Moving up in the draft, Sam’s crowd and Sutton’s weight

Posted by Darren Urban on February 22, 2014 – 2:50 pm

Cardinals general manager Steve Keim admits he could move up in the draft. But he certainly doesn’t sound like someone who plans on it.

“It all depends on whether you are in striking distance of a player you covet,” Keim said. “Anytime you are moving up you have to sacrifice what you give up for them. Sometimes if you are talking about moving up four or five spots, you are talking about a fourth or fifth round pick, (and) we covet all our picks.”

“If you had to ask me what my philosophy is, last year is a perfect example,” Keim added, referencing last year’s second-round trade down. “I’m in the business of trying to acquire picks rather than give them up.”

— Missouri defensive end (or possible 3-4 linebacker) Michael Sam — who came out publicly as gay a couple of weeks ago — came through the media room Saturday and had most heavily attended media session that I can ever remember, and there have been big ones over the years with Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and Manti Te’o. There was a big crowd for Johnny Manziel, but not like the one for Sam.

— Arizona State defensive lineman Will Sutton said his stamina was not as good as a senior as it had been as a junior, despite winning a second straight Pac-12 defensive player of the year award. Sutton played at 280 in 2012 and was more than 300 last year. Teams wanted to know why.

“They just ask me what led into the weight gain, and I just say I was just listening to too many outside sources,” Sutton said. “I was playing at a high level at 280. I shouldn’t have changed what I did, what I was good at. But everything happens for a reason. So I’m just getting back down to it (weight) now, really learning the ropes of nutrition, a little dieting, eating real healthy.”

Interestingly, Sutton said the ASU coaches weren’t the ones who wanted him to gain wait. Sutton said those “outside sources” were the media, from which he heard that he’d need to be heavier to make it in the NFL.

Will Sutton, Isaac Seumalo

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21 Responses to “Moving up in the draft, Sam’s crowd and Sutton’s weight”

  1. By jasonc on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    Interesting first day of the combine….

    Top three tackles distanced themselves from the field and probably any chance of us being able to land one. Martin would be the last first round talent and he’d have to make it past a couple of tackle needy teams one of which is Miami who’d love to have a character guy like Zack Martin to be apart of that o-line rebuild. Cyrus Kouandjio, Morgan Moses and Tiny Richardson who were fringe first rounders based on potential didn’t impress athletically and if you go back to the tape I think these guys fall to day two picks. That’s a lot of bad news so lets finish with one positive note….Joel Bitonio (who I took in my first mock draft) was a top performer in every workout with the exception of bench press. He is similar to Zack Martin in that pundits think he has to move inside due to his 6’4″ frame, but his arms are just 1/8″ shy of 34″ so that is a plus. He’s a guy I’d look for us to draft in the mid rounds if he is available.

    Jace Amaro did well in the measurable drill but had trouble catching the ball…not good if that is your calling card. Ebron was impressive in the 40 but had hamstring issues…you wonder if the 15-20 pounds he put on prior to the combine contributed in anyway. Lynch and Fiedorowcz are still the guys I’d look at for us in the mid to late rounds.

  2. By georgiebird on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    Draft getting to sound very interesting with SK still blowing smoke. Would like to see everyone on this blog give their choice by position for our first round draft choice. All I hear is a lot of “if” and “buts”, a lot of hedging by all of my fellow experts. So let’s all pick a position including you, Darren.
    I remember a couple of years ago when about 75% of the group struck out on Von Miller.
    As previously stated -put me in for QB.

  3. By Big Ken on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    I think Zack Martin is over rated. How about Jack Mewhort from Ohio State? He might be gone by the time Cardinals pick in the second round. WR anyone?

  4. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply


    Do you think the cardinals feel that it is an offseason MUST to land a LT in either the draft or FA?

  5. By Darren Urban on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: LT

    I think they will do everything in their power to upgrade there. But I also don’t have a doubt that Keim will not force something — either overpaying a free agent or overdrafting one high. There will be some sort of competition at least.

  6. By Big Ken on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    Cyrus Kouandijo doesn’t look draftable, based on his showing at the combine.

  7. By Coach K on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    I agree with most of your comment Jasonc. I was a little dissapointed with Kouandjio and his lack of flexability. I had thought he or Moses would be solid picks at #20. Now I’m wondering if it may be a better option to take the best available athlete at #20. Perhaps Dee Ford, or even Justin Gilbert. Then get a solid tackle in round two. I agree that guys like Bitonio or Mewhort will be there at pick #52.

    Another option is to take the top defensive tackle in this draft in my opinion Timmy Jernigan and have him rotate in with fellow alum Dockett. This could be an option. Ford, Gilber or Jernigan should be on the board if the top three left tackles are gone.

  8. By jasonc on Feb 22, 2014 | Reply

    The player I’m the most excited to see perform is Marcus Smith DE Louisville. Every time I watch video of this guy I can’t understand why he isn’t getting first round buzz. I want to see if his combine numbers will confirm what I feel like I’m watching which is an explosive athlete who is fluid in space.

  9. By Louisville Card on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply


    I agree with you about Smith as a UofL season ticket holder I’ve seen Smith man handle many LT. He would be a solid second round pick. If the cards could land Pryor in the first as well the Cards d would be a force to reckon with. Just this year I was at three games Pryor hit a TE so hard they left the game. That’s the type of player the cards need to solidify the D.

  10. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply


    That is exactly why I asked the question.
    If a Tackle isnt worth the pick they are at, and they can’t get a LT at a reasonable price in FA, I was wondering if they were desperate enough to reach or not.

    My thought , as I have posted before, is, if they run into that situation, they will pick up a middle of the road vet after the draft.

  11. By Darren Urban on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: LT

    I think I would be surprised if Sowell is starting next season but not shocked, if that makes sense. I just don’t see Keim reaching. For anyone.

  12. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply


    First, people did not strike out on Von Miller. That was their player they wanted. Because Denver picked him first, isn’t a strike out.

    Second, so you would just take any QB at 20. What if the top 5 QBs are chosen, you would take the 6th best? Are you clueless on how the process works?

    Here is why people are all over the board.

    1) Free Agency will dictate the direction of not only the cards but the other 19 picks. For instance, if the rams went out and landed Eric Decker and Hakeem Nicks, they would no longer be in the market for drafting a WR.

    (2) The cards sit at 20, therefore it is very difficult to know who falls to 20. If one of the top 3 tackles fell to 20, of course you take him. But what if one of the top pass rushers fell to 20 and you have the 5th best tackle? Now you may go OLB.

    There are so many different ways this draft could fall that it is impossible to know who will be there until number 19 is picked.

    For anyone to say I would take this position at 20, shows they have no clue how the process works.

    I was asking Darren on this blog if at any point in the draft would the cards reach for a LT because of need. He believes no. I agree. I think there is no way they take a second or third round Tackle at 20 because it is our number one need.

  13. By jasonc on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K-

    I need to take a look at Jernigan, but a guy who I didn’t like when I watched him was Ra’shede Hageman DT Minnesota. When he flashes it is pretty impressive so you see the potential but he spends long stretches of games where he does nothing and it appears that he lets himself be blocked….if that makes sense. When he is effectively blocked he appears to stop trying to get unblocked. Now while watching some DT’s a guy I came across who I really enjoyed was Daquan Jones. He might be more of a NT but I thought he showed burst and a lot of one gap ability that would make him able to play all three spots on the d-line in Bowles offense. He was always working and just looked better than Ra’shede in the videos I watched. He isn’t a first round guy if you put my feet to the fire right now I’d say it’s looking more and more like we’re going to get one of the top safeties my hope would be Pryor.

  14. By jasonc on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    Louisville Card-

    That’s awesome you got to watch theses guys all year, Pryor and Smith are two of my favorites this draft. Watching video of that Miami game and it’s amazing to me that anyone beat Louisville this year they just looked so fast on defense.

  15. By David Moore on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    No one cares what player you are most excited to see.

  16. By ored on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    if we had to,another year with sowell,a year stronger and experienced,after all we did beat seattle with him,just had to give him help,which in turn makes our TEs’ less effective.just don’t make the mistake of throwing out a whole seasons worth of tape on a player just because his combine was’nt great,this could be a good thing,a tackle we really like now falls to us at a better spot.i did’nt see us taking a LT at 20 anyway,with the way we were playing at seasons end,it was almost as urgent to cover the TE position.but i do agree finding a LT bolsters the whole line and gives TEs’ more freedom as playmakers.

    it would be nice to get a top rated olb,but we really don’t know what we have in house when healthy,so i would’nt consider that position over LT or safety,a speed reciever also would be a welcome addittion,and even though qb would be a luxury pick,i think if someone we have our eye on,happens to drop mid rounds,we pull the trigger,but with all the insanity concening qbs’,probably not gonna happen.i would be happy with a suitable replacement to learn from docket 1st,then a LT or safety,i think we can find better value that way.

  17. By Louisville Card on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply


    Louisville was stacked this year. Their only loss was due to Charlie Strong’s conservative coaching. It’s also why Teddy Bridgewater isn’t getting as much talk as he should. Strong didn’t let Teddy air it out like Bortles or Manziel did.

    If the cards can land either Pryor or Smith it would be great for the team. They should also look at WR Damien Copeland in the 4th or 5th if he is still there to hit the UOfL Trifecta…

  18. By Coach K on Feb 23, 2014 | Reply


    Jernigan is the quicker athlete. Ra’Shede the bigger man.

    Also, did you notice the poor reps made by Barr. He could slip out of the first round. As I mentioned a few days ago, Anthony Barr is a quick edge rusher but as soon as he makes contact with the punch of an offensive tackle, he gets stoned and can’t get free. Very weak upper body. Against NFL tackles, Anthony Barr is useless once they get a hand on him. He is also very weak against the run and cannot hold the edge. I see Barr falling to the middle of round two.

  19. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 24, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K,

    I dont know if I agree with that. He is a little passive and you are right, he does get locked down. But I see that more as Technique.

    Some guys live off of their pure athletic ability and never learn proper leverage because they do not need to. In the pros, they will need to.

    I think he is a ROLB, He has good movement, is athletic enough to drop into coverage, and has the speed to come off the edge.

    In my one and only mock draft so far, I had him falling to us at 20. I think he would fit in wonderful.

  20. By Dr. G. on Feb 24, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG – I’m not sure that your premise of OT being our #1 need. Other positions do not have the draft and FA flex that the OT position provides. Cards fans just remember how awful it was to watch Palmer running for his life the 1st 6 or 7 games last year (included pre-season). That makes it the panic it really isn’t for now. Keim will get it done one way or another.

    Darren – In agreement that clairvoyance may prove that OT is not our dire 1st need. Decent OT’s are available at later levels or FA. The “panic reach” can be covered. And I am one of your posters that railed for a change early last year to give Levi a break… Sowell has proven that he can plug the hole as a serviceable back up. Confidence tells me we will fill the need before the horn sounds in August. G’day…

  21. By Eazy E on Mar 1, 2014 | Reply

    Don’t listen to the media much and you’ll be fine.

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