Sorting out Dockett’s status

Posted by Darren Urban on February 22, 2015 – 9:54 pm

General Manager Steve Keim said last week he would be talking to defensive lineman Darnell Dockett (and his agent) about his contract, which has one year left to run and is scheduled to pay Dockett $6.5 million this season. It made sense, with Dockett carrying a $9.8M cap charge in 2015 and with he being a candidate, like Larry Fitzgerald, to re-do his contract in one way, shape or form.

“We will have conversations with Darnell moving forward,” Keim said.

The next day, Keim said in a radio interview that conversation was coming by the weekend. Now, Dockett has tweeted a couple of things in the past couple of days that indicate the talks have started, and may have left in question Dockett’s status for 2015. The latest came Sunday night:

We’ll see how this might play out. Like Fitzgerald, it can always play out a little differently with each player when it comes to contract negotiations. Dockett has made clear how he feels he has been loyal to the Cardinals and wants to be here. Dockett is going to be 34 in May and is coming off a major knee injury and a pay reduction would likely be in play. One way or another, this — like Fitz’s situation — figures to be sorted out by March 10 when the new league year begins.


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  1. By Andy Kw on Feb 22, 2015 | Reply

    Vic Beasley is my favorite guy in the combine and I hope he falls to 24. With that impressive combine, I am starting to doubt but with so much pass rushing talent, we will see

  2. By shannon robinson on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I’m guessing Darnell will be offered a two year contract worth about 5 million dollars with only three million guaranteed. It will be in a structure so that the cap hit is only 1.5 million guaranteed this year in bonus or salary. He may walk away on that kind of a deal but once on the market for a while and he has to start traveling for those medical exams and try outs as “visits”……then he comes back home to sign. The danger for #90 is the same contract may not be on the table anymore. DD should think about making the squad. I love him on our Defense but I felt the same way about ADub. Success in this Front Office requires a level of cold and sometimes brutal decisions.

  3. By Jacob Hewitt on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Who is a good Qb for the Arizona Cardinals.PLEASE COMENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By Jacob Hewitt on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Who will the cards get in the draft

  5. By azcardssuckbutiluvem on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    IMO, and I am just your typical, wear your heart on your sleeve fan, BUT, I also root for the Uniform, NOT the Player who wears it, they come and go, its the nature of life. We have had Dockett his whole carrier, and let me tell you from 1st hand knowledge, Know matter how good DD was in his prime, he was still a VERY streaky player, GREAT when on, but there were big parts of years in his carrier with the Big Red that he simply was a non factor on the field. facts are Facts. Look at the stats. At times he is a dominant power, but at times he is just a guy..
    I hope he stays for the leadership, toughness, and locker room presence, But please do not pay him like a 27 or 28 year old stud, Like Dan Williams… Who I know plays a totally different role for this team, but if you have to choose between DD and Big Dan, then hey, what is S/K and B/A thinking.? These Are football Guys, unlike the last pack of loosers running the ship in R/G and K/W, both of which did not really know how to do there jobs properly. Too many Calvin Pace and Bryant Johnson for Terrell Suggs moves for Graves, ( and whiffing on Levi Brown whom S/K opposed BTW, but was over powered ). and K/W was so terrible with Q/B’s he would know a good one if one screwed Ms. Whiz.

  6. By Andy Kw on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Hey Darren,
    Do you think the Cardinals would trade up for Vic Beasley? He can be our true answer to the OLB position

  7. By Darren Urban on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Andy Kw —

    RE: Beasley

    Depends on how much he drops. If he doesn’t come down to the late teens, I don’t see it.

  8. By whoknowsnothing on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I think Dockett didn’t like to be asked to take a pay cut. That’s my understanding from his tweet. Keep in mind most of the players being asked to renegotiate their contracts were made before Keim became GM. Calais will be next and won’t be the last. The pattern I am seeing here is familiar to what the Patriots are doing with their players contacts, but the Cardinals are just getting started. Hopefully Keim negotiates better contracts than his predecessor.

  9. By D on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I was wrong on P. Dawson.

    I know the Combine isn’t the end all be all and the 40 times are silly, but he clearly didn’t prepare and will most likely drop out of the first round. (this was addition to his admission he was late for team meetings, sometimes lazy..)
    must be a TCU thing to do your own thing..(he basically was chewing gum in an interview)

    Beasley is not falling to 24 and the Cards don’t have extra picks to trade up.

    The kid from UCLA, Kendricks now appears to be the best ILB for coverage and should be there at 24, but I don’t know if he is a difference maker…

    I do like the kid from KY, Dupree as a pass rusher, he could be there at 24.

    Dockett needs to face reality.

  10. By MikeFlorio on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    A quote that made so much sense to me. The Patriots – ” Don’t fall in Love with players” – meaning as soon as that player doesn’t have the right type of productivity or doesn’t fit they move on……Cards brass should probably do the same.

  11. By LAWRENCE on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I have been a die hard Cardinals fan since their time in Arizona, have pictures of me as a toddler in Big Red uniform… I am now 45 years old… I love this team and I love that it has always stood for integrity (as far as NFL standards go). That is why I am so glad that Larry is staying. I like Darnel and hope he stays. I do have a problem with prof sports in general and this is an example… HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH. Most of us working class grunts that pony up ticket prices and pay 8 bucks for a beer and 5 for a off brand hotdog would give their right arm and \or leg for just 1 million to have for life. These guys are doing what they love and getting multiple millions every year! If I get hurt on the job…. I may get a liitle work comp but not my whole entire year salary. I am tired of the bickering between do I get 5 mill a year or 8 million a year. Thank the lord you have fame, more money you could spend in a normal like span and you don’t have to decide between gas, lights and food for your family… the people who do deserve the devotion of the players as well, not just the other way around.

  12. By LAWRENCE on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I meant time is St Louis, not Arizona… thats far back! 🙂

  13. By Kurt on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Sounds like Dockett is on his way out the door, wondering if he lands with the Jets

  14. By dieselbomb on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Love the Cardinals; hate the business. But if the business didn’t work … Well, you fill in the blank.

    We’re seeing facts of life come up to bite all our favorite players. Depending on the position, the 30 years old barrier hits big. Some positions wear-out quicker.

    At 34 years of age, best thing is to quickly come to grips with the fact that age beats the H**l out of everyone – not just D-Line players. Your game was severely affected when you hit 33. It’s not over, but it can be. Abraham played less than the whole 16 in the 2014-15 season and got 11.5 Sacks – fabulous. First game out the next season, he was done. 2004 to 2015 or 16 is an excellent career for most players. Relish the fact that somewhere else it might be a contract where you are a situation-only player … or you ride the pines for all 16 games. You’re someone here in the Desert. A lower priced contract isn’t shameful. Please be a GM in your own mind and see the weight the team is under. Some place else might be a taller mountain to climb. I’d rather see 90 here.

  15. By Mike on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Dockett is a beast! He has to stay.. Get it done Keim!

    Even when he was out last year, I only wore one jersey on game day.. #90..

  16. By Scott H on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Kurt –

    Seems to me I heard plenty of people saying the same about Fitz – right up until the monent a re-structured deal was announced. Yeah, I know, every player and every player’s situation is unique. Fitz and DD are different people, they play different positions, DD is a few more years down the road, they are in different neighborhoods income-wise, etc, etc, etc.

    What they have in common is that they play for an organization that knows what it is doing and where it wants to go. Like with Fitz, we gotta give the front office a chance to do what it is going to do. If DD is in the plans, I have high confidence they can get something done. I’m sure the team has a number in mind. DD is a part of this, too ( as with Fitz ), and he has to be reasonable about this as well. If he is more Karlos Dansby than Larry Fitzgerald and someone wants to dangle a better deal in front of him….then maybe he goes. Done. End of story.

    But after what happened with with Fitz – and how quickly / smoothly it got done – I’m certainly not packing up DD’s locker just yet. I just want to see the Cardinals offer a fair deal here. If they do and DD chooses to go elsewhere, then I’m not gonna fault the organization.

  17. By Mark on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Give him a three year contract, void the third, $3.5 a year and give him a signing bonus. He will be fresh with something to prove and we need veterans on the team even if we draft well. D Wash probably won’t be back. While we would like to see him back, I think his troubles are still a head of him and that he will get at least a 6 game suspension. Having said that, that means he hasn’t practiced in a year and a half. How impactful can he really be after being away from the game for so long? I still want him back though. If he is still in shape he can be a productive player on the defense. With all the guys they aren’t bringing back, they should have enough money to keep Dockett and still sign some vets like always. GO CARDS!!

  18. By Jacob Hewitt on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Dose Calais Campbell have big cheeks PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMENT COMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Everyone knows Beasley, Gregory, Fowler, and Dupree are big time edge rushers (I like Beasley the best before the combine). But, When looking at guys flying under the radar, there is usually one guy that stands out for me. In 2013, I loved Jamie Collins. In 2014, I loved DLaw. This year, Zack Hodges (and to a lesser extent, Eli Harold).

    If you look back at this time in 2013 and 2014, both these guys were 4th round guys, but as people got to know them, they raised up the charts. Neither guy will go in round 1, but could be nice finds in rounds 2 and 3.

    In 2013,
    I was high on OLB Jamie Collins. I thought the cards should take him in round two. Collins was drafted by the Patriots.
    With Nikovich and Jones as the edge rushers with the pats, he was moved to inside.
    In 2014, he had 116 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 2 ints, helping lead the pats to the super bowl.

    In 2014,
    I wanted the cards to draft Demarcus Lawrence in round 1. DLaw, has the size to set the edge and speed to get to the QB. Lawrence was drafted by the cowboys with the 2nd pick in round two. He broke his foot and was out most of the year, but in the playoffs, He had 2 sacks, a forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries, including the sack on Stafford to end the game.

    This is the year for the edge rusher. What a bunch of talented guys. But the two guys flying under the radar is Zack Hodges and to a lesser extent, Eli Harold
    Hodges is the same size as Collins . His 4.68 in the 40, is equal to Jamie Collins. His broad jump (showing explosion) was equal to Randy Gregory. But best of all, Hodges is from Harvard, which means he is smart. He lined up inside, outside, can cover and can get the edge.

    Whether he becomes an edge rusher like DLaw or an inside backer like Collins, this is the guy to watch. By 2016, there will be a buzz around him like there is about Collins (who is quickly moving up in the discussions of best ILB)

    Harold is the same type of player. He has a nice burst off the edge, but is more an athlete who can make plays. I would not be surprised to see both guys be used like Collins, players who can shoot the ‘A’ gap while also being able to drop into coverage. But they also could be edge guys. Love both these guys

  20. By Richard S on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    They changed the rules on kickoffs to prevent injuries by letting the kicker get closer to the endzone. Far too often the KR has taken the ball deep in the endzone and fumbled it or gotten tackled and set up the QB subbing with a ball in bad position. I don’t see much sense running the ball out of the endzone anymore. The Cards would have been better last year taking the ball on the 20 yd. line. About the only thing that happens when they try to run it out is fumbles, bad field position or an illegal block providing even worse field position. If the Cards get a kick returner in the draft, I hope he doesn’t think he needs to be a star, just a guy with reliable hands.

  21. By jason on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    For the love of god can you please stop saying we’re going to draft a ILB who is 6′ 230 in the first round. If we were a 4-3 team I’d be on board with Kendricks or Shaq Thompson but these guys aren’t built for our system. If you want and ILB with coverage skills look at the guy JTDG mentioned after the Senior Bowl, Stephone Anthony from Clemson.

  22. By Scott H on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Man, what a week we are having!

    First, a new deal for Fitz. Awesome!!!

    Next, extended contracts for Arians and Keim. WOW and WOW!!!!

    And today, Ginn is released. It just gets better and better! NOW, I am happy! 🙂

    Any chance we can get Cromartie to stay while we are on such a roll here???

  23. By D on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    So, after the Ginn release I see the Cards are only 5.5mil under the cap. If DD is released that would add another 6.8mil total to a little over 12mil cap space. Considering rookies will take up around 4.5 mil, that only leaves 7.5 mil for free agency, which isn’t enough to make AZ big players in the market. So, after DD, who is next?

    If they plan on adding a G, a Vet RB and a LB, seems that more relief is needed.

  24. By sbrown on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    i hope Dockett remembers what he said to Dansby last year, as he left to chase the money in Cleveland. Dockett has a better chance to play here and is closer to a ring than any of the teams with a lot of cap space.

  25. By W on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him go, we need the money and Stinson and co. are more than sufficient. Thanks for the effort Dockett!!!

  26. By Carl on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Im a bg red fan, reduce Carson p contract and find a QB and the rest wth come in place. I need a QB. QB

  27. By Black1137 on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Since when does a long time Cards fan let Twitter define any substance ?

    I used to be on Twitter I followed DD’s tweets. I read where it was a sure thing P. Manning was coming to the Cards. I also read where he was making tacos naked. My point….to take it as its worth. It might seem like he’s leaving, if it were so, he doesn’t even know what’s up.

  28. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply


    I would argue that we used Bucannon at 6′ and 208 pounds as a ILB all year and in the past used DWash at 6’2″ and 230.

    I would also argue that Keim has said in at least two interviews in which I heard him, that he wants to get a lot more athletic at ILB.

    But I get your point. I do like Stephone Anthony and think he is a solid pick, but I also like Kendrick. Kendrick is a good tackler and can cover. I would prefer an ILB at 6’3″ though. I also like Kwon Alexander, who is another fast athletic LB

    Following my post, you would see I like to convert guys. I watched the Pats do it with Collins and Ayers this year. I wouldn’t mind taking an Eli Harold or Zack Hodges and convert them to ILB. Watching both of them, they lined up inside on guards and beat them with speed. Hodges is a little stronger than Harold and Harold is the better Athlete. at 6’3″ and 245, they would be ideal

    I don’t know if they can convert, but if they can, they would give us size , length, speed, and great blitzers. There is nothing a QB hates more than pressure in their face. Bowles loved to blitz the ‘A’ gap, we will see if the new DC will.

  29. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Mock draft 4.0 – After watching everything, I will go back to what I thought originally.

    1st round – Arik Armstead, DE – If he is there, this is the right pick. I mean if you could draft another Campbell, wouldn’t you? This guy is a beast and would take over for Dockett. I don’t think Martin from the 2014 draft is the answer and Stinson is a nice rotation guy, but this guy could be a star. The other option would be Todd Gurley. I also like Jalen Collins CB

    2nd round – Eli Harold, OLB – a quick edge rusher. Other options are Carl Davis (NT), Nate Orchard (OLB), Bernardrick Mckinney ILB

    3rd round – David Johnson RB – This guy is a big back, with good moves. He is a mismatch in the passing game. Think Leveon Bell. – Other options, Hauoli Kikaha OLB. Stephone Anthony ILB

    4th round – Zack Hodges OLB , I just think in a years time, this guy will be a stud. Other option, Steven Nelson CB, Josh Shaw CB

  30. By Coach K on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    If the Cardinals had an opportunity to grab an elite pass rusher first, I would say get him and get your inside backer in round two. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of the elite pass rushers falling to pick #24. Unless, some crazy trades take place and a few more wide receivers move up. Then, it is very possible on of those elite pass rushers could fall.

    If Dupree or Shaq Thompson fell, I think I would have to take one of them at #24. Thompson is a very interesting pick. He reminds me a little of Troy Polamalu with more power. But I don’t know if he’s a true outside backer type, or safety. Another very interesting edge rusher is Owa Odighizuwa of UCLA. He is projected from late round one to mid round two.

    I was very surprised my guy David Cobb posted such a slow 40 time at 4.80. That will probably drop him into the 6th round. I still believe he will be a good power back with great feet. His vertical was best of all back, so I know he’s an athlete with power. Might be a steal in round 6 or even 7.

    If an elite rusher does not fall, then I think the inside backer Kendricks from UCLA makes the most sense in round one. If an elite edge rusher does fall, then we have to take him in round one and perhaps take an inside backer like Stephone Anthony in round two. That would work well.

    I see round three and four is where we get two physical interior offensive line help. I’d like to see a guard and center at those spots. Two linebackers and two interior offensive line with the first four picks would fill Keim’s immediate targets.

    Hope things go crazy in round one and some blue chip player falls to us at pick #24. That would make things interesting.

  31. By MushroommanAZ on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply


    Carson isnt going to get younger neither is Larry, Dockett or any of the long term veteran core. I doubt I get any of kind of real answer because it is so hypothetical, but in your estimation would Keim consider a deal in which the Cardinals ship a 2nd round pick this year and a possible pick next for AP. It would solve our running back problems. Also the fear of AP and Ellington takes pressure of Carson.AP wants the rock sure, but with 30 year old legs and year off Ellington is a fantastic back to split carries with. Keim also seems to speak players language in negotiating so restructure the deal reducing AP’s cap number from 12.5 to something team friendly. We can then keep working with Dockett still and see if you could steal big Dan back. Once you have those pieces in Keim I trust with a draft where say round 1 we got OT or OG because nothing like big bodies to protect Carson, open holes for a killer run game . Then in later rounds sure up edge rush and corner help unless free agency provides a gem in the rough. I know I just played a whole off seasons worth of Madden in this post but first part about a deal for AP… What would be your take because with Larry’s restructuring and stories coming out of Minnesota about AP’s unhappiness we could be a suitor wouldn’t you say?

  32. By Darren Urban on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    Mushroom —

    RE: Peterson

    Even if the Cards were willing to pay that in terms of picks, I don’t see them willing to pay $13M in salary for a 30-plus RB. And I agree with that. Can’t pay that to a back. Could he restructure? Maybe. But since I already have Ellington, I’m going to be careful what I pay the other guy in the backfield. If you are talking about splitting carries, you definitely can’t be paying Peterson more than $5M. And I doubt he goes for that.

  33. By Dr. G. on Feb 23, 2015 | Reply

    Jtdg… I usually appreciate your diligence with draft matters, including today. You usually beat me to the logical picks ‘cuz I can’t afford the time to go to your detail, but I give it some effort.

    One thing though is the intelligence vs education factor. Many intelligent young men do well executing the playbook without a legitimate degree. And, frankly, most care not about graduation and declare early…the “”free grades”” concept in exchange for playing. The goal is the NFL.

    These guys need to be assessed on an individual basis. Just because they went to Stanford or Harvard, does not mean they are super smart or there is a legit degree…. The military academies will be the exceptions…remembering ((Robinson NBA)), Staubach, Belino…etc… Academies do not draft well in light of entry requirements and commitment to educational excellence..

    It looks like Keim & Co. have put the Cards in decent $$$$ position to make the improvements needed to continue the roll…on both sides of the ball…later

  34. By Andy Kw on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    We need a guy that can stop mobile QBs since we are playing at least 4 games with mobile QBs every season. We cannot afford to let Vic Beasley join another team. This guy is our answer. We let him go and our draft would be a could of been better draft

  35. By Marlin on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    Bidwill……best owner in the game.

  36. By Marlin on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    They are going to grab a strong, veteran o-guard in free agency…….and a versatile LB with speed. Those are the highest priorities for free agency.

  37. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    “We want to build upon what we did in 2013 and 2014 and we expect great things in 2015,” Bidwill said. Seems DD will be here if he wants to be…

  38. By Lee W. Flanagan on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply

    I definitely want Docket back. He does shine much more when Karlos Dansby was on defense also. Those defenses were tough.

  39. By jasonc on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    DWash was 230….at the COMBINE. I don’t know what his weight is now but I’m sure he has been able to add some muscle in his 5 years in the NFL. It should also be mentioned that he is 2 inches taller and has a 3 & 1/2” arm length advantage so he is a much longer player than Kendricks. Bucannon was used as the nickel ILB (or dollar linebacker as they called him) not in the base packages and while he played well he was a necessity because of the DWash suspension.

    Keim said he wanted to get more athletic…not smaller. Stephone Anthony was faster and did more reps than Kendricks and they had similar vertical and broad jumps. Keim also said they are expecting a lot from Minter this year…do you really want two starting ILB’s who are 6’ tall?

    Finally, I don’t think the door has been closed on DWash and when you’ve already spent a 2nd round pick on an ILB and you have one of the top 100 players in the league possibly coming back are you going to spend a first round pick on the same position?

    I think it’s more likely that we’ll sign a veteran ILB in free agency and draft another for depth and possible DWash replacement.

  40. By jasonc on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    Eli Harold is a possiblity for us…in round 1, I don’t see him lasting until our 2nd round pick. I’d also be shocked if Anthony made it to our 3rd pick.

  41. By jasonc on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    Just go look at Anybody who has a larger cap number than dead money number is suspect for release/renegotiation. And your cap figure is wrong the $5.38 million under the cap includes the rookie salaries.

  42. By jasonc on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    I don’t see Beasley falling to us at 24. The good thing for us is it pushes more players down to us in the draft. There could be a top prospect o line or corner that falls further than expected or we could still get a quality edge guy in Eli Harold or Owamagbe Odighizuwa.

  43. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    Dwash is the variable no one is counting. If he can play, the ILBs just got a lot better.

    Not sold on Minter, never have been. Anthony could challenge his spot and take it away.

    I watched all the home games live. Whatever name they want to give Bucannon, he was an ILB on first and second downs. Of course that was not ideal.

    Draft dropping;
    It is hard to see right now, but will there be a run on any position? A bunch of Dlineman and receivers going would push edge guys down.

    I think there are the big 5 (Beasley, Dupree, Ray, Fowler, Gregory) then things aren’t so clear. I could see guys like Harold, Hunter, Orchard, Kikaha, all going in the 2nd round. Then add in ILBs McKinney, kendricks, Dawson, Perryman, all second rounders too, I could see Anthony dropping into round 3.

    I just think so much starts with the inside push. I think Arik Armstead and Campbell on passing downs could push the pocket and allow the speed of edge rushers get there. Plus, the two guys would be 6’8″ each and could bat a lot of balls down. That is why I am valuing Armstead as our round 1 pick.

    I think the big 5 will be gone. Armstead (if still there) is the perfect bookend in our 3-4 to go with Campbell.

    I also think we must get a RB in the draft.

    I think I would stick with the guys I posted above.

  44. By Coach K on Feb 24, 2015 | Reply


    I don’t think Anthony will fall to round three. He is a solid round two guy with his excellent workout at the combine. I think with our first pick, Keim is going to take the highest rated player that falls. It could be an offensive lineman, edge rusher, linebacker or even a running back. Or, it is highly possible Keim trades down out of round one and gets an extra 3rd or 4th round selection. I would favor that move and we could still grab a stud inside backer or stud interior lineman like Erving.

    Like I said a few weeks ago, I have no problem loading up on aggressive stud interior o-line with the first two picks. We absolutely have to improve our interior line play and build depth as well. Give me two stud slobberknockers inside and I’m extremely happy.

    If we stay at #24, I say go get the edge rusher as a priority and get your inside backer in round two. Round three and four, get the best two interior o-line on the board. Round 5-get a good running back with some size. There will be plenty of running backs available in round 5.

  45. By Big Ken on Feb 25, 2015 | Reply

    I like Paul-I’m no track star-Dawson in the second. I think he’s just a good football player.

  46. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 25, 2015 | Reply

    Coach K,

    Here is the thing, I just don’t think the big 5 edge rushers fall to 24.

    I like trading down if an impact player isn’t there. Arik Armstead is a guy who could be an all pro DE in our 3-4. Danny Shelton and Malcom Brown are two guys who can really shut down the inside run but also can get a push on passing downs. A CB like Waynes, could really compliment PP on the other side, and a big back who runs like beast mode (Todd Gurley) could change the whole offense.

    So, as much as I like trading down and have suggested it before, if these 5 guys (or one of the big 5 edge guys) are there at 24, I think you have to take that impact player.

    Trading down to early two would allow you to have your pick of players like Harold, Orchard, McKinney, Kendricks, ect. , so it clearly makes sense. But only if that true impact guy is gone.

  47. By jasonc on Feb 25, 2015 | Reply


    I never said Bucannon didn’t play ILB, nor did I say he didn’t play on 1st or 2nd downs…I said he played in a package which isn’t determined by down rather by matching up to the offense’s package.

    If you read what I wrote again; I never said Harold wouldn’t make it to round 2…I said he wouldn’t make it to US in round 2, same thing with Anthony.

  48. By jasonc on Feb 25, 2015 | Reply

    I agree on Minter; I didn’t like the pick at the time but I think I understood the thought process of drafting a thumper to play alongside DWash. We had already signed Brinkley in free agency who was a two down thumper so you could see the thought process. Then we signed Dansby late and I think everyone was able to see how two dynamic linebackers inside looked in that Bowles scheme and now it makes the pick look unfortunate especially considering Kiko Alonso went one pick after Minter and Jamie Collins 7 picks later.

    What you ultimately want are players who allow you to stay in your base package which is why Mathieu is such a weapon with his ability to cover slot receivers; you don’t have to move to nickel when the offense goes 3 wide. It’s the same when we had Dansby and DWash in the middle they were so good in coverage that they never came off the field. In 2013 Dansby played 99.6% of defensive snaps (DWash played in 74% but that was due to his suspension) last year Bucannon played 65% and Minter played 30% of defensive snaps depending on offensive package.

    Since it’s easier to say “Hey we should get two more ILBs like Dansby and DWash”, than it is to actually find two players of that caliber this is how I think the team should proceed:

    1. You already drafted Minter with the idea of him being a two down thumper next to the athletic DWash and since you spent such a high pick you should probably find out if that is feasible. I know this contradicts my previous paragraph, but you aren’t going to have DWash for 6 games…or possibly ever so you need to find out. You can play Minter on run downs and sub Bucannon for passing down…not optimum but you work with what you have.

    2. Find a player to play next to Minter…this is why I have zero interest in drafting a 6’ 230lb inside linebacker with t-rex arms. Do you really want to play a rookie next Minter when we are expecting to compete for a championship? I propose to sign an ILB via free agency David Harris, Mason Foster or Bruce Carter are all guys I’d look into.

    3. Draft a replacement ILB for DWash, Minter or FA signee. If the Minter thing doesn’t work out and/or DWash doesn’t play another down for the Cardinals you’ll need depth and youth at the position. This is why I would take a player to fill the position that is athletic and has the size and length I covet at the position. I wouldn’t have to reach in the first round for a player like my favorite Stephone Anthony or one of the players JTDG has mentioned.

    In this scenario you get to exhaust the potential of a 2nd rounder that you already drafted, have an experienced veteran who can fill the gap, get a possible future starter and all with the chance of getting DWash back in the future. Releasing Minter or DWash becomes monetarily beneficial next season.

  49. By Big Ken on Feb 26, 2015 | Reply

    Vic Beasley is now being mentioned as top 10 or 15 pick.

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