Cap space gained as Palmer deal restructured

Posted by Darren Urban on March 12, 2015 – 5:26 pm

Remember that contract restructuring that Carson Palmer said recently he had given, only to clarify that it hadn’t been finalized yet? It was officially finalized Thursday.

Palmer was due a roster bonus of $9.5 million, and it was converted into a signing bonus. What it means is that the bonus money can be prorated over the life of his current contract, dropping his salary cap number $7.1 million (and clearing that space for the Cardinals.) That’s a big help in trying to maneuver through free agency. His cap number for 2015 dropped from more than $14 million to $7.4 million.

(This is the classic NFL restructure as opposed to any pay cut; it impacts Palmer zero. He gets all the money he was going to get anyway. It’s just the way the Cardinals account for it with their cap.)

Of course, that also means the rest of that prorated bonus balloons his future cap numbers. Palmer now has a cap number of $19 million in 2016 and $22.7 million in 2017 (including some heavy dead money if for some reason he isn’t playing.) That will be something GM Steve Keim will have to deal with at some point, you would think. In the short term, however, the Cardinals have more flexibility right now, especially after the release of center Lyle Sendlein created another $3 million of cap space. No way to know how much room they currently have, but the Palmer/Sendlein moves alone freed up around $10 million for Keim to continue to reshuffle his roster.


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50 Responses to “Cap space gained as Palmer deal restructured”

  1. By Big Ken on Mar 12, 2015 | Reply

    Cardinals didn’t make a big ‘splash’ in free agency? I guess not but we aren’t looking to gut the team and rebuild from the ground up. Just re-loading.

  2. By Coach K on Mar 12, 2015 | Reply

    Don’t worry. Keim is not done. He is best at the back end of Free Agency. You will see a ton of bodies coming in on visiting over the next ten days.

  3. By Andy Kw on Mar 12, 2015 | Reply

    Wow, we still have at least $10M in cap? In addition to the cap we had remaining before, we probably still have around $12-13M left to spend on FAs. Yay!!!!!!! Let’s keep getting younger and faster. If Brian Orakpo leaves Tennessee without a deal, he will not leave the Cardinals facility once he walks in. We probably can still afford Orakpo, Irving, and maybe even a FA CB & RB. Maybe Chris Culliver or Perrish Cox & DuJuan Harris. Orakpo wants to be in a winning environment that needs him and wants to be paid big. $5-6M a year makes sense for him. Irving just wants a chance to compete for a starting job and so I think he is worth a 2yr $5M deal. DuJuan should be relatively cheap as well. As for Culliver, he is a long shot but Cox is a possible target to sign for a decent deal to compete with Bethel.
    -AP is not even an option right now so i’m not even hoping.

  4. By Chuck 1 on Mar 12, 2015 | Reply

    SK’s kicking the (Palmer) can down the road ala Fitz. 🙁
    What’s the old filter commercial say? “Pay me now or pay me later”.

  5. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 12, 2015 | Reply

    I am surprised they haven’t gone after AP or D Murray.
    The Cards have lost some good players who ended up getting big money elsewhere.
    So far they have picked some reclamation projects and released some key leaders in the locker room.

    Needs not addressed so far: RB, CB, Kick Returner…..

  6. By Eazy E on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    Wilfork, Orakpo, Gresham, Peterson, etc. We ain’t done!

  7. By tkm on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    –always exciting time for nfl fans of there teams,but can’t always get everyone that’s out there.i figure we either trade for ap or sign richardson.either way more players will have to be added,and with S.K. and B.A.,they have proven the names that aren’t the biggest they get real good results from.sit tight lots of things can still happen in next 40 days,we might all be surprised.either way go cards.

  8. By BigAL on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    Has Iupata signed or what? Because of the “Frank Gore” back-out w/Philli/ How are we fans supposed to evaluate anything here? I’ve been looking everywhere I know… but haven’t yet come acrossed Iupati signed…
    ie. agreed does not mean signed! please confirm! This current FA means nothing
    w/o that acknowledgement!

  9. By Darren Urban on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    BigAl —

    RE: Iupati

    Um, yeah.

  10. By JM on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    I agree with one of the top posters, we really haven’t upgraded the defense at all. We’ve lost known commodities for unknown commodities. Orakpo is gone, Irving left without a deal, the defense has gone backwards. Let’s not forget there a new D coordinator and there’s no telling if he’ll be as good a T. Bowen. Basically the defense has been completely remade and not for the better.

  11. By Zach on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply


    Thinking beyond free agency, what do you think the odds are of the Cardinals taking a cornerback in the draft? I really like Jalen Collins from LSU; also a former teammate of Tyrann Mathieu. The guy has great speed and size for the position. What are your thoughts on him?

  12. By Darren Urban on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    Zach —

    RE: LSU corner

    I’d be lying if I said I had any thoughts on him. I’m still thinking free agency.

  13. By Kevin on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply


    I have been a massive fan of BA like the rest of the posters here and thus far have agreed with 100% of what he has said and done. But when he says it is nice to go into the draft without any actual needs I’m just left scratching my head…

    I think its clear that our needs go up when the Seahawks sign Jimmy Graham and we lose Cromartie…and Orakpo goes to Tenn. I hope BA doesn’t really feel that way. I just don’t see how we can beat out Seattle based on our current roster regardless of how we draft.

    Nevertheless Adrian Peterson is still undecided about his future…I’m just curious what your thoughts are on the matter because I can’t envision of another way of looking at it and BA seems a lot SMARTER than that comment so I am little befuddled.


  14. By Darren Urban on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    Kevin —

    RE: Moves

    Graham is a big move. But the tea leaves for weeks have said Cromartie would leave — you would have given him 4/$32M? Because I wouldn’t have.

    All I can say is that this is not an usual reaction. I hear similar stuff all the time. Keim and Arians aren’t doing things so they can lose.

  15. By James J on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    I agree, beyond Lupati, Cards FA signings are a yawner and a step backwards for the defense…but just my $.02.

    Question: I am excited for Bethel, but correct time If I’m wrong, wasn’t the Cards secondary one of the worst in the League? PP can’t cover the elite QB/Receiver tandems so why not trade him for AP? Or another impact player who can make a difference?

  16. By Jon on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    I have a question Darren and im dying to know what your take on it is. Its un related to the article but i would love to know….. what the heck happend to Kerry Rhodes???? Why is he not being picked up? He was one of our best (in my opinion) and at one point he was 2nd best saftey in the league ( in other opinions).

  17. By Darren Urban on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    Jon —

    RE: Rhodes

    He isn’t playing. Not sure how much of that was his choice and how much was teams not having interest. I am doubting he’ll play again.

  18. By Timothy Gwatney on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    The Cardinals obvious lack of a running back(I like Ellington) that can produce consistently and ground and pound, is a problem. The Cardinals have in the past signed older running backs such as Edgerrin James and Emmitt Smith in the back halves of their careers. Do you think a trade for Adrian Peterson or a long shot in picking up Trent Richardson would be a good solution for this problem? Also, with the loss of Cromartie, and question marks on Daryl Washington, will we address those problems in the draft or give a chance to players such as Justin Bethel and/or Kevin Minter?

  19. By Darren Urban on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    Timothy —

    RE: Questions

    — Peterson is a good player but there would be a lot of hurdles to make that happen. I don’t like the idea of Richardson, but you never know.
    — The Cards aren’t going to rule anything out draft-wise. I do expect a drafted CB right now.

  20. By clssylssy on Mar 13, 2015 | Reply

    Seems like a lot of energy and drama around Fitz and Palmer’s restructuring, cutting guys who were solid contributors to the team with little to show for the effort. Obviously, I’m not the only one frustrated by watching even the Cap strangled Saints making some bold moves and landing some talent that wasn’t even on our radar. I’ve been blown away by the defense Coach Bowles has assembled and it makes me sick when I hear the Saints have likely the best corner tandem in the league (not that I agree). Now the Rams have Foles and I’m thinking…OK…the NFC is going to be even tougher this year and things are NOT looking good in Cardinal land because all the new guys will have to come up to speed learning our system while Seattle just gets stronger and builds their dynasty. Wonder if Larry Fitzgerald is feeling like he got punked?

  21. By tim13ninjas on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply


    With signings to improve out OL and front seven, it shows we are making the right moves to go ahead. However, we lack a every down back that can run between the tackles and find holes. Ellington is a third down, pass catching back, Stephan Taylor was inconsistent, and we didn’t see enough of Kerwynn Williams. So do you think that Keim will make a trade for an Adrian Peterson, or take a chance on a Trent Richardson? It worked with running backs in the last half of their career, coming to AZ, such a Edgerrin James and Emmitt Smith, and could work for AP, as he is still in his prime. Richardson, with the right set of balance and good OL, which I believe we now have, could be back to his rookie form. Also, we added a couple of linebackers, but we missed out on Orakpo and Irving is questionable. With questions surrounding Daryl Washington, will we put our trust in Kevin Minter to run the inside, or will we go into the draft to draft a Bud Dupree, an Eric Kendricks, etc. Also, if we miss out on a RB, will Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley be an option in the first round?

  22. By Steve Weston on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    Saw your tweet that this decision has nothing to do with making more cap space to sign a big name *cough* AP *cough*. When I first read it that was the thought I had, but your explanation drove that out of my head.

    I think going after AP is not the right thing for the Cards to do – at least at the cost of what’s being mentioned out there on the internet. Maybe if the hype dies down and the payout is a LOT more reasonable, then sure. But if that happens, I’m pretty sure we won’t be the only ones going after him.

    Sounds to me like we’ll go after a RB in the draft, someone who can pound the ball in tandem with Ellington – who I hope has a great year next year after healing up.

    In any case, I’m very happy with what Keim and company have already accomplished during free agency. Though I won’t be surprised if we see a couple more signings in the next couple of weeks. Bring on the draft! GO CARDS!!!

  23. By Scott H on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    NJAZ Cards Fan –

    RE: Why aren’t the Cards going after D Murray or AP?

    Well, AP is a Viking. And as long as he remains a Viking, he is not available. Unless you are going to trade for him. I’m not opposed to that, but…what are you giving up to get him?

    And look at the $ Philly just gave Murray! That is pretty much what he was going to go for. It ain’t like he was going to play for the Cardinals for a whole lot less than that. Did you see the Cards giving a FA running back that kind of money??? I did not. Because we don’t even HAVE that money to give!

    Also, keep this in mind – Murray had a TON of carries for the Cowboys last season. Don’t know exactly how many carries he had but it was a MONSTER workload. And if you look at recent history for RB’s, that is exactly the type of workload that has led to so many of them taking a real nose-dive the following season because they got SOOOO beaten up / run into the ground the season before. Something to think about.

    Granted, the Eagles are not going to use Murray that heavily in THEIR offense ( they also just signed Ryan Matthews ) but don’t be surprised if Murray is not the stud in 2015 that he was in 2014. And if he’s not…..let someone else overpay for him.

    Anyway, I would not have wanted to see the Cardinals give Murray the kind of years / money he was going to get.

  24. By iammattyoung on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    Would love to see AP end up with the team that should’ve drafted him. If we can get him for a couple of 3rd round picks, you have to do it. I’d like to see the Cards grab the tight end from Minnesota with their first pick. Given the dearth at that position, and the guy’s playmaking ability, we’d have a pretty supercharged offense. Barring a big drop, I don’t see an impact pass-rusher falling to them — mostly tweeners that late in the 1st. I think you’re going to find about equal talent in the second round. Plus, really interested to see what happens with Daryl Washington. Getting him back this season would be huge.

  25. By James J on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H –

    What? Are you even a Cards fan? You don’t want “to see the Cardinals give Murray the kind of years/money he was going to get.” Are you the money behind the Cards payroll or something??

    Cards need an every down back to pound it behind Lupati…ok that sounded kind of bad but you know what I mean. I think McFadden would have been a great pickup from Raiders but we let him get away too!!

  26. By Darren Urban on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    James J —

    RE: “Lupati”

    If you are going to continue to criticize, at least spell names right. It’s Iupati.

  27. By brinnc on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    All the positions you listed can be addressed in the draft. You dont want to address everything in free agency, not many teams, if any have turned their teams around from one year to the next using strictly free agency. Plus BA wants to get younger and faster, can only use the draft to get younger/faster plus build for the future.
    Drafting the positions you listed as concern ( this is assuming the Cardinals trade out of 1st
    Rd 2 – RB – JOHNSON/UNI or. GURLEY/GA (should be there in 2nd due to injury, looks like he will miss first half of season, if the Cardinals think they can wait, then he is a good deal) COBB/MN should be around for 3rd round pick.
    Rd 2A – CB – KEVIN JOHNSON/WAKE FOREST/6-2 215 Idont think Cardinals need to go CB this early in the draft, but if they doand also to answer your post I think Johnson is a bit of a reach here, but all around solid from what I have seen and gathered.

    Rd 3 – Kick Return – JUSTIN HARDY/ECU – hoping he is around in 4th very good chance he will be, this kid is also the all time leader in receptions in the NCAA (that is all of college football, not just conference, or team) at 6-2 and excellent leaping ability he also makes a red zone weapon! (Actually he is a weapon anywhere on
    the field, used to be a QB former walk-on, has to be one of the best finds/steals in college football .
    DJOUN SMITH/FLORIDA ATLANTIC/5-11 195 – Another CB that can be had in 2nd or more likely early 3rd. Absolutely love this kid, Ranked very high nationally in passes defended and interceptions, Im talking top three, even #1 in some category’s he is 5-11, so not quite the perfect size, but he is an outstanding CB!! And he is a hell
    of a KR, that would solve the return game issue!!
    3A – (this is only if we trade out of 1st and have an extra 3rd) – EDGE RUSHER/OLB – I think this is a high priority for Cardinals, as is ILBM but not listed on your post so I wont put these out there

    My meaningless opinion is trade out of 1st, unless someone like: Vic Beasley/Clemson/EDGE RUSH/OLB
    Stephone Anthony/Clemson/ILB
    Melvin Gordon/Wisconsin/RB
    But I just dont see any of those guys falling, do you??
    I have also listed some sleepers, and in some cases shockers in a prior post above, Would love to get one or two of those as well

    Side note: REGGIE BUSH IS A 49er!!!

    Also our RB issue could be easily solved – Trent Richardson was released by Colts!! O, and he promises he will be the starter for whoever signs him!!! Compared himself to Lynch, believe it or not!!! LOL!! What a freaking Joke!!!
    Dude on ESPN on ABC just listed the Cardinals as #2 Winners so far in Free Agency!!! My jaw hit the floor, finally getting some respect!!! Problem is, I dont know who this so called expert is?? LOL!! But its a start for respect from the media!!!!
    He even listed us one ahead of the JETS!!!

  28. By Chuck 1 on Mar 14, 2015 | Reply

    clssylssy and others who believe that Keim has fallen asleep at the switch during FA.

    As you know, FA is not over. Yes, the BIG NAMES (for the most part) have found a home However, as you also know, Keim doesn’t have an unlimited budget.

    As you also know there will be a draft soon.
    Is it possible that a few gems can be found there?
    Of course.

    Did you watch the Panthers/Cards playoff game? Did you hear Gruden effusively praise the ROOKIES of the Panthers?

    Let’s have a little patience and allow Keim & BA to work their magic.

  29. By James J on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: “Lupati”

    OK. I’ll do a better job spelling if you stop sounding like a front office shill.

    I just give my opinions, not that it means much, but it seems when they don’t align with yours I am quickly chastised by you.

    Bottom line, the way I see it the Cards UFA let go are better than what the Cards picked up as their replacements. Exception – lupati.

    And the Cards did not pickup a power RB. You can’t expect a draft rookie to fill that role if the Cards are serious about a SB run this season.

  30. By Darren Urban on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    James J —

    RE: Shill

    Yet you continue to read my stuff.

    Also, in terms of “chastised,” I wondered why you called FA a flop one day in — before free agency had actually started, by the way — without anyone playing. And I called you on your repeated misspellings of a player. That’s all. Not sure how that’s being a shill.

  31. By James J on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    Darren –

    I never said you were not good 😉


  32. By Dr. G. on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    Darren – – Shill? We expect you to demo enthusiasm for the organization. I prefer to christen thee our candid loyal media homer! Be well under scrutiny…

  33. By Scott H on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    James J –

    Dude, I don’t know where YOU came from all the sudden but I’ll put my resume as a Cardinals fan up against anyone’s. That resume goes back to 1975.

    Yeah, I repeat – I would NOT have wanted to give DeMarco Murray the years / money the Eagles did. If you want to get my point, than LISTEN to what the point is. Murray had over 390 carries last year and that doesn’t even include his receptions. Figure those in and he had close to 450 touches last season. My concern is that his monster workload from last season is going to lead to a drop off in 2015.

    Give me a break, man, you gonna tell me you haven’t seen this before with NFL running backs???

    The Eagles just paid this guy more than he is even worth to THEM because they are not likely to use him to the extent the Cowboys did last season. If you are paying attention at all, then you would know that the Eagles still have Darren Sproles AND they just signed Ryan Matthews to a $12 million dollar deal. These guys are gonna be used in this offense, too. So, is Murray even gonna have a chance to be worth the money they gave him??? Trust me, Chip Kelley is very much of the Bill Belicheck school – the ball gets spread around to everyone.

  34. By Scott H on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    James J –

    Oh, and at least I’m enough of a Cardinals fan to know to say and spell the names of their biggest free agent signings.

    Lupati? Seriously? I think I would keep my mouth shut if that was the best I could do in being aware of what has been going on.

  35. By william mccoy on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    Daren, and everyone else, It seems funny that even with the success of Kiem and BA that there are those who think we have taken steps backwards…LOL I believe they would say that if we had even won the SB!….LOL. But funny thing is some of the replies come from others who can’t even give the correct name, as our DC was Bowles not Bowen….LOL That being said I was scared to death to loose Ray Horten, and even more scared for Bowles to take over the D with his history he had with the Eagles and all their talent, so it goes without saying TRUST IN KIEM, AND BA TO MAKE IT WORK!!!! As for the loss of Cro who cares, he and Darnell both walked for money over a championship. Remember how Dockett bitched about Dansby walking for more money, and now he did the same so who cares its two faced on his part. And Cro showed me he was not worth anything in the Denver game could not cover a mattress. And PP while I love him and he is good, he is not worth with we are paying him, he has not “shut down” anybody since season one-two. So we will draft a CB, and a RB, and a QB Tyler Kelly, and the QB from TCU are good prospects

  36. By Dr. G. on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    ScottH- – And we will christen thee our Sergeant at Arms for this blog for admonishing ill-behavior of some!!

    I only go back to 1988 when Bidwell signed his infamous deal with ASU basically shooting himself in the metatarsals. Arizona was happy to have the NFL, but it has been a long haul even though ASU added the top tier to the stadium. How hot was it, as Johnny Carson would ask? Well, I choose not to recall….

    We rarely had sell outs, ((Jake))…but when we did, we called them home games for the visiting team. That is when I learned to reject everything Cowboys and Raiders….

    The new stadium has made the difference to a real NFL home, and the fans come to protect the Nest now. It is costly, but a terrific experience…later

  37. By Dr. G. on Mar 15, 2015 | Reply

    Oh yeah, another item. When the sponsor University of Phoenix got the naming deal, the Glendale mayor misunderstood and got really upset for naming a stadium in Glendale for the city of “”Phoenix””…!!! You may remember the Cards were the “Phoenix Cardinals.”

    Now after she finally got it, she was still angry… But now, can you imagine a stadium called University of Phoenix in Glendale? UPIG….

    ((the foregoing account may be a fictional account for the curious only))

  38. By Matt on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    I apologize if you’ve already touched on this, I’ve not noticed it yet. But is there any interest in Trent Richardson? I feel like with all the talk about trading for A.P., that T.R. would also be someone we would be interested in? He too was a former 1st round pick, has fewer miles on him, and also doesn’t have looming suspension possibilities.

    Thanks Darren.

  39. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Matt —

    RE: Richardson

    I have not heard any. I would doubt it.

    Yes, he is younger, but there is a Grand Canyon-sized gap between the player Peterson is and the player Richardson is.

  40. By clssylssy on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Chuck 1, brinnc & others…
    Yep, I do believe Keim and Co. have appeared to be asleep at the wheel and I continue to be underwhelmed by his idea of “aggressive in FA”…sure hope that definition doesn’t carry over to the team’s performance on the field. I am not a cool-aide drinker but look at results and while the Cards season “appears” good on paper last season, I’m not so sure it isn’t more a reflection of, not how good we played, but more, how poorly our opponents performed, as clearly we weren’t built for the long haul. Our defense got us to the playoffs, and every other team in the league is now focusing on building a killer D, while we haven’t even maintained a status quo! In addition, we lost our defensive coordinator responsible for our defensive success, who is now aggressively building a killer defense for the Jets! Yes, our performance in the playoffs against the Panthers was humiliating and something I would hope the Cards had learned from, i.e., we need strong, healthy, tough players to be able to finish and be taken seriously. While we have improved our 0-line some (not 100% sure about that yet), defense is where we need experience, maturity and proven skill. Depending on picking up the discounted scraps from FA or the draft is like believing in the tooth fairy. (Our draft grades haven’t been stellar the past two years with the Ryan Swope debacle forever etched in my brain as a first impression, followed by a constant stream of whining from the birdgang “faithful” about their disappointment in nearly everyone from Cooper to Minter to Okafor, Watford, L. Thomas, Stinson,Powell, etc, getting maybe three? players per draft? who are starters considered “acceptable )
    Keim has been good at picking up “filler” talent on the cheap and his one year contracts have been both a blessing and a curse as we have seen with Dansby and Comartie using the Cards to get a fresh do-over start while helping us out on the short haul. Seems like that’s just tredding water for effect and not any kind of real solution or building.
    While skeptical, I do remain hopeful!

  41. By brinnc on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H,

    I cant remember how far back I go as a Cardinals fan, (I have pics of me in a diaper and crawling around with a bottle hanging from my mouth, wearing a Cardinals shirt, I dont know if that counts as a fan because I dont have a ton of memories of how involved I was in Cardinals football!)! I was bornn in early 1966, so around 70,71 I can fairly say I became a diehard Cardinal fan, and unlike most early Cardinal fansI followed the St Louis Cardinals out to Arizona, I was actually stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma AZ when the Cardinals moved to Arizona, so they sort of followed me ! LOL! But most Cardinal fans gave up on them when they left St Louis and are now Rams fans, my parents included!! I totally agree with you on both Murray and A. Peterson, it is just to much money!! Cardinals have made it pretty clear unless I have just totally misread what their plan is, or what they are seeking to upgrade the run game, which we all seem to agree that upgrading the run game is one of our highest priorities, if not the highest, bit neither DM or AP fit as a “COMPLIMENTARY” RB to Ellington, which BA has made real clear that he wants a co-star, or co-host to go with Ellington, neither of the two stars mentioned above are going to share carries or share the limelight with Ellington, so drafting a RB high in the draft gets us what we want and need at a lot less money, rookie contract for at least 5 years, would fit perfectly as a between the tackles downhill runner and will rush for 1200-1400 yards if given the carries, and with the upgrades to our O-Line! !!
    Sometimes these posters show up here on one day and start dogging long time posters who have been longtime fans as well, and if they read something they dont agree with they automatically start ragging on people and calling names and just being negative in general, I wouldnt lose any sleep over it (im sure you wont!) this guy will just blow off steam then they usually go away!! Some of these posters need to do some research before they start “calling out” other fans, putting all your eggs in one basket never works, teams that go out and spen, spend, spend in free agency tend to go nowhere, and usually end up tearing down the team within 2yrs, and of course they also end up taking a huge salary cap hit due to the numerous big name free agents signed that didnt work out!! A balance between free agency and building thru the draft is a very critical skill that both SK/BA seemed to have mastered, or at least have a very good handle on!!! Since it isnt fair to grade a draft class prior to 3years in the league, I would say they are well above average to excellent, just look at the Cardinals the last 2 seasons, 10 and 11 wins!!! Some posters will brobably slam me for this next staement (but I learned along time ago to just ignore the bandwagon fair weather fans and the trolls!!) But I firmly believe without the massive amount of injuries and missed games by key players, we were well on our way to winning the SuperBowl at home this past season!!! We were already decimated with injuries and we were still 9-1, losing our top 2 QB’s as well as inserting Lindley as the starting QB, pretty much sealed the Cardinals fate!! (I do believe that starting the 4th string QB was a mistake that BA and company made. Im not saying Logan Thomas would have led us to the Lombardi Trophy, but I think they should have given him the reins after Lindley’s first start/disaster!! He couldnt have done any worse, thats for sure!!
    And BA should be COY three years running now, so the Lindley bust is already gone from my brain housing group!! LOL! Your opinions and posts are respected by many posters on here, keep them coming, the trolls and fair weather fans will get bored when they see that they arent rustling our feathers they usually move on to another blog and try and start crap on that board!!! True diehard Cardinal fans know that everyone has a different opinion, and welcome the opinion of others whether it agrees with their opinion or not, true Cardinal fans can have spirited debates and In the end agree to disagree and still have respect and value the posters point of view!!
    Leep the posts coming, I for one value and respect your opinion even if I dont always agree with it!! Plus we “MORE EXPERIENCED” (read older. lol) have to stick together, afterall we have suffered through some pretty crappy years as a Cardinals fan!!!! BIRDGANG FOR LIFE!!!!

  42. By brinnc on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    But Richardson “PROMISED” he was going to start for his next team! And like Beast Mode in Seattle, he

  43. By brinnc on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Sorry Darren I hit the post comment key!!
    Anyway he pointed out that he is going to follow the career path of Lynch in Seattle, Richardson said that Lynch didnt get “real good” until his third year!!! So I guess Richardson has been fooling everyone just waiting for his third year so now he should be 1500-1700 yards, all-pro, making probowl from here on out!! LOL!! And you dont believe him sir??? Now why wouldnt you trust what he says?? Teams should be lining up to sign Richardson to a multi million dollar, fully garaunteed contract, afterall he promised!!! HAHA!!
    Maybe a “camp body” contract, veteran minimum, no guarantees, load it full of incentives so that if he makes the team and actually lives up to his potential, he can make some money!! But im sure the Cardinals will cover themselves against his antics by loading up the contract with numerous clauses that gives Arizona the right to terminate his contract for any personal misconduct!! That would be the only way Arizona would bring Richardson. Though SK is an expert at pulling players off the scrap heap and they come in and have a career rejuvenating year, so…In SK/BA we TRUST!!

  44. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Dr.G. –

    At ease, soldier! Carry on.

  45. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    brinnc –

    I enjoyed reading your history as a Cardinals fan! I always find that interesting. They were still in St Loo when I latched on and I have always wondered how much that city was really into them / missed them when they left.

    Being a native of NJ, I get asked ALLLLLL THE TIME how I became a Cardinals fan!

  46. By clssylssy on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    Vince Wilfork going to Texans…FO must have decided to go on spring break !

  47. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2015 | Reply

    brinnc –

    Since you shared your story….here’s mine! As a kid, I was all about baseball. I was baseball crazy! Hadn’t discovered football yet. Being just outside Philly, I was a Phillies fan. LOVED the Phillies! Only Philly team I ever loved. Then, at 7 or 8, I started playing baseball and the first team I played for was the Cardinals. We had red t-shirts, red hats and I thought that was the coolest thing. I was a Cardinal! BUT I would NEVER leave the Phillies for the baseball Cardinals. NEVER. A short time later, I started to pay attention to football but even then, I had NO attraction to the Eagles at all. One of the smartest decisions I ever made! But I needed a team to latch onto….and that’s when I saw it – that white helmet with the awesome red Cardinal on the side!!! Coolest thing I ever saw! Since I thought of myself as a Cardinal ( and would never give up the Phillies ), that was it. I became a fan of the football Cardinals ( from southern New Jersey ) and I have been one ever since! Never EVER considered another team. And there ya have it.

    Darren – perhaps a contest of some kind for people with the best stories of how they came to be Cardinals fans? If nothing else, the stories themselves would be awesome to hear.

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