Seahawks aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on December 22, 2014 – 12:37 am

Ryan Lindley walked toward the door in the locker room that takes people into the postgame interview room, and as is often the case, media members allowed Lindley to go in first. Lindley went through the door – and then held it open as reporters streamed through. It was an odd sight, especially for a quarterback who just went through a rough baptism on national television.

Unfortunately, Lindley did not look much better at quarterback than he had in some of his 2012 appearances. The Cardinals will flush the result of Sunday easily enough. There was talk about the 24-hour rule and they will start prepping for the 49ers. The question will be, who will be quarterback? Is there any way Drew Stanton can be ready by next Sunday? More importantly, is that a risk you want to take at this point, knowing how much you need him in the postseason?

Lindley talked about watching the video and correcting what was wrong, and he definitely needs more of a run game to help him, but it is hard to see how he played out there against the Seahawks translating into a ton of postseason success if he needs to play. Then again, no one with the Cardinals is naïve. You lose Carson Palmer, it hurts. You lose Drew Stanton, and you go to a third-string QB, and it’s going to be really hard to win. That would be true for any team in the league. The Cardinals are not immune, even in this season where they have been able to overcome so much else.

As for everything else, this one is going to be short and sweet. It’s late, and there isn’t much to pull from the still smoldering wreckage of Sunday night.

— Russell Wilson isn’t always great – the Cardinals made him look very human in Seattle last season – but man was he unreal Sunday night. The Cards’ defense did not play well. But Wilson made more than a few plays that just said “NFL star.” And that it’s going to be tough to deal with him for a lot of years going forward.

— The Cards had seven sacks in Seattle. Sunday night, just one – and on the very next play, Wilson completed a 39-yard pass.

— Not being able to convert that first drive into a touchdown changed some things, in my opinion. The Cards start at the Seattle 6-yard line, run a couple of times, and OK, have a third-and-goal at the 4. But then guard Ted Larsen has a false start and that’s a killer. Still, it looked like Lindley had Larry Fitzgerald open on third down and in front of Richard Sherman, and Lindley didn’t see him, instead trying to get a pass to John Brown that was nearly intercepted. Those are the chances you can’t miss on.

— Linebacker Larry Foote said he was the one who “blew the assignment” on the first Luke Willson 80-yard touchdown pass – the one where safety Rashad Johnson was trying to chase Willson down from behind.

— I don’t have a problem not putting Logan Thomas in. I get the swell of “he can’t be any worse than Lindley” but he probably isn’t any better either, and unless Bruce Arians sees an upside, I’m not messing with a rookie’s psyche. Not when you have hopes for him down the road.

— Arians talked about guys giving Lindley more help. That’s not about poor effort or even that Lindley played well and was let down. But when you are rolling with a third-string quarterback, you have to have exceptional play around him, especially against a team like the Seahawks.

— The Seahawks are playing some pretty unreal football right now. That’s part of this too.

That’s all. I’ve got to get some sleep before getting back into the office in what will be too few hours from now.


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  1. By rick on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Before all the negative comments come out I just want to say these Cardinals are amazing. We came into this game with our 3rd and 4th string QB and kept it close for 3 quarters against the defending world champs. That alone is just awesome. The fact that we have 11 wins this far in the season through all the injuries this team has sustained to several impact players is amazing. No matter what happens from here on out there is no way this team will disappoint me. Crazy part is we still have an opportunity at the #1 seed for the NFC with a Rams win over the Seahawks and a BIG RED win over the 49ers next week and the Rams have already beaten the Seahawks earlier in the year. Anything is possible guys keep your heads up. GO CARDS!!!!

  2. By mattbieber on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    “The Seahawks are playing some pretty unreal football right now. That’s part of this too.”

    Wrong. This was another inexplicable give away at home when it matters. Sure, we should have lost with all the backup’s on offense. We should NOT have lost because our defense left their pride in the locker room toilet. Don’t excuse this away, it cheapens your credibility.

  3. By Steve on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Ryan Lindley did not play well as he would readily admit but I thought he showed toughness and poise out there tonight despite the score. Chris Collingsworth summed it up best during the end that the Cards defense knowing our offense would struggle to put up points had to gamble and freelance more than usual to try and create turnovers and it backfired with giving up to many big plays. Russell Wilson made it look to easy tonight and I would have to think that Steve Keim will focus more on drafting players specifically to stop Wilson.

  4. By JayJay on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    I blame even the 600 Seattle offensive yards on Lindley. You absolutely cannot have no offense whatsoever and have a defense perform exceptional. This is a game of momentum and feeding off the other side of your team. How many times does this have to be proven??? Lindley is terrible, the worst. We all knew it, yes he is the same guy from 2012. BA’s optimism over this guy does nothing to win the game. BA said he had 1 bad pass? I must be hallucinating. When they brought Lindley back here I commented on here saying please please dear God no anyone but him. Where was Keim, did he forget what he was like?

    This organization wonders why no one in the national media give this team any respect? What??

    Season is basically over. So then what, we wait another long year only to have Carson injured again and the whole cycle repeats? Goodbye.

  5. By Lee W. Flanagan on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Well to sum it all up….No QB in this universe could have brought a win for the Cardinals the way that everyone was playing. Another big game that the Cardinals blew. Time for the Cardinals to be honest with themselves and the media and admit that this stage is way too big with what they have to work with. This NEXT MAN UP thing is just for the dreamers. They looked “old and slow” and “young and ignorant ” during much of the game. I can at least say is that this can leave a taste in the mouth of next year’s team. Might be able to scrounge a few more wins and pat ourselves on the backs and cry “uncle”.

  6. By vegas4u2012. on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Arizonas fans did their job today by showing that they are the real deal…my take..some of our players did not.Our defense can only be counted on to do so much..Ginn/Lindley will not be on the roster next year..but i sure as hell hope all of our Defensive Cordinators stick w/us!

  7. By jakeplummersghost on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Stop and think about all our injuries, and the relax. The sky ain’t falling in AZ anytime soon.

    The defense finally got burned by a good team because they pressed way too hard once the Hawks got up by two scores. They had to be our defense AND offense because of Lindley and Lindley taxed them by not sustaining drives to boot. Every defense has its breaking point.

    We need Daryl Washington back in a big way. How did we make Wilson the QB miserable last year? Daryl and his speed. How could we have covered Willson the TE this year? Daryl and his speed.

    Drop the bong and stay away from women. We need you!

  8. By Cardman on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    One word to describe my feelings, “deflated.”

    Ryan Lindley did say when comparing his play that it was “night and day.” As I was watching him play, I was trying to figure out what he meant. Then I realized he meant exactly that. The 2012 games were in the day and yesterday’s game was at night. 🙂

    I say unless Stanton is healthy, give him another week to heal.

    I didn’t think a lot of people played well, but if I had to give props to one player it would be Darren Fells. Too early to tell, but I can see the potential.

    The player I thought played the worst goes to Cromartie. Did you guys see the play when Wilson went for his long run? When he was passing Cromartie, Cromartie just turns around and starts jogging in Wilson’s direction. It makes me me wonder if he is an athlete or an asthmatic.

  9. By red bird of death! on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Agree Rick, yeah this was not going to be a good. They had massive chips on all of their shoulders from us beating them last year in their house.

  10. By LadyBird04 on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Granted, the QB play was not up to our expectations. Before we lambaste Lindley we have to remember he wasn’t the only person on the field. He obviously was not ready and his passes were not at all effective. But, our offense did not allow 35 points by the Seahawks. Our defense had their problems containing Wilson and obviously were torched by a very good Seattle team.

  11. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    If the Cards truly wish to compete for Super Bowls in this division and conference, they’re going to need to develop a bruising ground game and find their own vversion of a Lynch, Gore, Murray, Lacy… regardless of who the QB is. It’s amazing how poorly the Cards have been in total rush offense compared to the rest of the league over the past decade — always at or near the bottom of the league ratings. That needs to change next year.

    Given how frail Carson Palmer is, it would seem that the Cards are going to need to look for another QB prospect in next year’s draft. Stanton is simply average, Lindley is awful and Thomas is sounding like a prospect that’s going to take about three years to develop and there are no guarantees he’s going to be any better than Stanton or Lindley.

    Last night’s game was as painful to watch as any I have seen since I started following the team in the mid-70’s — and there have been a lot of stinkers during that time.

  12. By Marlin on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Great to meet you by coincidence at the stadium last night. Damn, you’re tall ! My wife says you’re handsome, but I’m thinkin’…..not so much. 🙂

  13. By Darren Urban on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Marlin —

    RE: Stadium

    I was good to “meet” you too, as brief as it might have been.

  14. By Eric G on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    No rick, last night was not awesome. Not one single part of it. Last night showed me a team that doesn’t want to win. Last night I saw a team with a zero percent chance in the playoffs. Last night I saw an undisciplined defense. Last night I saw what i expected from lindley, he is just awful. What perhaps worrIes me the most is that last night I saw very poor play calling. Lindley should not be trying to throw deep.

    I just can’t see this team winning 3 games on the road. Dreams of the super bowl are dead. Honestly, they died two weeks ago in Atlanta, a game they should have won. It’s been a great year, but the injuries were just too much.

  15. By Davemaham on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    One of these days Patrick Peterson will learn how to tackle. What a joke.

  16. By Dave Chaney on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    It’s time to “bite the bullet” and let Ryan Lindley remain at QB for the Niner game. We need Drew Stanton as healthy as he can be for the first round playoff game and rushing him back into action on Sunday will not accomplish that. I also agree that Logan Thomas will not benefit from playing in the final game of the season. I suppose there will be many “fans” dwelling on the negative of last night’s game but I refuse to do so. This season has brought all of us diehard fans so many positives and with the return of our walking wounded next year, the future definitely looks much brighter than it did a couple of seasons ago. Michael Bidwill, Steve Keim and Bruce Arians will continue to try their best to make this team a winner and shed that terrible image the Cards have had for years of being a loser. Hats off to everyone and wishing you the best for the last game. MERRY CHRISTMAS and GO CARDS! Special thanks to you Darren for all you have done this season.

  17. By Mike on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    No one would have even guessed the Cards would be fighting for the NFC West at the beginning of the season. So even though this loss to a shot to the teams confidence, it doesn’t overshadow all of the accomplishments of this team. There’s still one more game to go and lets not forget the postseason. Go Cards!

  18. By Red Dead Redemption on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    The reality is I was probably right. The Atlanta game cost the Cardinals their season. People played it off like, “Hey we are going to lose some games.” But that one hurt. As evidenced last year. If you lose to the teams you should beat?
    It almost always costs you.

    Suddenly this game is not as important, even with the nuke from orbit that occurred. But to be fair with the way Lindley plays? Beating San Fransico would be no breeze either.

    Lindley is horrible, What an amazing insight right? (I stand by my offer, I am willing to play as Cardinals QB and try out against other commenters. I think we have a shot over him)

    But the kid does not play defense and they sucked. The game plan was also extremely questionable. Arians got away from the run too early, and Williams was never given much of a chance (two carries was he hurt?). Not saying he would have done much either, as the offensive line also sucked. But it would have been more logical.

    I also do not understand Sherman at all. He’s said to the media Patrick Peterson is a good dude, and it’s all play and then says, “At any point, if I gave up that many touchdowns, I think I would be benched on our team,” Sherman said. “We have a level of accountability and that’s what we strive for. You can’t give up big plays like that and still play.” Saying he had a bad season? I agree with,

    Peterson has had a stinker of a season in my opinion. But saying he shouldn’t play? Then saying, ” I don’t care about who says what about me. I care about it less than the dirt under my shoe.” Then he goes on to say, all haters and people who judge will be judged in the end. Umm what? Nobody judges and crap talks more than you dude.

    I used to think Sherman was just vocal and passionate. Saying the truth regardless of what’s politically correct. But after these comments being so different from earlier ones? There is no doubt, the guy in just a garden variety troll who happens to be a millionaire. I swear if I have to listen to Chris Collinsworth (sweet ol’ Uncle Chris! Every Cardinals fan’s favorite announcer) tell his story one more time…

    But even will all the negative? All is not lost. Winning on the road in the playoffs may be unrealistic. But keep in mind the Cardinals Super Bowl team, got completely owned by the Patriots towards the end of the season that year.
    It was even worse than this, minus the Marshawn Lynch run. The bottom line is we had a great season, and made history no matter what happens.

  19. By hminus on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    The cards have accomplished much this season,[in spite of injuries & adversity,]but this game could have turned out MUCH differently if we had done 1 thing…COMMIT TO RUNNING THE FOOTBALL…we cant win if we dont do what we did in our previous 2 wins…[even BA said we should have run more,] Lindley DESPERATELY needed run support to have a chance…w/o it we didnt have a chance…

  20. By hminus on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply


  21. By hminus on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    How many times have we won rushing for 29yds?…How many when we commit to the run?…lets do the math & not be stuck on stupid anymore…

  22. By Andrew on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Lindley should never take another snap in the NFL honestly.

    Jaron Brown needs to see more snaps on offense.

    Where was Kerwynn Williams?

    Very Suspect play-calling on Offense.

    Worst defensive performance of the season.

    No look of heart/passion/intensity on anyone including Arians.

    Bad Day to be a Cardinals Fan. No sugar-coating it, this was a huge opportunity and we knew it would be tough to win but we got flat-out embarassed.

  23. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    This has been one of the great Cardinals’ seasons and last night proved why BA will be a unanimous COY.
    Last night gave us a lot of bitter pills to swallow and hopefully BA and SK can work their magic, but this time, on a higher level.

  24. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Great season but here are my concerns for the Cards going forward. For a lot of guys Lindley is the scapegoat. But last night, RL had no fumbles and one interception very late. He’s not the answer, but remember back to the 1st StL game, Palmer was not good and had to be bailed out by Stanton or that game could have been a loss. CP, off his injury, is definitey not the answer in trying to overtake the Seahawks.

  25. By joe67 on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Stephan Taylor did well when given a chance. Need to use him more.

  26. By joe67 on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Love BA but tonite he gets failing grade for play calling.

  27. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Going forward, and in the NFC West, this has been a bittersweet season.
    1) the gap between ourselves and the Rams has remained the same
    2) due to the turmoil on the 49ers, we have closed the gap there.
    3) the gap with the Seahawks has grown wider.
    This is important because it points to possible post season appearances but probably as a road team going to places such as NY, GBay or Phl.

  28. By clssylssy on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Really easy and convenient to blame everything on Lindley when we knew he was going to need a supporting cast playing at the top of their game for this critical game with the Champs. For those who saw no difference from the 2012 Lindley, the difference was subtle; this time he played with poise and courage, his biggest mistake was trusting his troops to arrive to offer support only to find that he had been sent on a suicide mission! The play calling was horrible and for the organization to even allude to the possibility that Stanton could play (or, as some of the analysts speculated, might show up later in the game) was misleading and a little deceitful. This did not look like the same team that played in St. Louis, and had that Cardinals team been playing, we might have had a shot. Once again, we did not learn from past mistakes and our arrogance proved our demise. Watching the 9ers lose after a hard fought battle with the Chargers, I had been more worried about how we would play on the road against them, who our fans felt “you could put a fork in”!
    This has been a good season but the reality of the fact is that, much like scores, season records are quickly forgotten and the only thing anybody remembers are the Championship banners hanging in U of P Stadium. The announcement before the game that the Cards would be looking to trade Fitz (but he would not be released)was disheartening at the very least, and felt kinda tacky and desperate,
    as if Keim were using the national spotlight to sell off our biggest asset while facing foreclosure..that kinda set the tone of the evening!
    Kudos to the Birdgang who DID show up and did a great job. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see the other Card team play again this season, instead of the Not Ready For Primetime Players and Company!

  29. By rod on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply


    Answering Marlin you said “might of been” ??

    Not you too!!

  30. By Darren Urban on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Rod —

    RE: Might of

    It’s been a long night with little sleep.


  31. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    My other posts have looked reasonably positive at this season, my big time gripe is with the overrated defense. Here’s a question. Who off our defense would you want to lock up long term-given their age and talent level ?
    1) CC-real good player, solid -not a all-pro- Might lock him up
    2) DW- good with limited ceiling- would not lock
    3) Rucker- tough player- too old to lock but would try to keep
    4) Kelly- gritty but too old
    5) Matt S.- too slow- would try to keep but not lock
    6) Foote- tough player but at the end
    7) Acho- good player-should be more advanced- would not lock
    8) Okafor- young and fast- can get better- would try to lock
    9) Rashad- big heart but limited talent and getting older-would not lock
    10) Tyrann- not impressed but an incomplete coming off ACL
    11) PP- SK’s albatross- possibly most overrated in NFL
    12) AC- he’s a talent but too old to lock.
    This is part of the reason why no one makes All-Pro. The players fail on the big stage- but that’s not to say we can’t have a winning record with these guys.
    Last night, a 2nd year TE and a depleted Sea. offensive line made our defense look old and slow. Granted Wilson and Lynch are great.

  32. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Looking forward to the playoffs and hopefully we can get a win at Dallas or Carolina/Atl. (unless the Seahawks lose and we win next week)

  33. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    My advice to BA and SK for 2015:
    1) To BA- work your magic on the QB position
    2) To SK- biggest job is to hide PP- Can’t run the 3-4 without a NT that needs to be doubled. Need big, fast linebackers who can take over a game. As I have said on many occasions if we cant get that NT and start developing All-Pro caliber LBs then it’s time to abandon the 3-4 defense. With the possible loss of TB, it would be a great time for this organization to go to a 4-3 defense.

  34. By Coach K on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    I will not comment on Lindley. He was placed into a no win situation. My question is: WHERE WAS WILLIAMS?

    He is the only back we have that has a burst and give us a chance of a decent running game. So I ask….Where was Williams?

    Taylor is a good kid with decent power, but he has no burst. He is just too slow.
    A plodder who runs hard but not much more.

    Not playing Williams killed us!

  35. By truths4all on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Bottom line is the Cards Defense is an excellent defense, but not the caliber of the GREAT Ravens Defense that carried their team to win the Super Bowl.

    With Lindley, we all have seen the best he can produce and see that he just cannot see and read the field as he must. We also are constantly reminded that he is too inaccurate to succeed in the NFL. In fact, the Cards would have been served just as well to have suited up Tebow and allowed him to struggle against Seattle as we would have had the same result.

    If the Cards are going to have a chance to compete for the Super Bowl, they must forget any success they have achieved so far. They must play with more hunger and more energy and that does not seem possible as the defense is just not good enough to overcome the lack of a QB who can execute plays. And when Peterson bricks a gimme interception that could have been returned for a game changing TD, we now all know Peterson is who he is and he would not be starting for Seattle.

  36. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Basically this game played out like the Denver game. A quick comparison: Denver 568 total yards, Cards 215; last night was 596 to 216. In both games, AZ scored a FG to go up first, but was down at halftime. In both games we hung around due to some lucky breaks (a Manning INT by Campbell setting up an easy TD; Hauschka missing FG’s to keep points off the board and give us good field position that we couldn’t earn on our own), and in both games we scored late in the 3rd quarter to bring it within one score. In both games the D pretty much capitulated in the 4th, giving up 17 unanswered (Denver) and 21 unanswered (Seattle) with our third-string QB (Thomas in Denver, Lindley here) unable to muster anything.

    Now, the question is, did the D look so bad in the 4th because they were tired and had given up hope on the hapless offense, or because the opponent saw the weaknesses and dialed it up a notch? In other words, if we had punched in for a couple TD’s instead of 2 FG’s when we had made it to the 4 in one case and the 14 in another case, do we still give up 21 points in the 4th, or does the D feel like they have more to play for?

    Two drives said it all for me. One was the opening drive… two Taylor runs gives us a manageable 3rd and 4, and Lindley throws a 5 yd pass for a first down. Then on the next series of downs, we throw all 3 times, no completions, and punt. The other was the drive where we were 3rd and 1 near midfield, when the score was 14-3 early in the 3rd, and we called a pass… your QB is completing around a third of his passes and you think you have a better shot throwing than trying to run for a yard?

    I’m the first to acknowledge the run game wasn’t effective, but with Lindley being so bad, we had to run more. 15 rushes and 45 pass attempts. The only way we were going to win this game was to shorten it… run the ball, keep the clock moving, and hope for some lucky breaks like turnovers or a big runback on special teams or something. There was no way we were going to win this game playing catchup and forcing Lindley to throw. But even when we didn’t have to throw — as I mentioned, on the entire second series of downs in the first drive, and like that 3rd and 1 in the 3rd quarter — we chose to throw, with a QB that was pretty inaccurate. Not smart.

    All those who were saying things like “Lindley will surprise” have to remember that this is a guy we cut, and who was on another team’s practice squad before we re-signed him, going up against the best defense in the league. It’s unfortunate that we weren’t playing someone like the Bears this week.

  37. By rufus on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Terrible performance. The offense, the defense and the punting game were aweful. We really missed D. Washington out there since Foote does not have the speed to keep up with athletic TE’s. Unfortunately, Washington has more serious issues to deal with that playing football.

  38. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Looking ahead to Sunday, is this week likely to matter at all? If I’m reading the scenarios right, the loser of GB/Detroit is the 6 seed. So we are the 5 seed unless the unlikely scenario where we win and Seattle loses happens. And does anyone really think that Seattle — who has allowed 33 points in 5 games — is going to get beat at home by the 6-9 Rams? I know St. Louis won the first time, but Seattle dominated that game; St. Louis won with those couple of trick plays. And Seattle isn’t giving up 28 points to the Rams offense the way they are playing.

  39. By Davemaham on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t understand how Bowles allows Peterson to get away with playing so soft. He’s the only player in the defense that is scared to, or simply doesn’t know how to hit and tackle.

    DRC was a toothpick, I could see why he was timid. But Peterson is built like a brick house. Even Cromartie puts his nose in the mix. I’m so frustrated with Peterson. If he played the way he can, and should, he could be the difference between winning a Super Bowl, and not. He has whiffed tackles on waaaaaay too many big play touchdowns late in the season.

    Enough already, man up, he’s the most talented DB, but Sherman plays smarter, tougher and more passionately.

  40. By Dr. G. on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Nonsense about the players around Lindley need to play better..!! That ((crap)) says too much about the guys around Lindley that protected him and ran good routes to make him look good only to see the guy from 2012 running scared and pannicky AGAIN…! He can look calm, but inside he is sheer screaming confusion.

    When our guys ran what were near perfect routes, got open; either the ball was anywhere but near them or he picked a receiver that was double covered over one that was open. BA went to the air too much with Lindley, I guessed he did not believe he could be that bad. Now you know BA, now you know. Without a QB, you are in a box. You need an old vet who can learn 6 plays and show something else but what we saw. Agree with Darren not to throw Logan into the fire.

    Incidentally, BA, your play calling needs a bit of explaining…passing on 2nd & 3rd down at the goal line? Field goals in the 2nd season won’t win games. You are in denial again.

    Our defense tried to make spectacular plays to compensate for Lindley, like when Peterson tried for a strip instead of tackling… too much for me to digest right now. I need a Bromo….later

  41. By Fish & Spaghetti on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    D-Wash is really missed when playing against Russell Wilson. When Bucannon was the spy on Wilson, it left Foote in coverage and that didn’t work all night (no Pun intended but, Left Foot, indeed). Our LB’s are only good against the run….expect for last night.

  42. By clssylssy on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Wow…just saw where Arians plans on playing Logan Thomas! I would say that the 9ers and Kaep, in particular, will literally run all over us, Between Frank Gore and Kaep they were averaging over 9 yards per carry in Saturday’s game against the Chargers and had them 21-0 at the half. Wonder if it would be possible to trade/auction off our playoff spot for draft picks?

  43. By Scott H on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    JayJay –

    Yeah, goodbye to you, too. And don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out. You sound like you appreciate NOTHING about this team, what they have had to fight through, and what they HAVE accomplished this year. See ya.

  44. By Scott H on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Well, I guess we know now how it felt to be a Broncos fan watching that last Super Bowl. Wow. It felt kinda like….wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a GAME?? Aren’t we where we are right now because we can play with this team?? Weren’t we supposed to be better than THIS??

    To start, It was no real surprise that Seattle was as dominant as they were on defense and that our offense was as limited as it was. I know we were all hoping for better but I think we all understood the reality of the situation – which was the Cardinals trying to match the BEST defense in the league ( and they absolutely ARE ) with a 3rd string QB who had yet to throw a TD pass in his NFL career. STILL hasn’t, unfortunately. Lindley was just awful last night. So many of his throws were just horrible. But there were no surprises there. I’m not gonna hold any of that against Lindley, he is what he is. Our offense was not gonna win this game last that night.


    Last season, we gave this guy his worst day as a pro. Last night, he couldn’t have looked more un-stoppable than he was. He looked every bit the star he is. The defense was NOT ready last night. We have him dropping back into his endzone and 55 yards later, he has the Seahawks in Cards territory. We sack him for a 10-yard loss only to let him make a big throw on the very next play. 2nd and 20 to 1st and 10 in the blink of an eye.

    The secondary was horrible. Wilson was finding open receivers all night. It KILLS me when I see opposing teams finding open receivers in space all over the place, yet Cardinals receivers have defenders in their pocket as soon as the ball get there. Saw that again last night.

    ANOTHER BIG GAME FOR AN OPPOSING TE. And aside from his mother, did ANYONE even know who the hell that kid was???? Un-friggin-believable. I just hope he enjoyed his big night. Because he won’t be playing the Cardinals every week.

    And our tackling was atroscious. Absolutely horrible. Look, I like Marshawn Lynch a lot and he really is a beast. But gimme a damn break. His BIG run last night ( already being hailed as The Quake 2.0 ) never happens if SOMONE – any one of the many Cardinals he encountered along the way – can just make a lousy tackle.

    Another stellar game for Patrick Peterson, the self-proclaimed best CB in the NFL.

    Another TOTAL ZERO from Tedd Ginn. Man, his knee must be sore today from all those kneel-downs…..

    And another really poor performance from a punter who should have been gone several weeks ago. I’m sick of other teams punting from their goal line and putting us back to our 25-yard line ( of course, it helps when your return “specialist” does nothing but call for fair catches ) while Butler can’t even get it past OUR 39 yard line.

    It was SOOOOO infuriating to listen to the announcers go ga-ga over Russell Wilson all night, to watch Pete Carroll run up and down the sidelines high-fiving his players, to watch SEAHAWK FANS celebrating in OUR HOUSE. And so frustrating to see the Seahawks take the division after we held the top spot for 16 weeks. Last night was just about as bad as it gets.

    It wouldn’t be AS bad if it had been a close, hard-fought game. But it wasn’t. It was a total jail break against our defense, whom we were counting on to make a win possible at all.

    Anyway….I see where BA is thinking about switching over to Thomas BUT is saying he will have a quick hook if he does. Well….why would you do that??? You know what you have in Lindley and you know it is nowhere near good enough. Not good enough for the playoffs, not good enough for the regular season, not good enough period. Why are you gonna go back to that, especially when the game next week really doesn’t matter ( unless you believe St Louis is going to knock off Seattle )? Bottom line, you know you don’t have enough with Lindley. So, why not give Thomas a game to see what he can do? WHY ARE YOU GONNA GO BACK TO LINDLEY???

  45. By Scott H on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Just noted a typo in that last post. When talking about Butler and his in-effectiveness, I meant to say he can’t even get it past THEIR 39 when kicking out of the endzone.

  46. By georgiebird on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    @Scott H,
    Butler’s #s last night were as good as Ryan’s on Seattle. I didn’t see any lrun backs- so how can you point a finger at Butler.
    I think what we are all realizing is that the players on the Cardinals are pretty good but by no means elite.

  47. By Coach K on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply


    I will ask you.


  48. By Darren Urban on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Coach K —

    RE: Williams

  49. By Scott H on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    georgebird –

    Look, last night was hardly the first time I felt the way I feel about Butler. Even if his numbers were as good as the other team’s guy last night, so what? He has not even been an average punter by NFL standards. Has had too many punts blocked. My problem with Butler is not that he’s not as good as Dave Zastudil ( yet ANOTHER of the many losses we’ve suffered this year but one that is usually forgotten ). My problem with Butler is that he’s just not very good at all.

  50. By Dr. G. on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    ScottH – – I usually scan the longer posts, but your assessment in detail was astute, so I read it all. Again, along with Darren, many of us think Logan needs more time, but if his head is put in the right place, he can survive the emotional trauma many rookies suffer from the flames of newness in a big game. You may know that his 40 time is the same as Wilson and Kaepernick… 4.53-4.55…quicks? …I don’t know…

    Now may be the time to get him more involved…BA said in May that if a QB pick can’t beat out the ones you already have, you pass….a paraphrased quote from…. I remember that…

    Take this fwiw – – Jaworski told the world: “You plug this tape in, this guy projects to me as an All-Pro.” 8/13/2014

  51. By KevinS on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Why did we keep Lindley in 2013 and cut Skelton ? That was a dumb move, at least Skelton had passing touchdowns and went 6-2 in 2011. I say bring him back for insurance sake, reality is Stanton and Skelton are about the same and we have no backup going into the playoffs. BA is being arrogant in thinking we can go into the playoffs without a reliable backup. Yeah Skelton got blown away in Seattle in 2012 but he also beat them as well as SF. It is better to cut Lindley and get Skelton so he can learn the book going into the playoffs as backup. Lindley is like some kind of perpetual charity case and has yet to throw a touchdown pass in a regular season game ! In Skelton’s rookie season 2010 he performed much better than Lindley and Logan in their rookie year, he saved the 2011 season winning out. I do not think we can hold everything on Skelton for 2012. I still remember the Dallas 2010 game on Xmas !

  52. By Scott H on Dec 22, 2014 | Reply

    Dr. G. –

    Hey, man. Yeah, I just don’t understand the mindset of maybe we’ll give this guy a try but we’re pulling the plug pretty quick if it’s not going well. But you’re pulling the plug for WHAT??? To go back to Lindley???

    Look, I tend to be pretty simple with my thoughts ( as most people know ) and I say give him a shot and let him have a chance to GROW a little, LEARN a little. I hear what Darren is saying about the emotional health aspect of it, but….geez, if getting a chance to play at the end of his rookie year ( in a game that really might be meaningless ) and maybe not playing so well is gonna wreck this kid, then….maybe he’s not really cut out for this, ya know?

    And it ain’t like Logan Thomas is gonna blow the season for the Cardinals. We are already in as a playoff team and we seem destined to be in as a wildcard. It seems like the die is cast, mostly because of the loss in Atlanta and pretty much cemented in place by the loss to Seattle last night. Logan Thomas had nothing to do with those losses. So….there seems to be little to be lost by seeing him play in Week 17.

    If Stanton is not gonna play….and there is really no reason to see more of Lindley ( Really, what are we gonna see – his first TD pass??? Yippee!!! )…..then I see no reason to not take a look at Thomas. The downside? Minimal to none. The up-side? We find out something about what he may or may not be. At this point, I’d rather see that than another futile outing from Ryan Lindley.

  53. By clssylssy on Dec 23, 2014 | Reply

    LOL…you know your season is over when the mock drafts begin…
    It’s seems a little ironic to me that after flushing the previous regime because of the QB issues and “bad decisions”, we are pretty much back on the hampster wheel facing the same sorts of QB issues…starter can’t stay healthy, backup goes down, third string rookie thrown into the fire only to be served up as a sacrificial lamb and have any hopes for a career effectively killed off. We still haven’t really solved the 0-line issue or have a pass rusher, but have been surviving with a team patched up with bandaides and temporary fixes. In some ways our current situation is almost worse because we got a whiff of success and the view from the Penthouse only to be back in an efficiency,looking out at a gray wall that is the playoffs. But, it was great while it lasted and a much needed reprieve to evaluate our situation and make more permanent improvements.
    The one package that Logan Thomas was put in for the Seattle game was one of the disastrous WT??? moments for which even the commentators found themselves to be at a loss for words, then clarifying, that it had worked for Elway and BA with Ben in the Superbowl but really???…Thomas is not Elway, and what a bitter taste to leave with the fans. So, with the 9er game again “meaningless” as we have made the playoffs, does it really matter if Lindley finishes the season? It sounds as if any hope for the postseason is now riding on Stanton and the hope that somehow this team will find what it takes to get this Band of Brothers back in the battle.
    As far as drafting a franchise QB goes, with our position in the draft how likely is there to be that kind of talent still hanging around that also meets the criteria BA likes?

  54. By SkeltonsRevenge on Dec 23, 2014 | Reply

    Honestly Lindley should buy a lottery ticket for still be around ! It amazes me that he has shown nothing other than one pre-season game of positiveness and is still in the NFL. I like the guy but that does not mean he can win a game without us kicking field goals and the D shutting down the other team. Logan is a project much like Skelton was, the difference is that Skelton won games in the clutch (allot of them), he had a decent rookie year. We need a backup QB.

  55. By Fitzfan on Dec 25, 2014 | Reply

    At this point, I will just be overjoyed if Seattle doesn’t win the Superbowl.

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