Passes for everyone because no INTs allowed

Posted by Darren Urban on October 22, 2014 – 5:22 pm

Bruce Arians was blunt. He isn’t concerned about getting the ball to any particular receiver, nor is he concerned that any receiver would be looking for that out of Arians’ offense.

“Just come see me,” Arians said. “I’ll tell you your role.”

To be clear, no wideout has made a peep about receptions or targets. Arians said that, and so did quarterback Carson Palmer, who added that if the Cardinals were throwing a bunch of incompletions, it could be an issue. But that’s not the case.

“As long as that ball’s in somebody’s hands and the chains are moving, our guys are happy and they’re blocking for each other and being used as a decoy for each other to get each other open,” Palmer said. “They’ve been very unselfish.”

The Cardinals’ leading receiver in terms of catches after six games is not Larry Fitzgerald or Michael Floyd. It’s running back Andre Ellington, who now has 25 receptions. Fitzgerald is next with 23, Floyd with 19. Floyd has been the one with big plays — he has 353 yards — but Fitzgerald has just 283 yards and no one is on pace to get 1,000 yards at this point. Fitzgerald in particular is far behind the totals to which he once was accustomed.

(Fitz, by the way, has never complained once publicly. I can’t believe he doesn’t want the ball more, but he knows the Cardinals are winning.)

But Palmer has been all about spreading the ball around. He threw completions to nine different players in Oakland. Both Arians and Palmer acknowledged that on Sunday’s TD pass to Floyd, Palmer could have hit John Brown or Fitz (although Fitz would have been well short of the first down.) Instead, Palmer decided to take the deep shot. On another play, Palmer had Fitz open in the end zone, but a low shotgun snap threw off the timing and Palmer instead dumped it over the blitz to running back Stepfan Taylor for the score.

Palmer, as he’s said many times, reiterated he wants to get the ball to Fitzgerald more often and knows Fitz needs his touches. But he doesn’t want to force it and he definitely doesn’t want to pass up another open receiver to do so.

“In this system, you’ve got running backs who can catch it and go the distance, you have receivers that can do that, tight ends that can do that, so there are a lot of guys you have to cover,” Palmer said.

Arians said the passing game is all very simple: “You have to check your ego at the door. It’s about eliminating interceptions and taking what defenses give you. When you have the number of tools we have, we put five guys out there who are more than capable of breaking a game open, don’t force feed anybody.”


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  1. By Scott H on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply

    I have officially abandoned my gotta-get-the-ball-to-Fitz-more mindset in favor of go-where-the-play-is approach that is working so far. Yeah, I DO still think the offense would benefit from Fitz getting the ball more. But…I’m letting it go.

  2. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply

    Just what a 23 million dollar receiver who wants to go to the HOF wants to hear.

    Oh I get it. It makes sense. In fact, I think Arians is right. INTs happen when you are trying to force it to a certain receiver.
    His formula must be right, because Arians has had success at it.
    Look, the QB is the star, not the receivers in this offense (see payton manning and andrew luck)

    But the sad part is, Fitz is as good as gone. He is averaging 4 catches for 47 yds a game through 6 games. His totals at the end of the year at this pace?
    64 catches for 564 yds and 2 1/2 TDs. His lowest catch total was when he was a rookie (58) but had 780 yds and 8 TDs.

    Larry is a class act. What would complaining do? He has a chance to win this year and He knows what will happen at the end of the year. He knows the cards will have to release him and his 23 million dollar salary. He knows he can go play with Brady, Luck , Brees, Rivers or Rodgers. He knows he will be their main target and he will get his catches and still have a chance to win.

    Sure, give me a thumbs down but you can’t dispute it.

    Larry is one of my all time favorites. I will enjoy these last 10 games and playoffs, watching one of the all time greats. Then, like Emmitt, Rice, and Farve, I will watch him finish with another team.

  3. By Dynosoar on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply


    I fear you may be right, I hope your wrong.

    I want to believe Keim when he says Fitzgerald is part of the long term plan/ I don’t see how, but I have hope.

    In the meantime,
    two games to 4-0 against the NFC East.
    ten games to go till we’re 6-0 in the NFC West
    12 or 13 games to go to the Super Bowl
    14 games to go for this team to keep the Lombardi in the stadium they earn it in

    Next offseason will be magic as Keim’s 3 year plan is completed, I have hope, this team is made to win and they’re proving it week after week.

  4. By Dynosoar on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply

    I just read the Ellington – Taylor article. I recommend it to all (as if I need to, like anyone is going to miss any article on this site).

    This team is special. I don’t see teams like this at the pro level, looking out for one another. This team’s motto should be “All for one and one for all.”

    However, I think Trust – Loyalty – Respect encompasses this in different words.

    I watch those on this team tossing the ball respectfully to refs after a touchdown, this team is top notch!

  5. By Dr. G. on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG – – On Fitz, well stated…just the facts. Additionally, Fitz knows we can put up 30+, but it will not happen without the “run game” setting up the aerial game …which it has done.

    ScottH – – I’ve not been a “go-to-Fitz-more” person. I been a “use all the big-time tools” we have person…not giving up on that.

    Last year, BA’s response to those who harped for the TE’s to be more a part of the offense besides blocking was this: “that is what we have WR’s here for; the TE’s are for blocking and occasional outlet passes.”

    In an alternate frame of mind, could BA say, “the RB’s are to grind out 1st downs, open up the passing game and run the clock; we have great WR’s for the passing part of the game.? Occasional passes to the RB’s to keep the defenses mixed up.”

    He knew he had a stable of WR’s that would create havoc in the league last year, and even brought in more WR’s to go over the top. What was he thinking?

    Now that he has discovered a slippery RB that can catch, I would just like to see him step back and re-think things a bit. Palmer can still get the ball to one of our MANY guys WITHOUT throwing more INT’s…. I do not buy that reasoning.

    As we average an anemic 23 points per game, BA is basically saying that Bowles will cover his behind and hold every team under that number. That is a big expectation going into the tough remainder of the schedule.

    Yeah, I am a little teed up, but I also want to get Ellington healthy and keep him that way. If he goes down or wears down, the current stratagem will cause BA a long-term migraine… The Raider game showed we have other RB’s.

    I can see Arians morphing into a Prime-Time Coach from being a real good coach, but it will take some flexing and bending as he learns to manage this potentially Great Cardinal Team..! Go Cardinals…! This is our house this week….

  6. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply


    Larry can be in Keim’s plans, but that doesn’t mean Larry wants to stay.

    64 catches and 600 yds is what 3rd receivers get.

    Truth is;

    Bruce Arians was blunt. He isn’t concerned about getting the ball to any particular receiver, nor is he concerned that any receiver would be looking for that out of Arians’ offense.

  7. By Chuck 1 on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply


    I might be wrong, but I believe that Fitz will accept a significant salary to stay with the Cards, thinking that he will still be elected to the Hall.

  8. By T.Stone on Oct 22, 2014 | Reply

    Larry will not chase the money to a crappy team like that LB did. TWICE. But he wont be taking a fools hometown discount like Tom Brady did a couple of years ago either, We will work it out with him and unless someone comes strong. And given Fitz # That wont happen. R E L A X. He will be a Card for the next 3 years.

  9. By blaxabbath on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Huge props to the WR core for their blocking (you know, because I’m sure they all read the Cards Blog comments). When you’re talking about getting behind the linebackers, WR blocking is the different between a 10 yard gain and TD play (especially with the speed of guys like Smokey or Ellington).

    Additionally, everyone talks about limiting the hits to Ellington — many of his plays are into space on the sidelines. I’m no doctor (though I did read the Robert Huizenga book) but it sure looks a lot harder on the AE to get tackled by a couple linebackers that pushed out of bounds by a corner. It’s a little thing but, when you’re talking volume, the little things compound to make the biggest difference.


    The “I’ll tell you your role.” link is down.

  10. By Darren Urban on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    blax —

    RE: Link

    Fixed. Sorry about that.

  11. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Couple nots to offer:

    1. If we get to SB, Fitx ain’t going anywhere;
    2. Typical game for cards: 2 RBs 2 TEs 5 WR get completions … sweetness;
    3. Recall last time we played Eagles? Love for some payback…Cards have not forgotten the one that got away…we HAD that game, then bs call …

    Cards go 6-1…

  12. By Mike G on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is good! Nice win by the Card’s over the Raiders.–Business like effort–any road win is a good one. Liked that S-Taylor contributed to the offense. I think the Card’s spreading the ball around has lead to fewer offensive turnovers. Card’s are not forcing the ball to the primary receiver which leads to a balanced attack. Darren–Is Troy Niklas’ ankle a weekly thing or a long term issue???? I know he did not practice yesterday.

  13. By Darren Urban on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Niklas

    At this point, I think it’s already been a long-term thing, right?

  14. By CORMAC on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    I firmly believe, that one way or another, Larry will retire a cardinal. I would think they can restructure the deal. Adding more years, and getting a better deal for each year. I think they will give a big chunk to Larry next year, but also carry part of it over to the other years.

    Bidwell has already said, Larry will retire a Cardinal. Its not about numbers, its about the BRAND. We have one of the best in Larry, and I would say that in itself is priceless.

  15. By sbrown on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Patrick Hoog – yes a “pay back” game with a Cardinals win would be great on Sunday. I hope the NFL assigns a good referee crew to this game. ( remember ref’s were a big issue at the end of the Eagle game last year ). One other thing, can’t believe ( but yes i can ) that the NFL did not flex the Cardinal v Cowboy game. really we want to watch the Pitt v Balt game again… it’s like ESPN showing 15 Red Sox v Yankees games every season. Talk about east coast bias ! Cardinals v Cowboy could be two division leaders , each with only one loss next week ! perfect basis for the NFL flex guidelines. That plus plenty of story lines between these two teams…come’on NFL !

  16. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply


    lol re Sox Yanks, true…Cards Boys was a decent rivalry too… weird but that east coast stuff

  17. By Andy Kw on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Nicely said Chip Kelly in that video. I have total respect for the guy

  18. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I don’t think it is as simple and as much of a dome deal as you present it, but….yeah, maybe it plays out that way.

    BTW, why would you think Fitz could go to NE with Brady and rake in the catches??? The Pats DO NOT run their offense that way. What WR’s have had big numbers there recently??? Under Bellichek ( I never know how to spell that damn name ), their offense likes to spread it around and seems to prefer having a good tandem of TE’s over a stud WR. I just don’t see that being an ideal landing spot for Fitz. And Brady seems to be slowing down.

    Packers? Again, why? They are doing just fine with the guys they have! They told Greg Jennings to take a hike and they didn’t miss a beat. As long as Rodgers is healthy, they can be tremendously productive without a true stud WR.

    I don’t know that Fitz becomes a “main target” for any of the teams you named. The Colts? It’s TY Hilton. Saints? Maybe. Colston is on the downside but Graham is a monster.

    My biggest fear with Fitz is that he would land in Seattle. Hate to say it but I think THAT is where he would be perfect fit. Can ya imagine Fitz being on the other side for those games??? And still playing at a damn high level? And helping to keep the Seahawks at the top of the division? That would be a nightmare scenario for me.

    If I am Fitz, I would probably see the Colts as the place to be. Why would you NOT wanna jump on board with Andrew Luck….. a very good offense already in place…great coaching in place….an indoor stadium….a pretty weak division….a team that is gonna contend every year for the next decade….the Colts have it all. Fitz could step right into the spot that Reggie Wayne is going to be vacating very soon. It’s perfect for a WR at the point Fitz is at right now.

  19. By superbowlcards on Oct 25, 2014 | Reply

    I tend to agree with you, if Fitz leaves, it not to chase money (although he wont play for $1.50 either!) he goes somewhere to chase a ring, or rings!! That is why Cardinals have a good as shot as any team, he wants to contend!! That said, if we do take it all this season, then I think Fitz will chase a little more money, but he would still be looking to make “ring” plural.
    I will take a stab at this with Fitz considering
    Denver – as long as Peyton Manning is the QB what great WR wouldn’t want to play along side the greatest QB ever! (And I can’t stand the Manning’s, starting with the father. But I’m also going to call it like I see it, not to mention Peyton spreads the ball.
    Green Bay – should list them last, but, oh well. + they have Rodgers at QB. -COLD COLD +Defense is better than expected, should improve next year as well. – CoLd, cOlD, C O L D!!
    San Diego – Phillip Rivers is still an excellent QB. WR corps could use some help, strong contender (seem to be so far) this year, weather is awesome.
    If we get Fitz Ring #1 this year – –
    Stays right where he belongs, Arizona!
    Pittsburgh – why not? we sign plenty of their players that are on the second half of their career. Big Ben still solid.
    Bear with me on this last one, admit it is a longshot, and my sleeper, will have to have “it’s” that fall into place, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…
    Tennessee Titans – (please keep an open mind) but, IF, and that is a big IF, the Titans land Mariota out of Oregon they suddenly have a QB (rookie, yes, but he seems like he can step right in and roll) +Whiz is HC. Can anyone name a Titan WR? (please don’t Google, try off the top of your head) they have a young O-Coordinator who coached TE’s for Chargers (coaching one of the best in Gates) the WR coach, Shawn Jefferson coached Megatron in Detroit, not that these players or Fitz need a huge amount of coaching but willing to bet these guys praise their position coaches, most are outstanding at pointing out a few little adjustments that make a huge difference! Titans Defense will be solid, they have someone we should be a Tad bit familiar with, Mr Ray Horton. So looking at this, have any of you at least raised your eyebrows a bit, or a little intrigued by the possibility of Fitz reuniting with Whiz??
    To answer my question, one WR they. Have actually had over 1000 yards last year, Kendall Wright. But I don’t think Fitz will make being a teams #1 WR, high on his list.

  20. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I’m curious….you projected Fitz’ numbers for this season based on what has been so far and you seem to make that an easy justification for him not being here next year. OK. Project the numbers for Floyd. And John Brown. And Ted Ginn. Or any of our TE’s. Does it paint a picture of a team that looks ready to be just fine without Fitzgerald? Do the numbers for Floyd come out to be what we should have realistically expected for him this season? Um…no. they do not.

    So, what / who has truly declined here???? Why does Fitz get singled out when NONE of our WR’s or TE’s looks to be on his way to a big season right now?

    Such as his numbers are right now, Fitz is still leading all WR’s on the team in catches. Only Ellington – a RB – has more. Again – why are we looking at how far Fitz has supposedly fallen off when he has more catches than any other WR on the team?

  21. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Fitz staying;

    I believe the team will try to get Fitz to stay. I am not arguing that.

    I’m saying, if what Darren reported is true;
    Bruce Arians was blunt. He isn’t concerned about getting the ball to any particular receiver, nor is he concerned that any receiver would be looking for that out of Arians’ offense.

    And with Larry getting under a 1000 yards last year and on pace for 64 catches and 600 yards,

    That there is no way a guy who wants to be the greatest and a HOFer is going to take a cut in salary (which is what must happen) and stay to be average.

    Why would he? I wouldn’t. If you believe he is not on the level of the Dez Bryants, Julio Jones, AJ Green’s of the world, maybe you would think he stays.

    But when a rookie like Keenan Allen is catching more passes and yards over the last two years in San Diego, I think Fitz sees how he could put up big numbers while being on a playoff team.

  22. By Brian on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Just something to add about the WR low numbers. The main thing about BA’s response to that, is that he’s made it VERY clear to the team how the offense is going to work and everyone has bought into it because of BA’s track record with offenses. I think because of that, you have a TEAM who is working together(see Ellington and Taylor as well as Fitz being quiet unlike his dad about touches). We’ve all seen what can happen to a team when a WR starts going all diva and starts pissing and moaning about their role or their touches. BA has done a great job of squashing any of that in his locker room because it really can tear a team apart as we’re seeing in Seattle right now. I think the offensive numbers will increase now that Palmer is back close to 100% as I think we’ll be able to take more deep shots to our stud WR group. We’ve really only had 1 game of Palmer being 100% healthy this season. Stanton was solid but he’s not the deep ball thrower Palmer is.

  23. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    OK. So….since we are still singling out Fitz here and not looking at the fact that the numbers for the receivers are down across the board, are we concluding that Fitz is operating at the level he is because HE has dropped off or because the offense is no longer designed to get him the ball? Simple question.

    At his present rate, Floyd isn’t going to top 1000 yds either. And no one else is even gonna be close. That would just seem odd for a team coached by a coach who loves “chunk plays,” a QB known for the deep ball, and a cast of WR’s built to make plays down the field. Folks, I’m not saying we HAVE to throw for 400 yards every week. ESPECIALLY if we’re winning without doing so. But during the course of any NFL season, everybody finds themselves in a shootout or two. Are we gonna be able to fire it up when we need to?

    And, BTW, why NOT throw for 400 yards and 3-4 scores once in a while just because you can??? Broncos do it. Colts do it. Packers do it. If you CAN do it, then why the hell not??? It’s nice to see even when you don’t NEED to see it! Who doesn’t love to see their team crank up the offense???

    And RE: “I think Fitz sees how he could put up big numbers on a playoff team.” I think you lost me there. It almost sound like you are saying Fitz would have to be on a playoff team to put up big numbers. But I’m wondering how that could be your point. Because I think we are hoping he IS on a playoff team right now, aren’t we??? Again, I think I missed something there.

  24. By Dr. G. on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    It is ridiculous to keep saying that we won’t use our big WR weapons because we don’t want to throw INTs. Just don’t do it.

    “”The Eagles have a suspect pair of CBs in Fletcher & Williams. If the Cardinals do not go after these 2 guys and make them pay, they will lose this game. This is the bottom line here.””…Ron Jaworski

    P.S. Any one here know the game and players better that this guy? We can’t ride Ells like a pack mule without help from our other WRs and expect to win. This has been my tune on the Harp for weeks now… Go Cards… I am expecting some surprises from BA….

  25. By Dr. G. on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    TStone – – Larry won’t have to chase the $$$$ to a bad team; he will have myriad opportunities to play with some of the best. Larry will not take a small paycheck to stay here. He thinks he has additional value off the field. And with only a couple years remaining, he will want to go for a ring if he thinks the Cards can’t use his services to do it here… Larry takes care of Larry… Be well…

  26. By jwoodaz on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Fitz knows he’ll be a HoFer when its all said and done, he’s a pro and has been since Todd Haley opened his eyes to yac. What gets you in the the hall easier is Super Bowl wins. They’re having a good run here and the next couple years too. This team is becoming a class act, and Fitz and Mr. Bidwell should work out the next few years, it only makes long term (the next 3-4 yr.s) sense. If I go much further on the subject I would have to charge the Cards with a consultation fee so, R-E-L-A-X Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Keim are Smart like that, Fitzgerald is a Cardinal, we all know that, duh…

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 23, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H,

    lots of questions;

    1) What WR’s have had big numbers there recently??? Brady does not work that way?? – Edalmen had 105 catches in 2013. in 2012, welker had 118 catches. Not sure what you were thinking on that one. got to believe Fitz is better than anyone in NE.

    2. Fitz singled out – Why? because of his contract. Everyone knows that contract can not stand. So, both sides have to feel that they want to redo a deal or he will be released. I think Fitz will choose to be released.

    As for Ginn, Brown, Floyd; Ginn is happy to be collecting a check, Brown came from a D2 school and is a rookie. Why would they complain. As for Floyd, he is waiting out the Fitz thing. Think about this, his contract is up after 2015. He will be looking to have a huge 2015 to get paid. With Fitz here, that will be difficult. If Fitz leaves and Floyds numbers stay the same, that is when it will get real interesting.

    3. In no way am I saying Fitz has declined. I think Fitz is still a top receiver.

    4. I also think that revolving QBs might have something to do with the overall numbers. Heck in 2009 (or was it 08) the cards had Boldin, Fitz and Breaston all go over 1000 yards. The ball was spread around to the open guy and everyone was happy. Well, I take that back, Boldin wanted more money and demanded a trade. So I guess even getting 1000 yds, and less money, upsets guys.

    5. Two questions for you.
    If you feel that you do not need a number one receiver and you believe in an offense that throws the ball to everyone, why would you tie up 12-15 million in a receiver?
    If you are a receiver who thinks about legacy and HOF, would you stay in a place that doesn’t use you fully?

    That is why Fitz will be gone.

  28. By Eazy E on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    I still would like us to feed Fitz a heck of a lot more and deep too for goodness sakes! He was always looked at as the best deep threat in the league with the Megatron’, Dez’, Demaryius’, etc…

  29. By thebreakneck on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    I love fitz he is the most unselfish professional athlete i have ever seen. That being said it’s time to do the humane thing and trade him. This system is not built for a superstar receiver and he is making way too much money to be a role player as much as i would hate to see him go i would also like to see him finish out his career in a place where he can break some records and solidify his already stellar HOF numbers. I think we should trade fitz to minn for adrian peterson let him finish his career in his home town as the hero.

  30. By Darren Urban on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    thebreakneck —

    RE: “humane thing”

    Whoa there. We’re talking about a football player who has already made in excess of $100M from the Cardinals. Say you’d like Fitz to have a chance to catch more passes elsewhere, fine. But please, spare comments like “humane.” That should be reserved for talking about people facing genocide in other conuntries or those who can’t get enough food to eat. Not players who wish they could catch a few more passes playing a game.

  31. By azqfan on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H, no one is calling out Fitz, just saying he will be gone next year, or take a HUGE pay cut. 3rd receiver production is not worth the 12 million he is making this year, and CERTAINLY not the $24 million he is due next year. If he does not take a HUGE pay cut, he is gone, period.

  32. By Dr. G. on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    OK Cards Fans, BA in reality has been saying: ” “Here is my RB ((Ellington)) that I love. In your face; try to stop him!”” There is no secret there.

    Could BA also say: “”Here are a couple of the best receivers ((Floyd-Fitz)) in the game. In your face, try to stop them.””??

    What happened to the “over the top” thing? INTs? This is bold, but isn’t risking an occasional INT worth 300 yards and//or 3 to 4 touchdowns? Everyone admits that we will throw one here and there. It happens… We wanted Palmer to go from 22 INTs last year to maybe 10-12 this year…. At the current rate, we will have 3… Count ’em…3 – THREE…!!

    I’m a bit stunned with this risk-averse approach after all the talk of gittin’ jiggy widit…. Come on BA, be the man!…. We’ll need more variety in the offense to hammer the teams coming up…. No other way… Go Cards!!

  33. By Dr. G. on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – JTDG – – We are ringing the same bell for the offense! I’m a bit baffled with BA so far….

  34. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG –

    First – Edleman? For real? I remind you that last year, the Pats had so many players out with injuries at the WR position, they were pulling people off the street. Brady probably didn’t even know the names of the guys in the huddle at one point. Edleman had 105 catches because he was the only one there. I think you know he is not gonna have those numbers with any kind of consistency. Yeah, Welker had some years where he had a lot of catches. I’ll give ya that. I missed that one. But my point stands – the Pats like to spead it around. The Pats also have a way of forgetting about people right after they have GREAT seasons. Remember Benjarvis Green-Ellis? Led the NFL in rushing TD’s one year with the Pats. Fell off the face of the earth the next ( no injuries, still very much in his prime ).

    Fitz singled out – maybe you’re mising my point. I feel like YOU are singling him out by pointing out HIS projected numbers but not doing the same for any of the other WR’s on the team. And, yes, I am aware of his salary. I think we all are. But you clarified that you do not feel he has declined. So…OK.

    Questions for me – well, YOU seem to believe that Fitz is constantly thinking about the HOF and his legacy. But I don’t know that. So, I don’t know if that is an “issue” for him. Frankly, I think Fitz has several more years left in him. As long as he stay reasonably productive, I think he’s in. And the way you asked the other question, it pretty much answers itself, doesn’t it? I guess if I were hell bent on a spread-the-ball-around offense, I probably woudln’t spend so much on one player. But I happen to believe in having go-to guys like Fitz ( sorry ) and I think having him as a go-to guy over the last 10 years has been a BIG part of the success this team has had during that time.

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Your arguments would be so much better if you only used facts.

    Green Ellis had 13 TDs in 2010 for NE, only to follow it up with 11 the next year.
    He signed a nice contract in 2013 with Cinncy and put up 1100 yds and 6 TDs.
    Not really dropping off the face of the earth.

    Edelman has 44 catches this year (leading the team) putting him on pace to have over 100 catches for the second straight year after his 105 catches last year.

    In fact, every year since 2006 the pats have had a receiver with over a 100 catches except 2010 (86 catches). It has never been a TE or RB, always a receiver.

    As for Fitz singled out, I am not knocking Fitz. I do not believe he is declined to a number 2 or 3 receiver. I am talking about arguably one of the best cardinals of all time watching his numbers decline. In fact, if this year holds, it will be 3 years in a row he has not had a 1000 yards. To me, that is a shame.

    But that is the style of offense BA is going to run and he has no apologies about it.
    So, Fitz must accept a lower salary and play for a team that has no plans featuring him or he could leave.

    Why I picked playoff teams;
    Many people argue that Fitz will stay because we are winning and could be a superbowl contender. My point is, Fitz will have many choices when he is a FA and he could go to several playoff teams.

    Big Ben has begged for a big receiver to go with antonio Brown and Todd Hailey is there. Maybe that is a fit. Brady is a HOFer and the Pats always have a shot to go all the way. Maybe that is a fit. Point was, he doesn’t have to go to Cleveland or the raiders.

    Finally, yes Fitz has several good years in him. But if you could get a top OLB to rush the passer and have Jaron Brown catch 23 passes for 300 yds, why would you sign Fitz ? In no way shape or form am I saying Fitz is done or can’t do it. I strongly believe in him.

    As for Bidwill and Keim saying he will be a card for life. Well, that isn’t always your choice. The cards could, I guess pay him his 23 million and keep him for the rest of his contract, then franchise him till he retires. But does that really make sense?

    Logic just tells me this is no longer a fit for Larry. Let’s hope he leaves with a ring on his finger.

  36. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dr G,

    Interesting take.

    Are the cards playing close games because they are being conservative or are they being conservative to keep the games close and then win the 4th quarter.
    Being the cards have such a lopped -sided 4th quarter for scoring and holding other teams, you have to wonder.

    So, are the cards trying to keep games close, thus the lack of production, or will we see BA open it up before the 4th quarter.

    Very interesting topic Doctor.

  37. By Dr. G. on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG – – Part of my position that I have indicated earlier is that BA CANNOT continue to lean on Bowles to cover his behind with an anemic 23 points.

    Many of the teams on the horizon would love for us try to play defense and win it in the 4th Qtr. He can’t possible be thinking that, can he? Looking at those 4th quarters, we see some serious luck and defensive nail-biter plays. I believe you make your own luck by getting it done early and forcing the other team to perform the predictable “come-from-behind” effort. Then keep the pedal down.

    BA has proven to be a good coach, but he is not a statesman, so I always take some of his statements with a few grains…he likes to be cool and keep some things mysterious. I just don’t want him to get burnt by being a bit stubborn with his new toy ((Ells)).

    Keim and he kept & procured all these new weapons for a purpose; that is why Fitz tossed out the statement, “”hint, hint, we can score at least 30+ every game.”” BA may not have enjoyed hearing that…. Like I wrote, I hope he has some surprises by opening things up for the Eagles’ CBs…the Eagles surely will air it out…! Would you take a split on the next 2 games right now? … Be well…

  38. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG –

    OK, well excuse me for being an idiot. Despite my idiocy, I will continue the dialogue.

    Yes, I realize the grim realities of the NFL…aging players….the salary cap….contracts that were good at the beginning but become an albatross around the neck later. There is no way they are paying Fitz his contract # next year. It’s not even a matter of a small paycut. It would take a significant re-structuring and down-sizing of the numbers for him to stay here. Seems to me it will ultimately come down to his deciding what he wants.. Would seem it would be hard for him to say no to more money with a ready-to-go contender like, say, the Colts. I spoke of that earlier. BUT…I say that knowing that the Cardinals ARE also a legit contender right now!

    As to three years in a row of Fitz being under 1.000 yards ( if this season holds up )….are we REALLY gonna count 2012, with the QB’s he was subjected to playing with? C’mon. NOT fair to Fitz. That was a situation Fitz couldn’t overcome, nor would have any other WR you could name. And last year, he DID have 954 yds and 10TD’s. 46 yds short of 1.000 and double digit TD’s and we’re gonna say it was a down year??? If THAT was a down year, then that is quite a testimony to how great this guy has actually been!

    Oh, and I made sure I had my facts were correct there, so…hopefully, I’m meeting your standards this time.

    Logic AND the afore-mentioned grim realities of the NFL seem to point to a likely result that Fitz will be elsewhere next year. But I hope against that with all the hope I can muster. And if ANYTHING would serve as a consolation prize, it WOULD be that he leave with a ring on his finger.

    Gotta pack for Glendale, bud. Enjoy the game! Get back to ya on the other side.

  39. By jwoodaz on Oct 25, 2014 | Reply

    An enjoyable read everyone, This is good point by point for all of you and each are valid for previous events. However, Fitz is unique. Keim hasn’t hit his stride yet, BA, Bowles, and Jones coach schemes and the rest of the staff coach players. There’s alot of depth especially young talented guys waiting for a shot. This is and will be a strong TEAM for at least 3-4 years. Woe to Washington, Praying for that guy and his future off and on the field. Please give him some clarity and insight on responsibility for TEAM, hopefully you have depth on your TEAM to get that done. He’s got this with strong support, hopefully not a good shunning. This is key to this line backing core’s greatmess for the next 4-7 years. Washington is a rare combination Linebacker, if he can someday play in this league, it should be on the Cardinals. Not giving up on Dockett either, in case he wants to play the next couple years yet, that again an example of depth of rare human specimen taht has worked to get this team to this point. I see that fire he has while working on the sideline, even if his filter can turn off 100% of the time, so he might sneak in a final tally at the end of the game, Oakland fans secretly Appreciated his jab back after there performance all game behind the team, Oakland was my first Favorite, and I must say that Floyd looks very similar to Freddie B. back in the day. The Q’s are deep and younger as you look at the chart, I love the idea of Tom M. screaming “It’s alive, it’s ALIVE.” the next time we see Logan Thomas take the field in 1-2-3- years from now, and Stanton could still prove a valuable back up even then. Forgot about Troy N. yet? I think that kid ate atleast a Grizz. Can you say Jaron. Brown?I guess before I name the third guy on the Practice Squad, (which by the way that “bottom five is always churning” seems for real, Why would Fitzgerald walk away from that? Ego? I think not, There are many ways to greatness!, and Fitzgerald is running on one, Team is another, it comes to what happens from the choices it makes. Any Mercenary likes to get paid, wouldn’t you? Great ones can make a difference just like Generals and soldiers. I see Greatness in this TEAM. Is it Game Day?

  40. By CORMAC on Oct 26, 2014 | Reply

    WHY FITZ WILL STAY. (I hope)

    He was at the pinnacle of his carrier and was paid very well.
    He WILL take less, because he has passed his prime years. I am not talking about pennies mind you, but I do not think he expects the same kind of money he was making before.

    With his lower production, it will decrease his pay on any team. He is getting older. Hey may yet have some of the best games of his life , but people look at years on a body too.

    In the end, I think the Cardinals have a number, and its going to be very high, that they will pay him. Its possible some other team may out bid us, but I think we value you him more than any other team.

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