Broncos aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 5, 2014 – 7:48 pm

In his last meeting with the media Friday before playing the Broncos, Bruce Arians talked about weathering the storm early. If his team could do that, they’d have a chance to win Sunday. The funny thing is, I think the Cardinals did weather the storm, and until Drew Stanton went out with a concussion, I think they would’ve been in the game.

But Arians apparently didn’t see the tornado coming that turned out to be Peyton Manning’s day, which hit the same time as the hurricane of injuries blowing through. (Yes, I’m mixing my weather metaphors. Work with me.)

There was a reason the Broncos’ game wasn’t an end-all, be-all to the Cards. With a struggling Washington team visiting Arizona next week and then a trip to Oakland, the Cardinals had the opportunity to take on some lesser teams. But now, the equation has changed, hasn’t it? It was bad enough to have lost Darnell Dockett for the season, but to have Calais Campbell sidelined with an MCL sprain/tear/TBD for maybe a month? That is a painful, painful loss to absorb.

And that doesn’t even touch on the quarterback situation, which as of right now could include all three QBs available next weekend or could be just one, and the one is the inexperienced Logan Thomas – who looked appropriately overwhelmed Sunday in his NFL debut.

The Cards were saying all the right things after the game, but this is going to be another major suck-it-up type of the season. Having a QB would help, but as I write this on the flight home, it’s impossible to know where  Palmer and Stanton might be Wednesday, much less for kickoff against the Redskins.

— Manning was fantastic. Again. He did throw two interceptions – and the duck Jerraud Powers picked off was a bad, bad pass – but to have a career-best in passing yards after a career like he has had, is just special. Peyton was Peyton. It doesn’t hurt to have all those crossing patterns that border on pick plays, but really, that wasn’t the story. Manning knew where he could exploit the Cardinals, and he commenced exploitation.

— Always impressed when a guy comes out and meets the media no problem after a bad game. Antonio Cromartie stood there and answered the questions. He played poorly and said so. But that’s also the reality of leaving those guys on an island, and Demaryious Thomas – despite a slow start – is one of the league’s better receivers. Painful to note – he would have given up an extra 77-yard TD pass to Thomas, except that was the play tight end Julius Thomas chopped blocked Campbell out of the game.

— Calais, how could you possibly let Peyton cost you a pick-6? “Don’t give me a full tackle for that,” Manning said. “Give me like a half. Barely grazed his leg.”

— I haven’t really looked closely at the Campbell hit. But I’m not sure how you legislate that short of suspending a guy. And I don’t know if that is the answer either.

— USA Today got Julius Thomas to talk about the Cards’ contention of it being a dirty play. “I guarantee you being dirty is not part of my game, and to intentionally hurt somebody is something I would never do,” Thomas said. Thomas said he had a miscommunication with tackle Ryan Clady on who was supposed to block Campbell on the play.

— The protection wasn’t quite as consistent as previous games, but I didn’t think the line played poorly. DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller are going to get to the quarterback. They are among the best in the league. There was more pressure after Logan Thomas came in, but that’s expected when the QB is inexperienced. The first sack, when Ware beat Jared Veldheer, it looked to me Thomas dropped a little too far back and never moved up into the pocket until it was too late.

— That was a pretty pass Thomas drilled in there to Andre Ellington for the 81-yard TD. You take whatever highlights you can if you are Thomas. Something to remember. Got to do better than 1-for-8, obviously.

— The craziness of the NFL’s passing rating though: Thomas, because of his long TD, had a passer rating of 108.9 despite going 1-for-8. Manning, 31-of-47 for 479 yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs, had a passing rating of 110.2.

— Can’t kick field goals against the Broncos. Can miss wide-open TD passes like Stanton-to-Housler or Stanton-to-Smokey Brown. Can’t drop the ball, repeatedly, when a catch gives you a first down. And it was equal opportunity drops.

We’ll see how easily the Cards can put this in the rear view. And who, exactly, they have to use against the Redskins.


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56 Responses to “Broncos aftermath”

  1. By jakeplummersghost on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    I’m salty. Bring on the deadskins…

  2. By Brad oneill on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Ted Gin has been a liability this year, i was ready to cut him right up until his return for a td made me say to myself there he is okay good. But again i am thinking why is he here?

    john brown is human its okay he will have many great days i can live with a bad game from a rookie.

    That 3rd string qb reminded me of the old days.

    If the cardinals meet the broncos in the super bowl it will be a bloody revenge game. There was a lot of bulletin board material in that game. The hit on campbell, running up of stats, embarrassing dbs that aren’t going to accept being embarrassed. Peyton had cromarties number but a lot of what he got was due to exhaustion. If the offense was anywhere near decent i think our defense wins that game for us. But the offense failed it failed early and often. No interceptions is great but 3 and outs killed any chance we had.

    Still love this team, still think we beat denver in the superbowl but we have to win a bunch of games first if we want another shot.

  3. By Schwabie on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Julio Thomas’ low “chop block” on Campbell was premeditated and was targeted square at the knee. Replays don’t lie… Brutal. Too bad the NFL doesn’t have the guts to suspend Thomas the same number of games that Campbell will miss because of this injury.

  4. By TucsonTim on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Equal opportunity drops, well put, kept our defense on the field all day in the thin air of Denver. Number one reason we lost this one.

  5. By TucsonTim on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    And taking a guys knee out is a dirty play, disappointed there wasn’t pay back.

  6. By rod on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    This team has been built out of men with heart and class. They may have even wanted to but just like how they don’t hotdog and make a huge dance scene when they score, class.

  7. By TucsonTim on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    And I thought Fitz might actually use the bye week to study the play book and line up correctly and run the appropriate routes….what the heck is going on there?

  8. By Richard S on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    I recorded and watched the Senior Bowl after the draft and in something like 13 snaps at QB Logan was sacked 5 times. I scratched my head as to why he was drafted and hope it isn’t because of homeritis, (he went to the same school as Arians). I hope it isn’t another case of the St. Louis football Cardinals drafting Steve Pisarkiewicz because he dropped back into his own endzone and threw a TD pass to beat Nebraska. Of course that cost the Cards a first round draft pick, not a 4th rounder.

  9. By Red Dead Redemption on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    This means nothing, outside of the injuries – key word injuries.
    Let me take you all back to December 21 2008. The ESPN headline reading, ‘Patriots keep playoffs alive with a laugher’.

    The Cardinals lost at New England 47 to 7, dropping to 8-7.

    They won the next game, and made a amazing run to the Superbowl, only to lose it in the final seconds. So you can be blown out and have a perfectly fine season.

    That being said this team has a history, of having a respectable non playoff year (not as good as last year 10-6), and having high expectations the next. Especially the Plummer years, with Denny Green and also with Whiz.

    Only to be decimated by injuries, all but taking them out of the running to the playoffs. This feels a bit like a 17 hamstring injuries year, where the Cardinals are snake bit.

    But this team also feels tougher, and a better team than years past. Even with injuries. I still think they make the playoffs. But I feel they have to beat The Redskins, and The Raiders, to pad the record. Also beating the rams twice would help. Bottom line is they need to beat the teams they are supposed to.

    If Logan Thomas is in there? I like the kid, he will get better (lets give him more time) but he reminds me of the Timm Rosenbach Cardinals, or the Max Hall Cardinals. This team has no chance without Palmer or Stanton in there.

  10. By Richard S on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    The game when Cromartie came out with an injury and Arians said it was a bruise, when I watched it on tape it didn’t look like he hit anything with his knee that would make a bruise. It looked more like something bad happened. I wonder if he’s playing hurt and Manning knew it and that’s why he got picked on. When asked about the bruise, I read in some publication that Cromartie said something like “If that’s what Arians says it is” implying that there might be more to it.

  11. By Dr. G. on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Well, as not to review the ugliness and injuries of the Denver game, and I do not want to appear naive; I will simply point to our 3-1 record for the 1st quarter. We have 3 more quarters to play. Coach BA summed things up well by posing more concern for the injuries than the loss. I want to see a Denver TE suspended!

    And, I am confident that Keim and the coaches will seek the players as needed and coach up the team to press on. I have never felt more confident in a football staff….the one we have now. Here’s hoping the injuries to Calais, PP, and Drew are minor…and that they will get back soon to the game they love… this is where the sterling CHARACTER of this team kicks in…. Be well Cards Fans….

  12. By JohnnyBluenose on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    I guess we will know soon enough what our quarterback situation will be. Right now, it doesn’t look good and Keim does not have much time to figure out what he needs to do. Back in 1967 the Colts found themselves in trouble. Late in the year Johnny Unitas went out with a season ending injury. No problem. Back-up quarterback Gary Cuozzo stepped up….and promptly separated his shoulder. Shula had to turn to back-up running back Tom Matte to play quarterback. Matte played the final two games of the season, winning one and losing one in overtime to the Packers. The Packers went on to win the SuperBowl. Matte threw sparingly and often ran the ball himself. It was a different game then. Now, you need a passer or at least the threat of a passer. At least our third choice to play quarterback, Logan Thomas is a real quarterback. We all hope he is. But who backs him up if neither Palmer nor Stanton can play? Surely not Ginn or Patrick Peterson. Does Keim have to sign a John Skelton or a Brady Quinn or a Jon Kitna so that there is someone with experience to back-up Thomas? And. if so, that means someone has to be released. We are really shuffling the deck this year. The next few days will be interesting to say the least. I know the mantra throughout the league and certainly with our team is “next man up”. Fair enough. We all know the games have to be played. We can’t forfeit or throw in the towel because we don’t have a quarterback. But it is discouraging to look into the barrel and realize it is almost empty. Losing Campbell hurts too. I know we still have 12 games left to play. We only need to win eight of them. But that doesn’t seem as easy now as it did yesterday.

  13. By Dynosoar on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    I loved Thomas to Ellington for 81 yards with a Floyd block. Ginn Jr. inactivate him for a game or two, that should bring back the Ginn Jr. we gave a contract to. Thomas vs. RGIII, should be good.

    I watched this one, most of it. I don’t want to hang it on bad calls, but c’mon.

    These penalties were not called, for whatever reason and each could have been a game changer. (They may not have, but the non-call certainly affected the outcome.)

    Here are just three non-calls, there were others.

    Stanton hit that took him out, defender led with helmet. I thought that’s a 15 yard penalty and 1st down instead of a punt.

    Logan Thomas received a hit on third down, clearly after he had thrown the ball (one of his 7 misses). 15 yards for roughing the passer and a first down instead of a punt.

    Touchdown to go to 34 points, a Denver O-Lineman wrapped arms around the leg of our pass rusher on Peyton’s blindside. 10 yards for holding, no touchdown and replay down. Peyton could’ve still gotten the ball in the endzone, but it would’ve been 10 yards further.


  14. By Dynosoar on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Our O-line allowed defenders to be around our QB a lot. 13% passer rating is a far cry from the 60% I believe a playoff caliber QB needs to have.

    Denver and Peyton had a great game that was unreal. I see bad calls and non-calls every game and I hate it. I called out the roughing our passer that was called against San Diego because I didn’t feel it should have been called. This game, we were on the recieving end of bad officiating.

    I understand with big money at play bad officiating will happen. And everyone wants Manning to have his big day, but he would’ve had a big day without submarining the opponents. Ratings be hanged, let the players play and just call real penalties.

    Rant over and Darren, please, if you feel I’m off base let me know. You’ve always provided fair reporting. Were those three non-calls in my previous post, in your opinion, penalties? Thanks.

  15. By Chris B on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    I haven’t commented in a while and I’m sure mine will be 50th down the line as it is but;

    1- Anyone who says the Cardinals got embarrassed, crushed, blown out was not watching the same game. I saw a back-up QB and his team go toe-to-toe with the greatest QB and his team for 3.5 quarters.

    2- Add 2 TDs for Cards (Housler, Brown) and subtract 1 for Denver (Brown dropped 3rd down pass before half time that would have kept Denver off the field) and this would be a different game with a different ending.

    3- Logan Thomas was bad. I don’t blame him, but he got more lucky than good on that TD pass. If you aren’t religious, I’d say put that on hold and pray Palmer and/or Stanton can play next week. If Thomas is our QB, we will lose.

    4- Julius Thomas should be suspended. that was an intentional attempt to hurt a player.

    5- I don’t fault Cromartie, I really don’t. Manning is the best there is, it happens sometimes.

    6- We are still in first place.

  16. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    8-0 at home. 4-4 on the road = 12-4. That is the goal
    Losing in Denver isn’t a big deal. We weren’t going 16-0.

    The injuries are another thing. How many can the cards absorb?

    Clearly it was a cheap shot on Campbell.
    One thing I noticed is the LT pulled his hand back after setting up. Why is that important? It makes me believe the LT knew Thomas was going to cut him. He set up, then pulled the hands back to not engage and trying not to get a flag. so Campbell thought he was engaging with the LT and never saw the chop.

    If you saw what I saw, you would agree with Arians that it was one of the dirtiest plays ever.

  17. By Chuck 1 on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    The BAD
    * Massie playing like a Levi Brown turnstile, causing Stanton to be sacked twice.
    * Injuries to Stanton, Campbell and Peterson
    * Receivers dropping passes like they’re hot potatoes.
    * Cromartie covering like an aged FORMER Pro Bowler
    * No pressure on the opposing QB, even with blitzes.
    * Inability to get a touchdown when in the Red Zone.
    * DBs getting burned time after time.
    * Inability to run the ball effectively

    The GOOD
    * Cat’s kicking
    * Wafford’s fight to recover Ginn’s fumble.

    Man coverage isn’t going to work against an excellent QB. Forget blitzing and just rush four (or maybe five) and give help to the DBs.

    Draft priorities for 2015:
    #1: Pass rusher
    #2: Right tackle
    #3 ILB
    #4: Pass rusher
    #5: DB
    #6: WR
    #7: NT

  18. By Brad oneill on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Absolutely on watfords hustle play that was pure heart and could
    Have turned the game. Definitely the highlight of the game for me as a fan seeing our guys fight like that.

  19. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    He was put in a tough spot today. I’m not getting on him at all. But We can not and will not win with Thomas at QB. The one completion he had should have never been thrown. He is so raw, it is going to take a long while to be ready.

    Why dont we call him what he is? This guy is a ILB. He has started 3 of the 4 games at LB. I said back in week one, he reminded me of a safety turned LB with Carolina named Thomas Davis. I like Bucannon and I like Jefferson. Let’s keep them both on the field. He is a rookie who will only get better. Same for TJ.

    Pass Rush;
    This is getting stupid. We have no pass rush and now Campbell is gone. Keim has done some good things, but not addressing the pass rush could cost us.

    Interesting Cro was on the best receiver and not PP. Sanders has made some plays, but Thomas is the man. As for Cro getting beat, remember he got injured in the last game? He looked a little awkward at time out there. I wonder if he is healthy.

    This group let Stanton down. Drew battled and threw catchable balls. What was there, 8-9 drops? Smokey needs to catch the ball. His 3 drops today killed us. Of course Floyd, Fitz and Housler had big drops too. Isn’t this the strength of the team?

    Man do we need Palmer back. The redskins is a game we should win if we can wheel out Palmer or Stanton.

    He will get grieve but that was Von Miller, maybe the best pass rusher in football. I give Massie a pass. He held up most of the time.

  20. By Cardman on Oct 5, 2014 | Reply

    Taking Julius Thomas at his word for a moment, I’m wondering why the Broncos would prefer to have him, a tightend, blocking Calais. Is there some advantage to having him blocking Calais as opposed to a big offensive lineman?

    Let’s regroup! Hopefully Palmer (and Stanton) can get healthy for next week’s game. Otherwise, I am going to start having Whiz flashbacks. We’ll need all the help we can get with these injuries. It would be great news if Bethel’s injury isn’t too serious. Our special teams just isn’t the same without him.

    I understand some people are going to be upset with Cro for giving up all those yards. And I suppose it’s easy to be critical of a highly respected veteran. But when a corner gives up that many yards that tells me that the receiver was just flat out better. Coaches make mistakes and in this case, the scheme did not suit the players we had on the field. It was either that or Cro was injured.

  21. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    It was a tough day because of the injuries.

    The game itself, I’m not too worried about. In fact, I’m pretty happy with how we played, considering how many guys we’ve already lost on D, plus the fact that we went in with our 2nd string QB and finished with our 3rd string guy who clearly isn’t ready.

    Any Cards fan who is down on this team after today needs to review where we are. If you looked at the schedule when it was released you’d have to assume this was a loss. Going into Denver against the reigning AFC champs, 13-3 last year, 606 points, with one of the best if not the best QB of all time. Now throw in that we’d be starting Stanton, etc… I’ll take 3-1 any day of the week with two teams looking like the best in the AFC (SD and Denver) out of the way. SD is 4-1 with a +71 spread since we beat them, including a win vs. Seattle.

    Look what happened to the other unbeaten team today… they got whupped much worse than we did, down 20-3 at half and 34-10 midway through the 3rd against a team that everyone was starting to worry wasn’t all that good. I mean, we were within 4 points going into the 4th quarter… within 7 points until halfway through the 4th. Yeah, we lost by 21, but after already losing Stanton, with Thomas unable to do anything to sustain a drive (granted the one throw to Ellington was pretty), an exhausted D got exploited by Peyton. But let’s face it, as great a QB as he is, his record-breaking day was as much about our 9 first downs as anything else. And it’s hard to expect much from Thomas.

    So yeah, the final score looks like a blowout and the stat line — with a 24-9 first down edge and the ridiculous yardage disparity — looks like one of those college games where a top team plays East Appalachian Valley State for an easy win before the real games start. But in reality, this game was close until the end, and with the Cards playing on the road, and down to their 3rd string guy, the fact that we were being kicked off to down only 7 points after a Broncos FG early in the 4th made this Cards fan pretty excited.

    Now, Calais going down, Stanton going down… that is really the only thing I’m worried about.

  22. By Alex on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Nobody mentioned it before (or i was blind), but i really loved the pass rush that we had last year, and this year in some plays.(against rivers in his last drive..etc.)…then against giants eli could move the ball well(fortunately they were dumb), kape in the first half, and yesterday peyton as i remember was sacked only once…no hard hits, and he became very confident… i hope we will getting better as we move on the season, if we rise our pass rush, our secondary will have more turnovers, and more 3 n outs. anyway our team has great potential (many backups n rookies against the afc champs and down by 7, 8 mins before the end..), and if injuries dont kill us, we will be very hot in the second half of the season.

    Now, somehow get two W, which is neccessary to stay in he position that we deserve. Go Cards!

  23. By Scott H on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Ugh. OK, losing to the Broncos in Denver is not the worst thing. Being 3-1 after 4 games is not the worst thing when the only loss came against the Broncos in Denver. Not winning this game would be excusable, especially when you lose your QB and best defensive player during the game. But…

    Damn, man….do you have to give Peyton Manning his best day ever and give up the most yards a Cardinals team has given up since 1973 in the process??? I stand corrected on my earlier statement that this team is too good to get rolled by the Broncos. Peyton Manning, once again, made it look easy. And I truly believed this defense would never let another team make it look easy. But…..OK. Peyton Manning has made it look easy against a lot of good teams along the way. We weren’t the first, won’t be the last.

    200-plus yards and 2 TD’s to the opposing TE??? Ya know, Julius Thomas is a damn good TE but….I’m sorry, THAT is more about this team’s inexplicable total and complete ineptitude to defend against opposing TE’s. HOW has this not been fixed by now????

    They weren’t gonna go 16-0 and losing your first game of the season to Denver IN DENVER is not a tragedy. But getting smoked the way they did just doesn’t feel good.

    And now it’s Campbell down for at least a month or so and Stanton has a concussion.. I have no idea why the football Gods are so intent on dealing every bad blow possible to the Arizona Cardinals, but….uncle, already. DAMMIT!!!!!

  24. By Paul Liccardi on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I believe they will bounce back and the hit on Campbell was bull as well as running up the score, I just cant understand how 2 years in a row tight ends are again killing us, I thought we drafted dieon buchanon just for that I guess it is not working, because we got roasted again, as far as running the score up its the NFL stuff happens I don’t personally agree with it exspecially when its to set a record, if that’s what you have to do to set a record then you can have that record and you know what you can do with it.

  25. By Coach K on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Darren, I have to vent…

    Our receivers literally dropped the ball way too many times and let Drew down. Massie needs to learn better angles against quick outside backers. Ted Ginn is a joke. Yes, he had one big TD against the Giants, but this dude cannot catch a freaking beach ball. I say DUMP GINN immediately. He is just taking up roster space.

    And can somebody please teach our third string quarterback there is no such thing as a ten step drop. How the hell can he drop that deep right into the path of the rushing outside ends. How damn stupid can this kid be to not at least step up back into his protection? I know he’s a rookie, but he is a professional NFL quarterback. A high school quarterback is smart enough to understand how to step up into the pocket. I’m very disappointed in Logan.

    But this venting today is all on Ted Ginn. What a worthless waste of roster space. I’m sorry, but Ginn ha to go!

  26. By Marcelof on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    The TV broadcast here in brazil said nothing bout that 3rd and something stanton to smokey brown pass which he had both his hands slapped away by the defensive end. Wouldn’t it be a pass interference?!

    I think it was close to the 6 yard line.
    That’s long for being an excuse, however a TD there could’ve changed the game a bit.

  27. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Marcelof —

    RE: Brown PI

    There was a play which at first looked like it might have been a Brown drop but replay showed the DB did knock Brown’s arms down before the ball arrived. A missed call. Given the later injuries, didn’t impact the game.

  28. By Marlin on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I normally respect your commentary, but….
    “it looked like Thomas dropped back a little too far and didn’t step up into the pocket”……..that wins the award for best understatement of the century
    “that was a pretty pass from Thomas to Ellington”……you’ve got to be kidding, he didn’t even know where the ball went
    Logan Thomas looked absolutely horrible out there……let’s just say it!

  29. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Marlin —

    RE: Thomas

    And, with all due respect, how do you have any idea where Thomas thought he was throwing it?

    Watch the replay. Looked like he threw it right where he wanted to. Can you question whether he should have thrown it? Sure. But that’s what happens when guys with big arms believe they can rifle it into a tight window. Where else would he have been throwing it?

    I didn’t say Thomas played well. I’ve said all along the Cardinals were in trouble if Thomas had to play. I said it was a pretty pass. It went into a tight window. It was what it was. Just like Manning’s pass barely over the fingers of Cro to Thomas for the 86-yard TD. Inches, and Cro knocks that down. That’s this game. Inches from a good play.

  30. By Marlin on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    We were in it head to head until John Brown dropped that pass with a minute and a half left in the first half. We should have been kicking a field goal to end the half and take the lead. His drop caused an 11 point swing. Too many dropped balls. The receivers were terrible yesterday.

  31. By Marlin on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Ted Ginn needs to be benched. Bring up B. Golden to take his place.

  32. By georgiebird on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    When is anyone going to block Von Miller. For an All Pro LB, I can’t believe how many of his sacks are unimpeded to the QB. Poor Lawrence Taylor had to get thru 3 guys, Miller goes thru nobody. Too bad our LBs don’t play in the scheme that Miller does.

  33. By Andy Kw on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    First, we lost our defensive MVP ILB Karlos Dansby to free agency
    Second, we lost Pro Bowl ILB Daryl Washington to suspension for the season.
    Third, we lost our long time DT Darnell Dockett for the season due to torn ACL
    Fourth, Carson Palmer has an aggravated shouldner nerve and has missed many games.
    Fifth, we lost our leading pass rusher of 2013 OLB John Abraham due to concussion like symptoms, throughout his career, for the season.
    Fifth, we lose our best DL/DE Calais Campbell for 2-4 weeks due to an injured MCL.
    Sixth, we will probably lose our backup QB Drew Stanton for a week or two due to concussion.
    Seventh, we will probably lose Pro Bowl CB Patrick Peterson for a week if not then limited because of a sprained ankle.

  34. By clssylssy on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I do NOT want to see Logan Thomas, under any circumstances, under center against the Redskins, the Chiefs, the Rams etc, simply because he’s NOT READY.
    He may have talent but it’s not developed, he has no NFL game experience, and hasn’t even taken the necessary snaps with the first team to prepare him–he lacks the necessary preparation and game maturity that can’t be crammed overnight. When you think about it, the Cards actually held their own against Peyton and his band of dirty little thugs with a backup QB and various substitutes for our first string team so, in that light, not so bad. Defense either ran out of gas or just threw in the towel after the Ellington TD and it seemed all was lost.
    I think we went into Denver without the “killer instinct” that we have been playing with, or perhaps, the bye served to kill the momentum we started out with. At any rate, we weren’t playing this game like it counted in the same way our division games do when, in fact ,this was one of the biggest games on our schedule, if for no other reason than they are a playoff team.
    The Broncos should be punished as well as Thomas for the dirty hit on Calais (typical Elway) but I doubt that will happen as “player safety” while having a nice ring is not nearly as PC as pot, domestic abuse and other social issues, AND this is Peyton, & John Elway and the team custom built to win the Lomardi. We don’t play Denver that often so, weren’t prepared for how dirty they are and mistakenly believed that the team was as worthy of respect as their leader, Peyton Manning.
    Hopefully, we’ll get Carson back this week and Stanton won’t be out long, perhaps our coaching staff will start using the best weapon we have instead of forcing balls to rookie John Brown or Michael Floyd. Going into our home game we will still be tied with the Hawks for first in the west and we’re going to have to fight to keep the 9ers from passing us!
    Sure would LOVE to see the Chargers and Chiefs keep Denver out of the playoffs; now that would be karma!

  35. By Dynosoar on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Wow, a lot of thumbs down. Clearly ya’ll saw something I didn’t see. I don’t want to be all conspiracy and all, but this is what I saw. I hope there’s explanations with the thumb downs.

    I also believe injuries and a very effective pass rush on Denver’s part played a roll. But, these non-calls would’ve changed the tenor of the game, maybe not the outcome, but we would’ve stayed alive.

    Still, Denver played a great game and outplayed us. Interesting.

  36. By georgiebird on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    My main hope on the Broncos game is that in not playing Palmer it will keep the Cards from getting too down about the final score. Especially because the game was in doubt

  37. By georgiebird on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Takeaways from the Broncos game- (given the QB situation)
    1) Cards have not developed a running game this year even w/ speed receivers
    2) Our young LBs have not made it to the next level
    3) Time for BA and the coaches to make their in season adjustments since teams will learn from the Broncos game-granted others don’t have P. Manning

  38. By Phil on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    erm out of curiosity why wasn’t our $70 mil cornerback covering their number 1 receiver…I think when DT started to burn Cromartie we should’ve changed it up…

  39. By King Tut on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I have a lot of confidence in our head coach…..

    I think we have a resilient bunch and I see us coming out of next week 4-1.. Then we get the Raiders….. so 5-1???!!!

    Things aren’t so bad 🙂

  40. By georgiebird on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Tired of hearing about the players we have lost. In the NFL teams lose players for a variety of reasons to include the Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice fiascos. The Cards loss of both QBs is a legit concern and only one other team has lost the top two.
    Yesterday the Falcons played with only one OL in his set position. In effect, the Jets play with no pro QB.
    Of more concern should be all the reasons why our defensive backs are getting beat by 10-15 yards.

  41. By Paul on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Hopefully this game will serve as a “don’t get too comfortable about your chances” to make the playoffs this year. Use this game to study what we did wrong AND what we did right. Denver could be considered the best team in the league. We hung in there until the 4th quarter. We have the talent to play at this caliber, just need to study, fix, and execute.

  42. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H —

    I think you’re getting worked up over nothing. Manning had a big yardage day because (a) Denver couldn’t run the ball against our D until the 4th quarter when our guys were exhausted, and (b) we only had 9 first downs. When the best QB in the league and possibly history throws 47 passes, he’s going to end up with a ton of yards. Almost half the Broncos’ rushes (and most of their rushing yards) were in the 4th when the game was basically over and we had no Calais; other than that, it was all Manning, all the time.

    So he set a record. Who cares? If we have our starting QB out there, or even Stanton for the whole game, that record doesn’t get set. Could Cro have played better? Sure. Could the D as a whole have played better? Yes. But when your offense only has 9 first downs the other team is going to have a big yardage day… and in this case, most of those yards are going to be passing yards.

    We didn’t get smoked. We were within 4 points going into the 4th quarter after starting the game with Stanton and having Thomas in at that point. Now, once he was in, I figured our only chance was fluke plays — a special teams TD or something. So I wasn’t counting on a win, but we were hardly “smoked.” The final score looked like a blowout, but this game was anything but. Want to see a blowout — look at how NE manhandled the other unbeaten team last night. Our guys played valiantly on the road with a backup QB.

  43. By Eric G on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Despite the fact that everyone knows you are not supposed to block a defender at or below his knees, Thomas did it anyways. It was a dirty play and it was intentional. There is never any excuse to start a block by going at someone’s knee. Too bad Football isn’t more like baseball in getting revenge when that happens.

  44. By rod on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    Would you mind asking Coach why Housler is starting instead of Fells. Sure seems like he is better for us than Housler. Is Fells injured?

  45. By BigAl on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    To everyone who was disappointed in yesterday’s performance…Something my neighbor (who grew up & spent half of his 60 plus years in Colorado) brought up to me early this morning…He claimed he has seen this scenario play out many a time in “Mile High Air”…(I know its not called that anymore) however the condiition
    still remains…He said, particularly w/the bye week…he would have liked to have seen the Cards go up to Flagstaff & practice up there this past week to get acclimated to the “mile high air”!
    If you think about how this game played out…we were in it even until the 4th qtr…
    And still we were all disappointed w/our vaunted defense being disected by one of the best ever! Then, take into account the dropped passes that could have either maintained drives…ie. resting the defense…& keeping Peyton off the field!
    Anyone else think they might have needed a rest??? Or some Air? They were looking more & more tired sucking air in the 4th qtr!
    I have to even wonder about the drops themselves??? Not to make excuses for
    Ginn, Housler, & Smokey have dropped passes b4 we all know… but others dropped passes too, who normally don’t…
    OK negatives…
    I have seen alot of Ginn bashing here & I always felt we far over paid him w/too many years as well as $$$…now were stuck w/him CAP wise for awhile…
    As for Housler…I am totally at a loss for what these Coaches keep seeing in him that I don’t see??? I have said it b4…He can’t block, he can’t catch! He’s taking up a roster spot! Send him back to Whisencountry!
    Not sure about why after 2 years T. Bowles apparently disrespects TE’s, we still don’t have answer for? And DBuc as the answer aint! Someone said he reminded them of an ILB…I tend to agree…he kinda reminds me of a tweener like Pat Tilman was…
    One last thought….try to imagine this game restarting from the begining w/a healthy John Abraham from about week 10 from last year…I only mention this because that, along w/ catching just half of those pass drops changes this game entirely…Keim/Arians did not know about Abraham’s problems going back to the draft & not until late in FA…For what its worth, with all these injuries & loss of players…this team has hung together extremely well! Hang in there!

  46. By jimmip on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I’m disappointed in the DB’s play for sure but a few of the long pass pass completions/TDs have Todd Bowles fingerprints on them too. By the second half it was obvious that we were getting absolutely no pressure on Manning even with the blitz. I guess it was wishful thinking that halftime adjustments would have included either more creative blitz packages or more focus on coverage. What is the point of leaving your CB’s on an island if you still are not getting any pressure on the QB?

  47. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    Did the Jets play with no pro QB or did they go into the game without a pro OC?
    I heard a good argument saying the Jets have taken pro bowl lineman and their Offensive Coordinator made them look bad. Not the best wrs in the league either.
    Must be more to it than Geno and Vick.

    As for the cards, injuries are part of the game and you must overcome. But injuries to the QB makes it tough. Especially, your first and second.

    At times like this (and in no way am I second guessing, I wanted a pass rusher in round one – D Lawrence) but wouldn’t it been nice if in hindsight we drafted Teddy Bridgewater with that 26th pick? I would feel much better going into that Skins game.

  48. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    So the question for next week is, can we make Cousins look like the Giants did, or will he look like he did against the Eagles and Jags.

  49. By brianc on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Agree with Chris B, difficult for me to blame Cromartie. I have no issues leaving Peterson on his own island but a adjustment should’ve been made with some over the top safety help for Cromartie. It isn’t like we were getting pressure on Manning anyway, give the guy some help. And this certainly wasn’t a blowout, score be damned, after 10 three and outs by the offense the D had nothing left in the tank at the end.

  50. By Scott H on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Well, thanks for trying to cheer me up ( I think ). Look, Manning didn’t just have a big yardage day. He carved our defense up. He had HIS biggest yardage day ever. When the “he” you’re talking about is Peyton Manning, that’s a little like Bob Euker saying JUUUUST a bit outside. You’re making it sound like the day he had was just a series of bad coincidences, no big deal. I beg to differ.

    Didn’t get smoked? OK. I’m not saying your perspective is wrong. I’m saying I beg to differ once again. It really doesn’t matter that the Cardinals pulled within 4 at one point in the 3rd quarter because the game didn’t stop there. We could also say the Broncos were keeping it close in that Super Bowl, too. Until they weren’t, of course. IMHO, when team A scores 20 and team B scores more than 2X that number, team A got smoked.

    I’m not interested in what the Bengals or anyone else did yesterday in terms of finding a different perspective on how I feel about my team.

    Dude…should we just agree to move on now before this goes any further?

  51. By Cardinal Sinner on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Release. Ginn. Today.

  52. By Zachary ( on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    A lot of good comments here, I’ll add my quick thoughts:

    – Want to see Jaron Brown out there, no more Ginn at WR
    – Was yelling at my TV to put PP21 on #88, Cromartie was outclassed and this adjustment should’ve been made early.
    – John Brown’s drops were frustrating but he’s a rookie, he’ll get better.
    – Was hoping we would’ve chipped Von Miller on the edge some, Massie was over his head.
    – In soccer, Julius Thomas would’ve received a Red Card, been immediately ejected and missed next week, no questions asked. Would be nice to see something similar in the NFL.
    – A lot of injuries but there are no excuses, the show goes on.

    As BA said, the good teams never lose 2 in a row, no more time to talk about Denver, let’s get ready for Washington, big game, let’s get a win!!

    GO CARDS!!!

  53. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H — that’s fine, we can let it go. I’m not sure why you post opinions on a blog if you don’t want people to respond to them, though.

  54. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    My biggest problem with Ginn is that he fair-catches balls when no one is within 10 yards of him. Why put him back there to do that?

  55. By Scott H on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Dude, c’mon! Seriously???? After the daily exchanges we had last week ( which were great ), you didn’t get the humor that was intended in what I said???? Geez, I thought that was pretty obvious. OK, since obvious humor is lost on you, feel free to respond as you’d like. I’ll do the same. We can go all week again if there’s something to be said.

    I agree with you ( amazing in itself, yes? ) and several others in regard to Ginn. We have gotten ZERO from him as a WR and that’s not a tragedy because we have plenty of guys better than him. Fine. I mean, not REALLY fine, but…whatever. The return game is clearly where we were hoping to get something special. The return against the Giants was nice. Very nice! But outside of that, he’s given us nothing. We could ask John Carlson to return punts and get as much as we’re getting from Ginn. Carlson can fair catch the ball and toss it to the refs. What did we need a “specialist” for???

  56. By Coach K on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    Bobbie Massie would get more positive yards than Ginn just falling forward.

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