Keim: Waiting on injury, and the offensive line

Posted by Darren Urban on November 10, 2014 – 8:10 am

General Manager Steve Keim didn’t have much of an update on quarterback Carson Palmer this morning during his weekly appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7. Keim said Palmer will undergo “a number of tests” Monday and the Cardinals should have an update with Palmer’s knee injury later Monday. That Keim didn’t have much to say isn’t surprising, but as I mentioned last night, you hope for the best but plan for the worst.

After a win in which the Cardinals only rushed for 28 yards, though, Keim did have some thoughts on the offensive line. He was blunt: Keim said he thinks one of the “primary reasons” the Cardinals were 8-1 is the play of offensive tackles Jared Veldheer and Bobby Massie. As for the interior — guards Paul Fanaika and Ted Larsen and center Lyle Sendlein — Keim said he has concerns about their consistency.

Bruce Arians was asked after the game, following his talk about how the Cardinals got their “asses whipped” up front leading to a lack of a run game, whether there was a chance guard Jonathan Cooper could get a start against Detroit. Arians answered without hesitation: “None.”

Keim has suggested in recent comments that he thought Cooper could end up playing some, although that belief isn’t held by the coaching staff. And Keim said it’s up to the coaches.

“Anytime you are 8-1 there is a certain chemistry, and a lot of times coaches don’t want to mess with chemistry, which I certainly can’t argue with,” Keim said. “The other thing is, I’m the General Manager. It’s my job to add players to the roster, help pick the players. But I am always going to defer to the coaches when it comes to playing the players. It’s not my job to tell Bruce Arians or Harold Goodwin who to play from a personnel standpoint. That’s a decision those guys have to make, and if those guys think it’s in our best interests to play the two guards we currently have out there right now, that’s what I’m going to go with.”

— As for Drew Stanton, who will step in at QB assuming Palmer is out, Keim talked about the confidence the team has in Stanton. He made the point that, if the Cardinals didn’t think he would be able to step in after seeing him since the beginning of 2013 after Stanton signed, the Cards would have made a move to replace him.

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45 Responses to “Keim: Waiting on injury, and the offensive line”

  1. By jme on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Palmer will be ok, i bet anything its not seriouse, he will be back in a week or two. I just have a feeling, I bet the farm its not an ACL problem or anything like that, Palmer will be OK!!! GO CARDS!!!

  2. By Brandon on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    I was just curious about how you felt about the state of the interior offensive line? They seemed to be down this year after being a strength last year especially against Seattle! Do you think they regret not keeping Darren Colledge?

  3. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Brandon —

    RE: Interior

    Obviously, they have had ups and downs. Against the Rams, who are incredibly talented inside defensively, I am not shocked there were some struggles. Donald is the real deal.

  4. By Smack28 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I am feeling horrible for Palmer this morning. Hopefully, Keim is working on a contingency plan for a QB to back up Stanton. We don’t need another Denver fiasco with a QB that is certainly not ready to play.

  5. By PotAsh on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Speaking of injuries, how is Dockett recovering? I assume no news is good news.

  6. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    PotAsh —

    RE: Dockett

    Recovery is fine. He should be fine for next season.

  7. By D on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    The good news is that Stanton can move more around the pocket than Palmer..bad news is they are going against a good front 4 and our starting Guards could get Stanton hurt…but having these problems at 8-1 is better than many other teams in the league..

  8. By TucsonTim on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Palmer’s uniform tells the story. Sad day. Prayers for Carson’s speedy recovery.

  9. By Eric G on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    @ jme

    I’ll take that bet. Where’s the farm at? The way Carson looked as he was carted off the field, he knows its torn. We all know its torn. No way the Cards are that lucky that it’s just a sprain.

    Dear offensive line. protect the %#$#& out of Stanton, your season depends on it.

  10. By jasensaffel on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I think ,CARSON proved he was a better QB ,it one major reason why they are 8-1……The Denver game showed that drew Stanton can not beat elite teams I hope CARSON has a minor problem in that knee and can come back Even if they would split those remaining games and I do not feel he can take them to the SUPER BOWL and even if he did i do not think he could win.He might be a future QB,but there is a reason he was just a back up.He is ok,but just not enough.If it is a torn ACL,Palmer may be at the end of a great resurgence in his football carreer.It is sad.He deserves to have a SUPER BOWL as much as LARRY FITZ.THE CARDINALS need the experienced QB.A rookie no matter how great,can only get them so far.Sadly ,I think it will hinder their final push .If the defence carries them,teams with great passers like DENVER,and such will skunk them.

  11. By jamprince2 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    So much negativity, and lack of faith . Faith is key in everything. I don’t think your words is needed here, I have faith we could do it without you. You’re opinion doesn’t count. Btw We hung in there against Denver until He got hurt. We also lost Calais Campbell and Matt Shaugnessy . Please get your facts straight without being negative. Be a Denver fan (an elite team) in your terms for all I care.

  12. By Dynosoar on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Stanton enters game and Housler, then Carlson and then Smokey each catch a ball, moving from our side of the field to a touchdown in three plays. I love having two starting QBs on the team. Looking forward to what Logan Thomas can bring in the future, but extremely satisfied currently.

    The Rams beat the Seahawks and the 49ers. We beat the 49ers. I understand “any given Sunday,” but are we as worried about these games as we were in August? I’m not.

    Bring em! If BA can still attack with our second (1st) string QB, why can’t we attack these Division games? We cab and we will.

    Sweep the West!

  13. By EDijkstra on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Palmer seemed fine after he chased down the Ram who returned his interception, but I wonder if the knee might have been affected in some way that led to the later injury. Anyway, very nice play be Palmer to minimize the damage of the interception.

  14. By Joseph on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    The O-line interior is struggling somewhat. Part of it is injuries. Faniaka (sp?) has a knee and ankle injury that kept him limited all last week during practice. But he still started over Cooper. If he continues to struggle Goodwin and BA may have to put Cooper in.

    Is it me or is the trainers and medical staff a little slow in bringing out the Cart? CP should’ve never been allowed to walk off the field. Nor should’ve HB last year.

    What do you all think?

  15. By jme on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    its probably broken cartlidge around the knee, if acl he wouldnt of walked any at all the cart would of been on the field. i say 2-3 weeks out and Palmer will be back when healed up. Im an optimist which works more time then not.

  16. By Mike G on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Hey Darren–Hope all is cool! Great win by the Card’s yesterday. It was a physical game–typical NFC West style. John Brown just continues to make big plays in the 4th Qtr. Thought the running game struggled but the Rams are stout up front and must be given credit for containing Ellington. Nice to see Fitz contribute and Campbell, Cromartie and Peterson really came up big crunch time. Loved how the team responded when Palmer was hurt– the Defense in particular seemed to take it personal and raised their game. Again plus 2 in the turnover battle –if the Cards take care of the football –they will be fine. Stanton did a great job when he came in– I loved how he stepped up in the pocket on Brown’s TD–He had heat from both Ram’s DE’S on that play and delivered the ball well. Hopefully Palmer will be fine –hoping for the best. Hey Darren—I think the Card’s interior OL as a whole has played pretty well this season. This Ram front seven may be the most physical that the Cards will play this season. I think Keim is slightly over-reacting in criticizing the group. These remaining division games are going to be played similar to this one— very physical and not a lot of running yardage for running backs. He who takes care of the football the best will win!!! Don’t you think?????

  17. By Darren Urban on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Physical/OL

    I think if the Cards can’t run for more than 28 yards, they are going to have a very hard time winning games.

  18. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply


    Its a big deal, but one can only wonder what the OL and running game would be like with the very athletic (and now healthy) Cooper and Watson at LG and RG. Still, it seems that will be a question for 2015 along with whether Carson can recover like the Honey Badger.

    BA knows whats best and I for one am riding that pony! Go Cards, my God it was the loudest and most thrilling last 10 minutes since the Playoff win over the pack when Mighty Mike hit Rodgers and Los strolled into the end zone with the Fifty Burger. But until the Somey Bomb, I was so nervois!

    The Magic continues…

  19. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    PS: Agree with ED above, as wife and I came home and watched the replay last night.., we both thought fwiw Palmer chasing down the INT was biggest play of game, reminiscent of SB toss by Warner as LB faded into the path of the pass, but Palmer got the tackle and saved 7 … lost 3, but not 10, on that play.

  20. By azqfan on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    jme, Honey Badger walked off the field last year and he had torn MCL and ACL.

  21. By krehbieo14 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    BA and Goodwin have been insistent about staying with Fanaika and Larsen. I was hoping our first round draft pick in 2013, Jonathan Cooper would break the lineup at this point. My hope is that he’d help with the run game. I am puzzled by the reluctance to give him a shot because of “continuity.” During this season, many injured rookie players have made their debut by now. Regardless, the run and pass blocking must improve! We can’t afford to have Stanton go down.

  22. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I am still stunned by two things;

    Palmer is injured.
    Which isn’t a knock on Stanton, but there is a drop off. Stanton never challenged Palmer to start for a reason. And with Stanton signed, The cards felt the necessity to sign Palmer before his Feb deadline of being released. I think We all are grateful to have Stanton, but winning it all just got a lot harder.

    The other thing I am stunned about was Palmer running down Alec olgetree on the INT. Olgetree ran a 4.7 at the combine. Here is a small part of his scouting report;
    “Has excellent speed for the position, can turn on the jets to chase plays down from behind. Beats blocks with hand quickness, plays the position like a safety with a chance to build a frame like a linebacker.”

    How did Palmer catch him? Sure angles, but come on. It reminds me of last week when Witten caught PP. Sheer will.

  23. By dennis on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Let’s hope Drew Stanton stays healthy if Palmer is gone for the season. Logan Thomas is a rookie QB and not a very good one at that.

  24. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Heard those comments by Keim on the radio this morning driving to work. I immediately thought of JTDG’s post a week or so ago asking if there was perhaps some disagreement between Keim and Arians about playing Cooper. Keim is obviously quoting the party line above in saying that it isn’t his job to decide who plays on Sunday, but reading between the lines, it seems a reasonable inference that he wants his first-round, #7 OA pick out there.

  25. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    As exciting as the Peterson INT’s, Cromartie return and Brown catch were, I was the most stoked about Palmer chasing down the guy who intercepted his pass. How many QB’s do that? Without that, we’re down 21-10. And then the D held, assisted by a 15-yard penalty after the Rams completed a 20+ yard pass on the first play after the INT, including the huge sack by Calais when the Rams were still in FG range.

  26. By jeffgollin on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I’m less concerned about Stanton’s ability to replace Palmer than I am who’ll replace Drew should he go down. (I’m pretty upbeat about Logan Thomas’ future, but feel that right now he continues to be unproven).

    Whether it be Dixon or some other experienced QB on the open market, we need someone who’s ready to step in for Stanton the same way he was ready to step in to replace Carson.

    Steve Keim, we need you to pull another rabbit out of your hat.

  27. By sbrown on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    wow, at the game yesterday, such a great win / loss. hope all the best for Palmer. My son brought it up, last year home game vs Rams, the Cards lost both Mathieu and Ta’amu to knee injuries. Just some bad karma vs Rams…

  28. By jeffgollin on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I’m pretty confident we can win with Drew. My concern is lack of depth behind Drew (Logan Thomas has loads of ability and potential but is still raw as rain and remains unproven).

    We need someone behind Drew who can step in the same way Drew stepped in for Carson.

    Whether it be Dixon or someone else on the open market – we desperately need Steve K to pull another rabbit out of his hat.

  29. By much.faster on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    it`s really sad for carson palmer, he was on the way to his best season ever, and now this devastating news.

    yesterday before the game i wanted to ask half jokingly darren two questions, first if the cards could offer a limited edition of arians flat cap in cards red (it would make it a official cap), and second if they could also make stanton the highest paid backup, he is in my opinion at least the third best backup, only behind vick and sanchez, if,

    but now, with this news, it`s not funny anymore, and i really, really hope, palmer has only a minor injury, and can play again this season.

    and if palmers injury is serious, and he isn`t able to play this season (i really hope not), and looking at the cards running game, maybe they should add a “running” QB as backup for the remaining season. it could give arians a lot more variations.

  30. By jme on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    well just read, torn acl, palmer on IR… Next Man Up, Drew you got this!!! Team is more important now then ever.

  31. By D on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    My never too early look at the draft needs for the Cards. I am thinking the Cards will be drafting anywhere between pick 27-32, hoping for 32, the following names are based on needs as of today, with free agency and the future of Palmer, this could change down the road.

    Round 1) S. Calhoun OLB-kid can get to the QB and besides Okafor, I don’t see many of the current Card’s pass rushers at OLB coming back next year. (sorry Acho, your a great dude, but this defense needs more pressure from OLB)

    Round 2) H. Jamora OLB-yes another pass rusher, but this kid has a motor like K Vandenbosch and did I say that the Cards really need help at pass rusher…(especially if T. Bowles get’s a HC job this spring)

    Round 3) J. Langford RB–Cards need an inbetween the tackles running back to push Taylor and spell Ellington.

    Round 4) A.J. Johnson–ILB-nicknamed the Beast at TN, the closest player to D. Washington coming out of the draft past round 1-kid is fast and physical. (No-I don’t see DWash coming back to this team)

    Round 5) K. Bell WR- if Fitz wants to leave this spring then the Cards should draft another WR, this kid has good route running abilities and can block–although with Floyd, Brown & Brown the Cards will still be solid at the WR position.

  32. By much.faster on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    jasensaffel, drew Stanton can not beat elite teams?

    i would not be so sure about this, if the D plays like yesterday in the last quarter, imo they can beat any team.

  33. By Nick on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    cant understand why this site is always so slow to report major news – very sad to hear that carson is done for the season – damn. next man up put to the ultimate test now…let do this CARDS !!!

  34. By ILuvBugel on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Hi Darren,

    If Palmer is out for the remainder of the season do you think the Cards will sign Lindley back from San Diego’s practice squad?

  35. By Robert on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    you can bet on the fact that another QB will be signed…Thomas is not ready. You can also bet the farm that the OL interior is going to get run over this week and those d limeman on Detroit are tougher than nails. 28 yards rushing can’t win in the NFL under any condition, but you got to love the cardinals. They are turning into my AMERICAS team.

    We need a running back who can play first and second down, then over to Ellington..He is getting hit to many times and is going to break down,

    I feel terrible for C Palmer, just think if he waited one more day, he would have lost 20 million! funny how the NFL works.

  36. By T. Stone on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply


    RE:My never too early look at the draft needs for the Cards

    Yea, it can be too early and it is too early.

  37. By T. Stone on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply


    RE:My never too early look at the draft needs for the Cards

    a caveat to my last post. Unless the D in Your name stands for the letter D in a name in the Cardinal scouting department, but even then you should stay off the blogs and get to work. Chop Chop.

  38. By krehbieo14 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Kevin Mesa-

    I am the one who brought up the possibility that there was some tension between Keim and BA over Coop’s playing time. I said that their statements about his use were inconsistent. I got naysayers for suggesting it.. The conflict is still there IMO.

  39. By krehbieo14 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    I do not think there is a huge drop off in Stanton’s play vs. Palmer. People talk about his passing percentage, but how many games is that based on? Stanton understands BA’s offense as well as anyone and can make the necessary throws. I expect him to excel moving forward. Now that he has his career opportunity, he will make the most of it!

  40. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply


    I am puzzled by the reluctance to give him (cooper) a shot because of “continuity.”

    Do you believe this coaching staff is experienced and knowledgeable?
    Do you think these coaches , including Arians who dates back to Lombardi, has a good working knowledge of players?
    Do you think Arians would not play the best players?

    Just think about it. Cooper is not being inserted because Arians is not impressed. There is no other logical conclusion to draw, unless you want to say the coaching staff is clueless.

    Keim made a 14.5 million dollar mistake and he wants him in to save face. He also sees (correctly) the guards are not playing well.

    Yet there is no doubt when asked, Arians says no way. That is clear as can be to me.

    The coaches do not believe in him.

  41. By cards62 on Nov 10, 2014 | Reply

    Great Discussion on the oline guys and gals.
    Concerning Cooper I just do not know, but I still remember him moving people off the ball in preseason and I know how little preseason means but he was working with the first team at that point so I do have some hope for him. I have never been a fan of Lyle S. play as I have seen him get blown up too many times over the years, Smart player and great team mate and great off the field, but have always felt an upgrade was needed. How did our oline play so well against the Cowboys and the interior so poorly against the Rams? Here comes the mighty Lions. Keim signed us 2 starting QBs and Graves 0 after Warner so I am grateful for this. Bengals are my second favorite team growing up in Ohio so I have followed Carson Palmer career and he has always thrown bone headed interceptions, but man can he throw a pretty ball into tight windows that only a very few can. Palmer’s arm is special and can get us to the Super Bowl. Stanton I do not know if he can, but I am glad he is a Cardinal and I am confident he can get us to the playoffs and that with him and our coaching staff we will be competitive. Not many teams can say that with their starting QB let alone their backup so these are still great times my fellow Cardinal fans. I do feel if Stanton goes down our season is lost and with our oline it is possible. It is possible with any line, but our line is my biggest worry now. This brings me back to Cooper and not knowing what to do with him. JTDG I do have tremendous confidence in our coaching staff (side note do you know it was a strong rumor that if Arians got the Bears job that he was going to offer OC to Whisenhunt and OL coach to Russ Grimm – I was not a fan of Grimm’s work) If we put Cooper in and he messes up we could lose our QB so as long as the other two guards are healthy I think we should go with them as I worry not only about Cooper leg right now but his head and confidence. Lets give Cooper his chance next preseason and hope Keim is correct and he is our starting guard to begin next season and for many years to come, and if not Keim you are forgiven as no GM bats a 1000 or even close to it. I do not know if Cooper will be a bust or not, but a lot of you including our current coaching staff has me very worried about Mr. Cooper. I really hate that every year for as long as I can remember that our oline has been a weakness and major worry for our success even during our Super Bowl year. Mr. Keim fix our oline and get us a pass rush and you are in the ring of honor as the greatest Cardinal GM of all time.

    Go Cards beat the Lions (Matt Stafford reminds me of Carson Palmer so here’s to hoping he throws 3 bone headed picks on Sunday, and PP verses Megatron) Man is it the weekend yet?????

  42. By clssylssy on Nov 11, 2014 | Reply

    With the schedule we are now facing, I have been expecting a pressor that Keim has signed a backup QB, especially now that we know Palmer’s status for the remaining schedule. I believe someone previously asked if Dixon was still available to which Darren replied “no”, so I’m wondering: am I remembering that correctly, is he no longer available and who else besides Lindley could come in this late in the season with sufficient knowledge of the system to step up if called upon?
    I totally believe we are as capable of winning with Stanton because of his performance earlier and his comfort knowing the system, in addition to the way we game plan. However, I have to agree that what worries me the most is not having a backup for our backup as we enter this final, and probably most physical portion of our schedule. The real strength of this team this year has been in the knowledge that one player is not a team and that the team is only as strong as it’s weakest link. ..we are equal to the sum of our parts. To this end, the organization has been working hard to insure that any weak link is still an improvement over the preivious one, and we’re continuously searching to improve!

  43. By Darren Urban on Nov 11, 2014 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Dixon

    I never said Dixon wasn’t available.

  44. By clssylssy on Nov 11, 2014 | Reply

    Been a crazy couple of weeks and most of us never believed we would be dealt yet another major injury, much less to our QB, after he seemed back and over the shoulder problem, so probably dismissed the Dixon talk. Thanks for the answer back Darren, I’m sure we’re all waiting to see what happens next, especially with this Lions game looming large. As I recall we beat them the last time we met in Detroit but I’m sure you’ll be writing something about our history with them later in the week. I must say that I loved that “Fact Sheet” (or whatever you called it and hope it can become a regular feature.

  45. By krehbieo14 on Nov 11, 2014 | Reply


    What we do know is how YOU feel about Cooper, not the organization. You have made it clear for some time that Coop is a bust as a means for you to justifying your “draft guy” predictions. Taking shots at a GM who has made this team what it is today is insulting. MY prediction is that we have not heard the last of Jonathan Cooper and he will prove his worth to the Cardinals. He doesn’t need to prove anything to you!

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