    Jasonc —

    Reactionary is the right word to describe the calls for dumping Palmer. The Cardinals are actually moving the ball much better this year. We actually put up 400 yards against the Niners. The INT’s are unacceptable, but you don’t bench your starting QB (in my opinion) because he has a handful of interceptions more than average — especially when several of those, your own coaching staff says are not his fault.

  56. By Scott H on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    jasonc –

    Well, thanks for the time you took to respond and for your points, which you present very well. Allow me to present some rebutts to your rebut, and you may rebut those rebutts as you see fit.

    I’m aware that Stanton has been in the league for awhile, so I see what you are saying. I have used the same logic in regard to other QB’s in the past. There is always an example to support whatever angle you want to take with any given QB. Maybe Stanton is more of an Alex Smith – a QB who looked less than average for several years befroe he found it – than a Matt Leinart ( who, of course, never found it and never will ). Regardless, we’ll never know until / unless he gets to play. Agreed that we may have to continue this duscussion later.

    I included Wilson because he was probably not the guy Seattle expected to be the day 1 starter the day they drafted him. He showed he was the better QB and he won the job. But we DO see situations in the NFL where it doesn’t always play out that way. Teams sometimes stay with the guy they paid to be the starter because…well, because they paid him to be the starter.

    I do not see how it is fair to compare Nick Foles to Kevin Kolb. First of all Kolb appears to have the ability to be a decent QB. His problem is that he CANNOT stay healthy for more than 10 minutes. Foles does not appear to have that problem. But the course things took with Kolb has nothing to do with how good Foles may or not be. But the FACT is that Vick – supposedly the better QB – has not led the Eagles anywhere in recent years.

    Back to Stanton…his asking to be traded by the Jets after they brought in Tebow last year means…what, exactly? I think it means that the Jets drank the Kool Aid with Tebow and that was a HUGE mistake. You tell me – if the Jets can go back and do that whole thing again, do you think they do it the same? Please. Then he goes to the Colts and doesn’t play at all. And? He was behind Andrew Luck, who played brilliantly and stayed healthy. Um…if Carson Palmer had been a Colt last season, he wouldn’t have played, either. Neither of these situations say anything about Drew Stanton’s ability. They have much more to do with the Jets showing REALLY poor judgement and Andrew Luck being everything he was advirtised to be. Stanton never saw the field by no fault of his own, so…what can you take from that? Nothing, really. Nothing that speaks to his ability to play, that is.

    These debates can go on forever and they can be a lot of fun, but as you say, Palmer is the guy and will continue to be. So…we’ll see. Thanks again for the dialogue.

    And as for the use of the term “reactionary”….well, perhaps you’ll have to forgive me for my many years of experieince of watching SOOO many seasons that were 3-3 after 6 games end in disappointment. You call it reactionary if you want, but…it ain’t like there isn’t a basis in reality here, my friend.

  57. By jasonc on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H-

    I was just trying to illustrate that Drew Stanton has been in several different training camps and that he has never beaten out a starter, or in his time in Detroit. he couldn’t even beat out the number two guy. Alex Smith might seem like a better example, but he was a number one overall draft pick which speaks to talent level and has been a starter since his rookie year, Drew has never entered a season as a starter. The other guys you mentioned were all first or second year players who were being groomed to eventually be starters and that isn’t the case with Drew, he is our back up not our future. I understand what you’re saying…how will we ever know unless we play him, but the coaches have seen him in training camp, preseason and during practices so they have an idea what he’s capable of. Like I said, maybe he just needs a chance to shine. If your only argument is that we won’t know because he hasn’t played then I don’t think you’ve offered any evidence to change my mind that he should play.

    I wasn’t comparing Foles to Kolb I was just mentioning that a few games doesn’t make a competent starter. Kolb was NFC player of the week twice when he replace McNabb and everyone thought he had franchise QB written all over him. It was more for satire not a condemnation of Foles, haha. I like Foles and I’d trade a #2 pick and Patrick Peterson for him….too soon?

  58. By jasonc on Oct 16, 2013 | Reply

    Rich Gannon would be a good QB to argue your case with FYI.

  59. By Scott H on Oct 17, 2013 | Reply

    jasonc –

    Well, none of my commentary has been intended to “convice” you. You have your opinion(s) and I am not trying to change them. Have enjoyed the back and forth very much, however.

    I like Foles, too. But would you REALLY give up Peterson 9 AND a 2nd round pick??? ) to get him??? Man, I would need to see a LOT more before any such thoughts would enter my mind! You might get Foles for the 2nd round pick alone at this point in time. Why “throw in” a Pro-Bowl CB and punt return man as a bonus???

    Almost game time, bro!

  60. By jasonc on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Scott H-

    I was joking. Just making reference to the Kolb trade where we gave up a 2nd round pick and our first round pick corner DRC.

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