A rough time for 49ers in the NFC West

Posted by Darren Urban on March 17, 2015 – 1:42 pm

In a division where keeping up with the Joneses is important just to have a chance at the playoffs — and goodness knows the Seahawks have been the Joneses for a couple of seasons now — the Cardinals feel like they have made strides to compete with Seattle. Their free agent class filled holes in the front seven of the defense and on the interior of the offensive line. More importantly, their quarterback is doing well in rehab. The Seahawks, meanwhile, added arguably the most dangerous tight end in the NFL. The Rams bolstered their defensive line with Nick Fairley and think they have upgraded at quarterback with Nick Foles (at least, he should be healthy enough to play.)

Then there are the 49ers, who have gone through one rough offseason, which started when they moved on from successful coach Jim Harbaugh.

The Niners got the shocking news young linebacker Chris Borland decided to leave the game instead of risking his long-term health to play. Borland was supposed to be the guy who filled in for Pro Bowler Patrick Willis, who retired because his oft-injured feet ended his hopes for a comeback. Defensive lineman Justin Smith likely will retire. Then they allowed multiple free agents to leave, like running back Frank Gore, guard Mike Iupati (who came to Arizona), linebacker Dan Skuta and cornerbacks Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox. They probably won’t bring back Michael Crabtree either.

Now, the Niners have added some pieces. Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. Darnell Dockett. Lions running back Reggie Bush (although he may be beyond his productive years.) But the way things have gone, it’ll be tough for the 49ers to right the decline they went through in 2014. That comes with the QB caveat all teams have — if Colin Kaepernick emerges as a star, that covers most issues.

While it could be considered the “offseason from hell,” the Cardinals did have one of recent vintage that they could put up in any argument. It’s tough to forget the offseason after 2009. In case you have forgotten, a refresher: quarterback Kurt Warner retired, safety Antrel Rolle was released for cap reasons (and subsequently signed with the Giants), linebacker Karlos Dansby left as a free agent and Anquan Boldin was traded. All were still playing at high/Pro Bowl levels. Those were a gut punch of transactions that eventually took out a coaching staff and brought the Cardinals to the Bruce Arians/Steve Keim era.

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47 Responses to “A rough time for 49ers in the NFC West”

  1. By ShaneNFL on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    “arguably the most dangerous tight end in the NFL.” Disagree here. There is Gronk and then there is everyone else at the tight end position.

  2. By jeffgollin on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Moral of this story: Don’t blink, don’t assume and don’t take your foot off the gas. Ever.

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Yep Darnell, well at least you got a million a year more.

    Hope that keeps you going as you watch this sinking ship go down.

  4. By D on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Hopefully G. Hardy doesn’t sign in Seattle.
    Now we get to listen to the sports media discuss concussions again until the draft…serenity now!

    Everyone seems to think RB is the biggest need left to fill, but this team is currently down 3 OLB from last year (Acho, Benard, Abraham) when they had problems getting to the opposing QB last year without Bowles exotic blitz packages….not that I am freaking out because Keim could pull off some magic still this early offseason….cuts still will be done by most of the league..but

    Should AZ call KC about Dee Ford, Redskins and Ricky Sapp or the Saints Junior Galette???

  5. By georgiebird on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    @shane NFL
    do you think Brady and Brees have anything to do with the overwhelming success of Gronk and Graham?

  6. By georgiebird on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    You are correct to say that Kaepernick is the wildcard. If CK is a franchise QB then SF won’t take long to recover.
    If Foles works out in StL then it’s the Cards who may be in for a rough time if CP doesn’t hold up.

  7. By Darren Urban on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: CP

    Cards are in for a rough time if CP doesn’t hold up regardless of what Foles does.

  8. By georgiebird on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    What are the chances the Cards go RB, QB, CB in the Draft (in that order). Saying we don’t get AP

  9. By Darren Urban on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Georgie —

    RE: Order

    I will be surprised if that’s the order. Keim has said it many times — if he believes in a QB, you take him in first round (especially 24). If not, you don’t take him early. Third at earliest I’d think.

  10. By Bruce on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    georgie bird-

    I think its the other way around.

  11. By Whitey on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    I couldn’t be happier to see the Niners going up in flames. Seattle will be tough and the Rams will be respectable. The NFC West is tough sledding.

    I agree that OLB is a high priority in the draft but it’ll be tough to get an elite edge rusher at #24. They probably end up flooding the position and hope something sticks.

    It’s great to be a Cardinals fan with a great front office and hope for another great year, crossing our fingers that at least the QB’s can stay healthy.

  12. By clssylssy on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Everybody always counts the niners out with their off season drama, but, the fact is that they have been re-inventing themselves for decades and continue to win championships against all odds, while the Cardinals have won only four championships (three division championships and a one conference title)in the twenty years I’ve been here and been a fan. At a time when St.Louis is breathing down our neck in the most competitive division in the NFL, I have not been impressed by the Cardinals off season moves as I fear we are idling and about to choke out!

  13. By cardinalmark on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    I am not sorry to see the 49ers suffer with players losses, or any other NFC west team as well. Still, this was a great article by Darren. I do fear the Ram’s since they have a new QB, who can throw the ball, and scramble as well. I am awaiting the Draft, as the Cardinals can still address several needs RB, LB, pass rusher, maybe a QB, and more depth on both Lines. Go Cardinals!!

  14. By William Barry on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Lets watch with delight the demise of the Niners….the QB is shaky, P. Willis retires, Borland’s retirement is a SHOCK, to say the least, Frank gore is gone, LB Dan Skuta gone, Chris Culliver and Perrish Cox gone, well it looks like the Niners are certainly in disarray.

    Now its their turn to feel the pain, just like we did in 2009. The Niners will be a non factor in the division, especially coaching, Jim Tomsula is not Jim Harbaugh.

    Time for US to capture the division. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BA and Steve Keim have done a fabulous job in assembling the impact players we need.

  15. By Jeff A on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    Georgia-Draft Order

    I don’t see a QB taken unless one of the top two guys drop to the Cards AND they believe they are a franchise guy. Both of those things are doubtful. Perhaps they get really excited about a lower guy who will be another project QB, but I doubt it. They seem to want to see what Thomas can really do and won’t carry a fourth QB unless they can sneak him onto the practice squad and allow the current project QB to get more time learning the Card’s system instead of running scout team offenses for the defense to run against. Whether you, I or anyone else likes Thomas’ chances to be a franchise QB or not, Keim and BA seem to and a project guy learns the NFL system for a few weeks then ends up on the scout team while the number 1 and 2 guys get all the real practice snaps in the regular season. It’s in this offseason and preseason where Thomas will show if he can be the guy in the near future.

    That said, I see the Cards getting RB help (a banger to supplement Ellington), CB help, maybe two, at least two DE/OLB pass rusher types, maybe a couple OL for depth/grooming, maybe a TE, ILB, DT, WR depending on what drops to them. And definitely a return man. Unless there is a talent they can’t pass up I don’t see them drafting a QB.

  16. By Card Fan In Boston on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    I agree 98% with JeffA, so I won’t waste your time by writing more… RB, CB, LB, not QB.

  17. By Andy Kw on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    William Barry,
    The fact that they have a QB makes them still a likely candidate to contend. The difference between our Cardinals in 2010 and the 49ers today is that they actually have a QB and a pretty solid OL & WR core. We lost our QB which was the reason to all of the struggles. Don’t count them out just yet. We can’t be overconfident.
    -They might have one of the worst defenses in the league because of all of the losses but we can’t count out Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowman, Aaron Brooks, Darnell Dockett, Eric Reid. They still have playmakers and we always have to be ready.

  18. By Coach K on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply


    RB, LB, CB, QB is more like it.

    And the quarterback I take in round four is Sean Mannion.

    Having coached the position for 17 years, my eyes don’t lie. Mannion has
    the vision and decision making most current NFL QB’s have not developed
    yet. He is far ahead of schedule thanks to his father the coach.

    If Mannion is available in round four, Keim must send the card to the podium.

  19. By jeffy1951 on Mar 17, 2015 | Reply

    I’m not sure I under stand why everyone seems to be so worried about a “bruiser” rb. Seems to me a pretty good one of those “2 yards and a cloud of dust” types can be had in the middle rounds or through FA. I think a top edge rusher and CB should be our priorities. What say you Darren?

  20. By Darren Urban on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    jeffy —

    RE: Needs

    I think this team needs an edge rusher. It could use a cornerback. But RB is needed, and I do think if you are going to get one, you might as well get a guy who is more than just an up-the-gut fullback.

  21. By Scott H on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    I’m certainly not sorry to see the 49ers heading for a down cycle ( Good luck, Darnell ) but I think it changes little in the overall picture in the NFC West. The Niners may be on the way down but I see the Rams as definitely on the way up while the Seahawks and the Cards are staying right where they were. So, it is still a division three-deep with legit contenders.

    AND, the 49ers are always a pesky bunch for the Cardinals. So…not like they are going to be a gimme.

  22. By D on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    AP starting to make noise..he’ll have to decide on whether making more money with a team like TB and losing or making less and winning with AZ

    MN will opt for the team to trade with the higher draft pick…I wouldn’t give higher than a 4th round for him and no higher than 8 mil per season on salary

  23. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    The team the has the least injuries to their starters, will in the end rule the NFC West…. Look what happened to the Cards last year….

  24. By Coach K on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply



    If you take a serious look at Palmer, and then the unknown of what will Drew
    do after this season, and then you consider the strong possibility Logan may never develop into a starting QB, you have to address the Quarterback situation this year in my opinion. It takes two to three years to fully develop a QB in today’s league. Recent failures of rookie quarterbacks rushed into starting prove this point. We must address quarterback now if we have vision into the future and if there is serious doubt about Logan Thomas.

    I would rather hedge my bet and add a mid round QB to compete with Logan. The winner sits and learns behind Palmer a couple years and then gets an opportunity to start in year three. Personally, I feel Mannion from Oregon St. is the guy who can be drafted in the middle rounds and developed. I have serious concerns about how far Logan can develop. If he cannot, and we do not draft a QB this year to provide competition, we are not using good vision three years into the future.

    This is a quarterback league. So you better make sure your backups have what it takes to develop into starters 2 or 3 years later. If Logan cannot improve and we don’t draft a QB to compete, we are in serious trouble two years from now!

  25. By Darren Urban on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    Coach K —

    RE: QB

    Here’s how I look at a QB.

    Unless you have one of the very good ones and that guy is younger, you are always looking for a QB. The Broncos and Patriots need to because of their QB’s ages. Maybe the only teams IMO that shouldn’t consider it: GB, Seattle, Indianapolis. Maybe Jacksonville and Oakland if you want to see one more season what you have. That’s it. That’s the list. Everyone else could stand an upgrade if the right guy comes along.

    As for “developing,” I’m not a fan of that anymore either. They guys that have truly proved they can play — they’ve pretty much been able to play right away. Yes, you’ll go through rough spots, but there is no developing for a guy who truly is your long-term answer. As a backup, maybe. But again, Keim’s philosophy is if you know he’s your guy, grab him first. if not, no reason to grab anyone before round three or four, likely four.

  26. By Eric G on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    Aww, I shed a tear for SF, a tear of joy that they struggle.

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply


    Not a believer in Big Ben, Matt Ryan, Phillip Rivers, Cam, Joe Flacco, Ryan Tannehill or Andy Dalton?

    I don’t think you invest the type of money these team have into a guy you are not sure of.

    I get your point that you look at QBs, but I think the list is a little bigger than you listed.

    As for the Cards, QB has to be a concern. Stanton is a free agent next year. Palmer is 35, and Thomas has shown next to nothing.
    My guess is Stanton will take one more shot at being a starter and move on. Are we ready for Thomas being the next snap away from starting?

    I think you have to consider Hundley, Petty, Mannion in this draft. All three can throw the deep ball. All three can challenge, and in my opinion beat out Thomas. They are more accurate. The debate is, can they start in the NFL? Again, all three have that unknown factor- big pluses and minuses.

  28. By Darren Urban on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: QBs

    I forgot Ryan. Maybe Flacco. But no, the rest are either older (Rivers, Ben) or short of elite. If the argument is that you have to be worried about the long-term, then age is a factor.

    As for the money, I totally disagree. The Bears invested in Cutler. You have to invest in anyone decent because there isn’t even enough decent to go around. If the Dolphins or Bengals had a chance to upgrade — a sure bet — they wouldn’t hesitate. Neither Tannehill or Dalton has shown more than that, and as much as I know you like Tannehill, you can’t argue that point. The Cards are probably in the same boat with Palmer. Just because a QB is paid does not mean he’s the answer. Cam is going to get paid. The Cam I saw in the playoff game against Arizona did not strike me as any sort of a sure thing in terms of playoff success. Yet I would pay him too. You have to.

  29. By Scott H on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    NJAzCardsFan –

    To finish your thought…and look what happened with the Seahawks. They had their injury problems ( albeit NOWHERE near what the Cardinals had ) early in the season and they were clearly not the same wrecking ball they were the year before. Then – just in time for our first game against them, of course – they got their people back and they were the healthiest they had been all year. And it showed. THEN, they reverted to being the wrecking ball they had been in 2013. And they almost rode it all the way to another SB win.

    The Seahawks hit their stride at just the right time because they GOT healthy at just the right time. The Cardinals lost Stanton and imploded at just the wrong time. I take nothing away from the Seahawks but if the 2014 Cardinals could have put / kept their best team on the field, they were absolutely capable of being the best team in the NFC. Injuries had everything to do with how it went down.

    And that was just a damn shame. I felt like the only justice we got, as Cardinals fans, was seeing the Patriots stopping the Seahawks from celebrating a SB win and holding up that trophy IN OUR HOUSE!

  30. By Coach K on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    Darren, JTDG

    We can debate both sides of the QB issue, but the “reality” is, Palmer has two years, Stanton is NOT the future, and Logan may never correct his mechanics to throw an accurate ball. There is no choice but to keep the bullpen loaded with fresh arms. The three guys JTDG mentioned have to be considered seriously if you are building a team for the future.

    The biggest problem is this….you have few QB’s who play under center coming out of college, and the NFL is a quarterback driven league. There is no way these spread quarterbacks can be first year starters in the league. Look at RG3, Tebo, and all of the spread quarterbacks taken in between. IT’S A DISASTER.

    The spread guys must be developed in a pro style system. It takes time. The pro style guys from college transition well. Luck, Ryan, etc. B.A. said it all when he said these spread quarterbacks have not even called a play in a huddle.

    So while I agree some rookie QB’s can start. Winston, Mannion and the kid from Colorado State will be the guys this year who could do it. But the other spread guys, probably not. But I’m getting off point. The Cardinals for all the reasons I gave and JTDG gave, the QB position must be addressed in this draft at some point.

  31. By Just John on Mar 18, 2015 | Reply

    For all those Logan Thomas “haters” how many snaps have you seen him take in a game?!? None of have seen enough to truly evaluate him. Wait til after pre-season then I might think you can have an opinion.

  32. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply


    A sure Bet?

    I think if those teams could land Andrew Luck, yes they would upgrade. But how many Andrew Lucks come around?

    If the Bengals or Dolphins had the #1 pick this year, would they give up on guys who throw for 25+ TDs and 4000 yards? What do you think you would do? Is there a sure bet in this draft?

    I think expectations are a little out of whack for these QBs

    I’ll take the Dolphins and Tannehill for my example.
    They take a rookie QB, then give him no receivers and have a mess with the offensive line and no running game. The team isn’t good, that is why they are picking so high.

    Each year improving. Each year, TDs up, INTs down. Isn’t that what you want out of your QB?
    With giving him one real target (still no RB as Knowshon is injured) he puts up 27 TDs and 12 ints with 4000 yards. This was year 3. That is a very good year 3.

    That is how the progression is suppose to go. If there teams are patient, you will see the same thing in Carr and Bortles.

    Look at Tom Brady. His first 7 years were very comparable to Tannehill. Brady, in year 3 was 28 Tds, 14 picks and 3700 yards.(no , I am not saying he is Tom Brady). Point is, would you have been looking to upgrade Brady? If yes, what a huge mistake you would have made.

    Andrew Luck is a freak. A once every 10 years kind of guy. If teams keep looking to upgrade, with the next Luck, they will be fishing a long time.I mean you could say the last 3 sure things were Luck, Manning and Elway.

    I think teams who know their guy was a bad pick, need to constantly look to upgrade. The Browns made a huge mistake. Why try to develop someone they shouldn’t have picked.

    Thus, back to the cardinals and the wasted pick on Thomas. They luckily have Palmer, so they have a little time. But they need to keep looking for that next QB.

    I guess my point is this;
    If you got a good one, develop him and give him protection and weapons. If he isn’t showing you improvement at the rate you need, yes, look to upgrade. If you have an older QB, does he have 5 years left? Then why develop a QB who will never play for you. If he has a couple years, you better start looking.

  33. By Darren Urban on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Out of whack

    You and I agree on expectations. But it is what it is. Tannehill is a little better than average these days (4000 yards doesn’t mean nearly as much anymore). He’s in line for a giant contract extension — because that’s what 4000 yards does, even if he hasn’t won anything. You are right, Lucks are rare. It’s funny you compare him to Brady and then say “I’m not saying he is Tom Brady.” Then what’s the point? Brady won a title by then.

    There is no patience anymore. There just isn’t. Coaches and GMs are fired, fans turn on the player and the team. Do I like Tannehill? I’d take him, sure. But other than age, I don’t see how he’s much better than Palmer. Will I be proven wrong? Maybe. But if you put any quarterback with “no receivers and have a mess with the offensive line and no running game,” he’s not going to have a chance. That’s not just Tannehill.

    You say if you’ve got a good one, develop him and give him protection and weapons. Well yeah, that’s the point of every team and quarterback. But it’s never going to be perfect in a salary cap world. You’ll never have all of that. Something will be lacking.

  34. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply


    Brady Comparison;

    The point was, In his early years , Brady’s Stats weren’t much different than Tannehill’s. The difference was teams, GMs and Coaches. It is tough for me to say anyone is Tom Brady, Reggie White or Deion Sanders, because they are greats. Can Tannehill become a great? If the Dolphins get their act together, he could.

    As for winning a super bowl;

    Why did Wilson win a super bowl? The hawks drafted better than everyone else. They built a defense and run game as good as anyone. Then, didn’t ask too much from their QB. Wilson fit perfect and they won. Wilson isn’t better than Tannehill, Carr, or Bortles imo. It just seems that way because of the coaching and supporting cast.

    This was the same formula that won it for New England when Brady was starting out. His stats weren’t eye popping till 2007. The defense was great, they could run the ball, and the coaching was great.

    So back to the original question, should everyone outside of a handful of teams be looking to upgrade at QB?

    I think upgrading your Gm is a better question. If you miss on drafting around your QB, he has more of a chance to fail. Missing on the right QB also should get you fired.

    Let’s look at the formula the Jags are using. 2 years ago, they drafted a LT. Last year, they added to the Oline and WRs and drafted QB Bortles. Bortles was the right pick. He can be a top QB in this league. They really had some disappointments in their run game and in their top receiver they drafted. Here in year two of Bortles, you would expect them to add a good RB, more lineman and maybe another weapon.

    Tough part is, it is year 3 for Gus Bradley. Is he in panic mode? maybe. Can he get enough out of Bortles in year two to save his job? If not Bortles could have a whole new plan in year 3.

    Personally, the Bradleys of the world need that 4th year to succeed. I think if they draft well and keep to the plan, Bortles could be one of the better QBs in the league in a couple years.

    Changing coaches and Qbs every couple of years because they didn’t win has never been a recipe for success. Teams that win every year have consistency. I just don’t buy that because Bortles threw too many picks last year, he has one more year to fix things or look to upgrade. Build around him. Draft better. I would fire GMs before I fired QBs and Coaches.

  35. By Darren Urban on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Fire GMs

    You have a fair point.

    Here’s the problem. What happens when you hire a new GM? He wants to change the coach, and often, the QB. Because he wants his own guys in there. There is no perfect scenario. Agree that stability helps. But there are so many factors involved here — luck, injuries, coaching, player ability, draft classes, and even fans — that again, patience doesn’t sell. Not when there is so much money at stake.

  36. By jasonc on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG & Darren

    “Why did Wilson win a super bowl? The hawks drafted better than everyone else. They built a defense and run game as good as anyone. Then, didn’t ask too much from their QB. Wilson fit perfect and they won. Wilson isn’t better than Tannehill, Carr, or Bortles imo. It just seems that way because of the coaching and supporting cast.”

    Except the Seahawks were 7-9 the year before they drafted and started Wilson. They went 11-5 his rookie year, followed by 13-3 and 12-4.

  37. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 19, 2015 | Reply


    2012 he was drafted.

    In 2010 – The hawks added Earl Thomas, Okung, Golden Tate, Walter Thurmond, Kam Chancellor
    In 2011 – Carpenter, Moffitt, Sherman, Maxwell, Malcolm Smith
    In 2012 – Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson

    This was to add to guys like Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, Brandon Browner

    They added pass rush, inside LBs, their entire D Backfield, they add olineman to go with Lynch. Wilson was the final piece to get them to the big game.

    Now don’t get me wrong, you need a QB and Wilson is good. But he came into the right situation at the right time.

    Unlike Aikman, who had to endure through some bad times till the team was built.

    I think Carr, Tannehill, Bortles are in the Aikman camp and it will be up to their GMs whether they get their Emmitts and Irvins and great Oline.

  38. By Scott H on Mar 20, 2015 | Reply

    Just John –

    We have hardly seen Thomas take ANY snaps so far. And the reason why we haven’t seen it is because the coaches wouldn’t let him play. Gee….I wonder why?

    With Ryan Lindley playing as awfully as he was and absolutely nothing to lose, the coaches wouldn’t let him play.

    I really don’t think people are hating on Logan Thomas. But if the coaches had no faith / confidence in this guy, then what are we supposed to think?

  39. By jasonc on Mar 21, 2015 | Reply


    Facts are facts….Seattle didn’t become elite until Wilson was the starter. I’m interested to know which QB you think came in and single handedly changed a franchise. Every successful QB has come into the right situation in some way or another.

  40. By Berdj Joseph Rassam on Mar 22, 2015 | Reply

    The Cardinals are going to have an easier path in the West because the 49ers are descending, and descending at a very fast clip.

  41. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 22, 2015 | Reply


    The answer to your question;

    Andrew Luck. His team was 1-15. he came in and took them to the playoffs.
    He is special.

    The point about Wilson, and this is just my opinion and can’t be proven, is if Carr, Bortles or Tannehill were drafted by the seahawks in 2012, I think the hawks would have won 11 games.

    I think Wilson is a good QB, but I don’t think he is elite and those guys aren’t. Where would Wilson be if drafted by the dolphins in 2012? Or Jags in 2014? Or worse of all, Raiders in 2014?

    I think it would be like a QB being drafted by the cowboys right now. Great run game, grate OLine, top receiver, HOF TE, heck, he could have the luxury of handing the ball off, play action to a TE, or tossing it up to an elite WR with no pressure in his face. Not a bad way to start vs Tannehill, who had Olineman charging each other with bullying, no RB, and two receivers who aren’t with the team anymore.

    Who has a better chance to be successful? Yet Tannehill has put up stats that have increased each year and rival top QBs like Brady (look at their stats this year)

    So, Wilson is a good QB in a great situation. He has never had to carry the team. In fact, when they asked him to win the super bowl, he was picked and everyone asked,”why did you get away from what you do best?”

  42. By jasonc on Mar 22, 2015 | Reply

    Andrew Luck….the guy who took over a team one season removed from 10 wins?

    The only reason they went 2-14 was because Peyton was out for the year not because they didn’t have a talented roster. I’m not saying Luck isn’t good…I’m simply stating that every successful QB has help, but to say you could plug anyone in for Wilson and they’d be as successful is discounting him in my opinion.

  43. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 23, 2015 | Reply


    Not anyone plugged in. I said those three guys. If Manzel was plugged in, he would still not be successful.

    My original argument is that you do not give up on a QB and look for a new one, when (1) he has shown improvement during the year(s). and (2) it is tough to lay the blame on the QB when he has nothing around him.

    Very few young QBs can elevate a team by themselves. My point on Wilson is , I don’t buy that he is better than Bortles, Carr or Tannehill because he won 11 games or a superbowl when he was put in a situation that was perfect for him to come in and play and the others were stuck in bad situations.

    I think Wilson is good. He is smart and his leadership and drive is off the charts. He just isn’t elite over the other guys because he is on a good team.

    A smart team builds an Oline, receivers, and then drafts their QB, who can hand off the ball and not have to win the game on his own.

    Andrew Luck is one of a kind. Besides Manning or Elway, I don’t know if I have seen any young QB mean so much to his team. (Ironically, all three were drafted by the Colts)

    Of course all of this is speculation. If David Carr was not drafted #1 to the Texans and went to a team with players around him, maybe he wouldn’t have flopped. Never will know.

    I just wouldn’t be looking in the draft to replace Dalton, Tannehill, Cam, or some of the other young QBs. I would be looking to get them what they need to be successful.

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