The tao of Arians: “Dude, you got a cup”

Posted by Darren Urban on March 25, 2015 – 8:39 am

Bruce Arians talked for an hour today on a lot of subjects at the NFC coaches breakfast during the NFL spring meetings. We’ll have a lot of stories and video on the various topics today and in the coming days. Among the things Arians touched on:

— The Cardinals would still like to bring back Lyle Sendlein to compete for the center position;

— Logan Thomas will get a ton of reps in the offseason and could even get some “field one” work (the Cards have players working on two fields) depending on the health of Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton;

— There was nothing to say on Adrian Peterson (“Are you trying to get me fined?” he said);

— The Cardinals will look at Kareem Martin at outside linebacker. Arians thinks Martin has the body-type of Aldon Smith.

— He wants DE Calais Campbell to be more consistent, saying “he disappears too much.”

There was much more. But the line of the day came when Arians was talking about the reluctance of General Manager Steve Keim to accept his award for Executive of the Year from the Sporting News the other day in front of the other GMs and coaches. The trophy itself was a big glass vase-looking thing.

“You check your ego at the door, because everything is for the Cardinals,” Arians said. “We’ve both been fortunate enough to get some accolades. You can’t take them. The entire room got you there. Don’t think you’re special. We both laughed, he was embarrassed as hell the other day to get his. I said, ‘Dude, you got a cup. We can drink out of that.”

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  1. By D on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    I would like to see C. Campbell dominate more, I think if he has another D Lineman who also is a force inside, that should reduce the double teams CC always gets.

    I am curious to see K. Martin do anything on the field, the guy has been a ghost so far. Hopefully he can excel as a OLB since the Cards have a huge need there.

    Keim and BA are not stupid, they can’t talk about another player under contract with MN for fear of tampering fines..I think MN is playing the AP correctly if they do want to keep him…sit on it so long that other teams have to move on and spend any remaining cap space…if he isn’t traded by the draft he will either play for MN or sit out.

  2. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    On Martin;

    You start moving guys around when you don’t feel where they are at is a good fit. Explains why Martin didn’t play much DE last year.

    Opens the door to get a young DE like Arik Armstead. 6’7″ 300 pound guy who is quick and powerful. Paired with Campbell could be an awesome duo of ends.

    The Campbell comment imo, was a motivational comment to step up to the next level.


    “Are you trying to get me fined?” Bruce Arians

    “Remember, when he goes into the HOF, people will remember him as a Viking” Mike Zimmer, Head Coach of Vikings after meeting Adrian at his home in Texas. (Doesn’t sound like he will be a Viking in the future.)

    Bold prediction;
    The Vikings and Cards will wait till after April 15th, to make sure Peterson is cleared to play, Then look for the cards to trade a second round pick for Peterson.

  3. By Andy Kw on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    No more AP stuff anymore. We can’t afford to trade such a valued 2nd or 3rd RD Pick for him.

  4. By Coach K on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply


    I think Armstead is awesome, but I think two teams have their eye on him in the top 18 picks. I would love for him to fall, but the NFL loves those guys with great length and Arik is the perfect 3-4 defensive end.

    Great pick if he falls to #24. I just don’t think he will. Coaches were drooling over him at the pro day.

  5. By D on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Arik Armstead is impressive size wise, but I didn’t see him do much this past year for OR, he would be a nice project in Round 2 like how CC started his career.

    If any of the following were still on the board at 24, I would take before Arik

    Danny Shelton NT
    A. Dupree OLB
    M. Peters CB

  6. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Andy KW,

    Really, those valuable 2nd rounders?
    Troy Niklas
    Kevin Minter
    Gave away for Kolb
    Ryan Williams
    Cody Brown

    In the last 6 years, the only good 2nd round pick has been Washington.

    Out of those 6 years, are you telling me they are more valuable than AP?

    In 10 years of drafting, we have only hit 3 difference makers in round 2. That’s 3 for 10. (Dansby, Washington, Campbell)

    AP is a HOF back with something to prove.

    The cards are a team that has been in the bottom half of the league in rushing since 2002. Can’t remember the last time they were a top 10 rushing team.

    Yeah, lets draft another guy like Ryan Williams and hope he becomes good with that 2nd rounder, instead of getting a difference maker who is a step up from beast mode in seattle. You know, the team we are trying to catch.

    I bet you are on this board singing the praises of Keim when this deal gets done after april 15th.

  7. By D on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    D. Johnson N. Iowa 6’1 223lbs has some speed but a big boy RB Cards could get in Round 2 to run in between the tackles.

  8. By clssylssy on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    I think JTDG is right and the AP chapter is not closed just yet, just put on the shelf for awhile. We are OK at RB for now and can always explore alternatives down the road. It’s not like the draft is the end all, be all as teams continue to cut guys as they thin the herd getting down to the final roster, and FAs will be in a very team friendly frame of mind just to have a job.
    The coaches have had some time now to observe guys like Kareem Martin and perhaps they be more effective playing positions other than what they were drafted for. Many of these young guys are system players and are just used to playing a given role but excel if used differently; certainly we could use our own Aldon Smith! Sounds like Arians is still stuck on Thomas, which is OK with me if he can be developed and progresses along the lines hoped, or else he might be better at TE, a position the Cards have never known how to utilize, but, can be a difference maker as we have seen with our opponents. Looking at our draft order and picks, I’m getting the feeling that Keim will do some trading to move up to get us a plum. As for the Owner’s Meeting, I’m wishing they would quit screwing with the rules and just schmooz.

  9. By brinnc on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Cardinals signed a TE from the veteran combine, but he is not much of a veteran, ESPN has him at 7 yrs old, born in 2007, hopefully he turns 8 sooner rather than later!! I’ve heard of colleges going after them young but this is ridiculous! LOL! On serious side he is tall, 6-7 like 250ish, was a WR at Boston College, was on 2 practice squads last year, MAMOAH (sp) and I wont even attempt to spell his first name!! Sounds like a camp body, or a shot in the dark (he put in his thumb and pulled out a plumb) hoping he can make the transition to TE in NFL. Reminds me of Funchess/ Michigan, I think he makes a better NFL TE, more of a pass catching than Blocking TE though, Funchess that is. Dont know much of anything about the BC TE we signed, anybody have any insider info on the newest Cardinal.

    Spot on with the BA remarks about CC, a little verbal motivation,
    challenge the ego type move.

    Agree with you on Armistead (sp) he tends to disappear for stretches, very raw, but oozing with potential, but not worth a 1st round pick in my humble opinion!
    Besides for the 49,000th time… Cardinals are trading out of first round for extra 2nd and 3rd round picks! ! (hopefully someone with
    way more power than me reads my trade pleas…DARREN!

    Hopefully Martin finds a position he can settle in comfortably and be a solid contributor!! Any chance he could muscle up and play DT, Ok, I admit I’m grasping at straws but saw next to nothing in way of games last season, dont think I saw Martin on the field once. Know he was drafted as depth at DE/OLB, but just curious!

    Im done posting on AP, my opinion on him wearing a Cardinal uniform is pretty clear, justdoesnt fit giving up high draft picks (I think it will end up as a 1st round pick) and just to much money, and with the most talented class of RB’s in this years draft I just think the Cardinals benefit more by going the draft route. I do hope that if the Cardinals do decide to pull the trigger I hope the hold off until we are on the clock in the first round of the draft, so they can see the total picture and dont shut any doors or burn any bridges, never know what could happen with picks #1 thru #23, just saying.
    Now I shall try like hell and refrain from posting anything more on this AP Gaggle!!

  10. By D on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    With the money left on AP’s contract, just turning 30yr old, knowing he can’t come close to making the coin he is in MN, with 3-4 years left to play, he would be crazy to force a trade.
    The Cards are not NE where players go to play on the cheap to win.

  11. By brinnc on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply


    Watch this kidcon tape or youtube if you get a minute, I have been harping and posting how good Johnson would look in a Cardinals uniform! Perfect compliment to Ellington, Cardinals version of THUNDER & LIGHTNING! !
    I believe JTDG was very high on this kid as well, he is moving up the draft board, we would probably have to use a 2nd round pick on him.
    Ajai/Boise St is another star in the making, he does need to work on holding on the the rock, he puts it on the ground a bit more than other RB’s did last season, that can be drilled into him to learn how to protect the ball better!!
    JTDG, Was that you that really liked Johnson out of Norther Iowa as well, or am I mistaking you for someone else? I will say “D” there is a smorgasbord of RB’s in this years draft that will fit very well as a compliment to Ellington, serving as a downhill power runner..
    Gurley/GA (probably wont be ready until November, can Cardinals afford a high pick to use on him and then wait until mid to late season before he is on the field, if no setbacks.
    Ajai/Boise St
    Gordon/Wisc. (Most likely gone by pick #15-#18, especially with Gurley rehab time)
    Coleman/Indiana (not really the downhill power guy, more like Ellington, but would be a steal if still on board in 4th-5th, dont see it, but never know, on any given night Mel Kiper could have a hair out of place!!)
    Then a couple of small school studs from the Dakota’s, one each from South Dakota St and North Dakota St! Would love to see the Cardinals take a flyer and use a late round pick on one or the other, chances are they would catch lightning in a bottle!!
    I may have forgotten a RB or two, forgive me, have not been asleep in 36 hours!! Both my cats had kittens, not at same time of course, one gets done, the other goes into labor, and I have one more that is going to pop any time, looks like she swallowed a football, properly inflated, mind you!!! LOL!!

  12. By erik on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG, you took the words right out of my mouth! Lol!

    I was going to ask if you would rather have Troy Niklas, Kevin Minter, or Ryan Williams over AD?!? Obviously, the answer is clear.

  13. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Gotta say, that was a strong counter to any objection to trading a 2nd round pick for AP! Granted, that idea is nothing more than an arbitrary suggestion of yours right now as to a possible trade for AP, so….no one should be running down the road with that. But….if the cost of AP in a trade right now were a 2nd round pick??? I say DONE DEAL!!!

  14. By Travilavis on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    I would feel fine giving a 2nd & 4th for AP. Not very many of our picks in those rounds have panned out. I’d roll with the chance that AP plays good. I’d like to see a 1,500 yard runner on the Cards, with Ellington going back to how he was as a rookie, and playing WR more.

  15. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Gotta say, I could NOT be happier about BA as our head coach than I am right now. I just….LOVE this guy! From a totally objective standpoint, how could you NOT consider him to be one of THE most likable head coaches in the NFL right now? Or, frankly, all of pro sports for that matter??? The guy is funny, witty, and quick. He tells you something without over-doing it and without putting his foot in his mouth. He has a REAL personality and he lets it come through – as opposed to a Bill Belichick or an Andy Reid. And he has an edge to him….and he lets that come through, too, but he does it without coming off like a Rex Ryan.

    He is EXACTLY the kind of coach that pro sports needs about 100 more of.

    The Cardinals organization REALLY got it right when they brought this guy here! And I thank them for that.

  16. By Coach K on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply


    I think we would all agree with your first three picks obviously. And, it could happen as you never know what trades could occur, and who might surprise with a crazy pick nobody had predicted.

    I will tell you the biggest surprise pick this year will be Sean Mannion. I am now more convinced than ever that he will be the third quarterback selected after Winston and Mariotta. Frankly, in my opinion, he’s more pro ready than Mariotta or Hundley.

    I hope the Cardinals have done their homework on Mannion and are not putting all their faith in developing Logan. As I have shared before, Logan’s foundation from youth football was at tight end. It’s hard to convert a TE into a QB at the college level. It’s either going to be a great story or a disaster.

    I personally would hedge my football team and take another QB this year. That guy is Mannion. No doubt he is going to be a Manning, Brady type player in a couple years. I’m convinced of it. Will the Cardinals pass on the next great NFL great QB? That remains to be seen.

  17. By Raxan on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    @JTDG Have to be fair about this. It takes awhile to know if your second round pick will work out. Especially when Minter only started last year and played injured. Not saying he will do well but both Niklas and MInter may yet work out. The other picks you mention are irrelevant since they were not picked or coached by Arians or Keim.

  18. By Andy Kw on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Ifeanyi Momah is huge. He has decent speed and his knowledge for both the TE & WR position makes him a keeper. Please, let’s give Mikel Leshoure a chance too !!!!
    -I love the NFL for giving these NFL vets a chance to come back. I love hearing the news that NFL Veteran Combine participants are getting signed all over the NFL. Keep them coming. This is why America is so great because we are presented with opportunities of a life time. Truly grateful for the NFL for helping out these guys.

  19. By Louisville Card on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply


    Those irrelevan t2nd picks make JTDG’s point even more relevant. Those picks Keim didn’t pick were the only good second round picks the cards have had. I’m a die hard cards fan but until Keim hits on a few draft picks that are more than rotational players then they might as well trade them for vets they know can play…

  20. By Andy Kw on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Here is my Mock Draft for our top 4 pics.:
    1) OLB Eli Harold, Virginia
    -He can play OLB/ILB. Improves our pass rush and adds speed to LB position.
    2) RB Jay Ajayi, Boise St.
    -Let’s get our own Marshawn Lynch. Solves our RB issues with improved OL too.
    3) WR Tyler Lockett, Kansas St.
    -I apologize for criticizing him before. He is a game changer as a KR/PR.
    4) CB Senquez Golson, Mississippi
    -He is an excellent Nickel CB. Could be Jerraud Powers replacement next season

  21. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply


    Yes, back in January, I have been on the David Johnson bandwagon. I liked him in the bowl game. Some people even have suggested he could be an H-back because of his receiving skills. After all , he was a receiver before being converted to RB

    My order to get a RB

    1) I would take the AP trade right up to the draft
    2) I would draft Gurley if no AP
    3) If no AP or Gurley, Tevin Coleman in round 2
    4) If top 3 fall through, I would look at Johnson in the third round. Zero chance he goes in round two.
    5) Cobb would be my 4th round guy

    This talk of Gurley not being ready till November isn’t correct. I bet he is ready for the start of the season.

    If you are listening to Mel Kiper on anything, stop. The guy is a hack. Get on NFL network and listen to guys like Mayock or Daniel Jeramiah, even Charles Davis or Bucky Brooks. I would trust all of them. Kiper, I would trust getting directions from.

  22. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    Coach K,

    Mannion is not making it to our pick in the 4th.

    No way do the Browns pass on him in both the 3rd and 4th rounds. With the cold, wind and snow, they need a strong armed guy. They will get someone like Devonte Parker with pick 12 and will look at QB in rounds 2-4.

    My thought is the saints grab Bryce Petty with pick 31. Hundley and Grayson go in round 2 and Mannion goes to the Browns at the beginning of round 3.

    I really would not be surprised to see the cards trade down to the beginning of round 2 and take Hundley.

    What a perfect way to have a QB competition, with Palmer and Stanton healing. Hundley and Thomas can get plenty of chances and battle it out.
    If Thomas steps up and beats out Hundley, great. Maybe release Stanton.
    But if Thomas doesn’t step up, it might be time to stick him on the practice squad and if someone takes him, so what. You have Hundley.

    Not saying this is what I would do, but just trying to guess what might happen. After all, the cards had both Grayson and Hundley in for private workouts.

  23. By sbrown on Mar 25, 2015 | Reply

    JTDG and Coach K –
    SK did say that teams should draft a QB every year, trouble is that we as Cardinal fans over the past 3 or 4 years have been snake bit too many times by the QB flavor of the week.
    Will SK pull the trigger on a QB this year ? hard to tell even thought they have brought in a few for private work outs, I think they are just crossing their t’s, getting ready for draft.
    Just depends on where Cards have these QB’s on their draft board, and how the draft shakes out if QB is available in rounds 3 – 6, and is ranked on Cardinal board, then SK will take one.

  24. By warnerHOF on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    those of you who want AP on our team so bad, r u forgettting what type of person he is. it still makes me sick what he did to his kids. i wouldnt want him on my team no matter what. i have been playing and coaching my whole life. yes, people make mistakes but this is one you just dont overlook.Even after he was arrested he said he didnt do anything wrong. How can you look at those pictures and STILL say you did nothing wrong. icould go on and on but im not going to. This is a great year for running backs. Isay lets draft one save that money on salary cap and keep our team as one with good character players.

  25. By shannon robinson on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    Personally, I still think we’re waiting for Wisniewski to learn his value in the market….Lyle is rowing in the same boat. Marpett looks like a Steve Keim clone. Just know that a power center is coming. But what’s my favorite quote is telling Veldheer that his task will be to join Iupati and when the entire stadium knows we’re running left, the Cardinals will lay down our hand and say ‘Try and Stop Us’. It’s the most beautiful play in football to me and what many have promised but few can deliver ( Grimm and our other head coach who was a former Hog ). Coach Goody will put a line together that will make grown men cry. Ellington flying through that hole before LB’s can react or take your pick, AP, Gorden, Gurley, Coleman (we worked him out), or even Langford. There’s a world of riches out there for us this year. So when you’re expecting that run then the gambler with the goofy glasses and the headset will send Brown deep for 50 yards and a TD – it’s what BA lives for. That’s when they’ll break out the trophy and use it for a cup.

  26. By Chuck 1 on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    shannon robinson,

    …”But what’s my favorite quote is telling Veldheer that his task will be to join Iupati and when the entire stadium knows we’re running left, the Cardinals will lay down our hand and say ‘Try and Stop Us’. It’s the most beautiful play in football to me and what many have promised but few can deliver” …..

    That reminds me of Lombardi’s Packers’ running game with Fizzy Thurston et al clearing the way for Horner & the other RB (???) and USC’s “Student Body Left (or right, take your choice). Although I don’t believe that it will be Ellington who will be taking most of the advantage of that blocking. It will be a drafted “bruiser” (or Peterson)

    Let’s hope that the running game develops that way.

  27. By Scott H on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    warnerHOF –

    This has truly become a very tricky subject for the NFL – those who manage it, those who coach it, those who play it, and of course, the fans. From a moral standpoint, I really don’t disagree with anything you say. But even as the NFL is cracking down on this to a much greater extent these days….it continues to be a business as well. And teams still want to win.

    Look at Ray Lewis. He was involved in a situation many years ago where someone was killed. No, he was never found guilty OR even accused of that crime. But he had some connection to it. He was named in the investigation. Yet, his career continued on. Is that wrong? Well….I guess not if there really was no REAL proof of him actually doing anything wrong. Toward the end of his career, he was one of THE most visible players in the NFL. Today, his career as a show host / commentator / analyst is off and running.

    And so it goes….

    Greg Hardy’s recent transgressions ( what he was accused of ) were absolutely horrific, from what I understand. BUT he was cleared by the legal system. I’m sure there will be some degree of suspension from the NFL, but….it sure looks like he will play again. Maybe even this season. The Cowboys are sure counting on it.

    Ray Rice? How can we NOT be horrified by the elevator tape??? I mean, not just the vicious punch that knocked a woman out cold but then GRABBING HER ARM AND DRAGGING HER UNCONSCIOUS BODY DOWN THE HALL???? For me, that one takes the cake to this point. Yet, he may play again in the NFL. I’m sure he believes he will and I’m sure he has a legal team working on it right now. Will ANY team give him a chance??? Wow….don’t know, but that team would need to be prepared for some public outrage. BUT if there is a team that appears just a solid RB away from getting to that next level and Ray Rice is available ( AND probably at a bargain price )….I couldn’t be surprised.

    Our own D Wash? I gotta be honest, because he plays for MY team and I know that he makes MY team better if he is on the field…..I find myself taking the view that he has certainly paid what he owes after missing a full season and he deserves a chance to show that some of these players can change. Which, BTW, I think is important in our society in general. I think people do need to have second chances in life.

  28. By Chris on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    What do you all think of Ameer Abdullah? He was a workhorse in Nebraska with some solid numbers to back him up. He’s not a big bruiser but I’ve seen him shrug off some linemen.

  29. By Chuck 1 on Mar 26, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H.,

    Would that be Washington’s second or third chance???
    Or, don’t failed drug tests count??? LOL
    I hope that he is not another incident waiting to happen.

  30. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 27, 2015 | Reply



    Fumbles a lot. had like 12-14 fumbles.
    Plus, he is small. 5’9″ and 205. Not getting any bigger.

  31. By Scott H on Mar 27, 2015 | Reply

    Chuck 1 –

    Ok. Copy that!

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