Seahawks aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on November 23, 2014 – 10:17 pm

Drew Stanton said after Sunday’s game the Cardinals knew it would be difficult. I’m not sure it was supposed to be quite that difficult. The game played out as an ugly, smash-em-up affair, and that was OK. The Cards can do that. But the Cards can’t make mistakes while doing that, because those are the things that swing a close game. Whether it was the dropped TD pass or the punt block or just the inability of the offense to do anything of real substance save for the end-of-the-half drive (that closed with the TD drop), the Cardinals didn’t do the basic things. The Seahawks did.

Russell Wilson was special in the second half, escaping a few times when he really didn’t have the right to escape. But the Seahawks won because they patiently waited for the Cards to hand over field position, and simply kicked field goals when they did.

It has not been a particularly good offensive stretch to be sure. No touchdowns over the last seven quarters is not going to win any games, much less divisions or championships. These are the defenses you figure to see in the playoffs, too. It makes the game against the Falcons critical next week, especially for that side of the ball. Bruce Arians has to find something that works. Quickly.

— The Cards handled Marshawn Lynch. They couldn’t handle Wilson. In the second half especially, he made some magical plays. In an offense that really doesn’t have the right to be very effective, Wilson made it enough so on Sunday.

— Not having Larry Fitzgerald didn’t help. He couldn’t run, and the question is, how soon will he be able to run? Is another week off going to be enough? It might not be.

— More importantly, you’d think Michael Floyd would step to the forefront with Fitz down, but he was only targeted a couple of times and his one catch was negated by a penalty.

— Stanton hurt his left ankle late in the game, but he said was fine. He walked off the field without any issue and said he would’ve come back in the game. “It’s not anything major,” Stanton said.

— The Cardinals had eight sacks in the first eight games. After seven Sunday – including a career-best three from defensive end Calais Campbell – the Cards have 17 in their last three games. That thing when coaches are always saying sacks come in bunches? Yeah, that.

— It wasn’t the best special teams day for the Cardinals, but their field-goal block unit got another one thanks to Tommy Kelly (his second of the season) and Justin Bethel was irritated he didn’t get a piece of the first two Seattle field goals when he thought he had near misses.

— Arians gave Jaron Brown a pat on the back after his TD drop. Realistically, Arians said, the Cardinals at halftime were “where we’re at every week, within a score, up a score or down a score. We were right were we wanted to be.”

Then came the punt block, and the Cardinals never could get things right.

— The 204 yards of offense was the lowest total of the Arians era and the lowest amount of yards in a game since the Cards had 196 in a Ryan Lindley-started 38-10 win over the Lions Dec. 16, 2012.

— Newcomer Josh Mauro added some things on the defensive line at end, I thought. And further pushed the inactive-again Alameda Ta’amu down the depth chart.

— It was the best game of linebacker Kevin Minter’s year-plus: Five tackles, a first NFL sack, two tackles for loss.

— It’s about perspective. As someone mentioned on plane home, if someone would have said before the season the Cardinals were going to be 9-2 after the Seattle trip, no one would have turned it down. The Cards need to get it back quickly, though. Atlanta awaits.


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  1. By mockthesebirds on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    9-2 is great. It’s the potential trend being set up that is scary right now.

  2. By Dynosoar on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    I sure didn’t see this loss coming. I still feel this team can win out and they rebounded real well from the Denver loss. If they rebound the same way, we don’t lose again and while we won’t sweep the West (which was always possible and the way we have been playing, probable, but that dreams turned to dust) we can still be 5-1 in the division and that’s still huge.

    Wow. I just felt with the way we’ve been playing, getting our pass rush going, the way Stanton has been finding receivers and getting 65% completion against a Lions defense, we had this.

    I am still very confident this team has what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year and am also aware that “any given Sunday” can still bite us. I felt this team could overcome a trap game.

    Well, at least it wasn’t against Oakland. (I have a friend who’s a Raiders fan and he’s upset, he was looking forward to Oakland having a perfect season this year. That win broke the perfect record.)

    Next game up. That’s Atlanta.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

    (The worst part, how the “experts” will howl all week and beyond about how bad we are. Well, let them howl. I don’t have to listen/read and will get more done in the evenings around the house. This loss could jump start the team and make my wife happy with me off the computer more.)

  3. By jakeplummersghost on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    Bruce was too conservative with the playcalling. How did we win in Seattle last year? Let Palmer rip it, repeatedly take deep shots, hope for a catch or PI and suffer through the INTs by trusting your D to bail you out. The defense was there again today, and yet we went dink and dunk too often. The Packers showed everyone week one that not challenging the Seahawks deep is a recipe for losing. Surprised Bruce went with a game plan that resembled theirs more than our own 2013 gameplan. Oh well, he’s still the man!

    I agree though, 9-2 and in the driver’s seat for the one seed in the NFC with losses @ SEA and @ DEN. If you’re complaining you’re crazy. And I’m not even factoring in injuries.

  4. By Oscar on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    Ive been saying Bruce gets too conservative with the play calling. He needs to let the ofende find their groove.

  5. By Lee W. Flanagan on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Jakeplummersghost, careful when letting the ball rip with Stanton. His arm isn’t at strong as Palmers. Palmer over throws the long ball and Stanton underthrows. Big difference in the two QBs.

  6. By georgiebird on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    Good synopsis of the game.
    Here are my thoughts on the game:
    Defensively( given Wilson is a special player)
    1) we once again made a hero out of an opponents second string TE
    2) too much emphasis put into stopping the run-we left other things wide open
    3) Bucannon, Okafer, Jefferson poorly trained in going after Wilson’s head fakes

    Special Teams:
    1) Cat hurt by inactivity
    2) Ginn not the answer
    3) Butler too slow (this is a coaching problem) as was the 10 man mixup

    1) Housler is hurting the team- he can’t perform at this level
    2) Offense has to learn to play against faster defenses (they neutralize AE)
    3) the loss of Dwyer hurt us today

  7. By Lee W. Flanagan on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Agree with ya georgiebird. I can’t believe that BA can’t find a better punter. He has been poor all year long. Needs to go today. Gin needs to be gone as a returner and use him on offense. BA almost took him out before but reluctantly kept him as a returner. Ellington is running scared for some reason. Need to use him differently. Three biggest positional flaws in my opinion. Defense is doing well. No big flaws positionally there. Stanton will be fine. I just believe the coaches haven’t found his niche yet. Stanton appears to be a rythim QB. With all the weapons offense he should be better. Better play calling will help him out tremendously.

  8. By Steve on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    Darren: Do you think a healthy Carson Palmer would have made a difference in the game? Also any news on Ellingtons hip/groin injury?

  9. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Palmer

    Who knows? There is a reason Palmer is a starter. But the OL and run game wouldn’t have been different.

    Nothing new on Ellington. I don’t think those are such an issue that he can’t play well.

  10. By georgiebird on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    This was a lost day. Every team we wanted to see lose ended up winning- some in very close games. Even Atlanta’ loss hurt in that it makes them overdue at home.
    Cards still in good position but they have to prove they belong (once again). Today was a winnable game but we have to get more physical against the faster defenses even if it means sitting AE more.
    Losing in Seattle is not the end of the season. Considering the location, it was the toughest of the six remaining games.
    Adjustments will be important this week because Atlanta’s team is quite different from Seattle’s- a more stationary QB, faster receivers among other things. But similarly, Atlanta is another desperate team.

  11. By Birdwatcher on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    Great effort by the defense. Stanton needs to stop locking in or receivers. Take a Q from Wilson who actually looked one way and threw to a crossing receiver. O-line needs to get nastier in the run game and running backs need to hit those holes hard. One more thing,,can someone get Cromartie a heart..nice whiff on Lynch , the whole world saw that. The least you can do is push the guy out of bounds.9-2 is still the #1 seed..let’s keep working Redbirds.

  12. By TucsonTim on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    And if your grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon.

    What does any of that last year if they said at this time we’d be… have anything to do about reality.

    The reality is we have a special teams coach who can’t count.

    We have an O-line coach who couldn’t see Massie struggling terribly in the first quarter and it never got better.

    Housler has never made a critical catch and never will.

    Stanton isn’t Palmer and BA, guess what, he never will be. Change the game plan. He needs easy reads and simple throws.

    The first 4 or 5 times you let the defense start at mid field we’re OK. After that, game over….and that should be a surprise???

    Did we draft Cooper to be a tight end? Well he probably can catch better than Housler.

    Could anyone see any meaningful change in the offense between the first and third quarter? Same plays with the same results. Insanity?


    MY son’s high school punter is better….actually much better. There were over 100 Div 1 punters last year and this is the best we can do?

    Ginn can’t catch a short punt. Do you think any special teams coach has noticed?

    There should be a rule if Seattle has more false starts than the visiting team, they should forfeit. Well, at least we won that contest.

    If you aren’t worried about Atlanta….then you probably didn’t see the game today. This was a massive fail on offense, special teams and coaching. Very very worrisome. Lose in Atlanta and we start down the best record in the NFL to not make the play offs again. 🙁

  13. By Rick on Nov 23, 2014 | Reply

    We really missed Carson Palmer and Fitzgerald today but most of all we missed our running game. Ellington needs to get back on track and do whatever it takes to get 100%. I am
    Confident that this coaching staff will get this turned around real quick. Go cards!!!

  14. By Red Dead Redemption on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I knew the 2008 Cardinals who had that magical run – would indeed get there. Nobody believed in them outside the red sea. If you did happen to wear a Cardinals hat back then? “Oh you probably bought that hat this year.”

    This team has the aura of “nobody believes in us” as well. They have a better defense for sure compared to that unit. But the difference is with the 2008-2009 offense, I knew they had the ability to put the pedal to the medal at anytime and overcome issues.

    This offense does not have that kind of gear. Yes they made some big plays, and yes those plays won games. But those will not last forever. Sooner or later you will have to win games by being consistent on the offensive side of the ball.

    I thought Stanton played atrocious today, and the defense hung in there. The offensive line was 50 shades of Levi Brown, outside of Jared Veldheer. Which is too bad because Stanton showed flashes he could be a starter and a quality one in this league.

    So he could rebound, but on the road against the champs, was a test, one he failed badly. He did play better against Denver, solid for awhile but the wheels fell off there too and he got hurt.

    This defense is a championship defense, but the injuries have finally caught the Cardinals and Carson may have been the final straw. I honestly preferred Stanton at one point over Carson but it is clear now I was wrong.

    Without injuries? This is an easy Super Bowl winning team, but I do not see it now with the unlucky events. I even put a future bet (did the same with the 2008 Cardinals) on them at 60-1 at the start of the year but that was a different team that was healthy. I’ll be with the Cards until whatever end, as I have been a longtime suffering fan since 1983.

    But I felt last years Cardinals team could have won the Super Bowl and was a better team. With the schedule coming up? With the packers only one game behind? The Eagles are as well but we have the tie breaker. Home field advantage is starting to look like it could fade. On the road at the Packers? That is not what you want to face in the NFC championship game.

    I think the Cardinals beat the Falcons, Chiefs, and Rams. 12-4 an amazing record for sure. But would it be good enough for the 1st seed? We will have to see. But 11 wins? I do not think home field advantage is a real possibility.

  15. By much.faster on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    next game up!

    a win on the road in atlanta, and two at home, and THE TEAM has homefieldadvantage all the way to the homebowl ……..

  16. By BluePitt on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Little bit of realism here!
    I must have watched a totally different game than the rest of the posters in here! There was only one problem in this game, that was Drew! He refused to check the ball down, was looking to win the game on every throw. And on the special occasion when he would check the ball down or throw a short pass he watched the receiver all the way! Never took his eyes off the intended target, and that is a huge mistake he has made for the last 7 quarters! Special teams didn’t loose this game and our D had nothing to play for after the first drive in the 4th quarter we got the ball back with like 8 min left and Drew wouldn’t have done a thing and we all know it! This is so not a rally around Stanton and play good football situation! Our D is the reason we went 3-1 when Stanton played for Palmer with the shoulder issue! I hope a am dead wrong but we need a QB that has had even a little real game experience lindly would probably do better. Ellington hurt or not does not finish runs and needs to be a complement to a running back, that will finish runs.

  17. By Iain on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    Considering injuries and offseason departures, it really appears that it has been a trial by fire year for the rookies. Which rookie has surprised you the most in terms of production? And which rookie would you say has shown the most improvement? Thanks.


  18. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Iain —

    RE: Rookies

    Bucannon, given that he’s not even playing safety, has been a surprise in terms of production.

    As for improvement, I’ll go with Stinson.

  19. By eli on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    i think our d was really good in the first half and wasnt bad in the second, some huge play for wilson, that was the difference. Our d has very deep playoff potential.. Our O iis another thing…we only had 1 good drive, and nothing more. its simply not enough… we were conservative and could not make big plays. Stanton was brutal for three games and a quarter, but his last 7 seven quarters just werent enough for a team who thinks about more than 17 weeks. i hope he can find the way to get back to his level. if he can it is an ok loss. Atlanta will be a huge game, we should win( just like against washington after the loss in denver). anyway, i think butler is not a good punter, his punts are very short, it hurts us. it was hard to see the seahawks always had good field position to start…

  20. By Eazy E on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    First off, welcome back! Drew played pretty poorly, 14-26, 149 yards, 1 INT, NO TDs. Running game non-existent because NO push from our line especially inside with the guards. I’m not blaming Andre or anybody else in the RB room. Dre had 10 carries for 24 yards, Stanton was our freaking 2nd leading rusher with 4 carries for 23 yards, Stepfan had 5 carries for 14 yards, and Robert Hughes had 1 carry for 3 yards. The Larry Fitzgerald haters can shut the heck up now for a minute because we predictably needed him my God! I love Michael Floyd but NO catches geez and Drew come on with that! LOB is crazy good, but man… John Brown had 3 for 61 yards and made some beautiful catches! Jaron(3 for 24 yards) did everything right except for catch the ball ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s ok stuff happens. He’s played well when opportunities arise. Andre actually had 5 balls for 39 yards and Carlson had 3 for 25 yards. O-Line didn’t look as great pass protecting, but was far from poor and Seattle still has a feared D-Line even without MeBane and others they lost via injury or free agency. Run Blocking again has to improve for Andre to beast! Defense played amazing ball! D-Line played great ball! Calais had a career-high 3 sacks and just took over! Tommy Kelly had a couple tackles with a sack finally because it seems like he’s been close a few times. Frostee had 4 tackles and I thought a half-sack with Calais but I guess not. Our bookend Longhorns had good games with Acho having 4 tackles and Okafor with 3 tackles and another sack, talk about a guy on fire and especially sacking the QB! Foote had 6 total tackles and Minter added 5 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 tackles for loss signaling his best showing! Patrick and Cro locked their guys up with the leading receiver being Lockette on 1 catch for 48 yards on a miscommunication. Rashad played well with a whopping 9 tackles, Deone with 6 total tackles and a sweet sack when Russell was trying to fake him out! Jefferson also played nicely with a couple tackles. We stifled their running game albeit with Lynch having a bad back with 15 carries for 39 yards(just like in the Super Bowl so random!). Russell killed us on those 3rd and 11’s, 6’s, 8’s, or 9’s with his dangerous legs. Turbin only had 4 carries for 12 yards, so we did our job. Even though Russell’s passing numbers look fairly good, we did an outstanding job on him too and got 7 sacks for goodness sakes, making that 17 over the last 3 which is great! Special Teams is a big weapon and strength for us, but not so good today. The block was huge, the missed 49 yarder, etc. Also, Teddy Ginn my brotha I love ya, but you gotta take some risks and take that ball out of the endzone and with punts just go with that amazing God-given speed and quickness and elusivity! It was always gonna be tough because their the defending champs, back against the wall, at home, etc. No excuses, just respect for them as a great team. On to the ATL…

  21. By clssylssy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    It would seem that after the Denver game and then this one, perhaps we aren’t ready to run with the big dogs afterall. I know that sounds terrible to say but we KNOW the Seahawks, KNOW Russell Wilson, KNOW what needs to be done to neutralize them and dominate but we seemed to have left our A game at home? This was a Division game! The biggest difference this season was we didn’t have Fitz on the offense with his experience in these big games and his multiskill arsenal of weaponry. While Floyd caught the winning TD in last year’s win, he was a nonfactor in this game and we definitely needed Fitz’s blocking skill to give our running backs a fighting chance! On defense we didn’t have Dockett with his vast experience against this team and being a part of the defense that was able to hand Wilson the worst game of his professional career last season! By the fourth quarter our defense seemed tired and fed up. I love the “next man up philosophy” but when I saw Logan Thomas warming up on the sidelines I figured we were looking to eat a 50 burger again! This is nothing against Thomas
    especially but speaks more to the importance of having a veteran presence at
    every position,which has been a strength of our defense.
    I actually thought Stanton played pretty well, was able to scramble to extend plays and make some good throws, only to have them negated by mistakes and penalties! Gotta clean up our game and become more detail oriented.
    I certainly hope this game came as a wake-up call and that we will get back to the basics that were getting us wins… like basic execution, blocking, tackling, catching the ball… because the Chiefs are hungry to pull ahead in the AFC West and COULD ruin on day Sunday at home even after losing to the Raiders! If we have any hopes for the playoffs we need to be able to win the big ones on the road , which includes St. Louis and San Francisco. We need to get our head right and if there was any question before about how important Fitz is to our offense and this team, I would say that was answered in brutal fashion!

  22. By Steve Weston on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    That was a tough, tough loss. Defense played great for the most part, I thought – we just couldn’t get the offense clicking enough to feed them some good energy, no to mention putting some more points on the board. But Seattle is always a rough place to get a W, and all things considered it wasn’t the kind of loss that hammered me down. I think the Seahawks this year are VERY beatable, and I’m looking forward to seeing them play in Phoenix in a couple of weeks. Same goes for the 49ers, who damn near lost to the Redskins in San Francisco! These are the two teams that were supposed to just dominate the NFC West and we have no reason to believe they can beat us out of our best record. Yes we’ve lost our starting quarterback (not to mention all of our great defensive players and our elite punter), but this Cardinals team has already shown they can win against very good teams despite the injuries we’ve suffered.

    Take care of our two home games, get those wins in Atlanta, St. Louis and San Francisco and we finish 14-2. Heck, even if we lose one of those road games we still finish 13-3 and I think that’s enough to wrap up the NFC and get us our bye going into the playoffs.

    Go Cards!!!

  23. By Marlin on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Love Drew, but really miss Carson. People are realizing how good Palmer is.

  24. By Marlin on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    We’re deep at receiver, but its clear that the physical and emotional leader of that group is still Fitz. He’s gonna miss the Atlanta game. Those guys need to find some passion.

  25. By Eric G on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I didn’t think the Cards would win in Seattle, but not this bad. That was an atrocious offensive performance by everyone. Not a single offensive positive to take away from that game IMO. Drew needs to learn not to stare down his intended target.

    As for the defense, what a remarkable job they are doing with the personnel they have. Mauro looked like a great pickup. Yeah they gave up a couple big plays, but the defense did an outstanding job keeping the game close. While the D bent, they didn’t break for the most part.

    As for special teams, aside from FG defense, it’s not so special. the kick and punt return squads need to learn how to block. too many guys running free at Ginn, he never has a chance to return one.

    Let’s hope that was an anomaly.

  26. By NickPepe on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    That was a complete dud.

    The offense could not get it going at all. We had some missed opportunities. Drew has a strong arm. Almost too strong. His deep at times does not have enough air under it – the wheel route to Ellington is an example. He has the safety beat, more air under that ball and it’s six. The drop by Jaron Brown was a friggin bullet. It should have been caught (the guy is getting paid to do just that), but that thing was a laser. Most of his misses are overthrows. Perhaps the adrenaline was running a little too high. I hope the running games on track in Atlanta, and please get well soon Mr. Fitzgerald!

    Defense played well enough to win most games. We could have set a team record for sacks in a game if we could get a hold of that Tasmanian Devil of a QB a few more times. How he eluded some of those sacks was unbelievable. The big thing that stuck out was, we didn’t force any turnovers. i expect the D to have a huge game in Atlanta.

    We sure do miss Zasty. And how do we have only 10 men out on the punt team. it’s a little late in the year for those type of mistakes.

    That being said – we are 9-2 and still control our own destiny. It is still going to be a great Monday. We will rebound from this, no doubt in my mind.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!

    Nick Pepe
    Lifetime Member ’70-’71

  27. By Robert on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    as i said, handle wilson under 50 yeards rushing as we win..pull up my previous posts last week. Looks like a blown coverage by the saftey or PP in the first half leading to that long pass for Seattle.
    Again, i say that the run game can’t survive with Ellington, hes too small to go inside. This has been the biggest surprise that BA continues to do this. I would run the bigger backs in the miffle and Eliington outside. What is worng the the coaching staff.
    Also it it time for COOPER to start…Period..what did he play? one snap?
    Stanton does not loo off his primary target like Wilson does in order to move the defenders around.
    We better get this win in ATL becasue the last 4 games are BRUTAL

  28. By sergionafarrate on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Cant put it more simple than Arians did… if you cant play Basic Football, you cant win games…cant run, catch, kick and tackle, you are doomed… lots of missed tackles, lots of dropped passes, this team is so much better than what it showed in Seattle… and lets be honest, even if our Cards have one of the best records in the NFL, the way they played yesterday i dont see them beating the Packers or the Patriots… i hate that our team lost yesterday, but im sure theyll bounce back, Stanton is fit to lead this team… why? because Stanton > Thomas > Kolb > Lindley > Hall > Skelton, so for Stanton haters out there, remember those days…

  29. By georgiebird on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    This Seattle away game has to be looked at as a learning experience. Even if Cat kicks the 48yd field goal and Ja Brown holds on then we have 10 points. Seattle could have had 30 + points (granted they would have come late).
    There is a difference between a loss to the SB champs away and getting exposed. I hope yesterday was the former.
    This is not a perfect team even with CP. Remember, Palmer looked bad against a swarming Rams defense AT HOME -it was Stanton who bailed the team out.
    As I mentioned in a prior post, our running backs are below average especially when playing against fast defenses in the NFC West. Strong RBs wear down a DL with the constant pounding and eventually they break a few. In the game last night Murray and Jennings made the opposing DLs exert a lot of energy with the constant pounding-these guys are so difficult to bring down.
    BA should try a vertical running game with our other RBs. AE is constantly armed tackled on plays where a broken tackle could mean big yardage.
    Bottom line- no disgrace losing to Seattle away but be smart enough to adjust some things. The NFL world is watching.

  30. By dioalice on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Playing Seattle on the road is difficult. And, yes, the Cardinals looked rather inept offensively. But this is still a solid football team at 9-2 and is still easily capable of a 12-4 record and at least a bye. It would have been nice if GB had lost yesterday, but that’s life.

    As for some of the Cardinals “fans” that post here. These guys are professionals. They’ll bounce back. Stop panicking and acting as if all hope is lost. I’ve been of fan of these Cardinals for 44 years and this is – by far – the best coached and most talented Cards team since the merger.

    There appeared to be no significant new injuries, so that’s a positive. Next up: ATL. I think B.A. will have the offense back on track and the defense is just fine.

  31. By Duane Spencer on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    LAUGH, I gotta laugh at us……
    Look at this…. 9 WINS 2 LOSSES
    the losses coming to the two consensus best teams in the league at the start of the season….the Super Bowl opponents on there turfs….
    now it’s OMG fold up the tent, lets get out of town before anyone notices how bad we are,….
    I expected better from the faithful on this site.
    I expected this from now saying “NFC West in now up for grabs”.
    I did not expect all you wonderful CardFans to want to put the season in the trash bucket this easily…

    Nine Wins – Two Loses Lead division by Two Games. Five to play.
    Best and hottest D in football
    Consensus NFL Coach of the Year
    PP, CC, AE Fitz, Veldheer, Lyle, DW in the center, TKelly, Cro, & Cpy….they would be ashamed of you guys whining like this.

  32. By georgiebird on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Sometimes our comments are wishful thinking. Today, I have read many posts dealing with Carson Palmer and Larry Fitz.
    Just remember it was only Nov 9 and the Cards had scored 10 points and the game was in the 4th quarter. This was a HOME game against the Rams with Palmer and Fitz both playing.
    Now, we are talking about an AWAY game against the SB Champs and a lot of guys are talking about CP and LF.
    I don’t think we are being honest.

  33. By joe 67 on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Well we lose for the second time in 11 games and most of you want to bury the team (QB, punter, r-backs coaches etc). Yes it was a not bad game. BUT NAME ONE SINGLE TEAM IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE THAT HASN’T HAD A BAD GAME, OR TWO, OR THREE. With all the setbacks we have had this year, many teams would not have even came nearly as close as we did.
    Stay the course change the game plan a little and give Drew a chance and support. I still think he will be fine.
    I do wish Taylor would get more of a chance.
    Go Big Red!!!!!!!!

  34. By Dre on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    We got the atl number we need a bounce back game the d line is on fire. Pin our ears back and get to Mateo and make him look like we always do pedestrian.

  35. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    It all boils down to how good Arians can game plan for Stanton and whether Drew can step up his game. He was nervous, maybe that was the bottom in his performance… too soon to tell…but we can slug out 11 or 12 wins even if Drew does not get better…

  36. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    When two great defensive teams are playing, you always start the game with your strength. Choosing to receive the ball on a hostile field against a great defense was a terrible mistake by Arian’s.

    It cost us field position and gave Seattle a short field the entire first half.

    Terrible decision by B.A.

  37. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    1. Great quarterbacks throw the ball where the receiver is going to be, and not where he is when you release the ball. How many times did our receivers have to reach back to catch the ball?

    2. Great quarterbacks know how to look off the secondary and not stare down their receivers. Drew, the defenders are playing your eyes. If you spend 5 seconds staring at your target, guess what…..IT’S PICKED OFF.

    I suggest some private time with Tom Moore to refine your skills.

  38. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Well…that did not go well. And, unfortuantely, a considerable part of the reason for that is that the Seahawks ARE just that good. Did people forget that??? We can focus all we want on what we think the Cards did wrong – and it was clearly not their best game – but lets recognize who the Seahawks are and what they are capable of. Looking at them yesterday ( ESPECIALLY ON DEFENSE ), I don’t think ANYBODY was going into Seattle yesterday and beating that team.

    First, the Cardinals are just clealry not suited to run effectively against a big defensive front like the Lions or Seahawks. That is a problem. Ellington is a nice player – versatile, fast, can catch passes, a good all purpose weapon ala Tim Hightower. He is NOT big enough to be effective against bigger defensive fronts. 24 yards yesterday? Really? And people are blaming STANTON for the loss? C,mon, folks. Stanton needed some help from the run game yesterday and it wasn’t there. Meanwhile, I look what Blount was doing for the Pats yesterday and I’m thinking Yeah, that is what the Cardinals DO NOT have. For those who were having a hard time seeing what a back like Blount or Tate was going to do for the Cardinals…..well, are you seeing it any more clearly now?

    The offense missed Fitz, no doubt about that, just stating the obvious. The WR corps came up small overall. JOHN Brown made some real nice catches but that was not enough. Floyd has disappeared. Again. JARON Brown looks to be a talented kid but dropping that pass in the endzone…what the hell??? First, WHAT was he jumping for??? You HAVE to come up with that catch when the ball hits you right in the hands. And again, certainly not Stanton’s fault. That pass was right there.

    Ted Ginn? Throwing his useless rear end out the door today would NOT be un-reasonable. I don’t even know what to call him, position-wise, at this point because I don’t even know what he does. He doesn’t catch passes, so he’s not a WR. And he can’t be considered a RETURN man because he isn’t returning anything. He makes fair catches and lets a lot of punts hit inside the 10 yard line. But RETURNS??? No. He isn’t returning anything at this point. So….can somebody tell me what his job even is at this point? He is embarrasing.

    Now to Stanton….and I have a hard time putting a lot of blame on him. He got NO help from the running game so it was basically all on him. Against THAT defense? Any QB in the league would have struggled to beat Seattle yesterday on their own. One of his receivers drops a TD pass that hits him right in the hands. He makes some nice throws ( two that I remember specifically, both on 1st down ) for completions down the field that were negated by holding penalties. HE wasn’t the one holding. And he turned the ball over ONE time, so he didn’t kill them by giving the ball away. Against THAT defense? Only one TO is pretty damn acceptable. He also didn’t have his best / most reliable weapon. IMHO, these are not excuses – they are valid points supporting that Stanton probably did about as well as anyone could and he is NOT what killed us yesterday. With NO running game whatsoever and no Fitz, do people really think Palmer would have fared much better? Honestly, I do not believe he would have.

    We just ran into a buzz saw yesterday, folks. The Seahawks were focused, they needed the game, and they just flat out took it. It was sobering to see another team do that to the Cardinals after how well this team has played. But our in-ability to run the ball was something we couldn’t overcome. This game showed a glaring match-up issue that exists between this team and THAT team. The Lions were not able to overcome our defense. The Seahawks showed that they can, and they did it on a day when our defense definitely came to play.

    Our D was on the field too much, there were too many short fields to defend, and the total lack of success running the ball was the primary culprit there.

    So….the division lead now down to 2 games. After Thurs night, it will be down to one. Not that it wasn’t already, but the game in Atlanta just got up-graded to MUST WIN status. And that is no easy task given that Atlanta is ( sorry to say ) alive and well in the running for that division and the game is a must-win for THEM as well.

    I also have to wonder if the constant MUST WIN mode is going to take a toll on this team. Because it is nothing but must-win mode from here out. Can they sustain that after all they have needed to overcome to get this far?

  39. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    OK, the Seahawks’ D isn’t quite as good as last year (or so everyone says), but have we forgotten that this is a team that, on a neutral field, held the Broncos — who had just set the record for most points in a season — to 8 points. And we were in their house, not on a neutral field.

    Almost every team lays an egg once in a while. Remember how the Pats were basically written off after their slow start? Remember Rodgers passing for only 162 yards while the Pack lost to the Lions by almost the same score we lost by yesterday (19-7 instead of 19-3 — and our 19-3 would’ve been 7 if Brown caught that pass). And the Broncos scoring just 7 points against the Rams a couple Sundays ago?

    Now, the difference is, everyone knows there’s nothing to worry about with GB’s or Denver’s offense, but we might have a problem here with Stanton. Still, let’s not get carried away over one game when we’ve seen Stanton lead us to wins over SF, NYG and DET, and keep us in the game against DEN on the road until the concussion. I’m one of those posters who’s been saying from the beginning that Stanton is not Palmer and to suggest there isn’t a dropoff from a career starter to a career backup is ludicrous. But I’m not writing off the season either based on one poor game (where a TD was dropped in the end zone). Also, someone pointed out above that we had some critical penalties. Housler on a hold for example that negated one of our few decent passing plays.

    I agree with all comments above about Ginn. He made one huge play against the Giants (and without that, who knows — maybe that’s another loss). But that’s it.

    There are nits to pick on defense but it’s another game where we held the opposition below 20 points. Those games should generally be won. Considering the field position they had, to only let up 19 points is a great game. We’re not the only team to have trouble containing Wilson, but we did a pretty solid job for about 2 1/2 quarters.

    Butler had a punt blocked in one of his first games and takes forever to get rid of the ball. I don’t care if there was a breakdown in the blocking; he needs to speed up his process.

    One thing I like about the game is that the fans on this board are genuinely upset. So yeah, the game sucked — but it mattered. When you’re 4-6 going into the game instead of 9-1, it doesn’t matter (unless you’re in the NFC South this year); it’s just another crappy performance. As we start to taste what victory is like, defeat is a more bitter pill to swallow — but let’s not forget where this team has come. I mean, I see criticism of Arians in some of the posts above and I’m not saying he’s above certain decisions being criticized simply because the team was 9-1… but jeez people, I think he knows something more about football than any of us do.

  40. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Kevin –

    All very well said, bro. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments about the disparity between expectations that great QB’s like Rodgers / Manning / Brady bouncing back after poor performances in relation to expectations for a guy like Stanton being much less certain. Can’t argue with that.

    The Seahawks defense looked more like the wrecking ball they were last season yesterday than at ANY point this season. So…are they really back or did they just put it all together yesterday? We will find out. But the way they DID play yesterday….that looked like the defense that battered Peyton Manning and the Broncos into submission in the SB last year. And if they could do it to that offense, which was historically good last year, they can do it to anyone the NFL has to offer right now ( Rodgers, Brady, you name it ).

    That is why I just cannot fault Stanton too much at this point. If Stanton fails to play convincingly against a much lesser team, like Atlanta, then….as you say, we have a problem. Stanton has played good / solid games against good teams and helped the team win. I don’t think yesterday stands as proof that he is suddenly exposed.

    The O-line and running game HAVE to be better, regardless of who the QB is.

  41. By clssylssy on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    The thing is, yeah we’re upset…because we KNOW, we’re capable of doing better and, if we’re honest, we really didn’t go up there with our A game, ready to put forth the mental work and hustle to win. We have been riding high, allowing our defense to pull us out of the fire, but they hit a wall in the form of a defense that was just as tough as they were and got worn down just defending our territory without anything leftover to make scoring plays. We have to become more of a evenly balanced team and if that takes extra work, then whatever it takes because the road is only going to get rougher.
    The CBA regulates practice but Peyton Manning DEMANDS that his receivers stay late and work extra time to get their timing down with him, run plays etc, and they buy in to his perfectionistic demands because they are elite players who want to win, break records, which ultimately translates into big contracts and getting rewarded. The situation here is a little different and BA calls the plays, and sets the tone, wants to win but is more limited because of the CBA in what he can demand. Our offense has lost it’s veteran leadership with Fitz and Carson both on the bench and Drew being the backup guy probably doesn’t feel he can DEMAND, or even request extra work from anyone. One would think that everyone would want to go the extra mile to perfect the little things as it’s time limited for just a few more months.
    I find it humorous at how defensive the organization is of Ellington when fans state the obvious, LOL, he is not an every down back despite his talent. The number of carries he gets doesn’t seem to improve our running game and wishing won’t make it better. We need to try something different, and yes, Darren, it’s obvious that BA gets stuck on one player and it’s blinding. When he gets a new toy he wants to wear it out whether it’s Andre or John Brown or whoever.and now Ellington is playing on a faulty wheel. But, you are right also, everyone complained except for a few of us, about Mendenhall and the rotating back system…kinda like New Orleans and look how that worked for them also!
    Hopefully, Fitz will be able to practice this week and play in Sunday’s game as I think it’s pretty obvious we need his experience and leadership going forward. Records are deceiving and just because the Falcons don’t have a winning record, doesn’t mean a thing (ask the Chiefs about the Raiders). They have some good core players, playoff and SB experience. and Matty Ice who have managed to prove a major stumbling block for us in the past. Our veterans understand them. Time to reset…our season starts now!

  42. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    clssylssy —

    I respect your opinion but I’m not buying it. Did you really see a lack of mental work and hustle? The Cards did not play well but I don’t think it was for lack of preparation, hustle, effort or whatever you want to call it. Sometimes you just get beat even when you’re trying your best. I’ve seen teams play lazily but I certainly didn’t feel that way about Sunday’s game.

    And I don’t understand the comment about Matty Ice being a major stumbling block for us. Ryan has been terrible against the Cardinals. He has a career QBR of 90.8, and of all teams that he’s played in his career more than once, his lowest QBR against any team besides the Cardinals is 78.4. Against the Cardinals, in three games he has 4 TD’s, 9 INT’s and a QBR of 59.2. We have been his worst nightmare. Now every year is different and who knows if it will continue, but last year he had a 4 INT game and we won easily 27-13. 2012 was the ridiculous game where the D intercepted Ryan 5 times, but Whiz got mad at Skelton for missing a guy in the end zone, stuck Lindley in there, and our team managed 7 first downs the entire game and lost despite those 5 Ryan INT’s. I hope that Ryan shows up this weekend.

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