“Same defense” for Cardinals

Posted by Darren Urban on January 30, 2015 – 6:16 pm

Bruce Arians said Friday he will announce all his defensive hires next week save for one, which he wants to “hold for a while.” One of the coaches he will hire will “hopefully be a former player,” as Arians continues to try and refresh the up-and-coming coaches on his staff. As of now, the Cardinals have three vacancies from last season to fill: Defensive coordinator (Todd Bowles), inside linebackers (Mike Caldwell, who joined Bowles with the Jets) and defensive assistant (Ryan Slowik, whose contract was not renewed.)

Arians has said the hiring plan is set although it’s still “top secret” he added with a smile Friday. He did clarify why he wanted to stay in-house with his new coordinator, and it answers definitively the question of if the Cardinals will change defensively.

“I did not want our players to walk in and not know what they were doing the first day,” Arians said. “No new language. It’s the same defense, the same philosophy.”

With Arians already saying the hire will also be a young coach, current outside linebackers coach James Bettcher continues to be the logical choice.




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32 Responses to ““Same defense” for Cardinals”

  1. By georgiebird on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    There is such a big difference between winning the SB and being the losing team. My question to you- “would Whiz still be the Cards HC if he won SB XLIII?

  2. By Darren Urban on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Super Bowl win

    If nothing else was different? No, he wouldn’t.

  3. By georgiebird on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    Nice to see BA wanting to maintain continuity on the defense from 2014 to 2015. But I hope to see a strong dose of 4 man fronts if the DL personnel outperforms.
    Back to SBXLIII- the play- of our two DTs Dockett and Gabe Watson- was outstanding. Poor Gabe torn his knee up soon after.

  4. By georgiebird on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    Probably the best personnel decision in 2014 was going with an undrafted rookie kicker and letting a very good kicker go. The loss of Feely was a non-issue all year.
    If the young guys had come along at the ILB position, no one would be talking about the return of DWash. No one would care about him.

  5. By Chuck 1 on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    What’s the discussion regarding CBs @ the Super Bowl Media events?
    Who’s the best CB in the NFL, Revis or Sherman?
    Now, I understand that the Pats and ‘Hawks are the teams playing in the SB and their players are the focus of discussions, but WAIT!!!
    PP has said that he’s the best CB and he’s paid more than any other CB.
    Shouldn’t he be included in the conversation? LOL

  6. By K-Dub on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply


    The Big Red Siren will be untouched and hidden for the game I assume?

  7. By Darren Urban on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    K-Dub —

    RE: Siren

    I don’t see why it would be used.

  8. By georgiebird on Jan 30, 2015 | Reply

    There is a stat I would love to see as concerns a team’s defense. It would go like this: Once the offense scores (TD or FG) how long does it take for the defense to allow a score (TD or FG). Refinements would be necessary as regards the elimination of ST scoring and TDs vs FGs. The stat might also be more revealing during the 1st three quarters and less so during some meaningless 4th quarters.
    In baseball, a similar stat is talked about as a “shutdown” inning – if a pitcher can shut the other team down after his team gets runs to put a team ahead. Even in BB, the stat is not official or even quantified- but it’s talked about a lot by the announcers.

  9. By Eazy E on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Brentson Buckner

  10. By Davemaham on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Please tell me the player he is waiting on is Adrian Wilson! I know A-dub still wants to play, and I know he’s better than some starters in the league. But I think his biggest impact would be coaching AZ DBs. They need his toughness around. And he’s a smart dude. Would make a great coach.

  11. By Chuck 1 on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    I find it amusing (hypocritical) that quite a few posters have criticized PP over the past season for his poor play compared to his excessive salary (justifiably so), even to the point of trading him for draft picks or players, and I get Thumbs Down for my sarcastic post.
    Man (woman?) up and explain yourselves.

  12. By Coach K on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    We need more speed on defense and a huge upgrade to our interior offensive line. These two areas should be a priority. Most important is the o-line upgrade to keep Carson untouched in the pocket.

    If our line can give Carson time, he can fit his ball into any tight window and take advantage of our superior receiving talent.

    D-Wash will help, but cannot be counted on. So linebacker is a key position to focus on. As I said in an earlier post, give me an upgrade on the o-line and more speed on defense and we will have all the ingredients for a superbowl team.

  13. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Lets look at the last 2 DC’s ; Horton in 2012, Bowles 2013 (2013 since so many injuries in 2014)

    2012 Defense – Passing yards, 5th in the league, INTs – 2nd in the league, passing TD’s – 10th in the league, Rushing – 28th in the league, rushing TDs – 16th,
    29% of the offensive drives against our defense ended in a score.
    Overall scoring – 17th, total points = 357

    2013 Defense – Passing yards – 14th in the league, INTs – 5th, passing TDs – 21st, Rushing yards- 1st in the league, rushing TDs – 3rd.
    27% of the drives resulted in a score.
    Overall scoring – 7th in the league, total points = 324

    Why was one team 5-11 while the other team was 10-6?
    What was the real difference ? one defense was better at the pass, while the other was better at the run. They both gave up scores at the same rate and the difference in the points could go down to the 58-0 game vs seattle.

    The difference? 2012 offense scored 250 points while the offense in 2013 scored 379 points.

    Why were we the best team in the league the first 10 games? we were on pace to give up 281 points and would score 379 points (with a back up QB for 5 of those games) That is almost a 100 point difference, which is why we were 9-1.

    The point is, if we can stay healthy and keep doing what we are doing, we could have been the top scoring defense and an offense that scores enough to beat anyone.

    So, where should we improve at? We had these stats being 31st in rushing. If we can improve that enough to push us to 18th in the league, we would be a top 5 offense too.

    As big a defensive guy I am, we have to improve the line and run game and keep Palmer healthy. I think this is where my mock drafts / FA will lean.

  14. By Andy Kw on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    There are some guys that need to be cut (need to get younger, healthier, faster, and more productive):
    -TE John Carlson, WR Ted Ginn Jr, OLB Lorenzo Alexander

    Players that should just be released (disappointed):
    -OG Earl Watford, P Drew Butler, CB Eddie Whitley

    These guys do not need to be re-signed:
    -NT Dan Williams (Likely land elsewhere), OLB John Abraham, CB Antonio Cromartie (most likely returning to Jets), ILB Larry Foote, OG Paul Fanaika, OT Bradley Sowell, TE Rob Housler, RB Jonathan Dwyer, OLB Marcus Benard, SS Chris Clemons, QB Ryan Lindley

    Players to place on practice squad from current roster:
    -ILB Kenny Demens, LB Glenn Carson, RB Marion Grice

    Players to re-sign to cheap but reasonable contracts:
    -OLB Sam Acho, NT Alameda Ta’amu, DT Tommy Kelly, LS Mike Leach,

    Contracts that need to be reworked/renegotiated before FA:
    ILB Daryl Washington, WR Larry Fitzgerald, DT Darnell Dockett

    Positions that need to be upgraded through FA:
    -OG, RB, LB, CB

    FA Targets (non-expensive): OLB Arthur Moats (PIT, 2yr deal), ILB Colin McCarthy (TEN, 1yr), CB Charles Tillman (CHI, 1yr)
    FA (More decent contracts): OLB Sean Weatherspoon (ATL, 3yr), RB Roy Helu (WAS, 3yr)
    FA Break-The-Bank: OG Orlando Franklin (DEN, 4yr deal)

    Draft target positions:
    -ILB, OLB, C, DT
    Mock Draft (First 3 picks):
    1) ILB Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi St (Beasley if available)
    2) NT Malcom Brown, Texas
    3) C Reese Desmukes, Auburn

  15. By Jeff Ambrose on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    One of the coaches he will hire will “hopefully be a former player,”
    Does this mean a former Cardinals player? Adrian Wilson? Aeneas Williams? Just thinking out loud.

  16. By Darren Urban on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Jeff —

    RE: Former player

    Kent Somers reported today Arians might want to hire Larry Foote if Foote retires.

  17. By br in nc on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Man the Marine Corps cut it close…but, I’VE RETURNED!!! That’s right folks old “BR IN NC” has returned, actually got to sleep in a bed (MY OWN DAMN BED!!) last night, or early this morning, damn jet lag has me all screwed up!! Been browsing through the last few months of posts to get myself a little back un the present. I can forsee some intersting discussions gentlemen (and ladies of course.) Wow there are some new posters, and alot more posters than we used to have on here, seems the n log is growing in popularity, that is what winning will do!!! Im going to relax for a day or two, but then I will don the gloves and kick off some “interesting” discussions, civilized and polite of course!! LOL!! I will chat with all you loyal and beloved fellow Cardinal fanatics later. DAMN IT IS SO GREAT TO FINALLY GET OUT OF THAT CESS POOL AND BACK TO THE GOOD OLE US OF A!!! LAST DAMN TIME I HOPE, NEXT TIME THEY TRY THEY WILL HAVE TO TAKE ME KICKING AND SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!! Until later, take care fellow Cardinal fans!

  18. By NJAzCardsFan on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    br in nc- Welcome back to the USA and home….!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. By Richard S on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    From Sporting News in today’s MSN legalization of marijuana production in Ohio.
    Cardinals defensive end Frostee Rucker is also one of the 11 investors. He played for the Bengals from 2006-2011 before playing for the Browns one season and the Cardinals for the last two.

  20. By John The Draft Guy on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    br in nc

    Welcome back 1

  21. By Dr. G. on Jan 31, 2015 | Reply

    Semper Fi BR..!!! From a fellow vet….WELCOME BACK IN ONE PIECE… looking forward to your voluminous posts while complaining about your auto fill… I hope you got a new computer or tablet…be well

    Now you can begin to read how the Cards and Fitz are tangled up in the contract of the previous staff. In that Fitz just won the Mr. Congeniality award, it can get the fans pumped even more. No pressure Steve Keim//Michael Bidwill… Do the right thing for the team….Yoooooou knoooooow…..

    And I just saw on TV that PP made the video for “Play of the Year” …uuuuhh, for letting Lynch score when we last played Seattle…. It used to go something like this- – Michael Jordan would say… “I just put you on a poster, boy.”

  22. By Erik on Feb 1, 2015 | Reply


    Explanation: Sarcasm is hard to detect in internet comments.

  23. By Andy Kw on Feb 1, 2015 | Reply

    Can we trade for Jim Dray? I miss his presence

  24. By jeffgollin on Feb 2, 2015 | Reply

    br in nc – Welcome back into the world.

    I have a different take on how the defense must be coached and how the roster must be reshaped.

    BA is a sly dog with a wealth of experience and with Steve Keim has surrounded himself with coaches and scouts who are equally experienced.

    The magic of the Cardinals that we’ve been treated to during the past season is watching the Cardinal staff turn lemon into lemon-aid. Guys you never heard of (from such hot football schools as Pittsburgh State) are turned into budding superstars. Don’t underestimate the Cardinal brass’s ability to judge and develop talent.

    I’m less concerned with which players we think we need to plug into various positions, because I have faith that BA, SK and their people will make the right moves (For the first time in many years, I don’t feel paranoid about prospective front office moves. I’m willing to give them the latitude to do the right things).

  25. By clssylssy on Feb 2, 2015 | Reply

    Welcome back br and thank you for your service. To win the Art Rooney Inaugural Award for Sportsmanship was a huge honor not only for Fitz but for the entire Cardinal franchise and if some “fans” don’t get why, then it’s useless to even go there. For a football fan, Fitz emulates what football is really about, the competition , the ability to win and lose with grace, respect for your fellow competitors and a respect for the game. Having Fitz as the face of the franchise has made me proud to be a Cardinal fan through good times and bad, and I believe when people strive for excellence both personally and professionally they deserve to be rewarded. I get the feeling that the organization set out to phase Fitz out (because of his cap number as well as the fact he was “inherited”) but has since had a change of heart and are trying to unring the bell at the eleventh hour. I won’t be surprised if we find that it is now too late, and Fitz will become another Boldin type casualty.
    I think the Organization and the SB Committee did an amazing job and put on one of the best events I can recall in NFL history. Great Job All!
    I wish I could be more optimistic about our defense and not having the veteran leadership there we’ve had in past season with Horton and Bowles; it won’t make any difference if the scheme is the same if we don’t have the talent to make it work or the coaching leadership to inspire and develop the roster we end up with.
    I suspect that Keim will try to get Washington for next-to-nothing only to find another defense focused team willing to pick him up at top dollar; it seems the organization pretty much gave their “thumbs down” verdict by their real or perceived inaction to get him back or even comment on his status, at the same time other guys were coming back for much more serious infractions. I also have to wonder what Dwyer’s status willl be when he, in effect, was given the “scarlett letter” without due proocess. So much to consider now that postfootball is upon us…

  26. By Scott H on Feb 2, 2015 | Reply

    Same defense? Fine with me.

    But we need a different Patrick Peterson. We made him the highest paid CB in the NFL but his level of play didn’t put him ANYWHERE NEAR the discussion of best CB in the NFL. Heck I saw SEVERAL CB’s that are better then him in last night’s game alone. And that was only two teams! There are 29 others that offer plenty more. I say we give PP the 2015 season to find himself and put himself back in the discussion. If he’s no better than he was in 2014? He might have to go.

  27. By Scott H on Feb 2, 2015 | Reply

    br in nc –

    Sorry I missed your earlier post! Welcome home, sir! Hope all is well for you and your family. Sorry you didn’t get to come home to a different Super Bowl ( like one involving the HOME team ) but….at least we got to see the Seahawks lose.

    Again, welcome home, and thank you for your committment to our armed services.

  28. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 3, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H,

    I read somewhere that pro football focus had Vontae Davis of the colts as the top CB in football.

    If true, who would have guessed that?

    I agree that PP needs to pick up his game big time.

    Let me just state for the record, I do think PP is good and needed. He just is nowhere near Prime, Revis (before injury), or Rod Woodson.
    I also would say that Joe Haden, sherman, Keenan Lewis, Talib, Davis, Grimes, Revis, and others may have had better years.

    He needs a rebound year.

  29. By Scott H on Feb 3, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Responding to two of your posts here.

    First, nice / very logical breakdown of the 2012 / 2013 seasons and 2014 as well. Yes, the running game needs a BIG boost in the form of a BIG RB! You know the draft prospects far better than I, so maybe you see someone coming. Myself, thinking in terms of FA’s, I hope they’ll take a real good look at Ingram. AND I hope they will consider another look at Blount. Seriously, why not? I think it is ridiculous that people think we should stay away from him because he is a “trouble-maker” ( supposedly ). Really? He didn’t seem to be any trouble for the Patriots. And that is because the Patriots have a way of letting anyone who comes through their door know what their job is and will / will not be tolerated. Period. Any trouble? See ya. I see no reason why the Cardinals could not do the same. Besides, Blount would definitely get a workload here that would keep him happy.

    Sorry, I always get carried away on certain topics.

    Second, maybe we don’t even have to look beyond our own locker room to name another CB who was better in 2014 than PP was – how ’bout Antonio Cromartie? I think he was absolutely a better player this past season.

    Geez, maybe we should let PP go back to returning punts again. Maybe that will bring back the fire. AND since we definitely need a return man, we kill 2 birds with one stone. AND if PP is as sub-par in 2015 as he was in 2014, maybe we’ll feel like he is actually earning more of his money if he’s returning kicks, too!

  30. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 5, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Ingram would not be a bad pick up. How much will he cost?
    Sometimes getting a rookie running back makes sense.

    The 3 RBs I like are Cobb, David Johnson, and Melvin Gordon.
    I don’t think we need to spend a first rounder on Gordon. I like Cobb, but he seems like a guy who will go a little higher than expected.
    So for me, I like this guy, David Johnson, He is big and physical, but also is a great receiver out of the back field.

    As for PP, I don’t have an answer. To be so good an then have lapses is something I can’t explain.

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