LeBeau as linebackers coach?

Posted by Darren Urban on January 20, 2015 – 11:00 pm

In the void of no news (yet), speculation and reports continue on the Cardinals’ still jumbled defensive coaching staff. But Dick LeBeau’s name has been part of the story almost from the moment he left the Steelers earlier this month, and that possibility certainly hasn’t lost steam.

Fox’s Alex Marvez reported Tuesday night that the Cardinals are closing in on a deal to hire LeBeau. But Marvez reported that LeBeau is actually close to being named linebackers coach.

The Cardinals do need a linebackers coach, since inside linebackers coach Mike Caldwell is expected to join departed defensive coordinator Todd Bowles with the Jets. They might need more than one — or maybe one main guy for all the linebackers — if outside linebackers coach James Bettcher is the one elevated to defensive coordinator.

This doesn’t necessarily mean LeBeau wouldn’t still serve as a mentor for whomever is named defensive coordinator. It would be foolish not to lean on a guy like LeBeau no matter what his official role might be. Getting LeBeau, like adding Tom Moore once upon a time, would be a big deal for the Cardinals.

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40 Responses to “LeBeau as linebackers coach?”

  1. By Eazy E on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    This is getting interesting!

  2. By superbowlcards on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Would like some feedback on this posting, just read through a mock draft from a major network website (not ESPN) not sure if I can post the website or not, dont want to give them free advertising, last thing I want is for Mr Urban to be pissed at me.
    Anyway, read through this 1st round mock and 3 players with major off field/behavioral issues are drafted in this mock draft, just wondering if any of you Cardinal fans would use a 1st round pick on these players (one of which shows up as #1 overall pick) I myself wouldn’t touch any of these players with a first, or even a second round pick on any of these “clowns”


    MARCUS PETERS/CB/WASHINGTON (Actually kicked off team for behavioral problems)

    DORIAL GREEN-BECKHAM/WR/OKLAHOMA (Actually never played a down for Oklahoma after transferring from Missouri where he was kicked off the Missouri team)

    I dont care how talented they are or think they are, they just aren’t worth the headache, how good can they be if they are suspended, just look at what DWash did for us this season…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    FYI: This website has our Cardinals drafting
    MELVIN GORDON/RB/WISCONSIN – I don’t mind a RB in round #1
    but our luck with B10 RB’s (and the success, or lack thereof of B10 R
    B’s in the NFL in general) is not the greatest, also think we can get a first round RB in round #2 (Todd Gurley/Georgia or Devone Johnson/Marshall) or a sleeper in round #3-4 even though he is a B10 RB and I basically just dogged the RB history of B10, but it wouldnt be a first or second round pick…David Cobb/Minnesota, who we may be able to steal in the 4th round) and we can get a pure Pass Rusher in round #1.
    With a first round pick of pass rusher, and hopefully signing a veteran free agent pass rusher, either Orakpo, or Worldis (spelling shaky on booth) I think we just solved our pass rush problem.
    But just my opinion, mainly wanted input on everyones thoughts on drafting players who have proven they are “problem children” in the 1st round. Thanks

  3. By Big Ken on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I like it, keeps continuity with our philosophy on defense. We’re not bringing in someone to reinvent the defense. No need for that.

  4. By Marlin on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    interesting idea. good from an organizational behavior standpoint….the new DC would obviously be the boss….yet Le Beau is there as a strategic resource as well as an asst coach. if this pans out, Keim and Arians may have done it again!!

  5. By D on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I wonder if this does get finalized, if this would make AZ a place where unrestricted Pass Rusher J. Worilds would want to play.

  6. By clssylssy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I like the idea of having LeBeau as a consultant or mentor, in the same role as Tom Moore. However, I would think that if this franchise is ever to grow and BA begin his own “coaching tree” it would be a good opportunity to infuse some younger blood into the ranks either from guys currently with NFL experience (either former players or assistants with other teams). The Steelers have done this quite successfully, for example, former Steeler and Card player Joey Porter is now a coaching assistant and even had his names kicked around to move up the ladder.
    Adrian Wilson is a name that comes to everyone’s mind immediately and would be good for the Cardinal image however, is not one of “BA’s guys”. Perhaps there are guys from the Colts or Steelers that BA could bring aboard in a sort of “resident coach” role following the model used in medicine. Keeping player fan favorites in the fold even after retirement would be a way to begin building a team identity. While I love having all the experience and wisdom of our teaching yodas, I am a little concerned that the franchise is setting itself up coaching wise, as we have with the team and being top heavy with aging vets. We all come with an expiration date, and we have seen what happens when a team member is lost to serious injury (illness, etc) and other teams have had to deal with such in their coaches. Why not begin building a legacy now as vacancies come open?

  7. By K-Dub on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Would love to see A-DUB on the coaching staff. Who else would be a perfect mentor for The Cannon.

  8. By tkm on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    –i guess as long as he is on the staff,that would be very helpful,find it strange his title could be lineackers coach.funny he would leave pitt as dc to be linebackers coach at this point in his life.either way he would be a big help on keeping defense moving forward.

  9. By JoeyK on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I bet Dockett is happy about this news.

  10. By Eric G on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply


    A-Dub should have been signed as a linebacker last year to help cover tight ends. Seriously, he was a blitzer and excellent cover guy, he would have been a perfect fit.

  11. By Cactus Jeff on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I rank Iupati G as top FA and Melvin Gordon as best football player in draft. Get both and get Palmer healthy… out Seachickens here comes the Cards

  12. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply


    Draft picks;

    So much goes into the interviews with the player and their coaches and friends, to find out what is going on in this guys head. So it is tough to speculate.

    Lets start with Winston. He is clearly the #1 QB by talent, but the crimes he was accused of, says there is a dark side to him. I hear he works very hard at football and is always prepared. So what happened off the field needs to be investigated. If you don’t like what you find, take him completely off your board. But if you find that he is a good kid caught in bad circumstances, take him #1 overall.

    As for Beckham, Honey Badger was kicked off his team for much of the same things. I personally would not touch him, because much of it is drug related and that doesn’t seem to stop with most guys, ie DWash, Josh Gordon. – So on this one, I would grab Jalaen Strong instead and leave him alone.

    Peters is an interesting one. He was kicked off because of his arguments with the coaching staff. Is he Dez Bryant, or is it something worse? Can he mature like Bryant has and become a star or will his own self be is undoing. This is like Winston. Find out what you can and then either take him off your board or draft him in round one.

    So tough on these since you are on the outside and don’t get to interview everyone as a fan. From what I know, I wouldn’t take any of them. But I could change my mind on Winston and Peters after investigating. Beckham? I know Honey Badger came back but too many guys never stop doing drugs. He would be out for me.

    As for Melvin Gordon, that would be an exciting pick. But no one was running behind that line. The cards must upgrade the two guards and start thinking about Sendlin’s eventual replacement in this draft off season.

    The interesting thing is we all assume defense in rounds one and two, but what if DWash is back, we sign an OLB and CB, but lose Larry. This draft could surprise everyone with a Jaelan Strong (ASU-Wr) in round one and Todd Gurley in round two with QB Brice Petty in round 3 and guard Jon Miller in round 4.

    In reality, which side of the ball was bad this year?

    Wouldn’t that throw off everyones mocks?

  13. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Cactus Jeff,

    Wouldn’t mind seeing that.

  14. By Scott H on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Geez, it’s hard to imagine hiring LeBeau as a POSITION COACH. I mean….what does that do for whoever the DC is? That guy has to try to do his job and command the respect of his players with a legend like Dick LeBeau standing right there??? That could be interesting….kinda like Kurt Warner retiring after the 2009 season and coming right back in 2010 as a QB coach!

  15. By Eazy E on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply


    I would LOVE to get Jameis Winston! Hell, ”Win” is in his name! He was 27-1 in his career, Heisman Trophy Winner, and National Champion as a freaking freshman! A QB like that for the Cardinals and we are potentially in Santa Clara twice next year!

  16. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H,

    yeah, that would be a tough shadow as you design your defense. LeBeau is use to being in charge, can he hold his tongue as things go wrong? That is too tough for a DC, with a HOF legend a few feet away.

  17. By georgiebird on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Getting LBeau as an LB coach would be a stroke of genius. The Steelers have historically been one of the top teams in developing LBs- the Cardinals on the other hand are probably the worst team in developing LBs.
    Anything LeBeau can do to spot LB talent will give the Cards the best chance to make the 3-4 defense capable of beating the very good QBs.

  18. By tkm on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    —i would not want to draft winston,to much baggage,probably spend half his career suspended for one thing or the other.sometimes the person is just not worth the risk.

  19. By Andy Kw on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    LeBeau is the 3-4 guru. He can bring the most out of our LBs.

  20. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I hope Tom Moore is spending this entire offseason working with Logan Thomas, even though I know he can’t. 😛

    How a coach expects a QB to grow by playing scout team QB only w/ no 1st team QB reps and no regular season game action seems like a tall order to fill. Unfortunately, it seems like Thomas’ best chance of a promotion at this point are injuries to both Palmer and Stanton. Not a good situation for Thomas.

  21. By georgiebird on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I loved Matt Leinart’s comment on “Deflate-gate”. Leinart said, ‘My guy Kurt Warner was the only QB not to tamper with the ball- he wore gloves.’
    While baseball has finally gone after the steroid users, the NFL has fallen way behind in acknowledging the use of ‘state of the art gloves’ for both QBs and receivers. How can anyone compare records set by guys using their bare hands to guys playing with “steroid” gloves.
    Even on 80 degree days and during indoor games, guys are using gloves. Are they wearing the gloves to keep their hands warm or to enhance performance?
    There are none so blind as those that will not see.

  22. By Scott H on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    georgebird –

    Oh, I’m not saying hiring Lebeau wouldn’t be stroke of genius! Just saying having him there as anything BUT the DC might be a challenging situation for whoever the DC is going to be.

    Does LeBeau NOT want to be the DC here?????

  23. By clssylssy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    It would appear this is a done deal as PFT is reporting to positions unfilled with the Cards. If this is true, why all the drama of dragging out an annoouncement. It’s too bad that fans have to go to outside sources for information that breaks everywhere else first and so far as been pretty accurate.

  24. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Ottis Anderson Fan,

    Kerwynn Williams was on the scout team and looked so good, he ended up starting. If Thomas could hit the side of a barn, he might impress someone.

  25. By georgiebird on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    @Scott H
    I think BA is finally seeing what I’ve said for years. The Cards biggest problem year after year is the sad state of affairs with LBs especially in the 3-4.
    That’s why Cards’ fans are hoping against hope that DWash comes back. The Cards have never come close to replacing DWash who is a borderline All-Pro player. But DWash caused the Cards to miss the playoffs in 2013 and hurt the Cards chances in 2014 but we are so desperate to get him back.
    Putting LeBeau on this perennial problem of LB development and productivity is the best use of Dick LeBeau.
    We’ll never beat the very good teams on a consistent basis with 35 year old LBs on the downside of their careers.

  26. By georgiebird on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    There is a hoax going around that the Cards defense was tired at the end of the season. Why is that- is playing 30 minutes during a 3 hour and 15 minute ball game too much for today’s athlete?
    In the last four games of the season, the Cards offense was on the field more than the Cards’ defense. The reason that Bowles defense took a hit at the end of the season was that teams finally realized how easy it was to pass against PP- and that caused drives to be extended and for runners to finally break big runs.
    Bowles’ defense depends on excellent CB play. He’ll have better corners with the Jets.

  27. By Coach K on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply


    1. T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pitt
    2. Hauoli Kikaha, LB, Wash.
    3. Sean Mannion, QB, Oreg. St.
    4. David Cobb, RB, Minn.
    5. Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson
    6. Adam Shead, OG, Okla.
    7. Andy Gallik, C, Boston Coll.

    It’s way too early, but this gets the party started. This group contains
    guys that will be drafted and no FA’s.

  28. By rod (Eddie Goldman RD1) on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    I just read something from that dolac guy who knows LeBeau.

    He thinks he won’t end up here because it’s too far from Cincinnati where his wife lives.

  29. By Chuck 1 on Jan 21, 2015 | Reply

    Coach K,

    Your mock draft fills about all of the Cards needs.

    Massie is like a turnstile. Gruden pointed that out in the playoff game against the Panthers. He is another of Graves’ bad draft choices.
    A QB is needed to replace Thomas. That one’s on Keim.
    An ILB is needed to play while Washington is serving his next suspension (and after he returns). ILBs have been a weak link. Again, Keim’s draft of Minter hasn’t worked out.
    Both Guard positions must be strengthened. (See Cooper)
    And, Sendlen’s (sp?) replacement must be developed.
    I don’t know Cobb’s size, durability and power, but a bigger RB is certainly needed.

  30. By jasonc on Jan 22, 2015 | Reply


    I think you are mistaken about what the duties of the starting QB are and a platoon RB. Logan Thomas has far more responsibilities than just throwing the ball. He has to know protections, routes, plays, read defenses and call audibles. The most difficult part for a RB to learn are their responsibilities in protection, which is why for all of the good running Williams die he wasn’t in there for passing plays. It’s easier for RB to make an impression and get some plays than it is for a QB simply because of the complexity of their positions.

  31. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 22, 2015 | Reply


    Guys use to use stick-em. Some guys used so much, they finally had to outlaw it because it was ruining the balls.

    Records that are falling have more to do with what the defense is allowed to do, than the gloves. No OTs have to endure a game of head slaps from Deacon Jones. No QB has to take the abuse like Mean Joe Greene would deal out, no receiver has to worry about the head hunting assassin Jack Tatum, or have the bumping and holding by Lester Hayes.

    That, sir , is why the records are falling. The league decided to survive and prosper, so they had to make the sport less violent and more scoring.

    Gloves are no different than stick-em they used.

  32. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 22, 2015 | Reply



    How much of an impression did he have to make to start over Lindley?
    Especially after the hawks and niners games with Lindley.
    Remember, Thomas was named starter for two days after the poor Lindley performances.

    So, what you are saying was after being in camp, preseason, and 17 weeks of the regular season, he didn’t know enough to play, with Lindley struggling so much? Hmmm.

  33. By jasonc on Jan 23, 2015 | Reply


    I feel like Darren has said it over and over again so it shouldn’t be a surprise. During the season the starter gets the majority of the reps, the second string guy gets minimal and the 3rd string guy gets zero so why would have learned enough? As far as Lindley I think that Arians was upset with the Seahawks game and made the Thomas comments out of frustration. When he had time to calm down, the belief that Stanton still might be back for the playoffs and knowing that there wasn’t a real chance to win the division he opted to stay the course with his original plan and not play Thomas. With all of that being said I was simply refuting your statement that Thomas has the same opportunity to impress on the scout team as Williams.

  34. By georgiebird on Jan 23, 2015 | Reply

    You answered your own question. Guys used to use stickum- now they use gloves. Ok- which is better? the stickum they USED to use or the velcro gloves they all use today? Wonder why they stooped using the stickum- lmao.
    And did Stickum keep your hands nice and toasty?

  35. By Darren Urban on Jan 23, 2015 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Stickum

    They stopped using Stickum because the NFL made it illegal.

  36. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 23, 2015 | Reply


    He does have the same chance to impress as Williams did.. Remember, zero with the offense. But every week he is throwing against the defense on the scout team.

    As a scout QB, if he was looking good all year, they would not have grabbed Lindley and if they did, his starts would have been short lived.

    As I said, if he could not grasp the basics of the offense through 17 weeks, he has another issue besides accuracy. But if he could understand it, has the ability to run around like none of our other QBs, and was accurate as the scout QB, don’t you think at some point Arians would have had enough of Lindley and put him in?

    The guy isn’t impressing anyone. He will be third string again and be scout QB in 2015. If Palmer is back in 2016, he will be a back up with minimal chances. So, is this the guy you want to roll the dice on in 2017, with hopes that somewhere, he learned how to throw a ball somewhere in the area of his receiver.

    Time to draft a real QB of the future. Or at the very least, someone to compete against Thomas.

  37. By jason on Jan 24, 2015 | Reply



    I’m not going to debate opinions with you. Who do you think a “real” QB of the future is in this draft? The consensus is that there are only two QB’s in this draft in the top 50 prospects.

  38. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 24, 2015 | Reply


    I loved Conner Cook, but he went back to school. With Palmer and Stanton in place, if there is not someone there, don’t force a pick.

    But if you could get that guy, you could release Stanton and save about 3.5 million in cap money.

    It really comes down to how much you like Brett Hundley. The Randall Cunningham clone could develop into an exciting player. He also could become a Colin Kaepernick, which is good, but not a pocket passer. Arians likes those pocket passers, so, I am a little undecided.

    But don’t forget my second part of my comment. If you do not have that guy, then at least bring in someone to compete with Thomas. Mannion or Petty in the 4th or 5th rounds would at least give you another option.

    One more thing, I am not sure I would give up on Jake Locker. If he is floating around in FA, I might bring him in. Lets face it, Stanton is who he is. He is not getting better. If Locker could stay healthy, could he blossom into a real QB?
    It would be interesting.

  39. By superbowlcards on Jan 25, 2015 | Reply

    Thanks for the detailed response on the “problem children” draftees, I tend to agree with you, drug users are out! Winston, as far as I know has not been busted for drugs, but has been in enough trouble and showed immaturity and poor leadership, which puts him out as a first round pick, let alone first overall pick!! If I were writing the card, (which you better pray that I never!! LOL!) Even though most of my assessments turn out pretty good, but I have to admit alot is gut feeling, which I have a very strong gut feeling on Logan Thomas, and even if I didnt have the feeling, you have to give a QB more than one season, hell, even Lindley Was given more than 1 lousy season, remember, Thomas wasnt a top 10 pick, or evaluated as a walk in the door take over the team first day starter, he was a 4th round developmental QB, and a steal in my opinion, I agree with Jason, dont want to debate opinion with you or Chuck1 on this, we will just have to wait and see, I dont think Mannion is the answer, however. Plus from what I Have heard he isnt doing to much impressing down at the Senior bowl. But back to Winston… I wouldnt touch him prior to very late 2nd or early third, now if he happens to be still on the board when the Cardinals come up in the first? I say No, only because QB is not a need at all for the next 2 years, Im of the opinion Carson Palmer plays out all three years of his contract, and at a very high level, plus Stanton as #2 us solid for next year. Now if by some miracle Winston is still available come our round 2 pick, that would be hard for SK/BA to pass up, and I think they snag him in round#2 if he is still there, which I dont think he will be unless something major off field comes up. The other two, I wouldnt budge, dont need that kind of player on the roster for the Cardinals, and I hope they cut DWash as soon as it makes sense salary cap wise! I truly think we go pass rush first round, as well sign a proven veteran free agent pass rusher, then we should be set, then go RB in 2nd and interior O-line in 3rd, a guy who is a Center but can play Guard. I didnt realize Sendlein had such a poor year, he has been an anchor for almost a decade and we need to start grooming his replacement, but if he starts slow next season then we have to replace him sooner. From reading I know you aren’t a fan of Cooper’s, but what about Coop at Center? Im a fan of his, but all these injuries are frustrating me, I would like to see him get a shot at Center. Although I think he will be starting at LG afterall he did outstanding when he got a couple of shots late in the season, in the running game anyway!

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