Whither the extra point

Posted by Darren Urban on January 22, 2014 – 10:12 am

There has been a lot of conversation of late about changes to the game (thanks to commissioner Roger Goodell talking about such things). It has included discussion about eliminating the kicked extra point. Now, I get that the extra point is basically automatic. Goodell said the change would just mean touchdowns would just be worth seven points — unless a team chose to go for two, which would make the touchdown worth six. Sure, more than 99 percent of extra points are made these days. But if it is so easy, why not just back the attempt up? Instead of 19 yards, make it, for example, 30 yards? Then it is still in the game and the difficulty is raised. If that’s not hard enough, back it up some more. I’ll also say this: The way most teams make their extra points makes a miss crushing a lot of the time.

So much of this goes back to the way kicking has evolved. Many think the goalposts should be narrowed or shorter field goals should be worth less points because of the high percentage by which kickers can make field goals now. To think, Jay Feely made 30 of 36 field goals this season — and many fans were ready to run him out of town because of it. That isn’t excusing Feely, because his misses ultimately were crucial to the Cards in a couple of games. But making better than 83 percent of your field goals over a season once would have made Feely the best in the NFL.

Back to the extra point. I won’t be surprised if it is taken out of the game, just like I won’t be surprised when/if the kickoff return is removed. There is a safety aspect to this too, and I understand that. If that is the reason you want it out, OK. If the reason it’s abolished is because it is boring, I don’t really understand that. Tweaking it somehow seems more reasonable.


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  1. By Larry Secrest on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    My Suggestion would be to attempt a 30 or 35 yard PAT. The FG % for 30-39yds Last Year was 90% (5yr avg 88% vs. 20-29yds – 96%, 0-19yds – 100%).

  2. By Mike G on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is well! I hope the extra point stays the way it is. The NFL seems to have an agenda when it comes to special teams. I think the NFL someday will eliminate special teams from the game. Hey Darren–There seems to be some talk about the NFL adding two more playoff teams to each conference. Do you think this could happen over the next couple years?????

  3. By Darren Urban on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    Mike G –

    RE: Playoffs

    I could see two more teams total, one in each conference.

  4. By Rugbymuffin on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply


    It is part of the game.

    Goodell is the worst steward of he game it has ever had, he changes things for the sake of change, not for the good of the game.

    Stupid. Ask the Saints how important extra points are.

    I have at least 3 games that the Cardinals lost because of a missed extra point.

  5. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    What a real extra/bonus point… those pro bowl cheerleaders… wow.. keep the pix coming!

  6. By Jim E. on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    I really like the proposed change. We get some drama in kicking with field goals. The extra point is just a waste of time and who even watches it anymore? I think they said this year league wide out of 1500 attempts only 6 were missed. The change gives some more excitement so yea I hope they do it.

  7. By kauaicardsfan on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    The league should just leave it in place, its part of the game! ! The human factor as well as weather is part of the game so nothing is automatic, even extra points!

    And on Kickoffs now, its boring as hell and no use of a return team! Since they are kicking it out of the endzone why dont we all just start from the 20 without the kickoffs !!! Geez !!!

    If its not broke dont fix it !!!

  8. By Austin on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t like Goodell’s proposal on how scoring would be. Why not just take away the one point kicking option and make everyone go for 2. Touchdowns are still worth six as they always have been. Just a thought.

  9. By Erndogg on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    I like the idea of tweaking the yardage to a further distance to make it more challenging for the kicker, therefore, making the game more exciting because the extra point isn’t made as frequent.

  10. By Erndogg on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    If the extra point isn’t made as frequent it might start to change the perception of the extra point to a more exciting thing to watch- like those big time catches and broken tackles. Simply because it would be seen less.

  11. By Dynosoar on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply


    I like your proposed changes to the extra point better than removing it as Goodell is proposing. 30 or 35 yards would make the kicker more relevant and add a little more drama to a game, especially on windy/wet/freezing days.

    Please bring back the kickoff return.

    If it really is about safety, why is the NFL still playing tackle? There has to be something more to this.

  12. By Hammy on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    I think they should just move it back to the 35 yard line, that way it will never be automatic anymore. If you elect to go for 2 then they should play it from the 10 yard line.

    Darren, completely off topic but any chance the Cardinals expand with media coverage? Maybe add a Desksite for PC. Or do more behind the scenes coverage?

  13. By Darren Urban on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    Hammy —

    RE: Coverage

    We are always trying to look at what we do and what else we can do. Some is limited by manpower, some limited by access. But we are always taking suggestions.

  14. By clssylssy on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    How about getting rid of Goodell? Before that happens I’m afraid, football as we know it will be unrecognizable from the game we all grew up with and love. The extra point isn’t as automatic as some believe and there are more important issues to focus on for instance accountability of officials for their game changing “mistakes”, allowing the option of challenging bad calls (knowing that a timeout will be lost if the challenge is lost) etc. Expanding the playoffs from a format that works just fine will just water down the competition but will allow the NFL to stretch out their revenue generating timeline. Tradition is important to most fans and rather than taking things away, finding a way to preserve the game intact seems to be more of a challenge but is what is more likely to keep fans buying tickets and coming to games. The eliminaation of kickoffs, punt returns, extra points, etc., as well as competition between conferences, as in the Probowl, will result in a market that resembles arena football or can be played on Madden football!

  15. By shannon robinson on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    In rugby the conversion kick is spotted across from where the ball is touched down over the line. A score under the posts has extra value because it results in a straight on kick – a try or touchdown made in the corner of the endzone results in a kick next to the sideline, pretty difficult!

  16. By johnnybluenose on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    I get it that the current one point conversion is so almost automatic that it really serves no purpose but I don’t know how I think about changing it. Having to kick it from a greater distance, say from 35 to 40 yards, would make it more difficult but only marginally so. I was very pleased when the two point convert was introduced a number of years ago because it gave hope to a team trailing by eight points with little time left on the clock. If the intent is to make a convert attempt more difficult and thus more rewarding and actually meaningful to the outcome of the game and to allow for more strategies for accumulating points, then a change is welcome. But it could get a bit convoluted. For example, a kick scrimmaged from the 20 yard line could be worth one point or two points if scrimmaged from the 30 yard line. On the other hand, a successful running or passing play from the 2 1/2 yard line could be worth one point and two points if scrimmaged from the 5 yard line (or 7 1/2, whatever). You could also reward the defense whenever a convert attempt of any kind is unsuccessful by giving them the option of taking possession of the ball at their own 35 yard line or by forcing the following kick-off from the opposition’s 25 yard line. There are many possibilities and I think many of them would make for a more interesting game. But I kind of like things as they are.

  17. By Scott H on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    How do you take something that has been so….ingrained into the very fabric of the sport away??? This is where Roger Goodell just needs to leave the game alone. I’m starting to like this guy less and less as time goes by. Just one man’s opinion, but this is a HORRIBLE idea. I mean, what has been more automatic and familiar about football than 7 points being achieved via 6 points for the TD and 1 from the point after??? What, suddenly, this is out-dated and boring???

    Roger Goodell strikes me as an ego-maniac who just wants / needs to re-shape the NFL as much as he can so it will have HIS name / face all over it. Ya know what? NO THANKS! For me, this ranks right up there with expanding the number of playoff teams and ( especially ) expanding the global appeal of the game by moving more regular season games out of their home cities and into other countries.

    Get some hobbies, Roger. Damn, man….

  18. By Credit Card on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    Still need foot in football. Have kickoffs punted vs. kicked off. Extra points: require a team a always go for the two point conversion. If successful + 2 points, if failed then – 2 points.

  19. By Dr. G. on Jan 22, 2014 | Reply

    Guess what’s going to happen to the kickers’ salaries if the P_A_T is moved to make it more meaningful? And each team will need an on-board psychiatrist – the kickers and the coach will need a script for tranquilizers… Enough already!

  20. By Eazy E on Jan 23, 2014 | Reply

    Some people just hate change even if it benefits them. #Idiotic

  21. By Corgon on Jan 23, 2014 | Reply

    Insane. The TD would be 7 points anf if they try a 2 point conversion and fail, then they’ll substract a point? That would be the most foolish thing ever in a sport field. The sports are mainly give you good feedback/points/reward, when you achieve something, not punishing you, when you failed to do something.
    Just move it back please to the 30.

  22. By Scott H on Jan 23, 2014 | Reply

    Eazy E –

    You said it – idiotic. In regard to your post, that is.

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