“Little disappointed” in Cooper

Posted by Darren Urban on August 2, 2014 – 11:41 am

Bruce Arians isn’t exactly sparse with praise. He’ll hand it out when he deems it necessary, but it’s not like pulling teeth like some coaches. So you hear him talk about guard Jonathan Cooper and it raises a flag. Arians said Cooper needs to raise his level of play. “I’m a little disappointed with where Coop is at right now,” Arians said. “I’d hope he come a little faster.”

Now, Arians does say it’s because Cooper is rusty. Cooper missed all of last season with his broken leg. But he needs to start playing better. Arians also said he wants Earl Watford — who must play both guard spots to be able to dress Sundays — to be able to push Cooper. Given that Cooper was the seventh overall pick last year, that’s a very big deal. The Cardinals need Cooper to play and play well. Sooner rather than later.

— WR John Brown will sit out today’s Fan Fest practice to rest the bad hamstring. No reason to push it.

— There will be some live tackling in today’s practice. It’ll be the only live tackling of training camp.

— QB Carson Palmer was talking nicknames. He said Jared Veldheer’s nickname in Oakland was “The Big Serious.” And he mentioned Brown’s nickname “Smoke” or “Smokey” — which he already had when he arrived in Arizona — has to do with the trail he leaves in his wake after making a catch.

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28 Responses to ““Little disappointed” in Cooper”

  1. By Marlin on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Not surprised by Arians’ remark re Cooper. Cooper has sounded tentative in every interview. Let’s start pushing him with Watford. No matter where a guy was drafted, best guy starts on Sunday.

  2. By Brett n Co. on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Come on Coop!!! The team and Card nation need you brother step up and let’s do this!!!

  3. By hummer53 on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Been to 2 practices so far. Small sample size. Thought Jaron Brown looked as good as any of the other receivers those days. I know his battle is probably with Walter Powell who was drafted this year. Tough decision I think. I’d bet J. Brown would be grabbed by another team if the Cards let him go. He’s good enough to be in the NFL.

  4. By Cactus jeff on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren
    I do get tired of going out on a limb and getting hammered with52 thumbs down. Then I am proven right again. I said it, Cooper doesn’t look the part . I would love to just read one opinion of yours that goes against conventional wisdom like…
    Massie lacks coordination and lower body strength
    Cooper is too small and lost explosion
    Fitz has had too many concussions, worried
    Minter lacks arm length and height to play in passing situations
    The health of CC and DD are more important than Peterson and Cromartie.

  5. By br in nc on Aug 4, 2014 | Reply

    Cactus Jeff,
    May I ask how you are proven right by saying Cooper doesn’t look the part? First off, what is he supposed to look like? What part are you speaking of? Cooper has played in exactly zero games that count, he is coming off a broken leg and is a rookie, so comment by the coach (that was more than likely made to fire Cooper up ) proves you right? Might want to wait say a year before you prove yourself right, or better yet let Coopers play on the field prove you right or wrong, but. if your saying you have been proven right that Cooper doesn’t look the part, the only way you are right about that, is if Cooper was trying to pass as an 18 year old blonde stripper! If that were the case. Sir, then you would have been proven right! As far as looking the part of an NFL lineman, let him at least play in. One game of meaning before you “prove” yourself right. I, however, have a funny feeling he is going to prove you wrong.

  6. By Craig on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply


  7. By br in nc on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Couple of points:
    First, Did I read Darren’s post correctly …” today was the ONLY day of live tackling” – is this all part of the new CBA,?? Why the hell even hold training camp, 1 day of live tackling is an absolute joke!! I remember “training camp” prior to the start of my high school seasons we had pads on from day one, live tackling from drill #1 ( which was always cones set up and the player with the ball went either right or left but had to go between the cones that were about 4 feet apart and the defensive player had to try and stop him dead in his tracks, those were some of the most violent collisions ever, and that was the first drill on the first day, and of course it was repeated in the evening session, because we always had 2adays! For three weeks straight, six days a week and this was high school football a few decades ago, never dreamed NFL training camps would become so soft, and they wonder why there are so many injuries!
    Second, any of you think that T. Ginn wont be the #3 WR over J. Brown only because of the money he is being paid, hard to sit someone who is making millions in favor of a late round rookie pick, just a thought…
    Third, Can’t wait to see our TE’s inflict punishment on opposing defenses, looks like our group of TE’s could be game #changers this year, at least in the passing game, not sure if they will live up to BA’s standards when it comes to blocking, I think the combo of Ballard and Carlson (with the rookie Nicklaus working in a rotation) is going to reak havoc!!! Just don’t see Housler getting much time, In fact Cards may end up keeping Fells as a blocking TE over Housler, any thoughts on that panning out?
    And last but not least, I think everyone (yours truly included!) Assumed that Cooper at LG was a shoe in, come in and make the pro bowl type year, I think we all forgot he is basically a rookie coming in, he has never taken a snap in a game that counts, that and he is coming off a devistating injury so he is bound to be a little hesitant I would think he still has to climb the mental mountain, the little Guy sitting on his shoulder telling him be careful your going to rebreak your leg type of mentality, hopefully it wont take him long to get up to speed and realize his potential, which could possibly be pro bowl LG, sooner rather than later, he should be fine, just needs a little time and patience afforded him. (One thing I know as fact, watched tons of UNC games, don’t have much choice when you live in North Carolina!! But anyway, fact is Cooper is a beast, and an agile beast at that, not sure I have seen a faster more agile interior lineman, its a thing of beauty to watch him pull around to the right like a nimble cat (except with the weight and strength of a Bengal Tiger!!) and hit a linebacker or even a safety 5-7 yards down field and knock him 3-4 yards out of the play, all in the blink of an eye!! He will be just fine, and I for one look forward to watching him for the next decade or so anchoring the Cardinals line!!!

  8. By drummer-1 on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    I wonder why he’s not a coach, but on a blog writing comments because he’s always right… I my friend pat you on the back..

  9. By georgiebird on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Has Cooper fallen off from his All-Pro season in 2013?? Cooper is a rookie -hasn’t done anything on the Pro level. Can he become a great player-Yes!
    Due to his injury can he become a bust-Yes!!
    It’s not like linemen taken in the 1st round can’t be flops. Do the names Kyle Turley, Robert Gallery or Mike Williams ring a bell.
    Let it all play out- but don’t pencil Cooper into a starring role just yet.. And I said this months ago when people were setting up the starting OL with Cooper as a given.

  10. By Cardsfan1955 on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Maybe I’m being “Captain Obvious” here, but when BA makes a comment like that (and declares a competition, etc) all he’s doing is trying to light a fire under a player…in this case Coop. It’s normal human nature to be tentative after a big injury. Coop will be just fine, but it may come slowly. In the meantime, it’s good to have depth in case it takes even longer than expected for Coop to come around. Watson hopefully will serve the dual purpose of a motivator and a player who can step in and play at a high level when needed. Bruce Arians knows what he’s doing. Go Cards, can’t wait to watch you play!

  11. By Cardsfan1955 on Aug 2, 2014 | Reply

    Correction on my last post…”Watford,” not “Watson.”

  12. By T. Stone on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    Nicknames? Always makes me nervous. I know its not what Palmer must have been talking about. Most everyone has one, but it gives me pause and makes me think about the late 90s with this team. Swan, Smith after a good year or two started talking about D line Nicknames like the fearsome foursome. What Happened? Injuries, EGO and Tank Jobs that’s what. Just Play and we will give you the nickname. Do you remember the Running Back we selected in the 2nd round Leeland ManimSLOW?

  13. By BigAl on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc
    br…I got to take this opportunity to give you a tease…I mean ever since the Petersen deal… I been somewhat on line w/ya but don’t think I’m drinking as much/or as strong of coffee as you!!! Ha! Ha! JTDG has shed some light on the
    Salary situation for me…
    The more I learn on here about financials…the more I learn that Mr. Keim is on top
    of things…with maybe one exception…DWASH & maybe we should call it Dah’
    I will repeat what someone asked in another post??? Darren???
    Because of the situation? How much of DWASH salary/contract are the Cards on the books/responsible for CAP wise 2014 salary cap???

    Next…br you’ve probably seen more Coop film than any of us??? Even Cards scouts….Mr. Keim etc…
    BA is BA…I mean in the spring…OTA’s no pads etc…he said Coop looked great!!!
    Now, “he’s a little disappointed!”
    Honestly, I’m disappointed for the first time w/BA….I have played a ton of sports In
    my life…have experienced numerous injuries…broken bones etc…however, this man is over 300lbs…& this is the elite competition of the game!!! A coach cannot force a player to push an injury comeback!!! If it were Honey Badger would it be different??? HB is currently dyeing to get on the field…Its not the same thing! I am not liking this at all! 300plus lbs where you use your legs (the bone that got broke) mainly to push other 300 plus POUNDERS!
    Sometimes…injuries don’t always heal as even the expert Dr’s can forsee!

    And let’s not forget…Coop got his injury on a play where he pulled & blocked like 3/4 different defenders…& got rolled up on 20 yards down field! Let me say that again! 20 YARDS down field!!! Offensive Lineman rarely ever get that far up field!

    If BA truly feels (disappointed) then guess what? You better make sure your 4rth Rnd pick “Watford” from last year can play both sides…left & right side guard
    positions! Cause guess what??? Injuries r not an exact science!!! J. Coop may not even have a clue himself yet…sometimes these things are miss diagnosed???
    Sometimes they just require more time!!! Like in the case of a 300 lb individual!!!

    Honestly, I don’t know this guy…I’ve watched more available film on him than most of all our draft/picks….I personally feel BA is crossing a line that can’t be undone??? What I’ve looked at b4 this is….this offensive lineman got a broken leg
    while blocking 20 yards down field!!! In 29 years following the Cardinals…I have never/ever seen an O’ lineman that far down field in the rhythm or script of the play…EVER!!! Jackie Slater??? Maybe?

  14. By br in nc on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    Living in NC obviously you get UNC games forced down your throat, but its football so I watch it. When watching a game I do it for entertainment not to break down film, but they kept showing replays of big UNC plays and the analyst kept raving on this huge extremely agile lineman, and raving how he was only a freshman or sophomore, I honestly can’t remember which, but I started to focus in on him and just watching what he was doing and he always seemed to be out front leading the way many yards downfield, and he would take out 22-3 players what seemed like every play, truly amazing, I realize college (even major college ball) is NOT the NFL, but I just can’t see someone so dominate in college flopping in the NFL, Iknow it happens, but even the small sampling we got of Cooper last year shows he has the talent to succeed, and at a high level ie…pro bowl level eventually. I truly believe he is just hesistant because of the injury and mentally not sure that the leg will hold up, once he is confidant his leg is fine, he will be fine and back to blocking on the second and third levels.
    I too was dazzled by JTDG “school of numbers” I posted a response a few articles back thanking him for shining a whole new light on the financial status and how it will or will not affect the Cardinals ability to extend players or go after key FA’s in the future. I still think $70 million ($48 million guaranteed) is way to much for a CB, and that NFL contracts in general are getting ridiculous!!

  15. By br in nc on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply


    Just so you know, I don’t drink coffee, can’t stand the taste of it!! LOL. Honest truth! Now Coca Cola is a different story, 12 pack might last me a day, ever since I gave up alcohol almost 19 years ago its been good old Coca Cola or water! Though I have been known to drink the “Look Aid” that people offer from time to time, and usually regret it in the end! (If you know what I mean)

  16. By br in nc on Aug 4, 2014 | Reply

    Autocorrect at it again below should read Kool Aid (as in drinking the preverbial (sp) )

  17. By clssylssy on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    bri in nc: You can download a copy of the CBA online, and yes, it is a result of this piece of trash that was pushed through in a rush with pressure from the fans fearing a loss of “their season” that is responsible for the wussified training camps and poor physical condition of our players resulting in so many serious injuries early on. I doubt that most of these guys could do a day in Marine boot camp, although they are still tougher than the best of the general population.
    Considering that many players don’t come out of the shoot as elite players and Cooper missed an entire season, I think BA had his expectations a little high for this guy and we are more likely to see him “break out” next year or later in this season.
    Fans place entirely too much weight on draft position when we have seen this just doesn’t bear out. You have your Mathieus, Ellingtons Petersons, etc.that have had remarkable success and weren’t #1 picks and you have your Leinerts.
    I personally hate it when BA devalues or deskills our players in the press and can see no value in this…it would follow for a fan to say they were disappointed that BA didn’t get us to the SB either as he boasted when he first came aboard, close only counts in horseshoes! Nonetheless, I respect Coach Arians and credit him with the wisdom and wileyness to outcoach Pete Carroll and can hope for a better year. Having a strong line both offensively and defensively is the frame on which championship teams are built. There’s still time before the regular seasonfor these kinks to be ironed out which is why the preseason is so important–to give these guys real time game experience before it counts! ROCK ON CARDS! LET’S GET’R’DONE!

  18. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    Hardcore fans complaining about the CBA is laughable. How many of you people turned off your TV’s, or turned in your season tickets, because of the CBA? Zero. It was a mutually negotiated agreement between the owners and the players. Can you blame the players for wanting to put their bodies less at risk in practice situations? Now, sure, if the product on the field suffered and fans stopped coming to games, you’d see a change. But that isn’t going to happen. No one is going to be able to say they notice an appreciable difference in the quality of play because the team didn’t hit as often in training camp.

    As far as Cooper goes, one of the things most fans liked about BA from the beginning was that he actually supplies some real insight and information. With the previous regime almost every quote seemed to be along the lines of “We’ve just got to keep working and get better.” So he said he was a little disappointed in Cooper’s progress. Big deal. Maybe it was a motivational statement. I don’t think that Coop is so mentally fragile that it is somehow going to affect his play. Worrying that BA “crossed a line” or whatever was said above by one of the posters is silly.

  19. By clssylssy on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    The Owners benefitted the most by the CBA, players got the shaft and the fabric of the game changed. I reference the excellent article in the Boston Globe for you:
    There is a big difference in providing insight and information and giving a player a “dressing down” publicaly to the press. These guys aren’t a public commodity and there are some things that should be confidential and kept inhouse. As a fan, buying a ticket doesn’t put you on the “need to know” shortlist.

  20. By Andy Kw on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    I am hoping Trevardo Williams gets back to his preinjury form. If he returns to 100% health, I think he has a chance to make the roster. This guy had 3.5scks during preseason last year. If he can get back to form, this guy has a chance to make the team.

  21. By Scott H on Aug 3, 2014 | Reply

    I’m not gonna panic over Cooper yet, not before he has even had a chance to play a pre-season game this season. I have to think he might still be grappling with how much to trust his leg. That’s GOT to be in his head to some degree. Shoot, at least he’s here. Unlike John Abraham. But enough about that.

    I must say, I like the way Arians handles himself. He’s just right to the point. He’ll tell you where he’s at and leaves it at that. He isn’t happy with a player? He’ll make it known with no drama, no ranting, and without airing a guy out. BUT the mere fact that he’ll tell you something at all is also wonderfully refreshing. And I think that is a great way for a head coach to navigate because it gives the media much less to speculate about.

  22. By Scott H on Aug 4, 2014 | Reply

    Cactus Jeff –

    Man, that genius of yours must be quite a burden. We are truly sorry about that and we thank you for taking the time to enlighten those of us who, apparently, see and understand nothing.

    Dude, stop trying to be the You-heard-it-here-first guy. Save it. Cooper hasn’t even played a down in a regular season game. So…what extensive body of work are your observations that he “doesn’t look the part” based on?

    I hope we will ALL remember your COMPLETELY pre-mature assessment of Cooper and will use this as a guide for remembering how little attention we should pay to future assessments.

    C’mon, man….

  23. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 5, 2014 | Reply

    @Clssylssy: The comment about Cooper was pretty innocuous. When guys are paid millions, I don’t think saying “I’m a little disappointed in where he’s at right now” is a public “dressing down.” If your QB misses all of his targets in a practice and the coach says, “Yeah, he isn’t getting it done right now; he needs to step it up,” is that a dressing down? Or simply reality? Sure, it’s a little different with Cooper coming off an injury, but the fact remains that it was just an innocuous, one-line assessment, the kind that coaches give all the time. Fans (and radio/TV talking heads) read all kinds of drama into this sort of thing to fill their day but it just isn’t that big a deal.

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