Bell future and playing it safety

Posted by Darren Urban on April 7, 2014 – 11:30 am

The Cardinals brought Yeremiah Bell in for cheap last season, a minimum salary deal to have a smart presence both in the secondary (he started every game) and in the locker room. There was always the chance he could return, and indeed, Mike Jurecki reported the Cards have extended a one-year offer to Bell. Jurecki also reported Bell is leaning towards retirement.

Retiring wouldn’t be a shock given Bell’s age (36) but it does go against his thoughts the day after the season ended. “I’m glad I came here as a player,” Bell said. “I didn’t know a lot of these guys before I came here but to sit in this locker room and go through battle each week with these guys was really nice. Of course I’d love to be back here with these guys but this is a business. We’ll see how it goes.”

Things change, though, and sometimes, the effort and work required for an older player to get through another season isn’t worth the paycheck — however handsome it might look to someone who doesn’t play the game. The other factor is the reality that a safety spot would probably not be a lock for Bell if the Cards were able to find help in the draft. That’s something else that would need to be considered.

This is a draft where the Cards can find a safety. The Cards have been linked to potential first-round picks Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor, but they can probably nab one later if they go in a different first-round direction. It’s definitely a position in need of an upgrade. Coach Bruce Arians said late in the season he was generally pleased with Bell’s play, but there is no question the Cards’ inability to cover tight ends — a job that in part fell on Bell — was an Achilles’ heel all season. The Cards also have unknowns around the return of starter Tyrann Mathieu. Second-year man Tony Jefferson may be ready for a bigger role. Rashad Johnson remains a component of the rotation. Bell would probably be a fallback option at this point, but one that would allow more flexibility on draft day. We’ll have to see if his Arizona tenure has a chance to continue.

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34 Responses to “Bell future and playing it safety”

  1. By Andy Kw on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    I hope Yeremiah Bell comes back. He provides that veteran presence in the back field and he could teach a few things to the rookies we bring in whether it is Clinton Dix, Pryor, or Bucannon.

  2. By Andy Kw on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    I know Darren that Adrian Wilson will probably not come back here but anything is possible. Even if the chances are low, I believe Steve Keim might consider him as an option. Adrian Wilson can cover big tight ends and he also has that hard hitting presence that Yeremiah Bell brings to the table.

    I would love to see either Yeremiah Bell or Adrian Wilson wear an Arizona Cardinals’ uniform. Adrian Wilson has a great history as an Arizona Cardinal and Yeremiah Bell did a nice defending shorter receivers.

  3. By SD on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Well, you are right. The Cardinals are only 1 or 2 players from really being a championship contending team. If the guy pans out at Left Tackle and we can draft a big, fast, maniacal safety…we’re there.

  4. By Kev on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    I’d like to see the Cardinals get Craig Loston in the draft. He’s another LSU Tiger who is friends with PP and Mathieu. Watch his tape. He plays big and is more than capable of picking up TE’s.
    He’d be available in the 2nd and maybe in the 3rd, and he’d fill the most lacking part of the cardinals D

  5. By Big Ken on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Any chance Bell would coach? Maybe not at the pro level. Class person, player

  6. By joe holst on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    Is Adrian Wilson a hall of famer? Nice to have a another secondary go after AAeneus Williams.

  7. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Joe —

    RE: Adrian Wilson HoF

    I think that’s definitely a close call. Will hurt that he was playing at the same time as Polamalu and Reed, who will get in. They are the standard. You never know, but if I had to guess right now, I’d say he probably does not get in. He will be in the Cards’ Ring of Honor someday though.

  8. By Reich on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    Love your contributions to the fan fervor with your year-round reporting/updates, great work!

    What in your opinion is the #1 priority for the front office with respect to this year’s draft?

    My 2 cents is that Calvin Pryor is a lock if he is still available at 20 seeing how trading up hasn’t been an option expressed often in team’s past. This guy absolutely bangs!

  9. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Reich —

    RE: Top priority

    I think there are multiple priorities. You don’t want to lock into one and have it mess with your decision making. I think they’ll look safety, DL, RT, pass rusher as the top items.

  10. By D on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    The Bears and Lions would be stupid to let Dix and Pryor fall past 14 in the draft. I guess anything is possible. But I don’t see a Safety at #20 an impact player for the Cards, not with DL, OLB and RT still needing to be addressed. The Cards can draft a Safety in Round 3 that could fill their need.
    Adub will for sure be in ring of honor. Not the Hall, he needed to get into the 30/30 club for that…

  11. By Abiel Valencia on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren, any possibility that Adrian Wilson comes back to the cardinals for a last stand sort of thing?

  12. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Abiel —

    RE: Wilson

    I’m saying no chance.

    Do you really want to bring back a franchise legend who, in the end, you might have to cut? That’s ugliness that probably isn’t worth the risk. You’d have to be sure he could stick. There is a reason they released him last year and didn’t just ask him to take another pay cut.

  13. By T.Stone on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Here is a fact for you Darren. 1st draft pick is not a safety. it will be a Quarterback. Ill buy you lunch if it is not.

  14. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    T. Stone —

    RE: Lunch

    You’d have to send me a coupon, right? Aren’t you up in Alaska?

    You very well could be right on the safety. But right now, I am feeling strong that first pick will be defense.

  15. By Andy Kw on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    I am hoping that with the 20th Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, The Arizona Cardinals select ILB C.J. Mosley (Alabama).

  16. By Jsoully on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    This works because of a trade down for Brandin Cooks is available at the 20th Overall.

    1st Round (via San Diego Chargers)
    C.J. Mosley – OLB
    Alabama – Senior
    6-2, 232 lbs

    2nd Round
    Terrance Brooks – SS
    Florida State – Senior
    5-11, 198 lbs

    3rd Round
    Antonio Richardson – OT
    Tennessee – Junior
    6-6, 327 lbs

    3rd Round (via San Diego Chargers)
    Logan Thomas – QB
    Virginia Tech – Redshirt Senior
    6-6, 254 lbs

    4th Round
    Walt Aikens – CB
    Liberty – Senior
    6-1, 201 lbs

    5th Round
    Cody Latimer – WR
    Indiana – Junior
    6-3, 215 lbs

    6th Round
    Senorise Perry – RB
    Louisville – Senior
    6-0, 207 lbs

  17. By br on Apr 9, 2014 | Reply

    jsoully —

    Moseley probably wont be around when we go on the clock at #20. If we trade back even 5-6 spots he is for sure 100% gone by then!! Dont need ILB that high in draft 2yrs in a row, that is a wasted pick, we have Minter give him a xhance to show what he can do…you will be surprised, kid is going to be awesome!! We do need depth that we can get in later rd, would also like to see them sign a veteran ILB for insurance.

  18. By T.Stone on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Your correct, it will have to be a gift card, but a coupon would be better for me No way I am paying airfare. But if you make it up this way I’ll us a coupon to pay. 🙂

  19. By Dynosoar on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply


    I’m just trying to understand, what’s your reasoning behind drafting a QB in the first? Which one(s) would you see drafting if they fell to 20 or do you take any QB at 20 to groom him for the future?

    Personally I like what Palmer brings and with Stanton behind him, believe we have someone to step into Palmer’s position when he leaves and so I don’t see a need for a year or two to find another QB. But what’s your reasoning, I’m curious to see what you see that I don’t.


  20. By Jacob Phillips on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Round 1 – Pick 20: Kony Ealy (DE) Missouri
    Round 2 – Pick 52: Lamarcus Joyner (FS) Florida State
    Round 3 – Pick 84: Zach Mettenberger (QB) LSU

    These are my predictions for the first three picks the Cardinals have. I think it addresses some needs with some high quality players. Getting a DE in Ealy will give us a strong outside line backer who could also play the line (Especially if he can get bigger) and replace Dockett down the road. Joyner could play with the Honey badger and of course a strong developing QB in Zach Mettenberger in the third round!

    I know this is a lot of speculation and probably none of these picks will be right but these three players would make some big differences (At least the first two will) and I think free agency addressed some big needs… thank you for bringing in Veldheer!

    And it would be great to sign ADub to a one-day deal to retire as a Cardinal.

  21. By Andy Kw on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    Jacob –

    Worst mock I have ever seen

  22. By CreditCard on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply


    Are the Cardinal Scouts departmentalized by position (offense / defense, lineman / back etc..) or by region (east, west, north south) or by size of college, etc..?

    Whoever is the small school scout — needs a raise. My opinion the Cards have had an uncanny success in picking up small school standouts.

  23. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Credit –

    RE: scouts

    They are broken down by region.

  24. By Coach K on Apr 7, 2014 | Reply

    Calvin Pryor has been compared to Troy Palamalu in many ways. If he is on the board at pick #20, I can almost Guarantee he will be the pick. The only exception would be if Taylor Lewan manages to fall to us. Or, if a big time quarterback drops and gives us the option of keeping him, or trading down with someone who wants that QB. If none of those things happen, you should expect a Cardinal to stay a Cardinal and welcome Mr. Pryor to town.


    I love Loston too if he’s there at #84, but no higher than the third round.


    I could live with your draft picks. Good job.

  25. By Sharon Coppock on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    I personally hope Yeremiah Bell returns to Arizona Cardinals – even though he is 36 years of age, he still provides lots of hustle and has made some amazing plays. If he didn’t hustle every game like he does, I would say pass. He is still
    a tough player & Arizona should be proud to have him back. He also could provide some assistance to younger players with his outstanding experience.

  26. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    Jacob Phillips;

    While I like your picks, I do not think we take Joyner. He is a very good player and could be this years Honey Badger. That is the problem. His skill set and what he can do, is the same as HB. I can’t see both safeties being 5’9″ .

    But I really like Joyner. Ealy would be a good pick at OLB but I would not have him add weight and become a DE in a 3-4. You want those DEs to be 290-300.
    I dont see him getting that big. Instead, he is a guy who can set the edge and put pressure on the QB.

    Mettenberger makes sense. A guy coming off an injury who has a strong arm and can push the ball down the field. I dont think he is there in the 3rd round though. The more I think about it, the more he fits. He will not threaten anyone’s job in the first year. But by year two, he could at least push Stanton.
    As much as I have been against taking a QB, something tells me the cards could be taking him.

  27. By T.Stone on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply


    One doesn’t have to look hard at the Cardinal draft history to find an argument to support drafting a QB early or not. But if there is a QB that you believe has a good chance at becoming your Franchise guy you have to take him. Some Cardinal Fans just remember our recent struggles at QB, but many others know that it has been going on FOREVER. I am sick of it. I believe Carr will be there at 20 and I would scratch his name on the ticket and hand it to the commish faster than Simeon Rice opening his mouth and having something stupid pop out. Let him sit behind Stanton and compete because in this league we are two hits away from Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s husband. Remember that?

  28. By jason on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    I love Kony Ealy in the first round and if he is there along with Calvin Pryor or HaHa Clinton-Dix he is the player I’d take. I was also happy to hear that BA worked out Logan Thomas I said months ago that whether or not we draft him we should most definitely take a look. I agree with JTDG that it’s not a guarantee we draft a QB this year, but if a player falls I could see us making the pick.

  29. By Swangahouse on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    Here are my picks… (Spoiler alert I am an LSU Fan) 😀

    1st round: Aaron Donald DT, Taylor Lewan OT, or Dee Ford OLB/DE

    2nd Round: Jace Amaro TE, Joel Bitionio OT, Jarvis Landry Slot WR

    3rd Round: Zach Mettenberger QB, Dakota Dozier OG, C.J. Fiedorowicz TE

    4th Round: Jeremy Hill RB, Arthur Lynch TE, Bruce Ellington WR

    5th Round: Craig Loston SS, Zack Kerr DT, Aaron Lynch DE/OLB

    6th Round: Trai Turner OG, Colt Lyerla TE, Loucheiz Purifoy CB, Logan Thomas QB

    Now… If you were counting, in 5 of the 6 rounds there is an LSU guy on my list. This isn’t just blind fandom as I think I have put them in rounds where they might fall to.

    In round 2 Jarvis Landry is just going to be a star. You watch his tape and he is just a superb slot guy. Add Floyd, Fitz, and now Ginn with that and there are just too many places to pass. Add on Juke Ellington and damn.. How can Carson NOT complete a pass?
    Although I do recognize the potential of an athletic guard like Joel Bitonio and a glorified WR in TE Jace Amaro.

    Round 3: #draftzachmettenberger or go for the safety net and blocking pro of C.J. Fiedorowicz; The great TE from Iowa.

    Round 4: By god if Jeremy Hill is somehow still on the board this is the steal of the draft. Don’t care how many RB’s you have… The kid is special. If he is gone Arthur Lynch is an incredible receiving TE and we might be able to roll with the bloodline and bring in Bruce Ellington; WR out of South Carolina.

    Round 5: Craig Loston is your classic ENFORCER of a SS. Coverage skills need work, but he was a 5th year guy out of LSU and has a tendency to come up with crucial interceptions late in games.

    Round 6: Total crap shoot time… Trai Turner is one of the best pulling guards I have seen in a while. He is a hell of s run blocker, but his pass protection does need some refining. He is a top 5 guard with only 2 years experience. So he is very raw with tremendous upside. Louchiez Purifoy is a pretty damn good press-man style cover corner. And then there is Logan Thomas. I think with a LOT of work with his mechanics and getting his head right, he has all the physical gifts to be a stud QB. But he is most definitely a long term project. However, he is athletic enough that he could get on the field as a TE with his size and speed.

  30. By br on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    Sorry Swangahouse…but that is just blind fandom in so many ways! As is my response of course!! LOL
    Let it be known up front I despise the SEC with Alabama, Auburn, and LSU at the top of the list, LSU has given the Cardinals a couple of outstanding players here lately, and I will give credit where it is due, but come on man, you got to take off the purple shades and see the light, of that list Loston is the only one I see that will be an excellent pro, the rest are mediocre at best sir. Iam a huge Fighting Illini fan but I realize that they dont push out a pick in every round that is headed for greatness, loyalty only goes so far, obviously im a big ten fan as well but I cringe whenever i hear the Cardinals are looking at drafting or signing a big ten RB, because for some reason most end up as flops in the NFL! I do commend you on your Logan Thomas blurb, if you look back I have been his biggest advocate for months now, and like you i think if he doesnt come around as a QB of the future for some team (hopefully our CARDINALS!!) then he will convert to a TE or as I have said for months he could be a redzone “super weapon”! I will admit that most of my dislike for the SEC and especially the Alabama’s, Auburn’s and yes the LSU’s comes from them always being talked about in the National Championship picture, and always having top 5 or 10 recruiting classes, so yes, alot is jealousy im sure.

  31. By br on Apr 9, 2014 | Reply

    One comment i forgot, I dont think Loston makes it past the 3rd round! If the Cardinals trade down or out of first rd they would need a high 3rd round pick in return to select Loston (btw…i would be very happy with Loston early in third, i dont watch SEC football that much but Cards have gotten 2 DB gems from LSU lately so im sure Loston would fit right in and in time excel in our secondary as a SS!) But i think if we stay put he is gone by the time we pick in the 3rd!! Also think Trai Turner will go late 5th very early 6th, nfl teams love to draft players who start late and show promise, they usually dont have alot of bad habits to fix and can be coached up and developed over time. Those types of players seem to be hit or total miss, never seems to be an in btwn.

  32. By Andrew on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    I would love to see A-Dub come back. Although I don’t find it to be very likely, I would prefer him over Bell any day. He will be a great mentor for the younger guys and he can come tight ends well and come down into the box and play like a linebacker. I would love to see him in Red again, but I’m not gonna get my hopes up.

  33. By Jacob Phillips on Apr 8, 2014 | Reply

    I am hoping that Mettenberger is left in the third round but based on the teams that are working him out, he will be gone by the second round.

  34. By Eazy E on Apr 10, 2014 | Reply

    We need a good safety baddddd now that Ryan Clark is a redskin! I love Ha Ha, but I’d much rather get a QB like Manziel or Bridgewater though because it’s the most important position! Pryor, I haven’t seen that much of save for a couple highlights so I don’t know about him really.

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