Seahawks aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 17, 2013 – 11:52 pm

The Cardinals were hoping to at least get a split in this five-game stretch against the elite of the NFC West. That didn’t happen, clearly. So the Cards move on, with an extra couple of days to prep for a flailing Atlanta team that will come into Arizona a week from Sunday. The next three games are home against the Falcons and Texans – neither of which have played very well and have been punished with injuries – and then a road trip to Jacksonville. The season could turn quickly. But the Cards better figure out what ails them, especially offensively.

It’s late. This won’t be long. But in light of a rough game against the Seahawks Thursday night:

— Bruce Arians said he didn’t consider a quarterback change. What would go into the process, he was asked. It’s not just interceptions themselves.

“It’s the reasons for the interceptions,” Arians said. “Is it his decision-making? If it’s his decision-making, then we will make the change. The first (interception) to me was obvious pass interference (on Larry Fitzgerald), and the safety makes a great play. The second one was just a poor decision. Those are the ones we have to look at.”

— No surprise defensive end Calais Campbell played. He said there was a doubt coming into the day, but once he ran around he felt ready. He had a team-high eight tackles. Campbell also warmed up in an old-school Bryan Cox neck-brace/extension (google the image) but apparently discarded it before coming out for kickoff.

— I haven’t seen Andrew Luck play yet, but my vote right now for the best QB out of the current young bunch is Russell Wilson. He is so impressive on so many levels.

— The slow start was on both the offense and defense Thursday. Veteran safety Yeremiah Bell lamented too many busted coverages early — something that shouldn’t be happening — and Daryl Washington complained about the shoddy tackling. The offense needs to be much, much better but that’s 66 points allowed in the two games this week.

— So in the last two Thursday games the Cards have played, they have allowed a total of 16 sacks. That’s a tough way to live on national TV.

— Not the way I’m sure Machine wanted his send-off. Regardless, good luck in retirement.

— Larry Fitzgerald could have drilled defensive back Walter Thurmond on a blindside block early in the game. He did not, and Thurmond, while blocked, could’ve been much worse for wear. Later in the game, Fitzgerald did pop Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman harder, although replays showed Fitz could’ve creamed him much harder. And you wonder why Fitz has such a good reputation among his peers.

“I tried not to hit him too hard,” Fitzgerald said. “They fine you on those crackbacks and penalize you too. I didn’t want to put my team in a position to lose 15 yards in the red zone like that. I just tried to make a smart play.”

— GM Steve Keim said Bradley Sowell was going to have his ups and downs at left tackle. Thursday was definitely a down. He had a rough game getting pushed back, down and away by what is a very good Seattle defensive line. There were plenty of plays where other linemen had issues, but Sowell – with the Seahawks able to pin their ears back and come without fear of the run – was overmatched one-on-one much of the time.

— Not a whole lot else to say on this one. The Seahawks a good team. Better than the 49ers right now. After these two games, the Cards know where they stand. They wish it was in a better spot.


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  1. By SteveG on Oct 17, 2013 | Reply

    Not a game that built on the good things that happened against SF.

    I now know Bradley Sowell’s name as it was mentioned..A LOT…

    Tough night but 10 days to heal and do what it takes to take down a vulnerable Atlanta.

    (Seattle looked very good, they are straight up a better equipped team right now…Tough but true.)

  2. By cooldaddy79 on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Man that game was messed up for sure look at all those damn holds on us. Man I don’t know. I just don’t know. Ill just keep being positive and not explode! Palmer I think can do well if the o-line will step up.. And they might be doing their best that’s ok.But Damn when you watch the game there is something just not clicking right.. but then you will see them marching down the field,,.. are these games set up!? Sea Jawks got Lucky too on some plays. Im just waiting till we start lighting teams up. Do you think Palmer needs glasses now, is his vision ok? under thrown balls and these picks are looking like a real vision problem. But keep working Palmer. Turn it around beat the 49 er’s the next time we see them. Lets win some games!

  3. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    We are still only three games out of first place with a lot of football left. We can turn this thing around. But 3 losses in the division. Ouch. Atlanta is next. I think we can win that one and get back to 4-4. From there, who knows. If we can get the offense to click, we still have a chance to make the playoffs.

  4. By Dave Chaney on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I cringed when I saw the Cards schedule for this season and it still makes me very uneasy. Best case scenario, 9-7 (and that’s extremely optimistic). Worst case, 6-10 (granted that’s pessimistic). Perhaps my 8-8 is still the way to go so I’ll stick with it for a little longer. BIG ???…where do we go from here. Obviously Carson Palmer is being pressured relentlessly so we can’t be sure how he would perform behind a good O Line. I have to wonder if our problems since Warner retired haven’t always been our line but that’s not being totally fair to those guys who are very hard workers. Maybe in the offseason we should draft or sign a QB of the future and spend the rest of our energy drafting or signing offensive lineman. I’m beginning to feel a little less confident in our defense too. In one of my previous comments I mentioned how we fanned in trying to sign Peyton Manning and Alex Smith. Last night brought back another unpleasant thought…remember when we wanted Pete Carroll to be our new head coach? For all you young fans, don’t mind this old school guy and all his pessimism. Keep pulling for this team and who knows, maybe some day they will return to and win the SB…maybe.

  5. By John S on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    The only thing I can take positively from tonight is hearing Calvisi’s interview of Arians after the game and him FINALLY saying Palmer has to do better and not blaming “receivers in the wrong spot”. Took 7 games huh? Too late now. What makes being a Cardinal fan so tough besides the obvious endless repeating cycle of same ole same ole no offense, but the fact that the off-season takes sooooooooooooooooooooo long from the draft to OTA’s and camp and going to all those and the season FINALLY gets here and the same crap happens. Deflating after you build up expectations.

  6. By Blair on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Psh I’m not buying any of that happy go lucky “go get em cards, turn it around any day now BS”. Watching these games has been borderline sickening. There is No miracle LT coming to save the day. When they went into the season with elite Levi we all should have looked at next years qb prospects. I’m just mad at myself for expecting any different.

  7. By Neil on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    So three straight games where the opponent has taken advantage of a small secondary with their TALL tight ends. Maybe someone should address that as well…….

  8. By red bird of death! on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Everyone warned us about Palmers interceptions and we we all like no way he’s gonna click here and now it stings people that last int I just walked.

  9. By johnnybluenose on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I thought we might win this game but we were over-matched everywhere, including play-calling. I keep reading that Arians is a great coach / teacher so I assume that is true but I thought his play-calling was unimaginative, sometimes wrong ( 1st and goal from the 4 yard line and we go nowhere ) and sometimes just…..putrid. Seattle’s defense was way too strong for our offense. They treated us with disdain. Is Arians too stubborn to give Williams a chance? I don’t care that he does not play special teams. Neither does Mendenhall. Our defense had some great moments. The stop on 4th and inches was tremendous. Campbell and Abraham stood out. To sack and force Wilson to fumble ( three times?) is quite an accomplishment. Feely kicked well. But when you can neither run nor pass the ball well you are not going to win many football games. We have some less than stellar opponents coming up and the mini-break coming up will help us so we can still have a barely winning season. But we are 0-3 in our division so a play-off spot is probably not in the cards for our Cards. Too bad.

  10. By Rich on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Russell Wilson is over rated. He is good, can throw and run and is smart. But Lynch is that offense, and when a QB has a run game like that behind him….his job gets alot easier. Wilson is NOT SO IMPRESSIVE ON SO MANY LEVELS. He is decent and athletic and good. But not close to being great, and never will be. Marshawn Lynch is what makes that offense go.

  11. By Rich on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    In this league, you’d better have a great O-line if your QB is a pocket passer. If you don’t have a great O-line, you’d better have a mobile QB. Palmer is a good pocket passer. But he needs a solid O-line. We don’t have it. We also don’t have an O-line that can create opportunity for running backs to explode through the line.

  12. By Rich on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    2014 draft we gotta target a mobile QB we can develop for a year or so behind Palmer / Stanton. Might find that guy in round 3 or so. Rounds 1 and 2 we need another top O-line pick, and an edge rusher with some speed. Our Defense has bulk but not enough speed. Our fastest LB’s are in the middle…..our slowest are on the edge.

  13. By Rich on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    let me repeat – our fastest linebackers are in the middle. Our slowest linebackers are on the edge. That was the case before injuires as well. That’s NOT a standard formula for putting pressure on opposing QB’s with blitzing. Wilson is fast, but some of the near misses were a result of the “slowness” of our rushers.

  14. By CORMAC on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, is Kerry Rhodes still available? It seems we have a void at his position.

  15. By Darren Urban on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Cormac —

    RE: Rhodes

    Rhodes is still a free agent. No, I do not think he is coming back here.

  16. By CORMAC on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Darren, do you think Rhodes is being blacklisted because of the gay rumors? Or is it money issues? What is the price difference between Bell and Rhodes?

    Every time I see a busted play it seems like its Bell. While last year many spectacular plays had Rhodes name attached to it. Is the money really worth the downgrade at safety?

  17. By Darren Urban on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Cormac —

    RE: Busted plays

    The safety is usually going to be the one back on a busted play whether it was his fault or not. I’d be very careful about blaming him for every missed assignment.

  18. By Canadian Redbird on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply


    Can’t understand that play just before the half where Wilson is tackled close to the 10 yard line with seconds remaining. By declining the holding penalty on the play, it would have been difficult for the Hawks to kick the field goal, yet it didn’t seem that the Cards were afforded the option of accepting /declining the infraction. ??????????

    You’ve got to love the heart of this defence. They never gave up; forced numerous fumbles; pressured Wilson; stopped the Hawks on 2 – 4th downs with inches to go. Fun to watch them play.

    Another positive was the atmosphere at the stadium throughout the game and Kurt Warner winding up the siren prior to the start. I truly believe that Cardinal football is very alive in the desert and the fan base is the fastest growing in the NFL.

    The Seahawks and NIners are really good teams; were not to that level yet however as the analysts indicated on TV, there is so many good building blocks and story lines. GO CARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Disgusting…… It seems nothing has changed from last year…..

    Coaching- Putrid
    Offensive Play Calling- Putrid
    OL- Putrid
    Running Game- Putrid
    QB Play- Putrid
    Tackling- Putrid

  20. By Rich on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    gonna take a couple years to clean out the “dead money” on our cap. bad contracts and bad choices by previous leadership are what Keim and Arians are living with. They figured to “bridge the gap” by signing a few solid veterans while they rebuild. Good strategy. We’ll be 8 and 8, better than before….not good enough to get excited about.

  21. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Just 3 notes for now:

    1. Fitz was interfered with on the INT, correct call completely changes course of game;
    2. We were not mentally ready to play, spotted them 14, thats on the coaches and players, not good enough, not professional enough. Seattle is not that much better, man by man, if at all. They got more from themselves. I expect more… our players need to expect more of themselves…
    3. Still, if we get to 4-4 at break, still in it for Wild card.

  22. By Cautiously Optimistic on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I mean.. let’s look on the bright side. At least Seattle didn’t drop a 50 burger on us this time.

    I think the book has been out on us for a while. There are only chapters being added on to it now. Just look at your TE or maybe sneeze his way and you’re likely to score a touchdown. Seriously.. is Yeremiah Bell in some kind of competition for worst coverage safety in the NFL that the rest of us don’t know about? The guy hits and run stops like you want a Strong Safety to hit, but he can’t cover. Bowles’ gameplan has been exploitable since early in the season and I’ve been beating this drum over and over again. We’re not getting it done pass protection wise. Most notably against TE’s. Stacking the box to stop the run on pretty much every single play may get you good run stopping numbers (Or not, as noted today) but leaving Jerraud Powers and Yeremiah Bell on coverage is getting us burned week in and week out. P2 can cover alone outside, but these guys just flat out aren’t getting it done with the current scheme. I know some guys aren’t hitting their spots or covering their zones appropriately just from watching the game and seeing the obvious, but again at some point that comes down to coaching and preventing those mistakes. We are 7 weeks into the season here.

    Marshawn Lynch? What can anyone say? The guy is phenomenal. Now there’s a guy that knows how to finish a play. Something I’m seeing missing on a lot of these plays. Cards should take notes from Beast Mode.

    Offensively I thought Carson played a little better than weeks previous. Fans probably won’t agree with me there, and I definitely don’t think enough plays were being made, but he seemed a bit smarter about his throws even if his touch was off. You can fault him for an underthrow on Fitz for that INT, but you can’t fault him for a safety making a phenomenal play on the ball. Honestly the Seattle secondary played one hell of a game and I’m not going to sit here and harp on Palmer because in my mind he made better decisions than he has in the last few weeks. That pass to Ellington in the endzone that was broken up was right on the money, but once again Seattle made a fantastic play on the ball. Phenomenal team that is incredibly well coached. Would love to see some of that here in the desert.

    Mendenhall has obvious knee issues. A few of his cutbacks were nothing short of straight up failures. The mind is willing but the knee appears weak. I feel for the guy because fans rip him apart when he’s got legitimate talent. He just doesn’t seem to be healthy and I’m not sure if he will ever return to former glory.

    Good to see Housler actually making his catches. He even had a nice block off some backfield motion at one point. Keep it up and maybe us fans will give you a break instead of ripping on you week after week. We need him to perform in such a bad way! Even NFL network commentators mentioned it. It’s almost like they’re reading the comments here.

    It just seems like week after week we fall a little short on talent, and our scheme doesn’t do us any favors when it comes to making up for it. The good thing I’m trying to focus on is that our recent drafts seem to have netted us some real talent. Watching P2, Mathieu, D Wash, Ellington, and hopefully Cooper next year gives a little hope for the future. As far as this year goes I’m afraid after dropping 3 in our division already it is looking pretty bleak. Week in and week out my username becomes harder and harder to type.

    Our O line looked beat up. Winston, I love the guy, but man he was looking like he’s missing a lot of push. Sowell- guy needs work, it’s obvious.. but I’ll still take him over Levi. He made some horrible plays but he also made some fantastic blocks. Once he figures out the offense a bit more I think he’ll settle in fine. I like his strength and he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Sendlein gave up some pressure, but he also made some plays 10 and 15 yards down the field. Gotta respect any O-Lineman that isn’t afraid to finish a play.

    Darren: Any word on Colledge? He left for a bit and I don’t recall ever seeing him come back in.

  23. By Marcelof on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Cards got two huge problems to be addressed next April… OL and QB, which shall they go first?!

    My opinion: considering a fancy QB class upcoming, Cards should do whatever it takes to get a nice spot despite the one they are having by the end of the season. We are surely going to stand behind Jaguars, Raiders and maybe texans, titans and Vikings which will probably go after a franchise QB. So, be agressive, give up on draft picks and get the best (or second best) QB possible. If it puts on another poor-offensive-line-play year, so be it. Make the most of next year’s draft to find a long term QB. Cards got weapons at WR, RB play will improve with the return of Cooper, defense will get better… but GOD we need a QB so bad, Palmer sucks….


  24. By Justin Barnett on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Last two games it was close in the 2nd half. We needed our D to play shut down. Tough outcomes!

  25. By Tucson Card on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Seattle has a good football team.

    Sowell had a rough game, there was one play where he got completely man-handled. He’s young, but our offense won’t be much better if we can’t give Palmer a clean pocket.

    Fitz block was classy. He plays football the way it’s supposed to be played.

    Go Cards.

  26. By Dynosoar on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Last year, if we scored 20+ points we won.

  27. By Dean on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    What’s tough for me, as a fan, is the players always say the right things before and after games. “We have to tackle better,” “We have to play smarter,” “We have to stay disciplined,” etc. etc. etc. Yet they never seem to do those things. Aclions speak louder than words. Too many cliches, not even execution.

  28. By skodly on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Lets cut the crap.The O-Line stinks,The play calling was horrible,no running game at all.I was so exited during camp but it’s the same old stuff.The D keeps us in it until their on the field too long because the offense does nothing.Sure loosing Cooper was a killer ,but the rest of those guys should look themselves in the mirror this a.m and realize they are close to not even being NFL caliber players,they stink.Maybe we win against other teams this year but forget beating the Hawks or Niners!!!! Its October and it’s wait till next year again!!

  29. By D on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    C. Palmer is the worst rated QB in the league when attempting to throw over 20 yrds. Something BA wanted to establish this year. Only Sendlein and Colledge are decent at pass blocking. The left tackle doesn’t have a chance with opposing teams don’t have to worry about the run. Even Winston has given up sacks. The Right G is also over matched. Maybe it’s time to start Massie and Watford on the right side, whom both could be the starters next year.

    One bright spot is a player no one probably knows is M. Benard at OLB-he didn’t play much but when he did he got pressure last night.

  30. By Mike G on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Yo Darren– Tough game for the Card’s last night. I was hoping they could get this one and get to 500. I thought the Seahawks jumped on them early for a quick 14-0 lead and that was the difference in the ballgame. Card’s did not match Seattle’s intensity to start the game. You can’t play catch up against that defense. The inability to run the ball coupled with turnovers from the offense spelled trouble for the Card’s. I liked the effort from the team but the Seahawks are very strong on both ends of the line. Palmer has to play faster and at times looks statue-esque!
    Seattle is still much more physical than the Card’s. Have to give Campbell credit for going in this game–and he did very well. Still– with Atlanta and Houston coming in –Cards have a good shot to get two wins. Must re-group and learn from the SF and Seattle games. —I thought Roberts drop and Palmer taking that sack on the first possession were really key in setting the tone early. Darren–do you think Palmer could have thrown that ball away on that first sack??????

  31. By Dynosoar on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    The thing that struck me most about Russell Wilson is how many times he’d have been sacked if he hadn’t thrown the ball into the ground.

    If Palmer learns from that, forget tucking to protect from a fumble during a sack, spike the ball. (Why isn’t that intentional grounding?)

    Over and over he saved loss of yards and a sack by throwing the ball into the ground. If the rules no longer allow for intentional grounding when it’s clearly intentional grounding, then it’s brilliant play to intentionally ground the ball and avoid the sack.

    And one of those turned into a completed pass because a Seattle player was actually able to catch the ball as it was thrown at the ground.

    Palmer, intentionally ground the ball and don’t get hit and/or sacked. No more loss of yardage on such plays.

  32. By D on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I know it’s not half way point of the season yet, but I am sure our GM can tell which players he should try to resign for next yr.
    Here is my list:

    PLayers I believe who are scheduled to be Free agents.
    1-M. Shaughnessy
    2-A. Roberts
    3-D. Zastudil
    4-K. Dansby
    5-A. Taamu
    6-Y. Bell
    7-J. Dray
    8-M. Benard
    9-F. Rucker
    10-J. Arenas (I believe he is restricted)

    Of course this all depends on the salary cap.I know they will have a decent size chunk of dead space for players no longer on the roster and maybe a current vet starter that maybe cut. Leaves the team thin at TE, (which can be addressed in the draft) and leaves out players such as J. Feeley, R. Mendenhall, E. Winston and A. Cason. Cheaper replacements are either on the roster now or can be found in the draft.

  33. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Safety’s job: … to be… the safety, last man, no one gets behind…

    Darren wrote: “The safety is usually going to be the one back on a busted play whether it was his fault or not. I’d be very careful about blaming him for every missed assignment.”

    True, but Bell is a carbon cc of Wilson, great hitter, great guy, great in box, can’t cover a pin hole… when can’t cover need to be more aware, they aren’t all on him but much of the poor TE defense has been his poor cover… if he’s in box, obviously he’s not “the safety” on that particular play, but no doubt he is weak link on pass plays. They missed Rashad, so Bell got exposed for a few weeks, the rook S has helped. New problem is Rashad can’t tackle well with that lost finger tip. Rhodes would immediately improve TE defense. Surprised Keim has not made inquiry… or has he???

    The bye week should help resolve many of the problems. If not, we’re screwed…

  34. By clssylssy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    This was difficult to watch, not just because of the play on the field but mostly because the announcers never quit slobbering all over themselves about the Seahawks this…the Seahawks that…Russell Wilson, yada yada, Marshawn Lynch on Skittles and in beastmode…and, the best…from the airhead twit on the sideline (tosses hair back and flutters eyelashes) to Pete Carroll..well, Coach ya gonna put up fifty on them tonight? This was the NFL being the NFL, trashy and with it’s total lack of class and any pretense of impartiality.
    As for the play on the field, I too thought we started off sluggishly, like we didn’t want our routine interrupted by a Thursday game, but then our defense came alive and was DAMN impressive! Carson’s first interception looked like pass interference which I figured BA would challenge IF it were but he didn’t and only said it was AFTER the game during the pressor. Whiz may not have been loved by the masses but he was never afraid to throw the challenge flag…and won more than he lost; at least you knew he was awake! I would have to commend Palmer for his composure and durability and lay the blame where it belongs…at the playcaller.
    Like Dave Chaney, I cringed when I saw our schedule but, our defense has been much better than I anticipated and I had us going 5-11 or at best 7-9. The biggest thing is that we didn’t really do that much in fixing the offense when we had the opportunity other than establishing a run game (big improvement). There is a tremendous talent on this team but week after week we are being out coached. Steve Keim is to blame for firing Ray Horton who should have been Head Coach.
    And, Darren, nice avoidance of answering the Rhodes question. Sometimes no answer speaks loudly to the real issue!

  35. By David on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    No love for a badger Darren?

  36. By Peter in Canada on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t understand all the negatives. Those who thought that we could change from last year’s horror show to be able to compete with SF and Seattle in one year were misguided. There were just too many holes to fill for that to happen. We competed with both for stretches but could not do it for the full 60. We have improved just not enough to be a contender. Atlanta and Houston will give a better picture of where we are and about those games I am optimistic.

  37. By clssylssy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    …and then, I know you can’t challenge a penalty or lack thereof but that pass interception in Seattle against GB that was such a big who-ha & gets replayed in my brain over and over and…it’s the Seahawks and it just sort of makes me sick when we are at home and THEY still seem to have home field advantage! I guess, I just expect a little more protest from our coach…we all notice the passion Pete Carroll has when he doesn’t like a call….this game was a VERY difficult loss to swallow and I’m sick of hearing the excuse of it’s all on the previous regime!

  38. By Hammy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I dont know what to say about this one. Rooting for the Cardinals the past decade has been tough. Only 2 playoff appearances in 15 plus years???? PALMER NEEDS TO GO! Bad call by the Cardinals to bring him in, we should have got Vince Young or made a trade for a better quarterback. I have lost all hope in him and will be one of many to call for Drew Stanton to showcase his skill set. At least he knows Arians system better than anyone else on the team.

  39. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Seattle is a better team, so the Cards needed to catch the breaks and did not in this game.

    — Interception on the Fitz play: slightly underthrown, but 99%+ of the time, that will be either a catch by Fitz, pass interference, or the ball gets knocked down. Complete dumb luck that it gets tipped enough for the second player to make an INT, and even he almost touched out of bounds before corralling the ball. Great play by Seattle, but lucky.

    — I thought the roughing the passer call on Abraham during Sea’s second TD drive was bogus. I don’t see how it could be considered a late hit, and he didn’t lead with the helmet or go after the head or anything. Without that, they have 3rd and long and maybe the drive stalls and they only get a FG.

    — Lynch fumbles but the ball stays right there where he can corral it. One of their other fumbles goes right to where their OL can fall on it on their 14. (Granted, we recovered two other fumbles deep in their territory on Wilson sacks, but that’s to be expected — the D should recover most of the fumbles in that situation.)

    — Wilson made a great play on 3rd down where his knee was inches from touching the ground and he got the ball off, and Miller made a great play to catch it. We were so close to ending that drive and forcing a punt and getting the ball back down just 4 points midway through the 3rd, but it ends up a TD a few plays later. (This was the key play in the game as far as I was concerned… we had scored on the previous possession and were about to stop Seattle.)

    — And probably the biggest lucky break, they get a benefit from their own penalty at the end of the 1st half — almost certainly wouldn’t have had time to run another play (even a spike) after Wilson was tackled, but because of their own holding, they get a clock stoppage. (Canadian Redbird — sure, we could’ve declined the penalty, but the clock stops regardless during that process, and there is no runoff for a holding penalty, so Seattle could’ve assembled their FG team and kicked the FG from a lot closer.)

    Now I’m not trying to make excuses — we were outplayed — but karma seemed to be against us in this one as well.

    As far as Palmer, he threw two INT’s but I don’t really count the first one — I’d take my chances on that throw any time. But he threw several others that could easily have been picks. He made a throw to Floyd similar to one that was intercepted in the end zone in front of Floyd a couple games ago… this time Floyd managed to knock it down, but that’s a pass we can’t make. And there were a few others where Palmer looked like he was trying to thread a needle between 2-3 defenders that had more of a chance of being intercepted than completed. As far as what to do about it, I don’t know. We couldn’t run the ball at all, the defense knows it, so everything is up to the passing game, on a team where the O-line is a weakness. Maybe a Peyton Manning-type could be successful but I think any mid-range QB is going to look bad when you can’t run the ball and have trouble protecting him. It seems like we have been getting pressure on our opponents’ QB’s lately, but only by blitzing a lot, leaving more of a chance for our secondary to get burned. On the flip side, our QB is under pressure even when the opponent only rushes 4 guys, so you’ve got 7 guys defending our receivers and we’re constantly throwing to well-covered guys. I can’t remember the last time we completed a pass to someone as open as Rice was on that opening TD.

    Really sucks that Cooper got hurt because you spend the 7th OA pick in the draft on your biggest area of need, the O-line, and you get no benefit from it at all this year. And in this game it wasn’t just the left tackle problem that we’ve had for so long — our interior linemen weren’t getting it done either, whether in run blocking or pass protection.

  40. By Rufus on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Sowell was simply overmatched in this game. He just looked slower and weaker than the competition. And when to Arians stop going with Mendenhall, a passive and indecisive RB who is not getting it done?

  41. By louis on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    stop dreaming its the same story every year it won/t chance until we find a owner who wants .

  42. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Dynosaur —

    In all those instances, Wilson threw the ball at least in the general direction of a receiver. Granted, there was not much of a chance of a completion, but they aren’t going to call grounding in that scenario.

    Several of Palmer’s sacks, he is getting blindsided and doesn’t know until the last second that he’s about to get hit. Trying to throw the ball — even low at somebody’s feet — in that scenario is very dangerous. You might end up fumbling, or the ball might pop up for an INT. Wilson is a lot more mobile and some of those balls he threw at someone’s feet were while he was moving. Palmer’s sacks usually occur in the pocket.

  43. By wnycardfan on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Lots of complaining, and yep from me too.
    Yes, I for one thought that with BA and new players etc we could compete. I still think we have a lot of talent. But this game makes you wonder what the heck is going on. SH and SF are great teams, but we should be in the games and able to beat, esp at home. BUt it appears we continue to shoot ourselves in foot over and over and over again. Last year, SH beat us in their house 58-0. When it was 31 – 16, I thought, here we go again. But it was garbage time by then and so SH slowed a bit and we started just airing it out hoping to look okay by end of game. Look at the numbers folks, 96 total OFF yards by 3rd quarter. Are you kidding me???? at home??? on TNF???? What the hell. NO running game. Yes, SH great team and DEF line, but NO running game? Is Whiz back or something? Screens? quick dumps? etc… I’m not a coach and I respect the hell out of BA. But we got anything else besides long bomb? or Mendy trying to go up the middle? Lets kick them in the teeth, put 2 TE and 2 backs in and just drive at them.
    Keep hearing “why is it taking them so long to get this offense”. Look where BA was before, pittsbugh and Indy. BOth of which did VERY well with his offense. Our players that much stupid or unprepared? Both those two have top 10 or top 5 QB running the show for one thing. Perhaps the fact that our players can’t get this is why the play calling is what some are calling bad or unimaginative.
    DEF and SP TEAMS are kicking ass. Even when the blow some coverage, its not the end of the world for them and they keep making plays. Its the OFF that sucks. And now we have the 2nd coach in so many years that is OFF minded. SO what the hell??? ALL O-LIne? for sure some of it. Just shaking my head, I don’t know what to think Hearing Palmer say he is looking forward to winnable games (against a host of crappy teams) sounds like you know your team sucks and at least you won’t look TOO bad compared to other bad teams. WTH, You still have to play your division 3 more times, and it doesn’t look good.

  44. By C on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Please understand that I was once president of the “Levi Brown Stinks!” club…. but believe me when I say….. Bradley Sowell makes Levi Brown look like Lomas Brown.

  45. By Patrick Eagan on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    every position needs to be upgraded on offense except wide receiver. Espically, T, QB, RB, TE

  46. By conrad on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Put Ryan lindley in can’t do any worst or we will be lucky to win 3 more games at the rate we are going down the tubes QB R.L. could still learn Palmer is over even if coach can’t admit it, Mendenhall needs to be benched and R. Williams needs to start

  47. By skodly on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I have to chime in again.I feel sorry for Palmer!!Last night he couldn’t stand there
    for 5 seconds.I have been a Cardinals fan since the 1960’s Spending most of my life in CT and having to watch the Giants and Patriots every week.Year after year I watch these teams plug in no name O-line men and have great running games
    especially the Giants,where do these guys come from?I can’t remember the last time we had a running game of any kind.Is it coaching or just bad talent?I don’t know what you guys were watching last night but baby if it’s not working lets try something different.By the start of the second quarter you knew our offensive plan(whatever it was) was going nowhere.As I stated last week we can’t cover a tight end if our life depended on it and it seems to week after week they are killing us.I love this team,used to go to St.Louis in the 70’s many time’s Coryell era.Had the pleasure of meeting and having a great conversation with Mr.Bidwell Sr.Even bought Bubba Baker an order of chicken wings in the Sheraton Hotel across the Jersey Pike from Giants Stadium sat and spoke to him and Aneas Williams for a while.Thank God I got to see them in a Super Bowl I’m 56 years old now have not been out to Arizona yet,but hope to when I think it’s worth it.I’ll never foret the first time walking into Busch Stadium and being with other Cardinals fans for the 1’st
    time it was great.It’s just so frustrating for an old dog like me that coach after coach,player’s after player’s we just seem to tread water year in and year out. Once again I love the Cardinals and our Red Sea. Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. By Coach K on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    The bottom line is, Seattle has superior talent. So there is no reason to be angry. It is what it is. I will say that our Offensive line is not designed to block for a pocket passer. If that was Ben Roethlesberger behind center last night, he would have scrambled away from the rush and made plays. Palmer cannot do that. I think with the speed of defensive players in this league, you need to have a mobile quarterback. I think Stanton would have been a better fit last night against that defense with our average offensive line. It’s not all Palmer’s fault last night. The fault is with B.A. for not recognizing Palmer cannot have success in the pocket with our current “average at best” offensive line.

  49. By Coach K on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    What does B.A. have against Stanton? I don”t understand why someone who knows the offense better than anyone, and is more mobile, is not getting a shot at making his mark. Palmer has had his shot and it’s not working. Let him be a backup to Stanton. I think it’s time to give Stanton the reps this next ten days and see how it goes. He deserves a shot, and is better equipped to scramble and make plays behind our average offensive line. The game has changed and the pocket passer is a dinosaur.

  50. By adamsdeanaz on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    BRING BACK the “WIDE BODIES”, If I don’t see an effort to fix that offensive line I give up. And for Pete’s sakes make Ellington the starting running back? season ticket holder 8 years (Sun Devil Stadium) fan since 88′

  51. By Scott@Seattle on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Hey dont worry Cardinals fans, your defense is great. Got good young players going in the right direction. A lot of teams are going to have problems with this Seahawks team.

  52. By Cardinal's Chick on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Bruce Arian’s has yet to impress me. His coaching is not a vast improvement over Whisenhunt’s (who btw is doing quite well with the Chargers)…smh.

    As for Palmer…even a mediocre QB would do fine with our receiving core providing they aren’t running for their life, scrambling, being hurried, sacked, etc., every play. Simply put, the O-Line is terrible. Expect to be frustrated and disappointed until the gaping holes in the offensive line are fixed…

  53. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    With the OL in the poor shape it is in… What the Cards need is a QB who has a quick release to thwart the lack of pass potection. Warner excelled at that. Palmer doesn’t that is one of his problems. We did have a QB on the roster- Hoyer who had a quick release but the Cards let him go for some reason…. Face it no one in the Cards organization can pick a QB….

    Darren- I watched the pre-game show on the NFL Network last night. For a while I thought I was watching the Colts-Bronco’s pre-game ad nauseam. All they talked about was the Colts vs Manning upcoming game. The Cards don’t get any respect from EPSN or the NFL Network. Don’t the Cards have a publicity office…???

  54. By Darren Urban on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: Publicity office

    Having worked for many years at a newspaper on the “other side of the fence” I can assure you media outlets are going to talk/write about/broadcast what they want. They rarely listen to PR people in instances such as those. That’s not the fault of the PR people.

  55. By UK cards fan on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    This upcoming draft we need to go all in for improving the Offensive tackle and QB positions. I know it’s way too early into the year to be looking to the offseason, but unless we somehow go 7-2 through our last 9, we won’t make the playoffs in the NFC this season. It is just so hard seeing this great defense and WR corps go to waste.

  56. By Zach on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Darren – Bell was the deep safety and bit on a short route which left the WR open for a deep touchdown in the 1st qtr. Same exact thing happen last week on Vernon Davis’s first touchdown.

    2 blown assignments resulting in 40+ yard touchdowns in the first half. That should not be acceptable.

    Mental Errors are killing us, Bell in particular. Time for Rashad to move to SS and Matheiu to FS. Give up size, but stop blowing the deep 1/3 of the field for a TD each game

  57. By QuayAZ on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Every game this season its the same issues and for some reason we aren’t addressing them.

    1. Yeremiah Bell’s coverage is AWEFUL! He has been burned for 8 td’s so far. I don’t care who you put back there just put someone else back there. Our biggest mistake was letting one of the best safety duo’s go.

    2. Run game is non existent. Don’t tell me Ryan Williams is inactive cause he doesn’t play special teams and Alfonso Smith is a better blocker. Smith has missed several blitz pickups and only has 4 tackles (not sure all are special teams, some may be after turnovers) Activate and start Williams and keep feeding Ellington the way we are. Mendenhall runs like his goal is to just get 3-4 yards each carry, and Alfonso Smith is a practice squad RB at best.

    3. Arians needs to bench Palmer and go with Stanton. Palmer has deceiving stats because he takes us out of the game early with his turnovers and then throws garbage yardage and td’s when teams are playing soft coverage to eat up the clock at the end of the game.

    If the coaching staff doesn’t address these issues I promise you we will continue to see games like these.

  58. By Kevin on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    If Palmer continues this way then we have to play Stanton, BA is protecting Stanton and we paid him way more than what Skelton would have cost to keep and further develop (Whiz damaged him). Lots of hype on Stanton at signing so let’s see it please. I say cut Lindley and bring back Skelton to push Stanton and Palmer. Palmer now has 13 IT’s on the season and he had a whole summer to absorb the offense, line issues for sure but he is tentative. If last nights game had been played in Seattle it would have been like last years debacle there. Bottom line the team is just an ok team, outside of Fitzgerald we are average at receiver and the line is mediocre. Defence is what keeps us in games ! In Seattle last year the D got blown out the door, Lynch ran amuck on them so this was an improvement.

  59. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    One other thing — I completely understand Fitz wanting to play, gutting it out… but I’d rather have 100% Fitz for 13-14 games than hamstring-bothered Fitz for 16 games.

  60. By erik on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    There should be some kind of test to prevent fans of the visiting teams from getting tickets. There were way too many Seahawks fans, it made me sick. I don’t care if you are from there and you don’t get many chances to see your team, stay home so I don’t have to listen to your dumb-a$$ gloat.

  61. By Rick on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    I been a cardinal fan so long I am numb when this team loses. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t the same with the hamstring problem but I would still love for him to retire a cardinal but what good is a receiver of his caliber if the offensive line can’t protect our former number 1 draft selection qb. Sad thing is even when he is protected he feels he is going to get sacked cause of lack of trust in his o line and in turn makes him hurry the read/throw and you see the result of that. I think if Carson Palmer had full trust in his line and his line could hold up for longer than 2 seconds this team could be dangerous offensively. We are two offensive lineman away from that. I also think we need to give Ryan Williams a shot I think him and Ellington would be a great combo. I don’t care what other fans say I still love my cards. Go Cards!

  62. By Cardsfn on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    To summarize the game in one play just look how dockett got blown up by marshawn lynch. I turned off the tv after that play.

  63. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    My take on this game;

    First the good-
    Abraham and Shaughnessy played out of their minds. This was by far Abraham’s best game and for those fans who said we had no rush on the outside, what were you watching? 3 sacks , constant pressure. What more do you want? SMH..

    Now the rest;
    We gave up two more TDs to TEs. Come on Bowles, figure it out.

    Watching the game live, our WRs dont get much separation, if any.

    Palmer is a scapegoat by fans who dont have any idea what they are watching. I would argue both ints were WRs faults. With no running game, wrs dropping balls, no protection, sure Palmer isnt real sharp. But look at his INTs.

    1st one- When did Fitz stop elevating and catching the ball at its highest point? Instead he let it come down and Seattle made a play.
    2nd one – watch this on tape, outside wr runs an out and Floyd looks like that is what he is to do but stops and Browner finishes the route and picks it.

    Not to mention the drops by Ellington and Roberts on third downs that ended drives. We have great WRs on paper but not seeing it on game day. This Arians offense is not clicking with the personnel. In both Pitt and Indy, the wrs had speed. Our Wrs do not. Arians might need to adjust.

    We have no running game to speak of. Our Oline is just bad. Sowell gave up 2 sacks last week and at least 2 more this week. But what was worse for Sowell was his run blocking. Watching live, you get a better perspective. Sowell was slow to the second level, missed guys when pulling , and was dominated when he found someone.

    I think we have our answer who our #1 pick should be next year.

    Again, I will say 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road gets you in. The cards are 2-1 at home and they have 1 road game win. It will come down to can we beat the Rams, niners, and Colts at home and Jax and Philly on the road?

    You could see why 8-8 seams realistic and 9-7 probable.

  64. By johnnybluenose on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    @clssylssy….I too find it very strange that no one has seriously addressed the issue of why Kerry Rhodes is not playing in the NFL. I know this is a football blog not a political, religious or social one but I do think that it is wrong to discriminate against anyone for any reason and if, as has been suggested, Rhodes is being denied the opportunity to play football because of his alleged sexual orientation then this should, at the very least , be reported and then something should be done about it. Leadership, anyone???

  65. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Two more things;

    Why do card fans think Williams is this great running back ??? I have seen him run and he is not that special. Somehow, by puttng in Williams, Sowell wont whiff on his guy and Winston wont get dropped by a safety. I dont get it.

    Finally, remember everyone telling me I didnt know what I was talking about in the draft because I wanted Vacarro over Cooper?? I keep reading how Bell is disappointing and Vacarro is playing at a probowl level.
    Jarod Cook, Vernon Davis, heck two more tds by TEs yesterday.
    I’m just saying…

  66. By jdcrow59 on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Palmer looks like another in a long line of aging QB’s who’s best days are long gone. Underthrows, overthrows, rarely hits anyone in stride. Wish it would of worked out like it did with Warner but don’t think it’s going to happen. The staff seemed ready to go into the season with Stanton until Palmer became available. Think it might be time to go with their first choice.

  67. By jakeplummersghost on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    The worst part about this loss…was Deion Sanders on the postgame show saying that it was either that Larry “has slowed down or the Seahawks secondary is that good”. HE’S PLAYING WITH TWO INJURED HAMSTRINGS, YOU DOLT! That, and his QB has NO protection.

    May I add that the COWBOYS SUCK?

    I’m going to pretend that football doesn’t exist until Sunday, October 27 now, thanks, Bye.

    Go Cardinals

  68. By jakeplummersghost on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    RE: Sowell

    Yes, he was awful last night, but I’d still take him over Levi at this point. Cheaper and younger with more upside. Levi was a 7-year vet; Brad hasn’t even started 10 games yet. It’s unacceptable for someone with Levi’s experience to be playing that way, but Sowell gets a pass from me for the (very) short term. Seattle has the most brutal pass rush, besides. Oh, and no auto-false starts.

  69. By Coach K on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Two names to remember for the draft next year:

    1. Taylor Lewan, Tackle, Michigan

    2. Sean Mannion, Quarterback, Oregon State

  70. By infitzwetrust on Oct 18, 2013 | Reply

    Blah Blah Blah… Palmer this, Arians that, O line here, defense there….

    0-16 or 16-0, we still come back here to these blogs and collectively vent together. Has to say something about our passion for our team.

    thumbs up to that!

    stay true and patient, its just football.

  71. By John m on Oct 19, 2013 | Reply

    I hate to be all negative but I feel the need to rant.

    First of all, whoever said that the atmosphere in the stadium during the game was “great” apparently was not actually watching the game there. We felt like we we’re the visiting team that night! it was literally around 75% seahawks fans in the stadium which is sad! it was louder when the Cardinals had the ball on offense than when the seahawks had it. Why exactly do we have a stadium built in our home state if most of the time the visiting team has more fans that go? So much for home field advantage. When the seahawks came out of the locker room it was so loud with cheers, when the cardinals ran out the tunnel it wasnt as loud as it was the seahawks. the momentum from the very beggining was with the seahwaks. If we expect to help the cardinals in some way. atleast show some moral support and show up to cheer for your cardinals!
    Another thing that upsets me is that we dont have any cheers or fight songs or traditions as fans. The most we do is “lets go cardinals lets go” really? a peewee footbal cheer that everyone else does? We need to hype up ourselves as a fan aswel as our team when something good happens. Since they only sound the siren during the entrance, we need to come up with some chant for when something good happens for us. It’l be awesome to have them for touchdowns, Big chunk plays on offense, First downs (and no, just yelling First down with the PA just doesnt cut it), Sacks, Turnovers on D. Thoughts?
    P.s. We’ve been in AZ for how long now, and they just thought of the siren as our FIRST tradition?

  72. By warnerHOF on Oct 19, 2013 | Reply

    i’m tired of hearing you people say bench palmer and start stanton. First of all there’s a reason stanton has been a backup for 7 years. Even after getting hammered all game palmer still was 23 for 36 passing. Most of his picks have been from the recievers not running their routes right. You say he’s not a scrambling qb, true he’s not but if we even had a decent ol it would be a different story. If peyton Manning has any kind of pressure at all on him he’s 10 times worse than palmer. Not to mention how hard it is to seeover the ol and dl when they are right on top of you. Iguarantee if we had an ol like the broncos, patriots, niners, chiefs, etc. you would be saying how great palmer was doing. I’ve watched palmer play many times throughout his 10 year career and have seen what he is capable of doing.

  73. By Cactus jeff on Oct 19, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for pointing out the weak WRs on the team. They don’t get open, too slow and not elusive (stiff).

  74. By johnnybluenose on Oct 19, 2013 | Reply

    @JohntheDraftGuy…’re a bright guy and you know football and express yourself well. But I do not remember anyone writing that Williams is a great running back. Some, including me, just want Williams to be given an opportunity to play. Maybe he will prove to be a poor blocker as has been written about him. And maybe he will prove to be no better at running and/or catching the ball than the guys ahead of him. And perhaps no running back would excel here given our less than stellar line play and our unimpressive passing game. But if he’s healthy he should play. Maybe he can return kick-offs. Surely he could not do any worse than Arenas has done so far.

  75. By jasonc on Oct 20, 2013 | Reply


    That is an unfair assessment. Sure Vaccaro is having a good year but, you’re comparing his production to our pick Cooper who is on IR. Let’s say Cooper was playing and our running game was more impressive, our play action passing would be more effective which would allow our WR’s to get better separation and improve our offense as a whole.

    Tell me your plan to improve our offensive line if you take Vacarro @7? Menelik Watson has been injured all season so we’d still have a hole @ tackle. Do you wait until the third round to address offensive line? I don’t like taking safety or guard in the top 10, but if we had to go back and do it again not knowing the future I still say you take Cooper. Would Vaccaro help with coverage on TE’s? Yes, I’m confident he would, but a healthy Jonathan Cooper might be enough to make a difference in our offense. Our defense isn’t bad, we just need a better game plan for TE’s….kind of like the second half of the SF game when Vernon Davis had one catch, not sure why no one ever mentions this. Statistically Tyrann Mathieu has similar stats to Vaccaro so we are getting equal production at a third round value. Obviously, he doesn’t have Vaccaro’s size, but I say Vaccaro one on one against the premier TE’s in this league is still a mismatch…just sayin’.

  76. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 20, 2013 | Reply


    My suggestion to take Vaccaro has nothing to do with Coopers injury. I was vocal about that prior to the draft. Cooper is a good player and I look forward to seeing him next year.

    Truth be told,
    I thought the cards could trade down with the rams and land Vaccaro and pick up another 2..
    With Vaccaro going to the saints, I would have had to look elsewhere. Looking at my old post, I would have “settled’ for Tyler Eifert.

    In round 2, I would have taken the trade by the chargers and ended up losing out on Watson. I liked OLB Jamie Collins and would have drafted him and with the other 2, landed Larry Warford at guard. In round 3, I would have taken Tarron Armstead at LT. He was my favorite LT outside the big 3. But I did like Watson.

    Would we be a better team with my draft vs the cards? We will see, but I had Vaccaro as my top guy at 7.

    What I saw out of Cooper is a guy who will help this line next year. He is not a bad pick . I think Watford could be another good guard for us next year. With Massie at RT, we are just missing a LT, where I would throw cash at Veldheer.

  77. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 20, 2013 | Reply


    I get your frustration regarding Williams. Many fans want to see him. I argue with my brother about this topic.

    My thoughts are, coaches see him everyday. He is in practice everyday. With that, this coaching staff has not been impressed enough with him to say he will give us a better option than what we have. I didn’t see a lot of explosion out of him and am starting to believe he is nothing but a bust.

    Another thing to consider, no other NFL team is calling and offering anything for him. Not a reserve Olineman or a 7th round pick. Just something to think about.

  78. By Cards Fan on Oct 20, 2013 | Reply

    I am not sure why AZ fans had big hopes for Arizona with Palmer as QB. The Oakland fans told us that we selected a poor QB. Now, just don’t complain and say goodbye from this season.

  79. By jasonc on Oct 21, 2013 | Reply


    So your draft would’ve been: Eifert, Collins, Warford, Armstead?

    Not seeing how that is going to help us defend the TE, but it seems like an ok draft. Except for the fact that I would’ve lost my mind if we drafted a TE in the first round at the time because I believed Housler was going to have a break out year. I still think Jonathan Cooper is going to be a great pick and at the time, while I didn’t like it, getting a plug and play offensive lineman was still the right choice.

  80. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 21, 2013 | Reply


    If nothing else, I try to be honest and fair.

    Yep, I wanted Vacarro and would have missed him at 16 because of trading down. I loved Eric Reid but thought of him more of a 2nd rounder. I really liked Eifert and so yes, honestly, I would have taken Eifert in the first round and drove you crazy.

    Jamie Collins is a backup SLB in NE. I think he would have fit in perfect as a 3-4 OLB for us. Warford is the best rookie guard this season (playing- Cooper will be the best). And Armstead will be the starting LT next year for the saints I believe.

    Yep, no help early at Safety after my trade down and miss on Vacarro. But there were several guys in later rounds who are playing well.

    I also want to be clear, Cooper will be a much needed lift to a line that is struggling and with Watford and Cooper, Massie and Sendlin, we will be one player away from having a strong OLine. So, Cooper was a good pick.

    Darren and I had a discussion about a guy who developed a theory about the draft. His thought is to get as many picks as you can so the ones you miss on wont hurt you. (ie, if you have 2 seconds and one hits and the other misses, it is not as bad as having one 2 and he misses- see patriots) . I have always thought this way about the draft.

    I guess keeping true to this theory, I should have passed on Eifert and I would have also traded #16 with the niners for #31 and a mid 3rd. Giving us a late 1, two 2’s and two 3’s. Then trading with SD, we would have had two 4’s. Also, keeping true to what I have said, I thought a young QB should have been drafted and with Geno falling, at 31, Geno Smith should have been my pick. I changed my mind after Palmer was traded for, but a good GM stays his course.

  81. By Eazy E on Nov 22, 2013 | Reply

    The first pick wasn’t PI, Browner and Fitz are 2 physical guys! Great play by both he and Earl. Seattle has THE MOST physical secondary in the league.

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