An option for Peterson

Posted by Darren Urban on April 21, 2014 – 1:58 pm

It came as little surprise, given the circumstances and previous reports that it was going to happen, but the Cardinals officially executed the fifth-year team option on the rookie contract of Patrick Peterson today. The option is for the 2015 season, and will pay Peterson a little more than $10 million. More importantly, it gives the Cards some breathing room as they move toward a long-term contract extension. Peterson was at the facility today (although I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.) Without the option, Peterson would have been an unrestricted free agent after the season.

What the timeline will be for a Peterson extension is unknown. This isn’t a new subject. The option year means the Cards aren’t really under any pressure to get a new deal done yet — this could be complicated, since Peterson is going to want a hefty new contract — but General Manager Steve Keim has left little interpretation about Peterson’s future. Peterson isn’t going anywhere. He has joined Larry Fitzgerald as one of the faces of the franchise, and that isn’t going to change.

The contract is part of the reason a guy like Antonio Cromartie gets only a one-year deal. There are other factors, of course, but in part it’s because the Cards will have a significant investment in the other starting cornerback. Given needs across the depth chart, having to pay both starting CBs big money probably isn’t feasible in this salary-capped world. Given who is involved, with Keim and Peterson, I still expect this to come out with relatively few issues. It might not happen right away, but it’s going to happen.



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  1. By T.Stone on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply


  2. By T.Stone on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Keim did not think this through. 10 mil? for Peterson next year? Not a good decision. He must be reading this blog. Fool if he is. So good up to a point.

  3. By Rich on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    This is, without doubt, the right move to make.

  4. By T.Stone on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    thumbs up and thumbs down rating system is great. I will take tomorrow off if I get 50 down and 0 Up on this post. HELP ME.

  5. By Darren Urban on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    T. Stone —

    RE: Peterson extension

    Explain your rationale. Peterson is going to make around $10M a season on a new deal anyway. Are you suggesting the Cards get rid of him? Because otherwise, it’s more or less a moot point.

  6. By D on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    The more you think about all of the holes/needs for this team, Keim really needs to work on trading down to the Browns or Pats, of course that won’t be known until he is on the clock. A total of 6 draft picks is not enough.

    If they could still get the player they want say 6 picks lower and add another 3rd round pick it would be a great draft weekend. 4 picks in the fist 3 rounds would let AZ fill the safety, qb, pass rusher and dline holes…then use rest of the draft to fill depth at OL, TE, WR…

  7. By T.Stone on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Get rid of Him? He is under contract. No. Let him go into a lame duck season Without a contract. CB’s should not break the bank. Not worth it.

  8. By iain on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply


    Does this mean the combined impact of Peterson and Fitzgerald on next years cap will be $35 million?

  9. By Darren Urban on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    iain —

    RE: Cap

    As it stands now, it would be about $34M, yes.

  10. By cardcor on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    T. Stone HAS no rationale.

  11. By Gerrit on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Why didn’t he participate in the start of the offseason programm?
    At least there were no pictures of him in the recently posted galary. thought he was one of the key leaders going forward.

  12. By ored on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    i think it becomes a problem when too few players take up too much of the cap space,it then comes to a point where the majority of the team feels slighted,and rightly so…1 lineman,1db,1 reciever,1 lb, etc. that take up the majority of the cap,is’nt gonna win many games…1 of any position besides qb can’t block,catch,tackle,etc. all by themselves without help,we’ve all seen movies where the line won’t block for a prima donna qb or qb just to prove a point.everybody wants to be paid,thats why it’s so hard to repeat as champions you can’t have star players at every spot,one shut down corner and scheme with good players across from him,a #1 reciever and good recievers to help,1 stud pass rusher and solid linebackers,etc.we could all build a champion calibre team if we had unlimited funds,that’s keims job,to figure out who to pay,and get a servicable replacement if he can’t.that’s where the draft comes in and free agents with reasonable contracts.

  13. By steve on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Darren: Speaking of CBs, Vince Marotta of Arizona sports radio 98.7 has the Cards selecting Michigan St. CB Darqueze Dennard with their 20th pick in the mock beat writers draft.

  14. By Andy Kw on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    Our defense should be ready to go. Kevin Minter should be the ILB that goes after the QB through the OL. Daryl Washington can do the same but take on the role of coverage.

  15. By Pete Dowdle on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    It’s said that there are four primary positions that a team needs to have at least above-average players filling, namely the QB, LT, DE, and CB positions. Keim appears to have addressed at least two of those positions for at least the next two seasons in bringing in Veldheer and locking up Peterson. Palmer and Abraham give the team at least something solid at the other two spot for probably just the up-coming season (no offense to Carson or John!). The up-coming Draft may solidify the remaining two for years to come, if all goes well.

    With that said, then, I applaud Keim for the moves he’s made towards giving this team the best opportunity its known for, well, far too long, and for at least the 2014 season. While Cooper and Minter contributed next to absolute nothing last year, the success of last year’s Draft class should be unquestionably rated as a success, with Ellington and Mathieu and company providing quite pleasant surprises, to say the least. (With the additions of Cooper and Minter, they will and should be considered among the rest of the first-year players that make an impact in 2014, which will only serve to skew the 2014 Draft class, albeit in a most positive way [I hope!].)

    Keim has shown an above-average aptitude in evaluating talent, getting the best deals in place for the team as a whole, with both rookies and veterans considered. And so, with all the moves he’s made, and with the moves he’s going to make in a few short weeks from now (not to mention what he does after the Draft, when certain veterans floating about take an offer from him), I’m excited for the up-coming season like never before! Keep it comin’, Keim!!

  16. By Andy Kw on Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    I hate Kevin Kolb, wasting our Cap and trading away our 2nd Round Pick & DRC
    Thumbs up if you agree, Thumbs down if you disagree.

    Every time he is injured, I always questioned how he ever became a starting QB. Do something good man.

  17. By D on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    Today, many stories will be written about Pat Tillman, mostly from the National Media who will want to talk about the money he left behind or their opinions about the war and the former President, but for those like me who have lived in the Valley for over 20 yrs, to watch Pat grow up through ASU and onto the Cardinals, none of that matters.

    He left behind a family, that is what matters.

    He always marched to his own beat; climbing light towers, running marathons, riding a 10 speed bike to the Cardinals facility. On the football field and in life he appeared to be the classic over achiever.

    Today, we should not only remember Pat, but all Servicemen and women who gave thier lives for this country. They may not have been professional athletes, but all are deserving of recognition.

    I rather remember Pat on how he lived, not how he died.

    R.I.P Pat.

  18. By jason on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    There are 5 safeties in this draft that should start from day 1. Pryor, Clinton-Dix, Ward, Buchanon & Brooks.— Daniel Jeremiah (@MoveTheSticks) April 22, 2014

  19. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    Peterson has been underpaid, next year he’ll be overpaid…he earned it, and that’s how it works. But CB is a key position, so can’t sweat it. We just work around the necessary. GO Cards.

  20. By CN Punk on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    While I will agree Peterson had been underpaid, I do not agree that he will be over paid. He has made the pro-bowl in each of his seasons as a pro and will continue to improve as a corner back until he is the unquestioned #1 CB in the NLF and then will keep pushing to become the greatest to ever play the game. He has the physical tools as well as the mental ones and without a doubt has the same drive to be the greatest that has been a driving force for Fitz for all these years. (and honestly the only reason Larry isn’t parallel or further along than Rice is due to our terrible QB carousel for the majority of his career) So when “everyone’s favorite CB” Mr. Prime time says this kid is something special, he isn’t just blowing smoke. It’s one thing to have the physical gifts or the intelligence to be a great player. But they have to want it, above all else. That’s the one thing Richard Sherman will never have besides P2’s spectacular abilities, is the want above all else. So at 10 million i still think it’s going to be under paying Peterson. But it’s a damn good start for someone I want to retire a Cardinal and go into the ring of honor when he goes into the hall of fame some day.
    (And just a side note, I always liked Aeneas Williams more than Deion Sanders)

  21. By Chuck 1 on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    Andy Kw,

    Let’s put the blame for the Kevin Kolb situation squarely where it belongs:
    on Graves’ and Whiz’s shoulders for wanting Kolb.

    Fans shouldn’t “hate” Kolb. He didn’t drive that deal. Andy Reid and Graves did.

    Cards’ fans should be grateful that Michael Bidwill “fired” Graves and hired Keim.

  22. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply

    I agree with you CN Punk, he won’t be paid overpaid at $10.. wrote he’ll be overpaid next year, when a new deal gets signed and he gets a $18M bonus check and $5M salary or so.. also noted he earned the payday…

    .. also like Aeneas more, a lot more; Sanders called Cards worst team to ever make the SB, a punk imho…

  23. By Coach K on Apr 22, 2014 | Reply


    I see the Cardinals moving down in round one for more picks, and taking the cornerback from Va. Tech, Kyle Fuller. It’s just a gut feeling.

  24. By Big Ken on Apr 23, 2014 | Reply

    Coach-I agree with your hunch on Kyle Fuller.

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