NFL: Correct call on Campbell play

Posted by Darren Urban on October 6, 2014 – 10:15 am

There already has been a lot of speculation on how the low block on Calais Campbell, the one injuring him, was a good call. The NFL this morning said that indeed, the Campbell play was a chop block, violating Rule 12, Section 2, Article 3 in items c) and d). From the league: “The officials threw the flag for the ‘reverse chop.’  Julius Thomas blocked Calais Campbell ‘in the area of the thigh or lower,’ as specified by rule, and Ryan Clady engages Campbell high “simultaneously or immediately after the block” by Thomas, resulting in the penalty.”

“The play also violated part c) of the rule, known as a “lure.”  While Thomas chops Campbell, Clady ‘confronts the defensive player in a pass-blocking posture but is not physically engaged with the defensive player’ ”

Thomas could be fined. Any fines are issued from the league later in the week. Those are usually announced Friday, unless the player fined says something about it. A look at the hit, courtesy SBNation:


Former NFL head of officials Mike Pereira, now with Fox, had previously said he thought it was flag-worthy.

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  1. By eric dreos on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    The fine is like me giving up $20…..if they want to make a point and clean up these kinds of illegal plays, suspend them for the length of time the injuries player is out and their paychecks for those games are forfeited as a fine. The time frame depending on severity could by capped a one full season.

  2. By Brandon Maes on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Eric —

    Suspend him? Really? Does the nfl suspend defensive players that cause concussions? No the dont. Plus a concussion is a more serious blow than an MCL strain. Athletes can end up like a vegetable when finally walking away from the game. Yeah fine Thomas but a suspense isn’t applicable.

  3. By daniel on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    Brandon —

    You Must be a Bronco Fan!

  4. By Jeff on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Eric —

    Hey while your at it, lower how much players get paid in salary. These guys get paid serious coinage to give/take hits for 16 weeks a year.
    I watched the video clip over and over, and it looks like Campbell missed Thomas’s block and sacrificed his body for an IR salary. Clady barely touched Campbell and he defiantly touched him 2nd not 1st! Go get your eyes checked! ((Passes out tissues))

  5. By Kezar Geezer on Oct 9, 2014 | Reply

    Second part of Pereira’s point in The article: he had a pass-blocking posture (regardless of any contact). If that really is part of the rule, then we should see the flag.
    As to the fine, the NFL is still ‘evolving’ its process and the transparency of same. How did they decide on the consequence (fine)?

  6. By Jay Kenney on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Bad call, Mike. Campbell was already falling down. Clady only pushed Campbell AFTER he was falling!

  7. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Jay —

    RE: “Bad call”

    But if the rule specifically says there is a “lure” component, and the second player doesn’t have to touch the blocked player, how can you say Pereira is wrong? He explained it in his video.

  8. By davebau on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


  9. By L Dominguez on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Jay —

    You’re full of it. Lineman lunged at lower thigh, while other OL hits Campbell knocking him down.

  10. By RBennett on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Jay —

    You are an long have you been watching football?

  11. By goopapa on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    That was very dirty play…

  12. By Francisco on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I know everyone wants to win. Its just crazy how you stoop to that level to get to that W. I know its a contact sport but still. What if it was career ending blow then what? as him being the head of his house. Who will provide for his Family.

  13. By jme on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    suspend the dirty players!!

  14. By D on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Good thing that field was not Turf or CC would be rehabbing a serious knee injure with Docket. Even with a different coaching staff, Denver still employ’s the chop block which has always been there philosophy…coincidentally after he made a great play against Manning…

  15. By kauaicardsfan on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    All I can say is Karma’s a BItc#, Get ready for it Denver it will come 10 fold when you play dirty like that!!!

  16. By JC on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    This is why any great pass rusher of today shouldn’t be considered great. Great pass rushers in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s could get chopped legally on any and every play. They had to protect themselves while getting to the QB. Cambell felt he could ignore the TE and rush the passer because this TE isn’t much of a blocker and he didn’t have to worry about his legs because of the ‘Lure’ rule. It is a rule and this hit IS illegal.
    That being said…REALLY NFL? First you can’t hit QB’s, then you can’t hit WR’s, then you can’t head slap, then you can’t chop block and now you can’t chop if another guy looks like he MIGHT block the guy you’re going to chop? Oh and don’t even get me started on crack back blocks being illegal. I mean come on, so long as you hit the guy in the chest cracking back is just a good HARD block, but in the NFL it is now a personal foul….Five years from now after a few more concussion law suit losses tackling will be illegal and everyone will have to wear flags. Finally, Bruce Arians, shame on you for your comments yesterday. Yes you should defend your guys, but over stating something so blatantly is only going to hasten the NFL’s transition to powderpuff football.

  17. By clssylssy on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    The punishment should fit the crime, i.e., the player(s) responsible should be suspended for as long as the injured player is out and the coach/organization who teaches or encourages such tactics held responsible as well. Player safety has become a pc phrase with no real meaning unless there is a possibility of future law suits to the league. Denver has been playing this way for years only the Cards don’t play them often enough to realize it, and they have the juice ($$$$/Elway) to continue getting by with their misdeeds. LOVED seeing them get owned by the Ravens then the Seahawks and hope the Chargers do it again this year!

  18. By Dynosoar on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    #78 also led with his helmet. Perhaps Denver has learned something from the Saints.

  19. By LadyBird04 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Mike Klis beat writer for the Broncos for the Denver Post called out Arians as “slandering” the player who hit Campbell. He further stated the play was clearly not a chop block. What a dofus.

    He should check with the NFL who can READ the rules before he opens his mouth on twitter.

    Hope Campbell and other injured players heal quickly and well.

  20. By blaxabbath on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    Any evidence that Roger Goodell will be able to access video of the play before deciding on a response? Don’t think The Shield will be able to coax Calais into apologizing for his role in the play.

  21. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Can’t even look at this play.

    Campbell makes a living at playing football and Thomas and Clady purposely set him up and injured him.

    HS players have more class. I’m with Arians on this one. Flat out dirty.

  22. By Duane on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Cheep shot by Thomas. He should be suspended as many games as Campbell will miss in my professional opinion

  23. By Dynosoar on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    “Thomas should be suspended 6-8 weeks for that chop, 2nd dirtiest play ive ever seen, the 1st ended a career!!!”

    My first dirtiest play was watching Theisman bodyslammed. Second would be a tie, this chop block or the hit on Warner in a playoff game in the land of voodoo. (Hey, it’s Halloween time.)

    Though, I’ve seen some hits by Harrison that would be in my top five as well. I remember him taking out two of the Bengals receivers in a single game leading with the helmet.

    This is my top five list of dirtiest plays. (Says something if BA coached Harrison and still considers this the dirtiest play he’s ever seen. He was around to see Theisman as well.)

  24. By Cardz Fan on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    BA is and always has been an offensive coach. He wouldnt have said anything to Harrison. Not his area.

  25. By Al S on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Illegal blocks like this are not accidental and the player committing this should face suspension. The league should go further than a fine, no tolerance.

  26. By jeffgollin on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    While we’re at it, we should take a closer look at the first sack of Stanton by Von Miller. It was identical to Miller’s second hit on Stanton where he’s taken to the outside by Massie before reaching around to grab the QB. Difference was that, on the first play, he reaches Stanton’s face mask with his outstretched hands – only they don’t flag him for it.

  27. By Adam on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    This question has nothing to do with Calais and you may have answered it somewhere I haven’t seen but why do you think Cromartie, and not Peterson, was covering Demarius Thomas all day? No question that Thomas is one of the best WR’s in the game and Cromartie got lit up by him so how come Peterson wasn’t covering him? Isn’t that why Peterson got paid all that money? To cover the other team’s best WR?

  28. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Adam —

    RE: Cro

    That was the gameplan. Why? I can’t answer that. Haven’t had a chance to talk to Bowles.

    It’s also about matchups. Maybe they thought Peterson fit better on the smaller, faster Sanders.

  29. By Rick on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    That was a dirty play if there ever was one. Sad when you have to start taking players out of a game to win. Did they not feel comfortable enough winning the game with us playing our 2nd and 3rd string QB ? Hope we see them again soon when we are at full strength with Dockett and D Wash back. Dockett probably would have started a brawl after that dirty play. Go cards !!!

  30. By joe on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


  31. By D on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Bottom line for the defense is that it needs a playmaker/ LB Pass rusher against good Offenses to help out the secondary. This hole needs to get addressed this offseason either by FA or the draft. You give any good QB time, especially a Hall of Famer like Manning, I don’t care if Deion Sanders was playing for AZ yesterday, the results would have been the same.

    Blitzing is fine against non playoff caliber opponents, but against the Denver, Seattle and Green Bay type teams you need the threat of a Pass Rusher who will knock down the QB on a regular basis.

  32. By Susie on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Oh Give Me A Break!!!!

    Arians ‘ sore loser ‘ remarks were way over the top!

    Chop blocks are illegal as the should be and fined accordingly by the NFL.
    By the way Thomas led with his shoulder not his head.

    But——–Throw him out? If every player was thrown out for personal fouls——

    How many players would be left to play???

  33. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Susie —

    RE: Shoulder

    What does leading with the shoulder have to do with it? You are mixing up your rules.

  34. By Brandon Maes on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Exactly Susie, I don’t know why people a revenue talking suspense right now? What about dbs that aim for the head and cause concussions, should we suspend them? Perhaps but you make those decisions in the offseason not make a point out of Thomas in the 5th week. Plus the only reason this is a big deal right now is because Campbell was injured, but if he wasn’t it would just be another personal foul or illegal hit for a flag, which it should still be. Have this conversation in the offseason

  35. By Cardz Fan on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Susie —

    A chop block is illegal. It was a dirty play. Anyone who has common sense about football can see that.

  36. By Kezar Geezer on Oct 9, 2014 | Reply

    Cardz Fan —

    A chop block is not necessarily illegal. “Illegal chop blocks” are illegal.

    Ever see an RB protect his QB back in a shotgun pocket? Ever see how all NFL QBs block on a double-reverse? They wait until the last moment, and then hit the turf at the opponent’s feet. That’s one type of chop block. That same technique would draw a flag if there’s already upper-body contact or a “lure” posture by a second player on the blocker’s team.

  37. By Steve Weston on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Ugh, that video clip nails word ‘dirty’ to that play. You can almost see it as a well-timed and orchestrated maneuver, even in their body language after Campbell is knocked down. A fine just isn’t enough here, but that’s all it’s going to be in the end. To those who refuse to see it for what it is, I’m guessing you’re either Bronco fans or Cards haters. Either way, the fans who regularly read this board have obviously seen you for who you are judging by the ‘votes’ for your posts.

  38. By jasonm1973 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Beautiful low block, shoulder to the thigh, and completely legal. The penalty was on Clady, as he angaged him after Thomas did. You Cardinal fans are salty because you got used and abused by a superior team. Accept that you got beat bad. Love, Jason

  39. By Darren Urban on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    jason —

    RE: “Completely legal”

    Legal, except, well, the fact it wasn’t. Which is why it was flagged.

  40. By Chris on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Clady was flagged, cause he “lured” Campbell, J.T blocked way before Clady made contact

  41. By rod on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    That is a shoulder to the knee. You can actually see Thomas pretend like he’s not going to engage and then quickly goes shoulder to the knee as Clady appears to engage.

    You need your eyes checked, and your integrity.

  42. By Cardz Fan on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    True we lost. But it was more a result of injuries combined with our receivers playing poorly. Stanton threw several TD passes to Brown (dropped) / Housler (dropped) amd other 1st down drops. So its not as if Denver dominated it was Cardz hurting themselves and Getting hurt in the process. The game was MUCH closer than the score. So dont kid yourself. NFC West will win the superbowl. AGAIN.

  43. By Dynosoar on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    if your comment “By the way Thomas led with his shoulder not his head.” was in regards to my “#78 led with his helmet.”

    Thomas is #80, Clady is #78 and Clady led with his helmet.


    You give love a bad name!

  44. By rick on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    how bout all other fans stay off our page TROLLS nothin better to do.

  45. By Chris on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t get why most Cardinal fans are so upset about it. J.T made contact with Campbell before Clady, and even Clady tried to pull back when he saw it. Yes it was illegal, yes J.T should be fined. But suspending him 2-4 weeks, especially when’s there’s been much worse plays, and nobody bats an eye? The Salt is strong

  46. By clssylssy on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    And now we’ve lost Shaunessy for 6-8 weeks too! Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for the chump change they’ll get fined. We just need to get a grip, regroup and go to work reshuffling the deck or getting replacements in and prove that we have the talent and the class to come back after staring into this gloomy abyss of devastation. We experienced this same thing just a few years back and perhaps we can use that experience to turn things around for a different outcome. We have the wisdom and experience among our coaching staff to reassess, perhaps juggle players and develop schemes tailored to an alternate look–not radical but altered.
    It seems a number of our players have experience playing several positions and our competitors wouldn’t be expecting anything “revolutionary” but would have us down for the count. I still believe we have a top notch secondary and one of the best receiving corps in the NFL who should be angry and have something to prove. This is a team that overall is loaded with amazing talent! Hopefully when Calais, Zastazil, Shaunassey, and the rest are feeling better, they can join Dock on the sidelines to help provide leadership and encouragement as well as serve as a visual reminder of what we’re playing for.
    I think everyone is gives the Broncos more credit than they deserve and we may still get another go at em if we can make the playoffs (providing they do too).
    On with getting back to business and winning this week at home against the Redskins!

  47. By Brandon M on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    One of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen. Thomas deserves to be suspended.

  48. By erik on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    This is why I’m proud to be a Cardinal’s fan. I read a lot of stories having to do with other teams and I always read the comment section (horrible addiction). I am not being biased at all when I say I never see a Cardinals fan jump on another team’s site and troll all the opposing fans the way fans of other teams do. It is disgusting, frankly, and I will never understand why people take time out of their day to spread negativity. Even when there are disagreements on this board, people take the time to explain their views instead of instantly bashing others. I’m proud to be a fan of this team along with so many good people.

    I’m proud to root for a team that doesn’t cheap shot their opponents. Yesterday, Campbell had the chance to really take a shot at Manning while returning that interception. Or another player could have taken that opportunity to really clean Manning’s clock with big block the way some teams do when a QB is vulnerable (See: Warner’s last game against the Saints or the Redskins against Foles the other week).

    Karma is real and if Thomas and Clady truly had the intent of injuring Campbell, they will pay the price somehow. And for all the trolls of the world looking for satisfaction through the misery of others, I don’t really have to tell you that that will just bring more darkness into your lives, do I?

  49. By Andy Kw on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Officially we are in a bad situation:
    Out for the season:
    -OLB John Abraham (Concussions)
    -DT Darnell Dockett (Torn ACL)
    -ILB Daryl Washington (Suspension)
    Injuries, missing games:
    -QB Carson Palmer (Shoulder, Limited-2week)
    -QB Drew Stanton (Concussions, 1-2weeks)
    -DE Calais Campbell (Knee, 1-3weeks)
    -OLB M.Shaughnessy(Knee, 6-8weeks)
    -CB P.Peterson(Ankle, Limited-1week)
    -P Dave Zastudil (Groin, 1-2weeks)
    Free Agency,
    -ILB Karlos Dansby (Cleveland)

  50. By kwin2014 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Fll disclosure: Broncos fan here, but im also a right-wrong fan. So here it goes:

    By the rules, this play is illegal, for the specific reasons that we saw play out-Campbell, who grew up in Denver and went to South High, is injured, and could miss time depending on severity of MCL sprain.

    Anybody who has ever watched J. Thomas knows 2 things: he has as much natural talent at the TE position as anyone in football, and he cant block worth a crap -a perfect example of this is the game vs KC earlier this year, where Demaryius Thomas is tackled for a loss on a bubble screen because Julius Thomas completely misses his assignment to block the CB, and runs up field looking for a pass instead. This of course did not sit well with one Peyton Manning, who proceeded to undress JT on national tv-so this kind of poor attempt is par for the course, he has bad technique, and it cost the Broncos a 77 yard td, the Cardinals to be w/o Campbell for an undetermined amount of games, and Thomas several thousand dollars.

    ALL THAT SAID, to say that this play was “dirty”????? As in Thomas, along with Clady, intended to chop block Campbell to take him out of the game, with malice and intent? No, hell no. Illegal? Yes. Fine deserving? Absolutely. Dirty? Watch your word usage. Dirty implies intent, and malice, or knowledgeable disregard-like the kind of hit Earl Thomas laid on Wes Welker-a man who has had 3 concussions in 11 months- after Cam Chancellor INT’d Peyton Manning two weeks ago. You cannot tell me that all of Seattle’s defense didn’t know Welker has had head issues, so to hit him high like that was, IMO, A HELL OF A LOT MORE MALICIOUS, if only bc of Welkers injury history. On the other hand, J.T. hitting Campbell low, while completely unnecessary-a chip block to the shoulder would have been just as effective, and legal-when you consider his inability to execute blocking schemes, can be chalked up to a failure to execute the assignment, and this time, his failure resulted in a injury to a significant player on the opposite team. And again, since this is exactly the kind of thing the NFL was trying to prevent in the first place, a significant fine, relative to the players salary(J.Thomas is in his rookie contract as a 4th round pick) is definitely in order-$50,000 would be the largest fine EVER for this kind of infraction, and is enough to get Thomas’ attention and possibly motivate him to work harder on being a better blocker. I expect him to be fined MAJORLY.


  51. By Dynosoar on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Cardz Fan,

    “The game was MUCH closer than the score. So dont kid yourself. NFC West will win the superbowl. AGAIN.”

    I like your take. I would amend, Cardinals will win the Super Bowl for the NFC West. Though for the first time, the Shaunnessy (sic) injury knocked the wind out of me. If our team has proven anything this season, it’s they’re resiliency.

    PS. I didn’t say BA would’ve said anything to Harrison, I said he coached him, well, was on the coaching staff. He’s seen a lot of plays, clean ones and dirty ones.


    well said sir!

  52. By krehbieo14 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Watching this play is painful let alone experiencing the outcome as a player. Best wishes to Calais and my hope that the league fines and suspends these thugs responsible for an orchestrated effort to take CC out!

  53. By Colt on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Thomas barely touched him, freak accidents happen all the time

  54. By krehbieo14 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    “Freak” accidents, like the one we all observed, was intentionally perpetrated on a player to take him out of the game. There is no other adequate explanation regardless of what team you follow! Let’s quit the crap.

  55. By italycardfan on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    I do not know what you mean by dirty action! I think that a dirty action is very different from an action between virile males. There are many ways to intervene to block a player, of course, but when you know that what you’re doing could cause damage to your opponent, then no matter the type of intervention. Aiming straight at the support leg can cause irreparable damage. Mr. Thomas, did you? Yes! Voluntarily! I hope, then, that the NFL commissioner to intervene decisively! Be treated in the same way, without any respect !!!!!
    Let’s go Calais!
    Let’s go CARDS!

  56. By krehbieo14 on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply


    Better blocker? I’d say he accomplished his task.

  57. By Roland on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    That was a cheep ass chop block by 78 and 80. They are now known for this type of play and pay backs are a bitch. GO CARDS and get well Calais

  58. By Keith on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    Been a Cardinal fan since they were in St. Louis! Don’t know if there was intent to injure Calais or not, but if there was a suspension is in order! What is really upsetting is losing a great team player and leader. Also, as much as Calais does for the community, it just seems unfair for him to have this happen.
    But Calais will be back, Kareem Martin will step up and we have Washington and Oakland coming up, not Seattle and San Francisco.
    Bigger question will Carson Palmer or Drew Stanton be able to play the next couple of weeks and will Massie be able to deal with speed rushers! Maybe it’s time for Cooper to step up and make an impact on the O-line!
    Go Cards!

  59. By Chris on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    @ Jay Kenney, wow you must be blind. The fact that you even said he was already falling was the stupidest comment I’ve read in the last 24 hours of football, maybe you shouldn’t be watching this sport and you should switch over to the US Swim team or US Figure Skating. You obviously know nothing about football and you are just here to troll on the Cards website. It was blatantly obvious it was a chop block, Julius Thomas intended for the block to happen otherwise he wouldn’t of hit that low. Let me just sum it up for you, is it necessary to throw a chop block when you have a offensive linemen helping you block a good pass rusher? Actually no Jay, don’t answer that. Stick to what you do best, and analyze the US Men’s figure skating team.

  60. By Richard S on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    It looked to me like the Broncos knew who the star of the team was after Calais’s near TD and took him out. Even with Stanton gone the Cards still had a chance of a miracle (a punt return maybe) until he got taken out and then the game was done. Updated ratings. 12/15 correct this week putting system at 63% for year. Problem with system is it doesn’t immediately recognize your playing the 3rd string QB now. It doesn’t recognize key injuries. Neutral field rankings – add 3 points to home team for next weeks predictions 1. Seat 100.97 2. Den 99.63 3. NE 97.82 4. SF 97.63 5. SD 97.48 6. Cincy 97.42 7. Indy 95.46 8. KC 95.24 9. Az 94.98 10. GBay 94.08 11. Balt 93.78 12. Phil 93.7 13. NO 93.54 14. Dall 92.44 15. Car 91.97 16. Det 91.13 17. Pitt 91.06 18. Giants 91.06 19 Atl 91 20. Buff 89.43 21. Rams 89.28 22. Mia 88.81 23. Minn 88.48 24. Chi 87.78 25. Cle 86.62 26. Hou 85.65 27. Tampa 85.14 28. Tenn 84.09 29. Jets 83.09 30. Wash 82.62 31. Oak 78.41 32. Jax 76.23 – So the system predicts the Cards at 94.98 + 3 = 97.98 will beat Washington at 82.62 by 15.36 points. Of course if we’re going with our 3rd string QB I honestly think the Cards will get embarrassed. Too many injuries. Such a good start to the year. Please get well Carson, Calais, Drew and the other injured players.

  61. By BluePitt on Oct 6, 2014 | Reply

    So what you are saying is he is to ignorant to play with in the rules? he knew he was going low (Chop Blocking) and you say no malice? So because he has no clue on how to block, you want me to believe he has no clue that what he planed to do was illegal and possibly career ending to the victim?
    And on Welker… WHAT? so when you are running full speed to hit a player at what point does his injury history enter your mind in the whole 1.5 seconds it takes to hit him????? Get real dude!!! Your “Dirty PLAYER” had plenty of time to line up and think about his technique!!!! Seriously!!!!

  62. By Tyler on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    This was an illegal block, but it wasn’t “dirty” Julius Thomas is probably one of the worst blockers on the team, and he made a mistake. He obviously didn’t know Clady(LT) was going to engage him and tried to “Cut Block” which is perfectly legal. The only time that block is illegal is when a player is engaged with another player already. I was just a miscommunication, and JT is one of the most stand up players on the team.

    All this whining about suspensions, etc. just come off as being sore losers. JT said straight up in an interview afterwards that it was not intentional, and that he used the wrong technique for that play. He screwed up, but he had no ill intentions when doing it.

  63. By Tyler on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply


    He was going low to make a “cut block.” Chop blocking and cut blocking are two different things. Cut blocking is legal, chop blocking is not. Both are low blocks, the only difference is that a chop block occurs when a player is already engaged with another player. The timing was bang bang and JT didn’t know what was happening on the play. It was an honest mistake and JT is NOT a dirty player.

  64. By jme on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    All i hear is he made a mistake, yes he did. He listened to who ever told him that is exceptable. This Dirty Play has more then one person involved with. The Broncos will get a pass and Cardinals will be told it was an accident blah blah. Accountability without agenda or prejudice is non existant in this Commish League. I put this and more on the three suits who run the NFL.

  65. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply


    That is garbage.
    JT was going out for a pass. We know this, because he jumps up and goes out for a pass. He knew he was going out for a pass. If you have a clean release like he did, you can chip block the end if he was a top pass rusher or just go out in your pattern, which 99.9% of the TEs would have.

    Further more, the only time you do cut is a screen or quick slant to your side to get the defenders hands down. This wasn’t the case, the ball in fact went to the other side of the field.

    Clady set up in pass protection, luring Campbell. JT, with no reason at all to do so, went for Campbell’s knees. The fact that Clady didn’t engage has nothing to do with it or the rule. Clady, knew what he was doing because he sets up for pass protection, luring Campbell to rush.

    You bronco fans can spin it any way you want. The facts remain facts. He is a very dirty player making a very dirty play away from the ball with no reason behind it. Except being upset Campbell picked off Peyton.

    JT said it wasn’t intentional ? If it was a clean play, why explain yourself? He knows it was dirty and is trying to justify it. JT is a liar. He knew what he was doing. The tape and facts dont lie.

    As for whinning about losing? We are 3-1 and leading the toughest division in football with back up QBs and 6 of the starting 7 backers and dline missing from last year. Why would I care about 1 road game?

    The fact you bronco fans would come on the cards board and voice your opinion shows your low class, just like your players.

  66. By clssylssy on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    Thank you, JTDG! You made that explanation crystal clear. You can bet if it had been Manning instead of Calais the offender would have been taken off the field in cuffs!
    Now, our job is to circle the wagons and prepare for the Redskins!

  67. By Sackman on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    I just have one word to say for all you people that wrote that they thought that it was a legal block! Morons!!!

  68. By Chuck 1 on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t think that BA was inviting Fox to drinks and a dinner when they talked at midfield after the game.

  69. By Chuck 1 on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    It appears, from some of the comments that support the Donkey’s chop block, that some their fans are visiting Darren’s Blog site.

  70. By Chuck 1 on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    Oh, by the way, Donkey fans, go back to your own Blog (if you even have one).

  71. By Chuck 1 on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply


    I don’t want to see Washington back.
    He’s had his opportunity.

  72. By Chuck 1 on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    I wonder what the Donkey trolls would be writing if a Card player would have hit Manning below the knee and he was out of action for several games.

  73. By dobie on Oct 7, 2014 | Reply

    J C may be I got post wrong but to me you can’t hit a man below the keens no mater where you are on the filed and Thomas went straight for his keens but the bad deed has been done but think if they would have kicked out of the game things would have been different

  74. By hminus on Oct 9, 2014 | Reply

    Think there was a politics component to the leagues minimizing the chop block & subsequent tiny fine…the league was determined to play up Mannings big day for good press …they didnt want the chop to overshadow that,[too much bad press lately,]…plus after watching JB get clobbered w/no flag i’m convinced the officials were influenced into “helping” Manning where they could w/o being TOO obvious…

  75. By hminus on Oct 9, 2014 | Reply

    …& if you dont think things like that happen in billion dollar industries,[sports or otherwise,]then were just monumentally & permanently“ stuck on stupid”…

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