Keeping the staff together for 2014

Posted by Darren Urban on January 16, 2014 – 9:45 am

There is often change this time of year for any coaching staff and front office. Coming off a 10-6 season, it wouldn’t have been surprising if anyone was poached from 8701 S. Hardy. But it sure looks like — barring something unforeseen — that the band will stay together for another season.

Bruce Arians already said he was hoping his coaching staff would stay intact. There were rumblings Alabama might want quarterbacks coach Freddie Kitchens for their offensive coordinator spot, but it was clear quickly Kitchens didn’t want to leave the NFL and the Tide went with Lane Kiffin. When Ken Whisenhunt was hired to be the Titans’ new head coach, there was a chance he might seek a reunion with Cardinals strength and conditioning coordinator John Lott — but then came the news that the Titans would be retaining their own strength coach, Steve Watterson. (Now, some assistant coaches are sometimes retained in the wake of a head coaching change only to be let go soon after. That happened with the Cards just last season, when the defensive coaches were kept after Whisenhunt was fired, only to have them let go in the wake of the Bruce Arians hire.)

Vice president of player personnel Jason Licht has interviewed for the vacant general manager jobs in both Miami and Tampa Bay, but the Dolphins keep bringing in new candidates and the Bucs apparently are leaning elsewhere.

And of course, the biggest news for the Cardinals is that defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be sticking around. The Vikings hired Mike Zimmer to be their head coach, meaning Bowles wouldn’t be getting that job, and he had already withdrawn his name from consideration for the Browns’ vacant head coaching job. Having Bowles around for another season to build on a defense that ended up sixth in the NFL (and No. 1) against the run should put the Cardinals in good defensive shape for 2014. Continuity is always a good thing.


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14 Responses to “Keeping the staff together for 2014”

  1. By Tucsontim on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    PFF has the O-line rated 32nd for the second straight year. What a power house this team would be if only….

    And Palmer has to be in the “elite” QB conversation.

    And I would be the first to admit I was a BA doubter, but he has to be an elite game planner/play caller.

  2. By Dynosoar on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    Man! Bowles looks like a head coach in the above photo. Just a matter of time. As a Tennessee fan, super glad Kiffin is going to Alabama. As a Cardinals fan, super glad no one appears to be going anywhere.

    Home filed advantage for next years Super Bowl sure sounds not only possible, but probable. That would be mighty supreme.

    I really like what’s happened to our team and am grateful to that first Super Bowl run that gave us a taste of how sweet victory really is. Now let’s make a next years Super Bowl and win this time.

    This year, go Patriots/Broncos. Next year, go Cardinals!

  3. By Rugbymuffin on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    “Continuity is always a good thing.”

    In this case, yes.

    But is it not ALWAYS good.

  4. By Kauaicardsfan on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    Aloha Darren,
    Not sure if you saw this but this is an interesting article on Cards Schedule next season, Can’t wait !!! GO Cards !!!–nfl.html

  5. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply


    Look under the comments on “kickalicious” blog. 7th comment down.

  6. By chance on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    Im very happy with Todd bowles staying….lets keep our major free agents like dansby…add a few more free agents and i think all Cardnials fans will be celebrating a championship…. was really happy with the cards for bringing a new office with Arians and Steve Kiem is the best G.M

  7. By joe.holst on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    any chance they could get there coaching “Budget” expanded and hire a couple more assistants as it seemed to pay off on the o-line with 2 coaches instead of one.

  8. By Hammy on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    I like the hope and excitment from our fan base but lets snap back to reality for a bit. Nothing is promised in the NFL. We NEED to bring back LOS because I dont think we can repeat what we did if he is not on this team. We were oh so close to another playoff birth…. I will say this, I think Seattle and San Fran are good but, I just think we are not playing “little brother” anymore. Its playoffs or bust next year! Go Cards!

  9. By ored on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    been reading that a top 6 LT should be available to us,even that being the case,if keim can get help in free agency also,all the better AND martin the notre dame kid has played all five oline positions,don’t know if he would be good at tackle but his blocking is highly regarded and comes at the rookie contract amount,could be depth at either tackle spots,starter at rt.guard and maybe a future center.

    there will always be room for change somewhere but once the oline is fixed it should be just fine tuning and keep our eyes open for game changers,next up would be safety and TE i would think,that’s assuming a franchise qb or pass rusher does’nt come our way first.wish i could be there when they are evaluating at the east-west,senior bowls,and the combine.guess i just have to follow the mocks and see how they’re arriving at their conclusions.

  10. By Chuck 1 on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    Earlier in 2013 Keim implied that in 2015 he would have the roster of the Cards as he wants it.
    The Cards might make the playoffs in 2014 as many fans think.
    However, if Keim is correct, they should win the NFC West in 2015.

  11. By Dr. G. on Jan 16, 2014 | Reply

    Great to know the coaching staff will be together again to make another run; with all the experience they have from 2013, things should improve even more. Repeating Arians – Take care of the home field and steal a few on the road. That will equal at least 11-5 by any calculations.

    Rumor – For those Ray Horton fans, it looks like he may be the next Titans DC for his old boss.

  12. By Kevin S Mesa on Jan 17, 2014 | Reply

    Kauaicards — Every year, people look at the schedules of teams in January and make predictions about how tough the schedule is. But the reality is, the NFL changes a lot from year to year. This year we had Houston and Atlanta on the schedule… those were two trendy SB picks, and at least teams that were projected for the playoffs… until they won 6 games between them.

    Drawing Atlanta away is tough. They will definitely be better than last year and Ryan had a ridiculous record at home until this year. Detroit is one of those teams that never seems to put it together, but if 2014 is the year they do, they could be tough. The AFC West had three playoff teams, and the two highest teams in the conference in net points. SD is no slouch either. In fact, if I had a choice of which division to play inter-conference, I think the AFC West would be my last pick.

  13. By clssylssy on Jan 18, 2014 | Reply

    Consistency is something the Arizona Cardinals have never had and retaining good coaching staff is only one part of the equation. Getting a winning roster together is one thing but keeping it from year to year is the real challenge;the same holds for retaining coaching and support personnel. Every year we see teams in search of coaching personnel key in on teams who have demonstrated success and immediately try to lure personnel away. Building a winning franchise is the primary objective (dynasty vs.contender) and is like building a custom home; it’s dependent upon the quality of the foundation and infrastructure as much as the “upgrades”. The Cardinals have just begun to put together something interesting and attractive and if it’s solid and comfortable perhaps coaches and players will want to stay. Likewise, it will be the place where players want to play. The NFC West is a really exciting place these days and it’s great to be neck-and-neck with our brother teams in this, the toughest division in the NFL. Our defense has set us apart for a several years now and keeping this key piece intact will be critical to our future success. Steve Keim has been recognized for his work this year in signing talent however, his real job lies ahead is sustaining what we have and building on that. While winning the Superbowl is considered the mark of success, staying on top as a sustained contender in the playoffs is what makes teams elite. This is an exciting time for Cardinal fans,as it seems that this franchise is turning a corner, is rich in talent, and is on it’s way. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve been at this corner and I can only hope that we have learned something along our way. “If you build it, they will come”…but you have to pay your builders!

    And congratulations to the Tennessee Titans as they too are on their way to building something special with Coaches Whisenhunt and Horton. It appears after years of being referred to as “Steelers West”, there may now be a “Cardinals East” on the horizon! As a football fan first, I find this very exciting as all of these coaches are from the Dick LeBeau coaching tree and share great coaching DNA!

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