Sizzling Campbell knows he could be better

Posted by Darren Urban on November 28, 2014 – 9:48 am

Defensive end Calais Campbell is playing exceptionally well. He deserves to be considered for the Pro Bowl. He had three sacks last week in Seattle, and then this is how Bruce Arians evaluated Campbell’s game: “Calais played his normal game. He could play better. He had potential for a five-sack day. Three sacks is nice when it comes to sacks, but he’s a better player than that.”

Not exactly a huge pat on the back — and Campbell said B.A. said exactly what he should say.

“It’s true,” Campbell said. “I didn’t do enough to help my team win. I missed tackles, coach gave me credit on the sheet for two missed tackles but there were three or four other plays I could’ve made but I didn’t. I have a lot of pride in my game and I want to make those plays. I am glad Coach has high standards for me. I love his honesty. Otherwise it lets me take a step to be less that I was.”

Campbell missed two games with a knee injury and has been wearing a brace (and dealing with pain and a not-100-percent knee since). Yet he’s tied for the team-lead in sacks (six, coincidentally the same as linebacker Alex Okafor, who missed three games with injury this season), a team-high eight tackles for loss and leads all defensive linemen in tackles, with 37.

Arians and defensive coordinator Todd Bowles like the way Campbell is playing, but both see a guy who is dominant and should produce on a dominant level all the time. Campbell embraces that line of thinking.

“If (Arians) was ‘Calais played great’ and I didn’t feel I played great, eventually I might be like, ‘Well, at least coach is happy,’ ” Campbell said. “Not to say he wasn’t happy, because he was, but he should expect more from me, because I expect more from me. I respect that part of him, because he knows how good I can be.”



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  1. By Steve on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Darren: I think Veldheer also deserves consideration for the Pro Bowl, would you agree?

  2. By Darren Urban on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Veldheer

    I think when the offense overall is struggling, the offensive linemen on that team aren’t going to get a lot of looks for the Pro Bowl. That’s reality.

  3. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    “Not exactly a huge pat on the back”. lol. Geez I love BA. Someone in my family referred to BA as the new Wizard… like the Wizard of Westwood perhaps… cerebral candidness with honesty, may explain his relentless success as HC

  4. By SteveG on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Calais is indeed a great player, but to get to the next level, he needs to learn how avoid open field tackles from such defensive giants as Peyton Manning…..:)

    I really hope that Darnell get’s a chance to come back and help anchor a deep, talented fresh line….Tho one has to say, the development of the rooks Stinson etc does not make it too likely….

  5. By Dynosoar on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply


    watching the Seattle San Francisco game I had the same thought, Seattle had intensity and a will to win and were executing. The Cardinals have been displaying the same traits this season, but those were not on display in Seattle.

    A bounce back like they did against Denver and we’re on our way. We have some good teams nipping at our heals, but they are still at our heals. I’d rather be in our position instead of theirs. They can win out and still won’t get HFA if we win out.

    We control our destiny and this is a season of destiny.

    The Lombardi trophy or nothing at all.!

  6. By krehbieo14 on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Calais Campbell is a great player. However, this was not the week to be singing the praises of his players. BA looked at the tape and was brutally honest with his players. There is always room for improvement. This was a week to regroup. The Cards will rebound nicely!

  7. By SteveG on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply


  8. By clssylssy on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    The thing to remember about the ProBowl is that fan vote only counts for one-third and Calais can still get in if his work is recognized by the players and couches as well as the media. Whenever any of our guys get into the ProBowl it is as much as a reflection upon the organization and tribute to the team as much as an individual honor when looking at the bigger picture.
    The Cardinal’s success this year has been probably the best example of a “team”
    victorious because of the combined efforts of many, rather than isolated incidences of one or two “stars” at so-called skill positions. At the same time, when the team encourages individuals to strive to set records individually, it benefits the team as long as it’s done within the “team first” context and everyone understands individuals aren’t bigger than the team…same for coaches, GMs, everyone associated with the team brand.
    More important than the ProBowl IMO, is being standard setters such as making and breaking NFL records. In that regard, I would think that the organization would be supportive in helping our players create personal goals and objections and hit those marks when they are closing in; sometimes it’s about the bigger picture and making history and some teams are just better visionaries!

  9. By Mike G on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Yo Darren–Hope Thanksgiving was good. Appreciate the Card’s Info and Articles throughout the year. Certainly Campbell has improved his play and is clearly becoming a stalwart for this team. Big game in Atlanta this week–would love to see the defense force some turnovers from Matt Ryan this week. They have done that in the past. I think if the Card’s continue to win at home, win the turnover battle and play overachieving defense–they will be fine. The loss in Seattle–not a real big deal–it was a gravy game for the Cards. Cards must beat them at home. I like the Bush pickup–a big back that can help in the run game. The Cards also need to cut down on their dropped passes. Hey Darren–Can Bush learn the offense quick enough to get some carries this week in Atlanta?????

  10. By Darren Urban on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    Mike G —

    RE: Bush

    I think that’s unlikely, but we will see.

  11. By rod on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    CC has a great smile, makes me smile when I see it.

    No, I’m not gay.

  12. By cards62 on Nov 28, 2014 | Reply

    If Campbell just plays like he has the last 3 games I will not ask for anything more. The big guy is bringing it. Just can not believe all the sacks we have recorded the past 3 games. keep it up DDDDD you are doing great.

    Steve G. I agree with you Veldheer gets my vote for the pro bowl. So happy to have a left tackle on our team again. Been so long.

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