Ellington done for the season

Posted by Darren Urban on December 7, 2014 – 6:07 pm

Bruce Arians confirmed the pre-game speculation that running back Andre Ellington is out for the season. Ellington is suffering from a hernia that needs surgery — Ellington is flying to Philadelphia to get the procedure done — and will be placed on injured reserve. We’ll see what the corresponding move will be (I’d think there’s a good chance Michael Bush is brought back, but we will see.)

It’s a harsh blow for the Cardinals but perhaps the best seeing all the injuries that have piled up on Ellington, from his previous hip problem to the foot issue that he has dealt with all season. Maybe it’s a good thing it came on a day in which the Cardinals rushed for 141 yards as a team, which is a season-best, and a day in which practice squad product Kerwynn Williams rushed for 100 yards on 19 carries. Not sure the same running lanes will be there against St. Louis/Seattle/San Francisco, but given the circumstances, the Cardinals have to be happy. As happy as you can be losing a key part of the offense.


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  1. By Chris on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Considering the key players we cant afford to lose at start of this season:

    .) Palmer – IR
    .) FItz – missed two games
    .) Veldheer – knock on wood
    .) Ellington – IR

    .) CC – missed two games
    .) DWash – suspended.
    .) PP – knock on wood
    .) Cro – scary moments twice

    Obviously everyone suffers injuries, but not at that rate and quality. You think coaching staff / front office will look into that or just plain bad luck? (e.g. stretching prior game)

  2. By Marlin on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    with Williams and grice and taylor and hughes….they have enough

  3. By BirdsSTC on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Wow, this sucks. But this Williams kid… wow did he look great! He ran with an unbelievable burst when he saw the hole and hit it quickly. Taylor and Grice looked decent too.

  4. By rod on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Congratulation on the Win guys!

  5. By CreditCard on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Thomas Jefferson Medical school and hospital have a solid rep, as does the University of Penn. Best of luck to Mr. Ellington.

    Williams showed kids from Utah and Nevada are tough. Hope he can continue to produce.

    Darren, your comments on the O-lIne, as a whole and individually

  6. By Eric G on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Seriously???? Just who in hell put a curse on this team? This is ludicrous. Let’s hope Cromartie’s Achilles is okay. Probably not at this freaking rate.

    Kerwynn looked spectacular, let’s hope that wasn’t a fluke.

  7. By Lee W. Flanagan on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Well, I predicted correctly. I said that new players sometimes produces new energy and that the Cardinals would have well over 100yds. rushing. They did and Kerwynn.Williams had 100 by himself. Kerwynn obviously didn’t see the same ghosts that Ellington was seeing. Ginn is obviously seeing the same ghosts that Ellington was seeing. Time for a new move there.

  8. By Cardinal on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Awesome job by Williams !!!

  9. By grabling on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply


    what about A. Cromartie injury… is serious?

  10. By NJAzCardsFan on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    Darren- How bad was Cromartie hurt???

    Ellington looked like he was hurting in the last game.

    Williams reminds me alot of LSH, One has to ask why wasn’t he brought up sooner??

    Also, why isn’t Hughes used more??

    Fitz makes a big difference in the Cards offense.

    An ugly win is still a win. Cards fans also have to thank the Raiders for beating the 49er’s……

  11. By Scott H on Dec 7, 2014 | Reply

    OK, certainly not great news, but….it ain’t like we haven’t been dealing with / over-coming losses all season. In that sense, this team ( coaches and players ) are MUCH better prepared than most to respond to this.

    First, this is clearly the best thing for Andre. I don’t know exactly when he suffered this tear. But fact is, if he hasn’t been significantly limited over the last month or so, then he sure was playing like he was. In THAT sense, this is not a tragedy, either. The way I’m looking at it ( and, yeah, it helps that we ran the ball the way we did today ), perhaps it IS best that Ellington NOT be an option at this point. Because maybe if he WERE, he would continue to be the lead RB and the team was going to continue to suffer from how poorly he’s been playing. And, NOT his fault as he has clearly taken a beating over the season.

    If nothing else, we have all seen what Ellington is and what he is NOT. He is NOT a feature back and he CANNOT handle the workload he was given this year. Granted, the Dwyer situation blew up a lot of things, but…NOW we know and there is no excuse for a very apparent need to NOT be addressed in the off-season.

    Not sure what exactly accounts for the way we WERE able to run the ball today but – aside from seeing #11 back on the field today – there was no greater sight for sore eyes than what this Williams kid was able to do. And the Chiefs are no slouch against the run. They have been less successful in recent weeks, but…whatever.

    If nothing else, the guys we have at this point – Williams, Taylor, Grice, Hughes – are healthy and fresh. What Williams did today couldn’t have been a total aberration, so….let’s ride this kid. What choice do we have?

    The dump-off to Hughes that went for the long gain late in the game was a thing of beauty. Perhaps more of that type of play would be advisable going forward, especially against the remaining schedule – all of whom can pressure the QB. The quick dump-offs might really help Stanton out AND might be as good a way as any to back off the pass rush.

    Stanton looks like he can use all the help he can get. I LOVE that he is not throwing INT’s and killing us with those. But….this 50% ( or less ) completion percentage thing WAS / IS a problem. More dump-offs to the guys out of the backfield might be a good idea.

    Got no help from Philly today, so it’s a damn good thing we were able to get the win, regardless of whether it was convincing or not. Looks like San Fran has imploded. They are in disarray and – oh, goody – and I’m not expecting they are gonna really muster it up against the Seahawks. We can pray for a miracle ( 49ers winning that game ), but….wouldn’t count on it. Harbaugh is gone, everyone knows it, and it looks like that team has NO interest in trying to play for him at the end. Great.

    Looks like there is nothing between the Cardinals and the Seahawks except….well, the Cardinals. And playing a Thurs night game ON THE ROAD in 4 days ( against a SCARY looking Rams team ) is a little less than ideal.

    Winning today was great. But it assured the Cardinals of nothing. Except that they have no margin for error. How TRAGIC is that loss to the Falcons looking now?

  12. By G Witt on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    A Speedy Recovery Andre!!

  13. By Coach K on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply


    Williams is actually a better runner inside than Ellington and just as good running outside. Ellington is a better receiver, but overall, Williams is a more complete pure running back. I sent this kids name to Keim soon after he was hired as Gen. Mgr. I’m glad to see the kid is producing as I thought he would.

  14. By Coach K on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply


    You are absolutely correct on your thoughts of getting more passes to Hughes. We need more of those dump offs and screens to him. He has a good motor and speed to go with his size. I don’t understand why BA doesn’t use him more. Every time Hughes touches the ball, it seems like he breaks open a big play.

    I think BA needs to mix in more SMALL BALL for Drew, but still take his deep shots as well. We need more screens and short routes in this offense to make the offense more balanced. And BA, please scrap the goofy trick plays in the red zone.

  15. By BigRedFan on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    Ellington will be missed. Such a versatile component to the offense.

    I am excited to see that the run game isn’t dead just yet though. Great job guys!

  16. By clssylssy on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    Figured Ellington had more than a hip pointer, but am happy to see that once given the opportunity, the others in the RB corp could deliver in such a way to help out the offense; Williams seems like a gift but I have to wonder why, when it was clear our run game was going no where, our other backs weren’t given a try? I think sticking to Ellington for every down ended like most of us knew it would-with him injured and out for the rest of the season. Nonetheless, he is a unique talent and I hope his surgery goes well and we learned something so can utilize his talent differently next season.
    Hope that with this being a short week our guys will get as much rest as possible after putting in good practices and that the coaches will have done their homework and watched plenty of tape on the Rams recent games; they aren’t the same team that we played earlier and this will be another real dogfight. Not having Cromartie will hurt and I’m not who will step up for him but I’m not worried as our secondary is so talented this may just be an opportunity for a different look to what the Rams are expecting! Midwesterners LOVE their football and the hometown crowd in St. Louis will be loud and intense, and Playing the Chiefs this week will serve as good practice for this short week. As if our remaining stretch isn’t tough enough, to have a Thursday game to contend with seems as if the NFL is stacking the odds! (Everybody hates Thursday night games except for greed driven Powersof the NFL)Someone commented on the announcers being proChiefs but, what else is new? Trent Green had some good years playing for KC, so I wasn’t surprised. What is annoying is the subtle disses by the networks when we have done an amazing job in the face of almost unheard of adversity…geez, makes me wonder what’s behind that exactly? Well, we proved the talking hairdos wrong and prevailed again… the Birdgang showed up also showing the Chiefs we could contend in the noise department as well,(AWESOME!!) all-in-all we’re still in the race and that SHOULD be a motivator to reach down for the intensity to FINISH STRONG! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!

  17. By Scott H on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K –

    Thanks for the kind words. It is very rare that anyone thinks I am absolutely correct about anything!

    Yeah, I’m sorry it took the loss of Ellington completely to prompt using these other guys so we could see what they can offer. And it DOES look like these guys have something to offer! I LOVE the big plays and I don’t want them to go away. But there ain’t nothing wrong with becoming more balanced on offense, making things “smaller,” and trying to move the ball down the field with longer drives / smaller plays. They can still take their shots. BUT holding the ball longer also has the much-needed benefit of giving the defense a chance to rest before they gotta go back out there. This defense has been holding up for us all year. we can at least let them catch their breath on the sidelines, can’t we???

    During the second half, we were giving the ball back way too soon, way too often. That easily could have cost us that game. If we HAD lost that game, I would be ranting like a madman about that today. Fortunately for us all, no one has to listen to that!

  18. By Dr. G. on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    To the detriment of the players, Running Backs are a disposable commodity to the NFL. That is how Ellington was used playing every game at much less than 100% and rarely practicing. I feel he has not been used properly…feel sorry for him…

    A tid-bit…. I stumbled into a little known fan fact regarding Peterson – – He was a running back, and played some defensive back; he refused to be drafted as a RB because he saw the churn and disposable time-line. Now I know why I still think he should be a Safety, ‘cuz he cannot hang with the better receivers who juke him out of his jock regularly….

    Cowards seek to play Defensive Back ‘cuz no one can hit back… Running Backs are all Heart……no bias there huh?….. later….

  19. By cards62 on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    Scott I think you nailed it on Ellington and Dr. G i think you are being a little harsh on the coaches. I think Ellington is the best back on our roster and it is not even close but we have to use him more like his rookie season than this year. Coach Arians was correct initially in his thinking on Ellington, but the kid was so productive I understand why we tried the experiment of an every down back with him.
    Ellington you are still the man so speedy recover to you and thanks for all your work and effort these past two seasons.

    My gosh fellow fans are we going to have enough players to make it through this season?

    Darren thanks for some info on Williams and I could use some more as I must admit I do not know Mr. Williams and would love to know the coaches thinking on how the oline played individually and collectively against the Chiefs.

    Go Cards beat those Rams

  20. By Dr. G. on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    cards62 – – If you read anything I have written, you will conclude that you agree that Ells is not the guy who can jam the middle every run. This is what you write now – – “”we have to use him more like his rookie season than this year””… I totally agree with you.

    He is a speedy scat back with good agility “avoiding” tacklers, not a “bull rusher” for short yardage. I hate to see him injured all the time and in pain. He is simply responding to the coaches orders…like “”run into those 3–300lb lineman””…the current injury – – a shot to the abdomen… His exposure to injury would be lessened if he is utilized as you quote here…be well…

  21. By Richard S on Dec 8, 2014 | Reply

    Maybe the reason Ellington was doing as well as last year were all the nagging injuries. Hope he heals and is ready for next season. Neutral field rankings below, add 3 points for system predicted point margin to home team. It worked out well in week 14 for the Card game as I had Az favored by 2.71 points and they won by 3.
    1 NE(3) 103.49
    2 SEATTLE(1) 101.11
    3 GBAY(16) 99.26
    4 DENVER(4) 99.17
    5 RAMS(12) 96.41
    6 PHIL(9) 96.15
    7 BALT(17) 96.01
    8 INDY(13) 95.46
    9 KC(14) 94.28
    10 ARIZ.(8) 94.05
    11 PITT(11) 93.71
    12 BUFF(23) 93.34
    13 DETROIT(15) 92.89
    14 MIA(21) 92.82
    15 SD(10) 91.35
    16 ATL(19) 91.1
    17 SANFRAN(2) 90.83
    18 DALLAS(20) 90.81
    19 CINCY(5) 90.55
    20 HOUSTON(29) 90.29
    21 CAROLINA(7) 90.28
    22 CLEVELAND(28) 90.13
    23 NO(6) 89.23
    24 GIANTS(22) 88.92
    25 MINN(18) 88.55
    26 TAMPA(25) 83.84
    27 CHICAGO(24) 83.07
    28 JETS(26) 82.95
    29 WASH(30) 81.41
    30 OAK(31) 81.05
    31 JAX(32) 79.06
    32 TENNESEE(27) 77.55
    139 out of 208 correctly picked to date with week 6 tie counted as erroneous pick.

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