With free agency, Roberts in a tough spot

Posted by Darren Urban on February 12, 2014 – 10:03 am

Andre Roberts had a solid year in 2013, considering he played about 140 fewer snaps from the season before and he was behind Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd at wideout. He still had 43 receptions (for 471 yards and a couple of touchdowns.) He also smartly never complained about his situation. He certainly wished he could be a bigger part of the offense, especially headed into free agency, but the Cardinals were winning and you can’t raise a ruckus when things are working.

That didn’t help him personally, though. And this morning, it’s easier to see what a daunting situation Roberts is looking at in a month, when the market will be flooded with wide receivers. posted about it this morning, and a quick perusal of the list of available wideouts is going to make it a buyer’s market indeed. PFT lists the top 10 most “intriguing” names to watch as Anquan Boldin, Riley Cooper, Eric Decker, Julian Edelman, Jacoby Jones, Jeremy Maclin, Dexter McCluster, Hakeem Nicks, Emmanuel Sanders, and Golden Tate. That’s a formidable group and Roberts isn’t on it. Roberts is better than many guys on the list, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll see a larger demand.

Roberts’ best course of action might be to do what many free agents did last season — take a one-year deal in a good situation, have a good season, and then try the free-agent thing again in a year. The problem with that is there are no guarantees he’ll be able to improve his lot. What will be really interesting is whether Roberts, in this spot, has a chance to return to the Cardinals. Here, he will be third on the depth chart again, and with the desire to use tight ends by Bruce Arians, Roberts probably isn’t going to get more snaps barring injuries.

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  1. By 'Zona Fan on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    I’m just going to post that georgie bird sucks before he even writes a dumb comment about this blog post.

  2. By beardinals on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    This, along with the fact that Arians needs a speedster for his system, doesn’t bode well for Roberts.

  3. By hummer53 on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Good guy. Larry playing slot a lot hurt his snaps. If he doesn’t come back here I think New England would be a excellent spot for him. Brady loves quick slot guys.

  4. By D on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t know what TN salary cap is but with K. Brit a free agent, maybe Whiz brings him in to compete for the #2 spot there.

    If Cards sign a free agent or take a WR in the draft, being the 3rd or 4th option next year, he better be able to return kicks or punts.

    A month away from free agency…will the Cards be able to resign Dansby, Rucker or a TE before then????

  5. By Armando on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Solid year? Andre Roberts had a solid year? Am I hallucinating?

  6. By Big Ken on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    From the ‘list of available wideouts’ I’m not too inpressed. Emmanual Sanders (Steelers) and Darrius Heyward-Bey (Colts) might have some conection with coach Arians. Will see.

  7. By Tim on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Darren, I don’t agree with alot of what Georgie Bird says but allowing that post where someone personally insults him was very low class on your part. You do work for the team, and that was anything but professional.

  8. By Rugbymuffin on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Roberts is not better than any WR on that list, in my humble opinion.

    You know what would improve Robert’s standing league wide? Making clutch catches.

    See Jaron Brown.

  9. By William Barry on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Roberts is a good WR, not an exceptional one. We’ll see who emerges from the free agent list that BA might covet. GO Cards.!!!!!

  10. By inftizwetrust on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    I think this can go a few different ways:

    1) he walks for a better opportunity

    2) considering – and especially in my opinion – he already plays for a contender and every team needs more than 3 wide-outs, would he stay and assume the role as the #3 or #4 receiver?

    @armando – considering his numbers to snap count ratio, and the fact that he was a #3 guy, he did have a solid year.

    @tim – I think it would be wrong not to let someone post what they would like; It’s called free speech. I can understand if he was using profanity, racial attacks, or religious attacks, but it was a simple post of his thoughts on others posters. that’s no different than leaving a comments with your thoughts on what Darren posted, or any other writer or fellow blogger on this site. Darren shouldn’t take any heat for that nor do comments posted on this site reflect the team in terms of “class.”

    Were all cards fans here and we should only take stabs at each other with plastic swords, save the sharp blades for the Hawks, 9ers, and Rams.

  11. By D on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    Anthony Collins would be cheaper than B. Albert, but would he protect as well? Possible. Albert has had some injury concerns…

  12. By Tim on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    @inftizwetrust ok so then in keeping with your logic.. Stop posting anything on this blog because what you say is stupid and you’re just an alcoholic.

  13. By joe holst on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    He is a JAG, just another guy, too many drops. Go get a burner.

  14. By Scott H on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    I like Roberts and hope he will be back. I would say staying with the Cardinals, even if only for another year, is HIS best bet. As pointed out, there are so many FA WR’s available that are going to rank higher on people’s radar than Roberts would. I don’t know that anyone will be looking at him to be any more than what he is here, a WR 3 or 4. And all of this is exactly what I hope will be the case because I want him to stay here! He knows this offense, already has a rapport with a solid QB, and playing with guys like Fitz and Floyd benefits him every bit as much as it may also hinder him. Hey, Steve Breaston was a 1,000 yard receiver even though Boldin and Fitz were getting the lions’ share of the passes. Granted, this offense would probably prefer to throw the ball less than the 2006 team did, but….ya never know.

    I think staying here is HIS best option for this year, so I hope it plays out that way.

    I think keeping him here is the CARDINALS’ best option because I think keeping him would be less costly than having to land a comparable FA to replace him if they needed to replace him.

  15. By jasonc on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply


    I’m not condoning the use of personal insults on this blog…but, by condeming Darren you called him very low class and unprofessional. Why is it ok for you to make a personal references to Darren?

  16. By Big Ken on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    @Tim what about our freedom to speech(and blog). I don’t think there are any players or team staff on this site. I appreciate Darren doesn’t censor us, but he will not tolerate vulgarity or obscenity. As for Georgie, he’s been here along time, taken lots of cheap shots, and never quits. Former player?

  17. By johnnybluenose on Feb 12, 2014 | Reply

    I hope Roberts stays. He may have had a couple of drops (as did Fitz) but he also made some difficult catches. With better pass protection this year, all of our receivers should be targeted more often and I think Roberts could be quite productive. I think he would be wise to return for at least one more year, do well and maybe get to the Super Bowl, and then test the open market if he wants to.

  18. By Tim on Feb 13, 2014 | Reply

    @jasonc because he is the one who is approving what gets posted here. pretty simple

  19. By Darren Urban on Feb 13, 2014 | Reply

    Tim —

    RE: Congrats

    You managed to take it too far. You wanted to make your point. You got it.

  20. By jasonc on Feb 13, 2014 | Reply


    That’s hypocritical. If you were offended by the post you could’ve expressed that to Darren without the need to resort to the same type of behavior that offended you.

  21. By steve on Feb 13, 2014 | Reply

    Tim: Have a drink! Just chill out and relax.

  22. By Andy Kw on Feb 13, 2014 | Reply

    -LB Jaspar Brinkley,RB Ryan Williams are probably on their way out of Arizona. Brinkley provides nice depth behind Daryl Washington but for a backup to be worth $2 million on a limited role and the bad role it plays on our Cap Space in 2014, I say it is time to let him go. Ryan Williams didn’t even play when he was healthy and has not showed any signs of stardom. RB Ryan Williams, we believed in you when we drafted you but now it is time to say goodbye to a 2nd Round bust.
    -OG Daryn Colledge has been our most decent and consistent Offensive Linemen. But he costs way too much. With Jonathan Cooper’s return, he will take over as our Starting Left Guard. Colledge could move to the right side but RG Paul Fanaika has done a nice job in that role and he is much younger than Daryn is. To save some money, we should get rid of him. If he does leave, I would like to thank him for his play making abilities and what he has contributed to this team. OG Earl Watford is probably our future Right Guard but he is still in development but does have a lot of potential.

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