Peterson’s “poorest game” and proper penalties

Posted by Darren Urban on September 15, 2014 – 3:52 pm

Bruce Arians is usually blunt, and he was again when assessing Patrick Peterson’s game in New York.

“I thought it was probably his poorest game since I’ve been here,” Arians said.

It wasn’t a good day for the Cardinals’ Pro Bowl cornerback. He was beaten on a (pretty and one-handed) seven-yard touchdown fade by big wide receiver Reuben Randle. The Giants got him on some other short stuff, and his physical play was not a good match for what the officials were calling. In total, there were five illegal contacts, five defensive holds and two pass interference calls against defenders trying to cover receivers for both teams. On the Giants’ second touchdown drive, Peterson was called for a defensive hold (teammate Jerraud Powers was called for one on the same play, too), setting off Peterson. In his anger he appeared to bump an official, although he was not flagged. And then a few plays later, he intentionally grabbed Victor Cruz in the end zone to prevent a TD pass, and the 25-yard penalty set up a one-yard TD toss.

Peterson was still fuming when he came to the bench, calmed down by, among others, injured teammate Darnell Dockett.

“He got frustrated and let the referees get to him,” Arians said.

The officials were given an edict from the league to crack down on such penalties. It’s not a surprise. Peterson gathered himself and when talking after the game, said exactly what needed to be said, which was that he needed to play within the rules as they are now being called.

“As a secondary, and as a defensive back, you have to adapt,” Peterson said. “There are no excuses. The way this league is an offensive league, they are trying to make the best way possible to get more points on the board because that’s what draws fans. I just have to be smart, I – we – just have to get our hands off the receivers, and just play smart football.”

That’s one area in which Arians will agree with. Arians said after the game the calls were correct, and he followed it up Monday by saying the officials called “a heck of a game.”

“The players played a bad one,” Arians said. “There was a lot of holding on both sides. We were as guilty as they were. The referees did a heck of a job, I thought, continuing to throw the flags because guys continued to grab. You better learn how to play with the rules.”


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42 Responses to “Peterson’s “poorest game” and proper penalties”

  1. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Great comments BA.

  2. By SteveG on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    That was a poor game by PP..Not a fan of all the flags but…It is what it is.

    Be interesting to see his reaction..Pout or learn?

    I suspect and hope he learns and gets back into the groove….

  3. By D on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Actually Cromartie is the only player in the secondary that played well yesterday..Powers and Johnson played poorly too. Granted, with the amount of time the QB has with a limited Pass Rush by AZ’s defense, doesn’t make things easy for the secondary…watching other games yesterday, you could tell the officials for the AZ game appeared to be extra “involved” in the flag throwing business with big brother across the river in NYC.

    Darren, with JA coming back, Cards won’t have to release anyone with their extra spot still available or do you see them releasing a OLB?

  4. By Darren Urban on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    D —

    RE: Abraham coming back

    They will have to release someone, yes.

  5. By LG on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    We are 2 and 0 and at the top of the division! but the truth hurt the giants gave us that game they WR beat us it look’s like on every play they just dropped the ball a lot. PP to me has never been the best corner in the game and Sherman ain’t either. look how the chargers throw the ball at him sunday.

  6. By Robert on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    what really is aggravating is that the Cardinals over paid for him. i have posted many comments last year about my thoughts that PP is over rated. Why are teams picking on our all pro CB? He is being targeted more than our other DB’s. I believe that he was not or is not a top 10 corner back. I was against resigning him to that huge contract until his contract was up in order for him to demonstrate that he is back at an all pro level. Cro is playing much better in the first two games.

    if he doesn’t pick up his game and earn that $$$, the Cardinals are going to be in deep trouble. He needs to have a big bounce back game against SF. I don’t think he has played a pro bowel type game in quite some time.Its time for him to stop complaining and play at an all pro level this week

  7. By Mike G on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren–I think it is a really good idea to play Peterson and Cromartie 1 on 1
    against their opposing receivers. I am really not a fan of Defenses playing a lot of zone coverage throughout the game. The more 1 on 1 these guys play they will really improve as the season goes on. Peterson had a tough day with the flags but he will respond. Seattle plays a lot of man to man and that is what makes them good–They are not exotic – they just try to be good and try to win their one on one battles on the outside. Darren– A great sign to start the season is that the Card’s have been taking care of the football — it is the other team that is turning the football over. This was my biggest concern for the Card’s this year–Can they play error free football–so far so good! Darren–Do you see Niklas at TE having a bigger role as the season goes on???? Liked that catch he had yesterday–caught the ball nice –with his hands!!!!

  8. By Jason on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Seattle plays mostly cover3 zone. That is why Sherman doesn’t get beat very often because he doesn’t have to play the crossing routes that have been our problem so far this season.

  9. By kauaicardsfan on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Probably BA already told PP to stop crying and complaining and step up and be the number one corner in the league like you are supposed to be!

    Fighters adapt to any situation, they dont cry and complain, they fight back and does what it takes to get better, cause there is always someone below you that is hungrier than you wants what you have an will ” punch you in the mouth” to get it

    Little cruel but so is life at times! ADAPT AND OVERCOME!!!

  10. By Scott H on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Hey, I really do feel bad for PP and MANY other defensive players all over the NFL who have to walk that fine line between playing a game that is feuled by emotion and aggressiveness and having to play with the restraint that the rules now require. As Darren points out, these rules go directly against Peterson’s physical playing style. It’s GOTTA be hard for these guys right now. So much depends on the level they play at ( their contracts, whether they start or not, whether they make a team or not, etc ), yet trying to be their best can get them fined and suspended OR, at the very least, can make them the goat of the week when they are rung up by the officials.

    So much of what goes on on the field during a game happens so fast and is so bang-bang, ya know? And the refs are calling EVERYTHING these days. Seems like there are flags on every play at certain points in these games. And that’s not helping. That has gone too far in the wrong direction. Yeah, player safety is and should be important , but my God, man, It’s FOOTBALL. And it has to be football if it’s gonna be football. It has to be fast and violent and there have to be collisions with bodies hitting bodies and bodies hitting the ground. There is NOTHING you can do about that.

    Players have to know there is /are gonna be risks involved in playing this game. Period. Make the equipment as safe as it can be. Keep the concussion protocol. Keep players out until they are properly healed from ALL injuries. MOST IMPORTANT, give them the benefits and the support they need to provide for them after they retire. Make them as informed about long-term risks as they can possibly be.. And then….let them play. Dammit, JUST LET THEM PLAY!

  11. By Dr. G. on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    As a prior player on offense, I have no sympathy for the defenders crying foul. The offense must showcase “skill” when they perform. Now is is time for defenders to learn how to develop the skills needed to follow the rules. Cheap-shot injuries are too commonplace.

    The defenders have always loved to be the “head hunters” with the will to hurt someone. Their “badge of honor” has always been to take a player out of the game…or make him vomit…Sean Payton even paid for this action. And they know no one can hit back. The dirtiest players are always on defense…and the players on offense have to take it. We used to look for them in the parking lot later on.

    I’m loving the new rules… DB’s…Quit crying….

  12. By Dr. G. on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Wisdom…. Can wisdom be learned bit by bit? For example, instead of having your talk do your football, one might have their football do their talking! 21

    Robert – – Yep…

  13. By italycardfan on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    A game a bit ‘nervous to PP, it is true, but only a single game undertone is not enough to criticize PP. After all, yesterday the Giants have taken yards especially with Donnell, a TE and not with their WR. Do you think there is a reason? And do not think that all the forces of the Giants and their turnovers are the result of a collective effort that includes the positivity of each individual player?
    I wish it were so each game! Small discussions between real men, small errors, situations to be improved, but then the strength and energy of the Cardinal to make a difference! 2-0 not enough for you? I think it is fantastic!

  14. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    PP is a really good player who played poorly. He’s is drawing fire for all the braggadocio. Good time for him to humbled with 49ers on deck. Eye of the tiger coming. But the W got us the Division lead. I think we “could” hold it all year, it all starts with this Sunday. Wow. We win the division, well you know what that means my brothers and sisters;) Notice there was no “If” before the “We win…”
    Go Cards.

  15. By j on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    PP did alright, just growing pains with new rules. It happened all day sunday, no big deal. Once long ago a Face Mask didnt exist. Adjust, improvise, succeed.

  16. By krehbieo14 on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Peterson and Sherman set themselves up when they played their twitter game of “I’m better than you!” I was surprised that Patrick put his humility aside and got into an ego inflated battle of words. Both players are paying for their arrogance as teams are showing no fear in targeting them. There are a lot of good cornerbacks., including PP’s teammate Cromartie. PP needs to habituate to the rules and get back to playing stellar defense. As I recall, Arians called PP out for slacking during camp and pointed to Justin Bethel as an example of demonstrating good coverage skills.

  17. By georgiebird on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    If this was PP’s first bad game it would be excusable. This may be the worst but he’s had many other bad ones e.g. the Danny Amendola Rams game.
    This was a bad contract the Cards gave PP and there was no need to do it right then and there- and I said it at the time it was announced.
    My theory on PP as a corner. PP is a great athlete but he’s too big a guy to make the cuts and turns necessary to stay close to an NFL receiver. That’s why most of the corners are 5’10”. On one of the TV games, the same point was made about the lanky Richard Sherman and his perceived problems in light of the new rules changes.

  18. By Erik on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    I definitely see what you are sayin, Dr. G. But there is a difference between launching head first at a defenseless receiver and hand checking. How in the world are you supposed to cover someone if you can’t even touch them? The NBA messed up with the no hand checking rule, too. I just don’t get the point of that rule, specifically. It has no effect on the “safety of the game”.

  19. By georgiebird on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Is Greg Toler better than PP? How about Justin Bethel ?

  20. By JohnnyBluenose on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Re the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Why does the NFL deem it un-punishable for a player (Adrian Peterson) to beat his four year old children on at least two occasions while deeming it perfectly reasonable to suspend a player (DWash) for a whole season for using non-performance enhancing drugs (presumably marijuana)? If DWash is unwelcome in the league because he sets the wrong example then why is Peterson welcome and just what kind of message does the NFL and/or the Vikings think is being sent here? Maybe fans should send their own message by staying home.

  21. By br in nc on Sep 17, 2014 | Reply

    AP will not go unpunished, he has not been convicted of anything yet. Innocent until proven guilty applies in the NFLas well, once he has had his day in court, Goodell will bring the hammer down, and with all the negative domestic violence/abuse PR out there now, as well as sponsors voicing their displeasure, AP will be gone for a year or even more, I don’t think the 6 game first offense is going to apply here, I’m betting he gets lifetime ban (with appeal to be reinstated after 1 year) or perhaps will get reinstated after 1.5 seasons. Goodall is going to hammer domestic violence/abuse going forward, mark my words.

  22. By Jsoully on Sep 15, 2014 | Reply

    Well if we want to be 3-0 and beat the 49ers we need Peterson and Cromartie to press the receivers and be able to take Crabtree and Davis out of the games.

  23. By Sean on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    I completely agree with PP’s comments on what the league is becoming and frankly, I am not digging it. I watched a lot of football this weekend and found myself very frustrated at all of the flags…even in games that I really didn’t care about so much.

    Am I alone in this?

  24. By Andy Kw on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    I have known this for quite a while that he just isn’t the best CB in the NFL. I am a Patrick Peterson fan but let’s be honest about the situation. He is known for securing tackles after the catch but his man to man ability has been really shaky since DC Ray Horton and DB Coach Louie Cioffi left Arizona. He is better than the average CB but he certainly is not the best. It is okay to be beat by receivers time to time in games but to constantly man coverage badly and to mainly cover receivers well only with pass interference penalties is not the way to be the best. I have seen elite receivers beat Patrick Peterson, I have seen average receivers beat Peterson and I have seen unknown rookies/veterans beat Peterson. Of course it is hard to be great all the time but we need to see more consistency. I am still a fan and I still support you in every game you play. TIME TO STEP IT UP AND PLAY TO YOUR WORTH PATRICK PETERSON. YOU WERE RESIGNED TO THE BIG EXTENSION YOU WANTED, NOW LIVE UP TO IT.

  25. By ryan on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG- i responded to you in the last blog “still waiting on Abraham decision” and would like to get your thoughts. Its at the very bottom…

  26. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    It isn’t so much that PP is over-rated, he’s not, its that the rules are intentionally stacked against DBs, that he only plays one position (even though paid more than 5 or 6 starters combined) and the ball is in his area only 5 to 10 times a game at most. SO, there is a spot light on DBs, and its the high risk of failure, high consequence position.

  27. By Prashant on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply


    I think you forget that DWash also brutally beat his child’s mother, and so he is not some non-violent weed smoking hippie either.

    At the end of the day, the rules are the rules, everyone knows what they are and what the consequences are.

  28. By Darren Urban on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Prashant —

    RE: “Brutally beat”

    Now see, this is the kind of thing that can make this conversation into a game of “telephone.” According to the court documents, Washington pushed the woman down and she broke her collarbone. I’m not saying Washington isn’t wrong, nor am I saying he should not be punished. But to use the words “brutally beat” is the wrong portrayal.

  29. By azqfan on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    JohnnyBluenose, Maybe because DW tested positive for something his employer told him HE COULD NOT TAKE, 3 times!!! He went to counselling 3 times, apologized 3 times, lied 3 times, and embarrassed the organization 3 times. Yes AP abused his child. He will be disciplined. But DW has shown he cares more about himself than his team, teammates, and his job.

    Stop trying to compare apples to oranges.

  30. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Any Abraham sightings? Cleared protocol?

  31. By Dobie on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Peterson makes the big buck he should play like it stop crying and show them what you are made of these cheep call will be called all years and some of those call are really cheep but what can you do

  32. By Kevin S Mesa on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Count me among those who think PP is overrated. In his first year, he returned 4 punts for TD’s so obviously that got a lot of attention in addition to his defense. Now that he only plays defense, that’s all we’re focused on. Is he good? Of course. But I’d rather he stop talking in interviews about whether he’s the “best” and just leave it on the field.

    Plus I don’t want the NFL to turn into the NBA where every drive to the basket, the guy is complaining to the ref about getting fouled. Between the receivers looking for penalties every time there was an incompletion and the DB’s complaining when they got called for penalties, the NFL is becoming diva-ville.

  33. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply


    In my post, I asked a lot of questions without answers, because I was interested in hearing from others. I agree with most of what you posted.

    I think the issue is complicated and is not an easy fix.

    If I was commissioner , here would be my plan.
    I would set a strong drug policy and stick by it. (much to what they have been doing).

    For all crimes, DUI, DV, I would let it play out in the courts.
    I dont convict people without them pleaing or found guilty.
    If convicted or plead no contest, you are out of the NFL for a minimum of one year regardless. At the end of the year or jail sentence which ever is longer, there would be certain classes, ect to be met. If all has been met, the player can get a second chance (ie Vick).

    I also know salary caps play a part and would work with the NFLPA to have every contract an automatic void if the player is arrested (not convicted but arrested on DUI, Drugs, or violence).
    This would allow teams a choice to release players without cap punishment.

    DWash contract does not help the cards if he is released. So he is put on the back burner. What if the contract had no punishment for dead money? Much easier decision?

    I believe in second, third and forth chances. I also believe in punishment and consequences. If a player serves his punishment, and a team is willing to take them on, why should they be held out?

    As a father of 17 and 14 year old girls, the violence against women needs to stop. In the NFL and out. The courts need to start locking guys up.

    I’m not saying they are guilty, but if AP, DWash, Hardy, And McDonald all went to jail for six months, I think it would greatly help the NFL on their decisions and send a message to the players that you do not bring violence to women and children.

  34. By cardsalltheway on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply


    I don’t think the NFL knows/has its own rules or plays by them. The commissioner has been known for lifting suspensions after teams cut players for domestic violence without any explanation i..e. A.J. Jefferson of the Vikings for his arrest in Nov. 2013.


    By the way, the new 4 member female panel to manage domestic violence cases for the NFL doesn’t include one woman of color.

    I do see some consistency!

    Since 2006, there’s been 56 cases of domestic violence by NFL players of which were suspended just 13-16 games depending if you include those since the Rice video(but not more than 1 game each = more consistency). It seems to be only a PR problem for the NFL, nothing more.

    “Protect the Shield” by Roger Goodell

    Was he hiding behind the “Shield” Sunday night when he failed to appear in San Francisco to celebrate the opening of their new Levi’s stadium?

    But, it’s not just the NFL’s fault, our courts often give preferential treatment to NFL players or use celebrity justice which I’d assume has been supported by the NFL/teams. It usually takes a video for much of anything to be handed down and without a video it usually comes very slowly, possibly 18 months after the guilty verdict/no contest plea i.e. D. Washington?


    I don’t think an alleged DWI/DUI is always or completely non-violent, certainly not in the case of Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent(intoxication manslaughter), it can sometimes be deadly. But no matter, he could play this season in week 11.

  35. By Dr. G. on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Erik – – hand checking? I’m OK with that as long as it does not alter the path of the receiver. As for the new rules, the NFLPA and the NFL reps determine together what is best for the game. Most of them have been on the field on both sides of the ball. Though I may disagree, I have to trust that they will employ rules that are fair to offense and defense. When they see a rule that is not fair, they can recant.
    So far this year, I have not seen sky-rocketing offense because of the new rules. These changes work for both teams on the field, huh? Who will adapt better?

    JohnnyBluenose – – I get your point. It is my understanding the Weed tolerance has been increased a bit. But we cannot argue “rules” that are already in place. They must go back and re-do them if a change is deemed. Remember, DWash has thumbed his nose at our team at least 3 times on paper…many more in reality. Non-PID’s… Actually, weed makes you lazy; perhaps that is the reason the NFL likes the rules on the books. Do we want players in the weight room singing, “They call me Mellow Yellow?

    azqfan – – Yep… Shouldn’t we be sick and tired of this stupidity and bad decision making. Any other person would be seriously chastised. But, these are the idols of some and they continue to defend them. Frankly, I approve and encourage the media coverage of these wonderful decisions… They avoid the wisdom taught considering it uncool and antiquated.

    If people didn’t break rules, we would not need them!

  36. By Dr. G. on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    CONCEPT – – We are wading through the results of rearing children, some of whom have unconditional acceptance and approval with absolutely squat accountability and achievement. Laws and rules are no big deal to many of them.

    These unacceptable activities of pro athletes who have not been properly socialized should not surprise. Their defenders can be like-minded…later

  37. By iammattyoung on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    I’m going to totally over-speculate here, but these are my thoughts of PP: the guy has absurd physical gifts that he works very hard to cultivate, but doesn’t work as hard in the film room. When you’re a 6’1″ 220-lb guy with 4.4 speed, think about how dominant you’ve been throughout high school and college, and even in the pros. And that’s not to take anything away from his work ethic. I’ve seen the videos, read the stories about how hard he trains, but it’s always about how hard he’s training his body. I imagine a scenario (and here’s where I speculate) where the DBs are in the film room, and PP feels like he doesn’t have to study as hard as the other guys. He’s got the size to bully his man, and the speed to close on him. And I can imagine the coaches cut him a little slack because of it. The fact is, PP consistently struggles with guys who match his size. He consistently gets beat on under-routes because he goes all in with his backpedal. He often gets flagged because he IS too handsy with his man. And last week was a perfect example of all of those things. The fact is, he got targeted WAY more than Cromartie, and that’s because of what the two guys do BEFORE the pass goes in the air. I’d like to see a bit more anticipation on PP’s part, and that starts with working just as hard on preparing your mind as preparing your body.

  38. By lburner on Sep 17, 2014 | Reply

    Lol new rules? The league has become a game for boys not men. I remember when a cb could hold a wr to make sure he wasn’t catching the ball. The Nfl is soft now. I’d like to see sanders Play now haha. You’d say he wasn’t the top cb In the league as well. Football is a PHYSICAL sport. Period . I get it, player safety yet you come in the game knowing the outcome so no need to keep making it “safe” is not a safe sport. Don’t ruin the game. Will be playing flag football in 20 years

  39. By Dr. G. on Sep 16, 2014 | Reply

    Congratulations to the crew on FOX news! Last night, they were doing the continuing story on Adrian Peterson while showing Patrick Peterson’s picture all during the story…. I wonder what dumb ass is responsible for that… I would expect a correction and apology like right NOW! I watch FOX a lot…disappointed..

  40. By John on Sep 17, 2014 | Reply

    I love how the Cardinals and other teams continue to get nailed by the illegal contact and holding calls, while the Seahawks still go unflagged largely. They are the biggest offenders, and the reason the rules were enforced this year. Yet they aren’t being flagged generally speaking. Hope the refs figure this out before we play them.

  41. By Dr. G. on Sep 17, 2014 | Reply

    Subconscious psychology and unspoken impressions steer the referees to holding a hard-line on interference calls for complaining naggers and chest-pounders on defense. These ‘special defenders’ will not get the benefit of any doubt on a close call.

    PP…Just shut the H… up and play! No one likes to see you play “the victim.” Your exhibitions are not endearing to fans of the game. And….don’t touch the ref…they are watching you closer now. You are lucky you did not get a call on that one in New York… One play can turn a game! We want you to play in February!

  42. By Eazy E on Sep 18, 2014 | Reply

    I’m an offensive guy and my favorite positions are WR, QB, and TE, but Patrick and other defensive players have a point. You can’t do anything nowadays. Patrick’s game is jamming you and getting his hands on you like all the greats in the game pretty much and now he can barely touch the WR. It is unfair, now let’s not act as if the Giants had 100 yards+ each. They only mustered 99 total receiving yards from Reuben and Victor. Reuben’s catch on the fade was a thing of beauty and Patrick covered it well but Eli put it on the outside shoulder which is indefensible from the defender but he ended up with 4 for 39 measly yards and Victor had 5 for 60 which isn’t bad but it ain’t torched!

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