Super Bowl centerpiece and other stuff

Posted by Darren Urban on March 18, 2014 – 4:54 pm

This year’s Super Bowl is going to be at University of Phoenix Stadium, in case you hadn’t heard. And in the days leading up to the game, there will be a multitude of NFL busy-ness going on in downtown Phoenix, including the NFL Experience — essentially the league’s football theme park. For those interested, there is a map below of how it will unfold early in 2015. Click on the picture for a full-size version.

— A good story by Kyle Odegard about new strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris and his philosophy resides on the homepage. One thing that struck me was this Morris quote: “From my perspective, we can do all this stuff to improve their physical performance – bigger, stronger, faster, blah, blah, blah – but the bottom line is, can we keep them from injuries so they can play every weekend? That’s where my payoff is.” That’s obviously important for every strength coach, but rarely do you hear it communicated as so much more important than the other stuff.

— The addition of Roger Kingdom as a speed coach is also intriguing. I, like some have said to me, am curious on how it will impact guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd — neither of whom are slow by any means, but are not known for their speed.

— Other than the Mike Jenkins visit, it’s quiet on the Cardinals’ free agency front. Players are hoping they will still drum up the contracts they want, teams like the Cards figure it’s moving to a buyer’s market. We will see if anything comes about by the end of the week, before GM Steve Keim heads to the owners meetings next week.

— Cornerback/kickoff return man Javier Arenas, who didn’t figure to come back, agreed to a one-year deal with the Falcons. The Panthers reportedly have interest in the Cards’ other veteran free-agent cornerback, Antoine Cason.

— Big congrats to media relations coordinator/king of great notes Mike Helm, who, along with wife Marika became a parent this morning to new son Landon David Helm.


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12 Responses to “Super Bowl centerpiece and other stuff”

  1. By mal on Mar 18, 2014 | Reply

    “bigger, stronger, faster, blah, blah, blah”

    So, Darren, is that Morris code for: ‘no more pulled hamstrings’?

  2. By andystandsup on Mar 18, 2014 | Reply

    All FA starters, I believe, are either gone or re-signed except for two – Eric Winston and Yeremiah Bell.
    Team holding on to see incoming offers or are they walking the Green Mile?

  3. By Dr. G. on Mar 18, 2014 | Reply

    Just saw a couple very legitimate NFL mock draft prognosticators predicting these men available at #20 – – Eric Ebron TE… Blake Bortles QB… and 2 highly rated Div I CB’s… Sweet! How to pick the BPA? The CARDS can use / need any of these players… What a wonderful conundrum….

  4. By Eazy E on Mar 19, 2014 | Reply

    That seems like a good philosophy from coach Morris. Both Fitz and Floyd are 4.4, 4.5 guys though. They ain’t 4.7 dudes! Now for Cro and Jenkins…

  5. By Big Ken on Mar 19, 2014 | Reply

    @ G-makes the possibility of a move back or out of the first round plausible. But with who? Jacksonville, Cleveland?

  6. By Dr. G. on Mar 19, 2014 | Reply

    EazyE – Fitz’s 40 was 4.53 TEN years ago… Could he break 5.0 now? Speed has not been his strengths. Jump balls and sticky fingers are his gig – I’m hoping his hammys are fully healed for 2014. This will be his last year with the Cards if he won’t reconsider his contract. Fitz / Floyd tandem will be super together.

    Michael Floyd was 4.37 to 4.52 – 4.40 Avg. on Pro Day just 2 years ago. He sat a lot in 2012…big mistake on Whiz’s part…. Floyd is and will be one of the very best in the NFL this year barring injury… I’m still replaying that 80+ yard run with 5 missed tackles in my head… Watch out Megatron! Be well…

  7. By Scott H on Mar 19, 2014 | Reply

    Cromartie? Anything? Are other teams in the running here?

    What is going on with Carolina right now really catches my attention. While their 2013 run to a division title was pretty amazing and they suddenly looked like a dominant force emerging in the NFC, they look like they are going the other way in a hurry right now. Some key players have departed, the top 2 players on their WR depth chart right now have ZERO catches BETWEEN THEM, and now Cam Newton is having ankle surgery that will take a solid 3-4 months to recover from. That has him out of action until training camp, at least. Their top RB’s are STILL Williams ( 2 TD’s all of last season ) and Stewart ( who barely played at all due to on-going injuries ). For God’s sake, man, these guys were their top RB’s SIX YEARS AGO when we were seeing them in the 2008 playoffs!!!

    Maybe this doesn’t mean they fall off the map this season, but….they sure don’t look like a team ready to pick up where they left off last year. And if Newton is gonna be hampered by his ankle to any extent, that can only help ( the Cardinals, that is ).

    Speaking of other NFC teams, it looks like Lance Moore is done in New Orleans. Despite some nagging injuries here and there, he is a heck of a slot guy and he ALWAYS had the trust of Drew Brees. That says something. Wonder if the Cards would look at him….

    And for what it’s worth, I was happy with the John Carlson signing….until I realized that Owen Daniels is available! Oh, man, how I would LOVE to have him as our TE….

  8. By Scott H on Mar 19, 2014 | Reply

    Addendum to previous post –

    Oh,, and I forgot to mention this – Cam Newton’s back-up in Carolina right now? That would be DEREK ANDERSON!!!! How he is even still on that roster at all is WAAAAY beyond me, but….any injury to Newton is all that stands between the Panthers and a certain losing season. DA may help the Cardinals yet!

  9. By br on Mar 20, 2014 | Reply

    Scot H
    Seems Carolina is self destructingwhich is fine with me, I live in NC and it is just to funny, Carolina fans were mildly irked with Carolina’s front office lasck of free agent signings the they released Steve Smith and wow Carolina fans went “Postal” too funny watching Panther fans just melt down, not sure why Smith is an aging mediocre wide receiver who’s arrogance stunk up the whloe dang state though Iam glad to see him go to AFC he always seemed to have solid games against my Cards! I disliked Panthers even more last yr when we needed them to lose they just kept winning, no more though they will be lucky to finish .500 this yr. On the other hand watch out for Tampa Bay they are killing it in free agency this year ( i realize most teams cant fix problems with just one yr of signings in free agency, Tampa is looking like the exception to this rule!) And Lovie still has the draft coming up, I say look out for the Buc’s they are looking like a legit playoff contender!! It would not shock me if they take the NFC South from the Saints!

  10. By Eazy E on Mar 20, 2014 | Reply

    Dr. G-

    At Fitz’s pro day, he ran a 4.44. He has speed, just because he ain’t the fastest, doesn’t mean he’s the slowest! I mean you said a freaking 5.0! Fitz is only 30 years of age, that is hardly old. Fitz will play barring horrific injury God willing until his mid-thirties to late thirties, maybe even 40s like Jerry Rice because you know he’s always in marvelous shape, always productive even with the WORST QBs, and stays extremely healthy. Also, jump balls and sticky fingers aren’t just his strengths. He didn’t get drafted 3rd overall just for that. Route-Running, High Pointing the ball as you’ve said, 4.4 speed, and now you add tackle breaking and blocking to it and leader and he’s a complete receiver.

    Pertaining to Floyd, he ran in the 4.47 or 4.48 range so the morale to the story is that both can run.

  11. By Scott H on Mar 21, 2014 | Reply

    br –

    Glad someone saw this the way I did. Why our posts are getting nothing but thumbs down’s from others makes NO sense to me, but…whatever. Geez, all we’re doing is pointing out something that appears to work in the favor of the Cardinals in the NFC this coming season.

    I WOULD point out that the Eagles may be on their way to losing Desean Jackson ( only their best WR ) and how THAT may also be a very good thing for the Cardinals, but….doesn’t seem like that goes over real well around here these days. I mean, never mind that the Eagles and Panthers BOTH went to the playoffs last year while the Cardinals did not. Would people be happier if these teams were getting BETTER??? Did I miss a meeting, or something???

  12. By Dr. G. on Mar 22, 2014 | Reply

    Sorry EasyE…. There is no way Fitz runs 4.4 now…. He doesn’t need to. That was 10 years ago. You must agree eventually after some thoughtful consideration, if he could run anything under 4.8…that would be good for him based upon all the other skills he possesses. He was gimping most of the 2013 with the ham string problems. He does take care of his body as well as anyone, but the NFL is not kind in longevity. You do convince me that you like Fitz as much as I do…. I worry about the looming contract issue after this season.

    Floyd is probably still close to what he ran 2 years ago – One cannot fairly compare these two men – they are very different at this point… Be well…

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