Warner in, so who’s next for Ring of Honor?

Posted by Darren Urban on June 18, 2014 – 4:37 pm

The timing made all kinds of sense for the Cardinals to put Kurt Warner in the Ring of Honor this season. There is a high-profile “Monday Night Football” game in which to do the ceremony (if you have forgotten, Aeneas Williams also went in at halftime of an MNF game) and this is the first year Warner is eligible to be voted into the Hall of Fame — which would happen in downtown Phoenix the day before the Super Bowl here in Arizona, if it were to happen. In a lot of ways Warner was a supernova in Arizona considering he played just five seasons (and barely played in one of those, 2006, when Matt Leinart was trying to make his way in the league.) It was an incredible run though (as this timeline and this top 10 list of his best games says more tangibly.)

So who is next?

We already know Adrian Wilson will get there. Michael Bidwill has already said as much. First, though, Wilson has to retire, and he’s not ready to do that quite yet as he hopes to find a job somewhere in 2014. At some point, you figure Larry Fitzgerald is a lock, regardless of what happens in the future. Obviously the hope is that Fitzgerald plays out his career in Arizona, but the NFL is a business and Fitz staying is anything but a guarantee. Certainly, he’s done enough on and even off the field that he’ll be Ring-bound some day.

Beyond that, though, I don’t see any sure bets. It’s way too early to think about Patrick Peterson. Does Darnell Dockett warrant a discussion? Could Calais Campbell some day be worth it? I think Anquan Boldin was headed in that direction, but the way his tenure (and his last two seasons) ended in Arizona I’d call that a very long shot, which is too bad. He was a part of the renaissance of this franchise. I don’t know if some of the other guys from the 1998 team — a Larry Centers, a Jake Plummer — would fit.

Again, with Bidwill noting  that 11 of the 13 previous Ring members before Warner are in the Hall of Fame, that means something. They are, Bidwill said, “the best of the best” and that’s a lofty ideal. The franchise has been around since 1898, and only 14 guys have gone in. It’s not an easy honor to obtain. It is a fun subject to debate.



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37 Responses to “Warner in, so who’s next for Ring of Honor?”

  1. By Marlin on Jun 18, 2014 | Reply

    the only sure bet after Warner is Fitz……..maybe Keim?

  2. By Cory on Jun 18, 2014 | Reply

    In my humble opinion, Dockett has to be a lock for RoH. Yes, getting into the hall clearly says something about the player, but it should not be the only standard. In today’s “business” environment, when an exceptional player who could be a big name in a big market doesn’t go chasing after the fame or dollars (see Dansby) and stays loyal to an organization and their fans, thru thick and thin… well, to me that means more than HoF stats.

    Fitz, Wilson and Dockett- men of character and Cardinals for life, regardless of where they end their careers.

  3. By Tbru on Jun 18, 2014 | Reply

    Boldin, no way he was a great player, and guts he showed after breaking his face was inspirational, I love Anquan the player, but Mr Boldin was a me first, forget the team $how me the money player. He was with the Big Red, he was in Baltimore. It is not the ring of good football players, it is the ring of honor.

    Look at the history, 13 names since 1929 Why should there be more than one from the current roster? Warner is only the third in the Arizona era. ADub and Fitz will be there in time, but after that the next inductee might not even be on on the roster yet, or it could be Logan Thomas, who really knows. Charles Bidwill is in the ring, I have to think Bill Bidwill will be inducted at some point.

  4. By br in nc on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    The reason there aren’t many names in the ROH is due to the lackluster records the Cardinals have had, just hasn’t been many to choose from, there should be alot more manes in consideration in the coming years now that the team is improving, and drafting really well lately. As well, they need to keep stiff restrictions that include on and off field contributions. In order to keep “honor” in the ring. In other words, Dwash can come back after all suspensions and make league MVP 10 years running, and not even sniff the ROH! As well, HONOR trumps on field contributions, Pat Tillman could have been a practice squad player only, and still would have been a unanimous shoe in for ROH, he exemplified what the meaning of HONOR is!! He should be in the Hall of Fame, in my biased opinion!

  5. By Tbru on Jun 18, 2014 | Reply

    I would like to see Timmy Chang, Buster Davis or Ryan Swoope go in. but than again I have had a few cocktails tonight. Maybe Donovan McNabb for all time most inquires on

    Ok forget all that, how about Urb, Wolf and Paulie?

  6. By Erik on Jun 18, 2014 | Reply

    Perfectly said, Cory.

  7. By Jeff on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Wait a second… Larry Centers is NOT in the ring of honor yet? It’s been awhile, but I don’t remember off field issues with him nor team issues. Only the shock and embarrassment when the team cut him after the playoff run. He’s the top receiving rb off all time, second among nonreceivers to Tony González who passed him after Larry retired. He left the Cards as their career leader in receiving and he made two Pro Bowls as a Cardinal. What gives?

    Plummer on the other hand? No way. I’m a fan of his, but no. He needed a role similar to a closer. He couldn’t seem to focus early in games and made too many mistakes, but put him in a clutch situation and he usually played great.

  8. By joe67 on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    When most people think of the Cardinals they think of Jim Hart. No one more loyal to the Cards than he was. Toiled a long time on some not so great teams. (A couple good ones too). Truly bled Cardinal red.

    Also Jackie Smith. He was like a “today’s Tight End”. Coach Arians would have loved him, and as tough as they come.

  9. By RonB on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    TBRU – Ok forget all that, how about Urb, Wolf and Paulie?

    I realize that you were going for humor, but Ron Wolfley actually qualifies being a 4 time Pro Bowler for the Cardinals. Transitional team specialist or not he’d still be worthy.

    Ron B

  10. By br on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    I got a vote for Dockett Wtould think he is a shoe-in!

    What about someone like Stump Mitchell if he coaches RB or stays on the staff here for years I know it would be as a coach, but does the fact that he also played for the Cardinals give him a leg up??

    I think M. Bidwell needs to be in now, sorry to say, but daddy doesn’t rate ROH in my book, M. Bidwelll is the one who opened the check book for getting players to come in or stay a Cardinal, hid daddy wanted profit only, didn’t care about nothing but the bottom line, I dare someone to go to St Louis and mention B. Bidwelll….that name is forbidden in St Louis! Since Michael has taken over day to day operations ( or at least the checkbook, maynot be involved actually every day, I do not pretend to know the extent M. Bidwelll is involved, but that extent seems to work, so keep doing what you are doing sir) Bottom line M. Bidwell (not his daddy) needs to be up there, if not now, when?

  11. By Darren Urban on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    br —

    RE: Owner name

    People really really need to start spelling the Bidwill name correctly.

  12. By br on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    I have a PHONE that makes auto correct thinks it knows what I want, but you are correct I should take the time to look it over and correct it properly… I saw it was putting 3 “l” into the name, didn’t think that was to big a deal, people could easily figure out what it was saying, but didn’t even notice the “e”. Just need to figure out how to get rid of auto correct!! Thanks D

  13. By br on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Wow I thought Conrad Dobler was in ROH…he needs a spot, that man feared nothing or nobody!! Best guard to ever wear a Cardinals uniform!! 3 all pro selections I do believe, though didn’t play for Cardinals but 4-5 years I think?

  14. By br in nc on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Just so you know, I even gave you a “thumbs up” for pointing out my poor spelling of Mr B’s name. (ha, fixed the problem as well, from now on, its Mr “B”…) LOL!

  15. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    The fact that few Cardiac Cards (like Hart) or Larry Centers era players are in Ring shows just how exclusive it is. DD has a shot depending on how next 2 years play out, we could go Bowling, he could have a huge season and it tips the scale…but he’s not there yet. Hall of FAME is close to Ring of HONOR, but Pat Tillman exemplifies the difference.

  16. By AzDesertRat1953 on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    The Owners of the AZ Cardinals last name is Bidwill, Come’on Man !!!

    Stump Mitchell and Ron Wolfley for all the years that they have given to the Cards should be considered in the future.

    Nice to see that Kurt will be in the ROH. He is the One and Only, you can say, that took the Cards to the SB! With out Warner it would Never have happened.

    GO CARDS!!!

  17. By Eric G on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Glad to hear Warner is making it, Fitz is a lock. A-Dub deserves it. Boldin no based on his departure, which also applies to Dansby. I really like Dockett, but lets face it, he just doesn’t have the numbers. Less than 4.5 sacks a year doesn’t cut it for RoH for a DL IMO. Plummer is a no. He was a modern day Steve DeBerg in that he kept both teams in the game and only won one playoff game. That’s not enough. Larry Centers is a tough one, but no. It’s a shame because I think he would have had better numbers with a different coaching staff and anything resembling an offensive line. It’s close though..

    Anyone else that’s been on the team less than 5 years is too early to tell.

  18. By tyman on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Dockett is a no brainer.

    Super Bowl sack record.
    show the respect to the D-line!

  19. By Mike Ellingboe on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Eric G,

    Well said. As Darren previously mentioned, it’s largely comprised of HOF’ers. At the very least, the contributions have to be at an elite level in comparison to their peers. I like Dockett as much as the next fan, but when your numbers are strikingly similar to Eric Swann’s, it’s hard to make a legit case for it.

  20. By BR on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    The Cardinals I remember that should be considered for the Ring if not part of it yet I would consider voting for are –
    Jim Hart
    Jim Otis
    Larry Centers
    Roy Green
    Jackie Smith
    Stump Mitchell
    Bob Young OG
    Pat Tilly
    Neil Lomax
    Defense wins championships so best of the defensive players I would consider voting vote for
    that are not there yet
    Larry Stallings
    Ken Harvey
    Adrian Wilson
    if only we could have kept Dave Butz maybe he would have made it.

  21. By br on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    More than one from current roster, or more than one or two for the past decade or so is fine, it just shows how much better the team has gotten, record wise, as wellas drafting great young players, in the past they haven’t had much to choose from in my humble opinion anyway. I think there should be a Cardinal (at least one) from every position in the ROH. There ought to be very stiff criteria for both on field and off field performance/contributions, (in other words, Dwash could come back after his suspension or suspensions, make all pro every year for the next 10 years, lead em in tackles, to multiple Super Bowls be defensive league MVP, Super Bowl MVP…and should NEVER be considered for ROH)!

    On a different note, I saw a shout out for Jake “the snake” Plummer for ROH, I would submit Jim Hart for consideration before Plummer.
    Off the top of my head for the life of me, I can’t recall if there are any RB in the Ring, can anyone help this old Guy out?? Better yet, anyone have any RB’s they think are worthy of ROH consideration, Cardinals have not really had any RB’s that I would say are shoe ins or sure fire bets for induction to ROH, andwcertainly not Hall of Fame!!

  22. By br on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    your posting name threw me off for a minute, I thought it was my post and for the life of me I couldn’t remember posting it, Ian a Cardinal fan from way back in the St Louis days having grown up right outside of St Louis, so it sounded like something I would post, but it just wasn’t ringing any bells, until I saw the “BR” and realized I post under “br”! LOL . But I do agree some of the names on your list should be considered.

  23. By Scott H on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Fitz and Adrian Wilson will DEFINITELY be there someday. There is no debate to be had about that. Despite the sour note his years as a Cardinal ended, I would still welcome Anquan Boldin into the ring. I will ALWAYS be proud to say he was a Cardinal. Perhaps if Karlos Dansby had stayed here all the way through, I would feel the same about him. He would surely have the numbers to support his consideration. But he has now flown the coop TWICE to grab the money somewhere else. Hey, good for him. But…no way as far as the ring goes.

    Welcome, Kurt Warner to the ring. You gave us SO MUCH to be grateful for.

  24. By br in nc on Jun 19, 2014 | Reply

    Just testing a new posting name

  25. By Tbru on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    @ Ron, the first group, yea I was going for humor. I wasn’t entirely joking with the last three, they have made good contributions. Wolf especially he excelled in his area of specialty on the field and has been a huge ambassador for the team since.

    @BR Bill Bidwill was completely handcuffed by a bad stadium situation in St Louis and Tempe. The Cardinals were the family business, there wasn’t Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder money from other sources. As a prudent business man he did what he had to do. You can only shell out so much money playing in a half empty football stadium. If he had gotten some of the same deals other football owners had gotten from their communities 25 years earlier. Without Mr B there is no UofP Stadium, there are no Super Bowls and the Cards are probably playing in Oxnard. It will probably be posthumously but I will guarantee “daddy” is in the ring of honor at some point.

  26. By br in nc on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    In St Louis old Busch stadium was just fine to play in, this was back before the days of huge Billion dollar stadium deals, slot of city’s used one stadium for 2 sports, they had no problem filling it for the baseball Cardinals. H just wouldn’t bring in any name players, so when it came time for a new stadium, or when he wanted a new stadium but wanted the city to pay for it ( ie…taxpayers to pay) they were more than happy to vote No, and show him the door. Hell, even now there is talk of the Rams leaving town on a daily basis because the want another new stadium, or huge amounts of money for upgrades, and taxpayers are balling once again because the Rams aren’t winning, even though they are in the toughest division in NFL, and they are not that far removed from their Warner led glory years. I will give you the fact that Midwest taxpayers are cheap and stingy with there money, I was probably to young at the time to fully understand all the financial wranglings, but daddy Bidwill has proven to me in the years since that he is just as stubborn and cheap!! Anyone can see the 180 the team took when opening the checkbook and spending on players once his son took the reign. I commend M. Bidwill for wanting to put a winner on the field, and not worry about penny pinching.

  27. By clssylssy on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    Plummer took the Cards to the playoffs for the first time in about fifty years, made Cardinal football fun to watch for the first time in half a century, and should make it into the Ring at some point for those reasons alone. Of course, Adub and Fitz but also PP will deserve a spot as well. Dockett, while not having the numbers of some has been a pillar of our defense and loyal playmaker , a fan favorite, team captain and should get in ahead of Ron Wofley? Larry Centers ranked #2 behind Fitz as the greatest player in Cards history so it would seem that, while I like Kurt Warner, Centers role much like Conrad Dobler’s got lost on the management. Ken Whisenhunt should be honored also as the only coach to ever get the Cards to the Big Dance because if it hadn’t been for him, Kurt may not have been played ahead of Leinert!

  28. By Eric G on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply


    That’s what I don’t get about Dockett. He’s a great defensive lineman, but where are the sack numbers? He just doesn’t have them. He’s been a great player, but he’s not HoF or RoH material.

  29. By azqfan on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    Tbru, If you think Anquan was a me first player you know nothing. He NEVER put himself before the team.. He wanted a new contract, yes. He never held out, he never wanted stats. In fact he was PROMISED a new contract by Rod Graves. Graves even admitted that. Whatever he is gone.
    I guess you say Fitz can never get in then, since it is a FACT Fitz was a me first player. Watch the clip of Fitz demanding the ball in Seattle so he can get his 100 yards, then Kurt asking him if he wanted to win the game. How about Fitz diving to the ground and always going out of bounds before Todd Haley challenged him. Oh Fitz admits both btw…
    Show me ONE example of Anquan ever wanting personal stats over a win, EVER and I will agree with you.

    Q may not be the best ever, but he was never a selfish, me first player.

  30. By Scott H on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    In regard to Warner’s greatest games as a Cardinal ( and it was fun to take that little walk down memory lane ), there is one there that goes WAY beyond his top games in this uniform. That game he played against the Packers in the 2009 playoffs was, in my opinion, the BEST game ever played by a QB in NFL History. What other performance can top that??? Five TD’s and only 4 incompletions? Against what was, I think, the 2nd ranked pass defense in the NFL that year? The man was putting footballs through basketball hoops that day. It didn’t matter how many passing yards or TD’s the Cardinals were going to need to win that game that day – Kurt was going to get it done. Whatever they needed from him, they were going to get it. Hands down, the most amazing day I ever saw a QB have. And I have lived through the careers of Montana, Brady, Elway, Marino, Favre, Manning, etc, etc, etc. Nothing ever topped Warner on that day in January 2010.

  31. By br in nc on Jun 20, 2014 | Reply

    WOW! ADub has a set of “GUNS” on him!!! Never realized his arms were so huge, and ripped!

  32. By Peterincanada on Jun 21, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H Absolutely right. I have the tape of that game and I love to watch it now and again.

  33. By Scott H on Jun 22, 2014 | Reply

    Peterincanada –

    You and me both, man. So much you can say about that game. Out here in the Philly area where I live, people who are neither Cards OR Packers fans were saying it was it was one of the greatest games AND one of the most fun games to watch they ever saw. People were saying they didn’t want it to end because they were having so much fun watching it. had I not been a fan of either team, I would have felt the same way. others have said that game was an embarrassment because those were supposed to be two playoff-caliber defenses who were being so thoroughly taken apart by the opposing offenses and all the points they allowed. BUT, IMHO, you HAD to look at the games Warner AND Rodgers played that day to understand what those defenses were up against. Kurt Warner had it in him to DESTROY any defense he would have played that day. Period. That game was MUCH more about that than defenses having a bad day.

    All I can say is, thank God the Cardinals came up with that play to end that game and escape with a win. And thank God Rodgers overthrew a WIDE OPEN WR receiver over the middle two plays before that. Because if he doesn’t, that game is over and the Cardinals lose a PLAYOFF game that never even should have gotten close enough to go to OT.

    Man, what a game!

  34. By NYCardinals212 on Jun 22, 2014 | Reply

    br or br in nc (now, I’m confused),

    There are actually 3 Running Backs and 1 Fullback in the Ring of Honor. FB Ernie Nevers, RB Charlie Trippi, RB Ollie Matson, and RB Marshall Goldberg. Nevers, Trippi, and Matson are also in the NFL Hall of Fame Goldberg, along with Larry Wilson and Pat Tillman are the only Cardinals players in the ROH that also have their numbers retired.

    (insert NBC’s “The More You Know” star here)

  35. By brrrrrrrrrrr on Jun 23, 2014 | Reply

    Mel Gray would be another to consider. He was a true professional during the good years and bad as were many of the others 70’s/early 80’s players listed by one of the BRs in the early post. Neil Lomas as well should be considered.

  36. By BluePitt on Jun 23, 2014 | Reply

    That’s how I remember it as well!! Q promised the fans that his off the field front office problems would not affect his game! He kept that promise! Warner said it best “when ever we needed a big play I looked to 81” Note: He didn’t say 11!!!
    That speaks volumes in its self!! I to remember Warner chastising Fitz for being selfish and trying to chase stats!!!

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