The impact of losing Darnell Dockett

Posted by Darren Urban on August 18, 2014 – 10:16 pm

Injuries happen every preseason. They are not all created equal.

Even the long-term injuries are not created equal. As much as Jonathan Cooper’s injury hurt the Cardinals last year — and at the time, GM Steve Keim felt Cooper was the Cardinals’ best offensive lineman — there is an jarring emotional slam with the news Darnell Dockett is done for the season. That comes on many levels. On a defense that already lost Karlos Dansby and Daryl Washington from last year’s unit, losing Dockett is a difficult pill to swallow.

After Dockett was carted off and practice resumed with some 7-on-7 work, defensive line coach Brentson Buckner gathered his players on the field and they all took a knee. I don’t know exactly what was said, but it certainly looked like Buckner was helping his guys get through what already looked like a rough patch that was later confirmed.

Now though, it’s about moving on. It’s about the future, which is in the short-term the 2014 season and in the long-term where 2015 might take Dockett and the Cardinals. Veteran Frostee Rucker should move into Dockett’s starting role, but again, there was always going to be a rotation on the defensive line. There was a reason the Cardinals drafted Kareem Martin and Ed Stinson. Those rookies are going to have to play a bigger role. They are going to have to grow up very fast because Dockett won’t be there to anchor — along with Calais Campbell — the line. One potential free agent to look at is long-time 3-4 defensive end Brett Keisel, Keisel was cut by the Steelers this offseason but he knows Bruce Arians and Buckner from their time in Pittsburgh. I have no idea if it’s possible he could come — I have no idea what kind of money he might want — but the Cardinals will need to add someone.

What will happen next year becomes very interesting. Dockett will turn 34 in May. He will be coming off major knee surgery. He will be going into the last year of his contract and will be due $6.5 million in salary and will have a $9.8M cap hit. That’s a lot of money for an older lineman. Like Larry Fitzgerald and his $23.6M cap hit in 2015, Dockett’s bulky contract was always going to be an issue after this season. That certainly hasn’t changed, and perhaps, becomes more of an issue because of the injury.

In the moment, though, there is only the gut-punch to the Cardinals. And the long rehab Dockett faces while the Cards try to prepare for the season to come.

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60 Responses to “The impact of losing Darnell Dockett”

  1. By dylan on Aug 18, 2014 | Reply

    DD you’re the man take a pay cut and come back hungry next year and lets win a super bowl for Larry and you

  2. By perry. matherne on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Dear darnell,me & my family wish you a safe & speedy recovery,we love ya cuz,cardinals fans from galliano,louisiana for life!

  3. By Dre on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    That’s the worst news I heard since the day q got traded keep your head up dd

  4. By Cactus jeff on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    There had better be space for him on the ring of honor when he retires. Always felt he was underrated and taken for granted. CC and DD were the keys now DD is gone. Brutal. With the ILB situation need to go 4-3 with 2big bodies at DT and Shaughnessy and CC at DE. Abraham on passing downs and move CC inside. Minter at ILB with Bishop, Foote or Alexander at OLB. Sign some big bodies in FA and let Acho and Okafor go they are useless. need big DTs to protect Minter.

  5. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    What a joke! That is too funnyz
    Acho and Okafor useless? Please don’t quit your day job, because you will never make it as a comedian, I’am guessing that is what you are trying to do, launch a career as a comic?
    Then we also got a bonus joke with switching to the 4-3 defense, hahahaha, you sir are not funny at all, but I fiigured I would throw in a few haha’s to make you feel a little better! You can refer to my reply on “georgiebirds post as to why switching to a 4-3 is ridiculous!! And here I thought georgiebird was the only poster that wastes everyone’s time with ridiculous ideas.

  6. By LadyBird04 on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darnell – you’ve been beating the odds your whole life – our best wishes and prayers for a successful surgery and rapid and complete recovery.

    I can’t imagine how strange it will be not to see you out there on the field – leading the defense and encouraging the rest of the team from snap to whistle on every play.

    Will want to hear about your progress as the season goes on – can’t wait to see you on the “scooter patrol”.:)

  7. By shannon robinson on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darnell brought us a lot of joy. He is irascible. It was great to know that opposing players had to deal with him – “Want some more of this?” I’m just sad and sorry for myself and our fans and players for how much fun DD was going to be this year. Bueno, buddy. I’m lighting candles and saying prayers for you #90, our friend.

  8. By Andy Kw on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    I am a Darnell Dockett fan for life. I hope he gets back to full health and has a speedy recovery no matter where his future may lead.
    -Signing DE Brett Keisel would be great idea. Whether he is depth or put into the starting role, this guy won’t be like our monster DE/DT Dockett but he has a chance to fill at least half of the hole. Like what you said Darren, Keisel already worked with Bruce Arians before and should know parts of the system we have. Frostee Rucker can step into the starting role but we need more veteran depth and Keisel would be a great fit for us.

  9. By OttisAndersonFan on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Whomever among the Cardinals brass who created these bulky player contracts for players like Fitz and Dockett should be fired.

  10. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Already has been fired sir, Rod Graves is gone, but the final say on all contracts probably lies with M
    . Bidwill. Most of these contracts were done when the Cardinals became aggressive in FA, and keeping “foundation” players that the Cardinals had drafted and developed into the great players the became. Really can’t place all the blame on any one person, outside factor’s had a lot to do with it as well, rest assured there were many other NFL teams just waiting with baited breath ready to throw ridiculously large amounts of money at players such as Fitz & DD! There was a time when the Cardinals were not willing to open the checkbook and spend what was needed, there also was a time when FA’s would not even think of signing with the Cardinals, we were simply used as leverage by the free agents to get more money elsewhere, then we would just move on and take our annual top 10 draft spot and continue to lose! I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure don’t want to return to those days, bottom line, you have to PAY to PLAY! It continues now, look at the huge amount of money to keep PP in Cardinal red, and we could have waited two more years on Peterson, (one would have been franchise tag salary, which isn’t cheap!) before re-signing him, but you take the risk of the player getting pissed and walking out the door when the contract is up, as well, who knows what a contract would have cost the Cardinals in two years, so you take the lesser of two evils. I may be in the minority here but I would say DD has earned the $9 million cap hit on the last year of this contract, remember he was a 1st round talent that we got for 3rd round money, he was key to our SB run, one of the cornerstones in helping turn this team around and gain it respectability, and help it be competitive in the NFL’s toughest division, and IMHO probably most importantly, he only missed 2 games in a ten year span, that is durability and commitment if you ask me! Besides, please remember, I don’t recall DD ever saying he will not take a pay cut or restructure his contract to help to help the team. As for Ritz’s contract, I’am no #’s expert, very far from it, (JOHN THE DRAFT GUY, where are you? Help me out on this! LOL) but his contract only got that ridiculous because he restructured more than once, to help the team with immediate cap relief, he didn’t take a pay cut on any of the restructures so It actually benefited him as well, and his contract is on both RG & SK, the only option left is for Fitz to accept a pay cut (and a very large pay cut!) so the team can add whatever key pieces it deems it needs to continue winning and contending well into the future!

  11. By Patrick on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darnell Dockett- a true believer in the re-emergence of the Arizona Cardinals. Could have left early in his career, but like Adrian Wilson, decided to re-up his enlistment with our home team. Thank you Darnell for all your efforts and your fan-base wishes you a full recovery..

  12. By Marlin on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    His Toughness will be most difficult to replace.

  13. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Truest 8words ever spoken! (or in this case, typed! LOL!)

  14. By georgiebird on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    DD has been a great Cardinals’ player definitely deserving of the Ring of Honor. I can still remember the SB when DD and Gabe Watson chased Big Ben all over the field. DD’s spirit will definitely be missed.
    Here’s my take on DD’s injury:
    1) DD was never a fit for the 3-4 defense
    2) DD had just 4.5 sacks last year in 16 games
    3) it was questioned by some whether he would be on the team this year
    4) A very good player but not an all-pro, at age 34, it was time for a younger player at that position
    5) When are the young Cards’ DLs and even LBs on this team going to become the next ROY ?

    You never like to see a guy get hurt. But as long as the Cards insist on playing the 3-4 defense, I consider DD’s loss as a chance for the team to get better. That is, if we have drafted correctly.

  15. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Stats are not the be all end all, and DD’s role is not to be a sack machine, the OLB’s are the main sack producers in TB defense, the 3-4defense that was #1 against the run and #6 overall, reminding you once again! And once again your talking that 4-3 BS, hang it up, it is not going to happen, nor should it!! Honestly if the Cards were to make the switch to 4-3 it would be the stupidest move they ever made ( with the possible exception of drafting Lienert & Levi so high in the draft!) switching one of the very best defenses, this time of the year?? Switching one of the very best defenses after almost a decade of drafting players that fit the scheme and made it, once again, say it with me…one of the VERY BEST DEFENSES in the league. Changing one of the very best defense after signing key veteran FA’s that fit the scheme, and became key contributors once again…making it one of the very best (actually the best, rated #1 against the run!!) defenses in the league!! Oh, and back to DD, If you go back and watch last years games and watch Society he had one of his best, if not his best year and that came from him playing as a team, and accepting his key role and understanding his responsibilities in TB’s defense, which by the way one of the very best defenses in the league!! If the defense falters this year it will have absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact the Cardinals play a 3-4 defense (and will/should continue to play it) it will just show everyone how good DD is, and how well he played his role, as well as losing one of the best ILB duos in the NFL! I’m sorry I repeated how damn great our 3-4 defense is, and has been in the past, and will be in the future, but I know of no other way to convince you, or at least get you thinking in the right direction. I think you know that “direction”, but you just love to troll.

  16. By D on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Thank you Darnell for your career in AZ, wish you well in your recovery, your still my wife’s fav player (FSU)

    Now, like coaches say: NEXT MAN UP

    The rookies can rotate, but they will bring in a Vet who can provide help at DE

    Bring in B. Keisel now, before the Steelers resign him.

  17. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Big blow to the cards.

    With Dansby and Washington gone, and now DD, the middle of this defense is hurting.

    Strange how things happen. With his looming contract, I thought for sure this was his last year as a card. But fighting back from this injury, I know he knows he can’t make the 9.8 million and will come back at a lower amount. In a strange way, this injury probably allows DD to retire as a card.

    Now, at first I thought career ending, but I see DD’s tweets and he wants to come back. I will be the first to say I wrote him off at the end of Whiz’s coaching days. I thought everything was spent and he was done. But he proved everyone like me wrong with one of his best years ever last year.

    So, I will not be the one doubting #90 coming back at age 35 from a bad injury. I expect #90 to be back next year and ready to go.

    Final thought, Cooper has done nothing in this league. Not one snap. His injury was not that bad because we really weren’t missing anything but potential. Losing DD is so much more. He is a guy who gave 10 years to the cards and as you see tweets from so many ex-cards, he was the General.

  18. By Ditship on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Get better 9 OH! Always been one of my favorite players. Much like Fitz I was sort of assuming this would be his last season as a Card. I still think the Cards are going to be a great team this season but man the hits keep coming.

  19. By Dynosoar on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darren said it best. Gut punch.

    This team will survive and with the depth we’ve been building we’ll be fine. For the first time though, I worry we may not have home field advantage for the Super Bowl.

    Then again, I was amazed at what Paris Lennon brought, at Dansby’s spectacular season on his return and I’ve been impressed by Frostee Rucker so far, so I will watch to see who the “Next Man Up” is going to be and what great things they will bring.

    It will be a different season for our defense and a different season for Dockett, but if we can weather this and he can weather this then Dockett is correct, he and the team will be stronger for it.

    Darren, if/when/if we win the Super Bowl this season, would Dockett still get his ring? I would think so. Well, it looks like not only do we need an SB win to celebrate a birthday, but we need to give something to Dockett as well.

    Let’s go Cards!

  20. By Darren Urban on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Dyno —

    RE: Dockett

    He is still going to be on the roster, on IR, so yes, any success, Dockett would be included.

  21. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    In MMA terms we call this a “SUPERMAN PUNCH”!
    This one to DD hurts, Dynosoar!
    JTDG summed it up pretty damn good, although losing Cooper for the year hurt, he was still potential only, hadn’t played a snap in a game that counted, whereas DD has been proving it, at a very high level, I might add, for a decade, we know what we are losing, the teams knows what they are losing, and our NFC West foes know what the Cardinals are losing!! Man Dyno I have actually been sick to my stomach all night!!

    I will say there are some sick S.O.B’s out here in internet land, some of the comments that were posted below the article on ESPN about his injury, make me want to vomit, or worse, I would take pleasure in hunting down those keyboard tough guys, and inflict a little bit of pain on them!! There is just no place for it, no matter what team that player plays for even if it was my most despised Dallas Cowboys, or the Redskins, I would never post a comment other than “tragic news, hope for a full and speedy recovery..or something along those lines, but some of the crap (shots) these idiots were posting made me sick, actually felt the need to beat them about the head!! (and I’m just way to old for violence! But I think I would have enjoyed it!) Crap like, “dirty player- he deserved it” or “karma payed him back” or “hopefully he tears the other one next presseason, and dies!” Or some sick disgusting comment, with LOL or LMFAO attached!! I don’t get it, what kind of sick scumbag writes something like that, I just can’t see wishing injury on any athlete!! Sure we have disagreement on here, some get very heated, or sarcastic (see above! LOL) but I have never seen a troll post negative on here concerning injury, nor have I seen any of our posters talk about being happy about another teams player getting severely injured. I sure am glad I don’t have a Facebook account, I would have probably ended up with the cops knocking at my door, hauling me off to jail real quick!!!

  22. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Whew, still trying to catch breath after wind knocked out. Patrick above said it well. Read A-Dub’s tweet too. Calais is new ldr, said it well too: “Next man up” but DD may inspire our guys from inside the locker room. Frostee huge to have ehre and new DLs will be able to give him a break. Thankfully we’re deep on D. By the way, Bidwill is on cnbc Fast Money as I type. Go DD, God BLESS you. Come back strong.

  23. By Travis on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Huge loss. Terrible.

  24. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darren (or anybody)
    This is probably a stupid question (as I have stated in the past, #’s and contracts are not my favorite thing!)
    The NFL is not like the NBA, The Cardinals don’t get any kind of injury exemption or cap relief on DD’s contact, that can be used to sign a player to take his roster spot, right?

  25. By Darren Urban on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    br —

    RE: contract exemption

    You are correct. No cap relief.

  26. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    WOW, you are good Darren, that was fast! (Faster than Jimmy Johns subs!! LOL)
    Looks as if quite a few websites are jumping on the Brett Keisel to the Cardinals idea that you posted above! From what I have read the Steelers (east) offered him$995,000 plus a measly $65,000 signing bonus, not much for a player “they really wanted to keep” supposedly! I propose $1,000,000 and a signing bonus of $250,000 (maybe throw some incentives into the contract ie…sacks, snaps played, tackles, tackles for losses, if he reaches them all then his base salary goes to $1,500,000 sounds fair? If you get a chance could you run that into Mr Keim’s office for me, would be great if you get it to him before lunch. LOL! (you probably didn’t think it was so funny, huh? Sorry, trying to keep from crying, considering the circumstances sir. As well, DD was one of my favorite players prior to him coming to the Cardinals, I’m sure you have seen my posts/ramblings concerning DD and draft day!)
    But the contract #’s are legitimate guesses and my humble opinion of value vs need.
    PS…even Steelers web sites refer to us as Steelers West, I thought that was pretty funny.

  27. By Eric G on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    In this case, DD stands for double dose of punishment to Cards fans that this injury feels like.

    No use crying over spilled milk now, time to see what Rucker and the rookies can do. I’m sure that Bowles is already working hard at altering his schemes on D to compensate.

  28. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Eric G

    I wonder if TB doesn’t already have defensive schemes for tragedies.such as this, he probably has them for his key/star players, for severe injuries when it is clear a key player will miss the entire year, wouldn’t surprise me if all coordinators around the league have some sort of “appendix” (for lack of a better word) in cases like these.
    We all can count on BA & staff scouring the cuts that start next week, and really scrubbing the list and beating the bushes when final cutdown day arrives!! I don’t think we can replace DD with just one Guy, actually can’t “replace” him at all, we will have to settle for ” temporary fill in”!

  29. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Kudos to coach Buckner for gathering his D-linemen, and giving what we all assume was a “pep” talk, next man up talk, facing it head on immediately after the injury shows initiative and leadership, tackling the issue head on like that ensuring they all keep their “heads in the game”, I’m sure he let them all know, especially the rookies, that even though they are taking a big hit, they have a chance to step up and shine, which is what DD would want. (I remember earlier in the off season DD remarking how he was going to take the rookies “under his wing” and teach them everything he knows to help them succeed in a Cardinals uniform, something he didn’t get when he came into the league!) Willing to bet that after the surgury DD will be hands on down in the trenches pushing the rookies, serving as an assistant D-line coach/mentor figure!

  30. By Joe on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    We will all miss your leadership Darnell, and your pre-game speeches. But it’s important that Kareem Martin and Ed Stinson understand that this does not mean the defense will be bad this year. It could be better than ever. No one can replace Doc, but we may have an all new Cardinal to make a splash this year.

  31. By Dynosoar on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc,

    Knock Knock – open up, sorry, kidding. I don’t have facebook either, I waste… err, spend enough time on this site (haha), I don’t need Facebook as well.

    We live in a society where violence is entertaining (Rome had their gladiators, we have movies). I don’t understand it, if players get injured they can’t play and while it gives another player the chance to be “next man up” that they wouldn’t have had otherwise, I still don’t want to see anyone injured.

    I was actually driving home from work yesterday thinking how wonderful it was that we didn’t have any serious injury and then I read the article after being home.

    I know it’s the nature of the sport and injuries will happen, but I don’t like it. It’s the nature of this world we live in for injuries to happen. I also don’t have a problem with other people liking other teams, if everyone liked the Cardinals there would be no other teams and then who would we play.

    I am surprised people would post hateful enjoyment at someones misfortunes, but as long as movies like Hostel (and thousands more) are viewed as entertainment, our society will have more than it’s fair share of people who like to see their opponents suffer injuries like this.

    You’re about to go on another tour, you probably see the effects of violence being condoned does to a society better than most of us and I’m not trying to turn this Cardinals forum into a look at society, but it explains fans of other teams being thrilled at the injury of another teams player.

    I wish all injured players a full recovery. Life is meant to find joy and sometimes overcoming an adversity like this helps. Get well Darnell, here’s to you getting the ring you’ve been so dedicated to winning.

  32. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Ok, you jiinxed us man, it all your fault driving home and thinking those good positive thoughts, and boom, we lose DD for the year, who else could be at fault but you!!!LOL!! You know I’m just messing with you man!! Hell, I ramble even when I’m trying to through out my feeble attempt at humor!! I need to seek professional help, think I will give “Ramblers Anonymous” a call, they surely have a 12 step plan to shutting ones “pie hole!! 😉
    The violent society that you speak of starts at a very young age (have you seen some of these cartoons lately??) as far as the combat zones I have “ventured” to, heck yes it is a major contributor, I would not dare post any of the s— I have witnessed over the years, there are quite a few that clearly stick in my mind, surprisingly most of the cruellest and sickest acts were acts of genocide, being violent to one another, or your fellow countrymen, the sickest of all, the acts on children!! Although the US Military has it s—heads as well, and some do snap over there, most bottle up their feeling and emotions and revert to training, and the “him or me” attitude!! The hardest thing for most (myself included) is the fact that women, and children are active combatants, and there will probably come a time when you have to make a brutal decision!! What startles me the most lately is all these young service members returning home and killing innocent civilian’s or turning to robbery with a loaded weapon, and some of these kids (I call anyone under 25 a kid!) have 2 & 3 combat tours before they turn 23 years old!! I’am however, getting sick and tired of hearing the “combat veteran” excuse, or the PTSD cop out!! Yes PTSD is legit, but some are using it as an excuse to commit violent crimes and their extent of “combat” was a month or two in Kuwait staging supplies for someone else to take up into Iraq!! Or 3 months in the heavily fortified huge joint base, Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, where they cooked for all the high ranking brass, and may have heard a very distant mortar shell explodeevery once and awhile, then they return to the states and rob and shoot whoever is unlucky enough to be working at some store trying to support his family??? Nope doesn’t fly with me!! This is way off football so I will stop now (for now anyway)
    Here’s to a successful Cardinals season, and no more major injuries!!!

  33. By clssylssy on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    br…you are beginning to grow on me although we’ve not always agreed! Actually, the guy who REALLY makes the decisions is the GM, with input from BA and MB.
    Until the last few years MB was sort of learning the ropes to take over from his dad. Many of the bad past decisions were on Rod Graves however, Whiz took much of the blame and ultimately was fired (even after taking us to the SB and following with another playoff appearance) only to go on and have success in San Diego with another playoff appearance! You are correct though MB does sign the checks and ultimately COULD veto any contract at will. There is such a thing as market value, which in professional football means these mega contracts are driven by what the market is dictating; when marquis players get $100M dollar + contracts, it drives the market up for others such as what happened with the Sherman/Peterson contracts. Now days players are getting smarter and demanding guaranteed money up front so that teams don’t backload, renegotiate or restructure and never end up having to pay out. Fitz’s huge Cap figure is, as you pointed out, largely the result of his restructuring to allow the team money to pay others.
    I find it rather sickening and shameful that players such as Dockett and Fitz have given so much to the development of this team and then get kicked to the curb when the dream they were so much a part of begins to come to fruition and they become a financial liability through decision of the organization.
    These are the heroes who have made this team something more than a joke. I have friends from all over come here and want to go to Cards games to see Fitz play live as he is respected across team lines throughout the NFL and represents what we want the NFL to be. Dockett is another, controversial at times but respected for his loyalty and honesty…what you see is what you get! I am a big believer in karma and can only shake my head at the ignorance of anyone wishing harm to another human being or being so ignorant and mean spirited.
    #90 is a beast and I don’t underestimate his ability to come back, I believe he has the passion and hard headedness to overcome! Our prayers go out to him as we look forward to seeing him soon even on the sidelines talking smack and urging the young guys on!

  34. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    I tend to have that effect of growing on people over time. Except for women!! I never can seem to grow on women!! LOL!
    Of course I was never around much to grow on women, or grow a relationship, or even watch my children grow up! Always deployed, wherever the Marine Corps wanted me to go I went, and whenever they wanted me to go, I went as well, all over the United States on training deployments, and all around the world to hotspots or combat zones! I was gone a heck of a lot more than I was ever home!! But it was my choice, except for this last recall to active duty, never dreamed they would call me out of retirement, guess I grew on the Marine Corps as well, huh!! LOL! As far as posting disagreements with something you posted, I’m sure it happened a couple of times, but I always respect your postings, and always look forward to reading your posts, I usually always learn something new from your posts, as well as others who take the time to post their opinion on here, bottom line, at the end of the day we are all Cardinal football fanatics, and I have come to realize from all my years of rooting for our beloved Cardinals, it takes a special kind of person to put up with all the losing, all the draft busts, all the promising players leaving out of town the minute they became free agents, and we are still all here as Cardinal fans knowing all along that success and respect was coming to our franchise one day!! I envy the younger Cardinal fans because of their age they have been on the roll the whole time!!

  35. By Coach K on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Doc, you will always be the man. Get healthy and come back strong next season. As for this season, it’s time to put on your coaching hat and help the young guys get better. We need you on the sideline keeping the guys focused and motivated.

  36. By Big Ken on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Yes a loss. What can you do? Time for guys to step up. Coaches to adjust plans.

  37. By Chris on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply


    as you and apparently Kent Somers brought Keisels name up – what´s Keisels PFF Grade last season?


  38. By Darren Urban on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Chris —

    RE: Keisel/PFF grade

  39. By Mike G on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is cool! I’m sure that is a tough pill to swallow for Darnell and the Card’s organization with this injury. You never mind losing a guy in the short term but these season enders are a killer. But injuries are a part of the game and the Card’s have to try to overcome it. My biggest concern on the defense is trying to replace the leadership that Dockett, Dansby and Washington
    has provided the last few seasons. Also–who knows what production Abraham can give this season at his age. Just hope no more injuries the remaining 2 games. Time for Martin and Stinson to grow up—-quickly!!!!!

  40. By Joe Luchenta on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Heart and soul of our defense lost for the year very hard to swallow. Who will get in the face of the arrogant Seahawks and 9ers players now?

  41. By debeezy on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    @Cactus jeff – You really expect a team to just switch to a 4-3 scheme? It’s not going to happen and certainly easier said than done. Personnel wise, it might make sense, but it’s not realistic. At all.

  42. By krehbieo14 on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Dockett is a significant loss. However, we added depth to our D-line through the draft and FA Frostee Rucker is a load. Adding more depth with Brett Keisel may provide needed leadership. He’s familiar with Arians play book and that can only help. Also, hopefully Gaston continues to improve and makes a contribution. It will all work out. Go Cards!

  43. By br in nc on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Just read where Kiesel declined to visit Cardinals, report gave no reason as to why he wouldn’t even “talk Turkey” with the Cards.
    Same report has Isaac Sopoaga (sp) coming in to chat with the Cardinals very soon, he played for the Patriots and a couple of games with the Eagles? I think it was the Eagles, but most games were with the Patriots last year.

  44. By jeffrey deyoung on Aug 20, 2014 | Reply

    Gaston will make the team he is young strong and I bet one of the fastest linemen on the team. I see he has got a lot of reps with both the first and second squad. He can only get better. It would be smart to keep him and groom him.

  45. By br in nc on Aug 20, 2014 | Reply

    Not so sure about Gaston, BA he’d positive words for him early, actually raised a few eyebrows. But he has spent a lot of time in the dreaded trainers room (not one of BA’s favorite places for players to be!) Trying to make the team as an UDFA is hard enough, to much missed practice time, and missed reps for him in the preseason cannot bode well for Gaston. May see him on practice squad to begin the season, and as he gets healthy, as long as he continues to improve, I could see him contributing, but not until later in the year, or early next season. Disclaimer though, I have not seen him practice or play (with the exception of a highlight video posted) just going off articles I’ve read, and of course posters on here, who go to practices and preseason games. (Tough to do here in NC. LOL! I get Panthers football shoved down my throat here!!)

  46. By EDijkstra on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Darnell is one of my favorite Cardinals of all time, and I have been a fan since ’75. It is not just his accomplishments on the field. He shows a spirit and heart that reflect strength, courage and determination. I’m sure the other players must see this and be strengthened by it. It’s a shame for all concerned that he won’t be on the field, but at least he is still a Cardinal.

    Thanks, Darnell.

    Jim Kramer

  47. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    It would be the ultimate, cruel, painful irony for DD if somehow the Cardinals can overcome this devastating loss and win a home SB. Do it for DD.

  48. By Corgon on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Huge loss in leadership.
    I hope he’ll get better sooner rather than later.
    All the best Dock!

  49. By Scott H on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    OtisAndersonFan –

    Dude, you are ignorance on parade because you obviously do not understand how things are done in today’s NFL on planet earth. Let’s start here, and I’m gonna try to keep this simple because you are definitely not operating at an advanced level. Here goes…

    Fitz and DD are among the best players in the league at their respective positions. With me so far? I’m just assuming you knew that because you are a Cardinals fan, but…then again, who knows? In today’s NFL, when teams want to keep the players who are among the best at their positions and are still in their primes, this typically involves a contract with big numbers attached to it. Teams do this because these players have a certain value and if they don’t get that value from one team, they will go somewhere else and get it from another.

    The Cardinals have committed to players like Fitz and Dockett because they were worth the investment at the time AND THEY STILL ARE. Now, YOU may look at Docket two minutes after he goes out for the season with an injury at the age of 34 and say the deal the Cardinals gave him was ridiculous, but that’s because….well, you’re an idiot. Would you be saying that if DD were healthy and raring to go, like he was less than 24 hours ago? Probably not.

    Teams have to do deals based on what a player means to them at the time the deal is done. What else can they do? Dockett has been a wise investment for the Cardinals and worth every penny. He’s a beast on the field, has a motor that never stops, and he’s been remarkably durable his entire career. So, where did the Cardinals go wrong here??? Don’t look at his deal based on what happened in the last 24 hours and say the Cardinals were foolish for doing it.

    Fitz? Same goes double for him.

  50. By Scott H on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Oh, and in regard to losing DD for the season? All I can say is –

    UUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH. WHY does it seem like the football Gods are against us, especially on defense???

    Been saying for months that I hope the offense is ready to carry this team this year. Because they might have to.

    This next-man-up thing is fine as a philosophy, but…are we REALLY expecting the losses of Karlos Dansby, Daryl Washington, Darnell Dockett, and ( to some degree ) John Abraham to not affect this defense? At some point, these losses are going to be felt.

  51. By Coach K on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Correction br in nc.

    You mean Cardinals East from your comments above.

  52. By C on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    Lumping Washington, Dansby and Abraham into the same kind of loss as DD is insane, and it seems a lot of people are doing it. The first 3 made decisions that landed them elsewhere. As much as I really don’t care for Dockett’s Twitter feed, the dude is a straight up pro who’s never been in any significant trouble and has bled Cardinal red since day one. It’s a loss, but I think if there’s one guy who can scheme around it, it’s Bowles. Get well Nine-Oh, and the rest of the Crimson Curtain needs to rise up and try to fill his shoes.

  53. By Andy Kw on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    What if we moved John Abraham to DE since we are loaded on OLB?

  54. By br in nc on Aug 20, 2014 | Reply

    Moving him to DE negates his biggest attribute, sacking the QB, in TB defense the main pas_s rushers are the OLB’s.

  55. By Braedon on Aug 19, 2014 | Reply

    I wouldn’t count on Keisel. He already said that he doesn’t want to leave his family in Pitt.

  56. By Big Ken on Aug 20, 2014 | Reply

    Honestly Dockett was an older player. He didn’t carry this team on his back. I’m not sure if he was even going to be back next season.

  57. By Scott H on Aug 20, 2014 | Reply

    Big Ken –

    OK, so…we’re better off without him because ( you believe ) he wasn’t going to be here next year? Sorry, but I don’t get the logic. Even if he WERE going to be gone next year, I think the 2014 Cardinals would have been better with him. Russell Wilson didn’t carry the Seahawks on his back, either. Does that mean they didn’t need him last year???

  58. By Scott H on Aug 21, 2014 | Reply

    C –

    Well, regardless, of HOW they were lost, all of the players you mentioned WERE lost. They’re not gonna be on the field ( well, except Abraham, but it remains to be seen WHEN or how effective he will be at that time ) and that is the bottom line.

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