Keim: Happy, but still searching for an edge rusher

Posted by Darren Urban on September 22, 2014 – 8:12 am

General Manager Steve Keim is happy the Cardinals knocked off the 49ers, but he is a GM and it is only three games into the season, so he said Monday on his weekly appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports that he is continuing to try and upgrade the outside linebacker position and a guy who can pressure the passer from the edge,

“We will look at trade options but why would teams want to trade guys who can rush the passer?” Keim asked rhetorically.

The answer is they would not, not when every team in the league is looking for the same thing. It’s not like basketball where you might have a glut of point guards and dealing one doesn’t matter. You can’t have too many pass rushers, and let’s face it, those that can make a difference are few and far between anyway.

That said, being 3-0 is a good thing for Keim. Some of his other thoughts:

— He noticed that all 23 points yesterday were scored by a pair of rookies (kicker Chandler Catanzaro, now 9-for-9 on field goals, and wide receiver John Brown.)

— On Brown, “he is everything as advertised, that’s for sure,” Keim said. The speed shows up again and again.

— Keim praised left tackle Jared Veldheer as being exceptional and then said the offensive line as a whole was very good. They only allowed pressure on blitzes and held up fine against four- and five-man rushes. As an aside, I’ve had people ask if Jonathan Cooper moves back to starting left guard now that there is a bye week to make a transition. Ted Larsen did have a couple of penalties Sunday, but no, I don’t see a change coming. You are 3-0 and the line played well. Why change?

— Right tackle Bobby Massie was “excellent,” Keim said.

— Keim said the whole reason the Cardinals signed Drew Stanton was to potentially be the starting QB (he arrived weeks before Carson Palmer did) so the Cards have a level of expectation for him to play well in this role. Half-jokingly, Keim was asked about a potential QB controversy. Keim answered seriously. “It’s great to have two that can play,” he said. “I don’t think about those things. I just want to get these guys healthy on the bye week.”

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  1. By krehbieo14 on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    What a great problem to have. Two quarterbacks who can get the job done!

  2. By D on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Well the defense has worked well to date without a pass rush excluding biitz mainly because of the strong cover abilities by the two CB’s. If Crow is out several weeks with a knee, then the results probably won’t be as good.

    I don’t see a Pass Rusher found until this offseason via the draft or free agency:
    The names to watch to see if they get extensions before the end of the year or let to test the FA waters are:

    Orakpo, Worilds, Avril, Sheard, Houston, Ayers, and Jerry Hughes..

    Cards will have Acho and Keiser as Free agents as OLB for next year.

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    On Keim;

    The BA hire was such a great hire. The Horton situation turned ugly, but Keim stood strong and made the right moves. Bowles has been the MVP.

    Free Agents;
    Veldheer was a great signing giving us our first real LT since Lomas Brown.

    The trade for Palmer and signing Stanton took the cards QB situation from punch line to strength.

    Finding second tier guys like Shaughnessy, Foote, Rucker and Kelly has the cards playing top notch run defense. and Larson and Fanainka have solidified the oline.

    The signing of Cromartie was brilliant.

    The signing of Tony Jefferson as an undrafted FA is quietly becoming a great move.

    The Draft;
    It is way too early to judge the drafts, but I am going to anyways.

    The drafting of John Brown and Andre Ellington were home runs.

    To waste (yes I said waste) the 7th overall pick on a guard was a mistake. The fact he can’t break into the lineup makes it worse. There are 10 guards drafted in 2013-14 who are starting in the NFL. Long made the pro bowl.

    Minter is a solid guy but not a 3 down LB and not a playmakers. Kiko Alonzo was drafted by the Bills the next pick who had an all pro season last year. Whoops.

    2 drafts, no pass rushers. As I said many times, I like Bucannon, but that first round pick had to be a pass rusher. DLaw, Attaochu, Trent Murphy, all were there.

    Keim has to be considered GM of the year for the first 2 reasons. The hiring of BA has pushed this team to the next level. The trade for Palmer and signing of Veldheer were huge. His drafts? Not great, but he did land a couple stars.

    Now if he could pull off that trade for a pass rusher, That would be the crowning jewel.

  4. By br in nc on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Have to go against you on this one sir…

    Of course, like you said, it is really to early to tell if a draft was a success, that said…
    Cooper is going to be an excellent LG in the NFL, (he does however need to just forget about the leg and get back to doing what he did before the injury! On the other hand, I would not pull Larsen out right now, he is doing a solid job (another under the radar success of SK’s)
    He/they (Cards draft war room) have missed on pass crushers panning out, I will give you that, but every player drafted has a 50/50 chance either they make it or they don’t, I would say the mid round surprises, and the late round steals, and the UDFA signings that have turned to gold (can’t forget Cat, the kicker, absolute gem, he has contributed greatly to this teams improvement. (In a way he is a key factor in our stout defense, he doesn’t give the opposition a chance to return many kickoffs! And obviously he improves the offense, 100% on FG’s so far, I believe he is perfect on both FG’s & PAT’s, please correct me if I’m wrong, I hate posting stats that are wrong!
    The “Brown Brothers” absolutely brilliant moves on draft day, Smoke is a legitimate contender for Rookie of the Year, already a shoe in for all Rookie Team (and even though he is to small, and is going to get knocked the ____ out numerous times coming across the middle, and supposedly has an ego problem, and will never be good enough to be a #3 WR in the NFL, at least that is what some posters have posted multiple times in the past) they both have to be considered at the very least “smooth moves”, yes it is very early but with weekly improvement which there is no reason neither wont improve, they will end up being steals!
    I know the pass crushers we drafted have not worked out as planned, but with all the other picks becoming budding stars, Jefferson, Ellington, Honey Badger, looks like RT crap complete brain fart, can’t remember his name for the life of me!!! But anyway, MASSIE!!! that is who I was trying to remember! He seems to be coming around, and once again, Cooper will get over this funk, and lockdown LG for years!
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see our Cardinal draft Pass Rusher in both round #1 and round #2 next year ( nor would I object to it)
    Martin is still a wait and see, way to early to pass judgement on any of the past two drafts, but especially Martin, and Logan Thomas.
    The sad truth (and this huge stabbing pain in my gut) is unless Fitz agrees to a huge pay cut (not another restructuring!)he will not be wearing Cardinal Red (sad, sad thought!) next season. If that does happen they will probably go after a solid established Veteran Pass Rusher as well, then drafting a Fitz like/type of WR in round #3, or cut Ginn and go after a excellent, established #2 veteran wideout. I predict a defensive heavy draft for the Cardinals, I just don’t see any glaring needs on Offense, though I’am old school and would love to see them draft a straight up power between the tackles, or cut it outside, turn the jets on RUNNING BACK, ala Ottis Anderson type, say a Todd Gurley/UGA (though he will be gone well before we pick) which leads me to another rambling point, (sorry JTDG, I just love talking Cards football, or any football for that matter, with you and the other longtime regulars on Darren’s board) we hopefully should be picking very late in each round, last in each round suits me just fine!! LOL!! Do you think we can find an instant fix to the Pass Rush picking late in the rounds?? I don’t think you get the cure all that late in the pecking order, but then again, SK has pulled some whoppers, and budding stars in his 2 drafts, but my own dream aside (superstar RB) I think SK goes pretty heavy with defense…OLB/PASS RUSH SPECIALIST…ILB…NT are. 3 needs
    thanks for chatting with me!

  5. By 'ZonaFan on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    A new OLB/edge rusher would seem to be a good target for our draft next year. Maybe along with some new pass rushers on the D-Line, especially if Dockett is gone next year. Overall though, not many weak spots on this team. Of course we’re going to have to find that ‘QB of the future’ at some point, but I like how Palmer/Stanton have played so far. GO CARDS!!!!!!!

  6. By br in nc on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Already have QB of the future, his name is Logan Thomas!

  7. By grabling on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply


    Do you think LaMichael James fit in BA scheme? any possibility to bring him?

  8. By Darren Urban on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    grabling —

    RE: James

    I would’ve thought they would have done it by now if they liked him.

  9. By NickPepe on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    What a great Monday morning this is!!! I don’t t even mind that I have a 13 hour shift ahead of me.

    The defense is for real. The line liked good. Juke Ellington ran hard. Drew Stanton is tough as nails and very astute in the pocket. The talent at WR and DB is the best in the league.

    Coach knows how to push the right buttons in order to overcome adversities.

    This team is as good as it seems! I am going to enjoy a couple adult beverages tonight (couldn’t yesterday) and my day off tomorrow!

    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member

  10. By TucsonTim on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Bertrand Berry said it on Cardinal Talk, #32 isn’t ready to play. Even my poorly trained eye could see it.

    He was getting beaten badly on those first two SF drives. The “big half time adjustment” was playing him much less.

    Why are the Cardinals rushing it? Esp. since our secondary is already quite good! He had a terrible knee injury. Give him a chance to fully recover. I’m sure he wants to play, but they’re putting him in danger of a career ending injury.

  11. By Eric G on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    What a game and man have these guys stepped up. If you told me we wouldn’t have Dockett, Palmer, Cooper, Mathieu, Washington, Zastudil or Abraham for most or all of these games before preseason started, I would have said I hope we go into the bye with 1 win. Being a Cards fan since they moved hasn’t been easy, but this team is special, from the players to the coaches, to the staff, to the management and to the media covering it like Urban. It’s a great feeling.

    Can you forward this suggestion to the merch department. Given the “Next man up” mantra and how true it is this year, there needs to be t-shirts for sale with the slogan. Youll sell those out quickly. Also, I beg them to please carry tall sizes. Thx

  12. By Kauaicardsfan on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Aloha Darren,

    Any word on Cromatie’s injury? I’m hoping its not serious? Great job on Bethel stepping in an not missing a beat!!! This is the formula that GM Kiem built !!! Next Man up and no drop off in talent !!! So awesome! Never seen a team this talented and a GM so good at finding these players!!! I think Kiem being a scout first makes us having the right talent in the right positions for years to come!!!

    So excited for the now and the future!!!

    GO CARDS!!!!

  13. By Darren Urban on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Kauai —

    RE: Cromartie

    I don’t think it is serious but we should have an update when BA talks this afternoon.

  14. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Looked like Kareem Martin got a lot more snaps, looked like he knew what he was doing too.

  15. By JohnnyBluenose on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Great win. Must admit that I did not expect it, given our injuries and Dwyer’s situation, Was more than happy that Stanton was able to absorb the big hit he took. Everyone played well and contributed. We were fortunate that the Niners took so many penalties. I am glad we are getting a week off now to heal and prepare for the Broncos. There is no reason to think we cannot win that game. I agree that Mathieu does not look comfortable out there. Give him some more time. Hopefully we can get a pass rush somehow. Agree with JTDG that Cooper was a wasted pick.

  16. By eric randall on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    How about Will Smith? Last I checked he wasn’t signed yet. The signing of Tommy Kelly looks like its paying dividends.

  17. By eric randall on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    or the CARDS could trade for the Dolphins Dion Jordan and assign Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald to mentor him to assist with getting his life on track.

  18. By Darren Urban on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Eric —

    RE: Jordan

    Why on earth would you want someone who a) has been a bust and b) can’t stop from getting suspended?

  19. By drummer-1 on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    I really like how a player is coming back from a serious knee injury and then a toe injury can be call a wasted pick.. people are so fickle..

  20. By TucsonTim on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    If he really wanted a dominant pass rusher off the edge, did Keim try to get Michael Sam when the Rams released him?

  21. By steve88 on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Dion Jordan? What????????????

  22. By krehbieo14 on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    I do not agree that Cooper was a wasted pick. Since the Honey Badger is struggling, should we also conclude that he is a throwaway pick?

  23. By Ed on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Kinda early to call Cooper a bust, don’t you think? Realistically, he is still a rookie and recovering from a broken leg. Not much history there for even an ‘expert’ draft guy to make that call.

  24. By Big Ken on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Great to hear about Bob Massie, looking like a break out year for him.

  25. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    br in nc, krehbieo14, drummer-1

    I was against drafting any guard that high. It was a mistake. There were no guards drafted in 2014 first round . Also, looking at last year’s draft, there were 4 interior lineman drafted in the first 65 picks. 3 of them have started every game and one has zero starts and can not get on the field. Hmm. That is not good

    Excuses, excuses. He is healthy now. What is the excuse now? I seen him play one play this year against the chargers and got blown up.

    krehbieo14 –
    Honey Badger not only played great last year, he fought his way back to the field. Cooper can’t beat out a journeyman LG. To compare the two is crazy. Not to mention, he is the 7th overall pick. It’s one thing if you have to wait for Watford, a 4th rounder, but Cooper was on his way to the HOF according to Keim and others.

    br in nc-
    You have no evidence to support Cooper being a great guard in the NFL.

    You are right, the Cat Man needs praise. What an amazing signing. Again, signing not draft pick.

    Jefferson was not a Draft pick and neither was Jaron Brown. Massie was drafted by the last regime.
    As for Massie, he showed he could play as a rookie, was replaced by a seasoned pro and then earned his right on the field. Cooper has not shown he belongs yet. Not the same thing.

    Pass crushers, as you put it. You can find good ones every year. But that doesn’t help us this year.I would really like to use a pick or two to get somebody.

    I get Darren’s comments that if you have one, you don’t trade one. That makes sense. But two teams have guys in their last years and drafted OLBs behind them. The Chiefs drafted Dee Ford in the first round and have Houston entering his last year. The Redskins drafted Trent Murphy and has Orakpo in his last year.
    I still believe they might be worth a few phone calls throughout the month.

  26. By Jason on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    I get your point and you’re not wrong. We both said that taking a guard @7 only makes sense if that guy comes in and plays at an all-pro level right away. Cooper doesn’t look to even have the opportunity to make an impact until next season which has to be considered a disappointment at this point in time. However, if he starts and plays at the high level Keim believes he is capable of next year….it’s a new story. Better late than never is what they say. My only problem with your critique is that the players you say we should’ve drafted haven’t played or have played sparingly without much impact in Collins and Lawrence. Just like br has no proof Cooper will be great you have no evidence that Lawrence or Collins would be double digit sack guys.

  27. By Jason on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Draft Guy —

    On another note did you see that the Dolphins are talking about benching your boy Tannehill?

  28. By br in nc on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    I had my reply and hit send just as the dreaded “web page not available” popped up and I lost it all, I was on a roll too! Probably good for you and everyone else because it was quite lengthy, it is almost 2am here so I will retype it tomorrow.
    I’am perplexed about your question on where is my evidence that he is going to be good?? What sort of evidence are you suggesting I need? What kind of evidence does anyone have on a draft pick?? What kind of evidence do you have that he will not succeed in the NFL? If you could clarify what type of evidence either of us have, or need concerning our difference of opinion on Cooper, I will attempt to gather it for you, plus if I understand what you mean by “evidence”, hopefully I can condense my reply. (Probably not though, I have honestly tried to send short, concise answers my whole life, and have never been able to. Sorry. LOL)

  29. By krehbieo14 on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Draft Guy-

    It’s not appropriate to say that people’s thinking is crazy for not agreeing with you. Against your advice, Keim picked Cooper because we needed offensive line help and he felt Coop was the best player on the board in the first round. If he was a stud right now, would you be telling us that the GM made a mistake? Cooper has had two significant injuries that have set his development back. He is competing with a “journeyman” that happens to be doing an excellent job. So you want to give up on Cooper before he’s had ample opportunity to win back his position because you predicted it?

  30. By CreditCard on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    OLB trade or free agency next year … I still would give a huge plug for Whitney Mercilus. Lives with parents, well behaved, very impressive numbers at University of Illinois. Also has a younger brother (sophomore I think), could be a good mid round draft pick. Good family, and the Cards would not have to worry about off-field issues. I also think they are exceptional players.

  31. By br in nc on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Credit Card
    Thanks for the ILLINI mention! I’m a lifelong ILLINOIS fan, through thick and thin (mostly thin in football lately) Mercilus absolutely destroyed opposing offenses, and terrorized QB’s his Sophomore, and especially his Junior year!! He played out of his mind his last season before declaring early for the draft! At one time his younger brother was showing potential to be better than Whitney, which for one is very difficult to do, and two unfair to put that kind of pressure on anyone!

  32. By joe holst on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    go get Jason tuck, Oakland is going nowhere may unload him,

  33. By br in nc on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    Justin Tuck? The former Giant?
    Doesn’t he have a large contract?

  34. By Dr. G. on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    et al…. the discussion is interesting and somewhat detailed, so I will not jump into the stew… But I have this to add in the critique of Keim’s off-season – – I always said from the beginning that Veldeer was the very best acquisition this Spring. He is my MVP right now. PP – The contract may have been a bit zealous.

    And, JTDG, with 6 picks going into the draft, if you come out with 2 or 3 stars, that is indeed “great” though you disagree… The draft is always a crap shoot!

    As for Mathieu, it is historical that a player with this type injury does not hit full stride until the 2nd year from the surgery…I give him more time to hit high gear.

    Cooper – – He appears tenuous – – He has to prove to Keim he is “the man” now.

    Everyone, including the betting line had the 9ers winning yesterday. That game took some serious adjustments and lots of HEART to come out on top. I don’t know how we will do in the future, but other teams now have their eyes wide open when they see us coming. We are the team that can spank the bullies! Be well..

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply


    I didn’t call YOU crazy for not agreeing with me. Never did that.

    I said it is crazy to compare the idea that cooper and Honey Badgers situations were in anyway the same.
    I think you would have to look long and hard at my post to find anywhere I called anyone names.

    Yes, Keim picked Cooper. I say it was a mistake. I said it then, I stick by it.
    If Cooper was a stud, at least he could justify it.

    Get rid of him?? Give up on him?? how could I? He is guaranteed 14.5 million dollars over his 4 year contract. His dead money if cut would be 11.9 million.

    Just remember, while he is sitting on the bench, he is the 8th highest paid cardinal this year.

    Meanwhile, the guy playing in front of him (Larsen) is making 1.065 million.

    You have to keep trying to get him up to speed and keep trying to play him. You already paid him like he was an all pro. He is making 4 million next year guaranteed.

  36. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    credit card,

    Mercilus is a great choice. I thought about him, since he is behind Clowney. But with Clowney getting hurt, I dont think they will trade him.

  37. By ored on Sep 22, 2014 | Reply

    2 biggest needs at the time were o-line and qb,have to try and make a statement somewhere.300 with broken legs and months on scooters take a little longer,but i did agree with a couple of your draft choices,also liked ellington when he was still at clemson,the brown kid is turning out to be genius,if we get grice could be nice.years ago under whiz,etc. we had a chance to get a probowl guard from the saints…nix or dix,i think,we passed because his price tag was too high,then turn around and sign an ex-packer and 49er for about the same amount,anyway hindsight is’nt a fair way to judge and i don’t think we’ll ever bat 1000%…but look at our team now.

  38. By Eazy E on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    I kinda forgot about Kaiser he’s ok. He got pressure during the San Diego game. Shaughnessy, Acho, Butler, Okafor when he gets healthy, bring Benard back, etc. We need all the help we can get. Play Shaughnessy and Acho on passing downs more!

  39. By Eazy E on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    Gosh I miss 2 Bible Names! He had to make the best decision for he and his family and that’s what I prayed for was for him to make the best decision for he and his family first, forget football right now!!!

  40. By Eazy E on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    Our front 7 looked vicious before Dockett went down, Abraham on IR, Okafor hurt, etc. OLBs and DEs hurt, hurt, hurt… We been getting good play from Kelly, Kaiser at times, and hopefully Butler for what we lost and them just getting here pretty much.

  41. By Marcelof on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    Well, the staff have previous evaluations on the players mostly based on the combine, they set up some ups and downs and go draft them as per team needs… some end up being helluva players, some a bust!

    would they guess Ellington would be such a player? and what about J. Brown (ok, still early to evaluate both)

    Based on what they need, they brought Coop in and he had glimpses of a good guard back in the 2013’s preseason, I was glad we had them on the Oline back then. Now, What will come next nobody knows. I still hope he will be the guard Cards much need.

    Honey badger makes his way back better then Coop, however he still has a way to go and let’s face it is a different position with different requirements to play (not saying it’s better or worse).

    I disagree with you the draft guy, some moves cannot be predicted and luck is a great factor sometimes.

  42. By Jason on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG is saying Cooper was a mistake because he was a guard and was taken @ pick 7 of the draft. We discussed it and I was of the same opinion. If Cooper was playing at an all-pro level it would make the pick debatable, but that would be for your talking points. JTDG would still be of the opinion that Kenny Vacarro was the right pick (actually he’d say a trade down with StL pick Vacarro and get an extra pick). The funny part about his argument is his pick this year would’ve been DeMarcus Lawrence an edge guy from Boise who broke his foot and won’t play until he plays us Nov 2nd. Who knows if this guy can play or not still has to show it on the field.

  43. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply


    You are absolutely correct about Collins and D Law.

    The only difference is Collins is starting as a 4-3 LB for the Pats. So worst case would be, if he couldn’t play outside, he could be moved inside.

    D Law broke his foot and is out 12 weeks. We will most likely not know if he has an impact till next year, maybe he does something at the end of the year. What I do know is, he was a starter till he broke his foot taking the spot of Demarcus Ware in Dallas. So there is that.

  44. By Jason on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    Cooper was the starter and playing well before he broke his leg.

    I like Collins and thought he was the more logical choice for our 2nd round pick. I’m not saying Lawrence and Collins won’t become impact players, just that they aren’t yet. Cooper still has a chance to return to form and I trust Keim’s talent evaluating more than my own. If he missed on Cooper it will suck, but if Ellington and Mathieu are stars it softens the blow.

  45. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply

    Clarity on my draft comments;

    I gave props to Keim for his moves of hiring BA, and how he handled the Horton issue.
    I said he deserves to be GM of the year for landing Palmer , along with his many FA moves, including Cromartie.
    I said he hit two home runs with John Brown and Andre Ellington and a potential home run with Honey Badger (provided he will regain his form-which I think he will)

    The rest of 2014 is still up in the air but they are contributing.

    But lets face it;

    Is Cooper the 8th best player on the team? Because he is paid like it while guarding the bench. Cutting him is not an option because his contract is guaranteed. So you will continue to hear the coach and GM blow smoke about him and talk about injuries slowing him. Sorry I do not buy it.

    I watched him on one play, his chance to pull and blow someone up, and he was driven back and Ellington was tackled for a 3 yard loss.

    Minter is a nice roll player but not an impact guy, Okefer can’t stay healthy and has shown no burst. Swope had injury issues, Watford can’t crack the lineup as he is inconsistent.

    Here is my issue with the 2013 draft class; See if you notice something about 2014;

    Bowles found a way to use Bucannon and uses him in that LB spot and I think he will grow into a good player. Nicklas has made it to the field and looks like he is contributing. Martin is on the field playing. Although he is a work in progress, he has shown enough to be on the field. Ed Stinson has played well at times and, like Martin is a work in progress.

    Do you notice it? If you are good, you make it to the field. They get you in for a few plays to help you learn and grow. And when you get those chances, you flash.That is how players grow.

  46. By Jason on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    Again, you’re saying those guys are going to be impact players based on your evaluation, not on tangible proof on the field. You’re doing the same thing that you’re criticizing defenders of Cooper are doing.

  47. By Jason on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    On another point you made about getting players on the field. All the players you mentioned are guys who play rotational positions, oline is a position where you want the same five guys provided they are playing well.

  48. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply


    Correct sir. But at least I addressed a long needed need at OLB.

    As for Tannehill;

    It is hard to evaluate what is going on in Miami. Last year, they had the bullying scandal that lost two starting olineman not to mention, they let Jake Long walk.
    His receiving core is not that strong and had no featured back. He was sacked 58 times with the lack of protection.

    With all that going on, he still put up 60% comp, 24 TDs and 4000 yds in his second year.

    This year, they fired the OC, reached in the first for a Tackle, added a back who gets injured and added no weapons at receiver. Then said go out and succeed.

    I haven’t watched enough Dolphin games to say if it is Tannehill or not, but I would bet if he was under Arians with Fitz and Floyd and Brown and Ellington in the backfield, along with this line, I think he would be just fine.

  49. By Jason on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    In fairness if you go back and review that 2012 roster and our inability to run the ball and protect the QB…I mean our ineptitude as an offense and it’s arguable oline was the top need next to QB. We finished top 5 in pass defense and notched 38 sacks which was tied for 9th. Going into last years draft you have to think with Abraham and Shaunessy coming back and Acho and Okafor coming off injury they felt they had the pieces. If you remember the only safety I liked round 1 was Pryor and I was high on edge rusher. I can see the logic.

    I haven’t watched a single Dolphin game just saw the news on NFL network. I mentioned earlier this year that Tannehill came into the best situation with Sherman his HC in college being hired as the OC to the team that drafted him. It’s interesting that he’s struggling to get acclimated to a new offense. I think it was you that said a great QB makes his skill player look better 🙂 and he has Wallace and Clay who are not scrubs. I’m just giving you a hard time because Tannehill is your guy, I’m confident he’ll get it together.

  50. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 23, 2014 | Reply


    I like the fact that you remember all the draft picks I liked. I also like that you hold me to my comments, good or bad.

    Yes, would we have been better with Vacarro at Safety last year and Abraham and Collins as our OLBs last year ? (Collins rotating with Shaughnessy)

    Dont forget the trade down netted another 2nd round player and I liked Terron Armstead who is playing at LT but could be moved to LG this year.

    Yes, I would have drafted Lawrence and only time will tell how good or bad that pick would be, but you have to admit, the thought of Collins and Lawrence being the OLBs in November and December sure seems more appealing then Acho and Okefer / Keiser / Shaughnessy.

  51. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    All good points.

    I have to say I enjoy our arguments because you stay on topic, have a good memory, and are logical about your comments.

    As for rotational players, yes. But you could and should get your 7th over all pick on the field for a play here and there. Goal line, something.

    I also get the point that I am basing my two OLBs potential, in the same way many are basing Coopers potential. But let’s be real, Lawrence’s potential is a lot more exciting and needed than Cooper’s.

    I put myself out there and stick by my picks. I expect to get people ragging on me when my guys start playing poorly.

    I’m surprised I didn’t get more crap for liking Ponder the year before. Granted, I did say he should be taken at the end of one or beginning of two, but I thought he would have done better than he has.

    I broke my own rule with Ponder. You can’t make excuses for holes in their game just because they are coming off a bad injury. Ponder showed enough good and the bad was blamed on missing his Jr year with injury. That is how you miss with a QB.

  52. By Jason on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    Lawerence’s potential is more exciting because of how things have worked out. Ted Larsen and Paul Fanika have played extremely well while personal issues/injuries derailed Abraham and Dockett’s impact.

    I still believe if Cooper and Watford come in next offseason and take those starting guard jobs that 2013 draft class suddenly looks infinitely better. I’d also like to see Okafor and Minter make noise THIS year and Mathieu make a full comeback.

  53. By John The Draft Guy on Sep 24, 2014 | Reply

    I believe in Mathieu. He will make a comeback.

    Okefer has been hampered by injuries, when healthy he plays the run well but I never saw that burst.

    I think Minter is who he is. Nothing wrong with a two down run stuffing, down hill ILB. Unless you are use to Dansby and Washington.

    Watford has looked great at times and really bad at times. Consistency is his key.

    Cooper? Sometimes an injury and a pocket full of guaranteed money can make you a little less hungry. I cant understand why he isnt standing out in practice.

    Now, we went around and around about 2014 and Bucannon. I thought he was going to be a wasted pick. But I love the role Bowles has found for him. I said he was an in the box safety and Bowles made him into a nickle ILB. Add 15 pounds in the off season and he could be the next Thomas Davis.

    I think Niklas will bloom eventually.

    John Brown is already there and will only get better.

    Not sure about Martin. Just can’t get a read on him. I’m not sure why.
    Stinson looks like a guy that will have a solid back up rotational career.

    I think 2014 is a better draft and most of that stems from Bowles creativity.

  54. By br in nc on Sep 25, 2014 | Reply

    First, Jason I have to thank you, saved me a lot of typing on my tiny azz phone, (very painful at times) thanks for taking up the argument for Cooper!!!

    Draft Guy,
    Like you, I’am very bull headed when it comes to college prospects that I come out and endorse (case in point, Logan Thomas) I admire that quality in anyone, as well as the quality to man up and admit when you are wrong, which I have no problem doing as well, I have had to eat crow many, many times!! I base my “evaluation” (for lack of a better word) on his college performance, I will admit I’m not much for combine #’s, though a lot of NFL teams use those #’s and have success, I’m still old school, either you can play or you can’t! I was force fed UNC games and in that time Cooper impressed the hell out of me, as well he was pretty impressive last training camp and in the preseason game before breaking his leg. I saw him dominate for to long not to believe in him coming around. As I have stated, I agree with you that it is time to overcome the mental setback he had in not trusting his own body, the Cardinals pay him way to much money for him to keep this “not sure the leg is ready” attitude. I also agree that guaranteed money in ones pocket can effect the level of play (PP is a perfect example, he wanted to be paid like the #1 CB, now he needs to prove it, and he hasn’t to this point) but in Coopers case I seen way to many impressive games to think he is going to be a bust, he is far to talented, when he gets his shot the real Coop will shine!! On the other hand, I don’t believe you disrupt the Oline right now, or at all this season, Larsen has earned his starting position and short of injury to himself or Sendlien, don’t try and fix what isn’t broken. As far as the money they are paying Cooper that is slotted and governed by rookie contracts, which I think is 1000 times better than it used to be, but the Cardinals Haas very little say as to the amount of money they are paying Cooper, PR any player who is on a rookie contract, which of course you are well aware of. Bottom line, it is to early to say either way whether Cooper was a wasted pick or not, but one thing is for sure (and it is well documented on here) one of us willbe right, and the other will be eating a huge helping of crow!! (Just a heads up, I have hundreds of recipes for making a tasty meal out of that nasty little bird they call crow!! LOL!!)
    I like the fact we can debate anything Cardinals and it doesn’t turn into a name calling free for all just because we have different opinions, there are some posters on here (which I have learned it is best to just ignore, because if you have a different opinion then they do, you just became every Lowlife name in the book) that I wont even respond to, knowing I will be fighting a losing battle and not debating/discussing which is the whole purpose of this forum, in the end we are all Cardinal fans who are very passionate about our team!!
    JTDG – You may find this hard to believe, but I’am a huge Tannehill supporter, I would have loved to seen the Cardinals draft him, not sure if I was as big a fan as you seem to be, or was in the past, I had not found this site yet, but if I had I would have been harping for the Cards to draft him, I would not have traded up though and of course, now that we can look back, Mr Floyd turned out to be the perfect pick. And our QB situation has worked out just fine as well. RT is/was doing just fine for the fins, but being a QB your the hero when things are going ok, and of course you are the zero at the first sign of trouble, that is just the nature of the business.
    Jason – I have to admit your memory of postings on here is very impressive, I couldn’t begin to recall in such detail postings that I have composed, let alone other people’s postings!!! Very impressive sir!!!

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