Good news inevitable with Peterson

Posted by Darren Urban on July 29, 2014 – 11:53 pm

Now that Patrick Peterson has his new contract and has a deal through the 2020 season, it makes a lot of sense how jovial Peterson has been the last few days. You would be happy too if you were about to get millions and millions of dollars. As with most NFL contracts, it’s doubtful Peterson will get through 2020 and get all of the scheduled money without needing/wanting to re-do the deal, but that doesn’t matter right now.

The details of the contracts are still to be put out there. We’ll see how much is really guaranteed (Peterson said it was $48 million, but most of the time, those initial numbers are someone inflated under the microscope) but I have little doubt he’ll come out ahead of Richard Sherman’s recent extension, which I am sure was important to him. He’s also the first first-round draft pick from the 2011 draft — the first draft under the new CBA, the one that suppressed the rookie contracts so much. Now the rest of that class — Cam Newton, Von Miller, J.J. Watt and so on — have to figure out what the Cardinals and Peterson already have.

It was inevitable the Cardinals and Peterson were going to get this done. It was always a question of when and not if. The two sides have been talking for months for a reason. The Cardinals were motivated and of course, Peterson was. Now it’s out of the way, and Peterson will be about concentrating on being the best cornerback in the league.


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  1. By br in nc on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Dangit I should have waited 30 minutes and I could have posted my disappointment on the actual Peterson contract blog, but I was so worked up and impatient that I posted under the next blog! Spoiler alert- I don’t agree with the huge amount of money the Cardinals are pouring into one player especially 2 years early, we are going to have to sacrifice multiple key players at impact positions in order to afford the highest paid corner in the league! Say goodbye to Fitz (probably gone anyway but now he will be for sure) also Carson Palmer, and Darnell is gone too, we can’t afford to pay even fair market value when we are paying a corner ( which is not an impact position IMHO, especially one who is subpar in stopping the run) can probably scratch Michael Floyd as well, he is going to want to be paid in a few years, especially if he keeps putting up big numbers! $70 million is ludicrous, contracts league wide are just getting out of control, time for me to concentrate on college football again (although Northwestern players seem to think a free education isn’t enough!), the rest of my tyrade is posted on the previous blog, you all can start loading your guns now, I’m sure that my opinion is in the minority on this one, but I look forward to reading everyone’s response on PP’s new contract. WOW, I’am in utter disbelief!

  2. By T. Stone on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Well done agent of PP and Cardinals Brass. Worth every penny. Now PP and Mathieu and Jack players up for years to come.

  3. By Dave on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Well worth the money! He’s a class act that will uphold the standards of the franchise.

  4. By dylan on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    They paid him to much I think

  5. By Woody on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Good news for Patrick but not so much for Abraham. Just saw the reason he’s been a no show because of a DUI last week. Second one of his career. I just shake my head.

  6. By Big Ken on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Make it rain baby!

  7. By rod on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Just saw on NFLN, 5 yr. 70M with 48M guaranteed, highest paid CB in the league. Solid deal, first 2011 rd 1 pick signed.

    I LOVE this new organization!! Now let’s get that RING at home this year!!!

  8. By NJAzCardsFan on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Now that PP got what he wanted it is time for him to step and prove to the Cards Mgmt, Fans and the rest of the NFL he really is the best….

    I hope this wasn’t at the expense of Dockett and Fitz’s contracts for nexr year… Those two are the heart of the Cards defense/offense and the locker room….

  9. By br in nc on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    Unfortunately. PP’s new contract will be at the expense of Fitz (although he was probably gone even if PP didn’t get this huge extension) Darnell – gone, Palmer – gone, and probably one or two others from key positions, I don’t see how we can even offer fair market value with this huge contract on the books! Patrick is good, very good (except defending the run) but he is not $70 million good! And the Cardinals were in the drivers seat for at least 2 more years with Patrick’s contract, I just don’t.get it!

  10. By Dobie on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    My respect Patrick Peterson now he got to prove he is the best some times I think about this thing when players get this kind of contracts and they don’t prove them self they should deduct some of the money they show you the money now go out there and kick some ass


  11. By D on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    This is good for both parties. Curious to see CAP breakdown per year and how or if this will affect Dockett, Palmer and Fitzgerald after this year and the availability to extend or sign other players on the team. This is alot of money at CB, along with the large sum to Campbell, this team could be up against the CAP for several years, meaning these young cheap players have to produce.

    I know this is a new generation of players and different financial numbers, but you wouldn’t hear a Jerry Rice or Walter Peyton tell the world how much money they were making or going to make.

  12. By John The Draft Guy on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Several have questioned what this means for Dockett. I think they are unrelated. Whether we did this deal or not, Dockett is at a crossroads next year.

    Dockett is scheduled to make 10 million in 2015 and the cards would recoup 6.8 million by releasing him. Dockett blasted Dansby for leaving for money, so if Dockett is true to his word, he will take a pay cut and redo his deal. After all, he will be almost 35 in 2015.

    Palmer can’t go anywhere. We don’t have a QB. His deal will be redone.

    Also, lets not forget williams, brown and snyder fall off after this year saving 10 million in cap space. Cutting Powers in 2015 would save 4.25 million and Ginn 2.5 million.

    The cards are in good shape with the cap and Peterson will not change what was going to happen. As for Fitz, let’s just see how that plays out.

  13. By Darren Urban on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Dockett


    Same with Fitz.

  14. By br in nc on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    While I usually agree with you on most of your posts (and you know I respect all of you posts, and knowledge of the game) I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, you named what, 4players who we can cut to save money, all for one CB? Just doesn’t make much sense to have to rip a team apart all for the sake of 1 player, they wouldn’t do it for Dansby, who I would argue is/was a much bigger impact player than PP, though there is a huge age difference, I will give you that, and as far as Carson goes he will be a free agent after this season right? So we will have to Dole out big Benjamin’s for him, and rightfully so if he continues to put up big #’s this year, and of course QB is the biggest, most important impact position on the field, as well I think Stanton is gone after this season, free agent or not, with huge contracts for PP and fair market value for CP which at the QBrate we both know that is not peanuts. Can’t really justify paying Stanton, what, North of 3million to be #2 and never take a snap in regular season? As far as PP being the best CB in the league, that is highly debatable, shut down corner, I will give him that, but all teams have to do is throw away from him, if they do that he doesn’t get the opportunity to even prove that part of his game, you better believe teams will run at him numerous times though, exploiting his major weakness, stopping the run, could only manage to see 6-7 games here in NC last year, so I’am not claiming to be the know-all, see-all expert, but. I read extensively every article I can find and between watching and reading (mostly reading because #’s don’t lie, and TB was able to mask Patrick’s run stopping and IMHO his poor tackling, Bowles is a genius and will scheme and mask once again this year to cover PP’s weaknesses, but in order to call yourself the best CB you need to have it all, both run and pass prowess, not to mention being able to blitz the QB) it is quite possible, and I’am totally wrong about PP’s poor #’s in defending the run (you know what they say, don’t believe everything you read on the internet!) but honestly I just wasn’t impressed with his play in support of the run, and it may have been a misprint or I may have misread the article, and had a moment of senility, but I thought I read where he had 4 unassisted tackles ( that is not a misprint on my part, 4taclles!) all year I want to say last year, but could have been the year prior, in my book that leaves plenty of room for improvement! In your opinion, is he really that weak against the run, or am I just sorely mistaken??
    P.S. – I do realize other factors like pretty damn good duo of ILB’s last year, Shaunessy (sp?) at OLB is very good run stopper, as well as our front 3 big guns all figure in to lower #’s for the secondary, but not that low IMHO.

    Thanks for hanging in here and reading my ramble JTDG, and all others who took time to read this.

  15. By John The Draft Guy on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply


    Yes, I would also put Fitz and even Palmer in there with Dockett as the PP deal having nothing to do with them in 2015.

    The good news is this about Dockett and Fitz. As an outsider, I believe the cards want to keep Fitz and Dockett for their careers.

    But I also watched the cards draft 2 very capable DEs to play behind Dockett and Campbell. The cards would rather have these guys mature behind a guy like Dockett for at least 2 years, but they covered their butts if Dockett refuses a pay cut.

    Fitz is not so clear cut. The cards grabbed Floyd then drafted Brown and Powell to go with other young receivers on the team. Fitz is the face of the franchise though. But I watched Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith be released, so anything is possible. I think 2014 season will play out what will happen in 2015. What I don’t see is Fitz taking a large paycut. But a restructure? Yes. But again, I need to see 2014 before I say what will happen.

  16. By D on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Going forward, the Cards have Dockett’s replacement on roster in Martin
    Bethel could replace Powers/Cromartie
    A high draft pick could replace Washington
    The Cards have Floyd and a bunch of speed WR’s, BA doesn’t need two big WR’s, in case Fitz moves on after this year.
    Hopefully Massie can be the RT for many years.
    The two NT’s who are battling injuries are both UFA after this year, that will need to be addressed.
    Palmer will be 35 and a UFA next year, either develop Thomas or use a high pick in the draft next year.
    Abraham won’t be here next year, need to find long term pass rusher, hopefully one is Okafor and Acho is a UFA so this year will be huge for him. Could be another draft pick needed here too.

    They do have more depth that previous years for these upcoming questions to be answered…

  17. By br in nc on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    Drafting someone to replace a veteran cornerstone who has produced for a decade, or close to it is no guarantee that he will work out, we wont know about Martin for 3-4 years(or any draft pick for that matter)
    Bethel is still unproven at CB,he is like a rookie when it comes to playing CB, again he could be a total flop at CB. Of course he is a superstar on the special teams and well worth the pick we used on him!!!
    Heck for that matter Cooper is unproven at LG, he could tank like big L. Davis did, not likely, but just never know. I think the Cards would be wise to hold on to these key veterans somehow, someway, for at least 2-3 more years to ensure As fthese draft picks will actually pan out as suitable replacements, with the exception of Fitz (who I love to see retire as a Card,he has earned that right, but can’t keep him at his salary due in 2015!) But Floyd has continued to improve and IMHO he has even bigger seasons ahead of him starting this year, and could take over for Fitz next year without missing a beat..
    As far as drafting a ILB high to replace Dwash (sorry for using “high” and “Dwash” in same sentence!) Not so sure there are any ILB’S. that are worthy of 1st or even 2nd round picks this year, looks to be a weak class of ILB’S. once again this year, as well, even though we both know it goes without saying, we may never have another ILB as talented as Dwash was/is ( whichever you choose to use, I prefer “was” because IMHO he will never take another snap as a Cardinal) it may take years before we stumble upon someone as talented (and hopefully not as irresponsible. in decision making as Dwash was) he was a once in a decade talent though, got to give him that! Rebuilding through the draft is the way to go, but unfortunately. it takes a few years to see the “fruits of your labor!
    Here’s hoping that all our draft replacements make it and make it big with the Cardinals, but in the meantime SK has to find a way to pay and keep the key veterans around!! CARDS SUPERBOWL BOUND IN 2014-2015!!!

  18. By rod on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Folks, Sherman got 56M for 4 yrs w 12M guaranteed so the contract is comparable. The Hawks screwed Sherman with the guarantee, that’s the difference I see.

    I wish our guaranty would have been a little less but remember, he is also a mentor for Mathieu.

  19. By Scott H on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Dobie –

    Yeah, gotta tell ya, I was thinking the same thing. It happens in the NFL where guys make it clear they want to be PAID like the best and RATED as the best but after they get the contract that puts them there….sometimes they fail to live up to it. PP has talked about feeling he is the best CB out there and he is now being paid to BE the best CB out there. So…now it’s on him to truly be the best CB out there. I surely believe he can be the best but with all due respect, PP, I need to see it now.

  20. By nev cole on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    The best way to keep Fitz is to have a team that contends for the SB – or at least looks like it can. No one will pay Fitz what he is due next year so he will have to be ready to play for less. If he thinks we can win he will stay for a reasonable price, if not…he will probably go to NE for next to nothing. Let’s all hope Floyd is ready to step up just in case.

    I hope we keep Dockett though…love that guy.

  21. By Berdj J. Rassam on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Peterson had a down year in 2013 versus 2012, so the Cards want him to focus on only being a CB – no other responsibilities,

  22. By Mike Ellingboe on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc,

    Agree with everything Darren and JTDG have posted, and remember as well that Keim gets paid a lot of money to take all this, and a bunch of stuff we haven’t thought of, into account.

    Just enjoy that we’ve locked up the league’s premier cover corner, and future face of the franchise, for awhile now. Better than listening to the cries from years past about how they’re too cheap, don’t care about winning, etc.

  23. By br in nc on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    You couldn’t be more right with your point about “opening the checkbook” Michael Bidwill has sure turned that aspect around, he is serious about winning, not bottom line or stingy with the cash, but would like to see him spread it evenly, and not have to lose 4-5 key players at impact positions so that one player can say he is the best CB, and the highest paid? I think Peterson is a better CB than Sherman (even if I didn’t have a Cardinal bias, but 4X the money or $36 million better, come on now, that is just crazy, he isn’t anywhere near that much better.

  24. By erik on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    I agree with JTDG, they can make it work and I really think Dockett will take a pay cut. Fitz will have to whether he plays with this team or not, because no one is going to pay him 23 mil for a year. If it came down to one or the other, I would personally keep Dockett. I’m not a GM though!

  25. By CreditCard on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    Good deal by the Cards — you can see they are committed to winning. Pro money is surreal. An orthopedic surgeon has to:
    1. Be summa cum laude at a major college in a science field
    2. Score very high on MCAT tests
    3. Be outstanding in their interviews
    4. Get accepted into medical school
    5. Pass medical school
    6. Score very high on their board exams
    7. Score high on verbal board exam
    8. Get matched into Orthopedics
    9. Work 16-hour days for 5 straight years, 7-days per week in residency
    10. Work in the real world, pay huge premiums for malpractice insurance
    11. Save peoples’ lives
    12. Work around the clock
    13. For all this, get paid less than 1/10th what a pro player makes

  26. By William Barry on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    This is super we locked up PP for the long term….We must really capture the Division this year, and win the Super Bowl.

  27. By BigAl on Jul 30, 2014 | Reply

    I too feel better about this after reading Darren’s conformation of JTDG’s post…
    Did not realize we had those 3 contracts coming off the books! That helps! JTDG where do you research such info regarding contracts/salaries…& CAP space & terms???
    Please provide your source?

    There still will be a lot of contract work/rework that will need to place next year…
    I sure hope we can stay healthy & compete highly in this tuff division so guys like
    Dock, Larry, Carson, Cromartie will want to stay here & restructure!

  28. By John The Draft Guy on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply


    I like this site,

    You can go on this site and see already the effects of PP’s contract and what each players contracts are year by year and their dead money, ect.

    The easiest way to find out how much a player will count against the cap if cut is looking at dead money. If you minus dead money from cap figure, you will get how much the team saves if they release that player.

    An example is Larry. His cap number is 23.6 million. His dead money is 14,4 million. If released, the cards would still have Larry on their books for 14.4 but would get 9.2 million in cap space by releasing him.

    You will also notice a guy like D Washington. People are wanting him cut. His cap number is 6.5 but his dead money is 6.8. In order to cut him, it would cost the cards extra cap space and no relief in money. DWash is safe from being cut.

  29. By br in nc on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    Concerning Dwash, isn’t this year an unpaid suspension? And if he smokes again (which I think he will, sad to say but Dwash has not convinced me that he values his football career more than the devil’s lettuce) he gets lifetime ban, and at that point his contract is null and void, Cards don’t pay him and don’t count his contract against the salary cap? Is that how it works JTDG?
    Thanks in advance if you can clear that up for us.
    As well, Cards should be off the hook for some, if not all of that ridiculous roster bonus he was due a few months back, Am I correct on that one, or as usual wrong again when it comes to contract #’s?

  30. By John The Draft Guy on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    Credit Card;

    People want free healthcare and are willing to sue if a doctor looks at them funny.

    People are willing to watch the NFL on their TVs , four days a week and fill the stadiums wearing jerseys and buying refreshments.

    We did this , not the players. Just like actors, sure they are overpaid. But they are overpaid by us. Our need for more football. 24 hour NFL networks, The draft is higher rated than NBA playoffs.

    Heck look at us, we are on message boards year around because our love of the game. We created this monster called the NFL, then we get upset when the participants make loads of money.

    If you and I are going to be this into the NFL, then God Bless those players who can make loads of money and change their families for years to come.

    But let me give you this;

    In High School, In all, 1,134,377 boys at 15,513 high schools played 11-, six-, eight- or nine-player football for their high schools in 2010-11

    Approximately 5.8 percent, or less than one in 17 of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will go on to play football at a NCAA member institution.

    Approximately one in 50, or 1.8 percent of NCAA senior football players will get drafted by a National Football League (NFL) team.

    Eight in 10,000, or approximately 0.08 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will eventually be drafted by an NFL team

    It is extremely difficult to reach this level. But just making it doesn’t get you anymore than 3-400k. The average player is paid 1.9 million. To get paid like PP, you have to be special.

    and that is why we watch.

  31. By John The Draft Guy on Jul 31, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc

    As I pointed out already about 2015,

    Dockett is not a 10 million dollar guy at 35 years old. He would give relieve of 6.8 million to a cap and the cards drafted two Dlineman. Dockett will have to take a big paycut or they will go with someone like Martin (and his 675,000 salary)
    It has nothing to do with PP.

    Fitz is due 23 million and will be entering his 12th season. Although I love the guy, you cant let that contract stand. Restructuring is a must. That has nothing to do with PP.

    Palmer is due 12 million in 2015. For a starting QB, that is right and he will play out that contract . Since we do not have a starting QB behind him, he wont go anywhere. I personally think we draft a QB in the first round next year, cut Stanton , who would give us 3.25 million in cap space and let Palmer play out the last year in his contract. PP has no effect on that

    Right now we are at 148 million for 2015 and we dont even know what the cap is. This year the cap is around 133 million. It is believed to be around a 140 million next year. Keep in mind, even with not redoing any contracts, they are at 90 million in 2016 and the cap is expected to be as high as 160 million.

    It will be real easy to redo Fitz and Docketts contracts and get under the cap
    Just extend Fitz out with a new 5 year deal that has bonuses up front and the hit is in 2017 (where the two could part ways or redo another contract) If you could get 5-8 million of cap space, that would be helpful. Dockett’s contract is over in 2015. He would have to get a new one anyway. But for me, a 35 year old Dlineman cant play at a high level. I could see him being released or given a two year deal in the neighborhood of 4 million and find a way to give us cap relief of 3-4 million. (released save 6.8)

    As for resigning guys like Cromartie and Floyd, they can put the brunt of it in 2016 and 2017, where we have lots of cap space.

    Finally, there will be guys like Powers (4.5 mil) and Ginn (2.5 mil) that could be in their last season. Which would also help in 2015 cap numbers. There is 7 of the 8 million we need to make up right there. If Dockett and Fitz can give us relief, we will be just fine.

    Peterson’s deal is not the doom of the cards. Let’s just enjoy 2014.

  32. By br in nc on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply


    Man I have to hand it to you, your an absolute genius with #’s, I have never looked at it that way, I guess. For one thing I hate math and I’m absolutely horrible at it, hell I can’t count my testicles and come up with the same number twice!!
    I also was under the impression that Palmer was an UFA after this season, so knowing he has another 2 years (counting this year) puts me a little at ease, that gives Logan Thomas plenty of time to develop (of course you know I’m in the Thomas is the QB of the future for the Cardinals, and will be for the next decade, think R. Wilson, only much bigger and more athletic….corner) I am aware that PP’s contract and Fitz. remaining a Cardinal are seperate issues, Cards have a decision to make on Fitz (as well as Fitz has some thinking to do about a huge paucity and remaining a Cardinal for the rest of his career) and this has to happen with or without PP’s new contract.
    Again, thanks for the numerical breakdown, it sheds a different light on Cards future. Although I will say, PP’s contract and many others around the league are out of control and getting to the point of ridiculous, and that is an opinion I just can’t budge on, or wont budge on. LOL!

  33. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 1, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc

    I don’t know the answer to the DWash question. I will refer it to Darren.

    We will find out how much DWash loves the game after missing a full year. When Honey Badger was kicked out of football, he changed. Can DWash? I hope, but it remains to be seen.

  34. By BigAl on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc,
    br, realize you don’t like #’s game…Like you I too think some contracts are crazy also!!! And at first, thought given our situation (where in 2015 10 or 11 players will account for half of the teams total Salary CAP) I too scratch my head? However, if you click on the link about 10 posts above… by JTDG to me, BigAl…(And thanks John! for sharing the site link! That helped provide much needed perspective!!! Sorry it took me awhile to get back on here to thank you!) br…there you can see how things break down….
    Not sure where I saw it but it was JTDG again pointed out that this season 2014,
    we’re still carrying like 12.6 million on 5 guys namely Levi Brown $6.5mil, Adam
    Snyder $3mil, Daryn College $2.275mil, Ryan Williams $535,000, & Jemell Fleming $293,000…Will all come off the books in 2015, except for Coolege, will still be owed $2.275mil if I’m understanding this correctly….Although I thought I saw where Coolege was signed by Miami for one year…so if he makes their team…not sure if we get some form of compensation??? Help, DTDG/Darren not sure how that works since we released him last spring I think???

    At this point, lets hope that both Martin & Stinson are even better than advertised & see just enuf rotation action that Dock will renegotiate “team friendly”
    Same for the new young WR’s & the new TE group… & Larry will also & again, be
    “team friendly/cap friendly”

    I personally believe…because of who they are as men, & they go back to the Sun Devil Stadium era…Dock & Larry…as long as they see Cards Brass moving forward, making this team as competitive as possible!!! They will do all they can to help “The Team!!!”

    Didn’t Dock say back in OTA’s “he really liked the new kids”? Hope he wasn’t being Dock sarcastic!!!

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