Keim: Cards didn’t match intensity

Posted by Darren Urban on November 24, 2014 – 8:23 am

GM Steve Keim said he as a tendency to be a pessimist, and in some ways, his job is inherently so as the man in charge of trying to upgrade the team — even when they are 9-2. Sometimes, Keim said during his weekly appearance on “Doug and Wolf” on Arizona Sports 98.7, he said he can think “the sky is falling.”

The sky isn’t falling after a lone loss following six straight wins, of course, but now it’s about curtailing that losing streak. To make sure it’s not a streak. Ron Wolfley made a cogent point following the interview too, noting that a GM and a coach probably see the video through a different prism given their jobs. But Keim and Bruce Arians could certainly agree on one main point after Sunday’s Seattle loss: “In a hostile environment, you have to match their level of intensity in all three phases,” Keim said. “We certainly didn’t do that in two.” Offense and special teams didn’t do nearly enough.

— Keim said he thought the offensive line needs to be more physical. Other that acknowledging a comment that right tackle Bobby Massie didn’t have his best game, Keim wasn’t specific on the offensive line but instead talking about them as a group. The entire offense has to play “in better unison” in the run game. The protection could have been better too.

— It was hard to evaluate QB Drew Stanton because the run game gave him no help, Keim said, but it wasn’t Stanton’s best game, noting Stanton’s inaccuracy at times.

— There was a miscommunication between cornerback Patrick Peterson and safety Rashad Johnson on the early 48-yard pass to Ricardo Lockette, Keim said.

— Keim said he thought new defensive end Josh Mauro stood out (so did I). The rookie out of Stanford has long been on the Cardinals’ radar. Keim said the Cardinals tried to sign Mauro as an undrafted rookie back in May, but he decided to go to the Steelers. When the Steelers cut him at the end of the preseason, the Cards again tried to sign Mauro to their practice squad, but Mauro chose to stay with Pittsburgh’s practice squad. Finally, the Cards decided to sign Mauro off the Steelers’ PS to the active roster.

— Here’s why the sky isn’t really falling for Keim: “The thing that gives me confidence is men in that locker room and that coaching staff.”


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  1. By gbrim on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Time to use ‘tryout Tuesday’ to audition punters and larger running backs.

    Aside from the blocked punts, Butler has been erratic, not good at pinning the opponents deep inside the 20, and many punts that are either long line drives or very short pop ups. Time to check out some other guys.

    A larger running back would save wear and tear on Ellington, and probably be more effective in short yardage as well.

  2. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    The Sky isn’t falling! The defense played awesome. One big play though and bam. Drew looked horrible!!! He looked like a professional back up QB. The only way we have a shot at the a title is to lock up homefield advantage throughout the postseason. Drew can get it done at home. Luckily the Superbowl is at home this year. If we have to go to Seatle or Green Bay in the post season, then I don’t think we can win with Drew. Again, he is a different player at home. Carson, your thrown awaits you in 2015. I don’t care if Drew is the Super Bowl MVP, this is Carsons team, obviously.

  3. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    What was up with that penalty for the Ref’s not being in position? I’ve never seen that one before.

  4. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Bruce —

    RE: Penalty

    There was no penalty called. They just blew the play dead and re-did the snap.

  5. By kauaicardsfan on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    This was a dose of Humble pie as far as we cannot hope to do bad 3 quarters and step in up in the 4th. Props for the defense keeping them in the game for the most part but as pointing out the obvious, Massie got beat quite a few times, receivers dropping balls ( especially in the end zone). Stanton missed or under or overthrew receivers. Ellington lack of practice shows at times.
    Stanton needs to go in on Mondays ( if he isnt now) and start to work on timing with his receivers! I’m hoping he is putting in the extra time cause we all know Logan is far from ready.
    Mauro was another excellent pick up! Props again to Kiem and staff.
    Like Arians said, nothing’s won and nothing lost so lets keep pounding so we can get into the dance and keep the rest of the West out!


  6. By Steve on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Good sign of the times because in the past when the Cards lost it was “business as usual.” Now when the Cards lose it hurts a bit more and becomes more personal, the culture is changing.

  7. By joe 67 on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


  8. By clssylssy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I’ve been feeling all week that there seemed to be an apathy resonating through this site about this game so,…big surprise…there was a lack of “intensity” on the field! I heard a Pete Carroll as well as a commentator talking about the teams in the NFC West having a certain style that was focused largely on having a brutal defense, which is great but we still need an offense who plays with the “intensity” of the defense to become contenders and beat teams who are more balanced and offensively powerful like the Packers. Patriots, and Broncos (even the Chiefs).
    like Keim, I tend to be pessimistic, not because I don’t believe in the talent on this team, but more because I’m a perfectionist and know the importance of the details and “little things” that are so basic that they become taken for granted. Concentrating on smooth execution, keeping the penalties down, being able to tackle and put pressure on the QB, all are things that would have made a major difference in the game. Our defense is amazing but they shouldn’t have to carry the game and yesterday they got worn out trying to do everybody’s job. AE is playing with a bad ankle and to continue using him as our primary offensive weapon is madness and begging to lose him for the remainder of the season as much as not to playing Fitz (who finished the second half of the game when he was injured,helping the team seal the deal).
    It should be obvious to Mr. Keim after yesterday, Fitz is a critical component of our offense, not only because of his skillset but especially because of his energy and the intensity that he brings to the team.

  9. By Dobie on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Some times a lost like this puts your feet back on the ground I am not a coach but I think Stanton telegraph his throws

  10. By D on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren-I have a poll question for you: who played worse yesterday-Stanton, Ginn, Massie or the Punter.

    Special teams needs to pick up the focus, they can’t be that bad in this area and expect to go far into the playoffs.

    Campbell was un-stoppable yesterday and the defense played great the first half. I give Keim all kinds of credit for building depth along the Dline-he knew he wasn’t going to have a Aldon Smith at LB this year so he has waves of DL creating pressure on the opponents. That Mauro signing is a great example-the Steelers were thinking he was the next Keisel and didn’t want to lose him and by yesterday’s results he is going to be a solid player which along with Stinson,, Martin, to go along with Campbell, Rucker and if they resign Kelly, will be just fine next year (especially if Docket is not back)

  11. By michael on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren, following up on GBrim’s note about punters, any news on this?

    With both offenses in that game struggling, Sunday was a game of field position. Seattles punter was great. Butler failed SO many times to pin them, prevent a return, etc (though the block was not his fault). And its been this way a lot. Anyone on the radar?

  12. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Michael —

    RE: Punters


  13. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Running game a conundrum. Bad luck Ellington foot and poor OL interior, but good enough for efficient passing team. We’re not that post C. Palmer injury.. plus loss of Larry hurt Drew, who is tough but 2nd strong for a reason. Hughes always seems to deliver, with too few opportunities, fwiw. OL middle weak, you’d think with Coop at TE we could get it done but we get out schemed when we go jumbo and they come from run blitz other side to get the RB.. Arians smarter then we but sure wonder how we’d look with Coop and Watford at G. Must be they’re not better…

    Keim and Arians parsed it right, we were intense on D, but D wore out and lost the intensity late. OL… man… and Seattle was w/o Mebane too.

    How could Pittsburgh have whiffed on Mauro? Don’t know their roster but are they that deep on DL?

    Not as bad as we looked yest. But easily could end up 10-6… or not so easily at 12-4. We’re going to find out just how good Arians is (and how good Drew is) … all those key player losses were well replaced, but a QB loss the tough nut… We’ll need some dang good game planning and execution, margin of error so thin now.

    They’re doing all they can do … and we’ll need to bring at those last 2 home games huh? If we can just squeak out a win in Atlanta…ifs and butts 😉

  14. By Chuck 1 on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I was amazed that Pete Carroll didn’t go for an in-your-face TD with 0:36 seconds on the clock and the ball on the one yard line. So uncharacteristic of him.

    Keim has done a great job of building an outstanding defense. Now, it’s time for him to upgrade the OLine, RB and Punter positions. Otherwise, we will continue to see the Cards scoring in the teens or low 20s.

  15. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    What did we learn Sunday?

    -Massie has some work to do on speed rushers. His two worst games were Von Miller and Cliff Avril.

    -There is a reason Stanton is a back up. He threw balls high, short, on a line when there should be air under it.

    Examples- He tried to throw the ball to Brown on a line and the CB underneath picked the ball. If he put air under it, it is a nice gain. Second example, Floyd had a DB in front and back of him and Stanton threw it on a line in the end zone in front of Floyd, giving only the DB a chance to catch it. It if puts air under it, The DB in front , runs himself out of the play, the DB behind can not get around Floyd.

    Stanton looked like a rookie out there.

    – You can’t play on short fields. Seatlle seemed they started every drive at the 50 or closer. Tough when the offense needs two first downs to kick a FG.

    – Fitz made money today. Because life without Larry is not good.

    – Campbell has put together the best 3 games I think in his career. He is unblockable at times.

    – Okefer has really cemented himself as a starter and a guy to be trusted.

    – Mauro has a huge upside

    – I will give Cooper credit, He played in one play and actually sealed the end as a TE.

    – We can not run the ball. What ever the reason, fact is, we can’t.

    – The hawks figured us out. We play defense and live on the big play. Carroll was right that Drew could not sustain drives. They stopped our big plays, we couldn’t run and we had nothing left.

    – Our punter sucks

    – We are still 9-2 and in first place with a two game lead. A win in Atlanta will have us two games over one team and 3 games over the loser of hawks/niners game. We must win in Atlanta and our rematch against Seattle.

  16. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Way of subject and about another team but;

    Did anyone watch Odell Beckman’s catch last night? That was just sick.

    I deserve thumbs down for bringing up another team but that guy is amazing.

  17. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    A request, the term “burger” instead of points is given by an NFL network/.com “expert” that in all of his articles and podcasts has made it very clear he hates the Arizona Cardinals.

    He also is very clear he wants (not just believes, but wants) the playoffs to go through Lambeau where two “50 burgers” were put up. In everything I’ve read and listened to from this pundit, he’s never said a single complementary thing about the Cardinals.

    Please, lets not quote him when referring to points by saying “burger,” anything else is better, egg/bomb/bird drooping/gift/%@^%&$#/anything. Please, I can’t stand the vitriol of this “expert” towards a team I’ve followed and been loyal to since Star Wars first came out. (I understand there may be some that can’t stand me as I can’t stand this commentator, so it does all come out in the wash.)

    I mean even Michael Irvin as loyal and blinded to reality about his Cowboys as I am to our Cardinals is complimentary of other teams.

    Thanks for listening and if ya’ll choose to still say Burger, it’s good, I just wanted to make the request. Thanks.

  18. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Also, thanks to those who took my BOLD predictions last week with the humor they were intended. We did hold Lynch to under 60 yards rushing and sacked Wilson more than the four times I thought. And one of the Browns had the TD pass in his… belly. It was funner dreaming the predictions up than the actual half I could watch.

    Maybe my poor predictions are why Warner and company Are being paid to make the predictions and not me. Win or lose, they were fun to dream up. No smack talk, just attempting to have a laugh.

    Were now tied with New England for the best record, not a bad place to be at all.

  19. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren, I have to get this off my chest.

    As much as I love B.A. and his coaching style. B.A. made terrible coaching
    decisions in this game. He acted more like an offensive coordinator and not a head coach.

    Let me explain:

    You are playing a hostile rival on their field
    Both teams have superior defensive squads.
    Field position is critical in defensive ball games.
    When you both have superior defensive teams,
    you always put your strength on the field first.
    Arian’s chose to receive the ball on the opening
    kickoff and as a result, he gave Seattle field
    position the entire first half, and most of the
    time, Seattle had the ball on our side of the field.

    All of this was because B.A. made the terrible error
    to receive the opening kickoff and play offense
    first against the odds. If we would have chosen
    to kickoff and play defense first, our defense would
    have given our offense the short field and it could
    have been us getting all those field goals in the
    first half and not Seattle.

    Anytime you have two great defensive teams, you
    always kickoff and play defense first if you with the
    toss. Check the statistics and you will find in a
    defensive struggle, the team that kicked off and
    played defense first started their first offensive
    series around their own 40 yard line or beyond.

    As for the game, I have to blame B.A. again on
    his play calling. Seattle had 7 and sometimes 8
    men in the box to stop the run. Yet, B.A. ran the
    ball right into the teeth of their defense. I could
    not believe what I was watching on Sunday. The
    worst play calling I have ever seen by B.A.

    As for Stanton, I hope someone can teach him
    how to look off his primary receivers. Stanton
    is staring down his receivers so obviously, he
    might as well put a flashing light on the receivers
    helmet. He is especially bad throwing to his left.

    Finally, I want to end on a positive note. I was
    extremely impressed with John Mauro. What a great
    motor that kid has. I thought I was watching J.J. Watt
    at times out there. Fantastic effort for a new guy that
    just got thrown out there in the mix. Great move by
    Steve Keim.

  20. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I meant Josh Mauro in my previous comments

  21. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    The sky isn’t falling, it is a little cloudy, but I don’t see rain in the forecast.

    For the best weather forecast ever, look at this youtube from a BYU (“I hate Utah!” exclaimed that unnameable ex QB) comedy troop. My children laugh and laugh and laugh (and so do us parents.)

    This IS the sky falling, ours is not.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

  22. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K-

    I agree with you 100%. When we chose to receive i was screaming. Put you top flight defense on the field first. Get some momentum, instead the opposite happened. I was surprised with BA this game. What was up with that 2nd Stanton option? Are you kidding me?

  23. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    “It was the best feeling we’ve had all year,” coach Pete Carroll said, per ESPN Seattle… “We’ve had some good games and stuff, but this was the best one.”

    I want to beat Seattle as much as I wanted to sweep the NFC East and Carroll’s comments after the game have cemented this.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

  24. By jme on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Field position won the game, Butler needs to go. Drew had no help!! Im not going to rag on him, he is a leader and a great QB but he needs 10 other guys, thats a fact. This was the hardest road game and itll be a turning point for the offense to WAKE UP, Stop sleeping in on Game Day.The run has to start. Ellington no more wed off, this is crunch time and time to step up or step down. Defense was BEAST!!! No worry, 9-2 never in my dreams, i had us 7-4 at this time. Cards will go 13-3 and best conference record, 1st seed. This team will not stand for what happened in Seattle!!! Plus we need Palmer on side line!!! ASAP!!

  25. By SteveG on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Keim has done his job as far as the pass rush, hasn’t he?…..

    The loss of big back Dwyer is beginning to sting….

    Replacing HOF WR is not easy ….

    The team that needed the game won….”WANT” matters…

    Adversity is good for the soul..(Tho not the heart)…

    Having one’s weaknesses exposed is a good thing in the regular season (with a lead) vs. being exposed in a one and done playoff game….especially if you trust the coaching staff…

    GO CARDS!!

    (On to Atlanta)

  26. By rick on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Zasty was one of the biggest reasons for our success there last year with his booming punts and coffin corner punting ability. I sure hope we get him back next year. Our offense will rebound and I know the run game will wake up at least they better. Would like to see more carries for Stepfan in short yardage situations. Stanton seemed overwhelmed but then again all offenses are overwhelmed there. Still at 9-2 I`ll take it and look forward for next week in ATL and dont forget we have a reputation for picking off Matty ice numerous times per game. GO CARDS!!!

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K,

    I agree field position was so important in this game. And you have a very good point with the opening KO.

    But what is disappointing is, the opposite should have happened in the second half. The seahawks offense did enough, their punter did a great job, and Ginn watching it bounce, seemed to switch field position after we kicked to them.

    There was a play that they punted and Ginn let it bounce and it rolled to the 10 roughly. Then we punted to them and their punt returner took it 20+ yards.

    So, although I agree that taking the opening KO was possibly a mistake, they play of the punters and punt returners had a huge role also.

  28. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    We are 2 – 1 against teams with an 8-3 record, we are 3 – 1 against teams with a 7-4 record and 4 – 0 against everyone else.

    We have three games left against teams that are currently 7-4 and two games against teams that are currently 4-7. If the first half of the season hold true, this predicts a record of 13-3 for our Cardinals, although with less games it could be 14-2.

    That is if we rebound from this last loss like we did from the Denver loss. I’m glad two of those 7-4 teams are in our house.

    The Lombardi or nothing at all!

  29. By clssylssy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    The term “burger” has been around football FOREVER and is not a signature for any sportswriter or owned by any team just because the Packers seem to be dealing out fifty-plus wins on a regular basis. I would be thrilled to see the Cards feed some burgers to our opponents! Love your enthusiasm and energy but a good fan can still be critical of a team when they deserve it. Chiefs fans are the most loyal and the most critical of their team, of any fans you’ll find in the NFL…it’s because they like winning and know their organization is solid, normally…how weird is that!
    It seems perhaps we got a little full of ourselves prematurely, and while we were doing a great job of adapting and overcoming, we were slacking this week. We have to establish are ability to win on the road because if we end up in the playoffs without HFA, we are going to be in a world of hurt…Denver, Green Bay, Foxboro, even Philly, outdoors and colder than a well digger’s …!
    Just say’n, don’t listen to the pundits cuz we’ve come a long way and historically we’ve done our best when flying under the radar:)
    Let’s get this bus back on it’s wheels and roll on to our next win!

  30. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Pete Carrolls comments do mean something. The fact that we were the Champions Team to beat means alot! That’s respect. Commentators, analysts, and experts may not give us the respect we deserve, but the champs did. Our only losses have come from last years Super Bowl teams. Think about that for a moment. yes, those losses suck. Just like the Cat Man missing his last two field goals. Well chew on that, learn from that. Get angry at that. And go win out the rest of the season. The Superbowl is just down the road….litterally! It ours…Lets TAKE IT!!!

  31. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    Why not?

  32. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    BA interesting comment in vid: “running game was efficient” .. he looks thru different colored glasses, but his are the lenses that matter…

  33. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    The utterly most important word is from Darren here — “”CURTAIL”…. I have concerns that this Offense may continue the anemic effect. Drew needs to relax and just play. Is there a pill or an elixir for that?

    It is crapola to blame the entire O-line for missteps by one.

    I have always pointed to Keim’s ability to be smooth & tactile, he can’t point blame to Stanton? But the run game has little to do with the QB play this time. Drew has only one mulligan excuse – – Brown jumping to catch a ball below his waist. ((dumb)) not a game breaker though.

    PP – – Nope! Can’t blame Rashad… Own the error you made. Remember, Keim wants you to “THINK” better and grow up. What really happened PP?

    Did anyone notice that Logan was warming up with about 3 minutes left? Had the Hawks not run the clock, he would have been in there, huh coach?

    The Cardinals should never lose to a team that scores only 19 points.

    “””CURTAIL””” ………

  34. By Chuck 1 on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Unfortunately, for those fans that believe that the running game will improve, I don’t see how that happens. The O-Line is responsible for opening the holes for the RBs. We will have the same O-Line for the rest of the season that we’ve had so far. We will have the same featured RB that we’ve had so far.
    Those two facts won’t allow the Cards to run the ball effectively.
    Ergo, the games will rest on the shoulders of Stanton and I doubt that he can carry the team to wins over the 9ers and ‘Hawks. One dimensional teams usually don’t win.

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dr G,

    I am glad you brought this up.

    Why was Peterson thinking he would pass the receiver over to Rashad?
    Watch the play, PP follows the receiver across the field, meaning man coverage. It appears it was Man Free coverage, with Rashad floating in the middle of the field and everyone playing man.

    It seems like PP was just gliding and then when he realized Wilson was going to his guy, he looked to Johnson for help.

    This is one of those classic examples of PP. He plays a great game against MegaTron and Dez Bryant, but then loses interest against a receiver who wouldn’t make our team. There just is no way that guy should catch a pass off PP.

    Boredom, lost of interest, maybe believing they won’t go his way? Not sure but that is something I just don’t get with Peterson.

  36. By Raxan on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    The reason Carroll did not do an in your face score at the end of the game is that he is not stupid. He knows he has to play us in our house in December. Where we will have motivation for pay back. And I hope have learned some lessons.

  37. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Maybe it’s time for Coop to start bustin some holes. Next man up? What’s the worst that can happen? We lose. Well we lost. Put a few wins away, and maybe see what Logan can do. Stanton is not very good. And he looks like Mr. Glass. It’s not if he goes down again, it’s when. Better start giving Logan some first team reps. Why not right?

  38. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I DEFINITELY agree with the statement that the special teams did not do enough yesterday. DAMN RIGHT about that. And, unfortunately, that is nothing new. It’s not Butler’s fault that he’s not Dave Zastudil. OK. Problem is, he’s just not very good at all. How many damn punts are gonna be blocked this year??? I find it hard to believe there is / has not been a better option. A punter? Seriously? Are they THAT hard to find???

    And Ted Ginn? Please. He has been just about the biggest waste of FA money this team has brought on board in a LOOOONG time. He isn’t just disappointing at this point – HE HAS BECOME EMBARRASING. In a game where the team is struggling to flip field position, you would hope your return man might be able to do something to help out. But that’s not gonna happen when your return “specialist” ( HA! What a joke THAT is! ) does nothing but call for fair catches and / or lets punts hit inside the 10.

    Thanks a lot, Teddy. Way to come through when the team needs you. Friggin BUM….

    And, yes, the offense did not do enough yesterday. But they have generally been holding up their end of the bargain, so…against a buzz saw like Seattle was yesterday, I’m not gonna over-react. Most offenses would have been shut down by Seattle yesterday to the same extent the Cardinals were.

    Atlanta is pretty bad against the run, so I expect that part of the offense to bounce back next week. It would sure be nice if Michael Floyd could do a little bouncing back of his own. At this point, the extent to which he has fallen off is just completely un-acceptable. This should NOT be happening, NOT after the growth he showed last season. In Fitz’ absence yesterday, we needed to see Floyd step up and fill the void, even if ONLY A LITTLE. Instead, he disappeared. Again. And again, it has reached the point of being totally un-acceptable. I find it hard to believe that his skills just vanished over-night. Whether Fitz is gonna remain out or not, it is time for someone to kick Floyd in the ass and get him going. This cannot be allowed to continue.

  39. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Re: Seattle Game – – another bottom line.

    Cards’ Defense played just fine; better than enough to win that game.

    Cards’ Offense – – It is not quantum theory to note that “The QB” is the ignition key. It is the most valuable position; when it misfires, the Offense has no spark!

    I’m thinking Stanton needs two-a-days this week to prepare. This cyclical success is not an effective approach in the NFL…. I know, just exaggerating to make the point.

  40. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    No, the sky is not falling. The other teams in the West have the same kind of buzz-saw schedule the Cardinals do. Heck, the Seahawks have a 5-game stretch of the 49ers TWICE, the Cardinals TWICE, and the Eagles in Philly. THAT is brutal.

    If the Cardinals are truly who we think they are, the next 3 SHOULD be wins. Atlanta, KC, and the Rams SHOULD all be wins. If they’re not, then…maybe they are not who we think they are. The Cardinals are better than all 3 of those teams. And better teams SHOULD be winning the games they SHOULD be winning at this point in the season.

    I would also point out, however, that the Chiefs are yet another team that is damn good against the run, so…who knows? Hey, if the RAIDERS can run on them and we can’t….

    Come Thurs, I’m rooting for the 49ers. For whatever reason, they just don’t concern me as much as Seattle does. I’d rather see the 49ers move ahead of Seattle in the division and then let Seattle’s schedule take care of the rest.

    And, oh man, you don’t even know how much I look forward to seeing Seattle again in our house….

    But for now….Atlanta.

  41. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – What is our run game going to bounce back from? There has been no bounce for many games.

    Most teams would have been shut out…uuuhh… That is what happened in reality.

    Agree on the Butler – Ginn things. I appreciate your passion to fix things.

    Floyd? How many targets did he get yesterday? Kinda hard to kill it when you have zero opportunities. This year, he is about 50% with 17.5 avg. that included a bunch of really bad passes. Trust me, this guy is good; he simply needs to be in the game plan… When he is open, it seems the QB can’t get it done. Still Floyd has decent stats for what he gets.

    The other element I am reluctant to post is this:: BA has a slobbering love affair with Ellington. And, as long as the Offense goes through him, others on this team will take a back seat. One day, the lights will come on…I hope before Ells has a serious injury from simply being worn down…. Ells has value in being a scat back.

    be well…

  42. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    All —

    RE: Ellington

    I find it humorous so many are unhappy with Ellington getting the carries (not just Dr. G). All I heard last year was people complaining he didn’t get the ball enough.

  43. By Bruce on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dr. G-

    First off. You should disrespect Coach like that…”Slobbering Love affair for Elington”? Really? Ellington is the beezneez man. We need Drew to step it up. Bottom line. Trust in Coach, Trust in Keim. One loss isn’t the end of the world. Hopefully we learn from it. I lost a cup of coffee to a coworker on this game. Best believe I will be going double or nothing when the SeaChinckens come here. We still have the Best Record in the NFC, and tied for the best in the NFL. Not too shabby.

  44. By robert on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren…what team runs a small back like ellington into the line? When he gets tackeled those big guys just fall on him..he is too freakin Hughes and Taylor inside if not you are going to kill this kid. You can see that he is not even close to 100%….

  45. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Robert —

    RE: Ellington

    Jamaal Charles gets up in the line sometimes. And it’s not like they run Ellington into the line every play.

  46. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I agree with you JTDG

    Kickoff and punt return has been laughable. Not fielding a punt is insane.

    Ginn has no business playing special teams.

    He looks like a fish out of water. Wish we could package him in some trade deal.

  47. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    BA said the reason the punt was blocked… there were only 10 on the field, so it is not Bulters fault. He was the best available after Zas went on the IR.

    ???? Why can’t the Cards receivers catch the ball (this does not include John Brown)… Jaron Brown’s drop in the end zone killed the Cards as did the missed field goal and a few ceucial penalties.

    Finally… Boo’s to BA on the play calling… With the Seahawks pass rush, why not a few TE screens, draw plays, etc’s. The first half….. why was almost every pass to Ellington???

    Kudos to Mauro on a well played game…..

    Hopefully, the mistakes will be corrected for next week….

    I think the Cards will finish 12-4……

  48. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren –

    Speaking only for myself, I don’t think we are un-happy with Ellington getting the carries. I mean, WHO ELSE are they gonna give them to??? I think we know Ellington is what we have at this point.

    And I don’t see the comparison between Ellington last year to Ellington this year as being fair. Ellington was a complement to Mendenhall last year. And when Mendenhall was turning out to be not all that we hoped he would be and Ellington was looking like the faster / more capable play-maker, don’t you think it would have made sense that we wanted to see more of him? Again, speaking only for me, that doesn’t mean I wanted to see Ellington on every down, not last year or this year.

    This year, we are seeing too much of Ellington and it seems to be losing its effectiveness. He just can’t take the pounding of the current workload, especially against bigger defensive fronts. Are you seeing something different?

    It is not Ellington’s fault he is not bigger. And I don’t fault the organization for where things sit at this point. I thought Dwyer was a good acquisition and would be a good complement for Ellington. And when he was playing, he WAS. How that whole thing fell through was no one’s fault. But when it did fall through, it left a void that Ellington cannot fill and, well, no one else on this roster can, either.

    The sputtering of the run game is now hitting home just as this team is in contention for a division title and maybe much more. Sorry, but I find that frustrating. Regardless of the how’s and why’s, it’s just frustrating.

    Don’t know if you were referring to me or not. But I respectfully submit that in regard to thinking that we complained Ellington didn’t get the ball enough last year and is getting it too much this year….well, maybe we’re right on both counts.

  49. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Ellington

    I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. I don’t keep stats, and I certainly didn’t go back and look to see who said what. It wasn’t just in these comments.

    Do I think Ellington needs help? Yes. Do I think the Dwyer incident hurt this team more than anyone expected? Yes.

    But many, many people last year not only wanted Ellington to get the ball more, but also wanted Mendenhall to go away. To have Ellington get more than last year but less than now, that’s an awfully small window if you are talking about being right on both counts.

  50. By Scott H on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dr G –

    Hey, man. Tough one yesterday. Regarding Floyd, yes, it is hard to kill it when your opportunities are as minimal as his were yesterday. But…it’s not like he has been “killing it” this season and then they just stopped looking his way. He has been performing below expectations ( FAR below expectations recently ) very consistently all year. I have to think his diminished opportunities are a function of that just as much as they are contributing to that. Did that make sense??? Whatever the case, it is just a bad cycle at this point – he’s not getting a lot of chances and – except for a flicker against the Lions – he isn’t doing much with the ones he is getting. Both ends of that have to swing the other way if we’re gonna get him going. And if we are gonna be without Fitz for any stretch, we HAVE TO GET HIM GOING!!! HE is the guy that has to start getting more involved. We’re maxing out Ellington as it is and the Brown Brothers are making a fair contribution for rookies. Carlson is doing more than our TE’s normally do ( although I think he could be more involved as well ). FLOYD is the guy that is not helping to pull the wagon right now. With Fitz out, there’s nowhere else to look for more plays. He was a playmaker last year. Why has it disappeared???

  51. By Iain on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dear Darren,

    Sorry to go a little off topic, but is it odd that Palmer spent so much time helping John Brown, when Logan Thomas plays the same position as Palmer and requires as much help as he can get. Do you think it was more about initial impact rather than long term impact? Thanks


  52. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Iain —

    RE: Brown/Palmer

    Not odd to me. Palmer knew Brown was a key of what the Cards were going to do this year. Thomas was not.

  53. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    You wrote,

    “The term “burger” has been around football FOREVER…”

    I’ve been watching NFL football since ’77 and started watching High School and College football in ’82, these last two weeks are the first time I’ve ever heard the term “burger” when referring to points. It may have been around forever, but until Wesseling started saying it, I’ve never heard it. Not in any sport. So I attributed it to the “Around the NFL” commentator.


    I am critical at times, but it’s hard to remember the last time I was. I feel if we are winning, why be critical and especially when we are winning against the best teams (at least based on record). We have lost to last years SB teams and beaten all the rest. Perhaps the Cardinals will look closer and win out. I don’t know, but based on their record to date, we end this season at 13-3 or 14-2.

    And last year, everyone did seem to want Ellington to get more carries, Darren has a good point. Personally, I’d like to see more of Hughes and wonder why he doesn’t get more carries. I still think if were winning (and tied for first with an AFC team is winning) why panic and criticize?

    I criticized plenty after Warner left and before BA arrived, but I still tend to be more glass is half full than not.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

  54. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren – – You have not seen a post from me about “how many” carries Ells is getting recently, be it too few or too many. Reiterating…. he is one hell of a talent! He is just not the guy who should be banging the middle most of the time, especially at key times in the red zone.

    Also, having him carry a large portion of the Offense does not produce the effectiveness that a more inclusive approach would have. If the Cards had an average Defense, we would be outside looking in and previewing again the draft. I find no humor in the stats illustrating these facts.

    I have nothing to defend here… I just think BA could help himself with a variety of tactics… It is as if you have not read my recent commentary. I would welcome your insight regarding what I have posted regarding Ells pointing to some flawed observations of mine… be well… ((and thx for what you do))

  55. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    Again, I was not talking about you. But it’s faulty logic to say you don’t think Ellington should run in the middle, and then say you aren’t saying he should get less carries. Under that logic, you’d be OK that Ellington got, say, 20 carries, but they’d all be wide. I’d think the defense would figure that use out pretty easily.

  56. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    “I find it humorous so many are unhappy with Ellington getting the carries (not just Dr. G). All I heard last year was people complaining he didn’t get the ball enough”

    I think I have been pretty outspoken about Ellington being the guy and getting the carries.

  57. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Ellington

    One more time, I was not thinking of anyone in particular and I am hoping no one is taking this personally. Seems like I am wrong.

  58. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Super Bowl win or no, what I’d like to see addressed in the next offseason…

    1. Better conditioning so we have fewer injuries (but I don’t know if that’s a product of strength training, player lifestyle off the field, the grass, the new CBA with less full contact hitting in practices, some combination thereof or something else entirely, like just bad luck.) Just fewer injuries.

    2. Either Todd Bowles return or a DC as good or better. We’ve had two in a row, lets make it ten in a row, beginning with retaining Bowles or finding his equal.

    3. A better return game in both punts and kickoffs.

    4. An O-line that can both protect the QB (we have that) AND open lanes for running backs.

    The nice thing is, if we look at the list we’ve had on this site for the last five years, the list is smaller than it used to be. This team is improving and being at the top of the pile is a Huge difference over my entire lifetime. We’ve not been here in all the 37 years I’ve been a fan.

  59. By Dynosoar on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    I’m thrilled to no end, I’ve been wanting a season like this all my life and it’s here. How can I not be overexcited at times. I want us to win as much as anyone. I pounded the stump for our first ever sweep of the NFC East for several weeks prior to it happening.

    I want wins, I also don’t see a change in the running game or return game at this point in the season. I’d love it if it happens, but unless there’s plays in the playbook we haven’t seen yet (and Whiz kept some plays saved until the Playoffs and others until the SB), then these two areas aren’t getting changed this season, so I don’t see the need to keep pounding the stump for it.

    I am just taking each game as it comes (except this last one, in my over exuberance to beat the Seahawks, I got carried away. Really carried away.)

    For the first time in longer than I’ve been alive, we’re number one during the season. I want to see us number one at the end of the season and am looking at what is going right instead of what can be fixed. No team is perfect (except a certain Dolphins team from the long ago). Even they allowed points.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all!

  60. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren – – I guess if I am challenged with reducing some of Ellington’s participation, I must be guilty to a degree. I am just tired of seeing wasted 1st downs etc., trying to do what he is not built for by going up the middle too much. It is too predictable. He is best, as you may agree, avoiding tacklers with his athletic ability, not brute strength.

    If BA is not fearful of further injury to Ells, he would be the best STs returner on the team! I know, you can laugh at that one.

    Yeah, guilty, but not totally…. I hate to see him operating injured at less than full speed…. I want him in there in February….later

  61. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren – – I do not take any of this personally; your comments should be contrary now and then. For my comments on the Ells thing…if you conclude what you just wrote, you would be correct, but I wrote “up the middle too much”… not every play… I like some variety in Ells’ runs in the open field unless BA designs specific blocks to make a hole. It just seems that lately, Ells is stumped with what is called. Even the numbers show that.

    You do good work, like tonight…I can’t believe you are monitoring. Do not take any of this too seriously – – it is just good to banter about the team we care about… and with the contacts you have, it adds valuable presence…. be well…

  62. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply


    For what is worth, I am in your corner on this one. Ellington should get the carries. (BTW, the coach thinks so too)

  63. By Coach K on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Darren, if you watch Ellington run compared to Charles you will notice one big difference. Charles run into the line squared up and uses great lateral quickness to cut inside the hole while maintain his balance. When Ellington runs into a hole he is many times off balance, not squared up, and finds himself tripping over players legs. Many times his own blockers.

    This is because his base is off balance. He is not square with equal leverage on each foot. He is unbalanced and this is why he keeps tripping over people. He is leaning into the holes and off balance. I am seeing this more and more each time he caries the ball.

    Watch him against Atlanta and see how many times he gets tripped up in the hold because he is off balance.

  64. By Dr. G. on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Watching the Ravens vs Saints tonight. Every Ravens Offensive lineman pulls to the right in unison and the RB could pick one of myriad directions to run through. Beautiful, like a Mozart symphony. And the Ravens did this a number of times. It could go either direction, right or left.

    Ellington could star in that formation with his agility. I hope BA saw this performance….

    P.S. It looks like the NFC South may have a Div winner with a losing record.! Atlanta loses next Sunday. Weird….

  65. By Richard S on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    After week 11, the system has 107 correct picks, Phil Sims 105, Ed Reed 103, Boomer Esiason 102. After week 12, I only got the KC-Oak game, the Atl-Cle game, and the NO-Balt game wrong. I’m 12/15 this week and 119/176 for the year, 67.6%. I’m getting lazy, copying from Excel to Word, I get the Neutral field rankings, add 3 points to home team for week 13 predicted point margin. # in parenthesis was start of season ranking. Let’s see if this copy Excel to Word and then to comments works?
    1 NE(3) 104.21
    2 GBAY(16) 99.2
    3 SEATTLE(1) 98.61
    4 DENVER(4) 98.04
    5 KC(14) 95.67
    6 ARIZ.(8) 95.46
    7 MIA(21) 95.42
    8 BALT(17) 95.01
    9 INDY(13) 94.84
    10 PHIL(9) 94.82
    11 SANFRAN(2) 94.54
    12 CINCY(5) 93.74
    13 NO(6) 92.88
    14 BUFF(23) 92.25
    15 DALLAS(20) 92.11
    16 PITT(11) 91.57
    17 DETROIT(15) 91.54
    18 RAMS(12) 90.79
    19 SD(10) 90.48
    20 ATL(19) 89.02
    21 HOUSTON(29) 88.09
    22 CLEVELAND(28) 87.82
    23 CAROLINA(7) 87.7
    24 MINN(18) 87.33
    25 GIANTS(22) 86.6
    26 CHICAGO(24) 84.83
    27 TAMPA(25) 83.87
    28 WASH(30) 83.69
    29 OAK(31) 82.94
    30 TENNESEE(27) 81.89
    31 JETS(26) 81.87
    32 JAX(32) 79.24

  66. By georgiebird on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Hate to say it but I disagree with Keim.
    If the Cards could swap for either Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch, we would have won the game. The fact is we were outplayed by their QB and RB- even though Lynch was held down, it took a lot of our focus to do it. Seattle is much better than we are at those two positions. It’s not an intensity problem, it’s a talent problem. It’s up to BA to create a game plan to close the productivity gap at those two positions.

  67. By Darren Urban on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Keim mistakes

    Alas, Seattle at no point was offering Wilson or Lynch.

    Shocking, of course, that Lynch — who is among the best backs in the league — and Wilson — who is better than Stanton — were able to outplay their Cardinals counterparts.

  68. By georgiebird on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    So you agree with me- it was more a talent disparity than an intensity issue.
    Point was- if we could have one of those guys (hypothetically) the outcome may have been different. If it was a problem with intensity then one player would have not made a difference.

  69. By Darren Urban on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Intensity

    Well, intensity can also be measured in concentration, and there were a few too many of those mental lapses Sunday IMO.

  70. By JohnnyBluenose on Nov 24, 2014 | Reply

    Dyno….I’m older than you and I can safely say that I have been a fan of football longer than you have and, like you, I have never heard the term “burger” used in a football sense. As for Ellington, he was certainly an impact player last year but I don’t think anyone can say the same thing about him now. Whether it is because he is not healthy enough or because the o-line is not good enough or because the defense is focused on him or because the play-calling is too predictable or maybe all of the above, I don’t know. All I know is that he is our feature back and our running game is terrible. JTDG correctly points out that Ellington has the potential to go the distance every time he touches the ball. But when was the last time he had a long run or a long catch and run and how many of those have there been? On Sunday, Drew Stanton had our longest run from scrimmage. Not Ellington. Keim was right to try and get Ben Tate. We need to get better and I mean better against play-off caliber teams not against teams like Atlanta. Our pass protection is not bad. Stanton is not great but he has a good arm and he is mobile. We play indoors where weather is not a factor. We have good receivers, including Ellington. Maybe we should consider throwing the ball 50+ times a game and trying to put some points on the board and help out our defense a bit. The Saints, Patriots, Broncos, Steelers and others have won by throwing the ball. I would like to see us using our strengths and, right now, our strength is not our running game.

  71. By louis on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    b.a needs to stop blaming the def about the lose. worry about the off. its going to be a bumpy road next 5 weeks.

  72. By Chuck 1 on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Memt to to Keim: It wasn’t the intensity that was the problem. The defense had plenty of intensity, witness the sacks.
    The problem was the inability of the Cards to generate a running game (AGAIN) and Stanton and the receivers to hook up.
    I say again, if the Cards can’t run the ball better, they won’t go far in the playoffs.

  73. By rod on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    The sky is falling. I rewatched all of the games Stanton played in. We were fortunate to get TDs, there were many that should have been intercepted but were called back for penalties, miraculous catches where the receiver layed out to grab it (John Brown). Stanton’s deep balls are either to long or too short. Don’t get me wrong, he made some nice throws but we don’t have enough of an offense or defense to allow him to “Dilfer” us to a SB win. 🙁

  74. By JohnnyBluenose on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Darren….there were good reasons for people to be excited about Ellington last year. He made plays last year. This year, not too many. It is what it is. People criticize Patrick Peterson all the time and few people object but people seem to object when Ellington’s play (or at least his contribution this year) is found wanting. Why is that? We all want him to succeed but that does not mean that we have to be happy or satisfied with the results of his efforts this year. And I am not going to throw him under the bus. I still have faith in him but, as many others have posted, he is not a big man and he has been hit a lot this year and maybe he should not be used as often. At least Ellington will still be given the opportunity to show that he can be an important part of our offence unlike RG3. Two years ago RG3 was the toast of Washington. Now I think he may just be toast.

  75. By Richard L on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply


    Ginn has cost us field position and had negative yards on Sunday. Has Bethel ever returned kicks and punts? Is BA going to try something different next week in the return game. I know I’m ready for a change.

  76. By Darren Urban on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Richard L —

    RE: Return game

    Arians has not indicated there will be any changes.

  77. By Dynosoar on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply


    thanks, I’m not the only one who’s never heard burger for points. Personally when I hear burger, I’m thinking double with colby-pepper jack, bacon, tomato, lettuce and not even very much sauce.

    You stated above

    “Maybe we should consider throwing the ball 50+ times a game and trying to put some points on the board and help out our defense a bit. The Saints, Patriots, Broncos, Steelers and others have won by throwing the ball. I would like to see us using our strengths and, right now, our strength is not our running game.”

    I agree!

    If a strong running game will open up a passing game, why not the other way around? Why not, if someone has an answer please help me understand.

    The way I see it is if we start out with a huge passing attack and stretch the field, the other team can’t have as many on the scrimmage line, which opens holes for Ellington or whomever to burst through.

    Use the passing game to open up the running game. We’re looking for key matchups, well less defenders on the line will provide space which is the key matchup for Ellington.

    Throw the ball more. It works for Manning. Throw the ball more. We have better WR talent than any other team (or at least there’s non better.) And no one blitzes like Bowles, so we don’t need to worry there.

    Could it be that in practice our defense is too good and so our offense doesn’t have as much confidence because their shut down by our defense too much?

  78. By Dynosoar on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply


    Two potential articles.

    1. perhaps in all this discussion regarding Ellington, there’s a future article with some comments from players and coaches addressing the situation.

    2. Our D-line coach, Brentson Buckner, anytime I see footage after a TD or big defensive play, Brentson is right there congratulating the player(s) with the biggest grin since the Cheshire cat. He’s genuinely excited when anyone succeeds. I’d love to see an article on this man I want to see more often than I do (because i see him after almost every score.) He’s congratulating both offense and defense, doesn’t matter, he finds the playmaker. That’s awesome!

    Can’t miss Brenston’s beard on the sideline or the Huge smile that’s always there.

  79. By Richard L on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply


    Any chance we see Grice on Sunday? I would like to see Grice and/or Hughes run inside and then use Ellington like we did last year on edge rushing and screen game. Especially late in the game when the defense is tired. I’m not so sure the extra pounds he added in the off season haven’t slowed Ellington down this year. Ellington has looked tentative to the hole this year. If something isn’t working Keim should call it out and BA needs to change it. It can’t be all on the O Line.

  80. By rod on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Even though reality has caught us all, it sure looks bright for the future. I love everything about this team, staff and ownership, it all makes me smile. And even though it would take a miracle for us to be the first team in history to host and play in that SB, I can’t wait for what’s to come!!!


  81. By Dr. G. on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Bluenose – – Re: Ellington …Right on! I have been playing this harp alone for awhile now. I still say Ells is not used properly; he still has good potential. And, for what it is worth, @ $566K per year, he takes MORE that his share of licks..! I am interested to read any response you may get. ((Peterson earns his share of criticism regularly @ $70MIL..! on his walkabouts))

    Dyno – – You too, are reiterating my position…use the pass to set up a wide-open run game. The bigger backs can do the plowing. Bluenose was kidding on the passing 50+ times. We just need to be more effective at the QB position. The disparity between our
    defense……………………………………….and ……………………………………offense…
    is enormous. I remember hearing Palmer and staff saying the Defense killed it in 2013 – – Now it is our turn to help carry the Defense in 2014 with all the players leaving and new ones arriving. Guess what, the common element is BOWLES… still trucking…

    Richard L – – For Ells, I wrote earlier; self-preservation is natures instinct… u r correct.

    We have a rare opportunity now….Still, I extract Darren’s word — “Curtail” …Be well

  82. By Bruce on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    We just signed Michael Bush. Wow. Nice move. Steve Keim is the man. Remember Bush filled in for Forte and was Killing it. In fact the Bears used him as leverage to negotiate Forte’s contract. Remember when Forte was upset about not making enough, then came Bush. This should be a good thunder to go with Ellington’s lightning. Go CARDS!!!

  83. By Scott H on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Bruce –

    RE – ” in fact the Bears used him ( Bush ) as leverage to negotiate Forte’s contract.”

    Yes, they did. Then they cut him.

    Look, man, I’m hoping Bush can come here and help, too. I really am. But I think we gotta be realistic about this. How does a guy go from “killing it” ( which I really don’t remember ), to being released by the team he allegedly was “killing it” for, to not even being on another team’s roster since March of this year?

    You see my point, yes? Not saying he can’t come here and offer something. But this is basically a shot in the dark.

    I hear ya, though. It would be nice to have a little thunder around here!

  84. By cards62 on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    Believe most of the comments have been spot on for the Seattle game, and like that Cardinal Fans are worried but not panic as 9 – 2 we Cardinal fans will take every time. I really like Keim because everything he said we could all see and agree with. Kid from Pittsburg I do not know why it took us so long to sign him if we wanted him so bad with all of our injuries or why he was not a part of Pittsburg 53 man crew but what a start he had.

    I do not know if we would have won the game if our special teams were not so awful as our offense was also awful, but I put this loss on the special teams. Ted Ginn just when we are ready to write him off he returns a kick for a touchdown or makes a great catch at a critical time, but to me he plays scared and looks like he is trying to avoid contact at all cost.

    I told you guys Butler would get a kicked blocked before the season was over and I will go double or nothing and tell you he will have another kick blocked before this season is over. I do not know if other teams have also lost punters due to injury but I just can not believe that Butler is the 33rd best available punter in the USA. Keim needs to raid a college campus and if that is not allowed he needs to start combing high schools because we have got to have a new punter. Field position is too valuable with all these kickers hitting 50 yarders.

    We have all been singing Stanton’s play but I agree he definitely looked like a second or third stringer this last game.

    Comment of the day I give to Coach K we all love Bruce but why do you take the ball to start the game????????? and the play calling was not good at all. Coaches learn new stuff all the time and week 11 is a good time to learn lessons so on to Atlanta to play the first place Falcons ha ha. We need this one and fortunate for us we get a late start in the east.

    My question to Coach K and the rest of you guys is Was the play calling the reason the offense stunk so bad or the offense stinking so bad the reason why the play calling was so horrible?

    Great games on Thanksgiving and then Sunday can not get here quick enough to get the bad taste of Seattle away from all of us so Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and go Cardinals beat those Falcons. Our defense has always seemed to have Matt Ryans number so hopefully it continues on Sunday

  85. By Coach K on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    I think Bush was a bit of a reach, but it shows the situation the Cards are in. Ellington cannot carry the load alone. Losing Mendy, then Dwyer was bigger than most people think. This move proves it. I hope Bush has fresh legs and more miles to burn sitting out this year. He should be hungry and that’s good.

    Finally, how about that John Mauro signing by Keim. I swear I saw flashes of J.J. Watt on Sunday. He’s young, but I really like tall, high motor guys that play full speed to the whistle blows.

  86. By Coach K on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    I keep calling Josh Mauro John. I must need more coffee

  87. By Dr. G. on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – Here is what you wrote – – “”Dr G Hey, man. Tough one yesterday. Regarding Floyd, yes, it is hard to kill it when your opportunities are “”as minimal as his were yesterday.”” But…it’s not like he has been “killing it” this season and then they just stopped looking his way. He has been performing below expectations (FAR below expectations recently ) very consistently all year…etc””

    The lead off – – “”Minimal?”” No offense, but it appears that you do not even look at the box scores or review any stats with what you post sometimes… Addressing just the Floyd issue…if you look at his stats and “really” watch the games, you will formulate a differing opinion. No balls were thrown to Floyd yesterday; how can he catch one??? They treated him as in “The Fitz Syndrome.” Let’s cover him so he cannot be effective, so he becomes a literal “”Decoy.”” That works well to keep some of the d-backs busy. This is contributing without looking like it, huh??

    I appreciate your passion for the Cards…really giving Floyd a fair study, you will come to the conclusion just as BA now does in that he needs to get him involved… perhaps beginning with Atlanta, because he is one of the “”Best”” weapons on this team…

    I truly believe the lights are coming on for BA this week, though it may oppose his tactics up to now… Signing Bush is a good 1st step. Going to our real weapons is a good second step. BA’s has pride…the kind it takes for a HC, and now and then he needs to suck it up and do what is best…which may not be what has been happening….take care… ((sorry this is so long))

  88. By georgiebird on Nov 25, 2014 | Reply

    re: intensity
    Your reasoning on intensity might not be sound. Did the Seahawks have any lapses in concentration? Based on post game interviews, Wilson was not happy with the way he played.
    Can’t just “see” Cardinals’ “lapses” and there were probably many. Even cleaning up all the mental lapses doesn’t guarantee anything- especially if the Seahawks clean up their lapses, also.

  89. By Darren Urban on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Wilson.

    lol. Listen to Wilson’s interviews all the time. He always says he could have played better. What’s he going to say? “My offensive line is awful, but I did what I could”? No, he’s going to take the blame.

    I get it. You think the Seahawks are a better team. Fine.

  90. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply



    Tom Brady and Peyton Manning dwell on the plays they didn’t make. That is why they are great. Every press conference you will hear them say I need to make better throws. Heck, Manning could go 27 of 28 and he would bring up the one throw he missed on. Wilson has a ways to go and strives for perfection. That is why guys follow him and why he is getting better.

    On the other hand, you have the RG3’s who do exactly what Darren is saying, blames the other 10 guys. Watching his games are painful, because he is at fault but blames others. Or you could have Johnny Late Night , who could have the starting job if he cared.

    Wilson saying he should have played better, I’ll take that guy.

  91. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    Dr G –

    Not sure what you’re jumping all over me for here….I watched every minute of the game on Sunday, so I AM watching the games. Please don’t assume that I’m not. I believe Floyd was targeted 2X on Sunday and I believe that resulted in no catches. Didn’t he catch one but the play was called back due to penalty? I believe he did. So, YOUR statement that “No balls were thrown to Floyd yesterday, so how can he catch one?” is not accurate. Perhaps I am not the only one who is not looking at box scores or reviewing stat lines.

    Look, against Seattle’s secondary, maybe he was well covered. And if he was well covered, then I will give Stanton credit for not forcing the ball that way. I’m not gonna tell you I watched Floyd all day.

    If the extent to which he was targeted on Sunday was the fault of play-calling, then, OK. The play-calling needs to change. Because playmakers need to be given the chance to make plays.

    But I am also seeing that the bottom line here is that – regardless of whether Palmer is at QB or it’s Stanton – Michael Floyd is quite conspicuous by his absence at this point. And at this point, I don’t care WHY it is happening. I just want to see it change over the next 5 weeks. The issue here is how Michael Floyd has under-performed this season. The issue here isn’t any opinion I may have about it or whether I’m watching the games or not.

    His stats to this point this season tell me he is not performing as was expected. Those numbers don’t change regardless of whether or not I’ve watched all the games. do they?

    Dude, I appreciate your passion for this team as well. But please don’t call me out for not knowing what I’m talking about when it appears you are not always on point, either.

  92. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    Dr G –

    I cite the Seahawks Aftermath blog where it is is reported that Floyd was only targeted a couple of times on Sunday and his only catch was nullified by a penalty.

    I knew this. Hence, I am watching the games and I am paying attention to box scores.

    Hence, YOUR statement that no balls were thrown to him on Sunday is NOT accurate. Hence, it appears you are not looking at box scores as closely as you think you are.

  93. By Dr. G. on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – Apologies….yes, floyd was targeted twice…One was called back, and the other was not catchable…. That is what I meant by nothing to catch…

    The bottom line point is that it appears you seem to think that Floyd is not the guy we can depend upon in your written dialogue. In that I disagree… He is a stallion when he gets some opportunities. His recent proof was 2 TD’s which were the only points we scored…((I think))

    It now appears that BA is fearful of the long ball unless the WR has outrun the dback… a la Brown. What happened to the “jump ball” that both Fitz and Floyd can beat their man with? BA seems to avoid taking advantage of the skills these guys have by literally beating the defense.

    I hope he proves any doubters wrong the rest of the way… BA stated that he should have planned more for his participation….let’s see what happens… Again, sorry if you were offended….

  94. By Coach K on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    cards 62

    Arian’s simply tried to pound a square peg into a round hole. Seattle loaded the box and B.A. ran right into it. The play calling was not his best, but I think B.A. realized that Drew did not have his MOJO going early and got conservative.

    You can’t play not to lose against Seattle, or any good team for that matter. Our offense is not good enough to do that. The good news is, DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS

  95. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    DR G –

    No worries. Yeah, I was a little offended but also probably a little too defensive as well. Just to put it out there, I usually have far more to say about the games I DO see. If I didn’t see the game, I try to comment only on aspects of the game that are made clear through the highlights or Darren’s re-cap or whatever.

    I think we agree whole-heartedly that Floyd is a beast. Period. Bottom line, I’m just frustrated because the beast is not having more of the big games we KNOW he is capable of. Really, that’s it.

    We can leave it at that, no need for us to lock horns over it. Time to start looking ahead to Sunday. You with me?

    HUGE game in the West tomorrow night. I can’t help feeling I want San Fran to win because I see Seattle as more dangerous and better off further behind the Cardinals. But then I think….that will put San Fran right behind us and they are starting to roll, too! Maybe they’ll play to a tie….

    But the fact is, the Cardinals just need to handle their business. If they win THEIR games, it doesn’t matter what other teams do.

    Geez, maybe I’m just not used to being in that position!

  96. By Dr. G. on Nov 26, 2014 | Reply

    Read on Cards Fans..this will surprise…editorial on my part. I expect responses.

    Check this out – – BA said in an interview before last season, “”I will call the plays until I can find someone to do it better.”” Remember? That may be paraphrased a bit, but it is accurate. No obvious effort has been made to consider anyone. BA is an Offensive coach at heart who loves calling the plays. This is his destiny calling. Being the HC allows him to call the shots. He basically gives the Defense to Bowles and trusts it to be on auto-pilot. Bowles has done more than a superb job… ((Atlanta will call soon))

    When a team has an OC who calls the plays, he has someone to whom he must be accountable, the HC. And the detail is not confused with other distractions. As it is now, BA has no one at the field level to hold him accountable. ((Keim is busy)) That is the way BA has designed it, because he is the OC with the HC’s title. ((Whizenhunt is coming to mind))

    Now, Harold Goodwin’s name has rarely surfaced in any of these articles or posts to really, really, be the OC…the OC… Here’s the rub… ((Bio)) Goodwin has worked for Arians for the past 8 years following him around. Before that he had some minor assistant positions in college. We just get a sound bite now and then of him saying the O-line needs to play better. Goody just contributes what he can and makes no waves. It appears he is held in check.

    We all love BA, but should there be someone who will evaluate his performance weekly and report to Keim & the media how things are going? That’s just business… Wins & Losses are just not enough. Every other field performer is expected to be accountable… win or lose. I think BA would better serve himself and the team if he supervised the Defense and the Offense with an objective eye. HE CANNOT DO THAT AS THINGS ARE NOW. . Be well…

  97. By Dr. G. on Nov 27, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – Good on ya….

    As for Seattle vs 49ers, they play twice. I think the best scenario is for them to split. And then have Detroit and Dallas go on a run so that neither Seattle or the 49ers make it in. And, I never root for Dallas…!

    But for me, I think it is 1, maybe 2 weeks early to start hoping these 2 teams just go away….be well…. Big games Thursday…right….

  98. By cards62 on Nov 27, 2014 | Reply

    Dr. G

    Good points on BA and his play calling and could be an issue down the road, but for now I would ride him and his play calling. I never expected our team to be 9-1 or 9-2 this year so BA is the man and DC Todd B. is the superstar and team MVP.
    I have confidence in Keim to monitor the play calling situation and adjust the situation if necessary.

    On Floyd being a Stallion. A stallion is just another horse if you do not take him out of the barn and let him run free. I liked the two touchdown catches also, but they were his only two catches in the game. A Stallion does not allow himself to be roped or contained by any cowpoke named Sherman or any other name.

    I was expecting 80 or more catches 1,500 yards and 12 TDs from Floyd this year after last season and our team needs this from him. I do not know if he is playing hurt this year or what the issue is, but I am very worried about Floyd’s game this year as he is just not producing.

  99. By Dr. G. on Nov 27, 2014 | Reply

    cards62 – – Floyd is not producing because he, as well as Fitz, have not been schemed into the game plan very often. BA seemingly considers ALL his receivers as EQUAL in ability…blows me away. During the pre-season, he put a terrific game plan together, but he seems fearful to follow up on it.

    Floyd and Fitz would be one of the best tandems in the NFL if BA would shove them into the faces of our opponents. Then save the long ball when Brown is open. Many fans are frustrated with the play calling…it shows here in this blog as well. I hope Ellington can hang in there with the beating he takes.

    Right…I would not change the play caller mid-season, but it is something that needs to be seriously reviewed post season. Then, we can see if BA is really the HC or an OC with that title…. How often would we see a HC calling all the plays for the Defense….?? just sayin’….

    Be well all CARDS FANS… Atlanta goes down soon…..

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