Deep shots are part of Stanton DNA

Posted by Darren Urban on November 20, 2014 – 4:25 pm

When Carson Palmer was lost for the season, Bruce Arians — who often talked about how well Palmer threw the deep pass — was asked how that part of the offense might change with Drew Stanton at quarterback.

“It really doesn’t,” Arians said. “That’s the beauty of that pass that he threw in that ball game (against the Rams) under duress. We’re not really going to lose that part of it. Carson was, and is, amazing at it, at dropping it in the bucket, but we can still go downtown and we still have that threat in our offense.”

In a lot of ways, Stanton might even fit the bill better as someone who will take deep shots. Stanton has thrown 125 passes this season, and already 28 of them have been launched at least 20 yards downfield (22.4 percent), according to Palmer threw 31 passes at least 20 yards, but it was among 224 attempts (13.8 percent). Palmer completed 11 of those for 371 yards; Stanton has completed 10 of the deep balls for 325 yards.

Stanton’s average depth of target, according to PFF, is 12.9 yards downfield. He found John Brown and Michael Floyd for deep TDs the last two games and often seeks the play downfield.

It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out Sunday in Seattle — where it took a 31-yard TD bomb from Palmer to Floyd to win last year.



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27 Responses to “Deep shots are part of Stanton DNA”

  1. By rod on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks when he throws those deep balls 50% of them look like he just heaves them up? Hail marry’s aren’t a good strategy in the first, second and third quarters, he’s been fortunate so far but I guarantee you if he keeps that up this season is over. Oh, and go through your progressions also, quit staring down your first target!

  2. By Lee W. Flanagan on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    A few of the throws did look as if he heaved them up. Some of the throws have been late and it looked as if he heaved them up. Last year Floyd waited til the ball came down and those would have been intercepted. This year he is going up to get them. That’s why he’s doing so well. I think that Stanton is doing well so far. Carson made me more nervous because his throws were more deliberate. Again you’re probably not alone. Hopefully he can limit the late throws and he will be fine.

  3. By William Barry on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    As much as I like Carson, I think Drew has a great pocket awareness, especially for the rush, and think he is quicker to step up in the pocket.

  4. By Joseph on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    I think it’s maybe you.

    Stanton has made improvements every game since his 1st start against the Giants. His reads are improving as is his completion percentage.

  5. By Scott H on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    When Stanton was playing earlier in the season, I saw the stat somewhere that he was actually LEADING THE NFL in percentage of down-field throws ( according to whatever measure was used for that ). What I really like about Stanton AND the general approach that Arians employs with him in the game is that the game plan does not change to accommodate him. There is no “other” playbook that they change over to for Stanton and they don’t cut back to 65-70% of their playbook for Stanton. No. It’s damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

    And it is not often mentioned but Stanton is notably more mobile than Palmer, so there is at least ONE area where Stanton can do more occasionally than Palmer might.

    If Palmer were winning games single-handedly, we would probably be in big trouble without him. But he wasn’t. He was playing VERY efficient football ( making some spectacular throws occasionally ) and that was a perfect complement to how well our defense was playing. So, IMHO, we only need Stanton to do the same thing we were asking of Palmer – play smart, be efficient, avoid turnovers, make spectacular throws on occasion ( which he has shown he CAN do ). As long as we can keep the offense balanced and the defense continues to play as it has….why should anyone’s expectations change?

    I also consider this – Stanton has the same number of playoff wins right now that Palmer has. I WOULD rather Palmer still be playing and have the comfort of Stanton as our back-up. But guarantee me right now that Stanton will stay healthy from this point on, and I will tell you that I think the Cardinals can / will go as far as they would have with Palmer.

    I’m not saying Stanton is as good as Palmer. I’m definitely not saying he’s better than Palmer. He is NOT. I AM saying I think the TEAM, with Stanton, is good enough to do….whatever it is going to do.

  6. By robert on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    here is the key to winning on sunday, control Wilsons runs..i predict a win if Wilson rushes for less than 40 yards…

  7. By Marlin on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    Yes Rod, you are the only one.

  8. By georgiebird on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    There’s nothing wrong with taking deep shots. The problem the Cards offense has is that Ellington is primarily a 3rd down back.
    When AE has a hole, he can function but when there is no hole, AE has little ability to even break an arm tackle.
    Other teams have RBs who can take a hit at the LOS and continue on for big gains. Last week, our Robert Hughes shed a tackle near the line and made a big gain on a pass play.
    Don’t get me wrong, AE has done a good job being an every down back. It’s just that AE’s style doesn’t punish the defense and, in turn, get the D to respect the run.
    Defenses will continue to come after Stanton- not fearing the consequences of a power run up the middle that gains 15-20 yards because the RB broke a tackle or two.
    BA understands. Thus, the supposed claim put in for Ben Tate.

  9. By Richard S on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    Ellington is the Cardinals Mercury Morris. Now all they need is a Larry Csonka.

  10. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    No problem with Drew bombing it. He may have been a bit short on a few last week, but he has huge upside as a new starter. Btw, was very happy to buy my playoff tix tonite. It’s started, Seatle the first next test;) Want to enjoy every game along the way, special season under way. If we can get to 10-2 thru 12, my bet is get Home Field throughout. Go Cards.

  11. By JohnnyBluenose on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    I thought Stanton was afforded very good protection last week and, if that continues, we should see a few deep balls every game. I also think that Stanton’s mobility may buy him another second or two and that could result in a couple of big plays. I wonder if BA would consider moving the pocket from side to side once in awhile to try to give Stanton a bit more time. And will we see Ginn catch a few bombs sometime? That would be a welcome change. I thought Stanton played well. He delivered a key pass to Fitz to get that first down with two minutes left to secure the victory. That was huge. I saw him tense up on third down the series prior to that and throw one in the dirt towards Smokey Brown so I was almost expecting the same result but no, Stanton came through. I do agree with rod though…Stanton does seem to stare at his primary receiver a little too much. And I was disappointed in the first interception, not only with the pass but with the call. We were up 14-0 and were first down on or near the ten yard line with a chance (maybe) to put the game away and I thought we could have run the ball at least once. Instead the pass is thrown into coverage and we lost a huge opportunity. I am certainly glad we won and we deserved the victory. But you don’t win many games when you only score 14 points….except when you only give up 6. I hope our lack of a running game and lack of a return game do not start to cost us victories. Keep going. Win on Sunday and bury the Seahawks.

  12. By azdesertrat1953 on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    He, Drew Stanton, is doing the same thing Carson did at first last year and that is trying to fit it into tight places with out seeing the extra defender. Also I noticed his timing is just a bit off sometimes or he is not leading just enough to get the ball in front of the intended target. But that will get better with game reps and practice.
    He is going through a learning curve that is nothing like Carson had to go through but an ‘In Game Learning Curve’ none the less.
    BA, Tom Moore and Freddie Kitchens have helped him Win 4 of 5 games he has played in this year and if he could have finished the Denver game I think we really would be 10 and 0.
    Remember that Drew Stanton was going to be the starter when suddenly Carson Palmer went on the market last year.
    Thinking back on it now, what if we did not get Carson?

    So much good, to many problems with players, so many injuries and yet this Team has over come most all of it and are 9 and 1, it’s just Crazy!

    Lets Go!!

    GO CARDS!!!

  13. By clssylssy on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply

    As long as Drew gets us wins, I’m not going to knit-pick his technique; I’m happy with his results and for a backup, he’s pretty accurate with those “heaves” and making good reads. The real issues with the possibility of not having Fitz is not so much a matter of being able to plug in a receiver, but more the issue of having a player of his caliber who can also matchup and block Richard Sherman and has the experience and knowledge of Seattle’s tactics. We are rich with receivers but none as complete a player as Fitz and we’ll need him in this game. None of the sports writers at NFL are choosing the Cards to win (big surprise there) but they ware a;sp the same guys who picked the Lions over us and the Chiefs to blowout the Raiders!
    I am surprised that there doesn’t seem to be more excitement about this game as usually by now there’s been a lot more chatter . I’m starting to get a weird vibe that I don’t like…anyone else? We’re a good road team and can beat the Seahawks as long as we BELIEVE!

  14. By Dynosoar on Nov 20, 2014 | Reply


    read the film breakdown of the Stanton to Brown touchdown on the headlines from last week. He may look like he’s “heaving” the ball up, but if you read the breakdown of that play it’s obvious he’s not.

    Not only that, Stanton can read a defense.

    I hope the article with the Brown TD breakdown helps ease your mind.

    Enjoy the season, we’re 9-1 and about to be 10-1. I’ve been watching Seattle, we have more weapons on offense than they have good defenders. They haven’t learned how to overcome injuries like we have and they only have one real threat on offense, Lynch and if you watched what we did to Murray in the Dallas game, why would we be worried about Lynch?

    We’ve got this game, especially because the Cardinals are respecting every team and focusing on one game at a time.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

  15. By BigAl on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    By rod
    rod you know what, I too fear what you fear…It’s a hard thing!!! he’s come in & had success…& may I say very nice success….However, this team is built to go the distance they have already overcome soo many injuries/challenges…ie 1st player losses…I mean he’s been on the bench for sooo long… can we honestly expect him to see the whole field like Carson does???
    One thing I feel confident in is…. these guys believe he can do it!!!! And I got to tell ya, the other 31 teams have faked that belief many a time! This team! These
    Cards are gonna just get behind this kid & go for it all like non of us have ever seen!!! Well wait a minute…we did see Kurt Warner!!! But Kurt had credence…
    We have done a ton I feel like & still the hardest part of our schedule remains…
    Its hard to fathom…If BA & Co. can figure a way to get an early lead & minimize
    Beast mode…cause he’s a tuf tackle…we all know that!!! In my dreams…I see an early14 [point lead & then we uncover our BEAST ROBERT HUGHES! Seriously, I just don’t see it in Taylor…but I doo in Hughes! Does anyone else that???

  16. By rod on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply


  17. By much.faster on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    i wish, they wouldn`t take this game in seattle to serious.

    the must wins are the game in atlanta (10-2), the game in st.louis (11-3) and the game against the hawks at home (12-4). that would fix the first seed in the nfl and homefield advantage all the way to the homebowl.

    rest the more or less injured players for this games.

    but it looks like this is not in their DNA ….

  18. By clssylssy on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    much faster…
    Yes, we DO need this game to establish psychological dominance if nothing else.
    I do agree with you that the Atlanta game is going to be more important than anyone is giving thought to. That has always been a stumbling block for the Cards, more mental, I think, than anything else unless it has to do with our ability to win on the east coast because of time and travel factors. We have to be able to win on the road and overcome any “issues” we’ve had before. From here on out EVERY game is important because of the statement we are making in being able to persevere and play tough through all the losses we have sustained. We are being recognized for being able to go in and get the job done as a complete and fully functioning unit, while remaining respectful and humble in our wins. Real champions view each game as critical and play the full sixty full out. There will be plenty of time for “resting” after February!

  19. By krehbieo14 on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    Robert Hughes is a big back with great hands, speed and the ability to pound the ball as a runner. He is also an effective blocker. Hopefully he receives more touches to compliment Ellington.

  20. By Shannon Robinson on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    The 50% completion rate is Stanton’s game now – the 300 plus yards a game is down to that Cool Uncle with the headset.

  21. By jme on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    I like the aspect that with Drew in now it opens up more of BA’s playbook (elite calling), iveheard all season how the offense would go to Drew to with questions on the plays and why this why that. More time in the game wll help Drews % completions, thats just math. Again, i think the playbook grew when Drew came in and this is soooooooooo exciting, I cant wait for Palmer to get in on the side-line and start brainstorming with BA and Drew!!!! THIS IS SUCH A WHOLE TEAM!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG RED!!!!!

  22. By rod on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    I am actually happy with all the thumbs down and the positive comments that have come my way!!

    Sure feels good to be wrong 🙂

    GO CARDS!!!!

  23. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    georgiebird –

    I have heard that the Colts and Cardinals put in claims for Tate, but the vikings were WAAAAY ahead of them in line, so…there he went. I think he would have absolutely helped here. Maybe there IS a downside to being the best team in the NFL! Geez, when has THAT ever been a problem for the Cardinals, ya know?

    Tate is a solid RB. there was no way he was gonna fall to us at 32.

  24. By jwoodaz on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    OK Cards fans before you all go sideways, this staff does a tremendous job on keeping the players focused on the game at hand, the other thing they do, plan very well, another reason Cards have the largest coaching staff in NFL. Robert Hughes is a tactical, stealth weapon not to be unleashed until it gets cold n nasty out and you need a run game to eat clock and wear down the Defense, and if there’s not much “tape” on him at the end of the season no team can plan on him and WHAM Mr. Hughes, suddenly Cards have a backfield doing just that . Until the weather turns and the Cards are playing in the Northeast or the Northwest and it’s a huge game and… wait a minute. Lady’s and gentleman Robert Hughes, Stephan Taylor, and Andre Ellington, with special guest star Marion Grice. Sorry Seattle. Hope the media doesn’t read this and clue in the Seahawks…In 2 weeks if you’re still not “amazed” by this Team then wait until we’re defending our home in the Super Bowl.. I rest my case. Does anyone have a step ladder this soap box got bigger than before…

  25. By italycardfan on Nov 21, 2014 | Reply

    I’m sorry, but I do not understand! I can not understand !!!
    I refer to some comments I’ve read and comments of experienced journalists in the NFL.
    And the more I read and the less I understand!
    Can you tell me what’s going on?
    Can you tell me what you want more than that ????
    is the second year of the BA management and look at what made the team.
    Look where it got !!!! When it happened to be 9-1 ??? Does anyone remember him or most of you were not born yet? Yet, despite the successes, are still here reading negative comments, comments of fear, as if we were the last on the list and we fear all future opponents. Do you realize what made the team this season? Or not! Not to mention the commentators of the NFL! They can only talk about individual players who played for losing teams, light years away from the playoffs already in mid-season. Yet only talk about that. If they speak of our team is just to say that our position is happened by chance, our ranking is an event that is miraculous, and none of them talks about the work that has been done to build this team, work that has been done and is being done to make post new players to replace the injured or various other absent.
    I’m sick of hearing this !!!
    I think there should be more respect in the work of the team, the sacrifices made to get here, and I am convinced that we need to stop being afraid of our future opponents.
    It should be the other way, dammit!
    They have to be the teams that will face us to be concerned about. I would like to think that they are the opposing players to say “Hey guys! We are playing against the Cards! The team with the best record in the league! We must be careful!”
    For my part, I will never consent to give an opinion fearful of what will happen.
    No one can know what will happen!
    I know, only that NOW we are the first of the NFL standings!
    We are the team that everyone should fear, and us fans we must believe in our players, our coaches, our management team, we have a duty not to show us fearful, but proud of what they have given us, to support them at every opportunity , just as happens in a good and immense family in which the positivity is the first source of energy for the success.
    Greetings from Italy.
    GO CARDS !!!

  26. By jtputzy on Nov 22, 2014 | Reply

    Perfectly said. And God Bless itchy!

  27. By Coach K on Nov 22, 2014 | Reply

    Stanton throws a very catchable deep ball with lots of air under it. This is good for guys like Floyd and Fitz who can leap above defenders to pull it down. Where Stanton gets in trouble is his fast balls over the middle. Palmer also has issues with frozen ropes over the middle.

    The Cardinals should throw deep rainbows to Floyd and Fitz and let them go up and get it, or at least draw the flag. Let the Brown’s catch the quick slants and post corner routes and turn it up field. Likewise, use the tight ends on drag passes and slam screen passes. Housler runs the slam screen pass beautifully and he has the speed to turn it into a big gain.

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