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Posted by Darren Urban on June 10, 2014 – 7:36 am

The news came out yesterday that the Cardinals worked out veteran right tackle Tyson Clabo, although the two sides couldn’t agree to a contract. Usually, that means the player wants more money than the team is willing to offer (it’s never the other way around, you know?) In a lot of ways, it reminded me of last year’s dance with Eric Winston, the right tackle who didn’t sign until right before training camp and who reportedly spent the offseason with an asking price for significantly more money than the Cardinals ended up paying him.

Such is the dance of this time of year with established veterans who have yet to find a roster spot. Some team might want a player. That player could very well want to play. But there is little urgency in June. The player doesn’t want to have to settle for a lesser salary and doesn’t have any reason to for now. The team isn’t about to overpay, especially with games a couple of months away and the rosters sitting at 90 players already anyway.

Things will change as the end of July — and training camps — draws close. Somebody will blink across the league. Winston reportedly has drawn interest from the Ravens, but again, nothing has happened (I do not expect Winston to return here, but that can always change.) Will Clabo earn a better offer elsewhere? Will the Cardinals, after minicamp that starts today, still think they want him on the roster for training camp? Given that the Cards know what they have at right tackle already, I don’t think they are going to spend much more to throw more options at the position. Same goes for any other spot on the field to which they might want to add. It’ll be about bargain add-ons now — like Winston and Abraham and Karlos Dansby last year — and the Cards will be willing to wait.


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  1. By krehbieo14 on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Keim and Arians will keep churning the roster trying to keep a competitive edge at all positions. There is no complacency with these guys. I love it!

  2. By D on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Speaking of bargains, another name maybe to bring in is Larry Grant. He was recently cut in Cleveland, played last year in Chicago, was suspended for 4 games last year for PEDS, but has past history playing ILB in SF in a 3-4 maybe an option if say a current player is not looking like he may make the roster at LB. He is in no position to ask for a high salary. There will be some names cut this offseason to watch…Cards do have cap space, wonder if any of that will be spent not only on PP but other players who are in their final year of contract that plan on being the future of this team.

    Also, this Clabo thing could just be another kick in the behind to Massie -that this could be his last training camp here if he doesn’t show he can be the Man.

  3. By Dynosoar on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Good things come to those who wait.

  4. By Big Ken on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Dynosoar, I couldn’t agree more.

  5. By georgiebird on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Tweaking the roster is one thing. Being deficient is something else.
    Most of the guys on this blog root like heck for the Cards as do I. Some even have the Cards going to the SB. That’s great as a fan.
    But on the other side of the ledger, we have the outside (and possibly more objective) view of the Cards. On the outside, the Cards are predicted to win 7.5 games in 2014.
    As I look at the Card’s various units, the one that is way below average is LB. I would feel this way even if DWash and KDan were still here.
    Last year was a year that the Cards surprised a lot of people- new coach, new QB. This year, the Cards will have a target on their back as possibly a top 5 or top 6 team in the NFL at the close of 2013.
    Go ahead and tweak the roster but the FO has to bring some LBs in here and overpay. How else can you account for a 7.5 over/under ?

  6. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    D: “..another kick in the behind to Massie…”. The reported issue has been mental mistakes not unwillinlges to work hard. A kick doesn’t help that in my limited experience;) Lol. Massie may just need lots of reps to get it, eventually a light usually comes on.

    Dynosoar: also consider, Confucios say: “he who hesitates loses…” Whamo! Actually, I agree, we’re not desperate so Keim seems content to let it beocme a buyers market again when they don’t have a job and its July. But must admit, looking forward to soem steals..knowing they can never duplicate the Dansby Abraham magic … can they? 🙂

  7. By ored on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    amazingly like shopping for a big ticket item,say a car,just wait a bit til prices come down when new models are introduced,buy winter clothes in summer and vice versa,sector rotation in stocks and on/off risk stocks,etc.just takes patience and the will to follow thru.

  8. By NYCardinals212 on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply


    Keep in mind, the 7.5 line that odds-makers have given the Cardinals (or any betting situation, for that matter) is NOT about coming up with a correct prediction. Setting the line is for the singular purpose of inducing betting. These odds aren’t necessarily what Vegas believes will happen, the odds are set according to what they think you will believe and therefore, put some money down.

    An odds-maker first sets out to calculate the “real” odds with all the available information, and then they recalculate those numbers (factoring in everything from popularity of bet/team to the possibility of misinformation) in order to achieve the real goal of an “over-round” book (that is, odds adding up to more than 100%). This way, they can make a profit in every betting situation.

    Basically, using betting odds to predict a real outcome is useless, unless you’re betting.

  9. By georgiebird on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    @ NYCardinals212
    Of course the odds are not exactly what will happen- how do you win 7.5 games?
    Rather it’s a number that will induce a like amount of people to bet over 7.5 and a like amount of people to bet under 7.5 games. The betting establishment will collect the vig from the losers.
    So for right now there is an equal dollar amount of bets for the Cards winning less than 7.5 and an equal amount for winning more than 7.5 games. Right now the average bettor will pick 7.5 games won for the Cards.
    So what I’m saying is that there is consensus that the Cards will finish under .500. Most teams who finish under .500 have flaws. LB is the biggest flaw.
    Can the Cards win all 16 games- it’s possible. But for you, if the Cards win just 8, you could be a big winner in 2014.

  10. By Darren Urban on Jun 10, 2014 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: over/under

    The over/under on wins for the Cardinals in 2013 was five.

    Oh, and every team in the league has flaws. Otherwise, a team would be undefeated.

    And finally, since you think their LBs were so flawed last year, it shouldn’t impact them this year even without Dansby and DWash.

  11. By br on Jun 12, 2014 | Reply

    I love SK & BA approach to these veteran FA’s…”Here is what we think you are worth, take it or leave it!” And the best part is in a month or two the offer will be less and the player has no leverage and usually ends up signing for less!! (see E. Winston, probably K. Dansby as well)

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